July 9th, 2010 (#617)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 9th, 2010:

Save the Planet--Can It:
Propaganda Ensures, When Taxed You're Feeling
Good for "Green" Managers Who do the Stealing:

"Income, Property Taxes, GST, VAT and Eco Fees
To Ensure Great Unwashed are On Their Knees,
There Will be no Disposable Income at End of Week
In this Post-Consumer Society which They Seek,
Yes, Fees, Fines and Levies are Consolation,
'Cos no Money to Consume is Saving the Nation,
Strange Though, Our Master Class Live so High,
Still, They Must be Allowed a Piece of the Pie
For Saving We Morons, It's for Our Own Good,
We can Surely Sacrifice Heating, Nutritious Food,
Yes, We Sacrifice so the Fittest Go On it Seems,
Their Manifest Destiny, To Fulfill Their Dreams,
And All Their Success Goes Back to Darwin
Who Validated Aristocracy, why Peasant's Starvin',
Was All in the Way Nature Runs this Place,
To Ensure the Survival of the Super Race"
© Alan Watt July 9th, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 9th, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 9th of July, 2010.  For newcomers I always suggest you should look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website.  You'll find hundreds of audios for download, and I cover a broad range of bases to show you how this big, New World Order is put together, and the various organizations that plan it, the think-tanks that work for them and how really you have a symbiosis of incredibly big business, those who already own the wealth of the planet, and the resources of the planet, and science of course as well, and academia, how they're wrapped right up into it, for their big fat salaries to brainwash the children into being good little enviro-consumers.  Little greenies.  A planned society, that's all it really is.  And we're going through the process now of being trained, by the light stick in a sense.  And eventually the heavy stick will come out over the next few years, very, very shortly in fact as they step up their agenda.  That's how they train the public, you know, just start them off with cajoling us along, and then using the stick.  And I might be touching a little bit on that tonight, because fees are now creeping in.  Enviro-fees, all over the place, and they're not telling the public, you just see it when you get a bill.  It's one of these public/private deals on a federal level, of course.  Although they'll mention your local area to start with, to keep you in suspense.


So go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and look at the books and the discs I have for sale.  If you purchase these, that will keep me ticking over for the meantime.  Once I'm gone remember, I'm gone.  It's the same few people, over and over, across the years, have supported me.  Thousands use this program.  Universities use a lot of the topics I cover, and put it out there to the public.  Pretty well, a lot of stuff you hear on other shows, on patriot radio too, take the lead from me.  They never mention me of course, but that's okay.  Because you see, I'm the only one, I think, who's getting funded by the odd person out there with their pocket change.  That's what I really have come to believe, because very few people send money in at all, so if you want to keep me going at all, for any length of time, it's up to you.  Purchase the items I have up for sale, or donate to me.  And you can use a personal check from Canada to the States, you can use an international postal money order to the States.  I always start with the States because I find the most generous people live in the States.  It's an unfortunate thing to say, but it's true.  And so they can use an international postal money order, or paypal for donation, or to purchase.


