July 13, 2010 (#619)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 13, 2010:

UN Says China's the Model State,
Help Us All Escape Same Fate:

"There are Secret Powers Ruling Our Lives,
Catering to All Comers, Class Divides,
With an Agenda for a Brave New World,
Anticipating the Day Their Flag Unfurled,
They have Their Boys Ruling Every State,
Never Sleeping, No Time to Wait,
Now Their Goal is Come in Sight,
Readying for Years to Quash any Fight
Or Revolution from the Public Rank,
The Disaffected will Find Dungeon Dank,
For Horror is Slowly Dawning in Some,
Understanding Deception of All that's Done,
And China Role Model for World State,
Where Workers Use Suicide to Escape Fate
Of Slaving Years Crammed Together,
Supplying the Goods and Patent Leather
Snapped up by Purchasers from West,
Dumped on Markets for Price that's Less
Than Can be Made in Other Nations,
With Abandoned Factories, Empty Stations"
© Alan Watt July 13, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 13, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on July 13, 2010.  Newcomers look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  Bookmark the sites I have listed there.  These are the official sites.  [Official sites listed above.]  Sometimes you will find it easier to download from one of these alternate sites because so many folk use the .com site at the same time.  They all have a lot of English transcripts of the talks Iíve given for print up.  If you want transcripts in other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and you can take you choice from a whole variety of them.  While you are there remember to go into the articles for sale, the books, CDs and DVDs because thatís what keeps me going.  Iím probably the only person on the air who doesnít accept money from advertisers.  The ads you hear on this show are paid by the advertisers straight to RBN and that covers the air time, their staff, equipment and their bills.  So you help me out with mine buy purchasing the items I have for sale.  If I had more time, which I really donít, I would be turning out more books, believe you me, because itís all in the head and it doesnít take long to write one either.  But I never have a minuteís peace around here; itís 7 days a week.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  As I say, do that and that will keep me going.  It takes a lot just to scrape by here, just to scrape by.  This is not a business.  Thereís no staff here getting hired all the time and so on to do things, which would give me some time to take a walk for instance.  So itís up to you to keep me going and hopefully I can get better equipment down the road tooÖ  and maybe one day get some staff. 


We go through life working our butts off really; most folk work their butts off.  When you are young you tend to try and accept the system you are in.  You are out for the good life.  You are out for having a good time and enjoying yourself.  Of course thatís what all the media is aimed at, the young, and is geared towards just have a good time, donít think too deeply about anything big and the big problems and so on.  Most of them donít.  You are having a good time.  It isnít until you get a bit older that you find out that the world isnít working the way you thought it was, especially when maybe you get laid off from work.  You know, nowadays of course, even for the last 20 years, they have been telling us to expect maybe up to 11 job changes minimum in your lifetime and you might end up working through your 4 jobs in a day, a single day of part-time jobs.  They were gearing up towards that as far back as the late 1960s in fact, with these predictions of what was to come.  The reason is, that they do give out little bits of what they are up to but the media doesnít go into whoís behind it.  Who does plan the future?  Who does plan the world society?  Maybe weíll touch on some of that tonight and show you how vastly different it is from what you think.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about how when we are young we are out to have a good time and thatís what it promoted to us by all the advertising around you, most of which we are generally unaware of.  Most folk donít remember the ads or where they get their ideas from but you are bombarded with them all the time.  Collectively they certainly work and everyone is changed uniformly because you are all getting the same advertising geared at what you think is YOUR generation.  I can remember when, I think it was The Who came out with the song, talking about Ďmy generationí.  Of course that was the era where people literally thought that youngsters were coming out of back garages, little bands, and getting up there in the charts, just like that, all by their little lonesomes.  Nothing is further from the truth. 


We are given a complete, fake history of reality.  The idea was to separate the generations and destroy families actually.  That was the main part of it.  They decided as early as the 1900s, and you will find this in the early writings of Lenin, that services would come in, in what he called democratic countries Ė he meant communistic countries.  Services and government agencies would basically take over all the functions that families used to do, including taking care of the elderly and so on.  They also wanted to get all parties out into the work force.  Of course the West loved that idea too because it meant that they would double their tax base, which they did. 


