July 16th, 2010 (#622)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 16th 2010:

For Club of Rome:
Betrayed in Our Garden, Just Like Gethsemane,
For Those Who'd Steal It, Paint Man as The Enemy:

"It's Eco-This-That, Green-Eco-Friendly,
Mantra of Kindergarten -- for Adults, Medley,
Constant, Repetitive, Embedding Persuasion,
So All Will Conform to -- THE INDOCTRINATION,
I Guess There's Nothing Behaviourists can't Do,
"Stop CO2, Hold Your Breath!" We'd All Go Blue,
Science of Man is So Well Understood,
Tested, Dissected, All for Our Own Good,
An Individual Surely Must be Demented,
Surviving Indoctrination, Yet Never Relented,
Group "Goodies" Applauded, Each a Servant,
Saving the World, Green and Interdependent,
The Future, Like Past is Planned in Advance,
Behavioural Experts Leave Nothing to Chance,
Our Consolation is, They'll Never Survive,
For No-One Gets Out of This World Alive"
© Alan Watt July 16th 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 16th 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 16th of July, 2010.  Newcomers should look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website.  You'll find hundreds of talks I've given over the years, and you can download them for free.  And while you're at it too, remember that I come on the air, not backed by advertisers.  Generally the hosts take money from advertisers and bring them on as guests, and push the products.  I don't do that.  So the ads you hear on this show are paid by the advertisers directly to the station, to pay for the staff and the broadcast, and the equipment and their bills.  So it's up to you, the listeners to help me pay mine.  At cuttingthroughthematrix.com, you'll see the products I have for sale.  There's very few, because I give more information than I do in writing, on the air, but I do have books there for sale.  I make a lot of money for other people who take the stuff and write books with it, mind you, but it's up to you to keep me going, so buy the books, the dvds, and the discs that I have for sale, and hopefully I can just tick over or trickle, well I really do trickle over.  Also remember, from the U.S. to Canada, you can use a personal check, you can use an international postal money order to order, from your post office, and you can use paypal to donate or to purchase.  Just send a separate email to me with your name, address, and the order, along with the other paypal donation, and I'll get it out to you.  Cash is okay as well.  Some people just send cash through the mail, and the mail is not too bad, generally.  And across the rest of the world it's the same thing.  You can use paypal, MoneyGram, Western Union, some people just send cash from Europe as well, and so far it's still being accepted over here, even though we're all up and down like a yo-yo everyday with the currency exchanges.  But mind you, bigger minds then ours are in charge of it, as we well know, the big unseen gods of money, and we just have to take it as it comes, because we're in a controlled society.  But, as I say, help me out too.  Donate as well, because I generally get by on donations, and that means a lot, that helps to pay some of the bills I have here.  I'm on satellite upload, remember to put this stuff up for you to see, that costs money as well, and I get trouble with the servers because I'm not really authorized to be out there and keeping you confused.  I'm really unauthorized.  I'm trying to tell you what's really happening, and therefore, believe you me, from the phones, I usually get cut off almost every night now, when I'm on the air, at least once per night.  To the satellite uploads, to the uploading to yahoo even, that told me they put a choke on my uploads, and they're trying to get me to take some of the stuff off the site.  You really do get a big hassle from every so-called service that's out there.  Why they call them services when you're paying for them, I don't know.  Anyway, that's the way it goes.  You do get a lot of hassles and this is every day and every week of every month, the same kind of hassles go on.  But I do give you a lot of information.  Remember too, if you want translations or transcripts of these talks, go into any of the sties for English, and go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for translations in other languages.  They all carry the same audios, but only the sentinel site has the translations for print up in other languages, so make use of them while they're up there.  Who knows how long they will be up there. 