And believe you me, donations are accepted and welcome.  Very welcome.  I just tick over.  This is seven days a week.  I don't have a massive staff at all.  In fact there's no staff.  And I'd never choose this to do in a thousand years.  I do this because I got so fed up with the Patriot stations with their navel gazing, I had to show them the bigger picture, and how it affected the whole of the world, and what the rest of the big agenda was.  And this little show here, did really change the direction of all Patriot Radio.  Completely.  So, help me to keep going, and hopefully I can always add more to it.  More things to show you, and to show you why it's going in a certain direction, the directions you haven't even thought of yet, so I explain it out as best I can, on the time I'm allocated.  Remember, the ads you hear on this show are not paid to me.  Most hosts get big cuts from advertising.  I do it this way, because I'm given a free hand to say what I want to say.  The ads are paid directly to RBN by advertisers, to pay for the airtime, and to pay for their staff and equipment and bills, so it's up to you, if you like the stuff at all, to keep me going.  I can go off and teach small groups.  Because I know, I know, I haven't said where this world is going, I know where it's going.  And I know what really has to be done by people who want to come through it.  I think that's the music coming in, so I'll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, I'll say too, at the beginning of the show.  You can also use paypal for ordering across the world.  Send a separate email, along with the paypal donation, and you can use cash as well, Western Union, or Moneygram.  It's all up to you.  Now over the years, I've shown you how the big picture ties together, the big organizations that were set up, long before your parents and grandparents were born, to bring in a new type of society.  You see, we've already lived in what was a controlled society, very controlled.  And the beauty of democracy really was to stop people from uprising against their governments every four or five years.  Generally because of taxations and heavy burdens and wars they bring you into.  And then again, more heavy taxation for the wars, and then leave you with the debt to pay off.  And that really is a great thing really, to stop us from revolting every few years against the powers that be.  So they gave us the idea of democracy, but they didn't stop there either.  If you run the world remember, even a small part of it, or a certain section of it, you don't allow things to happen, you plan the future.  You plan always to be in control of the future.  And that's all you'll find really in a lot of academia, when they go into the big organizations and foundations.  They're all to do with planning the future, and a specific type of future, and different parts of academia have their special parts to play in all of that. 


Mind control itself is a simple technique.  We've always been under forms of mind control from the feudal system even to the present. In the feudal system, the average peasant really believed that this was the only way of life there could be.  They knew no other, they had no history taught to them of any other system, and therefore what was, what is, is, I should say.  And they "minded their place" as they said.  They knew that the feudal overlords could hang them, kill them, or just in a peak of bad anger kill them out of whatever, bad hair day, depends.  And that was okay too.  That was never struck off the books by the way.  I think they're still on it.  Anyway, that's really what we were born into a long time ago, and brought up with.  That's where our ancestors came from.  And when they opened up the Americas, they did give more freedoms, because they wanted America to get built up into a prosperous country.  There were so many natural resources in America.  They also wanted to get rid of what they called their excess populations in an age of mechanization, where they didn't need so many laboring peasants in factories, and so it was a great way for countries to get people into them, to these new countries, who would clear the lands, who would do the heavy work, they'd cut down the trees and the lumber they exported, all that kind of stuff.  And the Big Boys would profit as always you see.  And for a while in the U.S. they had a limited freedom.  And it was a limited freedom, because right after they got their Declaration on Independence, and they won the war, you'll find that the same government turned right round and started a little war, an internal war against the whiskey men, guys making whiskey, the Whiskey Wars.  And because they weren't wanting to pay taxes you see, for whiskey.  They said that was all for the European stuff, now here they're doing it here.  Yeah, well, exactly.  They basically copied all their style after Britain for taxation purposes. 


Yet, for a long time, they kept the bureaucracies fairly small.  And if you go into economics, they will admit in basic economics even, that the reason the U.S. prospered, was the lack of government interference and lack of mighty bureaucracies and government agencies overlooking the working people at the sources.  And the small businesses.  That's why they could take off and prosper, you didn't have people coming out to check what you were doing as you manufactured your products and so on.  You didn't have guys with measuring tapes coming to measure your buildings to see how much they should tax you for.  That didn't come until much later.  And it came much later because they were already into the Anglo-American Establishment.  Deciding on a future for the 20th Century.  Very wealthy, powerful people within the U.S. were already placed there, strategically in fact, to run the money system.  They crashed the U.S. money system three times in the late 1800s, by design.  To plunder a lot of those small businesses, which they then took over for peanuts under bankruptcy laws.  And they formed international corporations out of them.  If you have 500 engineering shops go under, and you buy them over, you just conglomerate them, you see.  And now you've got a big corporation.


And this has gone on right up until the present day.  Because in the 1800s, they decided, this was the way of the future, that a small elite, with the moneyed elite already managing the cash systems, the cash flow for a good part of the world at that time, would merge with a scientific elite, and also with academia. And the peasant would always remain the peasant.  And he'd be kept entertained, and he'll work, and he'll pay taxes, and that keeps the government going with its new ideas to fund their new projects and so on. 


