July 23rd, 2010 (#627)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 23rd, 2010:

For RIIA/CFR Rockefeller and Co.:
Entertained, Happy and Domesticated, Leave it All to Fate,
Rocky-Feller World Inc. Plans Fate of Those Who Wait:

"The Promotion of Self-Centeredness, Hedonism by Degrees,
Creates Helpless People Who'll Soon be Down On Knees
When "The Good Life" is Pulled, No Value to the Dollar,
"Enslave Us, Only Feed Us" say the Slaves Getting Collar,
In Rockefeller's "Futures" You'll Find there No Salvation,
Report Suggests World Must have Rapid Depopulation,
It's All in a Good Cause of Course, for Sustainability,
Saving Scientists and Elites, and Those with Trainability,
Ladies in the Cities Carrying Famous Name-Brand Bags
Will Do Anything for Survival, Wearing their Best Rags,
Young Men in Bands'll Roam the Lands for Survival,
Meek will Wait at U.N. Depots for Food and its Arrival,
This Gloomy Agenda's been Worked Upon for Years,
Creating Your Worst Nightmares, Movie-Induced Fears,
Many will Turn Religious, Others- -Talismans and Luck,
We Know Prevention's Only Cure, Alternate to Sitting Duck"
© Alan Watt July 23rd, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 23rd 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 23rd of July 2010.  As always, I start off my tin can moment, about the cash and all that kind of stuff, at the beginning of the show, rather than annoy you half way through it, or three quarters of the way through it.  They do that even with the weather forecasts now, you notice.  They tell you some story they're going to come out with in between and you wait until the very end and you get ten different stories in between to make sure you get your downloads.  So I start mine off at the beginning, and I tell you that newcomers should go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website, bookmark all the official sites you'll see listed, and you can use these alternately if you find trouble with the .com site, which you will occasionally if too many folk go into it at one time for downloads.  Now all those sites listed have the same audios, they all have transcriptions for print-up in English.  If you want audio and transcripts in other languages, you can go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, which you'll see listed there, and download the choice language of your wish.  And remember too, that you keep me going, you're the audience that keep me going.  I don't accept money from advertisers.  The ads on this show are paid by advertisers directly to RBN for the broadcast. That pays their equipment, that pays their staff and the board ops, some of their bills, I hope.  And you have to help me with my bills.  Therefore, go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, see the books I've got for sale.  They're different from anything that you'll read.  It's not the usual boring stuff of who won which battle on what date and all that stuff.  I tell you what's behind things, and I show you a technique as you read it, that helps to wake up your brain as it should be, because it's really been condensed, the little parts of your brains are actually working now.  You've been trained to think in a linear fashion.  So as you read these books, you'll think outside the box in a non-linear fashion.  You'll see much more.  Purchase them.  And remember, from the US to Canada, personal check is okay.  So is an international postal money order from your post office, okay to Canada.  And you can use cash or paypal for ordering and donating.  Once you purchase through donation, send a separate donation through paypal and a separate email, with your name, address, and your order to me.  And I'll get it out to you as fast as I can.  Across the rest of the world, same idea.  You've got the addition of Western Union and Money Gram, cash or paypal for donating or for purchasing.  Separate email please, if you want to purchase, with your name, address, and your order.  And now that that's out of the way. 


I really mean it too, it takes money to keep this thing going here, and I'm using older computers for the main part, because I've got so much to do, some of them crash now and then, and I've got to take time and have other ones working.  And I'm getting hacked all the time too.  So, it's up to you to keep me going.  And this is not a five day a week job, it's not a seven day a week, it's all of that, and I haven't had a day off in five years or more.  And never mind a holiday.  I came out because these things had to be discussed on air, at the time, because patriot radio literally was navel gazing, and going round in circles.  Very localized.  It didn't understand that there was a world agenda at work.  There was a eugenics agenda at work, and that there was a system in work to bring out the New Man through genetic engineering, and cybernetics and all that, and I talked about that back in 1998.  So, it's on the go, it's really coming to fruition, the biggest secrets of course, were never told to the public.  That's most of it.  We get old stuff given to us as technology, and at the lower levels they do research, re-search is what we're told about.  We might be able to do this one day, and in reality the searching was done many, many, many years ago, in high weaponry and all the rest of it.  Always for the future, what they'll use in the future.  And the weaponry that they have, they will not use until the big one goes down, when the public really riots, big time across the world.  Back after these messages.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  The Matrix really is the box in which you've been born into.  It's a sort of Plato's cave, and because you're all born into this same cave at the same time and then you end up going to kindergarten at the same time to get your indoctrination, you believe everything you're told.  And then you can communicate these subjects between each other and all arrive at the same conclusions, so you all naturally think you're sane.  It doesn't dawn on you of course, that you're being lied to, and technically you are insane because you've been told nothing but lies, or at least lies which will help to bring in the next part of the New World Order, and you'll be all for it.  Never really understanding what it's really all about, because we're kept in the dark.  And that's the beauty of this system, you see.  You have sort of a pyramid shaped structure of control, and the capstone knows what's going on in every area, and those down below are taught all they need to know, right down to the army and the police.  They're taught all they need to know, no more, and they know very little more then the public in fact, except they don't like the public very much, because they've been weaponized.  I've talked about the weaponization over a year ago, maybe two, of everything.  Of culture, of food, of water, inoculations, and all of that kind of stuff.  Everything has been weaponized, in a covert fashion, to make you think that what they're giving you, whether it's entertainment or good food or whatever, or your inoculation is really for your benefit, and everything is vastly, vastly different.  All entertainment is propaganda with the political correctness and upgrades inserted in them, especially the comedies.  Always been that way with comedies.  Eventually if it gets away with it in the comedies without any retribution from the public, generally there isn't because they laugh, you see.  Their guard is down and they laugh.  They follow the human story through it, forgetting they're being downloaded with the things that should disgust them generally.  And they laugh, and so then they bring it into straight play, straight movies and so on. 


