July 5, 2010 (#613)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 5, 2010:

For Definition of Safety I Asked the Sage,
"Safety" is When the Public is In The Cage:

"Underneath the Lamplight, By the Village Square,
The Locals Were Gathered, To Speak they Didn't Dare,
Yes, in Britain Even the Lamp Posts are Listening,
While Lenses on CCTV's Monitor, a Glistening
Test Base for the World in the New World Order,
Eventually Only Troops Will Be Crossing Each Border,
Intel Cars to Convey by Web Your Every Movement
To Police and Insurance (for Accident Improvement),
All Internet Records to Be Searched for "Paedophiles",
At Least That's their Excuse (See Controllers' Smiles),
Pretense of Bright Masters on Those Who Lack It,
Is to "Keep Us Safe" by the Use of Straightjacket,
No Doubt, When Time's Right They will Confide,
We Will All Need Permission to Go Outside,
When We're Ordered, Taxed and Tired of Giving,
They'll Give Euthanasia Booths for "Tired of Living" "
© Alan Watt July 5, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 5, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on July 5, 2010.  I always start off the show by suggesting to newcomers to look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com because there are hundreds of audios for download covering a whole variety of topics, mainly to do with the direction the world is going, why it is here, the way it is, and who is behind it, and how long itís been going on for.  Itís so incredibly huge, this whole organization that runs the world, plans the future, and plans wars in fact, even world wars, documented as well from their own books and their archives.  Itís so huge in fact the people canít really believe it.  Look into the web site, look for yourself, listen to them, look at all the links I give you to the big organizations that proudly put up their stuff on the net.  You can buy their books as well, that are generally only read by their own members but they are available to the general public, to see that the world isnít just stumbling along.  We are going along a big business plan. 


Remember, bookmark all the other sites youíll see on the front page of the .com site for future use in case the big ones go down, which might happen tonight in fact.  Iíve got problems both with the phone - I couldnít even download by dial-up on the computer - and now the satellite is going down as well at the same time.  [Official sites listed above.]  So thatís quite something.  This kind of thing happens to you, to me, quite often and Iím kind of used to it.  Download them and remember that all these sites have transcripts of a lot of the talks I give in English, but if you want transcripts in other languages go to alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and you can download those for print up as well.  While you are at it, go into the articles I sell, the books, CDs and DVDs.  You can order those by [Order and donation options listed above].  Some people still send cash and it seems to get through.  That keeps me going.  This is not a job.  Itís not a business.  Iím not selling any particular expensive metals or anything.  The ads you hear on this show are paid by advertisers directly to RBN to air this broadcast and it pays for their technicians, board ops, equipment, their bills, and their upgrades Ė because everything today doesnít last very long, all the junk that we buy that is electronic.  So we all have bills to pay.  You can help me pay mine by purchasing the items I have for sale or donating to me.  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, you can get in touch with me at [address listed above].


Remember, today I might have a time getting the show up at all onto the internet by satellite; it depends on if it is kicked back in again by the time that the show is over.  Most folk go in after the show, especially across the world where they are in different time zones.  Some of them are just getting out of their beds.  Some are going to bed and they get up in the mornings and then they listen.  So if youíve got any problems at all, donít blame me.  Itís the satellite companies, XplorNet and so on, that are set to give me a hard time.  Literally, I canít pull anything down off satellite right now, even though there is no storm outside or anything at all, but thatís the way it goes.  Iíve even had trouble with the telephone line for dial-up.  I canít even bring down any pages from various news articles and so on.  Iíve got stuff stored here regardless that I can talk about tonight and that will have to do it.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know, we are living through amazing changes today, as we all know changes, but most people see it, most of the public see it as from the daily newspapers that are given out, the different classes.  Believe you me, those who rule the world literally control the three levels of newspaper and the items that you are going to read, and whatís going to be your talk the next day with your friends and so on.  Even from the ones who manage you in government, they put out newspapers JUST for THEM.  They have been doing that for over 100 years, well over 100 years in fact. 


