June 28, 2010 (#608)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 28, 2010:

Military Gave You Counter-Culture, Also LSD,
DSL is Their Little Joke and Also Term PC:

"For Changing Behaviour from Birth to Retirement,
Skinner said "Place Objects into People's Environment",
Most People Stuck on Internet, Staring at the Screen,
Fascinated, Hypnotized, Hoping Knowledge for to Glean,
Not Knowing it was Given by Military Makes it Ever Neat,
Looking to Brave New World, Minus Masses, for Elite,
Technocracy Inc. Brought LSD, Drugs, Rock 'n Roll,
Also Your DSL for Computer, ID for Your Soul,
Under Guise of Counter-Culture it Destroys All Tradition,
A Trojan Horse for Freedom Used for Own Volition
Of World Sustainability when Techno-Nerds Inherit
The World for Their 'Better' Genes, Proven by Merit,
Old H.G. Wells' Modern Utopia with Eugenics Mask,
"Whole Earth Movement" and Others Funded for the Task,
Public Quiet on Bank Plunder, Losing Homes, New Taxes,
Don't Touch the Internet, They'll Take to Streets with Axes"
© Alan Watt June 28, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 28, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June 28, 2010.  I always suggest that the newcomers look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  Look into the archives section and you will find hundreds of talks I’ve given over the past and you can download these for free – these are audio talks.  All the sites you’ll see listed on the front page [Official sites listed above.] and bookmark them for future use in case I get problems with one or the other.  Plus, all these sites have the same audios; they all have transcripts of a lot of the talks I’ve given in English for print up.  If you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu you’ll get the transcripts in other languages as well; there is a good variety to choose from.  While you are there, remember that you are the audience that brings me to you.  I don’t accept the cash from advertisers.  Most hosts get their paychecks from that; that’s what keeps them going very well by the way.  This gives me more leeway to say what I want to say.  The ads you hear on this show are paid by the advertisers directly to RBN for this air time.  It pays for their equipment, staff, and their bills.  So if you go into my site, remember, there are books for sale that I have written. 


They are different from any other books that you will get on the market because I show you the cons behind the scenes that have been used down through the ages up to the present time.  It’s far more sophisticated now of course, with the computer age and with massive behavioral psychology and various other branches of the social sciences involved to control the public.  So it’s much more complex today but devious minds are devious minds down through all the ages and the same types of characters get good employment for governments.  Go in there, buy the books, CDs and DVDs or you can donate to me; that will keep me going, hopefully I will trickle over.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Some people just send cash and so far that always gets through.  I will ship out orders as soon as possible.   For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, you can get in touch with me at [address listed above].  Remember, there are disks with 50 shows per disk on some of them and that’s worth buying. 


Believe you me, these sites will get pulled eventually.  I’ve got problems all the time with the main servers.  I get problems with the uploads from the providers, because we are not living in a free society; we never really were.  Yes, they will make money off you but at the same time the Military-Industrial Complex long ago set out REAL organizations, private companies, to make sure that technology, especially information, would be handled and controlled by THEM.  If was far easier than giving you a state-run organization; then we’d all know, just like the Soviets did, that everything that came out was propaganda.  This way, they give you the internet, which is shortly going to get pulled I’m sure, for most people, a lot of people.  Unless you are into child pornography or something like that and they will probably leave you alone because they need that stuff to keep terrifying us that the pedophiles are living in our area.  It’s awfully handy for censorship of others.  They always draw up these pedophiles every so often and use it as an excuse as to why we must lose all our rights for everybody else, who are not into that kind of stuff.  But those are the tricks we live under.  It’s a world full of tricks.  Really, we scratch the surface of it.  You have to go into the real old books, heavy books, boring books, to find out the continuity of the groups that work together to bring in a New World Order.  It has been on the go for an awful long time.  I might touch on some of that tonight when I come back from these messages.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  I won’t touch so much on the riots they had at the weekend with the G20 because it’s well covered in all the major mainstream, except to say of course, that everybody knows, who watched any of it at all, that the guys who were dressed with the black outfits - the agitators - were scattered throughout the crowds and firebombed one of the cop cars and stuff like that.  You know, they bring in international teams for this. They are for hire across the world.  That was even in a CBC documentary, an actual movie they made.  They hired a bunch from Britain and elsewhere, so they appear international, they come into the town for the riots, they dress up, they get in amongst the people, and they firebomb stuff.  Then the cops get turned on the other people who are standing around there.  So this is standard procedure. 


