July 7, 2010 (#615)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 7, 2010:

Individual's Perspective:
Voting to Me Seems to be a Psychosis,
Where Sheeple and Wolves Form Symbiosis:

"Authoritarian Propaganda Takes Time to Pave,
It's Step-by-Step Process, Free Man to Slave,
People's Nature Worldwide's to be Sociable,
Fair Game for the Psychopath Glibly Negotiable,
Masses Seek Pleasure and Avoidance of Pain,
Their Conflict Avoidance is Psychopaths' Gain,
Politicians and Promises When They're Running,
Upon Election, Grinning, Say They were Funning,
The Gov. takes Sons, Your Shirt, Pants and Coat,
Still Social Masses Go Out and Dutifully Vote,
The Poorer They Get, You'd Hope They'd Suspect
There's Something Rotten in Those They Elect,
Yup, Their Sociable Natures'll be Their Ending,
While Fat-Cats Thrive, Enjoying the Spending,
Tamed, Emasculated, He's no Money to Save,
GMO Fed, Vaccinated, Free Man to Slave"
© Alan Watt July 7, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 7, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on July 7, 2010.  Iíve always suggested and always will suggest that newcomers look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and bookmark all the other sites youíll see listed there.  These are the official sites I have up, anything else is not mine.  [Official sites listed above.]  Remember, all these sites have audios for download.  They all have a lot of transcripts in English of these talks Iíve given for download and print up.  If you want transcripts in other languages, go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu web site and choose the language of your choice; it has the same audios too.  You might find it easier to download when you find it is sticky.  Too many folk go into the .com at the same time, which happens generally the following day early in the morning, so try these alternate sites.  While you are there go into the books I have for sale.  They are different.  They are very different in fact from the standard books youíll see authorized to be put out there, from the weird to the wonderful to the ridiculous.  I show you techniques, within the books, of mind control, really.  Itís conology.  Itís the art of conology and how vast amounts of people, whole nations can be really put under a form of mind control that the ancients knew with their various religions right up to the present day.  Of course, now itís into the university level and taught to people who go into politics as advisor and special capacities.  They are always appointees and they are the guys behind the scenes that are the drivers, really, of the presidents.  The presidents and politicians are just the front men for these guys.  We are run by conology so I try to show you how itís done.  They definitely have their little signs and symbols which they love so dearly and they flash in front of you all the time.  Itís very important remember, to watch when presidents or prime ministers get up for a speech, a major speech, and watch the flags at the side, watch how they are furled, watch what is shown, even though it is hanging there and it is drooping, watch what is shown to you.  Itís interesting what you will see, along with the little phrases that they give out in the speech to add to the symbolism.  Everything tells a story and combined it tells you the true story, not the one that you are thinking you are hearing and meant for the public.  Itís always interested me, for instance, when the US goes to war and the president comes on with a speech.  You will always see the flag furled, itís hanging it down there, and the only foot of the eagle that is apparent to you is the one with the arrows.  Thatís for war.  Thatís the symbol of Manasseh, for those who donít know.  Itís the same as the Rothschildís shield; thatís one of the symbols thatís on their shield.  Manasseh is the eagle with the arrows in one and the olive branch on the other.  So look at it.  Itís so, so important to see whatís really being shown to you.  If they are not really going to go to war, youíll see the olive branch there, so itís a con for the public to terrify YOU for some other reason. 


So buy the books and the CDs and DVDs that I have for sale because I try to show you a form of deprogramming.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Weíve all been programmed.  We are born into to the program.  Your parents were too and they start the process off, maybe Kindergarten will take it over from them and cartoons take over as well.  They are FULL of politically correct and upcoming agendas, from the greening and all that kind of stuff.  Youíll also find it through the school system that finishes off the job for them.  So we are all standardized into a different reality Ė we are all into the right Platoís cave.  We are all into the same massive cave, or cavern, stuck together, all agreeing that we all know whatever there is to know because we are so bright, we are so well educatedÖ and weíve all been fools and suckers in reality.  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, you can get in touch with me at [address listed above].  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  The matrix is that system you are born into and it takes an awful long time to even try to start figuring out how it works, where it ALL is, because there are lots of compartments in the matrix, and every class has been given a special matrix for themselves; thatís from the media and so on.  Thatís why they give you the so-called Ďrespectableí newspapers where the politicians and the bureaucrats and so on all live, so that THEY will get set, in the mind set, that they are supposed to use for their term and employment.  Then they give the middle classes a different outlet for papers, novels, and so on for their class so they will also get the messages that they are supposed to.  In other words, you always go for the managers first, over the other people, and then the working class, and you get the rags at the bottom with the oohs and the aahs and whoís had the boob implant and stuff like that.  That literally is what they feed you at the bottom.  They give you headlines which are often misleading according to the stories they are actually presenting.  Youíll see some horrific stories coming out of countries like Iraq and then right next to it, all down the side, is all the Hollywood trash stuff, the bimbos.  Thatís for the lower classesÖ all managed that way.  So most of the people are in the lower classes and they literally are given a schizophrenic idea of what the world is all about.  Why do anything about it when itís kind of unreal?  After all, how can you put such horrific stories right next door to all this trashy stuff that are all on the sides of it? 