Quigley did document this in Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment.  Even in London for instance, in the 1800s they put out the Times of London.  Of course theyíve got the Times of India and the New York Times, all these different Times newspapers were theirs and that was to get to those who are put into bureaucracies and civil service positions so that theyíd get a fixed mindset along the directed way that those who controlled the world wanted them to think and manage the people underneath them.  For the middle classes, they gave them a separate type, some of the same information but other stuff as well.  For the bottom, you get the usual scandal rags with lots of sex and oohs and aahs and that kind of stuff in it, which still happens today.  Thatís how we are managed with what they call news. 


At the bottom levels, and thatís the bulk of the populace, we are taught to think that things just happen by chance.  Catastrophes come and go, world wars even come and go, just spontaneously, and governments deal with crisis all the time, banks just collapse, just boomf, just like that, and we all have to suffer, bail out, and get into debt because of it.  We are taught this and most people really believe thatís just how it is.  Itís too complex for them to figure out how even the huge world banking system runs, and the stock market runsÖ in fact they are so secretive, really, at the topÖ  I mean, who does own the major shares of all big corporations?  Because you see, theyíve got those that sell on the stock market for the general public and there are always the bulk of the dominant shares that are sold off to insider members.  Well who are these inside members?  They are the ones who own the stock market.  You canít guide the world along a certain path unless you own the stock market, this big casino.  And as you know in casinos, the house always wins. 


Britain was the test country for all of this. In fact it was the nucleus where they started off an empire, a British empire.  Iíve gone through the Milner Group a little bit that Quigley talked about and the Cecil Rhodes Foundation that worked with the Milner Group.  They consolidated into the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations.  They caused the Boer War.  They faked the Boer War by attacking Boers.  They had brought their Times reporters over from London months in advance to gear the public up for some trouble coming with the Boers.  They were telling them how badly the Boer people, the Dutch people, were treating the English settlers, all to get them ready for this.  They also agreed on the date, where the Jameson group, which belonged to the Milner Group, would attack the Boer settlements, blame the Boers.  The woman reporter that they sent over in fact, immediately had it in the Times that the Boers did the attack and wiped out English settlers, to get the British Army in and take over the whole county. Thatís what it was after, a WAR.  Thousands and thousands died in that war.  Thousands of Boers died in concentration camps set up by the British.  Amazing.  They called them Ďinternmentí camps; of course they were concentration camps. 


At the same time they were doing that, the Times of London in the late 1800s was also gearing up, from about 1890 onwards, an anti-German feeling because they wanted a world war with Germany.  Itís all documented in the archives at the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They got what they wanted.  They also got out of it what they wanted which was the League of Nations where they could sign international treaties. They CREATED the League of Nations.  They put their own boys into it of course, to run it, still do today at the United Nations.  Through these treaties they would create a world society, standardization, and everyone must come into it.  The British Empire it was called as far back as John Dee and Francis Bacon in the 1500s.  They wanted an empire based on free tradeÖ in the 1500s. 


They have worked down through the centuries into it.  The Rhodes and Milner, different names for different eras but itís the same groups on the go, with the bankers all in on it, international bankers of course.  They got the League of Nations.  That was a big, big step to get that over.  They thought the world would come to their knees after so much fighting and loss of blood and give up their sovereignty and simply go right into it.  But the United States held out, even though they got Wilson to promote it. The United States held out and couldnít get it through.  Even though they had unofficial members there, with voting rights, because they didnít want the American public to know, right up until they created the United Nations.  The same group funded the Bolshevik Revolution for the big experiment for Russia; it was the fast consolidation of many countries under one, standardization, the fastest way to do it.  They had the groups working with the Far East at the same time through diplomats and VIPs sent out by the British home office and the Department of Foreign Affairs. 


We are simply going through the last stage of this part of it for total world domination that also includes their eugenics policies.  They have been at eugenics for a LONG time.  They are the ones who own the big 5 agri businesses.  Thatís why no one can touch them in court.  When their seed spreads off to farmersí lands, no judge will stand up and side with the farmer.  We actually had it told in Canada, to a farmer in a high court in Canada, he said to the accused, I donít care how that seed got on your land, whether it was blown off of trucks Ė which a lot of it was Ė or if a bird pooped it out and it grew, you are guilty for having their property, for their seed growing on the land amongst his own stuff.  That means that there is something much bigger backing them, and there is also something powerful enough to tell judges what to do, obviously. 


