July 22, 2010 (#626)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 22, 2010:

Malevolence Wants Subservience:
Public Degrading 'cos They're in Training,
Not Long to Go Unless You Say No:

"The Signs of The Times are All Around,
Incidents of Abuse Continue to Abound,
Courts Go Through Routine, Search for Blaming,
But the Purpose, You See, Is We're in Training,
The "Great Society" Masters, Pure Malevolence,
Learn to Say "Yes Massa, No Massa" Subservience,
Obedience to Masters and Guards at the Bottom,
Beware Searching by Deviants, Children of Sodom,
Who Debase the Slave Class, Very Old Technique,
These Weirdos in All Ages Guard Jobs Seek,
Degrading the Public will Only get Worse,
It Must be Stopped Now Negating the Curse
Of this Sado-Masochistic Psychopathic Regime,
Where Dictators in Suits Play Head of the Team,
We've been Plundered, Abused an Awful Lot,
In Poverty by "Experts", The Best they've Got?
We Should Put Them in Slammer, Let 'em Stew,
Choose Our Own System, Sparkling and New"
© Alan Watt July 22, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 22, 2010
(Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on July 22nd 2010.


Newcomers, as always I suggest you look into www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com site and download as many of the shows I’ve put up there for free. Try and get as many as you can because who knows, who knows how long these will stay up and things are changing fast with the internet regulations and so on and political correctness as well. There’re going to be a whole bunch of new guidelines on what you can’t say, what you can say, what you can talk about, what you can’t talk about until basically you’re just parroting the mainstream. And whatever is the mainstream is what’s allowed to be out there to the public, generally to mislead you.

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That’s how bad it is. It really is that bad. We’re all conditioned in this system to see it in the way and the whole world in the way that your masters want you to see them.


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You will find that people truly believe that politicians and heads of banks are just struggling at the moment to try and bring about some recovery from this unforeseen circumstance of the ‘crash’ and that’s all utter nonsense. The banking community is controlled by a small crew at the top worldwide and it was time to pull the plug and bring it down. This is the ‘century of change’ when you’ve got to learn to be austere you see and ‘sustainability’ is to rise to the top as the new holy mantra, including how many people will live on the earth and who will have children and who will not have children. That’s what all this is about.


Money is a tool to the big boys. They don’t need it. They own the mineral resources and whole countries really across the whole planet. We’ve got to believe in it so they can use us.


Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


People have to realise that we’re simply going through an agenda; a long-term agenda. Again it was on the go before you were born. It was on the go before the Bretton Woods agreement when they basically decided to do away with the gold standard and bring in fractional reserve and that’s been done away with as well since then and we’ve to go into a second part, a new type of new society after that. That’s what Maynard Keynes talked about in his own books if you want to read them. He talked about the new type of society that would come in. He was a socialist. Socialism you’ve got to understand has nothing to do with the working people. It’s a belief that the fittest to rule the working people and everyone else should be doing it, which is no different from the elitist group on the other side. They’re one and the same in fact; one and the same.

They’re all into eugenics and superior types, the division of labour to the proles down below and all that kind of stuff. They’ve been talking about this for well over 100 years.


When they brought out the gold standard and went off the gold standard they knew exactly how long it would take before the dollar was worth a fraction of what it was back in the 1940’s, the 1930’s or even before the 20’s even. They knew how long they could keep inflating money and devaluing its purchasing power, same with Britain and every other country too, and I used to say years ago that it would become like the peso or the lira. We’d have millions of them. It’d sound wonderful for a paycheck but you really couldn’t buy much with it. That’s really the same con game that’s gone on for awful long time with bankers and money.

It substitutes, again, for what they call ‘tangible’ money which generally is something you can hold on to, into paper.


This had to happen. This time had to happen and that’s why they brought it out now. The 21st century is the ‘century of change’. That means a change in everything, right down to depopulation from the top down, by laws, rules and regulations. But these characters you see were already doing it in the Western countries long before we heard anything about this you see. They were using inoculations and various other things to sterilise the public and get them cancer viruses that would affect them down the road and we’ve all lived through that. Anyone who’s 40 or so or over has seen that happening in their own lifetime if they’ve got any memory at all, from even the news articles they put out there.

