July 21, 2010 (#625)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 21, 2010:

For Freud, Bernays, Skinner, Kinsey et al.:
Evil Creatures of the Most Heinous Kind,
Raping, Reshaping the Human Mind:

"Many Fronts has This Long War of Terror,
Implemented Top-Down, Covering Each Sector
Of Society, Creating Mindsets of Humankind,
Plundering and Altering the Human Mind,
Standardizing for the Collective, Quality Control,
Complete in Victory, Except for the Soul
Which by Poverty and Fear They Hope to Destroy,
The Physical -- Emasculated Man and Girl is Boy,
Masters of Behaviour Scoffed with Assurity,
Demanding Access to Young Before Maturity,
Culture Creators on Board with Brother Press,
Plus Academia, They're All Conscienceless,
Pity the Knowing Few Who are Self-Led,
Who Walk as Strangers in Lands of the Dead"
© Alan Watt July 21, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 21, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on July 21, 2010.  For the newcomers, I always suggest you look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and bookmark all the other sites youíll see listed there.  These are the official sites [listed above].  When you get a problem with the main one it is because often too many folk are going in it all at the same time supposedly, according to Yahoo, and these alternate sites should help you out with the sticky downloads of the talks Iíve given.  There are hundreds of talks Iíve given for free, for download.  All the sites have a lot of transcripts in English of the talks Iíve given and if you want transcripts in other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and help yourself there.  Print them up and pass them around to your friends.  They all have the same audio as well.  Remember that you bring me to you.  Iím the only person out there I think who depends upon you.  This is the tin can rattling moment because I donít take money from advertisers.  The ads you hear on this show are paid directly by advertisers to RBN; Iíve got nothing to do with it.  That pays for the air time, the broadcast, and the staff at RBN and their bills.  So youíve got to help me out with mine and you can do so by going into the web site and see the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  The books are different from anything else you will read out there.  Itís a technique of waking you up without just filling your head full of other facts.  I show you as you read it the techniques of thinking for yourself and using critical thinking powers or reasoning.  You will see things in everyday life for the first time in a new light all together.  Things that have been all around you all the time, including peopleís behaviors, and youíll now know why it is the way it is.  So purchase the books and the disks as well; some of the disks have 50 shows on them.  That is good too because you donít know when they are going to pull the plug with this new cyber security IDíing they are putting out there very shortly.  They are also going to license those who can come out on the internet or radio shows and say things that are now politically incorrect.  So help yourselves and help me at the same time to get along.   


I keep reminding people because they forget so quickly because we are born into what we think is our own time.  Itís not your parentsí time; itís not your grandparentsí time.  It is YOUR time, you think, and you donít realize while you are in your time your parents still are in their time and your grandparents are in theirs too.  Children coming up under you, maybe a few years younger, are then put into their little stall as well.  Everyone is put in their separate stall and worked on incredibly with sciences you donít even know exist. The techniques from Kindergarten onwards, for every intake, updating them from the previous bunch to make sure they will accept the things they will hear about changing in their own lifetime.  Thatís how perfect it is.  Itís been here for an awful long time.  Iíve mentioned before how Beria in the Soviet Union about 1934 at the meeting of Comintern mentioned that it used to take a generation to change the culture of a people, now they can update it every 4 or 5 years.  That was in 1934.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt back again and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  The matrix is the big system, again, the slot that youíve been born into, preexisting Ė you had nothing to do with it really.  Some new agers would disagree with me but so what.  You are born into this and itís a preexisting system.  Even to be a citizen they will tell you that you are born with preexisting duties.  Well how fair is that?  And how free is that?  Supposing you disagree with those particular duties for instance, where is the Ďoutí there?  This is the con that we are born into. There are so many cons involved with it.  Really the function that we serve, and we do serve a function on the planet in these modern so-called civilized countries, and the function is coming to the end of this stage of it where we go into the next stage.  Then the population is to be taken down gradually, maybe speeding up cancers and all the rest of it, and sterility, over the next 30-40 years.  Because the big boys have high hopes around the year 2050. All populations, including China, will really be on the decline.  They already are in the Western countries.  I have the official stats here, not the ones they tell you on the news and we are really plummeting.  But thatís all in the great plan as well. 


