July 12, 2010 (#618)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 12, 2010:

Elite Published Plan Just to Show
You'd be "All Dumbed Down and No Way to Know":

"Public's Mocked and Debased, Filled with Division,
Culture Destroyed Over Years with Military Precision,
As Planned, They're Hedonistic, Addicted to Pleasure,
Emulating TV Celebrities in their Copious Leisure,
C.G. Darwin said Elite would Retain their Wildness,
Domesticated Public would Descend into Vileness,
While Social Engineering, Taught in Each School,
Instills Political Correctness, They're Dumb but "Cool",
To Understand the Technique Rise Above Emotion
and Study the Big Boys, They Use their Devotion
In Planning Their Own Kind's Ultimate Survival,
Marking the New World Order's Steady Arrival,
And the Heralding of Triumph over "Bottom Feeders",
Confused and Squabbling can't Produce Leaders,
Yet Submit into Slavery for Shelter and Food,
Obliged Happily by Authorities "For Their Own Good" "
© Alan Watt July 12, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 12, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on July 12, 2010.  For newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site; bookmark all the sites you see listed.  These are the official sites.  [Official sites listed above.]  If you get problems on downloading the audios try these alternate sites because sometimes too many people go into the .com at one time.  Remember, they all have the audios.  They all have a lot of English transcripts for print up.  If you want translations in other languages, go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu web site – you will see that listed on the .com site – and you can download and take your pick from the various languages of the world.  Remember, while you are in there, that I depend on you to support me.  In fact, advertisers generally approach you; that’s how hosts make their living, from advertising.  The ads you hear on this show are paid by advertisers to RBN for the air time and it pays their staff, equipment and their bills.  So it’s up to you to help me pay my bills by buying the books, CDs and DVDs I have for sale or donating to me.  That helps me to just tick over.  This is not a job.  It’s beyond even a vocation.  It’s a necessity what I am putting out right now.  It’s a different spin on everything.  It takes on more history of why we are where we are, where we are going, and I give you a lot of the histories of who is behind it and the organizations that decided an awful long time ago that they wanted to bring in a planned society, worldwide.  And we are all helping them actually.  We are.  We really are all helping them get their way in the totalitarian regime that’s sprung up around us.  We participate in our own demise by using the computers, putting all our data up for them to monitor us daily.  It’s incredible how people jump at it, get addicted to it, and literally keep a life diary, a daily diary up on the internet; exactly what they want you to do. 


So help me out, buy these things.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  That helps me keep going.  Believe you me, it is expensive.  The equipment I am using here is pretty outdated and a lot of this stuff that I use here – I use more than one computer obviously – and I certainly don’t go online with one of them.  If you go online you’ll get monitored instantly. The government and the agencies put little Trojans in immediately to make sure that they can collect all your data, see what you are up to and stuff like that.  So I’ve always got to have at least one computer on standby while the other one gets infected. 


What is it we are going through?  We are going through the complete demise of every society on the planet.  We’ve been brought down to almost a barbarian stage, a very dumbed down society, all done by culture creation and a form of socialism, a temporary spoiling you might say, to bring us down even further and so that we are helpless.  That’s what you do to an enemy, to try and make them helpless.  You use massive psychological warfare.  You keep telling them they are getting the best education in the world.  You keep telling them that they’ve got the best health care in the world, as you bring it down steadily.  You overcome their thinking processes by simple repetition by experts on television.  Television is something; it’s the BEST weapon that was ever devised.  Believe you me, nothing is put out there for the public’s consumption today, or yesterday, or tomorrow, without that in mind.  It’s for YOUR demise.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix and I always describe the matrix as, like a dimension really, where you have so many rooms and compartments and we become compartmentalized in reality.  As you grow up, if you are thinking at all, you possibly will wake up and break out of one compartment and go into the next one.  Hopefully you are learning and realizing there is much more to this life, an awful lot more than you are ever being told.  You study as I did.  I studied the introduction of television into a working class area and it was kind of mandated by the government at the time that ALL the peasantry in the UK get television.  They were awfully interested in making sure we had good entertainment apparently. 