It's not difficult to understand history.  It's only difficult, if you've been brainwashed, to understand the real history behind it.  The reality. The real reasons behind things.  Now we're treated as children, and I've heard people in other countries talk about "the natives" of those countries as children.  No, you can't speak to them as ordinary, you see, they're really children.  And they'd boss them about or even kick them about, and stuff like that.  And we don't realize in your own country, that's what’s been done to us.  We're talked down to like children.  We simply don't understand the big pictures, the big problems that governments face you see, so we get baby talk at the bottom, or we're told really a glossary, superficial, run down of what particular thing it is that's too problematic for us to understand, leaving us more confused than ever.  Everything is done by deception. 


Now remember, Plato is the guy who came up with the idea and the Republic and the perfect world utopia, run by an elite aristocracy, the guardian class with all the workers down below them, a separate species in fact, you might say.  Specially bred for their tasks by mating them up and managing them like husbandry for animals.  He also said, you can't talk down to them and have them understand what you really want of them, so therefore you tell them the noble lie.  The noble lie is they'll never go along with it if they really understand what we're after, so you must lie to them, just like children.  That's never changed, in fact, it's worse now today I think than ever before.  People in Plato's time weren't as stupid as you like to think they were.  Even the ones who had no education.  But we certainly are as stupid as they think we are today.  As they give us bread and circuses like never before.  And linguistic minimalism is dropping off until people can hardly put a sentence through.  The youngsters can't do it.  But it suits the elite perfectly well, because if you can't explain something in detail, something as complex as to do with world governance, what kind of governance, how it's run and so on, if you can't put it across, then people will just stare at you in confusion.  Mind you, if you can put it across, and they are in linguistic minimalism, they'll still stare at you in confusion, because they don't understand what you're saying.  And they have been trained to believe that the media is telling them everything that they should know.  They really do believe that.


Now, on Canada Day, in Canada, where they celebrate Canada Day, and it's mainly the bureaucracies that get out there and celebrate it in Ottawa.  You'll see thousands of them and their families, all waving the flags that the taxpayers pay for, and they're so happy to have these big jobs and well paying jobs, and bulletproof jobs really, they can't get laid off on mass, like everybody else can, and great pension plans, and full drug coverage and so on.  Index related pensions.  So that's why all the bureaucrats, the thousands of them and their families go out there on Canada Day with their children.  And say to the children, this too shall be yours my son or my daughter, or whatever it happens to be.  That's the reality of the world.  We live in a class structure with specialized compartments.  On Canada day, they upped the taxes again.  And they have a Value Added Tax, which they called General Sales Tax, because they didn't want it to be known under the name, Value Added Tax.  And they've now joined it with the provincial or state taxes, in preparation for jacking up again with the value added taxes, another 8%.  Here's something that the public didn't know, because it wasn't advertised at all.  And this is a handout, even the way this thing is written is so, so benign.  It's a handout with no comment or critique on it, nothing.


New eco fees catching consumers by surprise (Alan: In Ontario, you see.)


Levies (A: Which are taxes) from a few cents to several dollars


(A: Then it says here, this is from the Star, Toronto Star.)


Checking her receipt as she left a downtown Canadian Tire, Chris Colorado (A: You know darn well it's written up for a P.R. blurb, a handout, by the company that's running it) noticed a new charge.


Her $1.99 bottle of dish soap was accompanied by a 13-cent “eco fee.”


The levy for thousands of new products, from pharmaceuticals to fire extinguishers, quietly came into effect July 1, (A: Boy was it quiet.) same day as the harmonized (A: harmony, harmony) tax. (A: With 8% jack up on that too.)


But unlike that tax, provincial agencies have done little to publicize the new fees, (A: No, they haven't have they.) catching consumers like Colorado by surprise.