Thatís what Carroll Quigley said too.  He said that The Times, for instance, was managed.  It was one of their first MAIN newspapers that was aimed specifically at the managerial class, the managers OVER the public, the ones who would be the bureaucrats and civil servants who would read it and manage the public.  So they were given all their ideas, mainly, from that particular newspaper. Then they spread out into other branches and then they created what they call the moguls, the newspaper moguls, barons, and they always get knighted for their work.  They also give them for every British Commonwealth country, the same idea, chains of them.  In Canada we had ours too which also ran most of the US's through Conrad Black for a long time and Barbara Walters and Kissinger who were also a members of if it.  That was the Hollinger group.  So they literally give you all the news, which is not really news; itís more indoctrination with slants on how you are going to perceive it and how you will then act it into your life or those beneath you if you are in the managerial class.  Then they give appropriate stuff for the classes down below.  Itís always been that way for a long, long time. 


So even those who read these newspapers at the top are still being conditioned with whatís politically correct for THEM, for their class, but they donít decide themselves what is.  It comes from a higher level than themselves.  It comes from the groups, the Council on Foreign Relations and so on, the ones who own the media who belong to All Souls College in England because thatís where their inner group still meets.  They decide the news for the whole planet, including the India Times for the Indians to run their country, and every other country that they are a member of.  In the States you have the New York Times, they had the Christian Science Monitor, and different ones like that all run by the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations. 


If you go into the Chatham House Ė thatís the headquarters for the Royal Institute of International Affairs; the one in the States is called the Harold Pratt Building and thatís the Council on Foreign Relations Ė and look into all the projects they are working on, this non-profit, independent organization as they say, just like the RAND corporation that tells government whatís coming up and how to avoid things and what things are best to introduce in policies for the public, etc.  The ďparallel governmentĒ as Quigley called them, and thatís what they are.  They have told us in all their sites too, that all these possible scary scenarios in which they see happening from 2012Ö and Iím not kidding.  Even that Global Business Network/Rockefeller survey that they had with a think tank working for it came up with the same scenarios with food shortages, riots and so on, starting in the year 2012, maybe in some third world countries.  They didnít dispute it could happen in the West as well, and rising and escalating up to the year 2030 and beyond. 


That ties in with the think tanks which work for the British military and they gave them the scenarios for the next 50 years and then the one for the United States military, which they are all on board with the same agenda.  The public are the enemy apparently.  They are terrified of the public and therefore they go into massive overkill in order to maintain power.  Thatís what the whole, all these surveys and these think tanks are about, how to maintain power as they bring the world first into the global society and then theyíd bring it all down.  We are actually IN the global society now and they are working hard to bring it all down. Thatís why the crash happened when it did.  That IS why 9/11 happened when it did, Ďthe Pearl Harbor event.í  I have no doubt too, thatís why the BP oil rig happened when it did because thatís their Pearl Harbor event for the environmental, carbon taxes and everything else, and energy conservation.  Yep.  Nothing big happens in the world without being planned that way.  And everything about the BP oil spill stinks to high heaven. 


We are in a post-democratic society.  Thatís what they are calling it at the top amongst themselves and in their publications.  You can go into their own sites and check all this stuff out.  Democracy is too cumbersome.  Margaret Thatcher talks about this when she said that when she retired from politics Ė well, she went into the House of Lords Ė but she said that, I belong to the parallel government; we all know each other, ex-Prime Ministers, ex-Presidents, across the world and we still work together; we are not answerable to the public so we can get things done.  They are called technocrats now, the ones with the real power, according to Quigley.  Itís true.  Whatever they are up to is never mentioned in the media.  The politicians take the heat for what they are doing but the technocrats donít take the heat for anything.  They are very efficient.  They are quick. They are on board with the one agenda and they all agree the world cannot be run in a democratic fashion.  Itís becoming too complex, - they say over and over - too many competing and conflicting parties and groups vying for their special wants and demands and therefore they have to run this world in an authoritarian fashion.  Thatís what you have been seeing since 2001 and itís to get a lot, lot worse. 