It hasn’t stopped from there when you think about it because the television series that they gave us initially seemed very tame.  But then they started to really push the envelope in their comedies and then with their dramas and eventually with television movies, which they still use today.  Made for TV movies are full of your updates and political correctness into the new normals and they are always giving us new normals.  Unfortunately the public literally has no idea that they are being programmed whatsoever but they watch various dramas of real life events that haven’t happened yet come into play… they see their favorite characters or actors go through the drama of the arguments and how they come to a resolution to overcome or fight the problem, or find a solution for it.  It’s all acted out before the actual events happen in their own life.  They even did that before they opened up the UK to massive immigration, to prepare you, through drama, how you would handle it and how families would handle it and so on. 


One of the biggest ongoing series, I think it’s the longest in the world, was Coronation Street.  They made sure that for every type of working class character there was a character IN the series just like YOU basically, or who you could identify with or be friendly with.  When you see the cast behind the scenes of psychiatrists, psychologists, marital/divorce lawyers, sociologists, child welfare workers… these are professionals, all to put these scripts together.  Every professional you can imagine, every government agency you can imagine, you understand this is NOT for your entertainment.  This is for your programming.  That’s why they call television ‘programs.’  They did the same thing in the US too. 


They have taken society down to a really base level, all by design because a base society is too busy doing exactly the things that Bertrand Russell HOPED they would do.  He, being a member of the elite, the governing class, who worked with a lot of the think tanks responsible in the US and Britain and elsewhere - he worked for those think tanks to bring down society because he also believed that the better breeding types should go on into a future which was unsustainable if everyone else, all the lower types, came along.  They believed that the inferiors would outbreed the superiors.  Charles Galton Darwin - all these guys knew each other - also put that forth in his book called The Next Million Years


They created the SOCIALIST movement.  It’s amazing.  You see, out of Marxism came the idea for special breeding when they coupled it with Darwinism.  Karl Marx asked Darwin if he could put his name in the book, in fact dedicate the 2nd or 3rd edition to him.  They coupled special eugenics with socialism.  The best way to organize a planet, a planetary scale system, of top-down governments of authority, of an authoritarian nature, is through socialism. That’s really what is was invented for, where science would rise above all the other systems that helped to run countries and scientists and specialists and experts would run society.  We are pretty well there. Most of it has already been done through stealth, through programming, television.  Russell did go into the techniques used; even in novels, he said, were very, very important to get ideas across.  That is how your mind is changed, through drama and fiction.  Plato said the same thing thousands of years ago.  So these sciences and understandings are not new.  Plato also talked about eugenics and breeding in the book, The Republic – a favorite of all the top eugenicists and all the guys who have been and still are today running this whole show. 


They realized in the 1900s that they would have to set up this world socialist system, it would be the fastest way to get it across.  You could bring in welfare systems because welfare systems bring in authoritarian governmental controls and agencies over the public, whereas a sort of free system, a market system where they’d have to go through other channels and really try and convince or persuade the public to go along with them.  Socialism doesn’t have to bother; they just keep churning out laws, more bureaucracies, and get it done that way.  Today we are in the area of public/private partnerships where they can actually farm out a lot of these social agencies which can go even faster with their regulations because they don’t have to pass them through governments.  And when you want to complain about something, well who do you complain to?  They are a private business; they can do what they want – that’s what you are told… all by design. 


They put a lot of movies out there to, again, condition you.  Everything out there is to condition you.  It’s the same with high definition television.  Why did they pass a LAW in the states that everybody would eventually broadcast through high definition?  Why is it so important you all have to get plasma televisions? Why is that?  Why does government care what you are doing in your home?  It’s obviously got a very special reason for it and it’s not your entertainment.  Why is India giving away free televisions to ensure that everybody in India can get a television set?  Why did Britain do the same thing, push that whole idea of giving them for the first time, hire-purchase for people who own no property, and make SURE they got a television back in the 50s and 60s?  It’s the greatest tool. 