I’ve never heard anything about this fee. No one’s talking about it,” she said. “The fact they just put it without us knowing, I don’t think it’s honest. I don’t like it.” (A: So she's Miss Average.  That's what Miss Colorado is called, this fictional person is supposed to say.)


Stewardship Ontario, (A: No one's heard of Stewardship Ontario) agency (see, it's agency, a private agency in bed with the government.  They're making thousands of these things across the board.) overseeing the eco fees, began its $2.5 million public education campaign at the beginning of the month, (A: Well, they did it by starting to tax us, that's how, I guess that's what they call a public education campaign.) which consists of posters and radio spots, as well as a group which tours public events and provides information about the program.


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I'm back and we're talking about the quiet taxes they're slipping into everything, through private agencies, believe it or not.  We're going to have private agencies taxing us obviously, and now we've got eco fees on top of other things.  Remember we've got carbon fees to come yet, and a whole bunch of other things too.  You see, the whole New World Order idea is to create a post-consumer society.  It's to bring you down into poverty, and the money you used to use to spend on extras and things, or even things you really needed at the time, will go instead to different fees.  Eco fees, and carbon fees and god knows what other kinds of fees, where the hangers on, you know, those who are well connected, but can't get into politics or whatever, are put in their by their buddies, who are in politics, and they can then give themselves fantastic salaries as they look after you, take care of you, you know.  We're just children, we don't know what we're doing.  And you'll have no expendable money left at the end of a month.  It'll have to all go in fees.  That's to replace the consumer society.  That's what it's about.  So, it says here, what gets the fee: 


What gets the fee:

All aerosol containers, from paint to hairspray.

Rechargeable batteries, as well as non-lead acid motive batteries.

Corrosives and irritants, such as household bleaches, drain cleaners and detergents.

Assorted toxic, flammable and reactive products.

Syringes and needles. (A: That will please the diabetics.)

Pharmaceuticals for humans and pets, including prescription medicine, over-the-counter drugs and natural health products. (A: So all those who are already getting screwed silly by the pharma companies, because they've all been crippled by the injections they've had years ago, are going to pay extra for all their prescription medicine as well.)

Fluorescent tubes and bulbs.

Fire extinguishers. (A: Well, there's a good reason not to get them.)

For a full list and details on where to dispose these items, visit makethedrop.ca


So these guys don't do anything except collect lots of dough from extra fees, which are really taxes on the public to a private corporation, made up of a bunch of hangers-on that saw opportunity.  Isn't that what they always say today, these characters that come up from academia.  Oh, look at this disaster, oh look at the opportunity involved here.  And that's how they go for it, you know.  New consumer fees, called eco-fees.  What a great con.  You know a tax is a tax.  I don't care what they want to dress it up as.  So as a bunch of nobodies can live like royalty on the incredible salaries they give themselves, with no oversight of course.  That's the world we're living in.  That's the real world that we're living in.  It's amazing.  And it's going to be the same in the world everywhere else too, and I guarantee you this Ontario group will be part of a Canadian federal group, and it's to go everywhere else in the world shortly, and as I say, that will replace, all these fees and taxes will replace all your money that you'd use to spend for other things, as you're trained not to be consumers.  That's what it's about.


Now, Bernays talked about propaganda, and how it's put over.  In this silly, ridiculous article here, with probably a fictitious person, who's supposed to have bought her hairspray, it's the way that they put things over to the children.  That's us at the bottom, not too startling, on one criticizes what's happening.  It's just an eco fee.  It sounds clean doesn't it?  Eco fee.  Sounds nice and kind of clean.  We're already paying eco fees, and other kinds of fees, and disposable fees, even on rubber tires for cars.  We have been for ten or fifteen years in Canada.  It's all $5 extra for a tire when you buy them, and now they charge you another bunch when you want to put them away.  So where did the first one go?  It goes into pockets, that's where it goes, for all the hangers-on, and all the offspring that the politicians have that can't get jobs in politics or civil service.  Propaganda.  That's what Bernays said in his book, Propaganda.  He says;