And it's the same with your food too.  The GMO food is to go ahead, regardless of people not wishing to have it in their own countries.  People who will start wars and plan wars in advance, right down to the casualty rates, right down to how to totally destroy the infrastructure of a First World country, and believe you me, when they went into Iraq, Iraq had first world nation cities, Iran has first world cities, and they have all their infrastructure intact.  And they've got over 9,000 I think places in Iran targeted when they go in to destroy totally.  That's all your infrastructure.  That's everything you need to live.  That's your food, your wells, your water refineries.  It's everything where food is stored or created or processed is destroyed.  Everything.  Right down to the Stone Age.  And then you're occupied for many, many years and chaos ensues.  And they want the chaos, because they can send more troops in, and say, gee, we can't pull out of here, look at all the trouble, it would be chaos if we pull out.  Where, the actual truth of it is, under the Royal Institute of International Affairs charter, they say that they will not pull out of countries until they've stabilized the country and set up an identical British system in that country.  Then they withdraw.  That's what they did with India, by the way, and Carroll Quigley talked all about that process.  It's the same now in all the countries that they go into. 


As they go into their think tanks they always project the future with an overpopulated people, with no work, now that we're so technical and we have robotics doing so much in factories, etc.  And depopulation has always been high on the agenda.  They have been doing it covertly through injections and through your food, including the plastic bottles that you drink out of by the way.  They have known that since the late 1800s.  They knew what bisphenol-A did to a man, and pregnant women, so there's nothing really new.  This is stealth warfare, by stealth.  I've watched programs where they bring in the World Health Organization and UNESCO into the countries they conquer, or into so-called primitive tribes who have never seen people before who dress the way we do or look like we do.  And they are always there to help the people, to help them.  And sure enough they get their shots and all the rest of it.  Their IQ drops, they get easier to manage and before you know it they're conquered and dependent on this system, whereas before they were totally independent.  They didn't need money for instance.  They got their own food for themselves.  They built their own huts.  And they lived for thousands of years.  So weaponizing of everything is part of this whole thing. 


Education is weaponized as well, because you've been indoctrinated at different levels, depending on your status in society and your class, into what your role should be and what truly you'll fight for and push for the future, which is again, sustainability, depopulation, and the right for only the right kind of people to breed, you see.  That's what it's all about.  And your managerial class, and this is called the Age of World Managers by the way, officially.  They're given their own newspapers and magazines to read.  And that's what the Royal Institute of International Affairs has always done.  Forget the plebs at the bottom, just go straight to the ones who will be controlling them, and they get their level of reality and why they're doing it, which is not the whole truth either.  So that's how you do it in a society. 


