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For the RIIA/CFR and International Bankers:
Long in the Making, a World for the Taking:

"Soviet Rule by Council, So Doctrinarian,
Comes Back via Cameron as Communitarian,
He says Devolution of Power Down to Local
Will be Hailed by Peasants and Country Yokel,
Century of Change and Agenda Twenty-One
Will Step-by-Step get Reconstruction Done,
E.U. and U.N. Glad to See End of Nations,
In this Feudal System We'll Know Our Stations
And Everyone Must Comply and Participate,
Like Solitude, Privacy? --Hmmm--Antisocial--Hate!
We Must All Join in and Plan Future Together,
Till the Soil, Plant Food, Watching the Weather,
Then Give Crops to U.N., Ooh-Warm-Touchy-Feely,
Who'll Take Lion's Share, Distribute Rest to Needy,
Yes, in Harmony with Nature, Milner-Marx the Saviour,
Skinny and Happy, GMO on I.Q. Modified Behaviour"
© Alan Watt July 19, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 19, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on July 19, 2010.  For the newcomers, you should look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and bookmark all the sites you’ll see listed there. These are the official sites [listed above].  All these sites have hundreds of audios for download and a lot of transcripts of the shows for print up and passing around to your friends.  If you want translations in other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and you can find them there along with the audios too.  While you are at it, remember that you bring me to you.  You are the audience who bring me, the host, to you and when you stop giving the occasional penny here or there I’ll stop prattling on. The ads you hear on this show are paid by the advertisers directly to RBN; I’ve got nothing to do with the advertisers.  That pays for the air time of this show.  It pays for their staff, equipment and their bills. So you have to help me out with mine by going into any of my web sites and purchasing the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale.  Remember, I’m giving you lots and lots of stuff for free.  Believe you me, everyone else takes this lead and follows the lead of this show and it’s always on their show the next day or in their papers or whatever.  Help me out because if I took advertisers on I’d have to bring them on as guests and they would terrify you for half an hour and then you’d hear the sales pitch.  That’s not really a show.  That’s a bit of deception.  But that’s how a lot of hosts get their money.  That’s the traditional way of how they get paid big bucks.  But then again there are catches to it so I go this way.  I hope that you help me out and I can just trickle by and get this show continuously going.  I’m only on the air because I’ve got so much to say.  With a lifetime of studying and watching this and observing what was really happening and it was time to come out, back in about 1998 or so, and say what I knew because no one else was saying it.  They weren’t into eugenics.  They weren’t into the big global plan.  No one was touching it.  So help me out and you can do so by [Order and donation options listed above.].  Some people send cash.  They are still accepting it at the banks.  I’m sure eventually they will stop accepting it at all with the fluctuation of the different prices and currencies until they standardize them all into one, and that is coming.


We talk about what’s coming up, always what’s coming up.  Back in 1998 on a radio station I mentioned my first impression of Canada and then the United States, and the rural areas when I went down to see them.  Very interesting I thought because everything looked so temporary when you compared it with Europe.  Everything was made of wooden houses basically with siding on them, often plastic.  These were privately owned.  The working class people were so proud of them and yet I compared them to the council housing in Britain that were made of bricks and would last dozens and dozens of generations.  I saw the overhanging wires on the streets for the electric and so on weren’t buried underground.  Everything told me that this was all temporary and one day they would get rid of it.  I’ll go on about that when I come back from this break. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning before the break that everything looked so temporary to me coming from Europe.  When I looked around Canada in especially the rural areas and a lot of the working class areas as well, it was the same in the states.  I thought, everything is so temporary, one day they will just strip off these overhead wiring, they will demolish these houses, so easily too because they are stick houses basically.  That’s exactly what Obama put into motion.  He didn’t come up with the idea of course, it was always there on the cards many, many years ago, that once they were post-industrial they would simply do exactly that and then force the rest back into the city.  They are using so many different guises about it, that they can’t keep up the maintenance work, there are so few folk living in this area, that area, and all the rest of it, it’s too expensive.  They are flattening part of Detroit now and other places too across the different states.  They are keeping different parts of it quiet as well so you don’t correlate them all. 


