July 6, 2010 (#614)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 6, 2010:

From Under Cover Authority's Creeping,
Assuming the Role it's Been Seeking:

"Authoritarianism is Creeping, Straining
At the Bit, Sleeping Public's in Training
For the New Society Coming in to View,
Where Agencies Rule Herd, That's Me and You,
Democracy's Too Slow They Say, People Fighting,
And These Rules and Rights the Public's Reciting,
To Go Forward the Rulers Must Be a Tower
Whose Orders are Issued, Obeyance to Power,
Rights and Freedoms Just Get in the Way,
Public Must Be Taught to Fear and Obey,
This Totalitarian System Over World is Spread,
And Already has Made Protesters Dead,
In North America the Worst Yet to Come,
Much Will Be Suffered Before its Done,
Heartaches, Poverty, Violence, Fights,
Then a Generation Ignorant of Having Rights"
© Alan Watt July 6, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 6, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on July 6, 2010.  For newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  Youíll see all the other sites Iíve got listed there.  These are the official sites.  Bookmark them for future use because I get problems with the main site, the .com site, at times and if you find sticking downloads and audios and so on, try these alternate sites. So many folk go into the .com at the same time the following day it really puts a heavy load on it.  [Official sites listed above.]  Remember all these sites have transcripts of a lot of the talks in English for download and print up.  If you want translations in other languages, go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and you can choose from a variety of different languages.  While you are at it, remember to purchase the books I have for sale.  They are different from the regular books you will buy, the authorized books as I like to call them, by the authorized authors that you buy in the stores because we truly are under mind control.  Iíve gone into a lot of the history of the Royal Institute of International Affairs that set up the system of giving us our authorized news and they gave us our authorized histories, something that even Winston Churchill brought up in Parliament.  He said that a small group of peopleÖ  He said that itís amazing that he didnít know; he knew they existed but he didnít know the names of them - they kept their names of the different groups involved separate at that time, very vague, and it turned into the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  But he said, this small, powerful group not only have the power to give us ALL the media Ė because they owned all the media chains, the barons, they were all part of it Ė but they also gave us the regular history.  He says, they are giving us our history as well, according to how they want us to perceive it and keep themselves out of it of course.  These guys have been behind wars and all the rest of it.  So go into my web site, look at the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale and buy them.  Hopefully that will keep me going.  Remember that the ads you hear on the show are paid directly by advertisers to RBN for the air time and the broadcast, and their equipment, staff and bills.  So you help me out with mine by either donating to me or purchasing the items I have for sale.  Remember, you can use [order and donation options listed above].  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, you can get in touch with me at [address listed above].


This world that we are living in is so highly controlled and thatís something that people when they start to wake up donít really catch on to.  It takes a while for most folk to catch on to this system, and I say this system in which you live because it is an organized system with a definite plan.  Itís been on the go for an awful long time.  Professor Carroll Quigley, who belonged to the group and got access to their archives, AS the official historian for them, wrote two amazing books on them.  I think MacMillan bought over the rights to one of his main books and then they smashed the plates so they couldnít be reprinted; luckily there are enough editions out there.  And since itís off the printing list, I think others have also printed it up.  But if you can get an original version YOU WILL LEARN what the world truly is all about.  Itís vastly, vastly different from what the media would lead you to believe.  Mainly itís done by OMISSION.  They omit the vital facts you need to be truly awake.  Itís the same with education.  When they give you one side of a story you are left thinking that you know it all and as long as you are all taught at the same time across the world through UNICEF and the standardized education system youíll all believe THAT is all there is to it, as you chat to each other.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning at the start of the show that literally a group of people designed the future, the future which is now and a future still to come, the future that your parents lived through and even your grandparents.  They go back an awful long ways.  They go back into the 1800s - and I have no doubt whatsoever - long before they were called the Cecil Group, or the Milner Group, or the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations; they had many names before it.  Youíll find the beginnings of a British Empire talking about FREE TRADE in the writings of John Dee.  There are some allusions to it as well from Bacon around the same period.  So we are going back hundreds of years.  A free trade system based on a commonwealth and thatís exactly what the Milner Group called it, the British Commonwealth, and then Milner changed it to A Commonwealth of Nations.  What it really meant is an elite have always stolen the wealth of the commons and the bigger the commons they get across the world the more they stole.  Of course as people started to catch on to their taxations and their rules and regulations they changed it to ĎA Commonwealth of Nations.í 