If you see the same characters every night on your 6 o’clock news who speak with authority, you grow up with a lot of them, they are still there when they are 80s, and here is BIG Daddy telling you with authority what the truth is, according to the government, and you find it hard to disbelieve them.  You are TAUGHT that the news and the media is all there, independently, to tell you the truth.  Now, I’ve given you examples before when even journalists with contracts to big companies like Fox and so on, had their contracts broken.  They were told, at the high court – they went to the Supreme Court with it eventually – told by the judge that the media has no responsibility to tell the public the truth.  You know, who needed to go to the courts to find that out?  They are private businesses.  Since the word was first put in print it has been used for propaganda and governmental purposes.  Always has been. 


I could go on and on and on about it, I’ll just finish off with this little bit by saying, remember that Carroll Quigley talked about the power just of the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations to literally write all the school books and all the histories, omitting their own involvement in creating those histories, for the whole of Britain and the British Empire as they called it.  That was brought up in parliament by Winston Churchill, who was out of the loop at one point on some of the topics.  They literally had the ability not just to give you all your media – through The Times and all the newspapers they owned, and they owned all the chains in Britain – but literally to give you histories and at the same time keep their own histories, for their own research and their memoirs and so on, in an archive which Quigley got access to, being a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  They admitted that they were behind the setting up of wars, they were all for world government, and the only way to get there was through wars and conflict. 


Young men are guaranteed, in every generation, especially the ones who come from the working classes, to flock into the military, especially during economic depressions.  At one time again, European countries would talk to the manufacturers of the big plants and factories, ask them to lay off temporarily – they would get compensation for laying off so many workers – because they would want guys to sign up for the military; there would be wars coming up.  That was a standard thing which they did.  Young guys, who have no wisdom – we’ve all been there, where you have NO wisdom – think you are going to suddenly BE somebody like the ads telling you, you are going to BE, you know, somebody.  You are going to travel the world and all that kind of stuff and have respect, for the first time in your life.  And off they go.  They haven’t come out of playing cowboys and Indians yet; they haven’t come out of that stage yet because guys don’t mature until much later on.  They are living half in fantasy.  They all want to be a hero and be, just like a sports team, they want to be held aloft from all their buddies and by their buddies and be awarded for being the brave leader of the tribe.  Basically that’s what it is, tribal instincts.  And off they go, fighting for wars they don’t really care to know what are for.  Once they are there and a few of their friends get killed by the people who are rather upset about being invaded, they tend to go into slaughter rages and stuff like that. 


One the one hand you can’t really sympathize with them because no one is forcing them to go; they are not draftees.  On the other hand, once they start slaughtering people they will never be the same again.  They will never, ever mature normally again… because eventually it’s going to subconsciously, or from the perimeters of their mind, sink into their head that they wiped out whole families just because they were there, in these free kill zones, and told each other how much they enjoyed it at the time, only to say, my goodness, you know what were we really doing, these are families just like their own families back home, maybe even tighter, more normal families than they have come from, because everything is dysfunctional in the West. They are never the same again.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Alan Watt here and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about some of the conditioning and the fact that we are living through an ongoing plan.  Literally these guys run the world as a military operation, a long-term business plan even, but with military precision, with introduction dates for things to happen, and they have unlimited funding.  We provide the funding through our taxes for pretty will everything that goes on.  People really have no idea how many taxes they are really paying.  It’s not just property taxes, income taxes, Value Added Taxes, General Sales Taxes; there are lots of other hidden purchase taxes within everything you are already purchasing, but it’s never enough for government because they’ve got big, big plans for the whole world and they’re all part of it. 


The CFR and the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Trilaterals have got this idea, and have had for well over 100 years, to bring in this world society where their own private corporations - owned majority-shared wise by the elite themselves for all the resources on the planet - will run the world and start rationing food as they bring down the populations which they knew would occur.  At the same time they make sure there is very little resistance in a lot of countries, especially in Europe, by mass immigration flooding the countries until the natives are almost extinct.  That does come under genocide, by the way; you can outbreed the population to eradicate the cultures forever, the cultures who would have stood up against them, with what’s happening.  When you have people with no common culture, no common heritage, and most people, coming from countries where they have never had any idea of rights or democracy, well, they continue in the same mode of thinking when they come into their new countries.  That’s what they want at the top.  Well, they’ve got it all actually.