If you are spending all this kind of money on security and the public aren’t happy, you have to give them a show for something to try and validate why they are spending so much of their money - when we are supposedly all broke - to wine and dine.  And lay on the prostitutes for the big boys that are brought in for their little brandy get-togethers and their 10 minute chat.  That’s how farcical it is.  They just sign papers that the Sherpas, the ones who go and do all the legwork for a year or more before the meeting.  They draft all this stuff up and they are just signed into agreements, where these guys go and get wined and dined with their 20 course meals and all that kind of stuff.  And the kinky stuff they get into afterwards too.  And it really is kinky.  It’s been admitted before that when they were in Vancouver, when it came out what the budget was for it and so on and they had the break down; they supplied male and female prostitutes for these ‘dignitaries.’  ‘Dignitaries’… can you believe they call them dignitaries, and ‘right honorables,’ and all that stuff?  They never mentioned too, the ages of their victims because you see, with your diplomatic immunity apparently all these rules that apply to everyone else, are waved to give them their little jaded perk.  They are so jaded they need perks all the time. 


Someone was telling me recently, who covered one of their meetings in Edinburgh a few years back, they actually had some of the females come into whirlpools baths, covered in, it was called ‘camp coffee’, it’s a liquid coffee, and they did odd things in the bathtubs for the dignitaries.  That’s the kind of world we are really living in because the ones at the top have never followed the laws or even the remnants of any religious social culture of the people that they rule over.  Never have.  The psychopaths get near there and they are allowed to do this stuff.  And they are not the bosses, believe you me.  You see, if a person really was a boss of these countries, and turned enemy, they would be bumped off so quickly by Special Forces and assassins.  Therefore, when they are all on board you know they are all authorized to BE in position OVER those countries.  That’s a reality of life.  It’s a reality of life.  It has been your whole life long in fact. 


I’ll just touch on one article and this is from the BBC about Blackwater.  Now, when they privatize companies - and the NSA do this, the CIA do it, MI5, MI6 do it - they create legitimate corporations, and BIG corporations, big TECHNOLOGICAL – especially – corporations who supply you with what they claim is the latest stuff for you to play with, electronically.  And you do and you think it is the latest.  They put all their ads in their magazines which keep you thinking you are on the cutting edge, which is utter nonsense.  What is available technological-wise is so far ahead of anything you can imagine even in sci-fi… in reality… ALL the time.  But they use private companies to do dirty works because private companies are not responsible to any general public.  Here is another team that they used too.  We’ve heard it before, Blackwater, which changed their name recently.  It says…


CIA defends Blackwater contract worth $100m

Blackwater was banned from Iraq, ending operations in 2009.

bbc.co.uk / Sunday, 27 June 2010


The head of CIA has defended awarding a large contract to the controversial security company formerly known as Blackwater.


The director of the CIA, Leon Panetta, said the company's bid was US $26m less than its nearest rival.  (Alan:  That means nothing. That’s PR… because they always say in their contracts that it might not go to the lowest bidder.  It’s already prearranged, in other words; that’s what that means.)


The contract, worth $100m, is to provide security at US consulates in the cities of Herat and Mazar-e-Sharif.


Blackwater guards allegedly opened fire on unarmed civilians in Baghdad in 2007 killing 17 people.  (A:  See, the guys that go into this are actually mercenaries who have been through regular militaries in other countries and these are the few that really enjoy it.  They enjoy killing folk… especially the ones that can’t fight back.)


In the wake of the killings, the company rebranded itself Xe Services.


The company ended its operations in Iraq in 2009, in line with a ban by the government.


The US government said in January 2009 that it would not renew the company's task orders.


The new contract with the company initially runs for a year but could be extended to 18 months.