These examples are not given to create the impression that there is anything sinister about propaganda. They are set down rather to illustrate how conscious direction is given to events,

(A: You see, conscious direction, and that's what all these little articles I read are about, it's conscious direction.  That's why they put it out in the mainstream media.  Mainstream media is a big part of this.  It's one of the essential arms of government.  They give us what we think is reality.  So it's conscious direction.  We're directed really, almost subliminally, without realizing it, until we start parroting the same terms they give us to parrot.  It says:)

and how the men behind these events influence public opinion. As such they are examples of modern propaganda. At this point we may attempt to define propaganda.


Modern propaganda is a consistent, enduring effort to create or shape events to influence the relations of the public to an enterprise, idea or group.

(A: And so you see lots of these blurbs by this Ontario eco bunch, to make sure that we don't mind giving them money, because we won't consciously think through it.  And by the way, they actually put it in the article here as part of governance.  If you're wondering what governance is, it's a lot of non-governmental bodies taxing you for different things, and telling you what to do.  That's what governance is.)


This practice of creating circumstances and of creating pictures in the minds of millions of persons is very common. Virtually no important undertaking is now carried on without it, whether that enterprise be building a cathedral, endowing a university, marketing a moving picture, floating a large bond issue, or electing a president. (A: Or taking eco fees off you, I'll add that on to it as well.  Or as I say, adding to this value added tax at the same time.)


Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  I got cut off, again there.  Talking about propaganda, and how it works, and how everything is propaganda.  Everything is propaganda.  And Bernays, again a master at this, who let a little bit out of what he knew, but he knew much more than he ever published to the public, because the art of managing millions of people's minds isn't just shared to just anybody.  And they've got to keep most of their tricks really up their sleeves.  To repeat this last part.


Modern propaganda is a consistent, enduring effort to create or shape events to influence the relations of the public to an enterprise, idea or group.  (A: That's what all your eco stuff is about there.  You're being influenced toward Greening or Wars or whatever or groups for politics.)  This practice of creating circumstances and of creating pictures in the minds of millions of persons is very common. Virtually no important undertaking is now carried on without it, whether that enterprise be building a cathedral, endowing a university, marketing a moving picture, floating a large bond issue, or electing a president. Sometimes the effect on the public is created by a professional propagandist, sometimes by an amateur deputed for the job. The important thing is that it is universal and continuous; and in its sum total it is regimenting the public mind (A: Regimenting the public mind.) every bit as much as an army regiments the bodies of its soldiers.


That's the whole intention of propaganda campaigns.  Under whatever guise they want to call it, it's a propaganda campaign.  And you're being trained into going along with it.  Because why?  Everyone else will go along with it at the same time.  See?


What they wanted too is a scientifically organized society, and technocracy.  Wells was on about it.  Russell was on about it.  I've gone through the Unabomber and that video The Net, and the reason all that was going on, why he targeted certain people.  He said that technocracy really had horrific plans for human kind.  Population reduction, all that kind of stuff.  He even went through what they planned; and he went to Harvard, he was a professor at Harvard.  He knew some of these guys who'd been authorized by the military.  They were all ex-military guys above him, authorized to bring in a new culture to prepare the way for this new system.  They gave you the rock music.  They gave you the drug culture.  And they pushed free sex to destroy marriage.  They had to get marriage out of the way, that was a must.  And they talk about that in a lot of their different books.  All the different parts of academia go into that.  Well, Bertrand Russell in the Scientific Outlook, said this:


The man who dreams of a scientifically organized world and wishes to translate his dream into practice finds himself faced with many obstacles. There is the opposition of inertia and habit:


(A: You see, people don't like change.  We are quite content without change.  Look at the people they call primitives, the ones they call arrested developments, who are really survivalists.  They don't need the world.  They don't need what man makes in commerce.  They make everything themselves.  They will get up and fight you, if you try and take over the land and change them.  They are natural.  They are wild men.  We're supposed to be wild for survival's sake.  When we don't do that we've been domesticated and conquered.  Anyway this book here says:)


