June 24, 2010 (#606)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 24, 2010:

The Necrophilic Saga
Of Gunther and Gaga:

"Sports, Sex, Violence and Dehumanization,
Agenda Pushes Envelope to Degradization,
Excess Sensuality Leaves Children Senseless,
They're Easier to Manage When Defenseless,
Government's Delighted and Those Who Rule
Turn Our Drive Against Us Like a Tool
Or Weapon, Mind-Masters Destroy All Bonding,
Promoting Hedonistic Narcissism, Beastial Fondling,
Creating Hyper-Imprinting Child Sexualization,
Under M. Sanger's Guise of Sex Education,
Using Animals Mating to 'Show Commonality'
To Humans, In Reality Promoting Beastiality,
No Outrage from Parents Watching MTV Shows,
No Dignity, Self-Respect When Anything Goes"
© Alan Watt June 24, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 24, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June 24, 2010.  As always, I start off by suggesting that the newcomers that come into the show look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  Youíll find hundreds and hundreds of talks Iíve given over the past Ė I think itís over 600 talks on there so far Ė and you can download them for free.  It will take a long time to go through but youíll certainly learn a lot at the same time about how the world really operates as opposed to how you are trained to see it.  You are trained and augmented daily by your media and your news to keep the fake reality going, otherwise big con men couldnít pull off world stunts on the scale that they do.  Itís as simple as that.  So go in there and bookmark all the sites youíll see I have up there because there are problems once in a while with the .com site and at least youíll have the other sites to pull down the latest shows.  All these sites have the same audios and they have transcripts in English.  If you want transcripts in other languages of a lot of the talks Iíve given, go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.  Youíll see that listed on the .com site as well, and help yourself to them for download and print up.  [Official sites listed above.] 


While you are there, go into the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale and please buy them or donate to me because that keeps me going.  I donít write in the usual fashion of dates and times and famous people.  I show you techniques of conology, as itís called.  Itís the art of conning the public through generations, through thousands of years in fact, and various tricks of the trade that are used on the general public.  While you read them it helps to deprogram you, to start the process.  Your mind starts to think for itself and youíll see things in your daily life that you never saw before in a completely different light.  So go in there and buy the Cutting Through books that Iíve got for sale and the disks.  Some of these disks have 50 shows on them, well worth buying for the future because who knows when the site will get pulled, with the new laws and regulations to do with the internet and its policing, etc.  You all know the story.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  The ads you hear on this show are paid by the advertisers directly to RBN; Iíve got nothing to do with that.  That pays for this air time, their staff, equipment and their bills at RBN and the broadcast.  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


So itís up to you to keep me going if you like what Iím saying.  Itís a different way of seeing the world.  I try to stay on a similar topic each night rather than give you the scattergun approach which really leaves you more confused.  It actually helps the other side more than anything else when you are trembling with fear, getting attacked from a hundred different areas at once.  I try to get on the same track with a different topic each night and bring in articles that are all kind of connected together to show you the tricks that are used upon you to control you.  Itís very important that you keep your heads through all of this because as things go down and even the general media, youíll start to really lose it with they hyper inflation coming, Value Added Taxes, more housing losses, rent will go out of sight Ė it already is incredible of course Ė and your food that has already doubled and itís going to go much, much, much higher.  They are bringing you down to the European standard and then down below even that.  Thatís whatís intended.  Thatís why you have the crashes and everything else.  We are going through a New World Order, a planned society, a planned New World Order, a post-consumerist society in post-industrial era.  Thatís what itís all about AND the reduction of population that goes with it.  I'll speak more about this after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iíve suggested different books over the years that people should read to get an idea of whatís happening today.  A lot of the big boys themselves, who help plan this particular era and who worked with think tanks and implementation groups as well.  They didnít just sit and dream things up in the tanks.  They have to go out and bring it into reality and Ďmake it beí or Ďmake it so,í as they love to say.  That becomes your reality, whatever it happens to be, on a GRAND scale, a grand scale. 