Now, this big World Order was on the go as I say, before you were born, your parents were born, or your grandparents were born.  It's the planned society.  It's been on the go for an awful long time, awful long time.  Many writers and philosophers over hundreds and thousands of years gave hints of the same system that's around you today.  I've gone into a lot of that over the past, I might touch on some of it tonight.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, we're back Cutting Through the Matrix.  And, just mentioning before the break there, how old this system really is.  It's an ongoing system of not evolution by itself, but really a promoted direction, or directed evolution, if you like, by people who truly believe in evolution, long before they put out Darwin there.  When you look at the old philosophers in Greece for instance, who had an awful lot of time on their hands, it seems, and they studied pretty well everything.  Now knowledge didn't start with Greece.  It didn't start either with Egypt, you know that ancient Babylon as well, even previous civilizations, the Hurrian cultures they're coming out with now, and different people who lived before them.  They've even found temples now that are ten thousand BC in some areas.  And we know that knowledge, man's been around for an awful long, long time, and he wasn't dragging his knuckles along the floor either.  He's been pretty much like us for an awful long time.  Therefore, knowledge has definitely been acquired and passed on.  Because one thing that the leaders of all countries did, and even in ancient times, they had intense interest in gathering knowledge.  Intense.  In fact, it was a survival mechanism.  You couldn't have knowledge of even certain kinds of weaponry, just kept in the hands of your neighbors.  You might get frightened of your neighbors because they might want to use it on you one day, and you want to have the same kind of thing to retaliate with if you like the kind of Cold War syndrome.  But they really studied everything.  And the Babylonians of course had priesthoods that were specialized in different areas, just as the Egyptians did too. Some of them were simply scribes, other ones literally acted as lawyers and they divvied up land for purchases and for wills and all the rest of it.  They also had priests taking charge of commerce, as well, what came into countries, what came out of their country.  And they did have taxes on people who sold stuff in ancient times, importers, etc. 


The bookkeeping was just phenomenal, and even in ancient Sumer, we find that they had classes for youngsters.  They've found some of these schools where they used clay and slate drawing boards, and they were into algebra and everything, when they were only about six, five or six years of age.  Quite something else, thousands of years ago.  So that kind of knowledge, the knowledge to understand mathematics, and algebra, geometry and so on, and basic arithmetic was very, very essential for these ancient cultures, which all really worked on commerce.  That's the key to things, commerce and money.  And before they had coined money, coined money came out around 800 B.C., I believe, before that they had wedge shaped money.  It was literally chiseled off sheets of silver at the time.  Silver was the earliest commercial trading, and other ones used silver or gold, and they wrapped it around their arms, forearms, like a bracelet from their elbow right to their wrist, if you were wealthy.  And you'd just cut off a little piece here and there, and it would be weighed at the place you were purchasing something. 


Commerce and money go hand and hand.  You see.  They weren't happy enough in those days with simple barter.  A dominant minority took over and realized that if they had a means of exchange, they could certainly dominate other peoples, and become very wealthy.  The trick was to make other people believe that this stuff, this gold or silver, was wealth in the first place.  That truly was the trick.  And it's astonishing really, how little we know of the length of commerce.  We know the Phoenicians were a great seafaring people. They were really Canaanites.  The Phoenicians are just the Greek term for the same people.  They ran the commercial routes for quite a few centuries.  They even went all the way to Britain, and they were getting tin from the mines in Britain to bring back to mix with their copper and so on, and make the bronze.  And they kept that secret for a couple of hundred years.  It just shows you the secrecy involved in trading.  No different than today, with corporations.  High secrecy. 


That's the key to everything, because with money and commerce, eventually becomes a leisure class.  And it's a leisure class that has time to go into the sciences, and they called it in those days, Nature.  All through the societies and religions, they called it Nature.  The studying of Nature, and with the power of mathematics, some of the Greek philosophers believed they could literally find out how Nature worked and then dominate Nature.  They also talked about the Harmony of Nature, and how Man himself would have to live in harmony with Nature.  And if you read the philosophers, especially the writings of guys like Plato, who wrote very cryptically really.  There's two or three ways of reading his stuff, and you have to be able to switch your mind to each method to understand it, when you're reading the same piece.  He himself was an elitist.  He believed at that time there were special people who were naturally intelligent, and those who were just plain dumb, stupid.  And the naturally intelligent were the aristocrats, and the proof of it was the fact that they were aristocrats, and they put down to special breeding.  And they noted too, that those who married people or mated up with people for marriage, tended to provide the same kind of offspring with the same capability to learn and understand.  They had a very poor opinion of the ordinary people who fed them, and that they lived off of. 