In a rare television interview with ABC News on Sunday, Leon Panetta said the CIA had come to rely on such companies to provide security for forward bases.  (A:  I don’t know if you know that they are building bases across the Middle East and elsewhere that will last over 100 years, with the building techniques they are putting into them.  This falls along a strategy plan first put across by Jeane Kirkpatrick who was brought up in the socialist and actually really communist school, if you go into her history.  Ronald Reagan picked her up after hearing her speak at the American-Jewish Congress talking about this very project, the need to, instead of going to war and setting up temporary bases, America’s role would be maybe 50, 60, 70 years long and therefore, why don’t we go in and build permanent bases.  Reagan picked her up and put her on a panel for this and that was the start of the creation of the permanent bases across the world.  You see, the elite might move, and they probably will move – they are always moving at the end of ages – and they want to make sure they’ve got the best places to be protected in, for one reason.  Anyway, Blackwater of course, never fades away, like none of these things fade away; they just change their names and get the same bids and go on as they have before.  It says here…)


"[Xe] provided a bid that… underbid everyone else by about US $26m. And a panel that we had said that they can do the job, that they have shaped up their act. So there really was not much choice but to accept that contract," Mr Panetta explained.  (A:  Rubbish.  If it was an extra $28m or $6m, they would have given it to some other group but Blackwater is approved for this.  Blackwater even has been training the Canadian troops in Canada.  It’s quite something, eh?  Everything is farmed out now.  Everything is farmed out.  It says…)


As Blackwater the company provided the US government with bodyguards both in Afghanistan and Iraq.


It hit the headlines when four of its bodyguards were ambushed in the Iraqi city of Fallujah and their bodies left hanging from a bridge over the Euphrates River.


Earlier this month the company was put up for sale.  (A:  In other words, it’s changed its name and probably the same shareholders still hold it because they won’t let this go away.  It’s too vital a part of their forward strategy to patrol and protect the VIPs within these massive structures they are building across the world – full airports and everything, with the best of materials – really, cities for themselves, military cities.)


Last week I mentioned Technocracy Inc that came out of a movement in the 1800s and into the 1900s.  HG Wells was a member; many of the top ones were members.  You’ll find that it ties in exactly with Carroll Quigley, what he talked about, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and their role in society.  He says they are often mistaken for left-leaning ideologies; they are not really communist but they work with communists and every other group.  That’s what he said in Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment.  What they are, are technocrats really.  Very rich, of course, the richest people on the planet who own the minerals across the world.  That’s what the Milner Group, that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs; that’s what their main job was, to grab the world’s resources because they believed that everything was finite.  All energy, everything they needed to survive LONG into the future, would be needed by THEM, the elite themselves, to go on into the future.  Therefore, they came up with technocracy, a rulership in a sense by technocrats; people, as George Bernard Shaw said, who would be supermen, people who could understand technology, know its applications and be able to properly provide for themselves, for their OWN sustainability in the future regardless of the herd, the masses down below.  This became the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, by the way, that are always pushing these same socialist policies that SEEM to be socialist – and I say SEEM to be socialist.  As Quigley said, it’s a different kind of socialism.  It’s more like Fascism, really, or Nazism, because they plan to go down through the ages, their offspring being the better breeded type with intelligence and so on, and take care of these resources and use them properly for their own maintenance and sustainability, not for ours.  In fact most of us are to die off. 


I mentioned too that HG Wells who also was a member of this group in his day, belonging to the Fabian Society funded by the Astor family, Lord Astor, as was in fact the set up of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.   HG Wells was one of their biggest writers pushing technology and pushing the technological age for the masters to rule the world.  He also talked along with George Bernard Shaw about killing off and getting rid of the useless eaters, all the masses.  I mentioned as well that he published in his own book, The Shape Things to Come, in 1933 that in the future, about now, they will use energy credits for money.  So if you think you are just going through a stumbling, happenstance, strange, Alice in Wonderland, crisis after crisis scenario with everything happening by chance, you will never, ever get what’s really happening.  And if you can’t read the deep books, you’ll never grasp it.  I’ll go into some of this after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about what I mentioned last Friday and you should look into last Friday to get the links and look up these sites I gave you to do with this society, this Technocracy Inc.  It’s important that you realize it’s not new.  It’s mandated from the top.  The biggest bankers on the planet have always been part of it.  Cecil Rhodes himself was sent out to grab the resources of the world, and an awful lot of them and then Milner took over doing the same thing.  Right up through World War I, World War II, they SET UP the United Nations, by the way, this same group, to manage the world’s affairs and bring their perfect society into reality.  It was to be based eventually with killing off the useless eaters, step by step, not all at once of course, so that we don’t panic, but enough to step up the death rate.  They believed that they themselves should come through this.  As I say, Wells himself did publish his book, The Shape of Things to Come, and he mentioned that energy credits would be used.  You see the same thing through the Star Trek series as well, when they are asked what kind of money do you use, in that century, when they come back from the future, and he says we get a form of credits and privileges. 