Most people out there really think they are so insignificant, especially the city dweller but thatís part of living in the city.  It leads to a psychology of being diminished; you are a minute little being, in a cold environment, in a dog-eat-dog system, all based on money and if you donít have rent you are out in the street and thatís just tough luck on you and you join a whole bunch of other people who are out on the street.  Thatís what the city does to you.  You feel so insignificant; you are not in charge of your own destiny or even survival, which serves the masters very well.  Thatís why a long time ago they said they would put people into the cities.  In Britain they did that mainly through the Corn Law Acts put out by Lord Rothschild.  He was no sooner made a Lord and he was in Parliament and then he brought in the Corn Laws.  That allowed them to dump foreign grain on the markets of Britain, and even meats and so on.  That put the farmers out of business just in time to get them all to move into these red brick, terrible slum dwelling systems of row housing in the cities, these new cities they had built up for manufacturing.  Literally, it was worked out in advance that way with the merchants of London.  Thatís how itís done.  You can literally alter whole countries if you have the power and the money.  The money, everything beneath the money is ruled by the money.  So it doesnít matter about Parliaments, governments, whatever; money is the king, you see.  Quite easy to do. 


Bertrand Russell and many others worked in top think tanks.  They interlaced with other Ďcirclesí as they like to call them.  He worked for the Macy Group.  He worked for various groups to do with world government.  He wanted depopulation.  He also believed in an hereditary superiority.  He was a third Earl Russell, later Lord Russell.  Theyíd worked for generations along with British government in the real high departments of government, foreign office, trading and so on.  He wrote about what was coming in various books:  The Scientific Society was a very good one, The Impact of Science on Society, a whole range of books where he did say an awful lot of truth because to alter the world you have to understand how humans behave, en mass, and individually.  Therefore, youíve got to understand and publish a lot of truth at the same time.  Mainly he was publishing this stuff for his own peer group.  Most folk donít read the books put out by these kinds of characters.  They are too boring; they are not novels. 


There is a write-up here from The Wise Up Journal going back to 2009 about Russell and Iíll touch on that and add to it tonight as well, because itís very important to what is happening today.  It says hereÖ


An Earlís insight of the dependent citizen

Wise Up Journal / 10.09.2009


Elitist Bertrand Russell, 3rd Earl Russell (1872-1970),

(Alan:  He was active, by the way, right up until his death.  He worked for MI5 during and after World War II.  He also worked with the anti-war activists that were knocking downÖ the real radical group that knocked down fences at airports where the military bases were in Britain.  So he ran both sides for the bossesÖ because they do run both sides.  In one of the biographies, there are actually photographs of him heading what they called the Committee of 100.  These were the radical groups that knocked down the fences and stormed the airports.)  


was a Nobel Prize winner (A:  Like all these crooks do.),


worked on the education of young children (A:  What he actually did, he was given permission to experiment with young children in special schools, in ALL kinds of areas including the sexual areas.  The idea was to see if they could overstimulate them sexually before they were in puberty with the idea of breaking down permanent bonding with any particular partner down the road because depopulation was one major theme throughout Russell and the groups that he worked with throughout their whole system of the coming government.) 


and an award winner of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

(A:  Along with Julian Huxley, the brother of Aldous Huxley; they both worked on the same topics, the same formats and, again, excessive sexual, sort of, hyper play.  You see, any drive can be neuroticized and imprinted in the neuroticized fashion if it is started early enough.  That goes for food, sex, everything.  Thatís why they really hit the children now with MTV and they really have the age groups out there from 6, 7, and the 8-12 year olds and so on.  Theyíve got it down to a fine art so that everyone emulates what they see.)


A highly respected man by the excessively rich dominant minority. He held views about the middle and lower classes some might describe as inhumane and others as psychopathic.   (A:  There is no doubt he was a psychopath, but his classed tended to be.  Inbred too, very inbred.) 


His obsession on studying human behaviour to better utilise human resources did lead to him publishing insightful if not troublesome realities of human psychology.


(A:  They do give you a lot of truths about people.  And youíve got to understand, this is how the rulers see the people, as he writes this.  It saysÖ)


The domesticated and dependent city citizen

(A:  See, once you are in a city, you are depended on the system and the job and employment, and rental accommodation usually.  Itís artificial; you canít even grow your own food to survive, generally, in a city.)