There is the opposition of inertia and habit: people wish to continue behaving as they always have behaved, and living as they always have lived. There is the opposition of vested interest: an economic system inherited from feudal times gives advantages to men who have done nothing to deserve them, and these men, being rich and powerful, are able to place formidable obstacles in the way of fundamental change. In addition to these forces, there are also hostile idealisms. Christian ethics is in certain fundamental respects opposed to the scientific ethic which is gradually growing up. Christianity emphasizes the importance of the individual soul, and is not prepared to sanction the sacrifice of an innocent man for the sake of some ulterior good to the majority. Christianity, in a word, is unpolitical, as is natural since it grew up among men devoid of political power. The new ethic which is gradually growing in connexion with scientific technique will have its eye upon society rather than upon the individual. It will have little use for the superstition of guilt and punishment, but will be prepared to make individuals suffer for the public good (A: Individuals will suffer for the public good.  And who decides what the public good is, eh?) without inventing reasons purporting to show that they deserve to suffer. (A: They'll just pick on you, and that's what we see all the time in the media.  People getting picked on.  Tasered.  Burned faces, that kind of stuff.) In this sense it will be ruthless, (A: A scientific dictatorship will be ruthless) and according to traditional ideas immoral, but the change will have come about naturally through the habit of viewing society as a whole rather than as a collection of individuals.  (A: So, the whole idea is we're all in it together.  We're not individuals anymore.  We're all this, or we're all that.  But regardless, we're "all" and that's the key to it.  The eradication of the individual.)


We view a human body as a whole, and if, for example, it is necessary to amputate a limb we do not consider it necessary to prove first that the limb is wicked. We consider the good of the whole body a quite sufficient argument. (A: Well that was what the Soviets did, when they got into power, the Bolsheviks.  They slaughtered whole sections of society.  Didn't give a reason for it.  They knew what they were doing it for, but they didn't have to even bother giving a reason for it, and that's what he means.  A scientific dictatorship won't bother telling you why they're doing nasty things to you.  It says:) Similarly the man who thinks of society as a whole will sacrifice a member of society for the good of the whole, without much consideration for that individual’s welfare. This has always been the practice in war, because war is a collective enterprise. Soldiers are exposed to the risk of death for the public good, although no one suggests that they deserve death. But men have not hitherto attached the same importance to social purposes other than war, and have therefore shrunk from inflicting sacrifices which were felt to be unjust. I think it probable that the scientific idealists of the future will be free from this scruple, (A: They won't have moral scruples you see.) not only in time of war, but in time of peace also. (A: Like injecting the general public without telling them to give them cancers and to shorten their life, and to sterilize them.  See, they were already doing it back then.)  In overcoming the difficulties of the opposition that they will encounter, they will find themselves organized into an oligarchy of opinion such as is formed by the Communist Party in the U.S.S.R. (A: So they admit they were going to use that kind of system, you see, which is here actually.)


But, the reader will say, how is all this to come about? Is it not merely a fantasy of wish-fulfilment, utterly remote from practical politics?  I do not think so.  The future which I foresee is, to begin with, only very partially in agreement with my own wishes. I find pleasure in splendid individuals rather than in powerful organizations, and I fear that the place for splendid individuals will be much more restricted in the future than in the past.


(A: He's talking about an intellectual elite only for those special individuals that he's talking about.  Himself, obviously being one of them.  Remember, he's the guy who worked along with the group that formed Wired Magazine, the Macy group. He worked with the authorized Frankfort School, to bring in a new system, a new culture, for society.  Obedience and so on, all in it together.  He also helped work out the language of mathematics for computer systems.  The perfect language he called it.  Now in The Impact of Science on Society he says this:)


The good of a multitude is the sum of the goods of the individuals composing it, not a new and separate good.  In concrete fact, when it is pretended that the State has a good different from that of the citizen, what is really meant is that the good of the government or of the ruling class is more important than that of other people.  Such a view can have no basis, except an arbitrary power.  More important that these metaphysical speculations is the question whether a scientific dictatorship, such as we have been considering, can be stable, or is it more likely to be stable than a democracy. 