I mentioned this years ago, I noticed about the cities even, the cities were not being maintained eventually.  I saw the potholes year after year and I thought, well obviously these guys know they are there, why aren’t they fixing them?  Well the only conclusion is that they are not going to because these big cities, especially the aging cities and the kind of industrialized type cities, THEY would go the way of the do-do bird.  They will serve a purpose for 50 years and sure enough, that’s kind of on the cards as everyone is to get crowded into them for the next 40-50 years as they depopulate the rural areas.  Then people will die off in those cities, and most of them will be sterile by then anyway and full of disease, and they will simply flatten it all, or build separate ones for themselves elsewhere.  If you look, again, at the reports for the next 50 years according to the think tanks FOR the military of Britain and NATO and the American equivalent from their own military – which back each other up – they see new cities getting set up for an elite who will go on to continue down through the ages basically… if you know what you are reading and how to read.  How to READ it… there is a WAY to read things.  They give you more than just the face value and if you are very careful you will see what it is.  Here is an article and it’s from the Wall Street Journal.  I’ve noticed this too, up in Canada as well as the States. 


Roads to Ruin: Towns Rip Up the Pavement

Asphalt Is Replaced By Cheaper Gravel; 'Back to Stone Age'

A road crew in Jamestown, N.D., where road repair means reclaiming the original asphalt and processing it to resemble gravel.

By LAUREN ETTER / wsj.com / Dan Koeck for The Wall Street Journal / JULY 17, 2010


SPIRITWOOD, N.D.—A hulking yellow machine inched along Old Highway 10 here recently in a summer scene that seemed as normal as the nearby corn swaying in the breeze. But instead of laying a blanket of steaming blacktop (Alan:  That’s tarmac.), the machine was grinding the asphalt road into bits.


"When [counties] had lots of money, they paved a lot of the roads and tried to make life easier for the people who lived out here," said Stutsman County Highway Superintendant Mike Zimmerman, sifting the dusty black rubble through his fingers. "Now, it's catching up to them."


Outside this speck of a town, population 78, a 10-mile stretch of road had deteriorated to the point that residents reported seeing ducks floating in potholes, Mr. Zimmerman said. As the road wore out, the cost of repaving became too great. Last year, the county spent $400,000 on an RM300 Caterpillar rotary mixer to grind the road up, making it look more like the old homesteader trail it once was.  (A:  In pre-industrial times no doubt.  They are literally taking the tarmac off the road in the rural areas and calling it a gravel road, no doubt which they won’t maintain either.  That’s just the way it’s going.  That $400,000 they paid for the caterpillar to rip it up; I’m sure they could have fixed the roads with it, but that’s not the agenda.)


You know what the agenda is if you read Agenda 21 and so on.  It’s all communitarianism as they like to call it.  Communitarianism is the big thing that George Bush Sr himself yelled out in 1990.  Last week I was talking about communitarianism, about what it is.  It’s a sort of collectivist society, but it’s not something where you just simply set up a council of yourselves and you all debate will real democracy as to what’s happening in your area.  This was set up before you were BORN.  The whole idea was worked out and all the rest of it, a whole generation has been trained by various organizations called things like Common Purpose and others to give you the future leaders who will just happen to end up on the boards of what you think are your groups as you decide the fate of your little area.  You understand, under the regionalism – and this is what’s it about, the United Nations regionalism.  In England you don’t have to put down the town or even the city you come from.  You put down an area code for your region.  It’s already working there and that’s to come to the States and Canada as well. 


Here is an article to show you how they introduce it, OPENLY now, communitarianism without using the word.  It’s like when you are under the Soviet system, the new Soviet system, which you ARE – it’s an upgraded Soviet system, they will not use communism.  So they use the next best thing, communitarianism, and we are so dumbed down and stupid we don’t relate the two.  It’s very simple.  We are very simple people, after being inoculated to death with God knows what attacking your brain and fed the worst possible weaponized food they could possibly think of that dumbs you down and kills you off earlier with all kinds of tumors and things.  Nothing you don’t know I’m sure if you’ve listened to this show often enough. 


Here is an article.  This strange government in Britain is exactly as Carroll Quigley said, the two parties are always really the same.  When one comes in and they are the right or the left they continue with the agenda of the previous bunch, which tells you they are just the same, right.  There is no such thing as competition.  You lose control if some real person got in there with a real party that wasn’t quite authorized. That’s why you know they’d never get in.  David Cameron is the Prime Minister supposedly at the moment who pretends he is right wing and of course he’s one of the top members, again, the high members of the same club that Quigley talked about, because they ALL are at the top.  It says here…


David Cameron launches his Big Society

(A:  Remember the ‘big idea’ that was ‘coming into view’ as well, along with the New World Order?  It’s a ‘BIG IDEA’.  Well that was the communitarian thing. They are calling it also the ‘BIG society.’)

Local communities will get the power and money to run bus services, set up broadband internet networks and take over neighbourhood recycling schemes under a mass transfer of power from the state to the people, David Cameron will announce today.  (A:  He WILL announce it today, you see.  This is his speech writer obviously handing it out because David Cameron just reads what he is given by the guys who REALLY know what the job is.  This is how they announce it in Britain.  You can get it in advance.)