‘Oh, cancer’s on the increase. We don’t know why’


Everything’s always a big puzzle, isn’t it? Meanwhile they can create any kind of virus for warfare purposes but they ‘just don’t know’ and they can create a human being from genes and DNA but ‘we just don’t know what’s causing cancers’ and this is the tripe that’s fed to us and it’s good enough for most folk because most folk truly can’t believe that ‘experts’ would lie to them; why should they?

They’ve been trained in the domesticated system not to think for themselves; you’ve got ‘experts’ to do all the thinking for you.

Doctors are no better. Doctors come out, you know and they run off to get a lot of money to help pay back all the money they’ve borrowed through university and they believe everything they’re taught; everything they’ve been taught. Even though what they’ve been taught as statistics on cancers are completely different from the stuff that was taught back in the 60’s or 70’s to the groups leaving at that time; graduating at that time.

You always believe the most recent stuff. It must be truer than the last ‘true’. So they’re stuck in their pigeon holes. They’re all taught now that everyone’s going to die of cancer and that’s the new ‘normal’ thing. It’s normal.


It’s the same with everything else. Do you understand that reality is not too difficult to manage for the public, even intergenerationally, if you have foundations? Now foundations is something that Quigley talked about, Carroll Quigley about how they were multi trillion dollar companies that went under charitable organisations that formed a parallel government.

They worked, of course, with the Royal Institute for International Affairs, they still do. They’re all part of it, the parallel government. Sometimes they put boys into politics. They put lots of them into the bureaucratic positions especially at the top, the Pentagon and stuff like that and Whitehall in Britain, and they get what they want done that way through the back door. Who cares about the politicians? The politicians literally do what they’re told.


They’ve been changing societies so incredibly fast. If folk haven’t seen the changes even in the way we’re being treated now with police over the last 20 years, then go back and watch television, sports and your favourite soaps and good luck to you. They say you know that ‘ignorance is bliss’ because only the ignorant can be blissful you see? That’s true, that’s very, very true. If you know what’s going on you can’t stand back and change the topic and talk about having a nice day or ‘I think I’ll go paddle my feet in the pond’ and stuff like that. There’s no bliss in knowing the truth because we’re in dire straits and what’s coming down is going to be much much worse because they are going into food rationing. They do plan to bring on riots. They will bring on the riots and bring down the populations. Every movie they’ve been churning out for the last 15 or 20 years, all these disaster movies are meant to program you to accept it. All you see in them is a destitute planet and people in rags at the bottom and these well equipped ‘ninja’ guys with all their outfits on serving the private world corporation.


That’s the plan you see and that fits right in with the published program of the think tank for NATO and Britain’s army who have said that they’re going to have riots upto the year 2030-2050 maybe starting over food because you see, the food too has been taken over by the big boys who belong to the same club. Not only are they giving you the poisonous rubbish in the grocery stores that you go to, that’s not what the big boys get, they get their little mealcards when they join politics and stuff, you get your mealcard to get the best food that’s non-GMO and isn’t soaked with pesticide and the meat and so on. Nothing has lived on the surface of the earth. It doesn’t get the spraying from the planes all the time above us. That doesn’t come down on their plants, no no no.


I read an article about a year ago where big corporations are growing this stuff, some in special greenhouses. Even staff can’t come in without going through special decontamination. They wear masks inside these places. The stuff never is touched by rain. It’s all deepwater, filtered, heavily filtered stuff that touches the soil that these plants grow in. They have them in Germany, Japan, Britain and elsewhere for the wealthy elite and when you get up to be a sellout politician, the little psychopath that you are, you’ll get your meal ticket to get this stuff delivered to your home. That’s why they rat out on you and everyone else. They get special privileges. That’s what they always talk about giving them, special privileges.