And as we go along, we get more and more aggressive according to the police.  They've got all these surveys out, years ago, saying, oh, the public will become more aggressive.  That's all they were told.  They didn't know why.  But the public had been sitting, guzzling very violent movies for years now.  Children are raised by the most violent games ever devised for military combat for troops to be used.  So of course they're going to have riots and more crime and all the rest of it going down the road.  Especially when the family unit is kaput and finished.  So, they've been preparing for years for the fallout, never mind the time when they come into rationing, which they have said they will do.  Go into Chatham House, that's the Royal Institute for International Affairs, look at their website and go into their policies and their think tanks working fifteen years, sixteen years, just on the coming food shortages.  We're always way behind the times.  Most folk are way behind the times on what's really going on.  And they will think that when the food shortage comes out, they'll believe the media version: it's a big crisis, it suddenly came upon us, and no one saw it coming, just like the bank crashes.  And the IMF's job of course is supposed to be looking over all banking systems to make sure there was not a crash, but no.  They always play it like a big crisis, and we're being trained right now to do and obey, when we're told to by guys in uniform.  And the guys in uniform get very huffy if you don't jump right off the bat to them, and say "Yes, sa, Massa," and all the rest of it.  Because these are not policemen anymore.  They're sado-masochists.  Most of them are on steroids.  And they're the ones who'll serve their bosses.  They'll take their paycheck from their masters and do whatever they are told.  They also get special privileges above the general population.  Exactly what Lenin said they would have to do, and Huxley and others said that they'd have to do.  So we get these stories in the paper all the time like this one.  I mentioned one from Vancouver yesterday, here's another one, and this is from CBC News.


Police shoving woman on video raises questions


(Alan: I'm glad it's raising something.  And this is Friday, July the 23rd:)


The B.C. Civil Liberties Association is demanding an explanation from the Vancouver Police Department after a surveillance video showed an officer pushing a disabled woman to the ground.


(A: And it goes on to say, and it shows a little video of it as well, by the way.  Most folk watch videos because they can't read anymore.)


The video was taken at the beginning of the month on the sidewalk on Hastings Street, near the crowded United We Can recycling centre.


The woman, who has cerebral palsy, appears to brush an officer who is walking with two others.


(A: Cerebral palsy does that, you know.  And probably the two others are helping her walk straight, you know.)


The officer shoves the woman to the ground and the three stand over her before walking away, leaving her lying on the ground.


There is no sound on the video, so it's not known if the woman threatened the officers, but David Eby of the Civil Liberties Association says there appears to have been no reason for the shove.


"We imagine she would be hauled off and handcuffed if she said something threatening to the officers. It's clear that they didn't see grounds for arrest, but even if they did it is hard to imagine that the force that they used was appropriate.


"She looks like she weighs about 90 pounds in the video. She is clearly disabled," Eby said. "There was no need for any use of force."


So, we're getting trained, you see, to just obey the goons.  And the goons know it.  The goons are aware that they're getting away with murder.  Actual murder.  They are getting away with murder with their tazers and so on.  They know they've got the green light to go ahead, because you see, there's a bigger plan above what even cops know, and that's to train the public to be subservient.  It's bad enough going into airports and being X-rayed and them laughing at your Charlies or whatever, and copying these of course, and then they sell the photographs to each other, which they do.  They're demeaning you.  It's a whole process of demeaning.  When prisoners come in, off come their shoes, because of their shoelaces, their belts come off and all the rest of it.  And here they have guys walking through airports just like prisoners.  Holding up their pants in case they fall, feeling very embarrassed, etc, and their socks.  Well that's processes of demeaning you into obey.  You see, we're past the democratic phase.  We're now into the age of authoritarianism.  You must jump when they tell you, and you must feel very lowly and you must feel like you're worthless.  This is what this is intended to do.  I mentioned yesterday too that Ian Tomlinson, the so-called inquiry into it, which of course was a bogus inquiry, would come up with what I knew they'd come up with, and that was that there's nothing, no wrongs on the policeman's part that murdered him.  So they've now validated murder as okay for cops to do.  That sets a precedent and all cops do know it.  They're covered.


Now the carbon taxes is a must be, just like the GM food is a must be, they will not backtrack on their plans.  And I've told you before, whenever the big boys write an agenda, they never back track on their plans.  It doesn't matter if old Jehovah himself came down in a hairy fit of unpleasantness, and said something, it wouldn't matter, they'd have to Nuke him, because they will not backtrack on their plans on anything.  Now Quebec was one of the first of Canada's goodie-two-shoes to jump on the bandwagon, and voluntarily put in the carbon tax on the fuel back in 1997 I believe.  And now it's directly on their fuel at the pumps.  So it says, Quebecers will be distinct from other Canadians in another way, starting this fall.  They'll have the county's first designated carbon tax to help fight global warming. Huh, huh.  I'll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just mentioning that Quebec actually brought in carbon taxes on fuel.  It was 2007 it was.  2007, to lead it off in Canada, hoping the rest of the provinces will jump in, like parrots, and most folk do, they emulate everybody else, and so do provinces.  And it's definitely coming on your fuel, all kinds.  It's going to be on your heating fuel as well, and this is Canada, where they go through an awful lot of heating fuel.  We don't live in a nice hot climate, so, but the World Health Organization and United Nations don't give a fig about that.  Because, you see, we have to go down.  That's the whole point about the Western world.  It's to go down.  It's scheduled to go down.  Now, remember I talked about Jacques Attali, who wrote Millennium: Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order, where he did go through the scenario for the U.S. where he said eventually there will be so many coming up from Latin America, that it will be a Spanish speaking country and the first lots will come up with drugs and so on, the gangs.  They always take the first opportunity, and there would be a lot of mayhem and stuff that the people will just have to accept he said, in the process as they plunder.  And he actually likened it to Rome being attacked by all the different tribes towards its ending.  But don't worry he said, after it's all over, and all the people are killed I guess during the process, and all the drugs are distributed and everybody is in a mess, it will sort of level out and everybody will speak Spanish.  He also said the next boat people would be Americans, leaving for jobs, leaving their countries for jobs abroad.  And this is a guy at the United Nations.  Now, here's how it's going in the US for jobs.  And this article is from the NBC Bay Area, San Francisco.