The Milner Group eventually called it, rather than the British Empire, The Commonwealth.  Then they said they would call it The Commonwealth of Nations, which would be the embryo and the nucleus for the US to finish off the job basically, under a world government through the United Nations.  Thatís what we have been going through for over 100 years now, towards this policy.  Itís not to be a nice and happy ending where we are all happy and we are all multicultural and so on, and multi religions and all that stuff, and carrying on in our own ways.  No.  Itís a controlled, authoritarian society.  Itís post-democratic.  That is the stage we are at now.  Iíll be talking about that later tonight from a Rockefeller report that was put out for the Global Business Network with the same scenarios that the think tanks who work for the British military and the US military put out a couple of years ago on the next 35 year scenarios, with all their doomsday prophesies and so on. These are for them.  This was done for the biggest group of international corporations on the planet.  They are all part of the Rockefeller group and the Global Business Network.  Iíll give you the links to look this up for yourself.  Thatís how overwhelmingly massive the world is run and interlinked with these guys at the top.  They have missed nothing. 


Britain being the test base for everything really, all social policies, psy-op operations on the minds of the public, is to be spread across the world.  What the US is going through now, really, is the fast takedown.  I said this would come years and years before it.  I said, when they are finishing off using the US to finish off standardizing and grabbing the Middle East they will be pulling the rug from under the feet of the Americans back home.  Thatís exactly what is happening.  The US is to mold into the very system it helped to create.  Thatís whatís happening.  Iíve got an article here from the USA magazine back in May.  It saysÖ


Obama Administration Unveils Security Strategy

27 May 2010 / voanews.com


The Obama administration Thursday unveiled its new national security strategy, recognizing the need for military force but as a last resort and stressing the need to increase international diplomatic cooperation.  (Alan:  When you scroll down this link which Iíll give you, youíll see that their main topic is home-grown terrorism.  It means when people are adopting what they call extremist ideology or causes, who are captivated by them, it says here.)


In a speech Wednesday, top counter-terrorism advisor John Brennan previewed the new strategy, saying it makes the problem of home-grown terrorists a top priority because an increasing number of individuals in the U.S. have become 'captivated by extremist ideology or causes.' 


Earlier this month, a U.S. citizen was charged with trying to detonate a bomb in New York's Times Square.  (A:  They used that as an excuse to now monitor and go after, internally, all people that they claim have an extremist views.  Now, whatís extreme?  Extreme is anything outside of the authorized opinion given by the major media.  Even when they give you little tidbits to fight over, that is still authorized.  So they donít care if it is left wing or right wing fighting each other and all that kind of stuff and slanging each other, thatís traditional.  Thatís what they call authorized information.)


(A:  Of courseÖ)  U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Mr. Obama's national security advisor James Jones will each give separate speeches Thursday outlining aspects of the doctrine.


Brennan also said the new doctrine will make a major break with former President George W. Bush, by clearly stating that the conflict is with al-Qaida, and not a war on terror or on Islam.  (A:  Which of course, technically, itís not because itís the standardization of the whole country and the whole system.  Itís ALL of those things into one.)


Brennan also said the pressure on al-Qaida from anti-terrorism efforts in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq is forcing the organization to change its tactics and recruit "foot soldiers" who can slip through the U.S. security net.  (A:  Iíll put that link up because it leads into the other stories for tonight.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're back Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I say, you have to always look towards Britain, they are way ahead.  Actually the US is going to catch up awfully fast.  They are in the process now of catching up to Britain but theyíve still got some way to go right now.  Britain is already taxing most of the money back that the people earn, from them, to put back by spying on them.  The US has still got to go all that way yet.  Britain has already got the National Health Service where it is deteriorated to almost a third world status Ė and thatís not kidding at all.  I was reading today, in fact most of the employees, about 45% of the nurses come from foreign countries, generally from the third world countries, lots from India and itís the same with their doctors.  They are not training anybody within the country anymore pretty well, and so they just bring them in from other countries.  People canít get jobs in Britain in fact because they canít get training; they canít afford training and all that kind of stuff.  The same thing is happening in the US too in a lot of different sectors.  It will happen even more so especially in the health sector once they really get up and running.  They will import most of what they need.  Youíll find thatís the way they go. 