Page 44 of his book The Impact of Science on Society (1952) (ISBN 0-415-10906-X):


ďIn industry, the integration brought about by scientific technique (A:  And technique is more than just putting nuts and bolts together.  Scientific technique is about control, and all the methods of controlling humans.) is much greater [than agriculture] and more intimate.  (A:  Once you are into the city system itís easier to control you because it changes you.  And here is how it changes youÖ)


ďOne of the most obvious results of industrialism is that a much larger percentage of the population live in towns than was formerly the case. The town dweller is a more social being (A:  See, to get on together without killing each other, when you are all squeezed together like that in a neuroticized fashion of hype and fear and envy and all the rest of it Ė and the fear comes from, again, sickness, losing your job, and all that kind of stuff.  So you are more socialÖ)


than the agriculturist, (A:  The agriculturalists who live on the land have always fought the elite down through history.  You get attached to the land.  You are self-sufficient.  That breeds a form of independence and it makes you stronger mentally, in a sense.  You can take on the world if it comes against you and they often did in agricultural lands.   In some parts of the world they still do. When Rome went down it wasnít just, for instance, the fact that Alarus and different groups were attacking them, the Goths and the Visigoths and all that kind of stuff were attacking Rome.  They also had the uprisings from the agrarian population that had to feed all of them and were getting taxed out of their homes.  Also, the Senators in those days were taking over the lands through legalities - you know, the lawyers tricks - of the big farmers and grabbing the lands to add to their own estates.  People who live on the land put up a good fight, you know.  Thatís why theyíve got to get them off the land for Agenda 21 at the United Nations.) 


and is much more influenced (A:  You see, you are INFLUENCED in the social groupÖ)


by discussion. In general, he works in a crowd, and his amusements are apt to take him into still larger crowds. (A:  Thatís a prime tenet of going and living in a city.  Those who manage a city make sure there is lots of entertainment, of all kinds, knowing that you will become bizarre, there will be bizarre and perverted people amongst you. They lay it all on for you. Thatís standard in cities.  Literally, itís standard and they are licensed, these places to cater for everyone.)


The course of nature, the alternations of day and night, summer and winter, wet or shine, make little difference to him; (A:  Thatís true.  In the cities it really does.  They are traveling by tube or bus or car to their work, generally tube and bus.  It doesnít matter what itís like outside.  Thatís why they can spray the skies above them and they donít see a thing; they never look up.  It doesnít matter to them.  They are living in an artificial environment from their home, with central heating or cooling, through the subway or the bus, into their job, which is, again, central heated or air conditioned.)


he has no occasion to fear that he will be ruined by frost or drought or sudden rain. What matters to him is his human environment, and his place in various organisations especially.  (A:  Itís true.  People within cities tend to join groups, of all kinds, and they are all laid on for you to, even the ones that oppose each other.  You donít know that but they are.)


ďTake a man who works in a factory, and consider how many organisations affect his life. There is first of all the factory itself, and any larger organisation of which it may be a part. Then there is the manís trade union and his political party. He probably gets house room from a building society or public authority. His children go to school. (A:  So, a school authority.)  If he reads a newspaper or goes to a cinema or looks at a football match, these things are provided by powerful organisations. (A:  Remember, the New World Order is basically public/private and most of the organizing and real authorities, agencies, are actually private.)


Indirectly, through his employers, he is dependent upon those from whom they buy their raw material and those to whom they sell their finished product. Above all, there is the State, which taxes him and may at any moment order him to go and get killed in war, in return for which it protects him against murder and theft (A:  Thatís within his own cramped society.) so long as there is peace, and allows him to buy a fixed modicum of food.Ē


Page 40 of The Impact of Science on Society (1952) :


ďI think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology. (A:  To us, use mass psychology.)  This study is immensely useful to practical men, whether they wish to become rich or to acquire the government. (A:  Heís talking about BEHAVIORAL psychology.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, going into the mindset of one of the big helpers to the world plan, someone who worked his entire life towards it, right down to helping devise, along with the Macy Group and others, the computer language.  They knew, back then, they were going to bring in computers.  They also knew that we are a formÖ our minds like a computer in a sense.  They found this when they were building the computers and the language for the computers, and the logic for the system of computers.  They found, literally, that a good programmer could determine the outcome of a question fed to the computer, understanding its logic and its language.  It had to come to a precise answer and the guy could generally figure out what it would have to come to. We think the same way. We go by whatís fed into us and we go through the language, we have a certain logic, and we are led to the conclusion.  Our masters guide us the same way and so they use language very efficiently, in the proper sequences, so that we will come to the forgone conclusions they expect us to come to.  Getting back to this articleÖ


Page 40 of The Impact of Science on Society (1952) :


ďI think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology.