The police, since the 80’s especially have been really revved up and trained, by again, specialists, to make them paranoid about the public. The public are the enemy. There’s no doubt about that. Everybody’s suspicious. Everybody’s a villain and you’re definitely all potential villains you see? The ‘brotherhood’ aspect, you know, when you wear that uniform that’s worked for thousands of years, uniforms are great, you always...the only guys you can trust are the guys with the same uniform with the little patch on you and that’s how they stand up for eachother regardless of what they’ve done to the public. The public are literally seen as less than human. I’m not kidding about that.


Now last year at the G20 in London, you’ll remember Ian Tomlinson was killed by police. He was the man who was a newsvendor and he had packed up for the night and was just on his way home with his hands in his pockets and he happened to walk past this outer area where the cops were all standing and he was attacked by them. They came in and beat the back of his legs, hit him in the stomach as they’re taught to do which ruptured his stomach and eventually ended up killing him and they got off with it. They got off with it.

So they’ve carried on this long enquiry that they always have you see. The first pathologist was a government pathologist who said he just happened to have a massive heart attack. He was walking home and decided right at that point after being hit to have a massive heart attack.

An independent autopsy showed that he’d died from massive injury inflicted from external sources. So the enquiry comes up and this is what they do, 22nd July 2010...


This is now the green light for the cops now to murder citizenry and they’ve already been doing it with the tasers if you’ve noticed but this sets a precedent. It sets the precedent in law that cops can attack anyone and kill them with impunity. It’s a precedent now in law. I’m going to put this article up tonight too at www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com for the links after the show. It says...


“G20: No charges over Ian Tomlinson’s death”


(Alan: Police officers; and it shows you the police. There’s also a description of what happened, a little video.)


"A police officer who was filmed pushing a man to the ground during the G20 protests will not face charges over his death."


(A: Cleared completely. Now it wasn't just one guy involved because all of his pals were standing there and could have stopped him too but they don't stop their own brotherhood you see. That's a definite precedent set in law for everybody to remember because they will use it again. Every cop now knows they can do this, whether they're tasering you to death and laughing their heads off as they do it or beating you with their clubs or whatever else they're given as toys. They can kill you with impunity and the courts will back them. In fact I doubt if many cases will even get to court after this one because of this 'finding' as they like to call it.)


The cops are getting more and more armaments. They love armaments and you'll notice too back in the '70's they said that if the Cold War ends what are all the big manufacturers of weaponry going to do. And they said at the time in the business magazines that they'd go into private security that's coming in over all the public and they have. They'd also go to the police who would be buying just like the military buy, the same kind of weaponry. I'll talk about another little tool they've got now when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


I’m giving you the real reality, not the one they put you in when they put you in the matrix. There are so many different compartments that most folk find the one they’re most comfortable in and they stay there. Until you understand what’s happening, the history of this and you know where they’re heading with it, you’ll never even be able to approach any technique of fighting them with any effectiveness whatsoever, never. You have to understand what’s really up here, what’s at stake.


These guys at the top are utterly ruthless. Believe me they’re ruthless in what they do. They do anything to get their way. They always have, always have.


Now they’ve been testing lots and lots of weapons. They love little wars where they destroy a country and just the troops are in there basically and no-one’s watching them and they get away with literally murder. That’s the whole point of it and they test stuff. I’ve talked about it before in Iraq where they’ve used special weaponry that literally shrunk the bodies of people in a bus. They shrunk them to about 4 feet tall. Another one too and you’ll actually see, I’ve put the links up before for you to watch in this particular one where they use some kind of technology which doesn’t fire projectiles. A bus drove up to the surgery of a hospital and the surgeons said that the driver himself had one leg cut of as though it had been cut off by a knife, just as clean as could be and everyone else, all the other passengers had their stomachs ripped open, heads off etc as if something inside, very sharp had just cut them all to pieces and there were intestines etc on the ceiling of the bus.


They’re using all kinds of technologies. Do you think that’s all for wars abroad? They want to keep that quiet and use it over there because they are going to use all this stuff back here in the Western world. I guarantee it, that’s why they’re not using it openly in every battle they have over anywhere else they go. There’s alot of stuff they don’t want you to know they have. The only time you’ll see them is when it’s turned on you and that’ll be the last time.