Getting back to the troops and so on, the young guys who are used all the time, they are cannon fodder really.  We have an article here that’s kind of an eye opener to some people, not really for others who have been watching it. 


Soldiers' despair confronts Defence

Sean Parnell and Rory Callinan July 10, 2010 / theaustralian.com.au


(Alan:  It’s about how the troops are faring but it goes into the other troops as well because every country is involved in this thing.  You don’t realize that there is a world war going on.  Most folk, it’s never been… until they are given the term it doesn’t dawn on them what is happening.  It’s like saying that you are living under communism, for the first time, and people don’t relate what’s happening now to the Soviet system.  Anyway…)


AUSTRALIAN troops have revealed the intense pressure of operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.  (A:  Now, they are all having it, all the countries are having it, because they don’t realize how long this has been going on.  As I say, there are so many countries involved in especially Afghanistan and Iraq, and then they are getting rotated through all these other dozens and dozens and dozens of other UN hotspots all the time that they end up cracking up.)


The troops have criticised the Defence organisation and their allied counterparts as they detail the hidden trauma of life on the front line.


In descriptions of overworked pilots addicted to Stilnox and other prescription drugs, (A:  They are given all these heavy amphetamines to keep them going 24 hours a day or even 3 days at a trot.)  an underground trade in illicit substances and sex, complaints about a lack of support, poor leadership and the constant fear of death, troops have provided a raw and disturbing account of Australia's involvement in the Middle East.


The Weekend Australian has obtained an extraordinary selection of transcripts from 120 serving and former troops from the two Iraq offensives, dating back to the early 1990s, (A:  This has been going on since the 90s, this particular part of it.) and the ongoing Afghanistan war in which they reveal the threats faced on deployment - not only from the enemy, but also from within.  (A:  Threats from within.)


Their frank and often disheartening comments - made in a supposedly confidential environment for researchers preparing Australia's largest-ever Defence health study - are so controversial Defence has removed the transcripts from a research website and threatened reprisals over the apparent breach of information security.


Defence last night vowed to investigate many of the allegations raised by the focus groups, but insisted some of the members' concerns were dated and had already been addressed.  (A:  They will always say that; it’s bad for recruitment.)  The study itself was being conducted with a view to improving overall support and healthcare.


"Some of the comments raised serious issues of concern, and Defence will look into those and take appropriate action," the department said in a statement.


This comes after the recent deaths of three more Australian soldiers in Afghanistan, taking the total since the war began to 16, amid increasing community concern about the nation's involvement in the war.


Defence Minister John Faulkner this week announced he was leaving the portfolio - then had to repeatedly deny claims it was because of his own reservations about Afghanistan.


The researchers ran focus groups to ascertain whether they would be asking the most appropriate questions in their eventual surveys. While they obtained only a snapshot of the views of those serving in the Middle East - normally hidden by Defence's marketing and PR machine (A:  Their propaganda machine.) - they realised they had underestimated the anger troops felt about Defence itself and have since changed their surveys.


What they have found is really quite something.  It isn’t just being shot at by Afghanistanis, they are afraid of American troops who open up on anything that’s moving.  That’s PART of their issue.  Another part is some of the other troops like the Belgian troops won’t help bring in the dead and stuff like this.  This is a world war that’s going on, and it is PERPETUAL WAR – I’ve gone through that whole article before from the military magazine in the US talking about perpetual war and even bringing the degrading culture that America now has into those other cultures to degrade them as well.  You’ve got to ask, who benefits from this kind of system, when you degrade all these cultures?  The ones who bring in the world society who want to depopulate quickly, the same people who bring in your dumbed-down education.  I might touch on that when I come back from this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just reading that story about Australia but a lot of stuff has been docked from it obviously.  It even says in the report by the military and the government itself that it doesn’t like what they are finding, so they simply omit it and pretend it’s not there.  I’ve had other letters from Australia about this article and my goodness, people are shooting each other.  People who are in the allied forces are all shooting each other; that was put out of it and they’re also afraid of the US.  Even the US have shot so many people by mistake with the way that they handle the weaponry even, just basic safety.  I know that for a fact too because one guy who just got out of service in the US visited a friend of mine to date his sister and was going through a drawer and noticed a pistol there and he put it up and fired it, without checking anything, and put a hole through a wall.  So I don’t know what they are teaching them in the military but they are on so many drugs now I don’t think they know even what they are doing and they have long-term effects thereafter it as well.  That’s the danger you are going to have when you go into the military.  You are now a machine; the military doesn’t care about you.  It will use everything it can to create the perfect killing machine and if there is anything left of you at the end, that’s a bit of luck because they don’t really care what’s left of you at the very end of it and what kind of state you are in. 


