June 18, 2010 (#602)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 18, 2010:

Obedience to Authority:
Most Will Die Keeping Abusive Dictatorship,
Masses and Elite Have Symbiotic Relationship:

"Corruption at the Top is the True Order of the Day,
Speechwriters Obfuscate it, Altering What They Say,
Makes it More Palatable, We Give Benefit of the Doubt,
How Can They Be Successful and Also Low-Down Lout?
Yes, Liars, Thieves and Con-Men Allowed Piece of Pie,
Serving Masters High Above, They Grovel and Comply,
The New World Order that was "Coming into View"
Sits Astride the World, Fat-Ass Spread on Me and You,
Complete Societal Re-Ordering, Taxed into the Ground,
The Masses Squashed, Suffocated, Die Without a Sound,
And the Voices in the Wilderness, Warning Them for Years,
See the Ominous Conclusion, Climax of their Fears,
Domesticated Masses are in Scientific-Induced Psychosis,
With their Shepherd Masters, They Form a Symbiosis"
© Alan Watt June 18, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 18, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June 18, 2010.  I always suggest that newcomers go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and bookmark all the other sites I have up there.  These are the only official sites I have [listed above].  Whenever you get problems downloading from the .com site, try these alternate sites - so many folk go into the .com site at the same time and it tends to get a bit sticky on downloads.  All these sites carry the same audios.  They all carry transcripts of a lot of the talks Iíve given in English but if you want transcripts in other languages, go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu; thatís got audios and transcripts in the various languages for print up.  While you are at it, I donít get paid by advertisers.  I could certainly get paid by them and be laughing all the way to the bank, but I donít.  Iím a crazy guy.  So itís up to you to keep me going.  The ads you hear on this show are paid by advertisers directly to RBN and that pays their air time and equipment and staff and bills.  So youíve got to help me with mine and you can do so by going into my web site, see what I have for sale, the books, CDs and DVDs.  The books are different kinds of books to show you the tricks of the trade of how even language itself is used against you, and symbolism and so onÖ old, old languages.  There are masters of languages who create languages down through the ages in fact and we donít even think of that.  Youíve got to go into the era where King James 1st was on the go and Bacon and Dee and all these characters, to realize they were actually creating a new language which they called the English language.  They did say that would be the language of the future for business, which it is; that was 500-odd years ago.  Anyway, thatís getting off the topic.  Buy the books, CDs, and DVDs.  That keeps me going.  You can [ordering and donation options listed above].  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


My God, is the cash really plummeting across Europe right now.  They are downÖ they are half of what they were last year compared to the Canadian dollar.  They are about half of what they were worth because of all this nonsensical debt that theyíve dished onto the taxpayer, now that theyíve socialized the debt.  Thatís what they call it now.  See, when the banks fail, YOU socialize the debt, meaning itís all put onto YOU.  Isnít that a wonderful system when you are a private company and you can dump it all on the taxpayers?  Övia the government who work for, you know, the corporations?  But thatís what theyíve done and we are really going on a rollercoaster right now.  The United States dollar is on about par with Canada.  Itís interesting too to see the Euro and the Pound getting closer and closer to the value of the dollar because eventually they will bring out their world currency.  Theyíll have it all set up just to goÖ well, weíre all the same now, weíre all equal so whatís the big problem?  Öand thatís how they will push it forward, through The World Bank.  They always said eventually theyíd do that.  Whether itís time now or not, I donít know.  They might play it a bit longer to keep the vast majority of the sheep thinking itís all happening quite naturally.  And they might just jump ahead and do it fast.  I donít really think folk would care too much right now.  They are all multi-cultural, multi-national, global, and totally brainwashed and punch-drunk that I think they would pretty well accept anything at all to be honest with you.  Iím not kidding about that.  The young ones certainly will.  Theyíve had years of propaganda in school about it beginning in Kindergarten so they are really getting set for their big world camp, the big plantation where you will serve them forever and ever, amen.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  We hear about so many problems that are happening in the world today and itís not by chance, of course, because itís a big business plan, as you can well see, you canít bring in a world government unless you standardize the whole planet under the same system. 


Thatís exactly whatís happening through the monetary so-called collapses and the bailouts and the IMF coming in and The World Bank getting up to its full power.  This is all part of a strategy for globalization, something that certain organizations have dreamed about for centuries, like the ones who own it, the bankers for instance, the big bankers, the real ones, the international ones.  Theyíve dreamt for this for a long, long time but it must be presented to the public as necessity.  We are bungling along and things happen and they have to do things through necessity, so that it will seem quite natural to people who are meant to be afraid and we turn to government to help us.  The governments are all put in place by the bankers and they tell us what the bankers want.  They want global governance; they want a new system where people eventually will serve the world system, the world state.  Thatís been written about by the members of the Royal Institute of International Affairs; itís in their own books.  HG Wells wrote about it, a world of service.  That is what they are bringing in. 