Here’s something for the cops right now just to get them going apart from their tasers and all the other gadgets they’ve got and this is...


"Blinding laser beam newest police tool"


(A: So they've got laser beams now to blind you apparently and this is from Seattle News & Video July 21st)


"Cops and guns - they've been a combination throughout the history of law enforcement.


"You don’t want to take someone's life unless you absolutely have to," said Officer Tom Arnold of the Lakewood Police Department."


(A: Now they'll always give you the PR lies first you see)


"But with deadly force used only as a last resort..."


(A: Ha, since when are they using that as a last resort these days eh; for a long time now)


"...police are constantly testing less-than-lethal weapons that can be used to stop perpetrators without putting officers at risk. Over the years, this has included everything from tasers and pepper spray to bean bag guns and net guns, which recall visions of Spiderman when they are launched.


One of the newest and most unusual less-than-lethal weapons to hit the market is the "Dazer Laser.""


(A: Oh, very nifty isn't it, "Dazer Laser")


"It’s a powerful laser gun that can temporarily blind and disorient a suspect with a large modulating pool of green light."


(A: Now I can remember they were testing this out for the military back in the '70's and they had settings on it and they found that they could literally, the whole idea, was something the size of a fountain pen they'd got it down to back then, you could literally wait for a whole regiment coming towards you across a field and switch it on and sweep it from left to right and back and forth and everyone looking at you would have a permanent blindness although they said they could turn it down a little bit and give them a longer lasting burn of their retina and it might clear up. So here're the cops getting this stuff 30 or 40 years later. It says...)


"It’s a powerful laser gun that can temporarily blind and disorient a suspect with a large modulating pool of green light.


"If you can impair their vision where they can’t effectively target or locate you, you're controlling them,..."


(A: See it’s all about control)


"...you have those couple seconds you need, which in law enforcement is a year," said Ryan..."


(A: That'll give them time to get their taser guns out and scorch you to death I suppose)


"...Battis who demonstrates the weapons to police departments for Laser Energetics, Inc. of New Jersey.


The Dazer Laser is being pitched to police across the Northwest as a safe alternative to tasers, which can cause burns, or pepper spray, which has to be deployed at close range."


(A: I've read all the articles here where even the tasers with that cop who shot that young girl in the head and it penetrated her brain. I guess that really got him off that day)


"Officer Arnold likes the idea of carrying a laser because it would be easy to deploy and require minimal training.


"It's not hard to aim a light at somebody. We all carry flashlights, we all know what lasers are," Arnold said."


(A: Yeah they know what lasers are right?)


"The promoters claim the lasers are effective day or night, and are designed to be effective anywhere from 3 feet to a mile-and-a-half away..."


(A: A mile and a half away)


"...from a suspect - without causing eye damage."


(A: Ha ha!)


"The first one thousand Dazer Lasers will be rolling off assembly lines in Charlotte, North Carolina within 30 days. The manufacturer says police, SWAT teams, prisons and military units in the U.S. and across the globe are ready to deploy them."


(A: They've all been snapping them up you see, so...)


"Unlike tasers,..."


(A: they mean the stun guns. Remember that these are cattle prods these tasers. They're just cattle prods on wires. The other one that you hold is just the stun gun but it says...)


 "Unlike tasers, the Dazer Laser is not being sold to the public. They require a security code to activate and can be programmed to turn off after a set period of time to prevent abuse if they fall into the wrong hands."


(A: So there you go, guys on steroids and they're getting them dished out to them so they can cause further damage as people scream with pain and all the rest of it. Well, it's quite nice, isn't it? That's the world you're paying for with your tax money and your servants are going to turn these on you.)


I can hear the music coming in so I'll be back after this break.