That was in fact used in the Queenís speech apparently, and what Iíve read so far, at the United Nations in New York.  She talked about the Commonwealth of Nations, and she is the titular head of it.  She is the head of a lot of things in fact, but at least she is a figurehead.  The real foot soldiers and the ones who do the work, we know a lot of their names but we donít know all of the higher ones that keep out of the newspapers.  They literally wanted a planned world society, an authoritarian society that would come after democracy was used to bring the world into their system.  If you read the various writings coming out now from the Club of Rome, which is another branch of theirs specializing in a certain area, and you read the Global Business Network with the Rockefeller Foundation study Ė they did a study together Ė they talked about the next coming 30-40-50 years and basically the takedown of society.  Every international corporation that IS any type of international corporation is a member of that particular group Ė all the biggies are in it with the Rockefellers.  They talk about plagues coming, how they will ID everyone with bracelets, and track you, etc, etc, and how people can be convinced to allow the authorities into their homes, for safety, and during times of plague, or unrest, or whatever else it happens to be.  They said themselves that it will be an authoritarian type of world society. 


And for those who havenít quite got it yet, you see you are already IN the beginnings of it and you have been, at least openly, since 2001.  If it hasnít hit you personally yet and you havenít had a knock on your door, believe you me, you will get it down the road.  Some places have got it already under different guises because these characters plan everything like a military strategy and with military precision.  They look at the different cultures, different areas, and they give you different names for the SAME operations that are carried out within your own communities.  And they have written about it too.  Literally, you could write books for 10 lifetimes on whatís just happening today with all the think tanks involved.  It would take a person 10 lifetimes just to cover the stuff that they are involved in right now. There are hundreds of themÖ all connected together to bring in this brave new world scenario.  But as I say, itís to be authoritarian. 


People can read about whatís happening abroad, the atrocities that are happening abroad.  We had the Wikileaks, for instance, what happened a few years ago in Afghanistan and Iraq with the helicopter gunships.  Then theyíve found through Wired.com, they exposed the guy who leaked it to them.  So, so much for whistleblowers.  Wired doesnít surprise me because Iíve gone through some of the history of Wired Magazine.  Itís high up there, as a lot of the ones are that give you your so-called cutting-edge technology news, because what you are given is really antique stuff for the public at the bottom to believe in.  They are WAY ahead of all of that.  Believe you me, so much for confidentiality of people who talk to reporters.  So much for that.  Thatís a warning obviously to everybody else that might be thinking of leaking whatís happening, all the atrocities, not to bother because they have the guy up for court-martial.  There is a lot more stuff too that he is alleged to have disclosed, or confided to a particular person, that shocked him.  Thatís why itís in the papers big time, itís to get the message out to everybody else who might be thinking about whistle blowing. 


And yet it is strange again, because they could always tell you about the things that a country is doing here and there and in certain instances without blanketing the whole country.  This article is about Abu Ghraib, Britainís Abu Ghraib.   


This may be Britain's Abu Ghraib

The allegations of torture by British soldiers in Iraq bear chilling comparison with America's worst excesses

Phil Shiner and Tessa Gregory, Saturday 3 July 2010 - guardian.co.uk


The inquiry into the death of Baha Mousa is due to report by the end of the year. It will detail how Mousa died in Iraq in September 2003, allegedly brutalised by British soldiers in a "free for all"; and how it was that he and nine other men in the same incident were allegedly hooded, forced into painful stress positions, and deprived of sleep, food and water.


The Guardian article this week, which reported that many more civilians died in army custody than previously thought, (Alan:  Well thatís nonsense because we are told what we are supposed to be told. This is happening all the time.  Thatís what war is all about.  When you give an army a free hand, literally a free hand to do whatever they want, in a certain area, they will and they will cover it all up.  Itís been going on forever, for every war thatís ever been and every policing action, as they like to call them, since World War II.  This is standard procedure.  Terrify the public into groveling obedience by slaughtering as many as you want to.  And everybody that is killed is put down as an enemy, or an Ďinsurgent,í as they like to call them; they have been using the Ďinsurgentí word since Viet Nam.) should shock the conscience of the nation. The evidence of Lieutenant Colonel Mercer to the inquiry reveals that as early as May 2003 Ė four months before Mousa's death Ė there were "a number of deaths in custody" with "various units". (A:  Thatís very vague isnít it?  ďA number of deathsÖ with various units.Ē)  It appears there were, by then, at least nine deaths. (A:  There will be a lot more than that.)  The Ministry of Defence refuses to answer questions from us or the Guardian as to where, how or why these Iraqis died, and refuses to confirm or deny whether any of these deaths were ever investigated and if so with what outcome. 