We canít imagine that.  Most folk canít imagine that.  They think of always earning their wages, even as their wages become like the Peso and you end up with millions of Pesos for a salary - you can buy a cup of coffee at a cafť with it - and thatís really where we are going with the dollar.  When you take money in to town for anything now you are as well as throwing hundreds of bucks about because thatís what you are going to spend on basic things, even for the piddly little GMO groceries that you come out of the grocery store with; it costs a lot, way too much money.  Everything now is all set up; you live in monopolies.  The big chain stores came in to do away with the small stores and competition.  With lots of small stores you could go to a variety and pick from a variety; it made them compete with each other for prices and quality.  Once they are put out of the way there is none of that.  You are left with what the buyers for the big chain stores decided you are going to get and thatís what goes on the shelves.  And what do they give you?  GMO.


In Canada they donít even bother labeling it here.  Itís quite something.  You see, we are not worth too much in Canada.  We donít complain much, so we can really be the guinea pigs for the whole world.  Itís working really well because everyoneís got stomach problems and people are dying like crazy of cancers.  So itís really working well, for the masters at the top who monitor all this stuff, and with the National Health system itís much easier.  Quite a few years back they put in a centralized computer in Ottawa.  There was a little bit of furor amongst the press Ė the public didnít really care Ė that this was giving too much power to maybe a few people in Ottawa to have access to ALL the data, the incomes, the expenditures, the health care, updated daily from computers across the country to this massive computer.  I think it was McClellan at the time that got the heat for that Ė they always get somebody to take the heat.  She says, donít worry, weíll solve the problem, so they split it into two computers.  Canadians thought that was a good deal.  We are very easily pleased in Canada. Thatís why they can use us as test rats basically. 


Mind you, we have David Suzuki here too, that great guy who loves the United Nations.  He is a geneticist himself; in fact heís up on YouTube talking about people.  He calls them maggots; thatís how he likens people.  They are maggots.  Although he said there are special types of maggots that are higher on the food chain than the ones beneath them and, I guess, being a good eugenicist, he believes that himself.  Heís up there, you see.  So anyway, we are all maggots at the bottom so we get what we are fed.   There is no variety.  You canítÖ itís very difficult to get organic food and if you can afford it, itís awfully, awfully expensive.  So only the Ďfittestí will survive, the fittest being the ones with the biggest income.  Thatís what Darwinism is all about. 


They are standardizing the rest of the world. They have said before, they couldnít exist with Islam.  Islam would not fit in to the New World Order with its quaint beliefs and all that stuff and the very fact that it doesnít go in for usury is a big taboo with the world bankers; they donít believe in that; thatís against their prime tenets.  So they have to demolish their system, Westernize it, bring in the strip joints, the drugs, and get abortion on the go for the youngsters after they watch Much-Music.  So thatís what they are doing across the Middle East right now and making sure there are no enemies of Israel.  Israel has been put there and set up to be the overseer of the whole area, obviously.  Thatís why it goes along with the US and Britain with their foreign policies; itís all the same policy. 


A while back I mentioned a video up on YouTube I think it was, where microwave weaponry had been used in Afghanistan.  It was a horror show what theyíve tested out in these countries.  You see, there is no oversight and thatís why they rush over there, all the guys with their test weaponry, try it out on people that wonít be missed and no one cares and there is no big to-do about it, anywhere in the world. They literally used it on a whole bunch of people and they SHRUNK.  It dries you out.  They shrink.  The corpses were about 4 feet long, some of them, what was left of them.  There was also another device they used on a bus.  The military definitely used it intentionally on a bus that was of no threat to them.  The bus had asked permission to go to the next town.  They were sent along the road, given permission, they only got a couple of hundred yards, stopped by another US military base blockade, and sent back again.  So when they were halfway between the two of them, they hit them with this weapon that literally sliced open their stomachs, abdomens, heads came off, the whole thing.  They saw nothing, heard nothing.  The surgeons, youíll hear on this video, said it was incredible.  There were pieces of brains and intestines on the ceiling and so on.  It was like scalpel cuts had just ripped them apart, some new weaponry.  So thatís what they do; they test them on these poor souls and the world doesnít really care much.  We are too dumbed down and stupid and self-centered now, and egocentric as weíve been taught to be.  In other words, we are completely defective as a survival society, or even individually. 