Hi folks I’m back and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix


Do you know that from ancient times to the present there’s never been anything called ‘justice’? It’s something Plato talked about in one of his little rambles. He went on about the fact that at the end it boils down to the fact that it’s only the appearance of justice you see but there’s never any justice. Of course ‘law’ has nothing to do with justice. Folk out there don’t realise that law has nothing to do with justice, or right and wrong, put it that way. It’s to do with what’s right in the law and lawyers literally ‘Talmudically’ exchange data from their own books you see? The person who’s been charged or who’s life’s at stake, is sitting off on the side somewhere, is another spectator, he’s out of the ring basically and these guys debate points of law; nothing to do with what’s right or wrong.


But again, the media puts a great show on with lawyer movies and stuff like that. Remember too that Jacques Ellul said that any time you see cop shows on television or your lawyer shows with the courts and they always win with the right guy getting off with it and all that, that’s all propaganda to give you a fake impression of what it really is all about.

I remember too reading an article a few years back on air where they were doing surveys on students coming in to study the law and right away at the first intake they asked them in their first year, who really believes in justice here and they all put their hands up. After the year was out they asked the same classes, all the first year classes the same thing in a survey and they asked them; who believes in justice? And none of them put their hands up because by that time they knew it had nothing to do with justice. It’s to do with points of law, nothing to do with right and wrong or anything else. But that’s the world you live in; a matrix world; a conditioned fake reality.


Here’s an article here. It’s from The Daily Beast. I haven’t seen this one before but someone sent this link to me and it says...


“Billionaire paedophile goes free”


(A: Well they always do, don’t they?)


"Hedge fund mogul Jeffrey Epstein became a free man Wednesday, five years after he was first accused of sexually abusing underage girls. After months of reporting, The Daily Beast’s Conchita Sarnoff reveals exclusive details of the investigation and the legal wrangling that saved him from a long prison term. She reports:


Palm Beach’s police chief objected to Epstein’s “special treatment” and gave The Daily Beast an exclusive look at his nine-hour deposition about the investigation.


Earlier versions of the U.S. attorney’s charges, including a sealed 53-page..."


(A: Sealed! They sealed it for the court case)


"...indictment, could have landed Epstein in prison for 20 years."


(A: This has got nothing to do with his money grabbing and stealing. This is to do with his other...They all have their own little perks in areas they're into that they share amongst themselves)


"Victims alleged that Epstein molested underage girls from South America, Europe, and the former Soviet republics, including three 12-year-old girls brought over from France as a birthday gift."


(A: How's that for a birthday gift eh? And you think this is just an occasional one? These are big rings folks, big rings. Judges and everything are in them)


"The victims also alleged trips out of state and abroad on Epstein’s private jets,..."


(A: That's how they do it when they do their sex trafficking)


"...which would be evidence of sex trafficking—a much more serious federal crime than the state charges Epstein was convicted of.


Epstein’s attorneys investigated members of the Palm Beach Police Department, while others ordered private investigators to follow and intimidate the victims’ families; one even posed as a police officer."


(A: That's what they do. That's the same as the drug companies do when the doctors don't go along with the findings of big pharma. I've read these on the air too; how they literally do the same stuff and threaten them)


"Then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales told The Daily Beast that he “would have instructed the Justice Department to pursue justice without making a political mess.”"


Film director Roman Polanski is not the only convicted paedophile to walk free this month and return to a life of privilege.

On Wednesday, hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein completes his one-year house arrest..."


(A: One-year house arrest. I bet he still had the children brought in)


"...in Palm Beach, which has been even less arduous than Polanski’s time at a Swiss ski chalet."


"During Epstein’s term of “house arrest,” he made several trips each month to his New York home and his private Caribbean island.

In the earlier stage of his sentence for soliciting prostitution with a minor—13 months in the Palm Beach Stockade—he was allowed out to his office each day.

Meanwhile, Epstein has settled more than a dozen lawsuits brought by the underage girls who were recruited to perform “massages” "


(A: Massages he called it)


"...at his Palm Beach mansion.

Seven victims reached a last-minute deal last week, days before a scheduled trial; each received well over $1 million—an amount that will hardly dent Epstein’s $2 billion net worth."