Also in Britain, itís bad enough theyíve got millions of these CCTV cameras watching everybody everywhere all the time.  Itís incredible that this is a so-called country - again, a big con - that they gave everyone democracy.  It was always a con.  But they are admitting they are post democratic now.  They are authoritarian.  Under this fake war disguised as a war on terror, the real reason is to put us all under the microscope, or the CCTV camera, you wouldnít believe the lengths theyíve gone to and itís still to come to the US today.  They ARE putting cameras in places in California and elsewhere, very quietly.  Some of them you will see, other ones are hidden; you wonít find out about the hidden ones for about maybe 5-10 years down the road, if they ever want to tell you at all that is.  This article is about local councils using bugs in lamp posts. No kidding.  Listening bugs in lamp posts to eavesdrop on you.  I thought it was ludicrous when the little lollipop women that used to do the crossing of the streets with the school children, with this big lollipop at these zebra crossings they call them.  They put cameras in those things too, for about $5,000-10,000 each.  Thatís up and running now.  No kidding.  They put a camera in them.  So she put it up and the cars donít stop or they donít slow down fast enough and the cops get their license plates and all the rest of it.  This article hereÖ even your lampposts are bugged.  I wonder what isnít bugged. 



Spy microphones on street lampposts are being used by council officials

HIGH-powered spy microphones on street lampposts are being used by snooping council officials to listen in on private conversations.

Monday July 5,2010 / express.co.uk / By Anil Dawar


A network of new ďintelligentĒ listening devices which can monitor discussions has been deployed (A:  They tell you after the fact.) on Britainís streets for the first time.  (A:  I wonder how long theyíve really had them there.)


The so-called Sigard system has been tested in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Coventry. The microphones, connected to CCTV cameras, can recognise aggressive ďtriggerĒ words (A:  This is the BS they are giving us, which is bothersome stuff.) and sounds, then automatically direct cameras to zoom in on the speakers.  (A:  Well they have been doing that anyway, for quite a long time.)


Manufacturers denied the system is used to record conversations.  (A:  Well they are liars.  I mean, do they really, really believe, are we really that bad that they can talk down to us like children, with simple lies like that.  Of course thatís what they are for, is to record conversations.)


It analyses sound patterns to pick out angry or distressed voices.


But the makers would not pledge that in the future Sigard would not be used to record whole sections of speech.


Privacy campaigners (A:  Did their usual stuffÖ.) condemned the surveillance system, attacking it as another erosion of personal freedom.  (A:  And you know something, all their different societies can condemn until hell freezes over because telling these guys ainít going to change it.  Havenít you noticed?  But they give these front organizations, privacy campaigners and so on, a sort of semi-official status because it makes you feel better, oh, someone is DOING something about it.  Well, yelling about it isnít doing a darn thing folks.  Nope.  Nope.  You could go down to your city councils there and YOU DEMAND TO GET THEM RIPPED RIGHT OUT, RIGHT NOW. Thatís what you do.  Thatís what you do.  Who is serving who here?  Maybe they will get honest and tell you that you are really there to serve them.  Maybe they will tell you for the first time and be really honest about it.)


News of the use of Sigard comes to light just days after around 200 cameras with number plate recognition software in Birmingham were mothballed when it emerged that they were being targeted at the cityís Asian districts.  (A:  You have to be non-white today to get any rights - no kidding - because they are scared of causing racial riots.  So when they found they were using these cameras to watch the Asian districts they mothballed them, temporarily mind you; they will sneak them back and open again when folk get distracted with something else.)


Corinna Ferguson, a lawyer for human rights group Liberty, criticised Sigard.  (A:  Well, criticize all you want, Corinna, because it ainít going to do any darn good.  These decisions were made long before you came along, years before in fact, you came along, or your group, and decided at high quarters, ABOVE government, with the guys that manufacture them, including all the conversations on how to slip them in, and how to con the public when they were slipping them in, and what lies to tell the public as more and more appeared.  So thatís what the US has got to look forward to, if it doesnít do something NOW, with all the things that are going down inside.  Iíll go into other related areas about this because itís very important that folk start doing something now.  Donít wait.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the incredible spying thatís going on and how they use their Pearl Harbor event as they called it in the Project for a New American Century club to get it going.  Obviously a well planned out future scenario right up to the present and beyond and was done long before 9/11 happened.  They needed the Pearl Harbor event and bingo, weíre all under martial law basically.  Weíve seen the escalation of police powers.  Weíve seen the cops change their mentality completely. 