By Rosa Prince, Political Correspondent / telegraph.co.uk / 18 Jul 2010


In his first major speech on the theme of the “Big Society” since winning the election, the Prime Minister will announce the “biggest redistribution of power from elites in Whitehall to the man and woman on the street”. (A:  Well that’s a great joke.  Ah-ha, ah-ha, ah-ha.  Right.  It’s all his idea of course, that’s how it’s meant to be for the public. This was decided back in the early 1900s.)


Mr Cameron - who is keen to present his administration as offering optimistics new policies that are not just about cuts - will say that the “liberation” of volunteers and activists (A:  You know, those NGOs with their leaders and all the rest of it that are run by the parallel (which is the REAL) government, take over.) to help their own communities is the vision which drives his premiership.


As part of his drive to roll back the reach of the public sector, the Prime Minister will attack (A:  This is like the Time Lords, you are reading from a time machine.) the previous Labour government for turning state employees into “disillusioned, weary puppets” and communities into “dull, soulless clones”.  (A:  That’s with the GM food, unemployment, and all the rest of it, and the massive anti-cultural attack they’ve had that’s destroyed all the culture.)


He will announce that four areas in diverse parts of the country have been chosen to form a “vanguard” in realising his dream of “people power” in which individuals rather than the state come together voluntarily (A:  Remember that volunteerism bit?) to solve their problems.


The four – the greater London borough of Sutton and Cheam, the leafy Berkshire council of Windsor and Maidenhead, rural Eden Valley in Penrith, Cumbria, and the metropolitan city of Liverpool - were chosen after they petitioned Downing Street to start their own projects.  (A:  So they were chosen.  They say they started it themselves, you know. All the folk thought of this themselves, you know.)


They will be the first to be invited to submit applications to the Big Society Bank, (A:  Here you are, a Big Society Bank; the BS part is the only part of it’s that’s true. But it’s a Big Society Bank.) a fund which will allocate the proceeds of (A:  Listen to this now…) dormant bank accounts worth hundreds of millions of pounds (A:  That nobody knew where there, eh?) to help set up volunteer schemes to improve communities.


In a speech in Liverpool – where local people have asked to act as volunteers at a museum in order to extend its opening hours – Mr Cameron will set out how his grand vision (A:  HIS grand vision… [Alan laughing.]) of a Big Society would create communities with “oomph”.  (A:  I guess that’s some kind of… I don’t know, flatulence or something maybe, I don’t know.)


Stressing how much concept means to him on a personal level, he will say: “There are the things you do because it’s your duty … But there are the things you do because it’s your passion,” he will say.


“The things that fire you up in the morning, that drive you, that you truly believe will make a real difference to the country you love. And my great passion is creating the Big Society.”  (A:  I guess he’s been dreaming about this all his life, eh.)


During the election campaign, Mr Cameron faced accusations, including from senior figures from within his own party, that the Big Society concept was too vague and intangible to attract voters. Polls showed that two out of three voters had not even heard of it.  (A:  Well, I’d say it’s probably half of 1% who maybe have an idea of what it is, and they are the leaders of the NGOs.)


But Mr Cameron hopes that putting flesh on the bones of his vision will persuade critics that it can be shared by millions of ordinary Britons who care about their community and are tired of having so many aspects of their life dictated from the centre.


He will say: “The Big Society is about a huge culture change, where people, in their everyday lives, in their homes, in their neighbourhoods, in their workplace, don’t always turn to officials, local authorities or central government for answers to the problems they face but instead feel both free and powerful enough to help themselves and their own communities.  (A:  I'll be back with more on this, because it’s coming here, after this break.)


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix and making sense of the insensible, really.  This is just the agenda we are talking about here, communitarianism.  Living in new communities and having your NGO leaders run you and so on with all the techniques they’ve been trained with the DELPHI technique to put you out if you ask any particular, pertinent question at the meeting. They set things up, they know how to do it, and there will be one or two that will get up there and say, oh, let the person who is speaking speak at the front there; don’t interrupt them… when you are asking something that’s important.  But they are all techniques of bending whole audiences around their little fingers.  They are trained for it; they call it the DELPHI technique.  Getting back to the article here…


But Mr Cameron hopes that putting flesh on the bones of his vision will persuade critics that it can be shared by millions of ordinary Britons who care about their community and are tired of having so many aspects of their life dictated from the centre.