This Technocracy Inc has a lot of good stuff on its own site.  They are still going well and strong today, managed by the big boys; I’m sure the NSA is in on it too.  It mentions the Energy Distribution Card.  This is from an article and it was published in their magazine July 1937.  It says…


That which ceases to function, ceases to exist.  As each day passes it becomes more evident that our socio-economic structure is unsustainable (A:  Where have you heard that before?) in the technological scientific age in which we live. 


That’s for their Energy Distribution Card, published in July 1937!  These are the guys behind the greening movement, by the way, and the sustainability movement; the same organization, the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and so on.  They have various enterprises on the go, especially in technology.  They have branches off into transhumanism because they themselves expect to carry on their gene pools, as the rest of us die off, you see.  They always did that.  I’m going to give you a link tonight, a site you’ve got to connect it to the last one I gave you on Friday.  This ties right in with the Unabomber, who went to university with a lot of these present guys I’m going to mention, and who targeted some of these guys.  It just had this vague thing in the paper that the Unabomber was against technology.  No, the guy was targeting guys in this particular organization who know where they are going, and who’s funding them, and who’s in with them – the biggest powers on the planet. 


This article is called…



imaginaryfutures.net / Author: Mark Stahlman


Last year, a critical essay entitled The Californian Ideology by Richard Barbrook and Andrew Cameron (University of Westminster) appeared on the Internet and quickly became a focal point for growing criticism of the glossy and widely influential Wired magazine. (A:  And you’ll find out, as I go on… for those who’ve got an attention span will get something out of this.)  However, the author’s difficulty in sorting out the origins of the ideas behind Wired and it’s version of the “Digital Revolution” was painfully obvious in their essay.


I’d like to argue that the group which has consistently promoted the worldview expressed by Wired and, in effect, publishes and writes the magazine today isn’t American at all — it’s the English. If anything, Wired represents yet another attempt to invade American culture and to undermine American political and economic initiative — another of the attempts which have characterized American relations with the English for many centuries.


Wired magazine is not an American institution, nor is it even distinctly Californian (although its association with San Francisco is certainly undeniable). (A:  That’s true because one of the members came up to Vancouver to set up the Canadian base and it’s still there today.)  And, it’s ideology is also not nearly as novel as Barbrook/Cameron and some other European commentators seem to suggest — although, arguably, it is appearing in a new and, therefore, potentially confusing form. Each of the magazine’s elements, including free-market economics, hedonic lifestyle, techno-utopianism (A:  That’s Wells, you see, Techno-utopianism.) and, crucially, complete disdain for the uniqueness of human consciousness are all specifically and historically English.


For that matter, the magazine’s sponsors are all English (or self-confessed Anglophiles). Its themes are largely English in origin and its strategy of world-domination through techno-utopian revolution is English (specifically H.G. Wells) to the core. Indeed, Wired is a house-organ for the modern political expression of British radical liberalism and it’s philosophical partner British radical empiricism. Politically, philosophically, financially and psychologically, Wired is a concrete expression of the English ideology.


The Wired project began when the director of MIT’s (A:  Now, anything to do with MIT is the Pentagon, folks; for those who really don’t know it.) Media Lab, Nicholas Negroponte (A:  A lot of folk who listen might know that name; a big player in all of this.) (an Anglophile who’s ideal digital-slave is an AI-spawned robotic English butler), plucked Louis Rossetto and Jane Metcalfe from obscurity in San Francisco’s European sister-city, the other Anglo-Dutch “experimental” metropolis, Amsterdam. Before Wired, Rosetto’s greatest previous literary achievement had been a book describing the high-budget nudie shenanigans at the filming of Caligula. This movie, in turn, was the boldest effort by Penthouse magazine’s Bob Guccione, whose introduction to porn-production was under English tutelage in Tangier and who sent his sons to British military finishing schools.  (A:  More about this after this break.)