Not much different than today, really, because when they brought Darwin along, that really was the time.  Darwin didn't discover anything at all, because his grandfather had already written a book, about the same kind of thing.  It was just too early in his granddad's day to get it out there, so they refurbished it, brought it back, updated it, and bunged it out at the right time.  And the Royal Society had chosen Darwin to do it.  He was to be the front man.  It was actually Wallace, another guy, who did a lot of the legwork across the planet, but they decided that Darwin was to be the front man.  They always give a front man, when they give you a new discovery that's to change the world or the way that we think.  And part of it too, was to put the final nail in the coffin of religion, get that out of the way, because unfortunately for them, although they'd used religion to dominate people before, it was time to get it out of the way, because religion also made people think, well we should obey our God rather than our governments, if government was bad, you see.  So that had to go, so that government couldn't be bad, it was just there.  It was all-powerful.  And they knew at that time that they could not have religion and people having obedience to it over the government.  Government was to become all-powerful as it has become since then.  But mankind too was to bring himself down from his pedestal as a supreme being on the planet, the supreme creation.  We're to be taught to believe this.  And when you start to think about that, and you believe it in that way, then you can think, well, we can do anything with people.  Anything with people.  And you start seeing people as animals, basically, as the ancients already had studied people, and they did classify them along like animals, different types and categories of peoples.


Today they call it systems.  And they have systems analysts that do all of that kind of work.  And they've studied all different cultures, to see what motivates them, what they have in common with other cultures, where they varied, where they've adapted to their own particular environment, and their particular natures too. I was surprised for instance to read in the writings of Mill, John Stuart Mill and his son of the same name, that they knew the different cultures, even in Britain; what the Welsh personality was like, where their strengths and weaknesses were.  Where different parts, say the Yorkshire people, how they managed, and where their strengths lay, and where their weaknesses were.  And how the Scots too, had certain very good powers, and very good weaknesses, and how they could exploit the weaknesses.  This is what it was about.  Find the weaknesses and you can exploit them.  And the main ones they were looking at, especially in the military side of it, was how to completely take the wind out of their sails, and make them give up psychologically.  It was psychological warfare.  And they found for instance that the Scots were fantastic fighters, but if they lost on the first battle, they tended to give up hope, and needed to be really, really rallied by a good speaker to motivate them into returning.  On the other hand too, some of them had found that other groups of them, different clans of the highlanders had been awfully tenacious, and just kept coming back and back and back.  So they looked for weaknesses and strengths in all peoples and how they had adapted to their particular environment.


In the Industrial Revolution, the idea was to get everybody in Europe, as possible, off the land.  As many as possible, just leave enough farms just for the basic food necessities.  And to bring in a new system, a new system of control, where the people would adapt, as Darwin already knew, they would adapt to their new surroundings because they'd have no choice, basically.  And they threw up these terrible row housings for the workers, miles and miles of these dingy places, crammed the families in like crazy, and they lived in squalor and poverty as they worked down mines or in factories, during the awful Industrial Revolutionary phase.  Even Benjamin Franklin, when he was off to England, on a side route after seeing Rothschild, mind you, he did mention that the British factory worker came out with bare feet, and this was a shoe factory, because they couldn't afford to buy the shoes that they made.  So there was something for Henry Ford to think about.  That's how he probably said he couldn't have his cars sold without his workers being able to afford them, so he gave them what he thought was a decent wage.


Anyway, what we've got to understand is, it's like Charles Galton Darwin and others have said, there have always been slaves.  The trick is to give a system, and given them money, and make them believe that they're not slaves.  See, the slave master otherwise has to keep them all penned up, he's got to feed them, he's got to have guards over them.  And the master knows he's the master, the guards know they're the guards, and the slaves know they're the slaves.  And he's got to at least give them the bare rags to cover themselves, as well.  Where if you give them just enough in a fixed economy, and they did have fixed economies in Britain, right through a good part of the 20th century and before, then they'd think they were free.  They'd buy their own clothes, their own shoes, sometimes their own tools for work, and stuff like that.  And I hear the music coming in, I think.  So I'll be back with more after this break. 