(A:  It is used through ALL agencies now, of government, right down to your police spokesman - you have PR spokespeople for the police department - and for your local council, the PR department.  Itís Public Relations which is the term that they used instead of propaganda.  Iíve been through the lectures by Bernays, for instance, that gave us the consumer society.  He was a master of the mass psychology and the individual psychology.  He was the nephew, of course, of Freud.  Itís interesting today to see the descendant of both these people is another Freud in London who is the son-in-law of Rupert Murdock, and he helps run the British government, using the same stuff.  Itís amazing how they have these lineages like the Rothschilds that just do banking, and the Bernays and the Freuds that just do mass psychology and behaviorism for the masses.  Itís astonishing isnít it?  I mean, why not give birth to a child that says, I want to be something different, Dad; I want to go off and do something else.  No.   These guys literally are so inbred that you can pretty well guarantee that 3 or 4 generations down the road they will still be doing the same thing as their great granddad; which is exactly what Plato said about the breeding programs for the Guardian Class.)


This study is immensely useful to practical men, whether they wish to become rich or to acquire the government. (A:  Right.)  It is, of course, as a science, founded upon individual psychology, but hitherto it has employed rule-of-thumb methods which were based upon a kind of intuitive common sense. Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the most influential is what is called Ďeducationí.Ē  (A:  Did you think that education was propaganda?  Of course you didnít, but thatís what it isÖ authorized by the State, and UNESCO, the group that he worked for at the United Nations.)


Page 187 of Bertrand Russellís other book The Scientific Outlook (1931):


ďFrom the technique of advertising it seems to follow that in the great majority of mankind any proposition will win acceptance (A:  ANY propositionÖ will win acceptanceÖ) if it is reiterated in such a way as to remain in the memory. (A:  Thatís all it has to do.)  Most of the things that we believe we believe because we have heard them affirmed (A:  By others, you see.); we do not remember where or why they were affirmed, and we are therefore unable to be critical even when the affirmation was made by a man whose income would be increased by its acceptance (A:  Advertisers.) and was not backed by any evidence whatever. Advertisements tend, therefore, as the technique becomes perfected, to be less and less argumentative, and more and more merely striking. So long as an impression is made, the desired result is achieved.  (A:  Just EMBED it in the mind, in other words, and repetitionÖ because we donít think through things.  We learn by osmosis; things just come in to us and we see authoritarian figures and we believe them.)


ďFor scientific purposes I suggest the following experiment. Let two soaps, A and B, be manufactured, of which A is excellent and B abominable; let A be advertised by stating its chemical composition and by testimonials from eminent chemists; let B be advertised by the bare statement that it is the best, accompanied by the portraits of famous Hollywood beauties. If man is a rational animal, more of A will be sold than of B. Does anyone, in fact, believe that this would be the result?  (A:  He shows you 2 soaps and so on being manufactured and he shows you which one will succeed by simple repetition and so on and so on.  Right.)


ďOn the whole, the Soviet Government and the Communist religion are those which hitherto have best understood the use of advertisement. They are, it is true, somewhat hampered by the fact that most Russians cannot read (A:  That was back then.); this obstacle, however, they are doing their best to remove.ď


Page 191 of The Scientific Outlook (1931):


ďModern inventions and modern technique have had a powerful influence in promoting uniformity of opinion (A:  Thatís very important, UNIFORMITY of opinion.) and making men less individual than they used to be.  (A:  Now you think back to all the terms and stuff that you are used to over the last few years:  green, greening, green, green, green and so on, environmentalism, and now youíve got climate change.  Before it was global warming and now youíve got climate change.  Thatís all it is, climate change.  We donít think through them.  We see authoritarian figures and we tend to believe them without having any real evidence proved to us at all, whatsoever.)


ďA newspaper with a large circulation can hire the most expensive legal talent to defend it against libel suits, and can often conceal from all but serious students its misstatements of facts.