(A: That we know of. He'll have alot more than that stashed away. But this is the real world of the psychopathic pervs that rule you.)


They rule you and they've never had, never in history, these pervs that have always ruled you, had any problems about going with underage children of either persuasion; never, ever, ever, ever folks and this won't go on much longer either.

Because remember after the last, I think it was 2001 meeting of the international censor committees, and you thought that your censorship board in your country was all to do with keeping your culture and keeping you safe?

No, their job is always to keep pushing the envelope to see what you’re ready for now by using massive polling and all the rest of it as they perverted you as you sat there and gazed and got intrigued at certain little things they put on for you to goggle at.

They had their meeting as I say in 2001, their annual meeting, international and they said that now they'd won the rights for homosexuals they'd be putting on a massive bunch of comedies and so on about homosexuality and sure enough they did right after it.

They said the next step now is for the right of intergenerational sex. They were pushing for that and bestiality folks.


Strange, I read something a few weeks ago where Norway is allowed to have bestiality and they have a big sort of tourist trade from America, Britain and elsewhere of the big boys of course who will go over to see what their fancy is.

You know, a cow, a dog, a chicken, whatever it happens to be. But these folk have always been like that, these are the pervs who’ve always ruled you. Go back to Caligula and all these characters in ancient Rome.

You look at the money they’ve spent covering up things of Royalty down through the ages as well. See they don’t believe in any ‘God’ except themselves. If they do believe in one it’s a separate one from the one that you think about and they don’t have any qualms about what they do. If it has existed in nature they will do it. It must be ok and that’s what the ‘humanists’ pushed too. You see that all came out of Darwinism.


Then Kinsey helped push his lies through his books as he sent out special people to bugger little boys and babies and even time, the amount of time it would take for them to scream and stuff like that.

That’s what his ‘scientific’ report was all about and using prostitutes, male and female, as the general population, so that everyone who read his books would think ‘well, see science must be right. Wow I’ve never done that. Maybe I’m missing out on something’ and alot of the guys and mainly the women, ran out and became rather promiscuous because now it was suddenly ok. Yeah, all that morality stuff was just old-fashioned superstition coming back from the tribal era.


And look at the mess we’re in today and you think there’s no war? Who protected Kinsey? Who financed Kinsey? Well the Rockefellers did and the Guggenheims and all these boys. That’s who financed him and they knew their agenda.

If you want to conquer and destroy a country and take it over and rule it, you destroy the culture completely and all morality. It’s as old as the hills as they say and how successful it’s been; how successful it’s been.


They always said too that if you want to change the world you do it through the female; Nero said it, Hitler said it. Hitler said that the women want security and food for their children. She goes for the powerful person, therefore we will aim our propaganda at the female. She will come to us for safety and food for her children. The children must follow her and then must follow the man.


It’s also true that all the studies even long before Kinsey, the real studies that have been proven over and over again show that women are far more apt to try change than men are. So they thought they would change the world through going for the female. Bernays said the same thing too; that she’d become the purchaser, the guys would die off and very rich widows would have lots of money and then they would target them to get the money off them.

Also the UN goes through a strategy of basically emasculating the males in every country. You’ve got to get the males out the way if you want to conquer and rule them and they’ve been giving ‘microloans’ as they call them for years to women all over Africa and different countries to start their businesses up and given them computers.


Canada had a big rally for used computers and the government sent them all over there as well, but only for women though. The men have to be left on the sidelines until the women no longer want to look at them because the men will still be poor, you see, and women will be looking for better things.


Here’s an article here and it says...


"UN Creates What May Become a Billion Dollar Agency for Radical Feminism"


"NEW YORK, July 8 (C-FAM)  Last Friday the General Assembly voted to consolidate four separate United Nations (UN) bodies dedicated to women’s issues into one new gender equality entity called “UN Women.”

The resolution capped a victory for radical feminists who lobbied for years for the new entity and is the latest in an overall push to bring women’s issues even more onto the UN agenda."