He will say: “The Big Society is about a huge culture change, (A:  It’s amazing.  What culture are they talking about anymore?  Is it Urdu?  What culture is it that they are on about here because there is no British culture left.) where people, in their everyday lives, in their homes, in their neighbourhoods, in their workplace, don’t always turn to officials, local authorities or central government for answers to the problems (A:  Which the governments have caused.  That’s what should be put in here actually.   They bankrupted the country so many times over, the governments, and now they are handing over this chaos to the public so that they can get to grips with it.  There is more behind it and I’ll get on with that.) they face but instead feel both free and powerful enough to help themselves and their own communities. 

“We need to create communities with oomph – neighbourhoods who are in charge of their own destiny, who feel if they club together and get involved they can shape the world around them.”  (A:  When you are penniless you can do that, you see.)


The four pioneer communities will be helped by dedicated civil servants who will give expert advice if they encounter legal problems or bureaucratic obstacles.


Officials will also identify local residents with a particular aptitude for taking part in Big Society projects (A:  Guess who they are?  They are the pre-trained NGOs and Common Purpose people.) – they will then receive training to become community organisers, (A:  See, this is the Soviet folks.  The Soviet was RULE BY COUNCILS in its idealistic form.  That’s what ‘soviet’ meant.  It’s communitarianism.  You have these non-governmental organizations and these community organizers and leaders in charge of every sector of society within your area, right down to your rationing, by the way.  That’s a very important part but they are not talking about that in this of course, as they sell the dream, or the nightmare.  So these organizers…) motivating their neighbours to take part in action schemes.  (A:  They come to your door and nag you and make you feel antisocial if you don’t join them.  All tried out and tested in other countries.)


They will also be able to draw on the Big Society Bank, which, Mr Cameron promised, would use “every penny of dormant bank and building society account money” to help finance social enterprises, charities and voluntary groups.  (A:  What has the government been doing with these dormant bank accounts for the last 60-70-80 years, eh?  Who’s been scoffing that?)


Accounts left untouched for at least 15 years will be channelled to good causes. Over time, Mr Cameron said, the Bank would provide “hundreds of millions of pounds” to Big Society projects, with money starting to be distributed from April.  (A:  See how it’s all set up already.)


The four vanguard communities have asked for help to set up a variety of different schemes.  (A:  So they give you very elementary schemes, you know, and almost comical schemes like getting a pub and all that stuff, just to make you think that’s what it really about.  But it’s not.  It’s nothing to do with that.)


There are also plans for council budgets to be given directly to the residents’ groups of individual streets to decide how to spend the cash.  (A:  So you understand, when it comes down… This is all under the EU.  The EU, step by step, from its very inception, by the groups that set it up, which was the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, who set up the EU, who set up the UN as well.  As they ended up destroying nationalism and ‘national’ countries, they would bring it down to REGIONAL and within that region they would bring it down into area communities that are NUMBERED on a map and each one is run by their own little SOVIET.  Remember, the United Nations, eventually, is to dish out the food and medicine and all that stuff to each region and each area.  And if you can’t bring your population down to the quota of food that you get, and you can’t make do with the medications that are available and so on, well that’s your tough peas.  That’s your problem.  That’s how they will make you do it.  Then your little NGOs, your little trained NGOs with the Common Purpose and so on, will stand up at the little community board meeting and say, well, you know, we can’t ask the guys next door; they are suffering too; and we can’t go to the government.  You see, this is all in our heads.  We’ve brought all of this on ourselves; what are we going to do about it, etc.  It STINKS of that… STINKS of it.  It’s so obvious, SO OBVIOUS.  But they introduce it to the animals, the domesticated animals, who are taught to believe everything the media gives them at face value.)


Local transport services, including bus and tram groups (A:  That’s the electric train car.), could be commissioned by the communities themselves, who would be able to set timetables and improve reliability rates.  (A:  They will do what Mussolini did.  He will just ban the time tables because they won’t have the gasoline or the electricity to move the darn things.  But this is part of Agenda 21; no private vehicles are mentioned here.)


One group has asked for the power to buy out local “assets,” including a rural pub.  (A:  That’s the ha-ha bit that they always put into these things.)


Another project involves bringing internet broadband to a local community.