We are getting trained too, that this society is to become more violent.  That’s why they introduced the war on terror in 2001, to get this all implemented across most of the countries of the world, at the same time.  They needed their Pearl Harbor event.  They created it. They got it, but it’s to get this agenda through because they are taking the world down now and the excess cultures that they’ve been governing over and living off of so well for such a long time, they don’t need them anymore.  They are worried that we are going to start utilizing all of the resources which should be left for the better breeds to use for generations to come.  That’s been discussed in many of their books and at their world meetings at the top. 


So they are going to stir up even more crime under the pretense of cutbacks, government cutbacks, and spending cutbacks.  In Britain, that really is the test case for EVERY other country and we should watch what happens there because whatever happens there happens elsewhere very quickly.  It’s the big experimental base.  It’s the spearhead of the New World Order.  That’s where the Royal Institute of International Affairs was born and they use the British Empire as the nucleus to set up the United Nations for world government.  That’s in their own writings too.  All these links that I mention, these articles, I put up on my site at the end of the show so you can go in and look them up for yourself.  This article is…


Probation watchdog:

 serious crimes may be price to pay for cutting cost of justice

Murders and other serious crimes committed by prisoners released early from jail may have to be “accepted” by the public as part of attempts to keep down the cost of the criminal justice system, the probation watchdog suggested.  (A:  That means it’s going to happen and it’s the Home Affairs which means it’s the Home Office; it deals with ALL security matters and policing matters for Britain, and Homeland Security for Britain too.)

By Tom Whitehead, Home Affairs Correspondent / smh.co.uk / 12 Jul 2010


The economic climate has put the spotlight on the costs of the criminal justice system.


Andrew Bridges questioned whether it was worth keeping thousands of violent and dangerous offenders locked up for longer than the minimum jail term set by a court just to stop a few of them committing new crimes.  (A:  It’s easier and cheaper to let them murder the people in the public than to put them in prison.  That’s what they are suggesting.  So the public is going to have to accept it, it says; basically that’s summing it up.  And they do say that, the public will have to accept it.)


Again, in Britain, what happened there, this article here is…



Friday July 9, 2010 / scottishsundayexpress.co.uk / By Sarah O'Grady, Property Correspondent


(A:  They are talking about per capita over square mileage.  This was a part of the plan.  I’ve gone over the Tony Blair exposés where his chief aide was told to keep it quiet that Tony had said that he wouldn’t leave office until literally he destroyed the cultural base and system of Britain forever by mass immigration.  It would never go back to having any semblance of what it was before.)


BRITAIN is one of the most overpopulated countries in the world – ahead of even China and India.


And England is the most crowded country in Europe and the fourth most crowded in the world as our population soars relentlessly towards the 70 million mark.


That is an increase in population equivalent to 10 more “Birminghams”.


A league table which reveals the pressure of population growth on dwindling resources (A:  Here we go again.) puts Singapore in the number one spot followed by Israel and Kuwait. The UK as a whole is 17th in the list of 130 countries.


Sir Andrew Green, of MigrationWatch UK, said: “It’s obvious to everyone that England, particularly the South-east, is heavily overcrowded.


(A:  Listen to this…)  “According to official figures two-thirds of population growth in the next 20 years will be as a result of immigration. (A:  So they have admitted they are way overpopulated with immigration, they are going to keep it going until over the next 20 years it will be the result of immigration, 2/3rds more to be immigrants.)  Such an increase in our population will put even further pressure on our public services such as housing, schools and hospitals.”  (A:  These guys are geniuses, eh.)