Hi folks, I'm back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just prattling on here a little bit, because it's a Friday, and talking off the top of my head here about something that's very, very important that people don't really realize.  We tend to, as I say, we're born into our time.  We think it's "our" time, therefore everything that is, is all quite natural, because we're born there and it exists.  And it never dawns on us, at least most people, that you live in a contrived, predetermined system, with a mission, it's a mission, the system that you live in, it's got a mission to upgrade to the next part of the system.  And all the big universities are part of it, because they must shape the culture, shape the minds for transitions as they like to call them, into the next phases of political correctness.  It's interesting, you get more out of the old Communist books, than you do out of the Western books. They tended to squirrel away some of the best books on national and countrywide psychological operations on the whole public, away from the peoples in the West, and squirrel them away in very high universities, for specialists who will be working in these fields, or ones coming into that field to take over.  Whereas in the Communist writings, they give you a lot of these clues about the coming system, because Lenin himself talked about the dictatorship, he called it, of the Proletariat, but it was really over the Proletariat, or the Proles, and he said it would last about a generation or so, that was about 70 years, and then it would kind of meld away, and kind of combine with the Western countries, into a system which is not quite Capitalist and not quite Communist.  And he gives you a lot more little clues, which meant of course that his mentors knew it back in the 1800s.  And you can find other ones writing about the same kind of thing, giving little clues in the French Revolution, and around that period for instance, where a lot of them came forth with this big idea, of a New World Order, a global society. 


You go back even further, again, back into the writings of the Greek philosophers and you hear them talk about it too, how man himself would have to find a way of peace, and peace could only be brought about by those who know, meaning educated and have the proper qualities and abilities, ruling over the rest of the people in a controlled society.  In so much and even so far, as going all the way to Plato and his Republic, where they would breed people to be in the Guardian class, they'd breed a Warrior class with women in it too, and that's all come to be in the later part of the 20th Century onwards, and he's also talked about the "its", the ones down below, would be bred for their tasks.  Special sized people for special jobs.  Small, squat guys for miners, and tall thin people for picking apples off trees, for instance.  But of course, he was talking about eugenics, and breeding them along the natural way, well, a natural form in other words, at least by mating them up.  Now we have literally the ability to create different kinds of humans, and we've had it for a long time, an awful long time, by the way, of how to genetically alter humanity itself. 


We do know that they were at least using what they've told us, the special breeding, mate up technique, in the days of Darwin.  He himself was a product of it.  And I've advised people before to go into the book by Ian Taylor, and it's called Darwin and the New World Order.  That's one of the titles, it's got two titles actually, but he is a scientist himself, a very respected scientist, and he gives a lot out of the bag in his book, about the reality behind sciences, and he tells you about the Darwin family, and how they for generations had been inbred with only one other family.  Well don't believe for a minute that this particular group of people just used the Darwins to interbreed with the Wedgwoods for generations.  A lot of them were in England doing the same thing at the same time, because this was an old society, a very old society.  And they had a mission to accomplish.  And you have to find out too, about their godfathers as well, and who they became godfathers of and so on.  Very important people that kept on in the scientific vein to change our society's culture towards a world type society of order, living in harmony with the world, as they kept talking about it, or nature as they couched it around the 1500s.  So that's what we're on.


Now we truly, truly are living in a projected fantasy, the reality we're given by the media.  They give us the daily occurrences about what's happening with fallout.  They don't tell you what's behind the causes, they tell you about the fallout, and we go tut-tut-tut, isn't that awful, and we tear our hair out a little bit, and then we forget about it with the next day's horror.  And this is how we're brought along with the media today, because the media, the mainstream media is an essential arm of government, always has been.  That's why you have media barons and a tight control in the media.  Some of the higher books of course in universities talk about the purpose of the media being just that, to cater to the lower classes, primarily.  The ones for the managing class, the managerial class, especially in governmental positions, bureaucracies, they give their own magazines to, to program them in turn.  And the Royal Institute of International Affairs admits that, and Carroll Quigley admitted that.  He says, forget about the people at the bottom, they give them lots of sex and entertainment.  That's what they said, sex and entertainment.  And that's still the case today.  Base stuff, you see.  The ones who have to manage you and they've got more motivation to manage you because they get better salaries and more perks, more privileges than the ones down below, they're only too happy to keep up with their own programming by getting the right newspapers, just for them.  And the limited editions, just for themselves of the books.  Back with more after this.