Mr Cameron will say: “They’ve all got one thing in common: a firm commitment from this Government to help them (A:  I like this beautiful part…) realise their dreams.  (A:  The folk have never heard of it.  But that doesn’t matter does it?  The new soviet is here.  And you thought it was the Russians.  No.  The Royal Institute of International Affairs.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking basically about what’s really Agenda 21 from the United Nations VIA the European Union with its massive new soviet parliament they have there.  It’s amazing how, again, everything falls in together at the right time.  Century of Change they prattled on in the big universities for a long, long time, for about 50 years in the last century.  The coming Century of Change, and they knew what they were talking about.  It’s this big communitarian society that was to come in.  And what seemed to be the devolution of power down to the people, but it’s really the little soviet groups that run your panels and the expert, they become the new experts, and the new democracy, and they run your system for you.  You will attend meetings whether you like it or not, or you are antisocial.  This is the speech that Mr Cameron was supposed to say today, and it’s written in advance so why bother bringing him out?  You know, you don’t really need a person; just a cut-out cardboard thing would do fine.  It’s cheaper that way.  Give the speech writer the cash and give him the little Emmy Awards, or Grammy Awards, or whatever you want to give him for writing this stuff.   I love the wording; it’s like they are talking to someone about the age of 6 or 7.  This is the language they use, of course.


“Yes, there will be objections – local objections, objections from vested interests. But you know what? We’re happy about that.  (A:  He doesn’t say ‘boys and girls’ though.)


“This process is all about learning. It’s about pushing power down and seeing what happens.


“It’s about unearthing the problems as they come up on the ground and seeing how we can get round them.  (A:  Rather than repair the potholes.)


“It’s about holding our hands up saying we haven’t got all the answers – let’s work them out, together.”


However, Ed Miliband, the Labour leadership contender (A:  Who’s got all his relatives here, apart from the ones that are still in the Soviet Union; the rest of them flooded here just before World War II.), claimed that the Big Society was a means of enabling the Government to cut vital public services.  (A:  Of course it is and that’s why he has to say that.)


He said: “Cameron’s government is cynically attempting to dignify its cuts agenda by dressing up the withdrawal of support with the language of reinvigorating civic society.”


So that’s how they introduce that to the public, in this baby talk and trying to whip up enthusiasm.  He won’t do it very well.  Tony Blair was a better psychopath; he could get his arms flashing and everything and do whirlwinds with his hands, you know almost take off from the floor as he really flapped around there and tried to whip up enthusiasm.  They all take these courses on positive thinking stuff, all that kind of stuff, and motivational procedures for the people.  Here is the EU Observer; it just happens to tie in with it…  The European Union, remember, is a solid bloc of all the old countries that were Soviet plus the ones that weren’t – well, not openly, like Britain. 


EU reaches out for new powers at United Nations

LEIGH PHILLIPS / 15.07.2010 / euobserver.com


The plenary chamber at the UN headquarters in New York (Photo: wikipedia)  (A:  There is a photograph there, and ooooh, a very impressive place.)


European Council President Herman Van Rompuy will in future be able to address the UN chamber no differently from US President Barack Obama or Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmedinejad under draft reforms agreed by member states.


EU countries at meetings in Brussels and New York have agreed to table a resolution in the UN General Assembly (UNGA) to give the union (A:  The Union, the solid bloc, that now has got its own flag and all that.  They fine counties if they don’t fly their flag, millions of pounds too.) the right to speak, according to a UK ministerial letter sent out to British MPs on Wednesday (14 July) and seen by EUobserver.


The EU currently has only observer status at the UN. (A:  Since it’s now taken away the sovereignty of all the countries that it dominates and you’ve got all these peasants living in little communitarian areas, it’s now going to go in as an official, like a nation would go in to this, a big nation into the United Nations, with its own army and all that kind of stuff, and its own various voting powers.)  Its delegates do not sit among the UN member states (A:  At the moment.), but off to the side, along with entities such as the Vatican, the Red Cross and the Arab League.


The symbolic sitting arrangements are not due to change.


But if the motion, which is to be tabled in the coming weeks, is approved by the general assembly, the EU will also be awarded other rights enjoyed by fully-fledged UN members, such as the right to make proposals and submit amendments, the right of reply, the right to raise points of order and the right to circulate documents.


There will also be additional seats put in for the EU's foreign policy chief, High Representative Catherine Ashton and her officials.


How it all ties together… remember what Karl Marx said.  Three trading blocs of the world, we’d all have the kind of PROVINCIAL government.  That will be what you federal government turns into, a provincial, you are a province under a super world government. Well this is what this is all about, you see.  It’s all right in front of us and that’s what it is.  Believe you me, it’s no conspiracy.  How can it be a conspiracy when one guy writes about it in the 1840s and then it’s prattled on by others down through the ages, right in through the Milner Group who wanted this too.  This was their view for the world with the Round Table Society, who are still working every day somewhere across the globe.  Every country has got a Round Table Society by the way, and they all have their Council on Foreign Relations departments or their Institute of International Affairs departments.  Even the EU has its official one for the Institute of International Affairs FROM the CFR.  They are all one and the same group, run from London – the bankers, international of course.  So that’s that.