Apart from the danger of war, I see no reason why such a regime should be unstable. After all, most civilized and semi-civilized countries known to history have had a large class of slaves or serfs completely subordinate to their owners.  There is nothing in human nature that makes the persistence of such a system impossible. 


(A: It's the new feudal system.  Remember what Plato said too.  Plato said that whatever has been done to the public in the past, or to peoples in the past, if you know the formula, you can reintroduce it and it will work just the same again.  So he says)


And the whole development of scientific technique has made it easier than it used to be to maintain a despotic rule of a minority.  When the government controls the distribution of food, its power is absolute.  (A: That's very important.  That's why they're going for it.  They've pretty well got it all summed up there.  The government with its five Agri-Businesses, are running the world's food supply.)  Their power is absolute so long as they can count on the police and the armed forces.  (A: Well, he knew too, you always make sure that you give the police and the armed forces certain perks and privileges that only the elite themselves get, and they will work for you.  Remember too, you can always hire half the poor to kill the other half.  He also knew that too.  So he says here.)  Their loyalty can be secured by giving them some of the privileges of the governing class.  (A: So he admits that.)  I do not see how any internal movements of revolt can ever bring freedom to the oppressed in a modern scientific dictatorship.


(A: He goes on to say on the next page.)


For these reasons, I do not believe the dictatorship is a lasting form of scientific society, unless this proviso is important, it can become world wide


The goal was always to have a world wide scientific society.  And once it's in power, with the incredible sciences, weaponry, the techniques of mind control over the general populace, the techniques of mass manipulation, they foresaw no reason why they should not once in power, with a new governing system, they would ever lose it, or should lose it.  Why do you think they've got this Total Information Network today?  What do you think all that was part of?  It was nothing to do with Al Qaeda.  It's to make sure that the society is predictable.  Every one of us must be completely predictable.  And that's why your daily data, that you spread all over the internet, and through emails and so on, and that you chat on phones to your 'friends,' is all being monitored, collected, sorted, automatically by supercomputers, to keep updated your personal profile, to make sure that you haven't gone a bit odd, a bit strange, and outside your patterns of thinking and behavior.  Or change your social milieu into an unauthorized sector.  That's what it's all about.  The world of totalitarianism is here.  We've been living through it growing up our whole lives.  I've read so many articles here over the years, to do with their super weaponry, and stuff beyond their sound cannons, to microwave energy, all for use at home, at the right time.  Right down to the army itself's own think tank.  Its specialized think tank, which foresees the future, predicts by trends how things are going to go, talking about thirty years of rioting across the world. 


We've watched them put their drones up.  Now they're putting drones up all over the skies in Canada and the States.  I've even got photographs of them here.  And we can't think that this is all to do with what Russell is talking about here?  These drones will be used in the U.S. and Canada.  There's no doubt about it.  I've read the articles too, with the much smaller drones that they have.  Billions they're putting into them.  Things pretty small, the size of birds, but they can target you as an individual and kill you, wherever you happen to be. 


That's why they're saying that the scientific dictatorship cannot possibly fail.  The problem, as the Communists were well aware of any Revolution, is it takes years and years and years to plan, and work, and organize to get people ready so that instead of having an aimless rabble at the end of something when the Big Boys let you have it – what I mean by that, is they bring the hammer down on you – you all know what you've got to do.  And organization is utterly important.  That's the only thing they're afraid of at the top, massive organization, especially if organization can get public sympathy and public support, and start to get sway with the public, that overrides their general, daily incredible propaganda.  Because if something did arise like that, they'd be targeted right away.  They'd be called every dirty name and slogan in the book.  Because they could not allow them to gather members.  And they won't tolerate it.  And it's interesting what Russell said too, that they won't explain to the other members of society, that's you lot, and us lot, and we lot, why they're doing something.  Why they're being ruthless to a specific crew or area or people, or whatever.  They'll just do it.  You see, they're beyond the stage of giving us excuses any more.  That's part of the training.  And you get trained not to expect excuses along the way.  That's what it's about.