So once again they are pushing not the immigration, but they are pushing overpopulation.  You see how they play it?  We’re all in it together.  You all have to start getting licenses to even think about getting married and the government is obviously going to be the ones who come into it.  That’s what it’s really going towards folks.  That’s what it’s all for.  Who can breed, who can’t breed.  Now, most of the native Britons there don’t bother breeding anymore anyway.  They can’t even get a family they are so dysfunctional now, so psy-oped and mind-bombed by TV and the culture and the lack of work that they are out of the picture.  It’s mission accomplished there. 


You can follow many, many more articles on the same topic.  Even the British National Party that gets hammered all the time, they will say some things which are absolutely true. 


Cover-up of Ethnic Cleansing Most Likely Reason for Abolition of National Census (A:  In the UK.)

Sat, 10/07/2010 |  BNP News / bnp.org.uk


An attempt to suppress statistics which reveal the steady ethnic cleansing of the indigenous population of Britain is the most likely reason for the ConDem (A:  That’s the conservative-democrats regime; it’s a joint regime they have now.) regime’s shock announcement that the national census is to be abandoned.  (A:  It’s that bad they don’t want the public to know how many folk are coming in and who they are.)


The Domesday Book, 1066 - Although Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude has cited expense as the reason to abolish the decennial census, this undertaking “only” costs £482 million to complete.


This is minor when it is considered that MPs (A:  Members of Parliament.) in Westminster claim an average of £92 million per year in expenses alone and indicates that there is an alternative “real” reason for the move to abolish the census.  (A:  It’s amazing too, because the British government’s spent $2 billion dollars last year on contracting out to companies for expert opinions on things.  They are so terrified to tell the public what’s really going on now.  I’ll put this link up as well and you can read it for yourself.  It does say here that…)


A news report quoted constitutional barrister (A:  That’s a lawyer.) Geoffrey Robertson QC (A:  Queen’s Counsel, that means he’s worked in some Royal capacity or taken business for them before.) as saying that “future historians will be less able to interpret Britain (A:  He’s talking about their history.) as a result of this decision — maybe that is the reason for it.” 


So you can see really how it’s going.  It’s made that way.  It’s been put up that way.  It’s really the end.  The people can hardly speak anymore when you listen.  It’s minimalistic speech like George Orwell said.  When you have a vocabulary of a few words you cannot put across an idea, never mind explain what you feel is happening to you.  You’re frustrated, you can’t even get it out and that’s where people have been reduced to.  People are getting debased more and more with linguistic minimalism through their television; they copy and mimic everything they see until they’ve only got a few words and expletives to use about everything.  That’s where we are today. 


Someone sent me a video.  It’s called Idiocracy.  It’s worth seeing because it can been seen from both ways, from the general public’s point of view, who will go in and enjoy it and laugh away and walk away and forget it, and from the elite’s point of view where they are actually mocking what they have done to the public.  They have a character who is Mr Average and the military puts him in suspended animation basically.  They look for a Miss Average who ends up being a prostitute by the way.  That’s who they find for a Miss Average – it’s a statement for you – from a city.  They send them off and they get forgotten about and they end up in the future where everything is so debased and everyone’s IQ is so low and their vocabulary is about 10 words each, that they think he’s a genius when he speaks.  At first they are suspicious of him because he can actually put a sentence together, coherently.  They end up making him president eventually.  It’s worth seeing to see what’s in it. Everything in the movie is pretty well here now… thanks to Hollywood and the writers that are chosen to write certain topics and include certain topics and then write a story around them.  It’s monkey see, monkey do.  We copy what we see.  Plato knew that as well over 2,300 years ago.


Resources… as the elite go for resources… and whenever they announce something they have been at it for a long time.  In fact Carroll Quigley admits that in Tragedy and Hope, that the Cecil Rhodes Society with the Rothschild backing - because he was in partnership with Rothschild - sent off guys across Africa, and different places, and India to not only start off this global community but mainly to also grab the resources of each country, to make sure that they grabbed the resources.  Eventually, they could democratize them, then withdraw, which they did; they are now called the Commonwealth of Nations.  But they leave the same system of governance in and their own corporations as well.  That’s what happened to South Africa by the way. 