Iíll get that link, the old link if I can find it in my archives and Iíll put it up to match this article. 



Star Wars In Iraq


Here is an article that ties in with that.  It saysÖ


US May Unleash Microwave Weapon in Afghanistan

(Alan:  So they are going to use it in Afghanistan, if they havenít already.)

Jun e 18, 2010 / Sharon Weinberger / AOLNEWS.COM


TAMPA, Fla. (June 17) -- A controversial nonlethal weapon that uses microwave energy to create intense pain is being considered for use in Afghanistan, AOL News has learned.  (A:  Now remember, they can up the frequency and the power to it to anything they want.  Or lower it.  Itís the same with the non-lethal weapons they are going to use on the crowds at the G20 and G8 meetings in Canada, which they bought, actually.  I realized that; I found an article where they had actually bought some of this gear to test it out on the little lowlife of Canada.  Thatís all of us.)


An Air Force military officer and a civilian employee at the Air Force Research Laboratory told AOL News at an industry conference here that the Active Denial System, which heats the top layer of skin via millimeter waves, was in Afghanistan for testing. The sources were not able to offer details on how or whether the weapon was being used in combat.  (A:  Well of course itís there to use.  Itís not there to show off to them is it?)


The weapon is designed to shoot an invisible beam of energy at people, creating an intense burning sensation that forces them to flee. (A:  And Iíll add on to this, they put it on a high power source and it will literally dehydrate them, shrink them into little corpsesÖ like they did in Iraq.)  The Air Force has called it the "goodbye effect." (A:  Ah, they love these little jokes to their victims, eh.)  It has not been used before in military operations.  (A:  Which is an utter, utter lieÖ utter, utter lie, but what do you expect from the military?)


The Air Force Research laboratory Directed Energy Directorate Active Denial System (ADS) is a counter-personnel, non-lethal (A:  Sometimes.) directed energy weapon. 


"Consideration is under way for the appropriate employment of an Active Denial System," Kelley Hughes, a representative for the Joint Nonlethal Weapons Directorate, wrote in an e-mail to AOL News.


In 2008, the Pentagon considered deploying the Active Denial System in Iraq, (A:  Which they did.) but the effort was stymied over policy concerns. (A:  Well they used it regardless.)


So they are going through their usual BS Ė which is bothersome stuff, to the very naÔve Ė and they are going to use it over there and blast the people.  No one will care because whoís taking tally, you see.  No one cares.  They can use hundreds and thousands of them for testing and we will never know and it will never get out to the world.  Thatís what REALLY goes on.  All the big testing groups get right into these war zones to try out their latest gear and there is no one there to report it as a travesty, or even diabolical for that matter.  Thatís the real world isnít it? 


People donít realize thatís the real world. They seem to think that everything goes through laws and stages of things before anything can be used.  Nothing is further from the truth.  You are living in an utter system of deception.  Our whole world is deception.  Do you believe, if weíve been voting all these years for government, do you think things would maybe get better for the people sometimes?  Hmm?  Ah, dear, dear, dear.  And people still want to save this systemÖ  Donít make it any worse, save it and let us go on for a little while longer, let the next generation really suffer but let us live and buy and have fun until that comes.  Thatís really what they want.  Thatís really what they want.  No one has rethought the system.  You canít get back something thatís gone.  All the factories and even the auto departments and car manufacturers, they are all abroad now.  Even the companies that make your underwear moved to China years ago.  There is nothing left.  You would need a brand new systemÖ and no oneís got a philosophy to sit down and think about it, or anything else.  All they do is bitch and complain when it gets worse and they will keep doing that to the bitter end because they will do nothing else about it.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  We are run by criminals basically, who see themselves as the most superior people on the planet.  I guess thatís one of the qualifications they have, is they are basically criminals, they have psychopathic personalities, they believe in Darwinism, and they believe that since theyíve got to the top and stolen billions of dollars through their cunning and so on, that they deserve to be there.  Thatís one of the criteria to get to the top and being a special person, is that you have used your CUNNING; you are a survivor, you see.  They talk about this amongst themselves and thatís how they pat each other on the back, yeah, heís another survivor here, he ripped off the taxpayers of so and so for so and so, and now heís worth billions; so welcome to the club.  Thatís literally how it is.  Itís always been that way. 