We grow into our own time.  We are born into our own time and everything is set on, itís already laid out for us, what we are going to do through most of it, to be honest with you, what we are going to think, the educational system through UNESCO, which is standardized across the world, creates everyone into the same opinions by the same education. Therefore you can meet someone from another country and they will have the same opinions on world events and so on as you do, because they have had the same indoctrinations, the same reality indoctrination.  But we are never, ever told the real truth about anything in this world.  The only time they will tell you a truth is the EFFECT of massive meetings, high-level meetings that have gone on that you are completely oblivious of.  You are given the end result which is generally taxation or new laws or something. But you are never told about when, or who came up with the idea, of the big organization that came out with the idea in the first place, or all the people who attended, how many meetings they had, who funded it and so on, and who really profits from it.  You are told the end effects of it. 


In the Patriot communities, and those who are trying to establish some kind of national identity, and I refer to some countries which ARE trying to find some kind of national identity because they have lost it all, like Britain, for instance.  They donít know really what they are anymore Ė which is an ideal state to be in when you are conquered, as far as the conquerors are concerned.  The whole of the European Union is made up of countries now going through the same process, the same deculturalization process and being taught, steadily, steadily, steadily to accept authoritarian rule.  Itís far easier to manage people under authoritarian rules than what is called democracy.  They will still use the term democracy for the present, but you are really under authoritarianism and have been for quite some time.  Itís the same, really, in Canada and the States; we just donít see the big stick so much in Canada YET, although the protesters at different meetings, World Trade Organization meetings and stuff, have certainly found lots of pepper spray and dirty tricks going on.  When they try to protest these things, the general public see it on television, they see the occasional guys rioting and throwing their little firebombs and the press are always at those places to cover THAT kind of incident at the right time amazingly enough.  Thatís to give the public the impression that ALL these people there are just a bunch of students with nothing to do and lots of energy to kick around.  Thatís how the world is presented to us and nothing is further from the truth. 


We have floated through our lives.  Most people, theyíll float through their lives.  They donít know, they donít even notice that suddenly in the stores, most folk truly didnít notice that suddenly everything was being made in China.  Why was that?  Why wouldnít you notice something that was so vital, it had so many, many consequences to your own country?  Meaning, obviously, that you are not making these things HERE anymore, for instance.  But most people didnít. They were too busy caught up in their own little personal lives, running around from work to back home, out for fun, whatever they are up to, and they donít give much credence or time to really whatís going on around them as long as they can still buy the same kind of things, or if it looks like it.  Everything from China now LOOKS like the real thing but isnít really; it falls apart rather quickly, which, again, has a very significant meaning to that as well.  It means you are going down the hill in society where nothing is meant to last, not just because it is cheaply made and expensive to buy, but because our whole way of living is to be changed drastically. Thatís why nothing is churned out to last very long. 


People have to go into their history to even find out where the big plans were set up, by whom, and how they implemented their plans over generations.  To understand what is going on there is no point in saying, my God, look at what they are doing to us today.  And everyday the media WILL make sure they give you 100 stories of things that are going to get your back up, so to speak, or make you grit your teeth of events that are happening, or side effects I call them.  I call these the side effects of the big plans, as certain people end up suffering from them, either being arrested for taking a photograph in London Square or something like that.  These are the things that kind of annoy you.  But these are EFFECTS of big plans which were implemented a long time ago. 


Iíve gone into many of the big planners from previous ages who wrote about this coming society.  They were all for it and they helped plan it in fact.  They churned out a lot of books about it. Every generation pushes it further because they have never lost control.  Carroll Quigley was correct when he said, in the United States ALONE this one group had made sure that every president elected, from any party Ė the tops all belong to this group Ė had been elected for the last 60 years Ė and he wrote his book in the mid 60s.  So from the late 1800s really, a group had put in their own people.  Of course the conservatives or Republicans would think itís their boy and the liberals would think itís their boy and thatís how it works really.  Itís a con game.  There is an agenda ONGOING from generation to generation and it doesnít change course. 