ďIn a suburban train in the morning, one man may be reading the Daily Mail and another the Daily Express, but if by some miracle they should fall into conversation they would not find much divergence in the opinions they had imbibed (A:  You IMBIBE opinions; you donít think through them rationally.) or in the facts of which they had been informed. Thus for reasons which are ultimately technical and scientific, the newspapers have become an influence tending to uniformity and increasing the rarity of unusual opinions.Ē


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix. Itís amazing weíre getting cut off more often.  The line just drops.  There is human intervention going on here Iím sure.  But thatís the tricks that get played on you if youíre not authorized to be out there. Everything goes wrong, satellite uploads, everything.  Believe you me, they come against you in many ways including Yahoo telling me theyíve put a choke on my uploads to try and dissuade me from using the disk space that Iím paying for.  No kidding.  And the letter is up on my site just to show you that, from Yahoo telling me that.  Getting back to this article, Russell gives you an example of the Daily Mail read by one guy, the Daily Express by another.  He saysÖ


ďÖbut if by some miracle they should fall into conversation they would not find much divergence in the opinions they had imbibed or in the facts of which they had been informed. Thus for reasons which are ultimately technical and scientific, the newspapers have become an influence (A:  They are an influenceÖ) tending to uniformity (A:  Heís talking about, of opinion.) and increasing the rarity of unusual opinions.Ē  (A:  Thatís personal opinions.)


Page 190 of The Scientific Outlook (1931):


ďEducation has two very different purposes; on the one hand it aims at developing the individual and giving him knowledge which will be useful to him; (A:  That was back then, they still taught you some stuff that would help you to get through life.  Now itís all political correctness.) on the other hand it aims at producing citizens who will be convenient for the State.  (A:  You think itís just there to help your children?  No.  Itís convenient for the State and THEIR agenda, and to manage you, to make sure you are more malleable.)


ďAmong those who are not well paid credulity is more advantageous to the State; consequently children in school are taught what they are told and are punished if they express disbelief. In this way a conditioned reflex is established, leading to a belief in anything said authoritatively by elderly persons of importance.  (A:  That goes on right through your whole life, by the way.)


ďthe State does not aim at producing a scientific habit of mind, except in a small minority of experts, who are well paid, and therefore, as a rule, supporters of the status quo.Ē


Thatís a basic run through of one man and parts of a couple of his books.  You should read all the rest of them too if you want to understand whatís happening.  As I say, he worked with all the big players in designing the system that you are living through now, right down to the big foundations and the think tanks that came up with global warming.  Part of what he said, along with his friend Julian Huxley at UNESCO for the United Nations, the ones that give you all the wonderful sexual stuff for the children at 5 years old and so on, and they want masturbation in class eventually; Iíve read the articles FROM UNESCO itself, your lovely United Nations.  Part of it was the dehumanization that they said theyíd have to bring in to humanity, to control them, and to get them to believe that he wasnít so special after all.  Knock him off his pedestal of being the supreme creature on the planet, according to Huxley.  There were different techniques to do that.  A lot of it was through entertainment.  A lot of it was also through debasing society.  Thatís why you ended up with fetuses in jars of urine, in art showsÖ and the artists get grants from your governments to put them on display.  This is part, literally, of the dehumanizing process that you have been taught to go through.  Here is an article that ties right in with that. 


Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy

Maryann Mott / National Geographic News / news.nationalgeorgraphic.com / January 25, 2005


Scientists have begun blurring the line between human and animal by producing chimerasóa hybrid creature that's part human, part animal.  (A:  Itís all through sci-fi movies as well.)


Chinese scientists at the Shanghai Second Medical University in 2003 successfully fused human cells with rabbit eggs. The embryos were reportedly the first human-animal chimeras successfully created. They were allowed to develop for several days in a laboratory dish before the scientists destroyed the embryos to harvest their stem cells. 