Itís only important that WE get trained in a different reality.  Remember, Lenin said the same thing and that was followed by Stalin who said, youíve got to pay your TEACHERS and your MILITARY and the POLICE very well; the three main parts.  See, the teachers give you your fake reality; weíre all in it together, working for each other for a better life, folks, and all that stuff.  You need your police to bash you on the head to make sure if youíve started breaking into another reality that you get back into the first one very quickly.  You see.  Failing all of that, you use the military.  Then you use your military to go abroad and create the same reality for a new generation of children growing up in the lands you are going to conquer.  Thatís really what it is, empire building, world empire. 


Here is about one guy who made good, you know.  Heís a crook of course.  It saysÖ


Fannie Mae owns patent on 'cap and trade' exchange

(A:  On the carbon tax thing, the patent for it.)

The Examiner, Washington, D.C., Apr 20, 2010 | by Barbara F. Hollingsworth


When he wasn't busy helping create a $127 billion mess for taxpayers to clean up, (A:  Which is the way he was told to do it; it was intended that we end up with it all, as they socialize the debt, as they call it.) former Fannie Mae Chief Executive Officer Franklin Raines, two of his top underlings and select individuals in the "green" movement were inventing a patented system to trade residential carbon credits.  (A:  Residential, thatís your personal ones.)


Patent No. 6904336 was approved by the U.S. Patent and Trade Office on Nov. 7, 2006 (A:  They had it all worked out way in advance, eh.) -- the day after Democrats took control of Congress. Former Sen. John Sununu, R-N.H., criticized the award at the time, pointing out that it had "nothing to do with Fannie Mae's charter, nothing to do with making mortgages more affordable."


It wasn't about mortgages. It was about greenbacks. The patent, which Fannie Mae confirmed it still owns with Cantor Fitzgerald subsidiary CO2e.com, gives the mortgage giant a lock on the fledgling carbon trading market, thus also giving it a major financial stake in the success of cap-and-trade legislation.  (A:  They are going to make a killing off of this, this crook, this particular character, Franklin Raines, who was already disgraced for what he did before but now heís going to laugh all the way to the bank AGAIN.  Ho, oh!  I love this, how they give you these fake stories on these guys, these multi-millionaires.  You know, a poor guy rags to riches story - every one of them is always a rags to riches.  They make this up; they make this rubbish up all the time.  He was a Rhodes Scholar too, by the way, for world government.  They donít mention that in this article here.  There you go, you already pay to another crook, but why change the pattern, they are all crooks you know.)


Besides Raines, the other "inventors" are:


Former Fannie Vice President and Deputy General Counsel G. Scott Lesmes, who provided legal advice on Fannie Mae's debt and equity offerings;


Former Fannie Vice President Robert Sahadi, who now runs GreenSpace Investment Financial Services out of his 5,002-square- foot Clarksburg home;  (A:  And he probably gets a subsidy to heat it to make sure, you know; and he probably goes through Al Goreís carbon tax scam as well.  Boy, theyíre all raking in money off this nonsense.  Thatís what the whole Gulf catastrophe is for as well because Obama is going to push all it all through.  You are going to pay and pay and pay forever, all these wonderful carbon taxes thatís all a big con in the first place.)


2008 Barack Obama fundraiser Kenneth Berlin, an environmental law partner at Skadden Arps;


Michelle Desiderio, director of the National Green Building Certification program, which trains "green" monitors;


Former Cantor Fitzgerald employee Elizabeth Arner Cavey, wife of Democratic donor Brian Cavey of the Stanton Park Group, which received $200,000 last year to lobby on climate change legislation; and (A:  Ha, ha, ha, and then it goes on and on and on.  But I mean, well, isnít this what you expect?  Itís what I expect.  Itís what I expect; it doesnít bother me at all.  Itís quite normal actuallyÖ in the real world, the REAL world, not the TV version.)


You know, most governments and their agencies run through policies and not laws.  Itís the same when police and military bring in variousÖ itís the same with private business.  Itís our policy not to do this, or itís our policy to do that, or we just changed our policy.  So they donít have to go through the hassle of legalizing anything, that becomes their policy.  When it comes to spying on the public, most of it is done through agreements, and policies, and verbal agreements, and little nods and winks, and shuffling of feet in the square position, and stuff like that.  This article will show what theyíre doing about radicals and who is classified as a radical, because itís a very wide term.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about how most agreements are really made verbally, otherwise they would be legal and then if they are legal it gets out to the public and the public, some of the public, may not be too happy; most of them wonít care.  And I really believe that, most of the public really donít care much about what happens to them.  They think this system is going to go on forever, no matter what the media is telling them and all the rest of it, and they can buy the latest gizmo and gadget forever and ever and ever.  Thatís how they think.  As long as the TV is working, the world is just fine; thatís it. 