Well thatís what they do in the military.  All information about the military is handed out by a Department of Information.  Every country has them because they are all copied after the British system.  Whatever they tell you, truth or falsehood, becomes the authorized version down the road.  EVERY country is at it.  Believe you me, when they are bringing the poorest of the poor from their working classes, their unemployed youth into the militaries in the Western world, and giving them the firearms, and giving them a free hand, EVERY BIT of the aggression that has built up in their miserable little lives is taken out on everybody else who is helpless in front of them once they are the big shot.  Thatís why they pick them.  Do you ever wonder why they only pick guys that are 18-20 or so to get into the military?  Why they donít pick guys in their 40s? 


They tried that in World War I, when they ran out of so many of the young, throwing wave after wave after wave.  A war, by the way, that the Royal Institute of International Affairs created and through their predecessors the Milner Group, that they had been working on since the late 1800s via their propaganda machines, the media, which they completely owned at the time.  They hoped to bring in the League of Nations and they did.  But halfway through it they were running out of young men.  There were whole villages and towns across Britain where there were no young men left; they were all dead.  So they started to bring in older guys, even guys that had cancers, thinking well, a few weeks in the battlefield, they are lucky to survive that anyway.  What they found out was the older guys, theyíd go through the motions of killing Ė theyíd pop their rifles up above their trenches and fire off a shot here and there, once in a blue moon.  The Germans were quite content with that as well; they were kind of fed up losing their young men and theyíd also put older guys into the trenches as well.  So they had to bring in the young guys from Australia then, and Canada, who were still full of propaganda and no wisdom, no experience of life, and they believed what they were told and they were all gung-ho to get into the action. That is recorded in history too.  Thatís why they donít pick older guys, to do the dirty work for the Commonwealth of Nations.  You are in a totalitarian system and most folk donít yet really realize it.  They wonít really wake up at all until something happens and hits them in the pocketbook, the wallet. 


Facebook Iíve mentioned before too.  Anybody who goes into these free things, they are asking for trouble.    They are not put out there to help you.  Itís made easy and all the rest of it and you fall for all the PR about having Ďfriendsí and all that rubbish.  Itís all part of the Military-Industrial Complex and acquiring all your data, which you are only too happy to share with them.  This article saysÖ


Facebook to recognize faces, help tag photos

By Ben Parr / cnn.com


 (Mashable) -- Facebook has begun testing face detection technology for Facebook Photos.


This is the first of what seems like a series of new features for its popular photo product.  (A:  Now folk will read it one way but I always read it another.  Iíll read what they say.)


The tests, which some users will see starting today [Friday], focus on decreasing the tediousness of "tagging" friends in Facebook photos. (A:  Itís so tedious isnít it?  You donít have time to go through all that stuff do you?  Youíve got so much to do in your fast lives, right?)  In the current Photos feature, users upload photos, click on each face in a photo, tag that photo with the friend pictured therein and continue the process until the album is tagged.  (A:  So theyíve come up with a way to help YOU to automatically tag them.  And you know that everyone that gets in touch with you will be up there on the net for NSA to see.  You are helping them out.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, this big system that was designed for you to get born into and to keep you amused and bewildered as you stumble down through life thinking everything just happens by chance, and big parts of chaotic systems just happen, and politicians deal with it as best they can, like any poor soul would.  Thatís how you are taught to believe.  Of course nothing is further from the truth.


Everything that is given to you, especially the computer, was given with the idea in mind of bringing in a technologically controlled society.  Iíve gone through Technocracy Inc and the guys who are involved with it and you will find they are also involved with that Rockefeller/Global Business Network system, massive conference that they had recently to do with the future and whatís coming up; all possible scenarios are covered.  Youíll find itís the same founders of Wired and so on who are actually working on THAT project.  So donít help them out with their free programs that they hand to you to make it easier for them to gather your data or anyone else who gets in touch with you.  Thatís what itís about, with Facebook, etc. 