Now, do you believe that they stopped at that?  Do you really believe that they have stopped at that?  Do you?  Of course they havenít and there are STACKS of articles out NOW.  I read the one last week from New Zealand where they are also putting human genes in goats.  They have been doing it in pigs for years, by the way.  They even had pigs a few years back that had human blood circulating in them. So thatís part of the dehumanization, from fetuses in jars, to fetuses everywhere and so what, itís just a fetus.  And a fetus basically is a baby.  Donít forget, it is dehumanizing terminology they used to SEPARATE AN IDEA or FACT into a vague idea which is something separate, or otherness, from you.   They actually teach them in school, getting rid of a fetus is no more difficult than getting rid of a wart.  So they liken it to getting rid of a wart, which is not a pleasant thing.  So a fetus is not a pleasant thing, you see.  Itís all psychology, basic.  Whole generations have been brought up like this. 


You take it from there, dehumanization, to the entertainment industry which is all through it, of course.   Now remember, Julian Huxley also said, at UNESCO, along with Bertrand Russell, that they would sterilize the public and that they would increase the sexual desire.  In other words, multiple partners and promiscuity, the idea being that no one would bond for life.  If you wonít bond you wonít stand up for anybody that you love, right.  You will create hedonism, which is self-love.  That is exactly what they have done.  They both said that hedonism would be the order of the dayÖ and people wonít stand up for others, who are being harmed, so they are also targeted.  When it is their turn, there is no one to stand up for them.  Itís beautiful for control purposes. 


So take all this together, the fetuses in jars, the dehumanization of the term fetus, as well as calling an elderly person, who was an elderly person one day at home and then they get put into hospital and they are suddenly a geriatric.  You understand, dehumanization, these are used all the time for psychological purposes, all the time.  The entertainment industry has been SO good at increasing the whole idea of massive promiscuity.  Now, watching Much-Music or television, MTV, itís literally simulated sex.  And the nextÖ See, how FAR can you go once you are jaded?  You understand?  When you are satiated with something, how FAR can you go to get a thrill?  You have to outdo the last person to be a star.  Remember, all these characters that you see on Much-Music are managed by a whole team of professionals above them.  They are little actors at the bottom, where their music is written for them.  They are dancing choreography thatís all done for them as well. 


There is one thatís out right now theyíve added the mystique of the occult to it, because the youngsters LOVE the whole idea of the occult.  Whatís interesting about the occult is, you see, youngsters, regardless of their brainwashing and conditioning, know there is something else there than just all of this.  They know itÖ intuitively.  As you get older and you are rammed with taxes, and crashes with the economy, or you are made unemployed, you harden to that and you become atheistic and itís constantly reinforced, again, through continuous media and ongoing education VIA the media.  Thatís also the process of it and the purpose of media, ongoing indoctrination, or education. 


If you watch theseÖ sometimes I get disks burned and sent to me of the music TV awards and different ones.  They always have the female there, surrounded by guys Ė generally now the in-thing is the jack booted thugs as dancers Ė all around them.  So the idea is this one is highly desirable, this woman, surrounded by force, brutal force by the way Ė so youíve got sado-masochism attached into it.  You have all the old occultic symbols all around them, blatant, in your face, with pyramids and all-seeing eyes and stuff.  Youngsters fall for that very, very easily.  Very easily.  One of the characters theyíve put out there is Lady Gaga.  Now, Queen also talked about Gaga, you know, the music group Queen, because it has other occult connotations to it as well.  Just like Eric Clapton put out the song Layla.  Layla was the first channeler, and sexual witch you might say, of Aleister Crowley.  He called her Layla, as her nickname. 


Anyway, getting back to what Iím saying.  Lady Gaga, here is an article on Gaga.  Sheís done all these things within lodges, Masonic lodges, temples, with very little on of course, lots of sexual stimulation, doing the step beyond Madonna that goes further than just grabbing the crotch Ė and that was a big thing at the time Ė as you gradually get used to it and you accept it.  It started with Michael Jackson grabbing his crotch and then Madonna was doing the same thing there.  Anyway, itís gone a lot further than that... because fetuses in jars of urine and so on, down to thisÖ  This is where itís going.  Iíve read articles about this particular character before that does the plasticized corpses.  They take them mainly from China, some from Germany, and they hang them on wires and call them ART exhibits.  DEHUMANIZATION to the maximum.  Even pregnant women, with the children still in the womb, are on display, plasticized, preserved, hangingÖ  They have them on skateboards and doing all sorts of weird things.  But they are going to get weirder because now the music TV has been told to push further, you see. 


This is about Lady Gaga.  