Need a Job? (A: I never believed you'd see this in a paper.) Try the Skin Trade


Job fair comes to SF; Costumes welcome


If the recession has you down, you're not alone. Jobs are tough to come by, and if you haven't noticed yet, job fairs are very crowded affairs. How do you find that niche that's just for you? Here's a tip: Try the adult entertainment arena.


The Cybernet Expo is a three-day job fair in San Francisco. It starts today at the Golden Gateway Hotel, and while some of the events come with titillating titles ("Kink in The Castle," "Player's Ball," "Alcatraz Networking"), a casual run through the event website shows that these guys are serious about getting you a job. Lots of networking events, seminars, and tips on how to go about getting a gig in the, ahem, adult world.


It makes sense, really. Industries are getting pummeled as our economy staggers on, but porn has always stayed strong. It's like comfort food. People will always buy chocolate, even more of it when times are bad. If the job market has left you with lots of time on your hands, and you've gone online lately, you may notice that porn is still all over the web, and from what I hear, it's making a tidy profit, too.


So here they are advertising different categories of pornography for you to get a job in.  And it reminded me immediately of Sin Cities, the three-part collection put out by CBC Canada.  Where they showed you, they tried to totally bring down the Western World between WWI and WWII, with the culture industry and so on, where people were really starving during the depression and they were using it full tilt in Germany.  And you'd see these incredible things, you'd never think you'd see before, where all the dancing girls, they called them hoofers in the trade apparently, wore nothing at all, doing the same dances you eventually saw in the U.S.  When all those guys ran over to the U.S. to escape Hitler, they just simply implemented the ones to the screen.  Same dancing, same little rosette patterns and stuff, only with the skimpiest of clothes on, just to get you starting on the road to degradation as well.  That was its purpose, of course it always has been.  But there you go, in the mainstream by regular writers promoting this stuff. 


Now, here's a good article here, and it's about the Irish police.  I'll put these links up, remember at the end of the show, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and you can look them up yourself and see what you think.  This is July 23rd 2010.  It says:


Irish Police Cite Irish Government in Treasonous Activity! I Thought That Was a Crime? Arrest Them All!

22nd July 2010


When a national police association accuses its government of what amounts to treason it is time to sit up and pay attention.


Michael O’Boyce, President of the Garda Representative Association (GRA), (A: This is the police association) at its annual conference in Limerick, at the end of April, 2010, that the Irish Government had been ‘corrupted’ and had been ‘bought’ by developers and bankers. (A garda is an Irish policeman, gardaí in the plural.)


Mr. O’Boyce, speaking on behalf of the country’s 11,000 gardaí, charged government ministers with sacrificing the country to protect ‘wealthy cronies’ who had bankrolled the leading government party. Such criticism of a serving government by its police force is unprecedented in Irish history and extremely rare in any western democracy.


(A: Well, that's true today, isn't it.  They take anything in the western democracies.)


Smarting from recent government disparagement of the gardaí a rankled Mr. O’Boyce pointed to an aggravating Fianna Fáil gaffe. (A: That's a mistake) While the government referred to the gardaí as ‘self-serving, overpaid, underworked and dishonest people’, it at the same time praised the ‘entrepreneurial skill’ and ‘business acumen’ of failed banksters like Sean Fitzpatrick (Anglo Irish Bank) and Michael Fingleton (Irish Nationwide Building Society)


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and I'm back Cutting Through the Matrix.  We always get cut off at 8:30, exactly.  Just a millisecond into the music and "bompfff" off it goes, it's cut off.  So, I'll try to pick up where I was, and I was talking about the Irish police association, who have called their government treasonous.  And they seem to be really pushing for something to be done about it.  And it says here:


 the Minister of Justice, Dermot Ahern, who was scheduled to attend the annual conference of the GRA. (A: That's the police.) However, Mr. Ahern was sent a copy of the speech in advance and hastily declined to attend.