This is from the EU ObserverÖ.


EU instrument for spying on 'radicals' causes outrage

VALENTINA POP / euobserver.com / 14.06.2010


(A:  You notice that we are getting down to minimalistic speech in all the papers now?  Itís at about a 6th grade level, less in fact.  They use these terms like Ďoutrageí.  They love Ďoutrage.í  There is never really an outrage but they use it regardless; it sounds better... rather than a yawn, you know.)


EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS Ė Civil rights watchdogs and MEPs (A:  Members of the European Parliament.) have attacked new EU plans to gather data on people who voice or share "radical messages" in a bid to pre-empt terrorist attacks.  (A:  Now, for the States and Canada and elsewhere, youíve got to remember that the central computer for all this stuff is IN the EU, including for America.  They share it all, instantly.  They have to have all the names of everybody, you see.  So that includes everybody in the US and Canada too.)


Political activists labelled as "Extreme right/left, Islamist, (A:  And listen to thisÖ) nationalist (A:  That means, if you believe in having a nation.  Remember Kissinger a couple of years ago, and I read the article, where he was talking to the EU at the time.  He was asked, people often ask us as Americans to define what a terrorist is.  He says, the definition of a terrorist is someone who is nationalist and is against globalization.  That is the OFFICIAL version of it.  It reiterates it here.  It saysÖ) Political activists labelled as "Extreme right/left, Islamist, nationalist or anti-globalisation" (A:  I always tell you, believe these guys when they speak.  They tell you the truth.) may in future find themselves under surveillance in line with a new, so-called, EU "data compilation instrument" put at the disposal of police and security forces in member states.


The 70-question long "instrument," covering ideologies, dissemination channels, personal and professional data on "agents," would help police and security officials gather comparable intelligence across the EU, which could later be pooled together into a single data base.  (A:  They already have this single data base and the US uses the same base.  The NSA uses it too; in fact they feed most of the data into it.)


(A:  Here we goÖ)  Although non-binding, (A:  It means it hasnít gone through any legal process.) the guidelines can legitimise police co-operation and new practices in the member states. The instrument was made public last month by Statewatch, a civil liberties watchdog, after being agreed by EU ministers in April.  (A:  Ministers are politicians.)


The data selection criteria are very broad and "flexible," with member states and EU institutions being "invited and advised to make best use, as they see fit, of the data compilation instrument provided for them, by amending it and tailoring it to their specific requirements," the internal EU document says.


MEPs dealing with justice and home affairs expressed their outrage (A:  Oh, weíre outraged, thatís their job to be outraged.) at the decision, which was not subject to any parliamentary oversight.  (A:  It doesnít happen. Most of these big things, they donít go through the process.)


"It's all incredibly vague. (A:  They like vagueness because it canít come back on them.  Oh, I was unaware of that; I didnít know about that; itís just very, very vague.)  The danger is that this is spreading the net too wide, instead of gathering targeted information on people who are seriously becoming a terrorist threat," British Liberal MEP Sarah Ludford said in a telephone interview with this website. She has formally asked the Council to give an explanation of its decision.


"This kind of soft law doesn't really work. (A:  Thatís what they call soft law.)  If they really wanted to do something serious, they would have to come up with a legal EU instrument and table it for co-decision in the European Parliament," she said.  (A:  They can do anything they want, the EU Parliament at the top, because the politicians have got nothing to do with it.  They canít even alter a law thatís passed by the executives at the very top, who meet, by the way, in secret.  They actually published that they meet in secret.  We donít even know who they are.)


The fundamental flaw of the mechanism is that by talking about "radicalisation" instead of terrorism, it includes in the same sweep swathes of political activists and dissenters, she explained.  (A:  Thatís its intentionÖ because there is very little terrorism you see but there are lots of people who are not too happy about whatís happening in the world.  So dissenters, itís all about dissenters.)


"Being a radical is not the same as being a terrorist. I am a radical on data protection, for instance," Ms Ludford said. "A democratic society wouldn't work without dissenters. (A:  Democratic societyÖ)  We didn't dismantle Communism and Fascism to start being suspicious at people who hold different views from the establishment."  (A:  Oh, oh really?  [Alan laughing.])


The British peer noted that while the European Parliament was setting high data protection standards in negotiations with the US on a bank data transfer deal aimed at tracking terrorist financing, (A:  Thatís the peoplesí financing; youíre all terrorists, you see.) EU ministers seemed to have no similar concern when passing such "sloppy" decisions.