Why is it, for instance, when, say, the politics change in Britain or the US or somewhere else, a different party gets in, why is it they donít come in a SCRAP all the things which obviously are not working?  They donít do that.  Why donít they scrap all the treaties and agreements that are soaking the money out of the public purse for other countries?  Such as came out of the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs, and NAFTA?  Where the NAFTA countries that are first world counties have to pay for the third world countries, supposedly, to come up to a certain standard WHILE the top ones go down, and we are supposed to meet in some happy, obscure balance that is somewhere in between?    Itís the same with the European Union.  Itís identical to the European Union.  Thatís why itís identical.  The same people, very wealthy people, decided this was the way to go for the world.  Karl Marx wrote about it, trading blocs of nations, with a kind of provincial government set up for the whole bloc under a world government or parliament.  Jefferson also said the same thing.  He said, when you see the same Ė  the same AGENDA Ėagenda being carried forth between the changes of houses of congress Ė when new parties come in, when you see the same thing continue Ė know you are under tyranny.  There is something else at play here, something else at work and that is the proof of it.


Anyone in any particular job will know, take a basic job for instance, a basic job with skill, in say even carpentry.  If someone tries to build a house the wrong way and it doesnít work, you will learn from that.  You donít build the same thing over again.  In fact, you donít build a whole bunch of them in your own country or your town and across the whole world.  We say, well this isnít working here.  Why is it the same system is going on across the world and everyone under that system is suffering?  Itís because itís a bigger goal at play.  Remember, this is so important to remember, Iíve mentioned it so many times, that Brzezinski said, shortly the public will be UNABLE to REASON for themselves; they will expect the media to their REASONING for them.  You see, itís happened.  Itís happened a WHILE ago.  Thatís why people really are confused and they are angry when, as I say, the side effects of big plans hit them personally.  They are confused because they donít know why.  And they donít know why the media hasnít told them.  And why the media, if it does touch on a topic eventually under pressure, it glosses over it and it doesnít go into any detail whatsoever to give you any real inclination as to who is behind it, whatís behind it, and whatís the big plan here. 


The media has always been owned by PRIVATE powers.  Private powers.  The media moguls, or barons as they call them, can own hundreds and hundreds of newspapers across a nation and thousands across other nations to make sure that standardized news - which doesnít mean itís truth remember; news is not truth; donít ever confuse the two.  But everyone gets the same news at the same time across the whole large area to make sure everyone will be, as Brzezinski said, talking about whatever they were downloaded with in the previous nightís news.  Thatís happened. 


I also mentioned another site, which was pulled of course.  It was called StarSuckers.  It was about the media.  The second part was very interesting of whatís happened to the media.  It goes into the media and shows you that very few newspapers actually employ anyÖ


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about StarSuckers, an excellent exposť on how the public are manipulated by media.  I think 3 or 4 folk have tried to get it up there on YouTube and so on but it keeps getting pulled.  It does go into journalism.  They tell you how much of the journalistic staff have been axed from their companies over the years until you are left with maybe one or two people who DEPEND on handouts, who DEPEND for their news on HANDOUTS from big public relations corporations that work for the big powers, the big corporate powers.  They generally just insert them straight into the newspaper, put their name on them, and thatís what is presented to the public as news.  The military does it too.  Iíve gone through articles from the Pentagon where they have admitted they were putting out maybe 2,000-3,000 this year under different names, John Brown, or whatever it happens to be.  Of course you are presented with what you think is news.  Itís a big Disney show. 


Thatís what they do.  In StarSuckers they also show to you how they even had demonstrations set up against Miss UK or something.  Then they hired a bunch of women to hold banners and protest this shameless exposing of skin, etc.  They hired them and you see the guy talking to them; the guy that hired them who also was running Miss UK at the time.  There is nothing that you can see in it thatís really real anymore.  Itís entertainmentÖ and the rest of it is disinformation put out by public relations companies, MANY of them from the government themselves.  They work through public relations firms and public/private partnerships to keep you from knowing whatís going on.  You see, we are not meant to know whatís really going on.  If people really knew what was going on there really would be riots.  There really, really would be riotsÖ if they knew that big private organizations and foundations were working to bring in a certain TYPE of global governance, as they call it, which IS authoritarian Ė they have said so. 