Mr. O’Boyce would have castigated the Justice Minister directly by saying, “The Government of which you are a long-serving member has mismanaged the wealth of this country for more than a decade by allowing our assets to be plundered and robbed by bankers and speculators, and you are making generations of Irish workers pay the price for this treachery…


(A: That's fighting words, I'd say.  It says:)


“…You did this because bankers and speculators have bought your party, (A: And that's a fact, they have.  They bought the party.) and in return you have sacrificed the greater good and prosperity of the Irish nation for the benefit of the few – the few who have now taken their ill-gotten gains and secured them in tax havens around the world. Truly, a government of national sabotage.”


Gardaí present at the meeting gave Mr. O’Boyce a standing ovation for the speech of which they were aware but which was never actually made. Nonetheless, the speech was angrily criticized by politicians (A: Well, naturally) and others who said that a police force should not intervene in politics. (A: Well, they don't want even anybody to intervene in politics, especially the public.)  Justice Minister Ahern said that he utterly refuted the allegations made in the speech (A: Although they're true, obviously.) and that such remarks “besmirch the reputation of the force and have no place in a modern democracy.”


Government backbencher Niall Collins said, “…[F]or me to hear a member of An Garda Síochána accuse a sovereign Government of robbery, corruption and treason, and this coming from a member of An Garda Síochána who are the agents of the State to investigate and prosecute these types of crimes, it’s just clearly not sustainable.”


(A: So, it says:)


This is an amazing attack on a modern democratic government described by the country’s own police association as “a government of national sabotage.”


Well, that's what every government has been about folks, with their conning and the banking for an awful long time, and their money coming out of thin air, borrowing from private banks, rather than generate themselves from their own banks.  Because they want this massive debt, to bring the whole world, under a world governmental system, in debt, and in poverty, and then they'll reduce the population.  It's all part and planned that way by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, of which Ireland, both North and South are members by the way.  I've got the old books here from it, with the members from Southern Ireland.  So, there you go.  At least some police are saying the right things rather than going out and bash their own people when they're told to do.  They are now going for the politicians.


Now, India has been mandated to be an emerging country by the Big Boys and so has China, of course, and others as well.  I think Brazil and a few others.  So our money is being pumped into them big time, big time, as we lend money to the IMF, but then relend it to those countries, and every few years they say, well they can't pay it back, so we'll have to negate it for those countries, but you're the guarantor countries, your peasants back in Canada, the States, and so on will have to pay instead.  They've been doing this con game for years folks.  And your governments are only too happy to comply with them.  Anyway:


India unveils $35 computer for students


(A: It's compulsory they've all got to get computers, you see.  And it says they've)


India has unveiled a $35 computer prototype as part of its program to provide connectivity to its students and teachers at affordable prices.


(A: I wish we'd see something in the newspapers here like that.)


Kapil Sibal, the country's human resources development minister, displayed what he called a low-cost computing and access device in New Delhi on Thursday.


The ministry said the price would gradually fall to $10 apiece.


(A: Now there's a deal for you.  The same junk that is made in China, you see, the same stuff as we buy for hundreds of bucks.)


India said connectivity to all its colleges and universities is key to achieving its education goals.


Home to a billion-plus population, the country's literacy rate stands at 65 percent, according to the 2001 census figures.


So there you go.  There's a cheapo computer that will help them get ahead, and give them a few miles start on everybody else in the big race.  Why do they call it, do you ever wonder why they call it the Human Race?  And Races?  The Human Races?  Have you ever wondered about the big experiments that go on across the world, have done for hundreds of years?


Now, I've talked before about the techniques of interfacing with the brain.  I think Sweden was the first country to attempt this back in the 70s, in fact, it was in newspapers then, because they were using prisoners with very few options, to literally, directly, plug in their brains to the computer, to see what they could do with it.  And we know from then on that they brought their helmets out, and all the rest of it, that pulse your brain, stimulate the parietal lobes and so on, and they can create emotions and all the rest of it.  And I've also mentioned that Windows, while they were doing that, admitted they could actually do without the helmet, put a sort of antenna around the screen, or build it into the screen, around the rim, and they could literally do it from many feet away, maybe even yards away.  Maybe even miles away for all we know, eh.  So, here's where they're heading towards.  A virtual character for your children to bond to, and I have no doubt it will come in all flavors for all preferences down the road.


'Virtual human' Milo comes out to play at TED in Oxford


Milo made his world debut in 2009 at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles

Microsoft has shown off its "virtual human" that reacts to a person's emotions, (A: Because it's reading you all the time) movements and voice.