They did say in that Global Business NetworkÖ and go into my site; I talked about it a few days ago, last week as well.  You will see they talk about that, that the public will have to accept more and more authoritarian rule.  They say thatís the only way they can bring them through possible coming flu pandemics and all this kind of stuff, all the usual panics they give us to scare us into saying please help us, just feed us, we will do anything you say. 


We know too Ė and Iíve said this from the very beginning Ė the internet was GIVEN to the public.  Iíve gone through who gave it to us and they are still working hard even with the Global Business Network and the Rockefeller Foundation, those particular guys and Technocracy Inc.  The internet really is a way of monitoring us, you see, constantly updating OUR data, to those who build it into our personality profile automatically.  Then they can actually run programs on YOU in a virtual little program; how you would react in different situations.  And they say itís quite perfect in fact.  So itís not forever, you see.  Lots of people probably will stay on it as long as they are given it regardless of the factÖ in fact a lot of youngsters will actually say that they donít mind.  They donít mind. Itís almost like they are saying who needs privacy anyway?  Eventually having privacy, or even saying I want or demand privacy, is going to be anti-social. 


Just like China, they use social approval and social disapproval.  The guys who designed that for China work at the United Nations.  They actually wrote a book a while back and claimed that they were also the ones who created the Pavlovian responses against smokers, to the non-smokers, by getting to the children and having them go into coughing bouts whenever they saw someone 50 yards away light up a cigarette.  Social approval, social disapproval can be introduced into any society.  You will see it across the Western world.  You are already seeing it in fact across the Western world, in some countries like Britain.  People turn in neighbors because they saw them putting the wrong item in the wrong garbage bin.  You see, social approval, social disapproval. They train us by using the mob, the brainwashed masses who think itís all wonderful and they play that song all the time, donít worry, be happy.  You know, that type. 


We also know that the so-called Smart Meters they are putting in for your electricity Ė because I talked to them here, and they put it in here; you have no option by the way, unless you just want to cut them off all together.  They said that it communicates to their headquarters in two fashions.  The one is FM and the other one is broadband; basically in other words, straight across the incoming cables.  I always knew that AC lines were a two-way communications.  That is another thing too; I might go into it one night and tell you how they have been snooping in your homes, not by putting in anything special, but they are putting in these natural sockets into your wall with hard plastic that vibrates when you speak and stuff like that.  You have no idea how many ways they have to snoop on you and have been for maybe 60-70 years.  But thatís the real world, you see, because we must always be monitored.  Always being monitored.  They used to send spies out in the 1800s.  I think it was the City of London had about over 1,000 spies or so and greater London had 5,000 spies, all placed amongst the public, in their streets, etc, and theyíd know them as Mr Jones or Mr Brown or whatever.  He would either be retired or semiretired or something like that and they would collect just gossip on all the neighbors to see what they were up to, who was doing what.  Thatís how they kept tabs on everybody under their dominion.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix.  The matrix is full of deception.  You are born into it.  You didnít design it.  You didnít design this system.  It was designed long before you were even thought of.  Itís been on the go for an awful long time. 


In ancient times they used to have priests that would give the mindsets to the people.  Even as far back and even before, Iím sure, ancient Egypt.  They knew the techniques to condition slaves so that they would never run away.  Never run away because the eye of Ra was everywhere, always watching you, always watching everything that you did, even knew what you were thinking.  And you raise the children like that, of slaves.  They were very passive and obedient and they are taught there is nothing they can do, there is nowhere they can go, their only function is to serve and thatís what they did.  They served.  If someone had come along and said, you know, there is no one around here for an awful long way so why donít you just run off?  It would have sounded crazy to them, utterly nuts.  You can make people believe anything if you get them early enough, more so if the parents in turn already were indoctrinated into the same system.  Everything will seem quite natural to them in fact. 