Last night I mentioned a good video to watch and itís good for all countries to watch it because every country, again the so-called civilized and progressive, and democratic, uses this particular banking scam system of the central bank where not one central bank will print itís own debt-free money.  They farm it out and then itís given to the bankers.  The government borrows not from their own central bank but from private banks.  This is how we are in so much debt with compound interest that we can never, ever, ever pay off.  Itís not meant to be paid off you see.  Weíll have a big crash and of course weíre going through the training to get used to the big, big crash and we have been for quite a few years, for much longer actually, but in the recent past they have given us more clues to it.  They are getting us trained into a new society. They are already starting in advance in Britain because thatís the flagship; thatís where they test it all out on the public.  This is to be across the whole Western world, this system. 


That video is called Oh, Canada:  Bought and Sold.  Itís really a very easy to understand way of putting across to the people how the banks are complete frauds.  The central banks are complete frauds.  Prime Ministers are frauds.  And the guys in charge of the money in ANY parliamentary body or congressional body are also frauds.  This young guy who did the video interviewed some ex Prime Ministers and the chancellors of the cash and the whole bit.  Itís so comical to hear the answers coming from these characters, who tell you, itís better for Canada to have massive debt - that they canít pay off Ė than to print their own money - that would be debt-free.  No kidding.  Right enough from their point of view itís true because they are all members, that was not in this movie; they are all members of the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations.  THATíS why they are put thereÖ in all the countries across the world.  Everyone should see it.  Have a good look at it. 


Itís well done and itís easily explained to the public just what debt is, compound interest, all the rest of it, and you cannot get one politician to tell you why we canít print our own money.  That was the whole idea of setting up what they CALLED the Bank of Canada.  Itís the same idea with the US and their central banking system and Federal Reserve System.  They are all IDENTICAL, with different names, and they do the same things.  The whole thing about debt is then a small coterie of people at the top, regardless of which party THEY put in, control your whole country and its policies, ALL of its policies.  There are so many good quotes used from different politicians, Canadian and American, US, talking about this, from the past, about what would happen if this ever happened.  And it HAS all happened.  And youíve got all these phony politicians backing it and saying itís a great system, as we get debt and keep accumulating more debt that we can never, ever pay off.  Itís not designed to be paid off.  Itís designed to make sure the same people have incredible control over you. 


They did all this a long, long time ago, setting up these banking systems.  Even before Rothschild came into Britain, the plan, the great big plan, the great work was already set up.  It was not sending out about 4 young children across the world, one stayed with his daddy, to take over the central banks.  They were brought in at the right time to forward the plan and believe you me it was a massive organization already set up with guards and body guards, etc, to ensure that nothing happened to these characters.  It was no spontaneous little rags-to-riches story as they like to tell you concerning the Rothschilds for instance. 


Owing money, according to the law, you are a slave.  That goes back to this strange old book, the Old Testament that everybody uses, even certain Masons use it; they donít use the New one but they use the Old Testament.  Even modern day Christians, since they are all under the World Council of Churches that was set up by Rockefeller of course to make sure they all trained the same ministers in the same seminars.  ĎSeminarí is an interesting word.  You get semen and all that kind of stuff that comes from it. Thatís an old story too according to how they used to take their oaths at one time in ancient times. Anyway thatís an aside.  Itís interesting to see how this whole New World Order was set up long ago and we are simply going through the final stages. 


I truly believe that the United States was set up from the beginning to do exactly whatís being done today.  Benjamin Franklin and others DID make statements to do with a confederation of the world and they hoped that what they did would end up being a confederation of the world, ruled by 12 wise men.  They like the number 12 because they were all into the Kabbalah in those days.  It was very important to them.  The Kabbalah has nothing to do with magic as you think of it.  There is certain magic there; itís the magic of conning people. There is a lot of that art you will learn there and about humanity in itself.  But they really understood back then in Benjamin Franklinís day that they had a duty to perform across the whole world and they were involved with revolutions.  The bankers ended up on top regardless.


The US did have a centralized banking system, very early on in fact.  One President almost got shot trying to stop it but the guns misfired.  Other ones were shot later on when they tried to do anything about it.  Believe you me if some guy that was put in by the Council on Foreign Relations and he suddenly got amnesia and decided to do the right thing and do anything about the Reserve system in the States, heíd be gone before you knew it.  These guys donít mess around when it comes to the MAIN ORGAN OF CONTROL, WHICH IS THIS THING CALLED MONEY.  So look at that video.  It pertains to every countryís system.  Every British Commonwealth country is the same too. 