The Club of Rome said the same thing too, that democracy had to go because there was too many competing parties and too many conflicting groups all demanding what they want and nothing can get done.  You are going through that phase now and you have been openly since 2001 when they used the war on terror as an excuse.  Thatís really the reason for the war on terror.  Itís to train us into the authoritarian new system while we go down in financial collapse at the same time.  Because when weíre all too worried about buying beans and potatoes we wonít be worrying so much about what the big boys are doing; we have one thing on our mind and thatís pure survival.  Plus we turn to governments to help us and they get away with, well, literally murder during these periods because they are not democratic at all.  It was all arranged that way because this is the time


I think back in the 90s there was a World Bank meeting and I remember a guy got into it because his son had a ticket.  His son was killed so he took the ticket and got in and he thought it would be about the wilderness areas and preservation and so on, of woodlands.  Thatís what he thought it was about.  Mr Rockefeller came on, and Rothschild was there, and said THIS is the generation Ė he taped it Ė THIS is the generation that is the cannon fodder for this new system.  Meaning, we have to suffer through it; we are the ones to suffer through it.  Planned a long time ago but most folk donít even know whatís going on.  How can you possibly think you are democratic when big organizations and big lobbyists meet with government, and have maybe weeklong meetings with them, on and off, maybe 2 or 3 times a year, planning a future which you are out of?  You donít even KNOW that it is going on, or what it entails, or what the government has agreed to do with these corporations.  We are not democratic, so letís not even try and kid ourselves.  Itís nonsense.  We are not democratic at all. 


An example is the LOTIS Group for instance.  Most folk havenít heard of the LOTIS Group, except the new agers that think itís Buddha sitting on a lotus leaf.  But no, there is a LOTIS Group and itís a corporate power, VERY important corporate power.  There is a research paper from gatswatch.com, a very good organization for information on all this stuff.  Itís beautiful how they call it GATS.  GATS.  Weíve all heard of the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs, GATT, but they give you another one sounding exactly the same but itís just GATS, to confuse you.  You see, this is the General Agreement on Trade and SERVICE, which is another thing all together but ties in with the other one.  This is about liberalization of trade and service, corporate power at work.  It tells you a little bit about this LOTIS Group.  It helped plan your future and planned the present condition you are in. 


Liberalisation Of Trade in Services: Corporate Power at Work

A research paper by Erik Wesselius / gatswatch.org


The United Kingdom is home to a particularly influential services industry lobby, which operates through an organisation called "International Financial Services, London (IFSL)".  (Alan:  There are two parts to the groupÖ) 1 Two IFSL working groups, the LOTIS 2 Committee and the High-Level LOTIS Group, aim at influencing ongoing negotiations on the liberalisation of trade in services in the World Trade Organisation (WTO).


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're back again Ė I got cut off once more Ė talking about the LOTIS Group which involves not just Britain, but the US too.  It says hereÖ


The LOTIS Committee and High-Level LOTIS Group are more than just another corporate pressure group. These two bodies constitute a veritable corporate state alliance in which senior UK government officials sit together with their business 'counterparts'.


"The strength and effectiveness of the LOTIS Committee derives from the open and co-operative interface which exists in its work between its private sector members and the British government officials who are involved in the negotiating process in Brussels and Geneva. This enables the UK position on financial and related professional services interests to be represented in the most direct way possible."


This paper is largely based upon minutes of meetings of the LOTIS Committee and High-Level LOTIS Group that were recently uncovered by Corporate Europe Observatory. These minutes, covering a period between April 1999 and February 2001, give an unprecedented insight in the day-to-day working of the LOTIS corporate state alliance. Within the LOTIS Committee and High-Level LOTIS Group, the distinction between public and private has become completely blurred. The LOTIS structures provide a private forum where government and business discuss strategies for ongoing WTO negotiations on liberalisation of trade in services. This allows the UK financial services industry an unjustified control over large parts of the UK trade policy agenda.  (A:  These are the guys who literally are internationalists.  As for the international world state, their part is to just deal with mainly Europe but the US also sits in on their big meetings as well for the NAFTA deal.)


The minutes also reveal that government officials have allied with business in planning a campaign to defeat civil society opposition against the WTO services negotiations. (A:  So there you are.  There is a deal with the government and the business to plan a campaign to defeat CIVIL SOCIETY OPPOSITION against the World Trade Organization services negotiations.)  At a LOTIS Committee meeting in February 2001, Mr. Malcolm McKinnon of the Department of Trade and Industry, warned his corporate LOTIS fellows that the case for liberalisation in services was "vulnerable when the NGOs asked for proof of where the economic benefits of liberalisation lay."  (A:  Liberalization of business they are talking about.) As part of a public private counter-offensive, a research project was to be commissioned to provide case studies highlighting 'benefits' of trade in services liberalisation for developing countries. Media access was ensured: a high-level Reuters official promised that his company would be "most willing to give publicity".