Weíve seen basically too, that your last steps of demonstration, especially in Canada, - thatís the last step before revolution, by the way, according to democracy - has been trashed as well.  Itís totally ignored and they have their provocateurs at these demonstrations and protests.  They have their provocateurs, professionals, brought into the country sometimes, gangs of them that do this across the world, when they are hired by governments.  The protesters are basically nullified because of them.  So they are giving the finger basically to democracy or even the idea of democracy.  Not that every one of these groups should get what they want anyway.  Itís a circus.  These demonstrations we are seeing today are circuses.  Even the Zeitgeist bunch, that want computers to rule the world, just like I think it was Wellsí ďworld brainĒ he called it, a system of data collection that would monitor everybody in the world at the same time.  Itís also in Arthur C Clarkís 3001, his last novel, that computers would monitor everybody in the world to make sure they were all well behaved and so on.  This is an ongoing agenda going back to the late 1800s to the present. That includes your internet, folks.  What we are given as the latest in any scientific area is low-level stuff thatís been done long before. 


I was waiting for this too.  We know for instance, that we are being monitored with the internet since day one.  That was part of the whole reason of giving us the internet.  Itís to make it easier for THEM to not only give us topics to talk about and shape our thoughts, just like they used television.  It was also to monitor everything that we look into to build personality profiles.  Iíve got the links up in the archives section of my sites where Iíve gone through the virtual world that the Pentagon has with every BODY in North America in it, a duplicate of you.  It is updated daily with your emails and your chats to your friends and all the rest of it they collect.  They add it to your personality profile, to your little avatar there and they predict what you would do in different circumstances with computer simulation.  Apparently they are very, very accurate because people put out so much stuff about themselves that itís disgusting.  Disgusting.  Those people are gone.  They will not survive what is coming down. 


Ixquick: Search Engines Should Become Government Spies,

Says EU Parliament

(A:   This strange, non-democratic parliament that even ex-soviet leaders have said is non-democratic.  And they are right about it.  Itís not set up in a democratic structure.  Itís dictatorial from the top-down and the politicians are there for show.  All they can do it yell at each other; they have no rights to change any bill or introduce laws.)

June 28, 2010 / ixquick.com


Ixquick and Startpage will fight "Big Brother" data retention clause in Declaration 29.


BRUSSELS & NEW YORK & ZEIST, Netherlands -- (BUSINESS WIRE)--A draconian proposal to retain all Internet search traffic, known as "Written Declaration 29," was adopted by the European Parliament last week. Framed as a measure to crack down on paedophiles, (A:  They are always so darned handy, these pedophiles, eh.  They used that in Australia to silence some internet sites.  The first one they silenced was a Christian web site that was protesting against abortion.  Not the pedophiles; the pedophiles and the porno goes ahead as usual.  So they are liars about everything of course, but then theyíve got to treat us like children you see.  We are low I.Q.íed at the bottom here; we are poisoned with the food and our injections and we canít think too strongly so theyíve got to just treat us like children.  So itís to track down on pedophiles.  They are so worried about pedophiles apparently.)  the controversial Declaration calls on the EU to require that search engines store all search traffic for up to two years for possible analysis by authorities.  (A:  ĎPossible analysisíÖ do you think they havenít been analyzing it all up to now?  All they are doing is giving themselves OPEN, LEGAL rights to do what theyíve been doing all along.)


Search engine Ixquick (www.ixquick.com), widely regarded as the world's most private search engine, has built a strong privacy reputation by storing no search data on its users. The company believes it has been singled out by the data retention proposal, and it has vowed to strongly oppose the measure becoming law.  (A:  They are forcing all servers into it says here basically.  And what they do there they do everywhere else, because we ARE global you seeÖ if we havenít quite got the message.)


Itís interesting, when Kissinger was asked abroad when he was giving a talk in Europe what was meant by the US definition of a terrorist and would he define it.  He says, a terrorist is basically someone who is nationalistic and is against the global society, the global society with global trade and global governance.  That was the definition of it.  So now you know. 