A few people run the world and a few people plan the world.  They have the aid of hundreds of think tanks specializing in different areas.  They have planned out the world they want to bring into view and we happen to be living in the takedown of it.  Interestingly too I think it was about 10 years ago or so at a World Bank conference a man did get in.  His son was killed.  His son had a pass to it but he took the pass and got in.  He thought it was going to be more about wilderness congresses and stuff like that and how to help wildlife, but it was not.  The top people were there, the big bankers, the Strongís, all these characters.  I think it was a Rothschild that said that THIS is the generation that is the cannon fodder for our plans.  He was talking about us.  Folk that have lost their homes know all about that; they just donít understand the whys of it, or why even companies were licensed by the Feds to set up their incredible mortgage companies, all shysters.  It was set up that way so that they could plummet the economy and lose the housing market, when it happened.  The same way as the stock market is run by a few people at the top; totally, highly manipulated.  They could have crashed that any time they wanted to with their bubbles, etc, but it was time now to go into the 21st century and itís the Century of Change. 


You know not one person at the top has ever mentioned what they mean by Century of Change.  Well you have to go into academia who were using that term for the last 50 years because they knew it was coming. They were working towards it and they indoctrinate the future leaders of the country.  They donít bother indoctrinating the general public.  I read from Carroll Quigleyís book, Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment, when they admitted owning all the major newspapers in the US and in Britain.  He says, we never bother going to the general public.  For the general public they give you, they call it tits and bums; tits and bums newspapers, the oohs and aahs and scandal stuff and sports.  What they do is go straight for those who are the world managers.  This is also called the Age of World Managers.  Not democracy, but World ManagersÖ thatís what you are being given folks. 


There is an article here that just came out from CNN.  Again, itís a half-truth here.  Itís theÖ


Tab for 'War on terrorism' tops $1 trillion

"War on terrorism" is second most-expensive war in U.S. history, report says

Adjusted for inflation, World War II cost more than $4 trillion

The cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq could total $2.4 trillion by 2017

By the CNN Wire Staff / cnn.com / July 20, 2010


(Alan:  Now, thatís a lie. Itís a lot more than a trillion.  Why would you get any truth from the media that will cover for politicians?  And Rockefeller thanks the media for never mentioning what really happens at the big Bilderberger groups and all the rest of it and his groups too, and keep quiet on it.  Why would you expect any truth from the media?  All you will get really is when laws are passed and they tell you really, again, itís at a 6th grade level what the laws are all about. They donít want you to really know what itís about.  So they are claiming here that the war tops $1 trillion.  I mean Obama just gave $2 trillion to the banks, right.  $2 trillion and they will not tell anybody in the US the guys who actually got it.  He wonít tell the details.  He says it might make the banks lose faith and the public would lose faith in the banks.  What a con.  They steal $2 trillion off you, hand to their buddies that just looted you, and they are right back up top again with their expensive bonuses and all the rest of it, just like before.  Thatís democracy?  You are going to go off to fight for that are you?  [Alan laughing...)


Washington (CNN) -- The United States has spent more than $1 trillion on wars since the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, a recently released Congressional report says. (A: I'll be back with more after this break.)

Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from CNN about $1 trillion and climbing, getting spent by the US to do with the war OF terror.  I use the proper term and itís a war OF terror; terrorizing the citizenry of course to give up all their rights for SECURITY, the oldest trick in the book.  Anyway, why change a good formula when it works?  It says hereÖ


Adjusting for inflation, the outlays for conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere around the world make the "war on (A:  OF) terrorism" second only to World War II.


The report "Cost of Major U.S. Wars" by the Congressional Research Service attempts to compare war costs over a more than 230-year period -- from the American Revolution to the current day -- noting the difficulties associated with such a task.  (A:  They had that all set up you know.  Theyíve got all these guys doing nothing except counting.)


Since the 9/11 terror attacks, the United States has spent an estimated $1.15 trillion. World War II cost $4.1 trillion when converted to current dollars, although the tab in the 1940s was $296 billion.  (A:  So the US has gone from 296 billion to 1.15 trillion, thatís what they call inflation, meaning your money becomes worthless.)


World War II consumed a massive 36 percent of America's gross domestic product -- a broad measurement of the country's economic output. The post-9/11 cost of the conflicts is about 1 percent of GDP.


Comparisons of costs of wars over a 230-year period, however, are inherently problematic, the report says.