This is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix, and I'll stop my little prattling here, just to bring us up to speed again, very, very briefly on the fact that there's always been control, there's always been machinations through wars and so on to conquer, bring in a world society, and to introduce, unknowingly to the people that is, cultures that are new cultures, blends of their own, brought into a new, and then their old one is lost completely, as they keep upgrading you into a world culture, where you're being trained what to think, and how to be and how to act, and what to say, and what's acceptable, what's not acceptable, without you knowing it.  And most folk don't even understand that.  It's behavioral psychology, and that's the big one.  Most folk, literally I was watching something today, and this is one of the highest universities actually, but they were talking about how they've studied everything, even when people stand up in an audience, and shout, Encore.  To most folk it looks like they all stand up about the same time, but there's actually a sequence and a pattern to it, because they study how we all behave as groups, you see, right in a theater.  And they find out the certain pattern of who stands up first, and then it has a pattern as it spreads across the hall, because most folk are collective, they follow the ones that are doing something.  They follow them and act automatically and behave automatically.  In other words you could also introduce a new type of behavior in a different way and you'd find the same thing would happen.  It happens already with speech for instance.  Most of the new terms you've had for many, many years come from television series put out by Hollywood, including the minimalistic speech, including the foul language, it's put out by Hollywood, and people just imitate you see, and start prattling amongst themselves.  And eventually it becomes, you're almost square if you don't use it, even the foul stuff, you see.  Most folk are followers. 


Anyway, last night I talked about Communitarianism, and that's the big wave.  You'd be surprised of how many foundations have been pushing this quietly.  The left, what seems to be the left wing foundations, the right wing foundations, all pushing the same stuff, because they're all one.  See they've got to have foundations to cater to every type of class there is, you see.  And even people with chips on their shoulders, who feel on the fringes, they use them as the foot soldiers to push this into society.  They've always done that.  And they become the ones who push and protest and demand, and that we all accept everything that's in front of us.  You know, we're told to accept, I should say, even if things are disgusting to us.  Anyway, I mentioned that they keep using the term for your new community and your communitarian stuff, your local government is putting out pamphlets to you, your federal government is putting them out, and they call you stakeholders.  And a guy looked this up in a legal dictionary, and this is what he sent me, he says, this is the legal definition, stakeholder:


A person having in his or her possession (holding)
(Alan: it's not ownership, right.)
money or property, in which he or she has no interest, right or title, awaiting the outcome of a dispute between two or more claimants to the money or property.  The stakeholder has a duty to deliver to the owner or owners the money or assets once the right to legal possession is established by judgment or agreement.


That was dictionary.law.com, the next one is Black's Law Dictionary, 5th ed. 


Generally, a stakeholder is a third party chosen by two or more persons to keep on deposit property or money the right or possession of which is contested between them, and to be delivered to one who shall establish his right to it; and it is one who is entitled to interplead rival or contesting claimants to the property or funds in his hands.


So, it's like, in other words they call it, supposing you were handed down your land without title, as many folk were until out came the lawyers, and all that kind of stuff, and they pushed them everywhere.  That happened to the American Indians.  That happened to the Australian aboriginals.  And it has happened to the Palestinians.  The New Israel says that they never had a title to the land.  Well, they never thought about a title, they'd always lived on it, you see.  (Laughter)  That's how it is.  A stakeholder always loses, pretty well.  You're in possession of it, but believe you me, if powerful forces want it, they're going to get it, because they own the judges.  That's how it always seems to be, and that's how the Indians lost pretty well everything too. 


Now that's different from a shareholder.  That's why they're not using the word shareholder, they're using stakeholder.  Now these boys at the top don't make these mistakes, they're very careful with their legalities, and the words that they choose to put out to us, that we start parroting.  It's yeah, we're all stakeholders in our community.  No, you don't own anything in the community.  You will go where those who really own it decide you're going to go.  That's what it means.  But they want you to help them to get there, as you lose everything.  That's what it means.  Very interesting.  So, that's what a stakeholder is.  Remember in the old days too, you see it in all the Westerns.  You go and you drive your stake in what was going to be your land, but you had to go in to get it registered, and then the registry office would decide if you're going to have that or not.  So just because you drove your stake in didn't mean you owned it.  They would say yes or no.  Or you'd bribe them, or whatever.