Lady Gaga's 'corpse concert' a step too far?

CHRISTINE KELLETT / June 24, 2010/ theage.com.au


(A:  We have a Ďcorpse concertí now.  See, thatís called necrophilia, folks, if you donít understand what that is.  Necrophilia is the sexual connotations to do with the living and the DEAD.  She is bringing in this perv character that likes to plasticize bodies; thatís his hobby.  Yeah.  By the way, that used to be called desecration of the dead; that was illegal.  As far as I know it still is, but no one is saying anything.  Itís art now, you see, when daddy is hung up on wires there, or mommy, OR the baby; it doesnít matter.)


ÖShe upset fans with her blood-soaked stage antics hours after a British gun massacre, now US shockstar Lady Gaga is said to be considering using real human corpses in an upcoming round of concert shows.


UK newspaper The Sun has reported the 24 year-old singer (A:  Sheís anything but a singer.) has been in touch with anatomist Gunther von Hagens, famous for his plastination technique of preserving cadavers (A:  Thatís bodies, folks.) by injecting them with plastic. His Body Worlds exhibition has toured around the world.  (A:  And itís amazing that folk actually go to see it.  But then you get the ones who pretend they are sophisticated and intelligent and, no, no, it doesnít bother me; actually itís quite enlightening; itís very educationalÖ and all that rubbish.)


The newspaper claims Gaga, who is currently on tour with her Monster Ball concert series, "is keen to have some Body Worlds element in one of her shows."  (A:  I know what itís going to be.  I think you do too, donít you?  Do you know what kind of poses these characters will be in?  And what organs will be showing?)


It would be good to top this tour ó which is already out-there ó with something nobody has done before, using dead bodies as part of a gig (A:  Itís just a Ďgig,í you see.)," an unnamed "friend" of the pop star was quoted as saying.  (A:  Well, thatís her PR managerÖ because this is PR.  This is how they do it.)


While the controversial singer, (A:  Who really is just a step from a strip club, thatís all it is.) real name Stefani Germanotta, (A:  That will be fake too.) has yet to confirm the report through her record company, comments made by von Hagens overnight appear to give weight to it.  (A:  So I guess heís said something too.)


The scientist told MTV he would "offer no comments on conversations that have already taken place with the singer or her representatives," but he "welcomes the opportunity" to work with her.  (A:  Maybe he will plasticize her and hang her up there, eh.)


"As someone who practices the violin every day, I feel that music is vital to our humanity and fundamental to our wellbeing. The post-mortal plastinated body on the other hand is a momento mori, a reminder that we must all die," he said in a statement.  (A:  So the PR people just keep going and going.)


"To create a convergence of both these profound subjects and ideas would be a wonderful challenge. (A:  Itís really difficult isnít it folks?  Öyou hear this rubbish.)  To do so with a risk-taking, boundary-pushing artist (A:  An artistÖ) like Lady Gaga would be a meeting of the minds and I look forward to it."


Von Hagens is no stranger to controversy himself, having risked the threat of arrest and criminal charges in 2002 when he performed the first public autopsy in 170 years in a London theatre.  (A:  In front of audiences, FOR ENTERTAINMENT folks.)


The dissection was later broadcast on British television, drawing scores of complaints.  (A:  Thatís why itís put out there by British television folks, because the media has always been used to brainwash you and to alter you AND debase you and have you act it out into your own personal lives.)


Gaga was criticised earlier this month after she covered herself in blood and pretended to be murdered on stage in Manchester, the night after British man Derrick Bird shot 23 people in a gun rampage across the country's north.


She also copped a spray from comic and fellow New Yorker (A:  Ha.  Always from New York.) Jerry Seinfeld this week after flipping the bird and appearing drunk at a series of baseball games.


"This woman is a jerk. I hate her," Seinfeld said during a radio interview on Monday. "I can't believe they put her in my box, which I paid for."


"I don't know what these young people think or how they promote their careers."


They are managed.  They are managed from the minute they get up in the morning right through their entire day with everything they say and do, by very professional people.  Iím talking about certain professions that have to do with the inner drives and the workings of the mind, exactly as Bernays said.  Anything goes, you see.  Anything goes.  Fetuses in jars of urine, put in some feces there as well, pay the ďartistĒÖ pay the artist for popping it in the jar, from the government grant money. 