"One problem is how to separate costs of military operations from costs of forces in peacetime. In recent years, the DOD (Department of Defense) has tried to identify the additional 'incremental' expenses of engaging in military operations, over and above the costs of maintaining standing military forces."  (A:  Well when you look at the costs of these drones for instance, I donít know how many millions they cost each.  They get one bang out of them, sometimes when they do a suicider with them.  I mean itís incredible.  Bill Clinton when he was in office, and everybody forgot this too, he had the Navy firing off cruise missiles every day over Iraq and each cruise missile cost over, oh, it was a million dollars or something.  I think they called them Ďcruise;í I always get mixed up with the names of them.  Anyway, he popped off a dozen per day or more at a million dollars a pop.  They were landing in the desert blowing things up, mainly sand, and that went on for years.  But no one thinks about that.)



A Congressional Budget Office estimate from 2007 said the cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq could total $2.4 trillion by 2017, more than double the current amount.


So they are there for 30 years or more.  Even at the start we were told theyíd be there for about 40, so I guess we are getting there.  Really thatís what money is.  Itís utter nonsense because there is nothing to back it.  There is nothing to compare it against.  The boys at the top decide its value all the time and itís always going to be worth less and less and less, the more you owe, and itís by compound interest.  They are borrowing from private banks, The World Bank, and through the IMF and different groups, but itís all really the same dozen bankers they are borrowing from.  Quite something. 


But we take that in our stride because folk say, well what can you do?  What CAN you do when your governmentís rogue?  When your government literally is going off on a different tangent with a different agenda than anybody even knows aboutÖ across the world?  They will never tell the public what they are up to.  And they donít even educate the public, ANY of the public, on what money is.  Itís the same in Canada.  That was very good, again, in that documentary video thatís up on YouTube, Oh, Canada.  It shows you by interviewing Canadians; they havenít got a clue what money is or where it comes from.  We are taught to be that way. 


Another big scam thatís going on too, as we are going into the carbon con where big boys of course are going to make, again, incredibly bigger fortunes than they already have off our backs with carbon taxes and CO2 taxes and all that nonsense and rubbish.  Itís just amazing, but they are going ahead regardless.  Even when the carbon nonsense is being debunked and exposed they come back.  What can they do, they get their big guns in on the act now that they have been so humiliated with all the leaked emails and so on with their fudged facts and the fact that they had to lie, and they wanted to lie, and all the rest of it, never mind all the grants they live on, these quack scientists.  But NASA comes to the rescue.  Now I can remember NASA, with itís fake moon landing.  Ralph Rene put a very good book out at the time and it was called NASA Mooned America.  So here is NASA mooning America and the world again.  NASA also by the way, I can remember whenÖ see, they were looking for reasons to take over the world through ecological reasons.  There had to be some big disaster that was impending or whatever way back in the early 70s even.  They came up with lakes, acid rain.  Acid rain was going to wipe out all the fresh water supplies of the world.  And of course, Maurice Strong was in on it and all the big boys were in on it and the UN was pushing for total control of the worldís resources and fresh water, still is of course.  They would have documentaries on television; Peter Mansbridge in Canada was all into it and all the rest of it.  Peter Mansbridge is your sort of main Canadian daddy spokesman.  People grew up with him here and whatever he says must be true, because heís daddy.  It tells you at the beginning on the CBC when he comes on, the most trusted man in Canada. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  We got cut off again.  That always happens at 8:30 and itís not my end and itís not the other end.  Itís something in between.  However this has been going on for a while. 


What I was saying about NASA though, NASA has come to the rescue.  These are the guys who promised us from their, you know, satellite photographs that acid rain would wipe out the fresh water supply, back in the 70s.  And how the UN was all behind this and oh, it was a big coming catastrophe and weíd have to give up all our rights and give our water supply to a world body, all the rights to it Ė which it is still pushing for by the way and actually fulfilling in a different manner.  That kind of fuzzed away because so many fishermen were going up north and stuff and catching big fish in the lakes and saying, nnn, itís isnít as dead as they say.  So after that came the hole in the ozone, the hole in the ozone that no one could detect, again, except NASA and their special high-flying planes and their satellites.  So everybody had pictured this hole in the ozone; you pictured it in your mind.  Theyíd give you lots of good descriptions in the newspapers kind of like a vortex hole.  Again, the new agers thought theyíd get up the vortex and escape this planet, which I could have joined them mind you; itís getting that bad, if they could find it again. But the hole closed, you see.  It just disappeared and faded away once again.  So then they came up of course with other things since, that only they can detect.  No one else has the equipment to detect the dying lakes and the hole in the ozone.  And here they come up with a beauty again.  Same with going to the moon; I mean, who else was there to report it eh?  [Alan laughing.] So here we go againÖ


A Puzzling Collapse of Earth's Upper Atmosphere (A:  HaaaÖ ooohÖ)

nasa.gov / July 15, 2010


(A:  Itís just like the movies they are churning out like crazy right now about impending catastrophes.  Well thatís what they have come to realize.  Listen to this.  Listen to how this is put now.)