Her criticism was echoed by Benjamin Ward from Human Rights Watch, (A:  He has to.  Thatís his job isnít it?) an international NGO (A:  Non-governmental organization.) fighting against human rights violations.  (A:  Yeah, right.)


"Sharing and centralising in EU institutions data about persons who have not been convicted of a crime solely on the basis of their opinion is worrisome," he said.  (A:  Well, itís downright terrifying if you really think of the consequences.)


"It is disturbing that the only reference to personal data protection is in relation to Europol (A:  Thatís the Rothschild private cop. They set it up.  Interpol was set up Ė itís now Europol Ė and it was the Rothschilds that set it up because when the Rothschilds came into Britain they already had this big massive gang with them; thatís how they got in and thatís why he wasnít bumped off when he basically stole the peoplesí money.  Thatís what really happened.  So basically, itís all a nod and a wink and itís okay.)  [the bloc's police co-operation agency], not in relation to member states or the EU situation centre [an intelligence sharing unit], particularly given that the right to privacy and the protection of personal data are contained in the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights."


A similar database to the one envisaged at EU level already exists in Britain, The Guardian reports.


It monitors "environmental extremists" alongside far-right activists, (A:  ĎFar-rightí now means that you believe in having a sovereign country.) dissident Irish republicans, loyalist paramilitaries, and al-Qaida inspired extremists.  (A:  What a lot of collywobbles, eh?)


In other words, they do what they want to do folks and if you are against having globalization and being a serf under masters that live maybe thousands and thousands of miles away in some other country, or they are globetrotting around to their different summer homes, you are a radical terrorist.  Thatís really what it means, isnít it.  Thatís what it means. 


Then, supposedly, a document, a confidential document revealsÖ


Confidential document reveals

Obama's hardline US climate talk strategy

(A:  It was left in a computer apparently.  Iím awful suspicious of these things.)

John Vidal in Bonn guardian.co.uk, Monday 12 April 2010


The document outlines key messages the Obama administration wants to convey in the run-up to UN climate talks in Mexico in November.  (A:  Well, they are going to get what they want anyway because theyíve got that lovely Gulf spill, as they call it, on the go and thatís terrifying people.  Youíve got to have a real event to make it real to the public.  If itís a war or if you blow up buildings or you let oil seep out and kill lots of fish, they donít really care as long as they get their way.)


A document accidentally left on a European hotel computer and passed to the Guardian reveals the US government's increasingly controversial strategy in the global UN climate talks.


Titled Strategic communications objectives and dated 11 March 2010, it outlines the key messages that the Obama administration wants to convey to its critics and to the world media in the run-up to the vital UN climate talks in Cancun, Mexico in November. (You can read the document text below).


Top of the list of objectives is to: "Reinforce the perception that the US is constructively engaged in UN negotiations in an effort to produce a global regime to combat climate change." It also talks of "managing expectations" of the outcome of the Cancun meeting and bypassing traditional media outlets by using podcasts and "intimate meetings" with the chief US negotiator to disarm the US's harsher critics.


But the key phrase is in paragraph three where the author writes: "Create a clear understanding of the CA's [Copenhagen accord's] standing and the importance of operationalising ALL elements."


This is the clearest signal that the US will refuse to negotiate on separate elements of the controversial accord, but intends to push it through the UN process as a single "take it or leave it" text. The accord is the last-minute agreement reached at the chaotic Copenhagen summit in December. (A:  It wasnít chaotic at all.  They got exactly what they wanted, which was the start because then they just keep adding to it every year, or twice a year.)  Over 110 countries are now "associated" with the accord but it has not been adopted by the 192-nation UN climate convention. The US has denied aid to some countries that do not support the accord.


The "take it or leave it" approach divided countries in Bonn this weekend and alienated most developing countries including China, (A:  How in earth can they call China a developing country?  When it holds pretty well all the debt for the United States?  It manufactures and supplies to the whole planet.  But because it signed the GATT Treaty and they agreed to put it down as a third world country it can stay like that forever, as a third world country, paying no carbon taxes or the other big taxes they are supposed to pay into this global society.) India and Brazil who want to take parts of the accord to include in the formal UN negotiations. They say the accord has no legal standing and should not be used as the basis of the final legally binding agreement because it is not ambitious enough. (A:  Ambition enough, ehÖ) It lacks any specific cuts in greenhouse gas emissions (A:  Greenhouse gas emissions! - Lenin said, we shall win by slogans and repetition - thatís what you hear isnít it?) and sets a temperature rise limit of 2C, which critics say is too high to prevent serious harm to Africa and other parts of the world.  (A:  And all that rubbish.  Thatís enough of that nonsensical stuff and weíll go onto the next topic.)