Iíve gone through Britain, now that they have a completely dysfunctional society.  In Britain now they are completely dysfunctional after many, many years of getting hammered with economic depressions.  Thatís what they are.  Not recessions; they are constant depressions.  The way that the society has been completely psychologically tampered with, in the mind, that they canít even get people to be polite to each other anymore, never mind join together and mate anymore.  Thatís their excuse, supposedly, for bringing in massive immigration which they have admitted was to destroy what was left of the culture.  Amazing eh?  What a war program that isÖ and itís been successful.  So always look towards Britain for what is to be used across the rest of the world and you will find that is already is, although not so openly, in an overt manner generally. 


Yesterday I talked about the listening lamp posts that they literally installed in major cities across Britain to catch the conversations of people down below.  Here is more on the same company thatís putting in the systems.  It saysÖ


Surveillance system monitors conversations

A controversial covert surveillance system that records the public's conversations is being used in Britain.  (A:  Itís been used for a long time. By the way, they had these little boom microphones on these cameras from the very beginning, that could pick up conversations 200 yards away, as you stood in the doorway of a store.  They admitted that YEARS ago, then forgot to tell you about it again.)

4 Jul 2010 / telegraph.co.uk


The technology, called Sigard, monitors movements and speech to detect signs of threatening behaviour.  (A:  Thatís nonsense too.  They want ALL information.  Total information network means TOTAL information network.  Not the excuses that they will use for threatening behavior, ALL information is valuable to them.  You have no idea, NO IDEA how many studies and projects are on the go to analyze the pulse of the public, how they are thinking, what they are feeling, what they are expressing.  Thatís why you are managed so easily, because they know.)


Its designers claim the system can anticipate anti-social behaviour and violence by analysing the information picked up its sensors.


They say alerts are then sent to police, nightclub bouncers or shop security staff, (A:  Imagine you are standing below one of these things and a mosquito was annoying you and you expounded a few expletives and slapped yourself, only to get a SWAT team coming around you.  Thatís the sort of thing we are looking at too.) which allow them to nip trouble in the bud before arguments spiral into violence.


The devices are designed to distinguish between distress calls, threatening behaviour and general shouting.  (A:  Ha, yeah, right, sure.)


The system, produced by Sound Intelligence, is being used in Dutch prisons, city centres and Amsterdam's Central Rail Station.


Coventry City Council is funding a pilot project which has for six months and has installed seven devices in the nightlife area on the High Street.  (A:  Can you imagine the pervs sitting and listening to this stuff, going on?  Thatís who obviously watches this stuff.)


Dylan Sharpe, from Big Brother Watch, said: "There can be no justification for giving councils or the police the capability to listen in on private conversations.  (A:  Really?  Havenít you realized they have been doing whatever they wanted to do since 2001?  Havenít you noticed?)


"There is enormous potential for abuse, (A:  Of course there is.  You ARE being abused by the fact that they are there in the first place.) or a misheard word, causing unnecessary harm with this sort of intrusive and overbearing surveillance."


Again, you have to believe in the indoctrinated system they have given you to think you can just complain and say thatís not very nice, please stop it.  You know, power has never voluntarily given itself up.  Believe you me, the power that designed this system and the future for you has no intentions of letting anything at all, ANYTHING, stand in its way.  Remember they have caused wars in the past, to bring about the League of Nations, then The Council, and then the United Nations. They have used ALL kinds of warfare, economic as well, to bring countries to their knees, to bring in their global system.  Global dominanceÖ  Thatís the sort of thing that happens in Britain, where you are scared to even stand near a light, a lamp post, in case Ė and which it will happen Ė there will be someone listening to you.  Take something really boring and read it under the lamp post.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix again, talking about the authoritarian system that was designed to be put across the rest of the world, the whole of the world, gradually in some places, more quickly in others.  Of course the more you accept the quicker they push all the rest of it down your throats.  Thatís what they have been doing in North America since 2001.  All the big think tanks talk about the Ďauthoritarian societyí.  That it will have to be authoritarian, where people have to be retrained to allow themselves to be guided by experts and government policies and government agencies and so on, for efficiencyís sake you understand, from their point of view.  Itís going to cause a lot of trouble and problems with people who still think they live in a quaint old-fashioned world in their mind where they believe theyíve still got rights and all the rest of it. 