Anyway, getting back to how people are chosen for experiments, different groups of people.  And I noticed this all through traveling through Europe, how different countries literally were experimenting in different ways, especially with the youth.  And I knew it wasn't by accident, it was definitely big controlled experiments.  If you have a nation and people within a nation, and a government ruling over them, you have a controlled experiment right there, you see.  And in Holland for instance, they brought out, the government put out the drugs in the pubs, the bars, and basically they observed all of that for many, many years.  In Holland again, they even paid them, the women to go off to work, and paid the guys to stay at home and watch after the babies.  It was interesting to see all this kind of stuff going on.  Denmark had a lot of Marxist philosophy back in the 70s, taught openly in the schools, and they're pushing their permissiveness of course, to destroy any bonding in the future, long-term bonding.  So, it was interesting to travel through and see what was what and what was happening.  In Scotland for instance, they kept the people just angry and they had a welfare system that came in when they pretty well put most of the folk out that were living, working in mines, and they had been for an awful long time.  But it's amazing how Scotland is becoming a really control-freak society.  And now they have this semi, semi-independent government, which isn't independent at all.  They're all on board in the government with the big World Plan.  And the guys at the top are specially chosen.  It's one of the oldest Masonic societies in pretty well the Western World, is Scotland, it really is.  If you want to get on in Scotland, you have to be a Mason.  Anyway, this is an article from the UK News:




(A: They don't even wait to give you lots of propaganda to make you feel guilty, and wait for the children to grow up who don't want cars and stuff because of their indoctrination.  They just go out and do this.  So they admit they're squandering:)


MILLIONS of pounds of taxpayers’ money has been spent on sending council snoopers into people’s homes (A: They send them around the homes.) to hector motorists into giving up their cars.  (A: To nag you out of giving up your car.  Officials from the government.  It says:)


Under the Scottish Government’s latest initiative to drive cars off the road, tens of thousands have been lectured on their own doorsteps about public transport and climate change. 


(A: On your own doorsteps.  Can you imagine standing, listening to a government official, nagging you on your doorstep.  They have no legal entitlement to just ban them, so that they try to nag you and scare you into giving it up.  And it's hard for me to believe they all just stand there and let them do it.  It says:)


Four local authorities, Dundee, Dumfries and Galloway, East Renfrewshire, and Falkirk, have lavished £10million on a string of “insulting” green projects, which included sending officials on door-to-door visits.


But it was later revealed in the Government’s own evaluation of the project that “the vast majority of respondents (78 per cent) strongly agree/agree that they like traveling by car.”


(A: Well, good for them.  What were these guys going around door to door on?  Bicycles?  I doubt it.  No, the taxpayer is paying for their big, fancy shiny cars that are always new.  It says:)


Figures reveal that the four councils made almost 23,000 visits since 2008 with a further 14,000 householders due a call this year.  (A: I'd tell them to get on their bike.)


They were part of a £15million package of initiatives funded by the Scottish Government (A: £15million, eh?) and councils under the SNP’s Smarter Choices, Smarter Places scheme, aimed at reducing the number of cars on Scotland’s roads.


The figures, obtained by Tory transport spokesman Jackson Carlaw, show the Scottish Government spent £8.5million since 2008 on the schemes, while local authorities pumped in a further £6.5 million.  (A: Amazing.)


Mr Carlaw last night slammed the expenditure, saying: “People are perfectly capable of grasping the concept of catching a bus without being subjected to unsolicited doorstep advice sessions from Government do-gooders.” 


(A: They're not do-gooders.  Your government doesn't serve you, when they go around nagging you.  In fact they shouldn't be engineering the children at school either, into the new systems.  That's going to be really awful, they'll be little green fanatics, believe you me. So they go on:)


This is an outrageous waste of money.”


(A: Why don't they just stop it then?  Why don't they just stop it?)


A Scottish Government spokesman said: “Smarter Choices, Smarter Places is encouraging Scots to reduce transport emissions by opting for sustainable alternatives to car use.”