While it is useful and justified for governments to take business concerns into account when formulating trade policy, privileged co-operative arrangements between business and government as embodied in IFSL/LOTIS do not belong in a truly democratic policy-making process. (A:  And see, thatís the whole kicker there.)


You have these big powerful groups meeting with the Ministers of Trade, as they call the politicians that deal with that.  In the US youíve got your Department of Trade and so on.  They meet with them and they are behind closed doors, -the public never even know they are going on - and they work out campaigns for the next liberalization part of trade. What itís about too, by the way, is to allow foreign countries to come into your country, and this has already happened in some countries like Britain.  The initial meetings, I remember, were all set up in France at the time.  No one was allowed to get in except one NGO and she was from Canada; she just demanded to give fair wages to Chinese workers.  I thought, oh, so much for that.  Anyway, countries want to come into, say, Canada with a business, there can be NO restrictive trade barriers to them coming in.  Even if you have minimum wage standards, thatís considered a barrier to them coming in.  And if you deny them the rights to come in by any means possible, or even very legitimate reasons, they can fine you.  They take it to the World Court of the World Trade Organization and they fine the country billions of dollars for not allowing them proper, full, open entry into that country, for denying business.  Itís already happened.  Mexico was fined I think $17 million for stopping a company coming in that wanted to build a chemical plant over their water supply, under the World Trade Organization.  Mexico had put restrictions on the entry of a foreign business therefore they had to cough up the cash as a fine. This is incredible.  Incredible. It also means that if they want to come in from China, for instance - not that they will - and you say you canít pay minimum wage; they say, well, thatís what we pay our workers in China and weíll give Canadians or whoever the same wage.  If you stop them from coming in they will fine you millions and millions of dollars and youíve got to cough up. 


This LOTIS Group really is a big partÖ  Remember too, the Milner Group that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They had all these working bodies, these front groups, REAL working bodies that DID high-level business and negotiations directly with government and they still do.  And you can bet your bottom dollar this LOTIS Group is one of them.  We are post-democratic, you see, according to the big boys.  We have been for a long time.  The media is totally owned and controlled and will NOT go into these meetings or demand access or even sneak in, to allow the public to know what is really going on, when your future is being decided for you by these high-level bureaucrats and high-level businessmen, corporate leaders.  It says hereÖ


Considering the facts presented in this paper, the UK government should immediately discontinue its involvement in International Financial Services London and its LOTIS Committee and High-Level LOTIS Group. Similar corporate-state alliances in other policy areas should be dismantled, while existing UK trade policies would have to be reassessed and geared towards sustainable development. (A:  Hopefully for their own country.)  High priority should be given to the development of balanced and truly democratic mechanisms for civil society input in trade policy preparation.  (A:  Well that would be democracy wouldnít it?  But that ainít going to happen.)


Introducing GATS and lobbying by the services industry


The breakdown of the World Trade Organisation's (WTO) 1999 Ministerial Conference in Seattle thwarted corporate dreams of a broad push for global trade and investment liberalisation. No WTO Millennium Round was launched in Seattle. But government negotiators, backed by active corporate lobby groups, managed to salvage part of the Millennium Round agenda. In the beginning of the year 2000, WTO negotiations on extended liberalisation of trade in services, nicknamed 'GATS 2000', were launched.


Corporate lobbying was decisive for the coming into being of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), one of the so-called Marrakesh agreements (A:  Thatís under the United Nations.) concluded at the end of the GATT Uruguay Round in 1994.  (A:  You have to go into your history too and look at who set up, again, the United Nations Ė and Iíve told you often enough Ė and where they have these big world meetings.  They have certain ones, like Marrakesh and Uruguay and so on, Rio, where they set specific parts to deal with certain parts of this whole world societyís agenda.  They go back to the same place for that same part of the second round on the same topic of the agenda.  Itís the same thing with the recent meeting the G20 had in Toronto, they actually go as far back as the 1920s, where the CFR and the Royal Institute of International Affairs have their meetings.  And they HAVE to go to Toronto for that particular type of meeting so many years after the first meeting, or the second or the third; there is space between them.) According to David Hartridge, former director of the WTO Services Division, "without the enormous pressure generated by the American financial services sector, particularly companies like American Express and CitiCorp, there would have been no services agreement." 