We saw what happened at the G20 meeting.  Amongst all the agitators of course, that they never, ever catch; they never catch the ones who start the riots, because they are brought in to DO the riots by the authorities themselves to make every other protester look crazy. Thatís what itís about.  Very simple isnít it?  After singing O Canada, thatís when the police rushed them all. Thatís their thank you for O Canada.  Maybe that was a message too, that there is a new type of Canada and itís part of, itís always been part of the ĎCommonwealth of Nations,í again, that the Queen harped on about being the head.  Of course thatís also the Royal Institute of International Affairs that set up this whole idea of a commonwealth of nations.  Thatís what they did; they rushed the people after singing the national anthem. 


Here is another article; so many articles come out of the G20.  Of course, Iím sure there are a thousand stories but this article came out of AOL, today. 


Amputee Dad Says G20 Police Ripped Off Prosthetic Leg

(A:  His artificial leg.)

7/6/10 Ė news.aol.ca


An Ontario father's tale of abuse at the hands of the police during the G20 summit in Toronto is sparking outrage on the Internet.  (A:  I love how they say that, Ďsparking outrageí.  I often wonder, are people really outraged?  What does outraged mean?  You know.  If you are outraging and you are standing at a lamp post they will come and grab you with a SWAT team and carry you off, after tazering you.)


John Pruyn, a 57-year-old amputee from Thorold, Ont., says he was sitting on the grass at Queen's Park with his daughter Saturday, June 26, taking in peaceful demonstrations when a stream of riot police stormed the area.


He told Doug Draper, of the online news site Niagara at Large, that police became violent with him when he was slow to move due to the prosthetic limb he (A:  His artificial leg, right.) wears on his left leg, which was amputated after a farming accident 17 years ago.


He alleges police ripped off the artificial leg, grabbed his walking sticks, and tied his hands before telling him to hop, (A:  I guess they really got a kick out of that.  You know, just like the guys over in Afghanistan and so on.  If they had guns they would machine-gun you.  Itís the same mentality.) even as his daughter and bystanders pleaded with the police to give him time to move.  (A:  Well, they would have killed him too, if it was in Afghanistan or IraqÖ and coming up with Iran too.)  Impatient officers began "kicking and hitting" Pruyn, with one officer allegedly pressing Pruyn's head to the ground with his knee, (A:  Thatís a standard thing they do.) before he was dragged along on the pavement. A week later, Pruyn says his head is still hurting.


Through it all, the Revenue Canada employee was accused of "resisting arrest" and of spitting on police -- something he says he did not do.  (A:  They will always try to rationalize what they do, just like the guys in the helicopters, you know.)


However, the ordeal didn't end there for Pruyn. He was taken to a make-shift detention centre where he was kept in a jail cell before being released the next day. Pruyn says police never gave him a reason for his arrest.  (A:  They donít HAVE to in authoritarian society.)


"John's story is one of the most shocking of the whole (G20 summit) weekend," Peter Kormos, the Ontario New Democratic Party's justice critic, told Niagara at Large. "He is not a young man and he is an amputee. ... John is not a troublemaker. He is a peacemaker and like most of the people who were arrested, he was never charged with anything, which raises questions about why they were arrested in the first place."  (A:  Well, they wanted to arrest you; thatís why. And they can do it without actually using an arrest.  Itís called PRE-ARREST, you see.  With a pre-arrest there are no charges read out to you, or no rights read out to you.  You are just whipped off and put into the cage.  Thatís the authoritarian society you live in.  And if you upset these guys that are hyped up on steroids and all the rest of it, they have been brought up on video games where you kill, kill, kill, then watch World Wide Wrestling.  If you tick these guys off because you canít hop fast enough, well thatís what happens to you.  Yep.  Thatís the new society, you see.  This is the new system.)


Reaction to the story has been swift, with some commenters calling for a full public inquiry into the police response.  (A:  Well, thatís a waste of time, always is.)


"How could large numbers of Canadians turn a blind eye to this terrible story and still cling to the opinion that authorities acted responsibly on that dreadful weekend (A:  Itís because the authorities can tell you whatever they want and thatís the authorized version.  Thatís why theyíre Ďauthorities.í  Hmm?)-- or, worse, that merely by being on the scene everyone present was 'asking for it'?" asked reader Bruce Dickson.