Thatís how it is today too.  People really think that they are born free.  Itís a crazy system to think that they are born free because you are NOT born free.  You cannot be born free with preexisting duties to the state.  Really, thatís what a citizen means.  If you are proud to be a citizen, then you therefore have preexisting duties to the state before you were born.  You are born into it, with preexisting duties.  And they keep increasing these duties.  Itís interesting that the word Ďdutyí also means taxes.  Duties.  It means taxes and taxes means labor.  Of course the substitute for all labor is money.  Thatís what they make you earn so that they can tax it back from you.  So in reality they are getting you to work, for a lot of your work, and put it in for actually nothing, to pay them. 


Jefferson said the truth too.  Albeit the fact that he was a high Mason and all the rest of it, and those were the days of REVOLUTIONARY FREEMASONRY.  But he did say that any, ANY generation born in to a system where they have preexisting debt to pay off by a generation that is already gone are therefore slaves.  They are born IN to slavery.  Thatís what slavery IS.  And yet government, somehow along the line, without changing anything on the books, that we can see, gave themselves permission to borrow money outside of their own countries and put you all down as collateral basically, and guarantors that YOU will pay off these debts. 


Thatís what started with the Bank of England.  They knew that back in the founding father days of the United States.  Britain when to war after war after war after that because they had a mission and the mission was to create a world federation, the federation of the world, the commonwealth.  They knew that the US - and they fought hard against central banking - but they got one put in pretty quick and then they got the REAL one much, much later.  Under a con of course, as they had to do it; the bankers rule the system.  Since when does your government borrow from abroad, from a world bank, in order to give it to a third world country?  Isnít that what charity is supposed to doÖ voluntarilyÖ as a voluntary thing?  And you know darn well when government is involved itís not going to the third world country, at least not to the people.  It goes to international corporations that set up IN that place.  It goes through each governmentís department of Overseas Economic Development Corporation, this strange semi public/private organization that has been there, set up under all the signatories and the countries that signed on to the United Nations at the end of World War II. 


They were doing exactly then what Karl Marx was talking a long time before about, the redistribution of wealth.  YOUR wealth, not theirs of course; the wealthy donít do that.  Theyíve got all these loopholes built in to the system.  But to make sure that your money was transferred abroad - for the greater good you understand - for the international corporations who would bring employment overseas, as they raped and pillaged the land.  Thatís the reality of what we are living through and have been living through and your parents lived through and their grandparents as well.  You cannot write a charter of rights in a constitution and then sit on your jack duff Ė your jack duff is your posterior Ė thinking itís all been done, because as soon as the ink dries there are already people working to alter it, which they did of course. 


Power is amazing.  Itís a magnet to psychopaths.  And you DO have intergenerational psychopaths and families who can also work together with other family psychopaths in the same line when it benefits themselves.  


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  I just got cut off there so Iíll carry on.  It think I was just talking about, really, rights and freedoms and how they are grabbed off you before you know it, before the ink dries on the paper that says you have any rights.  If you read, and youíve got to read the book, not just the silly little cartoon that they did on Animal Farm by George Orwell.  READ the book because you will see, in a comical fashion, how they kept altering their constitution by going up in the middle of the night, the little pigs up a ladder, and adding another word to the end of each sentence.  It completely changed the meaning. 


These tricks obviously are not new.  They were not done for the first time by the US; they were done by other countries long before them.  Thatís what clever people do. They run by deceit.  They are very good at deceit.  Something as simple as changing a word or altering a word or adding a word at the end of something would occur to them.  You would feel terrible about trying that and youíd get caught, it would be wrong.  No. They donít have any of this conscience problem and they know themselves that they can generally get away with it.  The public are so naÔve, incredibly naÔve, because we are told so much rubbish by the controlled media, the owned media, every day and itís worked so well up until now.  They tell us whatever nonsense they wish to.  We saw the farce of the Ďembeddedí reporters as they went into Iraq for instance.  EMBEDDED reporters, going in with your own troops were going to be impartial?  You know.  It doesnít work that way.  Why bother giving us propaganda at all?  Thatís all it was. 


Getting back to what I started off about, the internet and how you really help them, as they alter us of course.  You help them to get personality profiles.  The Pentagon literally has a little virtual you in one of their massive computer banks there.  I read the article about a year ago or more on the air where they do all these little simulations on what would YOU do if you were in this situation or that situation and so on, all for PREDICTABILITY.  For totalitarian societies they must have the people being very predictable.  They used thousands of spies before they had electronics, at least openly to the public; they had electronics before WE heard of radios and so on.  Now itís much easier.  We help them with their data collection.  The up-and-coming generation are addicted to the Net and regardless if it changes right over to the mainstream, which it really has, then they will continue as long as they can get their porn and their games and stuff like that, and their Facebooks and all that kind of stuff, for free. 