So Prince Charles has been put out in front again, this guy who couldn’t pass an examination at Gordonstone School where he was sent.  In fact, he couldn’t even hack it there for very long.  He literally did fail every exam.  He’s been put in charge of this – they always need a popular figurehead.  That’s all that matters is a popular figurehead to lead something and make it sound all very official, but he isn’t obviously running the show.  This is…


British Prince’s New Global Unit Targets Food, Water, and Energy

wiseupjournal.com / 12.07.2010 / By Gabriel O’Hara


(A:  …for the world, by the way, for the world society.  Remember, the UN says in its charter that eventually they will have the right – in its Department of Agriculture – to distribute the world’s food to the world by quotas, meaning rationing.  So they are going ahead with it and this is just the open announcement really of it, whereas in reality they have been setting up the machinery for maybe the last 50-60 years.)


The Telegraph article below informs us that Prince Charles, the man with special Royal genes and “the heir to the throne”, has launched a new global unit, “the International Sustainability Unit”. The unit will work with governments and branches of the UN to form a one world opinion and strategy (a legal global accord) (A:  That’s a legal binding treaty.) to manage the world’s supply of food, water and energy. Of course the pampered Prince will not lead the unit, it will be overseen by a former government advisor to the unpopular Tony Blair, Justin Mundy. The extract following the Telegraph’s promotion allotment shows this has been part of the plan for a long while and did not spring from the dim crevasses of Charlie’s mind.  (A:  It certainly didn’t.  I know that for a fact.  So from the Telegraph…)


Telegraph / By Richard Eden / 11.07.2010

“Prince of Wales opens new front in global warming fight


(A:  They are using the global warming nonsense as a cover.)


“The Prince of Wales, who warned last year that there were ‘less than 100 months’ (A:  Remember that?  Less than 100 months…) to save the planet from irreversible damage due to climate change, is stepping up his own efforts.”


‘This is the most important cause that His Royal Highness has ever taken on,’ says one of Prince Charles’s friends. ‘He hopes that the unit will make a real difference on the global stage.’


“A spokesman for the Prince says the organisation will work with national governments and global bodies such as the World Bank to promote ’sustainable’ development.”


‘The unit aims to address the depletion of the world’s natural capital by helping to create a consensus as to the best ways to enhance long-term food, water and energy security.’  (A:  By the way, they are going to push GMO across the world.  That’s a mandate that they won’t back off of, because Monsanto’s part of the Military Industrial Complex.)


“the Prince’s Charities (A:  Great too, they are under non governmental organizations.) are now advertising for senior staff at the unit, which will be led by Justin Mundy, a former adviser to the Labour government under Tony Blair.



(A:  Then Wise Up goes on to give some more information about this…)


Elitist Bertrand Russell, 3rd Earl Russell (1872-1970), was a Nobel Prize winner, who experimented with education techniques for young children, was hired by the British government, and was an award winner of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. (A:  He worked with the first CEO of UNESCO which was Julian Huxley, the brother of Aldous Huxley.)  It’s safe to say he was a highly respected man by the excessively rich dominant minority whom he was apart of. In his book “The Impact of Science of Society” (1952) he recommended when we’ve reached the globalization stage that an international authority should be setup to manage the security of the world’s food capital. On page 124 he said, “To deal with this problem it will be necessary to find ways of preventing an increase in world population. If this is to be done otherwise than by wars, pestilence, and famines, it will demand a powerful international authority. This authority should deal out the world’s food to the various nations in proportion to their population at the time of the establishment of the authority. If any nation subsequently increased its population it should not on that account receive any more food. (A:  In other words, you would have to deal with how you are bringing the population down.)  The motive for not increasing population would therefore be very compelling. What method of preventing an increase might be preferred should be left to each state to decide.”


The top say today that 6 billion is too many people and 100 years they said 1 billion people was too many. It’s not surprising the wealthy dominate minority all have the same opinions on these agendas since they just mingle within their own circles. Prince Charles and his father fly around the world on luxury jets to give us this message (as published by the Telegraph, June 10 2010): “The Prince said the Earth could not ‘sustain us all’, particularly if a ‘vast proportion’ is consuming natural resources at ‘Western levels’.” 