You know, I could go through a hundred different articles put out by the media every day.  It's more distracting to your mind, than helping to form concrete ideas about things.  You've got everything from incredible trivia, for different classes of people, and yes there are classes of people.  And you have little bits of truth put into other things like the oil disaster in the Gulf.  Little bits of it here and there.  Hundreds of articles on it of course.  This is all to keep you distracted as well, because you'll never get the real truth about anything.  All this distraction stops you from keeping your mind on track, with where the world is going.  Bypassing what's churned out by the media.  It's churned out by the media, the authorized media.  To find out what really is going on in the world, by going way off the mainstream topics for the day, to find out what's really happening.  And we're going into this planned, scientific, New World Order.   And they are certainly winning.  At least they've won up until now.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and we're back Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just bypassing the mainstream topics for today, and going back into what's really going on, because we're distracted by a thousand things to keep us off what's really going on and putting things together.  As I say, these guys have ran the last hundred years.  And they're afraid of organization, they're afraid of people who know their purpose, who are not taken off by distractions, and who can prepare for the awful times coming.  And people are preparing for the bad times coming.  That is something that's good to hear.  Because the majority of the public will never ever understand what's really happening, but it's never been the majority of the public that's changed anything at all for their own good either.  It's always been a small minority, who have educated themselves, who have guided them from going into a further disaster.  And hopefully that's what we're all about here.  And people should be planning to get through tough times right now.  Tough times.  As I say, massive taxation is coming down.  Massive, massive taxation is all scheduled to replace the consumer society by fees and taxes.  And you've got to be prepared for that to be as independent as possible, as they will allow you to be, because they are into everything now.  And the time will come when you'll need permits and licenses to even have a garden.  In some countries you've already got that.  They don't want you being independent, but don't stop doing it.  Don't ever stop doing it.  What does Russell conclude with his Impact of Science on Society?  He says:


My conclusion is a scientific society can be stable, given certain conditions.  The first of these is a single government of the whole world (A: That's why it was already under way in his day.) possessing a monopoly of armed force, and therefore able to enforce peace.  (A: Now peace is the absence of all opposition to their plan.)  The second condition is a general diffusion of prosperity, so there is no occasion for envy of one part of the world by another.  (A: Now that's what the distribution of wealth is all about right now.  And that goes all the way back to Karl Marx in the 1800s, distribution of wealth.  It's not to bring folk really up to a high standard, it's to make sure we all come down to the same equal standard of subsistence living.)  The third condition which supposes the second fulfilled is a low birth rate everywhere so that the population of the world becomes stationary or nearly so.  The fourth condition is the provision for individual initiative both in work and play, and the greatest diffusion of power compatible with maintaining the necessary political and economic framework.


So, what we're going through today, and really if you go through the United Nations and all of their thousands and thousands of reports from health to everything.  Go into the Royal Institute of International Affairs, of which Russell was a member, go into Chatham House to see their Think Tanks, what they're working on right now, and even think tanks on the way to get you to accept things you haven't even heard of right now.  They haven't put out yet.  Because they know that, by again, it's the technique you use to put things across.  Most folk will believe whatever they are told, and comply.  And really in the US, in the United States of America, if anything is to happen at all, it will start there.  Because people still have a memory if nothing else.  Even though the society has been totally debased by the culture creators, they still have a memory of what freedom is supposed to be.  Supposed to be.  Once we forget that, we won't even have anything to refer to.  So for those of you in the US, keep up the good work, keep doing what you're doing.  And let it be an example for the rest of the world too, because there's not a lot you can do in Canada, I'm afraid, they're pretty content with being happy slaves. 


From Hamish and myself in Ontario Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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