So there are big corporations in the States all IN with this LOTIS Group as well, working with the World Trade Organization to bring you the global society.  Believe you me, these corporations have no national identity and the peasant of America is the same as the peasant of China to them.  Weíve got to get that through our heads, you understand.  All this has been discussed before I was born by people who set up these organizations for the present kind of society.  If you havenít noticedÖ if you havenít noticed, and maybe some of them in Canada havenít noticed quite yet, but the CCTV cameras, the Total Information Network service thatís going on in the States and Britain and elsewhere, is all to do with the takedown of societies to bring in this world organization where we will be run in a feudalistic system Ė as Carroll Quigley said Ė with the CEOís of these corporations being the new feudal OVERLORDS.  Meanwhile, there are too many peasants and theyíve got to get rid of them.  Thatís why all this is happening. 


You DONíT MAKE mistakes at the top.  Do you really think that government after government after government after government comes in with access to the books and the financial records and just goes on borrowing more money Ė as though on some sort of dope high or something Ė without KNOWING that this is not meant to last?  Of course not.  Do you think that the directors of the Bank of England, or the Federal Reserve, or the Bank of Canada donít know whatís coming down the pike and they didnít know 20-30-40 years ago?  Of course they do.  They could have kept the stock market going forever, itís all bubbles and cons anyway, but they didnít.  They bring it down NOW because itís TIME to bring down society and bring in the Age of Austerity, and replace the consumerist society with the tax-paying and fee-paying society, carbon taxes, water taxes, energy taxes and so on.  Thatís where your money will go, not for consuming anymore.  That was all planned an awful long time ago.  They donít wait for mistakes to happen to come along and take them off guard.  You donít suddenly have a crash out of the blue.  It does not happen.  It doesnít happen.  Believe you me, in this real world it does not happen and take everybody by surprise.  It cannot happen, doesnít happen.  They have the best brains, even from the private industries and so on, working with them.  They know whatís going on ALL the time.  This sort of thing does not happen, any more than a war just happens out of the blue either.  It doesnít happen.  It does not happen. 


Nothing on a major scale happens out of the blue with no warning.  Nothing.  So if it happens in politics it is planned that way.  Nothing will ever change there.  This is the time for the new era, remember, with a completely different way of living, that they have been talking about for the last 60 years.  Now you are getting to know what itís all about.  Theyíve got to have something that the public can see, visibly, or at least feel the effects of to make it real to them.  Whether itís a war on terror, they will keep churning out rotten tapes of Bin Laden, or they will blow up towers, or they will blow up whatever they need to blow up to make sure that the public get the message and get terrified enough.  Or they will crash the economy and bring in one expert after another.  If there are all these damned experts out there how come we are in the mess we are in?  I mean, you canít be an expert and running governmentís books and so on Ė it canít happen Ė and this catches you by surprise.  Of course not, because itís nonsense, but itís all planned this way.


We are run by corporate lobbying.  We have been for an awful long time.  Governments and the lobbyists and big corporations are all one.  Any novice coming in by some strange miracle - which will never happen - of a different party coming in with real people who are not utterly corrupt from the beginning, they would never get access to whatís happening.  In fact they would be out so fast, or all assassinated, because theyíd have to change things to make them work.  Itís not meant to work for your benefit.  Your governments donít work for your benefit and they havenít for a long, long time.  Carroll Quigley exposed that too.  He said that the Royal Institute of International Affairs, made up of the richest men in the world, at the top, even from the Milner Group who were all bankers and international bankers, set up the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations.  He says, they are often mistaken by people as being left wing, because he was talking about the socialist system they are bringing in.  They are talking about the completely controlled society under socialism, which is an authoritarian system.  Thatís what they are bringing in.  Because democracy doesnít work as far as they are concerned.  We demand too many things.  These same people will give you champions of the poor to make sure that they can start borrowing more money and then they will say, look at that debt, oh my goodness how are we going to pay for it, etc, etc, etc.  They cause the problems then turn and ask YOU what are YOU going to do about it.  They own every side.  EVERY side out there, thatís authorized to be there. 