You know every government out there since World War II created a department of CULTURE.  Why would you create a department of culture if you all, all of you collectively, are the culture?  Itís meant to alter you and gradually change you by pushing the envelope step by step to total degradation.  Thatís why itís there.  Thatís why each country, when they signed the UN agreements in 1946, set up departments of culture.  They would fund all novelists that would put politically correct stuff into their books.  All movie makers, all script writers for the movies, and so on, right down to cartoon makers, funded by your tax money to brainwash you and degrade you down to what your governments want you to beÖ easily managed and degraded simpletons, totally dysfunctional, and perverted by the way.  You see, once you have a perverted society no one cares what happens to the person down the street or next-door and anything can go, but itís always directed by those who RULE you.  Itís about RULING you easier.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know, I can remember when I think one of the surgeon generals in the United States during Clintonís era had to leave because she advocated mutual masturbation in the class for children; which is all part of this ongoing thing, all the way from the Bertrand Russellís and the 1920s to the present.  Iíve read articles about how theyíve pushed it recently, again.  Itís being taught in schools again; more and more masturbation, masturbation, from UNESCO, from the United Nations and now itís through the curriculums of all schools.  Here you get an article like this a few weeks later.  All these articles Iíve mentioned tonight, Iíll put all the links up on my web sites after the show and you can look them up for yourselves.  It saysÖ


Parents furious after students shown 'inappropriate' sex acts simulated on stuffed animals: report

BY Rosemary Black / DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER / nydailynews.com/  June 23rd 2010


(A:  They are watching simulated sex on Much-Music television for God sake.  Where have the parents been?  They are shocked?  I donít think so.  You see, the parents were already degraded, thatís why they let their children watch that stuff.  Every generation has been degraded a little bit more as the envelope is pushed, and a little bit more and a little bit more until anything goes.)


Too much information in sex-ed class?


An angry group of Iowa parents expressed their dismay to school officials after a group of students at Shenandoah High School were shown sex acts simulated on stuffed animals, according to a story in Fox News reported on News.com.au.  (A:  Australia.)


ďIt was horribly inappropriate,Ē Colleen Dostal, the mother of a 14-year-old eighth-grader in the Planned Parenthood class, (A:  That was Sanger who set up the abortion clinics, that was a Nazi lover AND a Soviet lover.  She loved big government taking over the rolls of managing all the peoplesí lives.  She said that children were WEEDS and the best thing that a mother could do was to KILL them.  Read her own books.  Iíve read them on the air.)  told Fox News Radio. ďTo do that in a mixed-gender classroom Ė I truly believe it was inappropriate.Ē


She told Fox News that the kids in the class also had learned how to do exams on women and that the instructor had demonstrated with an anatomically correct male sex organ how to use a condom. And, she added, some photos that were shown to the students were ďpornographic.Ē


Parents also were upset that they had not been notified in advance about the week-long sex education class taught by (A:  Can you believe thisÖ) Jennifer Horner, (A:  Horney Horner.  Can you really believe that they make these names up for their jobs?) a Planned Parenthood bilingual health educator. (A:  Are you sure itís just bilingual?  Itís bi-something.)  About 20 parents showed up at a school board meeting earlier this month, according to Southwestiowanews.com.


Horner, who said she teaches four to 10 classes each month in schools (A:  And she is getting paid for this.  Now, itís going to be much worse than plasticized bodies hanging on the wires simulating sex, with Gaga, when these children grow up.  Believe you me, because they are preparing them right now for much, much worse.) and other settings, defended her teaching techniques.  (A:  SoÖ Horney Horner is defending her teaching techniques.)


ďMy role is to provide information on topics relating to human sexuality such as sexually transmitted infections, teaching about contraception Ė we also do healthy relationships, (A:  Iíll bet she does!  Get her definition of healthy.) reproductive anatomy, just a wide range of topics related to human sexuality,Ē she told Southwestiowanews.com.


I canít believe it.  Well I can believe it, because Iíve read all the books going back years ago before I was born, talking about the whole agenda step by step.  Dehumanization, no bonding, lots of partners though; but youíll all be sterile, no children come out of it.  Thatís what they want.  Yep.  And you all watch that rubbish.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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