Well, what are they going to use, their roller skates or what, you know?  They won't even allow you to have a donkey anymore, if you're using it as a pack animal.  That's law, I think too, as well.  Crazy, isn't it.  Now when they're doing all this kind of stuff, and this is what I'm talking about here.  This is the fallout, as they still go ahead with their social engineering, this is what they mean by their books.  You'll find this in many of their books by the big boys, a lifelong education.  They don't mean that you're going to do night school and upgrades.  No, no.  Ongoing education means you're going to keep getting programmed into what they want you to be, and behave the way they want you to behave, and do what they want you to do.  That's what it's about.  For harmony, you understand.  Can't have individuals make their own choices.  It's too disruptive, it's a negative influence.  That's what they say, actually, a negative influence. 


This article here, I'm sure everybody has been prattling on about it.  It's

24 multinationals move HQ to Shanghai

(A: This is from CNTV, from China.  And it says:)

24 multinational companies, have decided to move their regional headquarters to Shanghai, including 6 Fortune 500 companies such as Vale, Walt Disney and Kraft Foods.

This will push the total number of companies with regional headquarters in Shanghai to nearly 300. Nearly 500 have regional research and development centers there. 

Well, why scream about this, because, I mean, didn't you notice what was happening all through the 80s and 90s?  Thousands of your employment places went overseas.  Thousands of them.  And no one hiccupped at the time, except the folk that were getting laid off, and no one listened to them.  But Walt Disney, they don't care where they go anyway.  Good riddance, you know.  We'll see if they can get away with their perversions over there.  They've got some laws there yet in China, where there's nothing left in the U.S.  And there's another one here too, from a different site too.  Xinhuanet it's called.

BEIJING-- Twenty four multinational companies, have decided to move their regional headquarters to Shanghai, including 6 Fortune 500 companies such as Vale, Walt Disney and Kraft Foods.


Kraft Foods is going over there.  It's interesting, I think Nestle is already over there, and Nestle were fined big time.  Because Kraft Foods is also involved with the milk industry, and Nestle were found doing what a lot, doing something to the milk by substituting this stuff that makes it look white, and taking the stuff out of it that is white, and for other purposes, and lots of children got awfully sick and some died.  So I guess you can get away with something like that over there, more so than over here.  So, Shanghai is the big place for them to go, and the labor is cheaper, everything is cheaper, and of course, they won't pay anything like the taxes they're paying over here, if they pay any at all.  They are big international companies already, and most international companies don't pay any taxes at all. 


Now, the EU bloc, the new, nouveau Soviet Bloc, which the EU is, it's an upgraded Soviet system.  It is the system that Lenin talked about, the merger between East and West, in a generation's time or so.  That's what the Soviet Bloc is.  It was planned to be that way.  The same boys that created the Soviet Union, and who already ruled Britain and other countries, had designed it to be so.  And it's a non-democratic system of course, the EU parliament.  It says:

2States back emission trading rules

EU member states have unanimously backed commission proposals that will see carbon-emitting industries buy roughly half of their emission allowances from 2013 onwards.

(A: I mentioned a few years ago that they were giving millions of Euro and pounds out to international corporations, for free, to start trading, to get the thing kicked off, you see.  And I've read articles since where they actually made profits off them.  And they haven't even bought any yet, right?  So, half of them will have to start buying them by 2013 onwards.)

The agreement by a committee of national experts (A: What's a national expert, it's a nothing. Hey, (chuckle), CO2?  National experts, eh?)  to phase three of the EU's emissions trading system (ETS), with companies currently receiving their allowances for free.

Under the plans, Brussels has pushed the idea of a single European auctioning system to sell the pollution permits in the future.


Well, we know for a fact, because it was in the papers, and I've read it on the air too, that Mr Rothschild's private, the banking family's private bank in Switzerland has to do with all the world's carbon trading.  It's all to go through their bank.  Can you imagine the profit they'll make in holding that stuff for even overnight or a week?  Just on the interest alone, for the whole world?  Amazing, eh?  There's control for you.  And people get all upset, oh, don't talk about the Rothschilds, that's conspiracy stuff.  Well, how come for about 300 years, these guys have been running the planet.  I mean, they've just bought up most of India, and they're putting in their GM crops through Bayer, which they own too.  That's their family name.  So, I'll put these links up on the site, cuttingthroughthematrix.com, at the end of the show, and you can look at them for yourself. 