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix and reading an article that is very interesting if you have a memory and you can retain it because it ties in with last Friday’s talk to do with those who were into the culture creation and complete distortion industry.  Their idea was to destroy all that was to make room for what will be.  They brought in the hippy movement and all this stuff.  The guys who all ran it were members of the military or had recently left high military positions as officers, to bring you the hippy movement and LSD, drugs and rock and roll and all that kind of stuff, free love, etc; the same thing that Wells was pushing in the late 1800s and right through into the 1900s.  As it says here…


This movie, in turn, was the boldest effort by Penthouse magazine’s Bob Guccione, whose introduction to porn-production was under English tutelage in Tangier and who sent his sons to British military finishing schools.  (A:  You’d be surprised how the military is through ALL of this stuff that helped to destroy society, because they had to destroy the family unit and have everybody panting with their tongues hanging out when they hit about 12 now, apparently.  They have been very successful; no one can bond. So it was all part of the ongoing strategy of destruction of everything that stood up against them cohesively; there is nothing coherent left, you see.  Negroponte himself had a brother up in the different United States government I think, always up in the military side of things.  So here is Negroponte…)


Negroponte’s apparent goal was to meld Rosetto/Metcalfe with the now flagging San Francisco-based Whole Earth project (A:  I think it was Brand who brought out the Whole Earth Project; that was how to get back to nature.   They had no intention of getting you back to nature.  It was hoping you’d all fall for it and not get married and be anti-technology, therefore they would have a real dumbed down population while they soared ahead themselves with technology, and be easier to dominate. That was part of the strategy.  These are the guys that the Unabomber all knew.) of his longtime associate, Stewart Brand (who had previously contributed the book/marketing-brochure Media Lab). First to join the Wired editorial team was Brand protege and Whole Earth editor, Kevin Kelly, (A:  He took over the project.) in what was billed as an ambitious relaunch of the original effort designed to amp-up the graphics, capture consumer product advertisers and spearhead the, now digital, techno-Utopian world revolution. Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll were now “tired”; Wired was now “wired.”


Wired, which positioned itself as the journal of this post-psychedelic world revolution, was launched with seed money from Negroponte (buying him the back page and ultimately a best-seller) and from game designer Charlie Jackson. But the glossy mockup failed to attract the crucial second round of investment and Wired appeared to be still-born until Negroponte introduced them to the San Francisco-based private bank, Sterling Payot, which fronted the money for the magazine’s launch. Continued existence, however, was still in doubt until the notoriously Anglophile (a polite word for English in American clothing) publisher Si Newhouse’s Advance Publications stepped in for the last push. (No, despite its name, the Newhouse published magazine, The New Yorker is actually not an American publication — it’s English.)


In this tumultuous process involving financial reorganizations, whatever notions of editorial independence which might have been initially entertained at Wired were quickly contained. The editorial content of the magazine from its inception has been heavily influenced by the larger utopian (A:  Again that word ‘utopian.’) agendas of Brand and his Whole Earth-to-Wired editorial colleague Kevin Kelly. In particular, the multi-national scenarios-planning company co-founded by Brand and previously London-based Royal-Dutch Shell futurist Peter Schwartz, the Global Business Network (GBN), has been decisive in shaping Wired’s “content.” From promoting GBN’s consultants endlessly with cover-stories and interviews to actually producing a “special issue” on the future totally with GBN resources, Wired handed over its editorial reigns to GBN and it’s New Dark Age scenarios (more on this below) from day one.  (A:  By the way, there are a lot of your top politicians belonging to this organization and Newt Gingrich is one of them, and Alvin Toffler.)


To be sure, proclaiming the gloomy truth of the GBN scenario-planned and social-engineered future is not exactly Wired’s public mission. Wired is all about the “optimism meme” and is committed to catalyzing the creation of a “better world” — at least for the 5% of the population who are expected to comprise the new Information Age rulers. This new “class” even has a name — the “Brain Lords” (and what else would the English call the Information Age aristocracy, anyway?) — according to Michael Vlahos, a policy analyst at Newt Gingrich’s think-tank, the Progress and Freedom Foundation. Editorial support for Gingrich’s brand of “revolution” as well as consistent backing of his technocratic policy advisers, most notably Alvin Toffler, has been a Wired commitment from its earliest issues.  (A:  Remember, Gingrich gave away the book to every Congressman on the steps of the Congress of Alvin Toffler’s, The Third Wave.)