It will take people maybe a little while longer to get the point.  You know, to really get the pointÖ when it is their turn and their head is being kneed into the ground by someone who is huffing and puffing and rather angry, heís all hyped up with adrenaline and other drugs.  Thatís why. 


Thereís an article in the States.  Iíve talked about how they do things incrementally in different places.  Iíve talked about the multi-jurisdictional task forces that are set up under the NAFTA agreements by the way Ė actually set up even before that with the Free Trade Negotiations that they had for the Americas, Canada and the States Ė and how they can use firemen, police, and the military all together.  It doesnít really come under any legal laws anymore because they are really a new kind of organization.  In other words, if you are not mentioned in the law books, the multi-jurisdictional task forces, then itís okay to go into folksí homes without warrants and stuff like that.  Here is an article of West Oakland in California. 


Oakland Police Search Without Warrants

In a little-known city program that critics say may be unconstitutional, cops join fire and building inspectors as they enter homes without a warrant and then arrest residents if they find anything illegal.

By Alex Weber / eastbayexpress.com / June 30, 2010


On a gloomy recent morning in West Oakland, tenants at the David Gray Building ó or, Off-Ramp Studios, as everyone who lives there calls it ó stood in the hallways outside their lofts. They gathered around their doors in nervous clusters and spoke in hushed tones, wondering aloud whether they should head to work or stay and observe while two Oakland police officers, two building services code enforcers, a fire inspector, and three property management representatives entered all of their units one by one.


Traditionally the entire procedure would have required a search warrant. But on this day, the group of cops and city officials were operating under a little-known Oakland city program, (A:  Itís actually elsewhere too.) called "SMART" ó Specialized Multi-Agency Response Team (A:  Thatís what they call it in the States.) ó that some legal experts say may be unconstitutional. That's because they enter people's homes without consent or a warrant.  (A:  Then they go on and on about going into, doing them ALL because ONE apartment apparently had a party a week previously and somebody smelled marijuana.  But later on you get the usual kind of stuff about, itís unconstitutional, and a manís home is his castle, and quaint old-fashioned ideas like that getting voiced.  Thatís all it is, is voiced, because it means nothing anymore, obviously.)


The US has sent warships to Costa Rica, of all places.  Remember, I put all the links up for the articles at the end of the show on my sites for you to see and you can look them up yourself.  This article isÖ


US warships cause anger in Costa Rica

The United States maintains a complex web of military facilities and functions in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Sun, 4 Jul 2010 / presstv.ir


Costa Rica has allowed 46 US warships and 7,000 Marines to enter the country despite objection by the opposition parties, which describe the move as "illegal."  (A:  Well, again, thatís a quaint old-fashioned idea isnít it?)


Costa Rican opposition parties denounced the decision of the Legislative Assembly, describing it as "illegal" and "in violation of national sovereignty,Ē (A:  Thatís a very quaint idea, that one.) Presna Latina reported Saturday.


The decision grants US troops permission to stay in Costa Rica from July 1 to December 31 to fight drug trafficking.  (A:  So the Ďwar on drugs,í you see.  46 war ships and 7,000 marines.)


The Costa Rican government, however, argues that the combat capability of the US warships, helicopters and marines is disproportionate to the threat caused by drug trafficking.


The permission is tantamount "to giving a blank check" to the US forces, Luis Fishman, deputy of the Unidad Social Cristiana said.


"We cannot support an illegal act, we won't allow the Constitution to be broken," Fishman added.  (A:  Well, theyíve got a lesson to learn as well, as everybody else has already learned it, I hope.  So it goes on and on and on about that.)


Of course they already have a base there I believe but this is a BIG fleet they sent in there with marines to do a job AND they have actually said that the marines have been given the right to adopt a strategy of complete dominanceÖ complete dominance.  You will be hearing more of that term used elsewhere in the world and probably a place close to home - or close to YOU - shortly. 