Then you jump to the Smart Meters.  Here is a guy who obviously is in the la-la land region; that’s the nether region, never half there, never half over the other.  But I guess that’s the safest way to be a correspondent. 


California's Latest Revolt: Against Smart Electric Meters

By ALEX SALKEVER /  07/19/10 dailyfinance.com


Sometime in April, Pacific Gas & Electric (PCG) put a brand new "smart meter" on the home I rent in Marin County, Calif. We were never notified or asked if we wanted one.  (A:  Nobody ever is.)  The installer just came one day while we were out, and it was a done deal. As a confirmed environmentalist (A:  He’s a goody-two-shoes.  See, you’ve got to be a goody-two-shoes to live in California or even in British Columbia.), I thought this should have been a good thing. Smart meters will, in theory, play a key role in managing energy consumption by households like mine.  (A:  Ohh… don’t you feel fuzzy when he says that.)


The devices are wireless, so they eliminate the need for meter readers and save companies like PG&E money while reducing the carbon footprint (A:  You know, that big footprint that no one sees.) and pollution resulting from running fleets of trucks to tally power usage at millions of homes. Smart meters also can show a homeowner patterns about energy usage and even notify them about energy usage anomalies or spikes in power demand.  (A:  And ya-da, ya-da, ya-da, ya.)


He goes on to say that the only thing that’s ticking him off is that he never got a choice in it.  He likes to be TOLD that his handcuffs are coming, his new upgraded handcuffs, this particular guy.  Other residents are complaining as well because they’ve noticed spikes in the usage that they did not use.  Of course hey, it’s computerized, the computer doesn’t lie; you pay up folks and that’s it.  They are doing it on natural gas pipelines. They are using it on your electric for your home as well.  Smart Meter will go into a worldwide Smart Grid down the road.  That’s what it’s designed to do, all aligned together.  Then you will pay in advance for your usage – I read the first articles that came out YEARS ago on this and everybody has forgotten it.  Once you go over your quota, and you will get a quote allocated to how many folk live in your home, and how geothermal insulated it is and all that kind of stuff, then they will cut you off, or you pay extra, maybe even double to get more to last you through the month.  That’s what it’s all about folks.  It’s nothing to do with helping you see how much energy you are using.  That’s what it’s about. 


Remember, these articles I read I put the links up on my sites at the end of the show so you can go in and look them up for yourselves.  It’s good to have a record of these and put them in categories and so on for reference.  This is what’s happening.  Here is another thing for the EU.  It’s amazing too because I’ve got the stats here for the levels of populations from censuses, the REAL ones, from the governments.  They show you a completely different thing from the hype in the media, oh, by the year 2050 the world will just be busting with people, but the truth shows the opposite.  Most folk across Europe and Canada and the States who have been there for generations are DECLINING in population massively.  Even the ones in India and China are starting to level out and they will start dropping within the next 10-15 years. 


BRUSSELS (A:  That are always sprouting different stuff.  That’s the Parliament for the whole of Europe, the big soviet, the new soviet.) GO-AHEAD FOR NEW WAVE OF MIGRANTS (A:  Here’s all this unemployment, massive debt and all the rest of it, and they’ve given the go-ahead for a new wave of migrants. 

BRUSSELS: EU home affairs commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom is to alter the rules for migrants

Wednesday July 14, 2010 / express.co.uk / By Macer Hall, Political Editor


BUREAUCRATS are planning to encourage more new migrants to come to the EU despite ­rising ­levels of unemployment, it emerged last night.


Brussels officials are to simplify entry rules for workers heading to Europe to take up temporary ­seasonal jobs in farming, tourism and other industries.  (A:  And of course, none of them go home, very few go home.)


EU home affairs commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said: “We need immigrant workers in order to secure our economic survival.”  [Alan laughing.]


She claimed more were needed to fill “labour shortages”.  (A:  Even though they’ve got massive unemployment.)


But her remarks are bound to provoke new concerns that Eurocrats are determined to press for ever higher levels of immigration.  (A:  You see, they won’t be happy until they have done the same all across Europe as they have done in Britain, until there is really no culture left at all, which is great because you’ve no culture to fight for, you can’t find anybody to marry, because no one marries anymore or has children, so you have nothing to stand up and fight for.  So they can do anything to you when you won’t stand up for anything.)


Last night, Home Office ­insiders insisted Britain would refuse to sign up to the latest overhaul of EU border controls.  (A:  That’s a joke; they won’t do that.)