NASA-funded researchers are monitoring a big event in our planet's atmosphere. High above Earth's surface where the atmosphere meets space, a rarefied layer of gas called "the thermosphere" recently collapsed and now is rebounding again.  (A:  Maybe it needs a little scotch or something.)


"This is the biggest contraction of the thermosphere in at least 43 years," says John Emmert of the Naval Research Lab, lead author of a paper announcing the finding in the June 19th issue of the Geophysical Research Letters (GRL). "It's a Space Age record."


The collapse happened during the deep solar minimum of 2008-2009óa fact which comes as little surprise to researchers. The thermosphere always cools and contracts when solar activity is low. In this case, however, the magnitude of the collapse was two to three times greater than low solar activity could explain.   (A:  Haaa, oohhhÖ  But we need specialists to tell us this, and utterly confuse us and then we will believe them.)


"Something is going on that we do not understand," says Emmert.


The thermosphere ranges in altitude from 90 km to 600+ km. It is a realm of meteors, auroras and satellites, which skim through the thermosphere as they circle Earth. (A:  Iím really impressed now.)  It is also where solar radiation makes first contact with our planet.  (A:  So itís saving us you see.)  The thermosphere intercepts extreme ultraviolet (EUV) photons from the sun before they can reach the ground. When solar activity is high, solar EUV warms the thermosphere, causing it to puff up like a marshmallow held over a camp fire. (A:  If youíve got a license to have one, that isÖ and burn the carbon stuff.)  (This heating can raise temperatures as high as 1400 Kóhence the name thermosphere.) When solar activity is low, the opposite happens.  (A:  And they give you lovely drawings and graphs.  Iím really impressed with this. But guess whatís there at the end of it?  What could be causing it?  WellÖ)


An NCAR video shows how carbon dioxide warms the lower atmosphere, but cools the upper atmosphere. [more] When carbon dioxide gets into the thermosphere, it acts as a coolant, shedding heat via infrared radiation. (A:  Are you impressed now?)  It is widely-known that CO2 levels have been increasing in Earth's atmosphere. Extra CO2 in the thermosphere could have magnified the cooling action of solar minimum.  (A:  HhhhaaaÖ)


"But the numbers don't quite add up," says Emmert. "Even when we take CO2 into account using our best understanding of how it operates as a coolant, we cannot fully explain the thermosphere's collapse."  (A:  Then they go around in circles and they come back and say it could be CO2.  So theyíve got to get something that we must believe in you see.  So watch out for this becoming a big one when they start to crank it up and crank it up and youíll hear all about NASA.  They will show you wonderful graphs and stuff and satellites in space and all the rest of it showing you computer generated models of, if there was a collapse and stuff like that.  Thatís how they do things these days.)


But the agenda is going the way itís supposed to in the West and elsewhere, where the first world countries were.  


Childless couples set to become most common family type

nzherald.co.nz / June 30, 2003


Childless couples are expected to become the most common family type within three years, according to Statistics New Zealand.  (A:  According to New Zealand statistics; thatís the same as the one weíve got in Canada, statistics too, owned by the government.)


Figures released today show that the number of families is projected to increase by 230,000 or 22 per cent from 1.05 million in 2001 to 1.28 million in 2021.


However, a continuation of recent trends (A:  Who sets the trends, eh?) -- lower birth rates, more single parenting and general ageing of the population -- will change the makeup of the average New Zealand family.  (A:  Itís to be mainly single mums and so on.  I guess they will bring in immigrants to keep the numbers up and pay off the national debt like everybody else; thatís the excuse they use elsewhere.)