I could go on and on about all the different things that are happening but itís good to go back to Britain because it gives you everything thatís happening across the world.  They try it all out there first.  They use the psychology on the public to see how they accept it; any protests, they find ways to overcome that and still get what they want and then they use it much quicker and easier abroad by using the psy-op techniques that they have learned to use.  This is from The TelegraphÖ


Intelligent cars will report accidents to authorities

Intelligent cars fitted with aircraft-style black boxes that can send video footage and information about driving behaviour during accidents to the police and insurance companies are being developed by computer scientists.

By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent / telegraph.co.uk / 3 Jul 2010


The car, which is being developed by researchers at computer chip giant Intel, will record information about the vehicle speed, steering and braking along with video footage from inside and outside the vehicle. (A:  This is to be the new cars they are coming out with now.  Where is the debate with the public?  There is none because you donít matter; you just do what you are told, you see.)


This would be automatically sent to police and insurance companies in the event of an accident (A:  Now you know itís going to be sent to them automatically ALL the timeÖ as you are driving, with NO accident happening, right, and tracking wherever you go, and photographing even the houses that you draw up in front of and all the rest of it.  Thatís what itís about, and from the rear as well, front and rear.  So here they give you their childrenís explanation again, because we are childrenÖ) to make it easier to determine the cause of car crashes and identify the person responsible.  (A:  See, if there is half of 1% of plausibility in the BS Ė the bothersome stuff Ė that they give us, most of the public out there will go into that la-la land, click mode, and they say, well, maybe, you know, oh well, maybeÖ  Thatís it.  Thatís it.  Thatís the decision made for them. Well, maybe they are right, you know. Thatís how itís done.  That is how it is done.  Iíll put these links up on my site at the end of the show IF the satellite is working; itís still not working now.)


Thatís the world, the brave new world we are coming into.  It was planned a long, long time ago and really, unless people really want to stop it and do stop it, all hell is to come.  We are to go through absolute hell.  Iím also putting a link up on The Military Balance Report 2010, a very interesting one from the International Institute for Strategic Studies.  It says hereÖ


The Military Balance 2010

iiss.org / February 2, 2010


On Wednesday 03 February 2010 the IISS launched The Military Balance 2010, the annual assessment of the military capabilities and defence economics of 170 countries world-wide.  (A:  They also give the scenarios of wars that are coming, are happening, or are at the skirmish stage right now.)


The Military Balance 2010 contains region-by-region analysis of the major military and economic developments affecting defence and security policies and the trade in weapons and other military equipment. Comprehensive tables detail major military training activities, UN and non-UN deployments (A:  See, they use both.  When you want to get the heat off your own country, or off the United Nations, you use the mercenary groups to go in and do all the dirty killing.  And then who do you complain to? Well, you see, we canít do anything; they are not ours, they are not the governmentís and so on.  Thatís how they do it. Theyíve always done it that way.† Thatís how theyíve always been.), and give data on key equipment holdings and defence economics, as well as defence-expenditure trends over a ten-year period.  (A:  That you are all going to pay for.)


The Military Balance 2010 contains an essay on the defence industry in India. It includes an updated Chart of Conflict (A:  WorldwideÖ), a wallchart showing current conflicts around the world, with selected supporting tables.


This yearís Military Balance examines key issues including the conflict (A:  [Alan laughing.]) in Afghanistan (A:  Itís a Ďconflictí folks, or, itís a Ďpolicing action;í they havenít quite defined it yet.); the development of Iraqís security forces; the debate over NATOís strategic concept and operations in Afghanistan; an update on EU military operations; the progress of reforms in the Russian armed forces; military developments in Africa, including conflicts and the progress of the African Standby Force initiative; (A:  You know, the UN is creating armies all over the planet, a unified army.) and developments in Chinaís Peopleís Liberation Army. The book examines wider defence developments in East Asia and Australasia; South and Central Asia; Latin America and the Caribbean; Europe; the Middle East and North Africa; and North America. (A:  Hmm.)