(A: Now, before I go any further, I said years ago, that the American psychological association had printed in their own magazine, that they wanted eventually every house to have cameras in every room.  This is far back as the 1960s or 1970s I think, it was a very old magazine I read.  And because they would then monitor people for signs of aggression, through facial expressions, tone of voice and all the rest of it.  So here's Milo come to do the job for you, and you'll buy it instead you see, and then you'll never catch on that it's not for your function at all:)


Milo, as he is known, is designed for use with the firm's hands-free Xbox 360 motion controller called Kinect.


The technology is the brainchild of veteran UK games designer Peter Molyneux.


"I want to introduce a new revolution in storytelling," he told the TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Global conference in Oxford.


"Films, TV, even hallowed books, are just rubbish because they don't involve me," he said. "It's a sea of blandness."


Mr Molyneux said that he wanted to create a character "that seemed alive, that would look me in the eyes, and feel real".


Hidden technology


(A: Now the hidden technology as I say, is the stuff that really pulsates over your brain, scans it, scans the different areas that are alive at the time, your emotional centers, that kind of stuff, and it will, it's actually geared to rapidly pick up your personality, what the norm is in you, what the abnorm is in you.  All that stuff.  And believe you me, it will be sending it back to the masters, they'll be watching you.  That's its real purpose.)


Milo was first shown off in a demo at the E3 expo in 2009, but has not been seen since.


"There was a huge row online about that with people saying 'this can't be real'," Mr Molyneux said.


The live demonstration used Microsoft's soon-to-be released Kinect controller, which uses a series of sensors, cameras and microphones to interpret a player's intentions.


Peter Molyneux's first game was a text-based business simulation game in 1984.


The demo was conducted by an assistant, who showed Milo exploring a garden, learning to skim stones and finally confiding in him after being told off by his parents.


"We're changing the mind of Milo constantly," he said.


"No two people's Milos can be the same - you are actually sculpting a human being. (A: Actually, it's sculpting itself by studying you.) Some of the things you are doing will change the course of his life." (A: And obviously yours too.)


Mr Molyneux said Milo had been built using artificial intelligence developed by his firm Lionhead studios, along with technology that was "hidden in the dusty vaults of Microsoft".


(A: Yeah, probably about 40 years ago, before you even heard of them.  Because really, there's nothing new under the sun.  Nothing.  Whenever we're given something that's coming out as new, it's actually 50, 60, 70 years old.  It might even be a lot longer in a lot of cases.)


He said the system exploited psychological techniques to make a person feel that Milo was real.


In addition, software allowed "complete control" over subtle facial elements such as blushing and even the diameter of Milo's nostrils, which he said could denote stress.


And the same with you, Milo will notice yours dilating as well.  And it's also to push the Cloud of course.  The Cloud is very important for the big boys to come in, because eventually you'll get computers with no hard drives in them at all.  All your stuff will be stored in the Cloud, and it'll be sold as easy access, you won't lose anything for the first time.  We'll update all virus programs.   Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, it will be so easy.  You'll all jump into it, and then it will be used for social approval and disapproval.  They'll punish you if you're a bad boy or girl, by stopping your access for a month or whatever the penalty will be for different infractions.  You'll also have to pay fines and fees and all this kind of stuff, because you can't do your banking without it once it's really in the works.  And that's where it's all meant to go.  And you go along with it, you see. 


Now, it's just astonishing to me as I say, that people truly are not awake.  They wake up they think when they're hit personally in the pocketbook, with a fee, or a fine, or some new regulation on their property, or the environmentalists come in and say, my goodness, you've got a dented downpipe there from the roof, and you know, you're spoiling the flow of the watershed and all this kind of stuff, so we have to fine you 2000 pounds a day until you fix it, stuff like that.  They're doing that all the time.  And they have these groups, they're nationwide now, in every country, doing this very thing, going out into rural areas and seeing what they can fine the people off land with.  And they're run by the United Nations.  The United Nations runs all your coding by the way for building, and all your upgrades, which you can never keep up with, because they keep churning out new upgrades.  You see.  But you can't really understand this, until you've gone into the long, long, long history of an agenda, by a group of people, with a very fixed religion behind it, and with all the histories of the world of how to take down societies, how to destroy whole cultures of people until they're helpless.


They think they're free.  The more they destroy their cultures, the more they think they're literally free.  Well, I'm doing my own thing.  No, you're not.  You're doing exactly what you're now permitted to do.  They've told you it's time to do this.  Go ahead and do it, there's no consequences.  If there are, the state will take care of the consequences for you.  At the end of it all, you have no family organization, you have nothing.  You're all dependent thoroughly on the state for your handouts.  That was all intentional.  And they planned that long before the United Nations was set up, long before they set up the precursor of the UN, the League of Nations.  You've got to understand the big picture, where they want to go with it, how they get you to it, and most of it by the way, apart from your education, which is indoctrination, is through fiction.  Fiction.  And whenever they want to rush something on.  Remember, you're dealing with guys who plan World Wars, and they profit off World Wars.  They profit off everything, but that's not the main reason. 