Remember too, what Friends of the Earth and different ones said, and John Holdren and all these guys, and Maurice Strong.  They said that the world must never have another America, meaning a consumer society, and they also added that the best thing they could do was to bring down America and destroy and demolish and flatten all of its factories and buildings and all the rest of it.  Well, they have pretty well done that you see, because they exported them to China.  That’s what they did; that’s how they got around that one.  They made sure that you’re a service economy, floating around, just passing things around, selling hand-to-hand to the consumer at the bottom, all brought in from China, and just guzzling movies and Hollywood stuff every day to get us all dumb and really stupid.  And it’s done a very good job.  That’s how they got around things.  Here is Russell writing about it in the 1950s exactly what’s coming today.  Whatever comes up today, folks, the machinery is set up 50-60, 100 years ago.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Alan Watt back again and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just finishing off with Bertrand Russell who was a big player in the global think tanks that helped set up the system which you are living through today, with the breakdown of society.  That was part of the function of it.  Part of it is complete data collection on everybody.  Whatever is mentioned in the tech magazines of the public is obsolete.  Whatever they say they are working on, is obsolete.  Whatever is given to the public as ‘the latest’ is obsolete.  They are so far ahead in technology they knew exactly that they could bring in all this equipment to monitor you, again, 50-60-70 years ago.  And I’m not kidding about that.  They are really so far advanced. 


We help them.  We are like the characters in that movie I mentioned, Idiocracy.  We are like that.  We help them because we have been dumbed down, stupidified.  People should read the books put out by John Taylor Gatto on education and how they really decided to dumb the people down.  You go into other books like The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Iserbyt and you will see what the students to the 4th grade were reading 100 years ago compared to today.  And they could handle it because their IQs were higher.  You are born with an IQ.  We are BORN with lower IQs because your parents were getting inoculated.  They were getting altered food and various other things put in their food and water, exactly as Holdren and others suggested would happen, never mind getting sterilized eventually down to the 2nd and 3rd generation, as they wanted too.  That’s all happened. 


We help them because we have been taught that you must have the latest gadget and gizmo, even though they tell you they monitor you with it all.  Most folk don’t care.  This article is…


More eye spy than iPhone as smart device does the legwork for police

TOM LEONARD / July 12, 2010 / smh.com.au


(A:  It tells you how the iPhone literally is put out there for the cops to monitor you in more ways than just global positioning satellites, even when you shut it off, whoever’s house you are in, or wherever you happen to be.  It snapshots a photograph before it closes down and that’s GPS located, where it was taken and who was there and all the rest of it.)


In addition, every time an iPhone's internal mapping system is closed down, the device snaps a screenshot of the phone's last position and stores it.


Investigators could access several hundred such images from the iPhone and so establish its user's whereabouts at certain times, he said.


In a further design feature that can also help detectives, iPhone photos include so-called ''geotags'' so that, if posted online, they indicate precisely where a picture was taken and the serial number of the phone that took it.


(A:  Plus it tells you at the end as well, that even though you think you are scrubbing everything off it, the cops tells you…)


''Very few people have any idea how to actually remove data from their phone,'' said a researcher for US Customs and Border Protection. ''It may look like everything's gone but for anybody who's got a clue, retrieving that information is easy.''


And I’m saying this knowing most folk won’t stop using them.  They are helping the government monitor them and keep tabs on them.  They don’t mind being slaves because they think it’s so convenient to have this thing that it’s a fair trade off having no privacy.  Well those folk are so domesticated they are finished.  Again, read the book by Charles Galton Darwin, the physicist who wrote it in the 1950s, writing about this coming new world system, the elimination of the useless eaters, the weak, the infirm, so that they couldn’t outbreed the healthy intelligentsia, that he was a member of.  Read it, because these guys mean business, and we are pretty well there.  If you want to know what’s going on you have to go beyond the daily news of what they are doing today.  These are just symptoms of it.  That’s all you are seeing are symptoms of it.  You’ve got to find out the whys of it.  And it’s much bigger than you think. 


For people to really protest with any kind of ability, they have to do their homework and get up to speed fast on the massive organizations that have no right ruling you at all.  They’ve got to do it with your permission, right?


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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