Now, we donít have to worry about anything too badly to be honest with you because the governments have got things under control.  Everything is under control as we go through this age of austerity and we pay off massive compound interest to the big fat boys and are mystified as to where it all goes, or is supposed to.  Britain is going even further.  Remember, this is the flagship for every country in the world.  Thatís what the Royal Institute of International Affairs said in its very first papers.  The flagship, everybody in the world will copy what Britain does, communitarianism, etc.  Here is the next crazy thingÖ


Fears accident rates could rise as motorway lights (A:  Thatís your highway lights.) are switched off at midnight to cut pollution

(A:  [Alan laughing.] Ö to cut pollution.)

By James Tozer / dailymail.co.uk / 20 July 2010


It jumped on me; this thing just jumped on me.  Anyway, thatís what they are doing in Britain.  They are actually going to cut off the lights until 5 in the morning to save power and save CO2 as they close down the last of the coal plants while the British taxpayer is to help fund, via the UN, millions and billions to India and China to set up new coal-fired plants, as I mentioned last week or so. 


Whatís happening is absolutely amazing.  Itís amazing.  Weíve watched a whole generation growing up really, of emasculated males, where the only place they are givenÖ  By the way, Quigley goes through the whole process of this emasculation over a long time period including using the schools to do it, propaganda, movies and so on.  Itís happened.  They wanted this particular generation that wonít fight for anything; he has nothing to fight for.  He doesnít even have a best friend, except his dog.  The only time he gets any kind of support at all from society and any acclamation is when he puts a uniform on and becomes a somebody because he falls for the ads on television which tell him to join the Army, be all he can be.  Thatís with a Ďbee,í by the way.  That actually was one of their ads; it was Ďbee all you can beí and go off to foreign countries, meet exotic people and kill them; thatís really when they get acclaim, for killing people.  They are somebodies and they get little tin stars and stuff to put on their chest, and even better ones of a better metal if they die.  It seems to be quite enough for them because they are still young men, they havenít grown up yet.  They havenít grown up at all in fact. They have got no wisdom whatsoever.  A few months before the join up you know, they are playing cowboys and Indians in the forest and then they are taught the same thing in training.  Bang, bang, youíre deadÖ the next thing you know they are off to somewhere else where they are killing some people they donít even know and they get rewarded for it.  So they can suddenly prove theyíre a warrior you see because we all came from warrior classes at one time.  But in this artificial system that has been created they donít allow us to be warriors except for the authorized ones that beat you over the head, tazer you, and burn you to death with electricity; or go off and fight for them.  So thatís the system in which we live. 


And theyíre enjoying it. Theyíre enjoying tazering people too, in the domestic armies, and thatís the police forces.  Thatís what they are.  They are paramilitary organizations, more and more so during 2001 and onward because theyíve got all these gadgets and gizmos and a free hand to do what they want.  And they are sadistic.  They are sadistic.  All their frustrations of being emasculated comes out when they get a victim thatís utterly helpless and they can torture or burn to death.  There is another article here, another one of their victims.  I hope theyíll put another wall up for these characters some day, with all their names on it that have been killed with these tazer guns.


Inmates say they witnessed man's death when jailers restrained, shocked him repeatedly

By Kirk Mitchell / Posted: 07/18/2010 Updated: 07/21/2010 / denverpost.com


(A:  They arrested a guy and brought him to the holding jails.  The guy had been sitting there and booked and all the rest of it.  He was well known to the locals; he would panhandle on the street and all the rest of it.  He had one small offense years ago for probably having a toke on him or something like that.  It saysÖ)


Marvin Booker just wanted to get his shoes.  (A:  He got up when he was told to come to the desk and he got up and had his shoes off.)


But deputies at the new Denver jail told him to stop. When Booker, who was being processed on a charge of possession of drug paraphernalia (A:  That could be anything.), didn't obey, he was held down, hit with electric shocks and then placed facedown in a holding cell, according to two inmates who watched it unfold.


Booker never got up. He was pronounced dead later that morning.


"I've never seen anything happen like that before in my life," said John Yedo, 54, who was being processed on a charge of destruction of property and said he witnessed the scene. "What I saw is not what you'd expect to see in America."  (A:  I sorryÖ but it is.  Itís everywhere else too.)


The two jail witnesses, who were both arrested in the early-morning hours of July 9 around the time Booker was being processed, were contacted and interviewed by The Denver Post separately. Both of them said they had not been questioned by police investigating the death of Booker, a homeless ordained minister who served the poor (A:  He worked in soup kitchens and stuff.), but also a habitual criminal with a long string of arrests.