The main reason is to get the world on its knees and give up all their freedoms and rights, including the average civilian in those societies.  Give up all your freedoms and rights for security.  The very thing you heard coming out, right after 9/11 as reporters went round the men and women in the streets saying, "Are you willing to give up your freedoms for security?"  And no one thought that was an odd question for them all to come out simultaneously across Canada, Britain, the US and elsewhere with those same questions.  Why not other questions?  Why not other topics?  No, no, no.  It was all planned that way, you see.  Because you see, the more you hear people in what you think are polls, live polls being done on television, the more the public, being in a crowd mentality, will go along with a majority opinion.  Well, I guess if they're right, I'll go that way too.  That's how people make their decisions.  You'll never see all the people that were on the air and cut out saying, no I'm not giving up my rights for security, my freedoms for security.  They never show you that.  You've got to go into the history of polling, in fact.  You'll find that's why they created polling, as a psychological technique, knowing people will go with what they think the majority are all falling for.  So it's always been fake polls with fake statistics. 


And whenever you come on something too, as I say, they had their Pearl Harbor event that they said they needed, that was the New American Century Organization.  They published it up in the 1990s that they needed a Pearl Harbor Event to motivate the public along with these otherwise unpopular wars that they'd planned, with Afghanistan, and Iraq, then Iran, and then Syria.  In that order by the way.  And then people really, most folk took it in stride, saying oh, we were attacked, we've got to save our country.  And now, a lot of people have woken up to the fact that the Towers had to go down to give them their Pearl Harbor event, and the whole thing stinks obviously.  And I won't go into it, because you could talk for days and days on all the things that you've picked up yourself, or others have picked up on the way the Towers went down, etc, etc.  Lots of data on that.  And these characters are also bringing in the big Eco-System.  As we go down the hill, they will also bring in rationing with food by the way, carbon taxes and everything.  That includes your food.  Do you know how much carbon this thing gave off to grow it, and the chemicals that were added and the carbon that let off in the making of the chemicals, etc.  That's all going to be added to everything.  You're post-consumer society, for sustainability.  And they're using the austerity nonsense to get us through, plus the ecological nonsense as well.  Because all the money that you used to spend on getting a fridge or a stove or whatever else, or on getting a new car, will be going on fees and carbon taxes of all kinds.  All kinds.  That's what you'll be doing with your money.  But they needed also an ecological disaster, you see.  A Pearl Harbor event to push off, and really kick off the fragility of the planet, and how easy it is to kill it off, etc. 


They've put out about one dozen movies of catastrophes of future scenarios, where we're all dying under these gray skies, and oh, never talking about the spraying overhead, nothing like that, no, no, no.  Just that we're all dying and we can't get food and stuff like that.  All to program you for what's coming up, you see.  And it also shows you in these movies how you should obey the authorities while you go through all this.  And that's how folk get their ideas of how to obey.  It's predictive programming.  And they put an awful lot of money into a lot of awful movies to make sure you get the message.


But they still needed a Pearl Harbor event, and they kicked that off with the deep water well, going off in the Gulf you see.  Everything was done opposite of by the book.  And this is from the Washington Post, I think it's from today. 


Technician: Deepwater Horizon warning system disabled

Friday, July 23


LA. -- Long before an eruption of gas turned the Deepwater Horizon oil rig into a fireball, an alarm system designed to alert the crew and prevent combustible gases from reaching potential sources of ignition had been deliberately disabled, (A: Deliberately disabled, for those that are hard of thinking.) the former chief electronics technician on the rig testified Friday.


Michael Williams, an ex-Marine who survived the April 20 inferno by jumping from the burning rig, told a federal panel probing the disaster that the alarm system was one of an array (A: An array) critical systems that had been functioning unreliably in the run-up to the blowout.


(A: It's amazing then that that crew came in to certify it, and after they took off in helicopters to go back home, it blew up two hours later.  Isn't it?  When these things weren't even functioning.)


Williams told the panel that he understood that the rig had been operating with the gas alarm system in "inhibited" mode for a year to prevent false alarms from disturbing the crew.


(A: So that's why they turned it off, because it wouldn't disturb the crew.)


He said the explanation he got was that the leadership of the rig did not want crew members needlessly awakened in the middle of the night.