Itís strange even with the big NGOs that used to go demanding to ban the bomb and all the rest of it.  Itís amazing how they are QUIET on certain subjects.  UTTERLY SILENT, but they get up and protest when what happens? When they are TOLD to protest.  Because who runs them?  The big foundations.  Who owns the big foundations?  The international banksters.  And you have no media to speak of thatís going to go into the histories of it and inform the public.  Not that itís easy to inform the public, most of them donít want to know.  When you have been trained all your life to just read about the oohs and aahs of side effects happening today, with another dozen to read tomorrow, you will never really know anything.  You are just kept in a constant state of anxiety.  But youíve got to find out whatís behind it. 


The public have had no vote in to the World Trade Organization of any kind whatsoever.  The public have no vote in even the set up and creation of the United Nations thatís bringing all this world government together, with the World Trade Organization and the GATT and all the rest of it. The general public keeps on under the strange darned illusion that theyíve got democracies, only because they keep telling you that from the media, where there is no trace of democracy to be seen in my lifetime.  If you ask the ones who are fighting FOR democracy, they think they are at the bottom, they want some kind of strange Disneyland where every care is catered to; cotton wool from birth to grave.  Itís a fantasy you are living out there. Thatís a fantasy.  Thatís not reality because the less that you want from government the less taxation there is going to be.  And the smaller the government - and thatís what it should be, as small as possible to take care of BASIC necessities - there is no need to tax their own people.  They didnít used to have to tax their own people.  They did it on imports and so onÖ and it worked.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Iím back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about the LOTIS Group for instance as an example.  There are so many groups out there that it would take you a hundred years for you just to do nothing else except go through them all. Thatís how complex this massive system of GOVERNANCE, as they call it, is; thatís what they mean by governance.  Itís non-democratic.  Itís not even from your government.  Itís private businesses and international corporations.  Iíll also put this link up, this other link by Gregory Palast who works for the same group, CorpWatch.  He says hereÖ


The WTO's Hidden Agenda

By Gregory Palast / November 9, 2001 / ratical.org


Special to CorpWatch



   WTO Confidential Memo 


LONDON -- Three confidential documents from inside the World Trade Organization Secretariat and a group of captains of London finance, who call themselves the "British Invisibles," reveal the extraordinary secret entanglement of industry with government in designing European and American proposals for radical pro-business changes in WTO rules.  (A:  Now, Palast is no conspiracy nut.  Heís worked for the New York Times.  Heís worked for the BBC and different places like that.)


(A:  By the way, they already tried that in some countries, where they can bring in Philippinos.  They set up an organization, say, for hospital staff in the Philippines and they can bring them over to your country and pay them the same wages as they would get paid back in the Philippines now working in your country and your own hospital staff are LAID OFF folks.  Thatís what your new health care system in the States is talking about too, by the way.) 


One set of documents, minutes of the private meetings of the Liberalization of Trade in Services (LOTIS) committee were discovered by the Dutch think tank Corporate Europe Observatory. They record 14 secret meetings from April 1999 and February 2001 between Britain's chief services trade negotiators, the Bank of England and the movers and shakers of the Euro-American business world. Those attending the closed LOTIS include Peter Sutherland, International Chairman of US-based investment bank (A:   Oh, guess who againÖ) Goldman Sachs and formerly the Director General of the World Trade Organization.


LOTIS is chaired by The Right Honorable Lord Brittan of Spennithorne Q.C., who, as Leon Brittan headed the European Union. (A:  See how all these big boys are in on it?)  He currently serves as Vice-Chairman of international banking house UBS Warburg Dillon Read.


Other LOTIS members include the European chiefs of US service industry giants Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Prudential Corporation and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. LOTIS is an outgrowth of the self-styled, "British Invisibles," more formally known as the Financial Services International London group. They were joined at various times by specially-invited members of the European Commission's trade negotiating team.  (A:  These are the guys who are bringing you your world society.  Big private international corporations who are sometimes heads Ė they wear different hats Ė of the World Trade Organization.  Sometimes they wear the hat of the CEO of the very business that they are promoting.)


The minutes indicate that the government officials shared confidential negotiating documents with the corporate leaders as well as inside information on the negotiating positions of the European community, the US and developing nations. At the meeting held on February 22nd of this year, Britain's chief negotiator on the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) made reference to the European Commission's paper on industry regulation which had been privately circulated to LOTIS members for their comment. 


The public hear nothing about this.  They are also right into the public services, health care, education, to energy, water, and transportation because these are the boys who are buying it all up, globally and privately.  Thatís what your New World Order is all about.  As far as you are concerned, democracy is in the waste bin.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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