The US has been hyping up amazing propaganda about their National Health System about to come in.  Iíve read the RAND report that the government commissioned.  Believe you me, itís nothing but a slash and burn policy for EVERYONE down to bare, minimal care; exactly what the United Nations charter said it would be.  They want universal health care with minimal care available to everyone.  That means you might wait 12 hours in a walk-in clinic, and thatís what they are going to bring in by the way.  You will not be sent off to specialists for this, that, or the other, or for examinations that might catch things in time that you could be operated on.  They are all out the window; they cost money, you see.  But here is the reality of National Health Service care.  Itís a control mechanism.  They will still be giving you all your injections and lots more injections for children to make sure that they grow up with a few IQ points down the tube.  They will be obedient and proper citizens, exactly as Bertrand Russell said; when he said, we will use the needle to make compliant, obedient citizens.  He was part of the Royal Institute of International Affairs too.  It saysÖ


London hospital Ďhired out ward for porn film shootí 

(A:  This is a National Health Service hospital, right.  They hired out a ward for a porno movie, because they were getting PAID for it.)

Nicholas Cecil, Chief Political Correspondent / 06.07.10 / thisislondon.co.uk


A London hospital was today at the centre of controversy after an MP claimed that it hired out one of its wards to a film company to shoot a porn movie.


Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt told the Commons that the movie had ended up generating ďsubstantial incomeĒ for the hospital. She did not want to identify the hospital.


But the Standard understands it is St Charles Hospital off Ladbroke Grove in west London. Local health chiefs were unable to confirm or deny this.  (A:  MeaningÖ they were unable to confirm or deny itÖ they all got payoffs, obviously, from it.)


Ms Mordaunt raised the case to highlight the need for transparency in public spending.  (A:  Good luck with that.  Iíve never seen it anywhere in any country in the world.)


ďWhen I was director of Kensington and Chelsea council, I discovered that one of our local hospitals was hiring out one of its closed ó but fully equipped ó wards to a film company to use as a film set,Ē she said.  (A:  They might as well use them for other purposes because they are not using them for patients; that would cost money.)


ďTo add insult to injury, the movie was a pornographic one. Although I cannot claim to have seen the final picture ó as I understand these things are no longer claimable on parliamentary expenses (A:  Thatís her dig at Parliament because of that big scandal that happened with the head of their version of Homeland Security who was even claiming porn movies on the expense tab, along with their 3 or 4 houses.)ó it was a big-budget affair and generated substantial income for the hospital. But apart from cheering up a few of the inpatients, (A:  They had to put a bit of a joke in there.)  it cannot be said to be contributing to the objectives of the primary care trust.Ē  (A:  So thatís how FAR it goes down when you bring in National Health Services.  Then itís under the government and the government, well, itís got political policies and agendas, sterilization, stuff like that, to do.  Vasectomies, abortionsÖ they will be done in the States but everything else is going to be a big hassle to get.  They also slash budgets all the time.  And guess what is the first one to go when the IMF comes in - as it already is by the way?  Your health service, your health care.)


They always go on about vaccinations and vaccinations and we know, Iíve gone through umpteen things before over the years about the contaminants even in the polio vaccine that Dr. Salk knew were in them that caused nothing but cancers in people.  He said it was worth the risk of the cancers to stop polio, even though polio was already stopped by the way.  It had already gone through, then they renamed it to meningitis and encephalitis.  But it did give people cancers, especially the Simian Virus 40; it was included in the injection.  You canít believe anything they tell you in the authorized system.  Itís interesting too that Dr. Salk for instance, wrote books for the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  He was the head at one point of the British Eugenics Societyís department for depopulation by all means possible.  He was the guy who contributed most of their writings at one point in fact and suddenly he turns around with an injection to help the people.  Well schmucks everybody else, eh; schmucks on you.  We never learn.  We donít use our common sense because why?  We have been domesticated.  Most folk donít have it anymore.  Here is an article about a smallpox vaccination.  The only ones who get smallpox now are folk who catch it from people who have been vaccinated.


Woman contracts smallpox from recently vaccinated man

by Jeffrey Bigongiari on July 6, 2010 / Vaccine News Daily.com


In the state of Washington, a woman in her 20s has reportedly been infected with smallpox after having sexual relations with her boyfriend in the military who had recently been vaccinated for smallpox.


There have been five known cases in the last year of women in four states acquiring the vaccinia virus, which is the virus found in the smallpox vaccine, after having sexual contact with (A:  Listen to how they phrase thisÖ) members of the military, (A:  Thatís their little joke put in there.) the Centers for Disease Controlís July 2 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report stated.