It really isÖ itís an agenda folks, to control the whole planet.  Scotland is going to be the first country apparently to use robot workers.  I donít know if it is.  I read that Norway was already using them on some geriatric - thatís the old, the elderly; thatís to dehumanize the elderly, they call them geriatrics - elderly hospitals.  So a hospital in ScotlandÖ


The robots will carry clinical waste, deliver food

and clean the operating theatre

A hospital in Scotland is to become the first in the UK to use a fleet of robots to carry out day-to-day tasks.

bbc.co.uk / 17 June 2010


The robots will carry clinical waste, deliver food, clean the operating theatre and dispense drugs.   (A:  I wonder what they will do if you refuse the pills.)


They are currently undergoing final tests ahead of the August opening of the new £300m Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Larbert, Stirlingshire.  (A:  £300 millionÖ  brand new.  They love robots and new buildings; they just canít afford care for the people.  [Alan laughing.])


The robots will have their own dedicated network of corridors underneath the hospital.


NHS Forth Valley chairman Ian Mullen said the new hospital would be "packed full of design features to improve patient care and improve the life of staff".


He added: "Members of staff will use a hand-held PDA to call up the robot to move meal trays, or linen, or whatever.  (A:  I know what the Ďwhateverí is.)


"The robot will come up in the service lift by itself, pick up the item and go back into the lift."


Tom McEwen, the project manager for manufacturer Serco, said a series of pre-programmed routes would be set out for the robots to follow.  (A:  I wonder what happens if they go off their route?)


"The robots will follow the system using a series of laser beams which will tell it exactly where it is," he explained.


Computers on board the robots will be able to tell doors to open, and sensors will tell the robots to stop if anything - or anyone - is in the way.


One of the most valuable aspects of using robots is in controlling infection.  [Alan laughing.]  (A:  I guess thatís their excuse for it.)


"Traditionally clean and dirty tasks are carried out by the same person," infection control nurse Lesley Shepherd said.  (A:  You know, Britain is the same as every other country; they are top heavy in chiefs and there is nobody in the wards working.  Thatís no kidding.  Thatís whatís wrong.)


"Here, you'll have the robots that do dirty tasks, so they may take dirty linen or clinical waste away, and you'll have robots that do clean tasks, such as bringing meals and clean linen to patients.  (A:  I hope the robots know that.)


"They have separate lifts so there's no way they can cross, which is great."  (A:  Imagine trying to describe one: heís supposed to be the clean robot but heís taken the dirty linen away there.  Well, describe him.  Well, heís tall and clankly.  [Alan laughing.] Thatís how you can describe it, eh.)


Other robot models will clean theatre floors and even dispense drugs at the pharmacy.


Managers said the robots would not replace humans, (A:  Whoís kidding who?) but would free up more time for staff to spend with patients.  (A:  That will be the day.  That means they are going to cut down on staff.)


They will also have to keep at least one human on standby, should any of the robots break down.  (A:  Öor need oiled.  [Alan laughing.])


Thereís the farce of the world.  But yeah, hospitals are top heavy with all these managerial classes and number 7s and 6s and 5s and 4s and 3s and 2s and 1s. 


We always get laughed at when we use ďNew World OrderĒ and stuff, even though we always quote the big boys that use it themselves, like Tony Blair who used it at the opening Ė so did Mr Brown Ė use it at the opening speeches at one of his GÖ GÖ G-string meetings.  This one here is from Bloomberg. 


Russia Will Lead Effort to Found `New World Economic Order,' Medvedev Says

By Lyubov Pronina and Lucian Kim - Jun 18, 2010 / bloomberg.com


Russia will help lead efforts to recast the global economic hierarchy as the world emerges from the financial crisis, President Dmitry Medvedev said.


ďWe really live at a unique time, and we should use it to build a modern, prosperous and strong Russia, a Russia that will be a co-founder of the new world economic order,Ē Medvedev said at the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum today.


Medvedev, in the third year of his presidency, is promoting modernization to transform Russia from an oil-and-gas economy into a magnet for high technology. (A:  Have you ever wondered if one of these guys are robots themselves, maybe... de-de de-de, de-de de-de. Öbecause they all sound the same.  You ever think about that?  They give the same phrases and stuff and all the optimism and always using crisis to their advantage.  Hmm?)    Its reliance on natural resources exacerbated the steepest contraction among major emerging markets last year, when the economy shrank a record 7.9 percent.