The project which preceded Wired, the Whole Earth Catalog (and its various off-shoots, such as the computer conferencing system known as the Well and the newer Electric Minds), had been the product of Stewart Brand et. al’s 1960’s efforts to engineer a utopian counter-culture (A:  To destroy what was of course, to take it over.) which, it was hoped, would broadly transform society at large. So, aren’t I confusing my history here? Isn’t Brand all American? No, I don’t think so. Scratch a Stewart Brand and what will you find? None other than the English anthropologist Gregory Bateson (A:  A very important guy.), of course. And, it is from Bateson’s lifelong commitment to re-program a humanity which he deeply despised and, in particular, his explicit drive to destroy the religious basis of Western civilization by replacing God with Nature, that the Whole Earth project was born. (A:  What did it become?  Your greening project folks.)  It was literally the beginning of a new religion with Nature at its center and mankind portrayed as the dangerous ape threatening to destroy it all.


Bateson’s British (and American) intelligence sponsored takeover of the nascent field of cybernetics in the 1950’s from its creator, Norbert Wiener, (A:  (A:  Again, the Unabomber knew all these guys; that’s why he was bombing them.) led directly into Bateson’s LSD-driven experiments on schizophrenia and creativity in Palo Alto, which in turn, were the origins of Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters and their house band, the Grateful Dead. (A:  They were running around doing these experiments.  They called it ‘the experiment’ and gave millions of LSD to distribute among society to get them ‘turned on, drop out’ while society fell apart around them.  That was the whole idea of it.  All military guys… don’t forget that for a second.  All these top guys were from the military.)  Indeed, Stewart Brand’s own career as a publicist for what was first conceived of as drug and then computer-based techo-utopian revolution owes much to Bateson’s cybernetics guidance. Brand was among the first to recognize that personal computers (A:  In fact he gave the name to it, the ‘personal computer.’) and computer networks might have even greater potential to re-program the humans who “used” them than the psychedelics which fueled his earlier efforts. Indeed, based on Brand’s success at promoting LSD at his Trips Festivals, he was hired by Doug Englebart to stage the first mass demonstration of the mouse and windows system which Englebart had invented at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI).  (A:  See, these aren’t hippies, folks, anything BUT hippies.  But they’d like YOU all to be.)


Bateson is the son of the English geneticist, William Bateson, whose attacks precipitated the suicide of his principle Continental rival, Otto Kammerer, is chronicled in Arthur Koestler’s Case of the Mid-Wife Toad. (A:  Remember, Arthur Koestler worked for MI5?  That is disclosed in American’s Cultural Cold War.  It’s declassified now.)  And, if the Englishman Bateson doesn’t satisfy your hunger for a proper genealogy for psychedelic San Francisco, one might consider Captain Al Hubbard (no relation to L. Ron), the Johnny Appleseed of LSD. He was born in Kentucky but by the 1950’s had renounced his U.S. citizenship and sailed right up to Vancouver, British Columbia, to become a commodore in their very English yacht club. (A:  And they still run the technocratic club, Technocracy Inc, from there basically, the Canadian branch.)  That’s where he set up the world war-room to target the destruction of Western culture (through San Francisco) and from this base that he joined forces with Humphrey Osmond (English military psychiatrist, (A:  These are all way up there.) lead English MK-ULTRA researcher and the originator of the term “psychedelic”) and Aldous Huxley (A:  …as well, he was in on it.) (English black-sheep godson of the original techno-utopian, H.G. Wells) (A:  Did you know he was his godson?  You’d be surprised who HG Wells’ godfather was too.) to spread LSD among the intelligentsia to achieve the world revolution. To be sure, San Francisco’s cultural scene has long been shaped by its close association with English/Anglophile intellectuals and social engineers.


But, it’s not sufficient to demonstrate the intellectual genealogy of Wired to fully describe their tight affiliation with the English ideology. There is a crucial component of the technological and biologically deterministic utopian worldview at the core of Wired’s “content” which must be carefully situated as well. Wired’s techno-utopianism is merely the modern expression of H.G. Wells’ attempts in the first half of this century to construct a technocratic global empire ruled by a new elite — much like the audience that Wired seeks to rally behind its now digital but still self-consciously revolutionary banner.