Mrs Malmstrom said: “We know unemployment rates are still very high in Europe. Paradoxically, at the same time there are labour shortages.” (A:  Ah, they’ve been saying that for as long as I’ve been alive.)  She plans to speed up procedures for hiring managers, specialists and seasonal workers from outside the 27 EU member states.


The EU lacks workers in ­certain sectors even though average unemployment is at 10 per cent (A:  It’s WAY beyond 10%, WAY, WAY BEYOND that in reality.  If you take all the millions that are out in the retraining schools that they are in, you’d be up double or maybe even triple.).


(A:  Here they go…)  An ageing population and low birth rates mean that migrant labour will be necessary to help EU growth in the long term.  (A:  You understand, for years the countries of Europe followed all the EU and the UN propaganda that came via their own governments, not to have more than one child and so on, never mind the cultural indoctrination they were getting through the neo-culture from Hollywood and all the rest of it, and all the sex education which was guaranteed that they would experiment early and never mate up.  They knew that at the top too.  So it’s their fault for not producing enough children and that’s why they have to bring in all these other immigrants, you understand.  This same rubbish has been going on my whole life, this nonsense.  The same repeated nonsense.  Yep.)


Then you find this article…


Is the Next Global Food Crisis Now in the Making?

Dave Their / aolnews.com / July 7/18/2010


(A:  You see how everything works together?  It all works together.  You go into Chatham House, the headquarters for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and they’ve got all these think tanks working on this coming problem, that they just know is coming.  They’ve got massive think tanks working full time, for 15 years, just on this one problem.  Now that they’ve got the food companies all sewn up; the 5 agri companies are really all one.  They really are all one.)


AOL News (July 17) -- Recent weeks have produced a series of grim and related headlines: Russia has declared a state of emergency because of drought in 12 regions (A:  So they hype up something.), while in major wheat exporter Ukraine, severe flooding may depress crop yields. Dry conditions threaten Vietnamese rice production. The USDA has projected a disappointingly low Midwest harvest, and China has raised questions on the demand side by doubling its imports from Canada.  (A:  I can testify to that because I see the big grain trucks that say ‘Government of Canada’ on them; they are reddish that are the ones that go by track.  They have been going pretty well, two or three of these massive long trains, miles long, every week for ages going out of the country.  That’s so they can set up here, so there is not enough here, you see.  That’s how you do strategy.  Everything works together in this great big system.)


And just to make your day, it was bad enough with all the new x-rays that, oh, they only go to the skin.  Now they find out they go deeper than the skin and all the rest of it, which they knew all along of course.  That’s okay because they will depopulate you and bring in immigrants no doubt.  [Alan laughing.]  That will be an excuse… we’ve got all these ones dying of x-rays; we’ll have to bring in immigrants to fill the positions.  Guess what they’ve got now?  T-rays.  T-rays… that sounds a bit better than x-ray, you see.  By the way, those x-ray devices that you see in airports, they have portable ones now for the cops. They can do it in the streets. So we’ll all be getting x-rayed and dosed with radiation in the streets now… just to make your day.  Of course, you will all accept it.   You’ll say, oh, what can you do… what can you do, you know


T-Ray Tech Spots Bombs, Drugs from a Mile Away

Scientists have replicated Superman's X-ray vision to see through clothing or packages in order to spot security threats.

By Eric Bland | Thu Jul 15, 2010 / discovery.com



-Terahertz waves can see through clothing and boxes to detect of drugs, explosives and more.

-Though terahertz waves are currently only used over short distances, a new technique makes long-range scanning possible.

-Although more study is needed, the technology could be deployed at airports and on battlefields.  (A:  That will definitely be in the streets too; it will be on the police cars.)


T-rays can sense explosives and drugs as well as penetrate clothing, packages or other thin materials.  (A:  But don’t worry, it’s really on the LOW end of the microwave.  Don’t worry.)


See, the higher end of the microwave kind of fry you.  They used that technology in Iraq.  They’ve fried whole busloads of people with microwave.  But this will be a low dose type microwave.  And that’s why they want to call it t-hertz rather than microwave but it’s in the low microwave band.  By the way, everything in your body, your programming in your body, the electrical programming for all your cells, for the food that comes to feed those cells and enzymes and all the rest of it, are programmed by very tiny, very tiny electrical currents.  If you want to alter the body system and produce all kinds of things, use very, very low, tiny currents.  So this will be IDEAL for that.  We’ll end up with mutations all over the place, guarantee you.  I’ll put this site up as well.  So your T-rays, it sounds better than x-rays, you see, that’s another part of it and it sounds better than simple microwave.  It’s very hard to upset the people these days.  When they could have said microwave really, most folk would think, well, they wouldn’t put it out there if it was harmful.  You don’t have to wait; people will make excuses up because that’s what a domesticated society does. They make up excuses for the ones who are killing them. 