They are going to start bringing down the sites they donít like.  I talked the other day about those sites that they are going to start going after with controversial views.  It all comes under the radicalization, home-grown radicalization of terrorists and so on, which is a broad covering for anyone who doesnít agree with the establishment in power; anybody, obviously.  I mentioned too, about the kill switch that Lieberman and the rest had suggested that they put in it for the internet.  Everybody is panicking too because they canít think of doing without the internet.  Itís like the world would end if they had no internet.  It even happened in Y2K; thatís how quickly people adapted and got addicted to the internet. They forgot all about writing letters and printing up newsletters and sending them out and stuff like that, or lines of communication that were already established by people who did not have the internet, who lived before you.  Itís out the window.  It doesnít dawn on them.  And most would never go back to it; too much trouble.  Itís easy to sit there on your duff and just click away there and send things back and forth for the NSA to collect isnít it? 


Here is an article reaffirming the same thing.  This is one of the first ones that came out.  Itís from Australia. 


Internet 'kill switch' proposed for US

A new US Senate Bill would grant the President far-reaching emergency powers to seize control of, or even shut down, portions of the internet.

Declan McCullagh, CNET.com on June 15th, 2010 / zdnet.com.au


The legislation says that companies such as broadband providers, search engines or software firms that the US Government selects "shall immediately comply with any emergency measure or action developed" by the Department of Homeland Security. Anyone failing to comply would be fined.


That emergency authority would allow the Federal Government to "preserve those networks and assets and our country and protect our people," (Alan:  Itís always done to protect youÖ everything is to protect you.) Joe Lieberman, the primary sponsor of the measure and the chairman of the Homeland Security committee, told reporters on Thursday. Lieberman is an independent senator from Connecticut who meets with the Democrats.


Due to there being few limits on the US President's emergency power, which can be renewed indefinitely, the densely worded 197-page Bill (PDF) (A:  The link is in this article.  Grab it too; you donít know when these things will disappear.) is likely to encounter stiff opposition.


TechAmerica, probably the largest US technology lobby group, said it was concerned about "unintended consequences that would result from the legislation's regulatory approach" and "the potential for absolute power". (A:  Well, thatís what itís all about.  Itís not just the potential, it IS for absolute power isnít it? ďThe potential for absolute powerĒÖ [Alan laughing.])


So nothing will happen except everyone will put in their, oh, thatís not right and we are the official representatives of blah, blah, blah.  They will do a lot of talking about it and of course it will go ahead, as it obviously will.  Obama is going ahead to sue Arizona, for instance, because Arizona exercised their rights and their laws on immigration.  I mean, here is the federal government trying to block one of their federated states from exercising its own constitutional right. The federal government does not want them to do it, which means that the federal government wants that particular immigration in, doesnít it?  Obviously. 


Obama administration sues to block Arizona immigration law

By David G. Savage, McClatchy-Tribune / timescolonist.com / July 6, 2010


Demonstrator protest against Arizona's controversial immigration law in front of the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City, (A:  So theyíve already got their planned groups down there. They are already organized to demonstrate in front of the United States embassy, etc.) May 29, 2010. The law requires state and local police to determine people's immigration status if there is "reasonable suspicion" they are in the United States illegally. The sign reads "Exterm".


WASHINGTON ó The Obama administration launched a legal attack on Arizona's strict new immigration law Tuesday, arguing that only Washington can set the nation's rules for arresting illegal immigrants.  (A:  Well, since when?  Since when?  Isnít it amazing, that Karl Marx telegraph to Lincoln at the end of the civil war to congratulate him for strengthening and centralizing the governmentís power?  Because Marxism was about centralization folks, total authority from one center, TOTAL authority.  And if you read the book by Webster, who wrote it just before the civil war - there is a book on speech he made - and he said that the actual states, the independent states, had the right to SECEDE wherever they wanted to if the federal government broke its agreements with them.  They had the right, which they all knew at that time.)


The government said Tuesday its immigration enforcement policy "targets . . . dangerous aliens," including violent criminals, gang members, drug traffickers and others "who pose a danger to the national security and a risk to public safety" while the Arizona law would force federal officials to cope with a flood of illegal immigrants who pose no danger.  (A:  How do they know they pose no danger?)