Iíll put that link up too for you to peruse.  I think you have to buy the book actually, unless you belong to one of these charitable foundations, you know, that send the mercenaries across the world.  There is another article here.  Itís interesting too.  Iíve often said that scientists themselves, who do the cutting up of brains and stuff, and all this stuff to do with neuroscience, was all about controlling the public, worldwide.  Thatís what neuroscience is about, how to eventually control everyone.  Itís a mixture of eugenics, psychology, and a whole bunch of other things, and predictability of patterns of behavior rolled into one.  Thatís the big science they call it now.  There is an interesting discoveryÖ


A Neuroscientist Uncovers A Dark Secret

First in a three-part series

by Barbara Bradley Hagerty / June 29, 2010 / npr.org


The criminal brain has always held a fascination for James Fallon. For nearly 20 years, the neuroscientist at the University of California-Irvine has studied the brains of psychopaths.  (A:  They cut them apart and chop them and stuff, and other ones do.  In Canada I watched one great video done at a university here done by Persinger I think it was, who is high up there, who has also worked for the Pentagon.)  He studies the biological basis for behavior, and one of his specialties is to try to figure out how a killer's brain differs from yours and mine.


About four years ago, Fallon made a startling discovery. It happened during a conversation with his then 88-year-old mother, Jenny, at a family barbecue.


"I said, 'Jim, why don't you find out about your father's relatives?' ďJenny Fallon recalls.Ē I think there were some cuckoos back there."


Fallon investigated.  (A:  So he investigated his genealogy and he foundÖ)


"There's a whole lineage of very violent people ó killers," he says.


One of his direct great-grandfathers, Thomas Cornell, was hanged in 1667 for murdering his mother. That line of Cornells produced seven other alleged murderers, including Lizzy Borden. "Cousin Lizzy," as Fallon wryly calls her, was accused (and controversially acquitted) of killing her father and stepmother with an ax in Fall River, Mass., in 1882.


A little spooked by his ancestry, Fallon set out to see whether anyone in his family possesses the brain of a serial killer. Because he has studied the brains of dozens of psychopaths, he knew precisely what to look for. To demonstrate, he opened his laptop and called up an image of a brain on his computer screen.  (A:  What happens is, a part of the screen will light up with emotions, etc, normal emotions and youíll see different colors coming up on the imaging in psychopathsí brains; just to cut it short.  Itís just behind the eyes, he says, this part of the brain.)


"Look at that ó there's almost nothing here," Fallon says.


This is the orbital cortex, the area that Fallon and other scientists believe is involved with ethical behavior, (A:  See, thatís what they are in to.  Ethical behavior is whatever kind of culture they eventually give you as a permanent type of culture.  And they will decide what ethical is.) moral decision-making (A:  Again, morality is flexible.  They can make you cannibals one time and they can make you vegetarians the next time, whatever it happens to be, that becomes moral, and is decided at the top.) and impulse control.


"People with low activity [in the orbital cortex] are either free-wheeling types or sociopaths," he says.


He's clearly oversimplifying, but Fallon says the orbital cortex puts a brake on another part of the brain called the amygdala, which is involved with aggression and appetites. But in some people, there's an imbalance ó the orbital cortex isn't doing its job ó perhaps because the person had a brain injury or was born that way.  (A:  Iíve mentioned Political Ponerology before where they even suggest that everyone who wants to get in to control positions over the public should be tested.  I suggest that every child should be taught the behavior of psychopaths so that they can spot them themselves.  I really think that they should.  But definitely those who want to go into positions over you, where they can pass laws and use force against you.)


"What's left? What takes over?" he asks. "The area of the brain that drives your id-type behaviors, which is rage, violence, eating, sex, drinking."  (A:  They are talking about the primitive survival parts.)


(A:  So heÖ)  he had persuaded 10 of his close relatives to submit to a PET brain scan and give a blood sample as part of a project to see whether his family had a risk for developing Alzheimer's disease.


After learning his violent family history, he examined the images and compared them with the brains of psychopaths. His wife's scan was normal. His mother: normal. His siblings: normal. His children: normal.


"And I took a look at my own PET scan and saw something disturbing that I did not talk about," he says.


What he didn't want to reveal was that his orbital cortex looks inactive.


"If you look at the PET scan, I look just like one of those killers."  (A:  Well, Iíd think youíd have to be.  These are the people who put various animals to death all the time and then cut them up.  They are full of curiosity as to what their brains look like and chop them up into little slices and look under the microscope and stuff like that.  So you have to be a bit psychopathic to do that, you see.  You can be trained into it, but you can also catch yourself and get out of itÖ before you completely go into, really, a person who is an obedient killer. When they are told to kill these animals they do.  All these animals that they test, you know, they kill them after the experimentation; they donít just send them home as pets.  That goes from mice right up to dogs and everything else they use.)