In its various forms, following Thomas More’s coining of the term Utopia with the publishing of his book with that title in 1516, utopian writing and, indeed, utopian social experiments tended to be pastoral and, if anything, anti-technology. It was H.G. Wells who changed all that with his 1905 publication of his novel, A Modern Utopia (one of the few of his 20th century works which is still in print). And, it was Wells who initiated the entire inquiry into a technology-defined future (and, indeed, launched the field now known as futurism) in his seminal 1902 essay, Anticipations.  (A:  Mind you, Wells himself was a front man for professors from Oxford and Cambridge who fed him all this stuff, because it was an elite agenda, you see.)


While Wells is popularly known as the first true science fiction writer, he lived for 50 years after he completed his cycle of four major sci-fi novels in 1897. (A:  When he was preaching free love, right… the destruction of the family unit.)  During this half century, he was very busy designing the future of the British Empire — the Third Rome as he put it (or as Toffler would later put it, the Third Wave) (A:  That’s Gingrich’s favorite book.) — as a vision of a world knit together by communications and transportation technologies and controlled by a new class of technocrats. What Wells’ described in volume after volume throughout the rest of his life (both in fictional and essay format) is indistinguishable from the digital revolution Wired hopes to lead. It’s a post-industrial world that has abandoned the nation-state in favor of Wells’ World State, that has scrapped the premises of it’s industrial past, embraced the scarcity of an anti-growth economics and based itself on the emergence of a newly indoctrinated post-civilization humanity.  (A:  By the way, that’s what “Zeitgeist” is too; it’s part of this movement in case you didn’t know it.  They were also at the demonstrations at the G20 and they want computers to rule over us, just like the last book put out by Arthur C Clark called 3001, after they got rid of all the useless eaters.  That’s what’s in the book.)


Wells had devoted himself to organizing a world revolution based on technology, synthetic religion and mass mind-control — the same revolution discussed monthly in the pages of Wired. In Wells’ A Modern Utopia, the rulers are called the “New Samurai” and they are a caste of scientist/priests who social-engineer the global society Wells called the “World State.” John Perry Barlow’s Wired-published, Declaration of Independence for Cyberspace would have made Wells very happy, I have no doubt. Yes, that’s Wells’ “World State” lurking in the margins of Barlow’s manifesto despite his waffling on the specifics of future forms of “governance” — except to say that the future of politics will be conveniently (from the social engineer’s standpoint) “post-reason.”


But, aren’t I heading straight into the jaws of an overwhelming and categorical contradiction? Wells was certainly no free-marketeer. He was a professed socialist and Wired appears on its face to be thoroughly free-market capitalist. (A:  Remember, Wells belonged to the Fabian Society that was the very sham that was meant to fool the public that it was for the workers, but it was all elitists who ran it. So he is going to explain here what socialism in that sense means.)  How could I claim any affinity between the British radical liberals and Wells (and with both and Wired)? Aren’t I just gluing together two sets of intellectual forebears — who both just happen to be English? How do I avoid the “bizarre fusion” description favored by Barbrook/Cameron? In the end, doesn’t my English ideology argument collapse as just another curious historical accident combine with an overworked imagination?


I don’t think so. Despite the naked attempt to rescue Well’s socialist legacy in a recent biography by the past-head of the British Labour Party, Michael Foot, (A:  Who eventually was exposed as a lifelong, card-carrying communist party member.)  Wells was indeed a very strange socialist. Likewise, when the substance of its arguments are carefully considered, Wired strikes the pose of a very odd sort of capitalist. I’m convinced that they both choose to adopt protective coloring to enhance their stature in their respective times and places but that, just beneath the surface, they are both simply utopian/corporativists — the same ideological impulse which gave rise to Fascism — and not what they may appear to be to the more casual and, too often, more credulous observer.