The lawsuit urges a federal judge in Phoenix to block Arizona's law from taking effect later this month. It adds new weight on the side of the pending suits by immigrants-rights advocates, who say Arizona's stepped-up enforcement would lead to racial profiling and harassment of Latinos.


The move raises the political stakes for the White House. President Barack Obama made no public statement upon the filing of the lawsuit, but Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano ó a former Arizona governor ó said the state was out of line. (A:  What does that mean?  Is that a legal term, itís Ďout of lineí?)  "Setting immigration policy and enforcing immigration law is a national responsibility," Holder said. "A patchwork of state laws will only create more problems than it solves." 


Well, the only reason Arizona has introduced it is because the feds were doing nothing about it and a lot of chaos has been occurring.  Itís amazing too, to me, that Obama sends a fleet of ships into Costa Rica, 46 warships and 7,000 marines, because of drugs and taking over a country really, when he knows darn well how much comes in from South America, with supposedly these immigrants, used as pack mules.  And yet he wonít send all that down there.  Why?  There is always a reason.  Why?  Mind you, of course the CIA always brings in the biggest batchÖ maybe in fact, itís because they donít want competition.  The CIA brings most of the stuff in you see.  They donít like competition.  Thatís what the war on drugs is, itís to keep all the small holders out while the big boys like the CIA keep doing it. Thatís who are flying it in.  Everyone who knew Bill Clinton long before they made him president knew what was going on down there and where the planes were coming in and out of.  Thatís a whole other story.


There are reasons for everything that happens because they must change the face of America and it means changing the culture of America. Thatís really what itís about.  They did it in Britain.  Iíve gone through the history of Britain.  Iíve read the articles from the secretary of Tony Blair, who opened the floodgates even wider than they already were.  Blair said that he wanted to change, CHANGE the face of Britain forever so it could never go back to a British culture.  It had to be destroyed.  Thatís the reason.  In Canada you know, I think it was Claire Hoy, maybe, in The Sun, back in the 80s, when they used to publish the immigration quotas for Canada; he had them printed up.  I think it was Claire Hoy, but it was in The Sun anyway.  At that time the Canadian policy was 97% nonwhite only, that was for the immigrant quotas, since Pierre Trudeau.  Thatís the policy.  Itís also the policy of the Royal Institute of International Affairs that runs the commonwealth as they call it, the WORLD commonwealth, with the Anglo-American Establishment IN the United States with the same policy through the CFRÖ with the free flow of, they call it, goods and labor, selective labor, but they decide from WHERE.   They want to eradicate all the tribal factions that live in their own little countries; they could war with each other. That was the excuse they gave. 


Quite something from guys who created all the main wars weíve ever known, because they are liars you see.  When you demolish people and they have no culture to stand on, they are sitting ducks for all the changes that you have planned for them, because they will not stand up cohesively together to ward off any danger.  Thatís what they know.  Thatís what they know.  Thatís what they have found down through history.  Itís not the first time this has happened.  Amazing policy isnít it?  And Pierre Trudeau, who brought in the policy of immigration for Canada, in 1952 was the head of the Comintern Ė thatís the international communist party for Canada.  He led his delegation off to the Moscow meeting to meet the big boys in Russia.  Then he ran to be the Prime Minister years later and not one media reporter would mention that fact which they all knew very, very well.  And you think you are living in a free country where the media is going to tell you real stuff?  No.  You will never, ever get that folks.  Never. 


Here is an article here; itís pretty typical of what Iím talking about.  This is in England which is just as mess now.  I think personally itís finished.  Theyíve had mind games played on them for over 30-40 years big time, totally deculturalized, debased, fed the best Tavistock indoctrination and even television series by the BBC to degrade them even further.  They put the whole campaign through, Ďsingle mums onlyí was really pushed for many, many years until itís the norm, and they get paid to stay home.  And men are all bad.  You see, men will stand up if they still think they are men.  If they have no confidence in themselves they just get drunk you see, and sit at the side of the road and allow nasty things to happen.  This is real warfare.  There are many forms of warfare.  Youíve got to understand itís not just economic and not just bullets and bombs, and psychological.  This article hereÖ


The school with 30 languages where teachers talk to pupils through a computer translator

By Daily Mail Reporter / dailymail.co.uk / 7th July 2010


A school where 60 per cent of pupils speak English as a second language (A:  Meaning basically they are just picking it up now, 60% of them.) has invested in electronic translators for every child so they can communicate with teachers.