(A:  It was a female they got first of all to do it and the two other deputies egged her on and told her to hit him in the you-know-what with itÖ just to get really sadistic.  They bunged him in the cell and he wasnít breathing anyway.  And it said too that the deputies laughed as they walked away, just had a good old laugh.  Ha, ha, ha, we tazered him in the nether regions.  You know, ha, ha, ha.)


Thatís the society that you have today.  This war has taken many fronts, many, many, many fronts.  They had to destroy morality. They had to destroy the family unit and completely alter the family unit, so that a guy would take after his dad and not his mum.  By the way, Quigley covers that whole process.  He doesnít condemn it because he was all for what they were doing, being the historian of the Council on Foreign Relations.  It had to be done, he said.  But thatís what weíve raised today.  The right population of psychopathic nobodies really who will vent their frustrations out on you with their heavy weaponry and laugh as they burn you to cinders, thatís what weíve raised.  And the females are no different at all.  THATíS America.  Thatís Britain.  Thatís Canada.  Thatís everywhere else. 


The war has taken many fronts to destroy everything that held a self-surviving society together.  We have lost all self-preservation.  We have been thoroughly DOMESTICATED by a plan which you can find the writings of in different books, many, many books from TOP people who were involved in it.  And it has been successful, using behaviorists and behavioral psychology and a lot of stuff they got from Pavlov via the Soviets to introduce into the school systems.  The school systems now are entirely almost matriarchal, they are female sets.  Thatís why guys donít do too well in it at all these days.  Itís designed FOR the female; Quigley also admits that and he was all for that too.  It was meant to emasculate the male. 


And what do you see with the male?  Well he likes his beer; thatís hisÖ In Canada itís unbelievable the ads are just beer, beer, beer, have a party, be nice and friendly and have a party. Thatís the only message guys get, always be agreeable to everybody, accept everything that comes down the pike.  Yep.  And they do.  Massive warfare, massive psychology.  You go into Russellís different writings and many othersí different writings ALL confirming this, that they could create the kind of person they wanted to create, quite easily, without that personís knowledge that it was even happening to them.  Whole societies, whole countries have been done that way. 


But donít worry, the US has got something left.  Here is a clue.  They are bringing out another power.  This is from another newspaper.  Iíll put all these links on my site at the end of the show. 


Gov. Paterson turns to higher power by wearing red string kabbalah bracelet to ward off evil

BY Celeste Katz / nydailynews.com / Thursday, July 15th 2010


Gov. Paterson is counting on a Madonna-blessed higher power to lead him out of the mess in Albany.


The lame-duck governor has begun wearing a red string kabbalah bracelet - just like the Material Girl - in an eyebrow-raising bid to deflect ill will.


"It was explained to the governor that the red string is a symbol of protection [that] wards off problems and tribulations," (A:  I guess everybody should wear them in court.)  Paterson spokesman Morgan Hook said.


"His attitude was that he'll take all the help he can get."


Paterson could be forgiven for turning to a little divine protection.


In the past six months he's found himself under investigation, dumped his reelection bid as a result, and wrestled with the Legislature over the state budget.


So he's apparently trying his luck with the trendy talisman favored by followers of the mystical Jewish discipline. But unlike Madonna, Demi Moore and Britney Spears, Paterson is not yet one of the devoted, a spokesman said.  (A:  You have to go into his genealogy as well, I guess.)


So donít worry, just wear red strings.  That goes all the way back to the Sufis actually.  They wore it around their waist, still do.  The early precursors of the Rosicrucians also wore one around a different area actually.  It was their family jewels, as the Masons call them, for the malesÖ so you get the point.  Thatís how they often did recognize each other because in those days they did take the ancient custom Ė getting back to talking about seminary and semen and all the rest of it.  You find in the ancient Bible thatís how they took oaths to each other.  It wasnít placing your hand on the thigh of your father and vice versa; it was on the you-know-what, the family jewels.  In fact in ancient Judaic courts you were let in by that and thatís where the term comes from, theyíve got you by the short-and-curlies.  If you lied in front of the judge, they were crushed.  Maybe they should bring that back today, for congressional hearings and stuff like that.  AnywayÖ thatís the real life folks. 