Both Wired and Wells are, in fact, utopians and elitists with overarching ambitions of leading a world revolution. This revolution is intended to produce radical economic and political transformation which would put their ilk in charge of running a new worldwide empire. From a strategic standpoint — fundamental goals and premises — Wells, Wired (and their common antecedent the anti-human radical Liberals) were/are all fighting for the same new imperial outcome. While there are certainly many tactical twists and turns in this plot over the centuries, this entire grabbag is precisely what I’ve been referring to as the English ideology — the ideology behind a global empire which combines an anything-goes small-scale private life (libertarianism) with rigidly defined large-scale constraints (technocracy). If you would like another description of the same utopian ying-yang, (A:  And that’s the symbol by them, Technology Inc, the yin-yang symbol.) refer to Jaron Lanier’s November 1995 editorial in the Spin magazine issue on the future and his characterization of the Stewards (technocrats) and the Extropians (libertarians) as the post-political poles of discourse. 


You see, they brought the computer in TO you.  They GAVE you the internet.  It’s all part of it.  A radical transformation of society… and everyone has been altered.  Remember the definition that Skinner gave to alter humanity and psychology, their habits and their traits?  He says, you must put something in their environment that wasn’t there before.  Everybody is sitting with their keys in front of them staring at a screen… hours and hours per day.  And you are getting fed lots of propaganda that is designed to capture every mind.  It’s designed for a totally different purpose than the one you’d ever, ever think of.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an excellent article by Mark Stahlman who helps tie up other things that I’ve gone through because they are all connected to do with eugenics, better types of people who would come through into a new future, how masses must be destroyed because they are using up all the resources of the world, where that is needed for the elite and their offspring in the future to survive for an awful long time. That’s what it’s all about.  It says…


Wells’ dalliance with the Fabian Society (he tried to take it over by promoting free-love to the wives of its board members) (A:  This is in the 1800s and in the early 1900s.  No kidding. Mind you, he had a lot of kinks as well.  He made some special deals with his wives that they couldn’t disclose in divorces, the strange little things he liked to do in the bedroom, or get done to him.)  may be one of the sources of confusion leading to Wells’ apparent “socialist” credentials. But, as even a cursory reading of Wells’ quickly demonstrates, their was absolutely no room for working class revolt (or certainly working class leadership) in Wells’ worldview. He was thoroughly convinced that the downtrodden could never lead or even comprehend the revolution he saw coming. (A:  In fact he wanted them all killed off and he wrote about that too in A Modern Utopia.  Sterilize them to make it humane, rather than just slaughter them.)  Wells’ life was dedicated to organizing a completely new class of technical and social scientific experts — technocrats — who would assume control of a world driven to collapse and ruin by workers and capitalists alike. (A:  But not all the capitalists because all the big boys like the Rothschilds and the international bankers were BACKING them through the Fabian Society and the Royal Institute of International Affairs – just in case you didn’t know.)  Wells wanted to completely re-program humanity — through the creation of a synthetic religion — and, like all utopians, had no affection for the commoner of his time at all. Wells considered socialism, in its various Social Democratic to Marxist manifestations, to be a string of completely anachronistic failures and a throwback to the era of human folly and self-destruction which Wells sought to leap past — much like Toffler dismissing nation-states and representative democracy as “Second Wave.”


In fact, Wells was very clear what sort of corporativist world he wanted when identified the earliest of the multinational corporations as the (A:  Here you are…) fledgling model of his ideal economic organization. (A:  International corporations… what was it Quigley said from the Council on Foreign Relations?  He said, the new feudal overlords in the feudal system will be the corporate CEOs of international organizations… companies.)  In his 1920’s novel, The World of William Chissolm, and the companion essay, Imperialism and The Open Conspiracy, Wells cites early multi-nationals as the only kind of globe-spanning (and, therefore, anti-nation-state) economic structures which could embody his revolutionary principles. (A:  Remember they weren’t his; he was just a little front man.)  He chides both government and business leaders who think that any remnant of the still British-nation-centered Empire could survive and calls on the heads of multinationals to join in forming the vanguard of his revolutionary “Open Conspiracy.”


He also published extensively about the inevitable scrapping of democracy (A:  Remember, we are post-democratic now and declared so by the Club of Rome.  Right.) and any form of popular rule in his World State.


I’ll put this link up on my site at the end of the show and you can read it for yourself, for those who have an attention span of more than 15 seconds… because if you don’t, you’ll be distracted by the daily crises that are churned out by the regular media.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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