The government will abolish taxes on capital gains from long-term direct investments starting next year, seeking to lure funds to reduce the economyís energy dependence and subdue speculative capital, Medvedev said.


ďSuch investments are critically important for modernizing the national economy and we are ready to create institutions to facilitate such investments,Ē he said. The government will create an investment fund within a year to help draw ďstrategic investorsĒ by raising 3 rubles of private capital for each 1 ruble of state money.


ďWe understand that international competition is the decisive stimulus for our modernization,Ē the president said. (A:  I wish theyíd stop saying, Ďthe president said.í)  ďRussia should become an attractive country to which people from the whole world will come in search of their dreams.Ē  (A:  Actually, there are a lot of people I know already who have gone to Russia to live, because there are less hassles there right now.  They donít have all this political correctness and certain parades through towns, like Santa Claus, stuff like that.  They donít have all that kind of stuff going on and itís freer right now and cheaper to live.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  I was going through Aftermath News in their archives and they have a good story on the hazings that go on for gang initiations WITHIN the military.  Yep, there are lots of gangs from the streets of America and other countries IN the military now and they are carrying on their initiations.  This one isÖ


Gangs of Iraq: military quietly enlisting thousands of active gang members

June 9, 2007 / aftermath news/wordpress.com / By Seamus McGraw



A ghost army of gangbangers presents a terrifying challenge for the military. It is ďsetting the stage for a disaster,Ē says one longtime military advisor


Lax enlistment standards have inadvertently allowed (A:  Actually, they WANT them in.  It was predicted long ago, they started getting the really tough gang members in and they bring them back home and turn them on the people.) known members of the Crips, Bloods, Latin Kings, and various white supremacist groups to join the military


With the unintended help of the U.S. Army, the Gangster Disciples are extending their reach worldwide. 


Then they go through a hazing that was done to one soldier who ended up dying - and it was his friends by the way, theyíd fought along side that did him in, in this initiation rite.  Itís really quite something.  It happened too.  Itís amazing howÖ I donít know if itís just coincidence, but the US base in Germany that it happened in, is KaiserslauternÖ KaiserSlautern Army Base in Germany.  It does exist, the Kaiserslautern Army base in Germany.  So the gangs have their colors there.  What they do is they kick you and youíve got to hold their colors in your hand, never let it go and so on.  Thatís what they do and a lot worse too as well.  Anyway, he died.  They are really getting a lot of these gangs in because they want to be real; all they are doing is coming from one gang and joining the BIGGEST gang with the BIGGEST weapons, and youíre allowed to kill, stuff like that. 


Then you find, in Britain now itís got so bad.  This is from the Mail Online.  If you advise a friend on how you save some money on your taxes, not by evasion, but avoidance Ė there are two legal categories.  So just saying, oh, I did this and I claimed this back, that gets you a £5000 fine. 


Tax chat could land you a £5,000 fine:

Big Brother law threatens innocent advice

By James Slack and Becky Barrow / dailymail.co.uk / 5th May 2010


Anybody who advises a friend to take out an Isa or gives them a similar tax-saving tip risks a £5,000 fine, experts warned yesterday.  (A:  I love these expertsÖ a world run by experts.)


They attacked proposed 'Big Brother' powers for HM Revenue and Customs which could ensnare those simply trying to help a friend, relative or colleague to cut their tax bill.


Innocent victims could include a person who mentions to a friend in the pub that an Isa is a way of saving £10,200 a year tax-free.   (A:  Oops, ooops, ooops, I just said it, oops.)


Anybody who advises a friend to take out an Isa or gives them a similar tax-saving tip risks a £5,000 fine, experts are warning.


Even a vicar who encourages the congregation to donate money using the Gift Aid envelopes, rather than putting cash straight into the Sunday collection, may fall into the trap.


Charities could also be hit by the draconian new 'tax avoidance' law, experts claim.


It will make it an offence to hold any conversation - even in private, with friends - if it offers clues on how to pay less tax. 


Professor Anne Redston, a tax and legal expert from King's College, London, described the proposed legislation as 'dangerous, disproportionate and an erosion of fundamental freedoms'.   (A:  No kidding. Thatís what we have experts for, to tell us something that is damn well obvious.  [Alan laughing.])


Well, Iíll tell you, thatís how it is. 


From Hamish and myself Ė Hamish is my dog, by the way; I havenít cut his hair yet for the summer because we havenít had much of it so far - from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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