(A: Well, I'll tell you.  It doesn't matter what time of day these things go off, you need them.  It could be the real thing, right?  They know that too.)


If the safety system was disabled, it would not have been a unique event. Records of federal enforcement actions reviewed by The Washington Post show that, in case after case, rig operators paid fines for allegedly bypassing safety systems that could impede routine operations.


Computers used to monitor and control drilling operations intermittently froze, to the point that the problem became known as "the blue screen of death," Williams said. Despite attempted repairs, the issue remained unresolved at the time of the blowout, Williams said.


Earlier in the drilling operation, one of the panels that controlled the blowout preventer -- the last line of defense against a gusher -- had been placed in bypass mode to work around a malfunction, Williams said.


(A: He testified to it.)


Williams said a colleague told him that an inspection of the rig in the spring, shortly before the disaster, found extensive maintenance problems. The colleague said "that we were going to be in the shipyard a lot longer than anticipated because the rig was in very bad condition," Williams said.


The rig was owned by Transocean, the company that employs Williams, and was operating under contract to BP.


So, there you have a disaster waiting to happen, obviously.  And since this was the first one in such deep water, how come they followed all their old games and turned everything off, when this was vital?  They'd never gone so deep, they claim.  Why would they turn all this stuff off, knowing where this all would flow into?  They know the current flows and everything, long, long, all in the planning stages.  They know if anything goes wrong, that's all done, in the planning phases.  Where the stuff would flow into.  Including lots of wild life and human life and all the rest of it.  That's all done way in advance.  This was set up to happen the way it did happen, and that is rather obvious.  That's rather, rather obvious.  So, they've got their Pearl Harbor events.  Apparently in the States they're showing this every single day now, on and on and on, to make sure we all get the message, that oh, a massive disaster, that oh, oil and so on, there's got to be more rationing of this stuff and higher, higher taxes on it, and less usage of it, and so on, and so on, and so on.  So, it will accomplish its task.


Plus, they'll bring in the big eco-fees on everything.  Big, big carbon taxes on the drivers.  They're already going to do that in Britain.  In Britain they're going to put in, according to the Royal Automobile Corporation, RAC, they're going to bring in taxing you per kilometer that you drive.  And of course, it will start off at a certain price, so we're not freaked out.  And then we'll get used to it going up so much, maybe twice a year, three times a year, whatever.  We're managed like cattle, folks, you see.  We're domesticated.  That's why they can manage us like this, we're domesticated.  It's only in places like Ireland, as in that article that I've read, that have got a fight left in them.  And they've got the cojones left to say what has to be said.  When your country is being sold out, and it's been sold out long ago actually, because you see, in France, the UN held their big secret agreements on the multi-lateral trade agreements.  Which allowed them, foreign investors to invest in your country without the rules of your country holding.  And they've been looting countries ever since.  Where's the big mainstream media when all that's going on?  Well, they're very quiet about it, aren't they? 


The media is an appendage, an arm of government.  Without a media and government, well the government could not possibly survive.  They need the media to keep you in your own Cloud basically.  Your Plato's cave.  And make sure that everyone gets the same news regardless of the newspapers they read, or the TV stations they listen to.  They get the same indoctrination of lies and predictive programming.  That's the purpose of media.  That's why the media moguls own hundreds of papers each.  And they own hundreds of radio stations and television stations each. And that's why they go over and get knighted for the Queen of England.  Why do you think they get knighted?  It's because they have been long serving members and very goodie-two-shoe boys for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, to help bring about this world government, this feudal system of masters and peasants.  That's why.  An essential arm of government.  Remember too, what Jacques Ellul said, the other one, the philosopher, he said, don't forget that all, all entertainment is propaganda.  It also includes your news as well.  It's propaganda.  All tools of communication are propaganda tools, from the pyramid top down to you, with a different version for you down at the bottom.  You're the domesticated animal. 


A wild man, according to Charles Galton Darwin, a wild man could not be fooled; he says, we must retain our wildness at the top, but the public at the bottom won't need their wildness.  That's when he's talking about lobotomizing them chemically by injections and different things and all the rest of it, and their food.  He says, they won't need to be wild and retain all their survival capabilities because the state will be making all their decisions for them.  But we, he said, the wild men, the leaders must have all our survival capabilities running full time.  At full par.  That's happened folks.  See the war started a long time ago, and everyone's IQ's dropped, except the offspring of certain people, who are already pre-selected for scientific work in the future.  They've got special mathematicians, etc, etc.  They get access to different food than the stuff, that rubbish they're dishing out to you.  They get special inoculations that actually work.  They're not full of viruses and stuff, and they don't target your brain to lobotomize you either.  That's the real world folks.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it's good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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