Manor Park Primary in Aston, Birmingham, which has 384 pupils of 32 different ethnicities, is the first school in Britain to provide translators for all of its children and to make the tools an integral part of every lesson.


The technology enables teachers to type messages to pupils which are then translated into the 19 native tongues of children with no English.


Another 11 languages are spoken by pupils who have some English.


And with figures showing that one in six primary pupils speaks a different language at home - double the number ten years ago - the technology could soon become a permanent feature in many more schools.


The 'Talking Tutor' can verbally translate English into 25 languages including Polish, Urdu, Pakistani and Chinese. A further 200 languages can be translated on-screen. 


Remember I read an article about a year ago where a girl had been brought up on a hate charge at school because she walked out of a classroom that she had been told to sit in.  She was English and she spoke English but no one else in the class did; they all spoke Urdu and the whole lecture was in Urdu.  So she made a little bit of a stink about it, naturally, and thatís called hate.  Thatís hateful.  What are we living in here?  What is this matrix part?  What is this room in the matrix where everything is upside-down and wrong is right and right is wrong?  What is it?  It didnít happen by itself.  It did not happen by itself. 


Iíve got an article here; itís called the Largest Tax Hikes in History. This is the end, really, of the finishing of the US, as they eliminate anything left of a middle class or even a higher working class going right down.  Itís got a list of all the taxes coming up on January the 1st next year.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  A lot of folk donít like hard facts. They donít like bad news.  But you understand, if you donít know whatís really happening and you want to fight something in some way, youíve got to understand what it IS you are fighting, or complaining about, or yelling about, or disagreeing about.  The fact is youíve got to understand it in ALL of its badness, and its wickedness, its techniques, and its cunningness.  Youíve got to understand all of these things to know what you are taking on.  Otherwise you get flattened. 


These guys at the top obviously cannot be negotiated with because they are working towards a well understood and agreed - they are all on board with it - agenda.  A world agenda to bring everybody down to the same miserable level and then depopulate gradually, gradually, over a long period of time; and they control the food; and they hype up the injections to you, and sterilize you.  Eventually they will have their wonderful utopia maybe in 2050 or soÖ for themselves, with the whole world for themselves and their families, you know, the better genes to go on, as they believe. 


Iíll put up on my site this site.  Itís got a lot of up-and-coming taxes for the US that really hasnít been hit yet, as badly as Europe.  Canada of course, has just stuck on just 8%, an extra tax; upped their Value Added Tax which they call GST here and weíve still got carbon taxes and energy taxes to go on top of all of that.  But the US really hasnít been hit yet and January 1st it will be.  Itís Americans for Tax Freedom; Iíll put up their site too.  Theyíve got a list of all the coming taxes for January 1st.  Itís going to be quite something indeed when they hit you with all of this at once. 


Six Months to Go Until The Largest Tax Hikes in History

From Ryan Ellis on Thursday, July 1, 2010 / atr.org


Thatís what we are going through, you see.  Itís a New World Order.  Remember what Bush Sr said, the New World Order is a TOOL Ė itís a tool Ė for new possibilities.  Thatís what they call it, in their nice vague language to the public.  Possibility thinking, where they come up with ideas and theyíve got brainstorming meetings with their think tanks about things that would sound ludicrous outside of the tank but not actually while you are in the milieu of the tank at the time, and thatís why it works.  The public never catch on that anybody would have such amazing grandiose plans, but they do.  They have discussed everything if they donít pull this off, including, well, there are too many of the wrong kind of people consuming what we will need in the future for OUR families and OUR gene pool to go on.  Thatís all been discussed at the top.  Itís all part of it, always was part of it.  ALWAYS was a part of it. 


Itís only the public at the bottom that are kept in la-la land with their Hollywood stuff on television, and their schizoid news, with sports being interjected, with marital break-ups of stars, and bodies in Iraq, or wherever else they are slaughtering them.  Itís all schizoid and sado-masochistic.  Therefore the public themselves, being under a psychopathic system, who gave you a psychopathic culture, turned around on each other, and even though not psychopathic they abuse each other and they cannot stand together.  Itís time you all stood together folks, and very quickly because bad things are going down and bad times are coming up.  You will need at least quite a few good friends. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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