I’ve got quite a few articles here on Bilderberger.  For the first time they let a regular media – it’s not really regular media because the Guardian is all New World Order, all carbon footprint and carbon, cutbacks and all that.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Back again and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the Bilderberg and how they are letting some media in now.  Of course chosen media who will give you a line which will be plausible but it won’t be the truth.  They chose the Guardian, they are all on board for the new agenda and carbon footprints and all that stuff, and save the planet, ya-da, ya.  So they say that things on the agenda for 2010 are:


Bilderberg 2010: What we have learned

Charlie Skelton's Bilderblog / guardian.co.uk


Check out the agenda for Bilderberg 2010: "Financial reform (A:  Like we don’t know that.), security, cyber technology, energy, Pakistan, Afghanistan, world food problem (A:  Ah, that’s interesting.), global cooling, social networking, medical science, EU-US relations." (A:  And so on and so on. This is the stuff that they tell us.)


Now that the Bilderberger has actually put up apparently, I think it’s real, their own web site to mislead you of course as to the truth. What they mean is that they are going to put more troops into Afghanistan - they’ve got to flatten Afghanistan – and really come heavy on Pakistan too.  They’ve got to really step up the world food shortage because 5 groups remember, got all their stuff.  The pharmas can’t keep seed anymore.  It doesn’t work when you plant it.  It’s all GM.  You have to go back to the masters, like Monsanto and Cargill, and beg them cap-in-hand to buy some more, if they’ll let you, then they will say one day, oh, we’re getting short this year, you know; you have to go back to your little community area there and tell them there is only half of what we had last year.  And you’ll have your little meeting with your little new soviets and they will tell you to, you know, just drink more water to fill your stomach.  Stuff like that.  So I’ll put these links up as well.  


Bilderberg: sinister with a smile

Sunday June 13th, 2010 / informationliberation.com


Then, Members of Parliament too, not just in Britain but they always take Britain.  It’s the cutting edge.  It’s the flagship to show you how it’s done, how to truly destroy your people.  It says,


Fears accident rates could rise as motorway lights are switched off at midnight to cut pollution

By James Tozer / dailymail.co.uk / 18th July 2010


A truly radical page and drive scheme for Britain’s motorways should be introduced to help the country switch to a low carbon economy, a senior Tory MP has said. 


So there ya go.  Now that they’ve privatized most of the roads… and Lord Rothschild was given the job of auctioning them off; that was a week or two ago, or a few weeks ago – I read it on the air.  Now of course, they are going to re-charge you and jack up the prices too, to make sure it covers your carbon footprint, those awfully muddy boots that you’ve got because there are no paved roads anymore… stuff like that. 


So that’s where they are going with it all as they bring us down to the new feudal system.  And that’s what it is, is a new feudal system.  Everything is on the cards, decided before YOU were born folks, every single part of it, including when they crashed the economy.  That was absolutely necessary to do it at that time to bring all of this on.  They are doing the same thing in other countries and using different terms for it. But you see what’s happening.  When they are flattening areas where people were living, and when they are turning things back into gravel, trails instead of tarmac roads as they are in the US, in a LOT of places in the US in fact, you KNOW you are going to have to go down… and down and down.  They are giving you the big hint. 


They are even making massive machines.  I saw some drawings by architects from Australia who are being taught in universities about how to create these big machines.  Massive monsters like sci-fi things that demolish whole urban areas, the big urban eaters.  Yep.  They’ve been working on these for about 25-30 years, all these drawings.  Strange how they are always ahead knowing what’s coming up, eh, isn’t it.  And how things just fall in.  2001 happened and towers went down.  BINGO, off comes the New American Century and the Century of Change.  Then all these other coming flu plagues never happened.  Then we had the bank crashes, oh, my God, we’re all in poverty now and we’ve got wars to fight all over the world.  Then you are down to communitarianism.  It’s amazing how the juggler keeps it all going isn’t it?


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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EU Parliament Gives Go-ahead for New Wave of Migrant Workers

Global Food Crisis in the Making

Scanned from a Mile Away-By T-Ray Laser/Microwave

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Bilderberger--Sinister with a Smile

Britain--Motorway Lights to be Off from Midnight to 5am to "Cut Carbon Emissions."--Accidents Expected


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