Fallon cautions that this is a young field. Scientists are just beginning to study this area of the brain ó much less the brains of criminals. Still, he says the evidence is accumulating that some people's brains predispose them toward violence and that psychopathic tendencies may be passed down from one generation to another.


The Three Ingredients


And that brings us to the next part of Jim Fallon's family experiment. Along with brain scans, Fallon also tested each family member's DNA for genes that are associated with violence. He looked at 12 genes related to aggression and violence and zeroed in on the MAO-A gene (monoamine oxidase A). (A:  They will do that often in medication for people who are depressives, monoamine oxidase inhibitors they give them.)  This gene, which has been the target of considerable research, is also known as the "warrior gene" because it regulates serotonin in the brain. (A:  Now you can imagine these scans, and this kind of propaganda is going to come in and tested on everyone to see if you have what they call a warrior gene.  You could be a problem.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iíll put that link up too about psychopathy.  You always have to remember when something is released to the general public in a news format youíve got to look to see what else is behind it.  As I say, they are going to start scanning people basically for what they call warrior genes, which means you might start fighting back against some terrible oppression and they might not want that and might have to terminate you; maybe even in the womb.  Who knows, because thatís all the rage these days. 


I also talked about the Global Business Network and the Rockefeller Foundation that helped fund this big study on the coming scenario for the next 30 years.  It ties in exactly with the British military think tank, the US military think tank, which Iíve read and they are both in the archives section of my site.  One of them is a 90 page report going over the possible scenarios going up to about the year 2035 and beyond, some of them up to 2050 and beyond.  This is the same thing done for the big business corporations.  Iíll put the link up for you as well. 


Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development

By GBN and The Rockefeller Foundation / gbn.com


This ties in by the way, why I keep harping on about The Net:  The Unabomber, LSD and the Internet, the video thatís up on my web site with a link to where you can actually watch it.  Excellent to find out what was really behind, why this particular Harvard professor was targeting these other guys at Harvard.  Iíve gone through the story of them who were into Technocracy Inc.  They believe, just like HG Wells, that the technocrats would rule the world, those who were higher evolved.  These are the same guys who gave you the computer, even the term the Ďpersonal computerí and all the rest of it, and thought about that way back in the 60s.  They also helped get their drugs and rock and roll going by pushing out bands like The Grateful Dead, loaded with LSD to just throw out over all the crowds, get them into it, and thatís part of the culture creation.  That was their speciality part. The big boys control them too, of course. They control all sections of society that influence you.  They create cultures.  They alter cultures.  They direct cultures.  They make of society exactly the type they want to.  It all starts, again, at the education level as well. 


Remember Stewart Brand is also the guy who gave you The Whole Earth Catalogue and founded Wired Magazine.  I did a talk on that a week or two ago.  It says here, he is the main progenitor of this entire techno-utopia, scientific dictatorship that the Unabomber rallied against.  Thatís why they wouldnít let this Unabomber, who was a professor, a top professor, who could have been the head, the dean of Harvard according to the other deans that already existed in his day.  But he suddenly turned against these guys.  He said it was bad, what they planned was bad for society and people.  But he wasnít allowed to speak in court.  They classified him as sane rather than let him speak in court and get his spiel out into the public. 


It says coincidently he was also co-founder of The Global Business Network.  So Brand who gave you the Grateful Dead, LSD, rock and roll, amongst other guys working with him of course; these are the guys along with Brockman who created scientists to be stars by pushing them to the top and really giving them the same PR promotion that they give to rock stars.  They gave them to scientists so that you will be run by experts and you will believe the experts, the new priesthood.  He is a co-founder of the Globalist Network.  He worked for Rockefeller Foundation and he did a lot of the work for the Global Business Network.  And every business, international business, who is anybody, is a member of this study. They are all part of this big group working together, every one of them.  Iíll put that up for you as well. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  ĖBy the way, theyíre talking about roving gangs and all the rest of it and plagues coming, all that stuff.† Back tomorrow night hopefully and Iíll see how my satellite goes tonight for upload.



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