(A: I think I mentioned years ago that I walked into a club once where different musicians were taking turns on stage and someone knew who I was and asked me if I would go up and play a tune, so I did, and they said "Can't you sing something more radical?" and I said "why?", and this was a feminist, she said "Because you see, we get funding to run this club by the government and you've got to be radical to do it". And I looked into the law and sure enough it says, from the government, that only those who are for radical change will get these grants. Your own governments have been doing this folks in every country since World War II when they joined the United Nations.

It says here...)


"After four years of sometimes harsh negotiations, member states agreed on simplifying the disjointed efforts of four UN offices dedicated to women’s issues; the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), the International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women (INSTRAW), Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW) and the Office of the Special Advisor on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women (OSAGI)."


(A: That sounds African)


"The framework for UN Women..."


(A: That's actually a Zulu spear if I remember, osagi, anyway...)


"The framework for UN Women is the Beijing Platform for Action, which calls for an end to discrimination against women especially highlighting education, employment, political participation and human rights.

An Under-Secretary-General appointed by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will head the new body and member states are calling for a prompt appointment before the General Assembly meets in September."


(A: Now remember this is all funded by your tax money over here. If you look at all these countries that were ex Soviets, the women are all fleeing those countries to get men abroad because they were taught coming up through school, and because of the priority hiring even during the Soviet era, that their men were nothing; they were no good. They were the faults for all the world's previous problems and they were marrying everybody outside their countries, selling themselves really. The newspapers are full of them even yet.

That's what they do and that's what they want to do in Africa and elsewhere so that they can conquer them and the men will stand up for nothing when they have nothing to stand up for. These are warfare tactics. You've got to understand warfare tactics.)


It's interesting too as I say, so much of the news really is just to do with the agenda. It’s just the agenda. I’ve talked about Britain and other countries across Europe and it’s the same in the US right now.


"One baby in four born to migrants: Number of foreign-born mothers has doubled"


(A: 22nd July and it's from The Mail)


"Almost a quarter of babies are born to immigrant mothers, an official breakdown showed yesterday.

It found that 24.7 per cent of children born last year have mothers who were born abroad – and that their numbers have doubled since the late 1990’s.

The sharply rising numbers of babies with foreign-born mothers came despite an overall fall in births.


(A: Well see the overall fall in births happens because the native born people there can't even get someone to marry or mate with and they don't want children because it's been drummed into them.

Charles Galton Darwin was right. Would they rather have a sports car or a washing machine? And of course it doubles the tax base when everyone is in it. So, only the ones who are coming in who are immigrants, who haven't had that indoctrination are happy to have children, naturally; something that they used to have in those countries that are falling apart. You should be happy to have children)


"The figures produced fresh warnings to ministers that immigration rates must be brought down to avoid the growing threat of overpopulation in Britain."


(A: But they're not going to do it because I've read articles, again from the ministry a few weeks ago where they said that they'll keep it going)


"Numbers of children born to mothers from outside the country have been growing fast in recent years as immigration has reached record levels.

In 1998 there were 86,456 babies born in England and Wales to mothers born abroad. These mothers are considered likely to be long-term migrants by statisticians.

Last year, the total had reached 174,400, according to the figures from the Office for National Statistics."


(A: It's like Orwell, isn't it? You have an office for national statistics. That's all you heard blaring in the Orwell movie '1984' was the national statistics for this, that and the other.)

So everybody's talking about it, but the thing is to keep them coming in as Tony Blair said he would do.

He opened the floodgates wide, he said, to destroy what was left at all; to completely destroy what was left of the culture of Britain so it could never form itself again and it's intentional, so on and on it goes.

See, this show is not about good news. It's about the war. It's about the war.

You see, everything that's happening in the world in every country is the one war; the one and the same war; all financed in various ways by the big boys, either attacking your culture, destroying your culture or literally physically assaulting you. It's all the same big group at the top that's in charge of it.)