The vaccination site of a recently inoculated person generally remains infectious for two to three weeks after vaccination and inadvertent inoculation to another part of the body or to another person can occur during this period. (A:  That goes for all these vaccinations too, even polio.)  The CDC encourages education be given to vaccinees about the potential for sexual transmission. People with weakened immune systems, (A:  That is everybody today with the GMO food and the aerial spraying.) a history of dermatological conditions and pregnant women are at risk of facing complications from vaccinia infection.


The Washington state woman had a history of (A:  They are trying to explainÖ obviously they have been told to try to cover this so they go into the fact that she hadÖ ) eczema as a child.  (A:  Well, that does not excuse the fact that you caught smallpox from someone who was inoculated recently.  That doesnít excuse it at all.)


(A:  Here is a little bit at the bottom page thoughÖ)  Health care providers (A:  It shows you how the power of pharma, right, and the power ofÖ Pharma is part of the Military-Industrial Complex.  Thatís why itís so covered up and given such a free hand in so many things.) are not required to nationally notify in the case of positive vaccinia testing but are encouraged to report such findings to the CDC.  (A:  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix here.  Itís interesting too that in Canada today they, sort of celebrating being Canadian, they gave us the new tax, the extra Value Added Tax.  They combined the provincial, which is state tax, with the federal tax, which is actually a Value Added Tax called GST.  They combined them together and rather than call it the combined tax, because they are going to give us a third one down the road with carbon and so on.  They are calling it the Ďharmonized sales tax.í  Harmony is a nice word, you see.  Isnít it a nice word?  Itís got a nice psychological ring to it of niceness.  Harmony, you know, you think of the Beach Boys or something like that when you hear harmony.  So itís a Ďharmonizedí sales tax.  They jacked it up 8%, on top of everything else.  Thatís gasoline.  Thatís all your winter fuel.  Thatís everything. 


HST kicks in Canada Day; drives up prices for electricity, gas, diesel, heating

By Keith Leslie / therecord.com


Thatís what they love to give the people, as they rob the people in this Ďcommonwealth of nations.í  They rob the commonsí wealth.  Thatís what your governments really do today.  When you understand how many taxes they bring in to government, itís incredible. You canít get all the zeroes.  You canít picture them all in your mind, behind the actual numbers; there are just too many.  Itís never enough though is it?  Itís never enough, supposedly.  And all the hidden taxes on everything you already purchase.  Never enough.  It never will be enough.  Never enough. 


Part of that Rockefeller study combined with the Global Business Network, it was done in a military precision with their projections for the next 30-50 years, exactly the same as the military predictions that were done for the British military, by their think tank, and NATO countries, and the United States military.  Iíve got them up on my web site in the archives section.  Itís exactly the same in fact, for businesses.  Remember, Carroll Quigley said that the corporation, the CEOs of corporations WILL BE the new feudal overlords in this new feudal system because thatís what we are going into.  You see, Royalty prefers feudalism; itís much easier having peasants who doff the hat as they ride by on their ponies; you know, the elite.  But part of it also mentioned something that was trialed last year in a few places in the States, at least in the news media.  They get you used to it, the trial balloon, where they are going to give you ID bracelets if you are in a contaminated area.  Well, here is an article hereÖ


Global patients tracked here

Augusta company makes triage easier around the world

By Tim Rausch-Business Editor / Sunday, July 4, 2010 / chronicle.augusta.com


FedEx can track a package as it circles the globe, but most emergency management teams cannot keep real-time track of patients going from a disaster scene to different hospitals.  (A:  It also means wherever else you go once you are tagged with these things.)


They can in northern Virginia, where emergency rescue teams use software and technology from an Augusta firm, Global Emergency Resources.  (A:  That ties in with the United Nations.  They are all over the place, that company.)


With a hand-held computer, patients are tracked from triage to hospital admission, the fruit of Stan Kuzia's 6-year-old company.


"Events like Haiti are showing that there needs to be mobile patient tracking, real time, anywhere in the world," Kuzia said.


Global Emergency Resources' technology was used during repatriation efforts from the Haiti earthquake. "As people were coming back into Andrews Air Force Base, they were tracking them," Kuzia explained.  (A:  It also means if you are driving anywhere and try to get away, they would also know where you are.  You understand that too, I hope, for those that think.)


Well thatís a short hour; it really flies in as always.  So from a very hot and muggy Ontario, Canada, and from Hamish and myself, itís good night and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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