But I want to give you a humorous one, but a very important one.  And I won't read it on the air, but it's from Rex Murphy, who generally has been on CBC television, in Canada, who does a kind of spiel every other night there on something with some humor in it, but a lot of fact as well.  And often you can get through to people with a bit of humor.  But he really puts the green agenda, as it really is.  And it tells you how they, anything with "eco" on it now, "eco" this and "eco" that, and everybody's jumped on the "eco" bandwagon, and how British Petroleum pushed itself before the oil spill there as an eco-friendly company.  So everybody is in on the act, right?  To make cash off it.  And how it's become, the "eco" word and "green" terminology has become holy terminology.  That it's almost like saying the word Anti-Semitic, if you don't like the word "green" or "eco", oh, you're a Nazi.  That's what it's meant to do actually.  You know.  It's meant to override any argument, just saying, oh but it's green, or it's eco-friendly, blah, blah, blah.  It overrides any logical debate or argument.  In fact, it stops any debate.  It prevents it.  So I'll put this article up, and you can have a good chuckle at that.  It's quite good.  He even gives you a little bit of Faustus and Mephistopheles, it's very interesting stuff for those who have a bit of IQ and a good laughter ability.  Back after this break.

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, just finishing up with the last few minutes, and I'm going to put another link up too, it's called panna, P-A-N-N-A, From the Green Revolution to the Gene Revolution, and it will give you some of the history and run-down for biotechnology for your food and so on, and what's been going on.  How the World Bank, this great wonderful thing that goes under the cover of the United Nations, this independent banking group that called itself the World Bank, made up by the same international bankers of course, is in charge of so much in pushing the GMO food on the farmers across the whole world, and destroying their natural crops altogether.  How they do it, how they rake big money in from these countries too, and how they're all in bed with the private corporations, like Bayer and so on, and Monsanto that are pushing this stuff across the planet.  So I'll put that link up.  Plus I'll also put up another one, and it's also to do with Bayer.  Now Bayer is the Rothschild's family, private family business.  Because their real name was Bayer before they adopted Rothschild.  And they still use Bayer chemicals and Bayer pharmaceuticals in Switzerland, and they do their Bayer bio-tech industry too.

And this is from Bloomberg, and it's, Bayer Loses Fifth Straight Trial Over U.S. Rice Crops.  They almost bankrupted, well maybe they have bankrupted a lot of farmers in the U.S. by mixing in some of their G.M. rice, with their own, with the normal rice, and then the farmers couldn't export it abroad.  No one wanted it.  So they've had umpteen different trials, and so far they haven't paid anything, but they're supposed to owe millions, and we'll see how far it goes as they go through trial after trial, and claiming that they did all the right things and so on.

Then there's another one to do with Canada.  And it's amazing how they sort of bring you all into the guilt trip, eh?  This one here is from the Australian.

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (A: This is from the government) second takeover offer for Intoll

(A: In Australia.  They want to take over Australia's roads and toll road them, and they're using investment money from the Canadian pension plans.  It's a government plan, and everybody in Canada pays into the Canadian pension plan.)

CANADA'S second-biggest pension manager has made a takeover offer for an Australian toll road operator.

Its $3.5 billion bid for Intoll Group is its second multi-billion-dollar offer in less than a year for an Australian toll road operator.

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) yesterday revealed a non-binding cash offer of $1.535 per stapled security for Intoll, which manages interests in the Westlink M7 motorway in Sydney and the 407 ETR in Toronto and is one of the spin-off groups of the former Macquarie Infrastructure Group.


They're making a big move to take over roads and so on.  But I'd like to see who the other investors are in with this kind of a pension plan, because they always have, in the British Commonwealth Countries, and these Crown Corporations they call them, there's a select group of private investors.  They never tell you who they are.  Even the CBC who works for the government couldn't find out who they are.  And they have the controlling shares over everything.  It's interesting, isn't it, that probably the same people, I would think, have the controlling shares over every big international corporation on the planet there is.  That's what I personally think.  And it will be a small group of people, very, very small, and probably have had this for generations, who knows, maybe centuries. 

From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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