We are run by madness on the one hand, trivia on the other, and a system, a very clever, ancient system riding side by side as well.  You canít make this stuff up though.  You really canít.  Itís just incredible what really, really goes on.  Here is another article, Institute for the Future, very important for those who follow Bernays and all his offspring and all the offspring of his mind which he didnít create himself.  He was taught through a very old society, as was his uncle Freud as well.  The Institute for the Future is having a big meeting.  This is where all your advertising and your mind melds come from.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix and just talking about this conference thatís BEEN, but even the topics they give you in the preview is pretty interesting too.  These are the big boys that work for advertising.  They work for PR for governments.  They work for the PR that goes through universities taught via their professors that are all strategically placed there.  It gives you your new reality.  But they are really into, again, the advanced behaviorism techniques to make you do things that they want you to do, believe what they want you to believe, and behave the way they want you to behave.  So Iíll put this link up too.  They do talk aboutÖ


The Future of Persuasion Conference is Only Days Away

iftf.org / May 14, 2010 / by Mathias Crawford


how will we learn to harness the power of persuasive technologies, new media channels, and data, to motivate actions we want (A:  Thatís talking about YOU.), while at the same time protecting ourselves from unwanted influences?  (A:  Thatís protests, waking up and kicking back at it. Youíre not supposed to know itís happening to you.  Most folk donít and they actually are already under it.  They go intoÖ)


 ďhaptic literaciesĒ Ė new experiences of touch and interacting with digital surfaces (A:  Itís also the stimulation of your brain and interfacing you with that too.  Iíll put that link up as well.)


Iíd like to end just touching onÖ


Ev'rybody must get stones

The New Age crankiness of the Prime Minister and his wife could be a blessing in disguise

Nick Cohen The Observer, Sunday 8 December 2002 14.55 GMT / guardian.co.uk


(A:  This is about that great nouveau Catholic Tony Blair, you know the guy who studied everything except Catholicism but believes he can change everything from within because thatís part of his job, his ongoing job.)


'The most accessible entrance into the Blairs' spirit world of paganism, spiritualism, pseudo-science and quackery is through a chat with Cherie's (A:  Thatís his wife.) 'homeopathic dowser healer' - one Jack Temple, aged 86. Temple is the possessor of a 'Neolithic stone circle', which, he assured me, captures the healing energies of the stars, sun and moon and holds them for the benefit of his paying customers. (A:  Then they tell you how he got this.  It was really a pile of rubbish that a farmer had harrowed off his field but heís convinced the public these are standing stones, this guy, this shyster.  Cherie and Tony are really into all this stuff.)  He discovered the 'magic' stones in Pembrokeshire and transported them in two lorries to his home in Pyrford, near Woking, Surrey.


'The stones weren't in a circle,' he explained. 'They had been cleared so the field could be worked. They were dumped in a ditch and a farmer sold them to me.'


'I see. A farmer said a load of old rubble was once a Stone Age religious site and you paid ready money to get your hands on it. How did you know the stones were genuine stones, so to speak?'


An irritated note entered Temple's voice. 'I dowsed them with my magic pendulum, of course. I made the amazing discovery that each of the 16 stones relieved stress in different parts of the body - the muscles, the brain and so on.' (A:  And he goes on and on and on.  So he caters to all the bigwigs and so on.  He saysÖ) After he moved the stones to Surrey,  (A:  The stones he set up.) Temple went to the garden centre and used his pendulum to divine the aura of the herb and alpines section. The trial of the plants was merciless. He found only wild strawberries had the strength to 'contain nature's energy generated by the stone circle'.


Temple duly planted his circle with strawberries. He will sell you a small packet of their dried leaves for £10 (plus £1 p&p). It's a bargain, as Cherie Blair knows. Temple said in his autobiography Medicine Man : 'I believe I've helped the lame to walk, the barren to conceive, and the sad to smile. (A:  [Alan laughing.] He sounds like a politician to me.)  I've been able to reflate the lungs of children previously condemned to a life constricted by asthma. I've even seen the bald pates of middle-aged and elderly men begin to spring hair growth again.'  (A:  Oh, goodness me.  Now, Fergie as well is a client of his.  Thatís Fergie who is addicted to all the drugs and she is always getting dried out and stuff and they try to find charitable works for her to do for communitarianism.  But she goes.  Thatís big bucks as well.  Heíll even sell youÖ)


For £85 he will sell you a pile of stones and instructions on how to lay them out in the garden. (A:  He blesses them of course you see.)


So this is the guy who was a counselor to Tony Blair, whoís the new good Catholic guy now.  Really. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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