Now, you can’t believe how bad it gets in some countries. You have to really look at them and as I say, Britain is the flagship. That is what’s to come for the rest of the world with the Chinese system lumped into it because the UN has said that China is the model state for the world to copy. That’s what they like. They like an obedient population working for peanuts in factories all day locked in and obeying their superiors and obeying their own type of Politburo. Obedience is very important to these freaks at the top.


"Council race spies secretly rummage through rubbish bins (A: That's your garbage bins) to discover families' habits"


(A: The government are employing...It's a form of census taking they're doing now. 20th July 2010 but the music's coming in so I'll come back with this after this break)


This is Alan Watt. We're Cutting Through the Matrix.


I'm talking about councils across Britain now employing people to go through your garbage and to see what race you come from; your eating habits and trying to find out how prosperous you are; no kidding.

20th July and it's the Mail Online. So it says...


"Waste audits allow officials and private contractors to check supermarket labels, types of unwanted food  -  and even examine the contents of discarded mail."


(A: Oh, land of hope and glory eh?)


"The local authorities are using social profiling techniques to match different types of rubbish to different ethnic groups or wealthy and poor households, as part of a recycling drive..."


(A: A recycling drive)


"...initiated by the last Government."


(A: I know where they should put it like the last government, in the trash. That's where they should put that lot. It says...)


“Householders can then be placed into social categories, which in some areas range from 'wealthy achievers' to the 'hard-pressed'  -  and subsequently targeted for future leafleting campaigns."


(A: They'll stop at nothing. There's no peace.)


So I'll put this link up as well but I wanted to get onto this other one.

It's in Canada here. We're so politically correct here in Canada. You know, we're taught to be easy going. Most folks are so easy going that you don’t know if they’re awake or asleep most of the time up here and this was what happened in the Vancouver airport. This is July 20th 2010 from The Toronto Sun. It says...


“Shileen Flynn, 29, had already missed one flight and lost her luggage when she says she found herself in a room at the Vancouver airport, naked and squatting, while two crude border agents strip-searched her.


It was December, 2009, days after...”


(A: That set-up (obviously) guy came in with the stuff strapped to his thigh remember?)


“...a suspected al-Qaida member tried to ignite an explosive device aboard a Detroit-bound flight. Flynn had just returned home to Vancouver from a trip to Seattle, and was on her way to Palma de Mallorca, Spain, to start a new job as a public relations officer.”


"She was a day behind schedule, having missed her flight from the U.S."


(A: And so on.)


"She was talking to her mom on a pay phone when a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer approached her.


“All of a sudden, the guy comes over to me and says, 'Can I talk to you?' I said, 'Of course, why not?'” said Flynn.


She said he asked her where she was travelling and why she was using a pay phone. He told her to take off her sunglasses so he could see her eyes. She slipped them off, looked at the officer, and then pushed them back down.


His tone became aggressive, she said.


“He said, 'No take your sunglasses off!'” said Flynn.


As he searched her carry-on bag and asked more questions, a bystander offered her a card for a lawyer..."


(A: That's how bad it is now; if you see someone in trouble, you’ve got to give them a card for a lawyer)


"...but the officer sent him away."


(A: And then they took her through, two of these 'creatures', I call them 'creatures' they employ to strip-search the women. because you see these 'creatures' in airports in Canada and they're all pear shaped you know and you'd think they were two gun Texes the way their hands are trying to get past, you know, their big pear bit, the bit that sticks out and they have bunches of keys around them. Anyway...They were really nasty to her)


"...this time was different. She said the women made her bend over a table, open her legs, and squat and cough. They asked her personal questions, like when she last had sex."


(A: You see, they're a certain persuasion these women; you understand what I'm saying? This is all I can say from Canada; it’s the only ones they'll hire for these jobs. These are the kinds who want to be prison guards but they fail the IQ test, you know, the one that says, 'if there're 3 gallons of water in one bucket and 2 gallons in another bucket, how many buckets are there?' You know what I'm saying? So they go into these jobs here. And then one of them told her, she said "just do as I say, I've just had my dinner. I've just had lunch. I don't want to throw it up.)


From Hamish and myself from a disgusting world, it's goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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