July 26, 2010 (#628)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 26, 2010:

Total Information Network:
Fun on the Net, Where Dark Forces Lurk,
Helping Master's Total Information Network:

"Upon Reading Old Books, One Tends to Find
That Media Reality's Always Lagging Behind,
Technology's Dished Out, "Improved" and Neat
For Public Consumption -- But All Obsolete,
Yet it's Very Important We're All On the Net,
And With Digital Subliminals TV's Not Done Yet,
Next P.C. "More Convenient", Ads Blare Aloud,
No Hard Drive 'cos Info's All Kept in the Cloud,
It's So Easy for Masters to Totally Control Us,
As Public Relations Tease, Lead and Cajole Us
Into the Prison, It's Done With Such Ease,
Just "Have to Buy New," Ourselves to Please,
Saint Techno-Santa, with P.R., Ads and Mime,
Lives to Find Ways for All to Pass Time"
© Alan Watt July 26, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 26, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on July 26, 2010.  Newcomers come in all the time and I suggest you go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  While you are there bookmark all the other sites I have up because I get problems with the .com site once in a while Ė so many people go into it at the same time and download from it.  So if you vary your downloads from these other sites you will probably get them faster, less sticking and so on.  Also remember all the sites have the same audios for download.  They all have a lot of transcripts in English of the talks Iíve given and if you want audios and transcripts in other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and you can download them and print them up, pass them around to your friends, and choose from the languages of Europe.  [Official sites listed above.]  Remember too, that you are the audience that brings me to you.  I donít get paid by advertisers.  I could certainly do it and bring lots of guests on.  Thatís how it works and thatís how the hosts get paid generally.  I donít do it that way.  The ads you hear on this show are paid by advertisers directly to RBN.  I donít have anything to do with it.  That pays for the air time, their staff, equipment and their bills.  So itís up to you as the listening audience to help support me.  If you go into my web sites you will find the ways to do it.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  The books I have for sale are different from the usual stuff.  There is no point in cramming another encyclopedia of histories down your throats because really there are enough out there already and most of them are pretty bogus and slanted because thatís how you control people.  You make sure they are never told the truth.  The books I put out there are meant to show you the cons and the tricks that have been used down through the ages and to also show you that there IS a system running the world.  There always has been a system.  They never publish anything to the public.  They donít advertise even their secret meetings, behind closed doors; you will never know they even happened.  Thatís how the world is really run.  I show you their symbols which are all around you and the language they use too, which again, is all around you and you take for granted.  I help to wake up that part of your brain that should be functioning but it was literally capped when you were young, from your parents who believed the system was all real, and education took over too so that you donít think in a non-linear fashion.   You understand that for everything that happens out there, there are many ways to look at something.  We are taught, through logic, to approach the subject and use our logic, just like a computer language, to arrive at the predetermined goal.  Thatís what education is all about here.  Itís meant to limit your ability to think.  So purchase the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale and hopefully that will help me just trickle down the road a little bit longer than I am already.  I thought I would be off ages ago because it gets limited once in a while, nothing comes in at all and as I say Iíd have to go off and do other things as well, as the world collapses.  So help me out.  Itís up to you if you want to hear this stuff continue.  [Order and donation options listed above.]


Every day the media, which is an essential part of governing people by really maintaining your reality is what it does.  The school system is what starts off your reality for you.  It gives you what you are taught is real about the world and how it really works.  You leave school; the higher you leave actually, at the university level, the harder it is to convince those people who are really, thoroughly brainwashed, that there is something else going on.  They truly believe they have been taught it all and itís very hard to get through to them.  They really, really believe they have been taught everything there is to know in their particular fields.  Thatís how you run the world.  You go for the managerial class first; forget the people down below, just like Orwell said in 1984Forget the proles, they donít count.  You see the masses really donít count to an extent.  We are given utter nonsense at the bottom level and we are never given a truth about anything.  We watch stage plays called parliamentary debates and congressional debates.  Thatís all they are, pantomime.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're back Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning about reality and how we are taught to be linear thinkers.  Iíve mentioned this analogy so many times, about computers and the human brain that really are so close.  You see in days gone by when we used to have computer programmers and analysts and all the rest of it, a guy who literally designed a computer and designed its program and knowing its logic Ė thatís all you have to do is know its logic and the program, the formula that it will use to come to an answer Ė technically you could ask the programmer what the answer would have to be, knowing that computerís logic.  We are exactly the same as that.  You see we have a logic.  We think itís ours and we think itís really unique.  The higher the ego of course, the bigger you think your logical abilities are and more accurate they are.  We have a formula we go through in our heads with language.  Computer language or the human language, itís exactly the same. 


They knew this in ancient times as well, that language was so important.  Ancient, ancient priests knew this and how to formulate sentences in a specific way that would get their required ending in the recipientís brain.  They would come to what they would think was THEIR conclusion and they would understand perfectly.  You could literally learn a lot if you understood the ancient orators of even Rome, or Greece for that matter.  You had professional orators who understood this logic and the sequence of words, the use of words.  How if you string the right ones together to get the recipient to not only emotionally get INVOLVED with the topic Ė that is very important to get them emotionally involved Ė and then bring them to your conclusion.  Of course you could have omitted half of the truth at the same time and they would never know that.  The conclusion is what you want them to have, your predesigned belief, at the end of the sentence. 


We work exactly the same way.  The media really is out there to keep us in this kaleidoscope.  A kaleidoscope, if people remember the old kaleidoscopes, there are all these different moving pictures and they are going around all over the place Ė and you would think you were taking LSD or something.  Thatís the schizophrenic system we are given and itís called the media.  Itís full of junk.  Itís full of trivia.  And yet amongst all that stuff, no matter what you are looking at there are embedded suggestions which will work in your head later on down the road.  Itís almost like implanting sequences or primal words into your head.  What do you think the ECO business came from?  Many years ago I said, watch this word Ďecoí Ė like eco-logy, and eco-nomy and things like that.  Very important because those who gave you your economy already ran the ecological part of it, which is also to do with eugenics you see.  So you get it embedded in your head.  Where do you think the Ďsustainabilityísí all come from?  And everybody parrots it, even people who have never heard the word or never used the word in everyday speech before, or even in yearly speech, or whatever, start using the same word.  SustainabilityÖ these are HOLY words you see, and they become holy words the more they are spoken by EXPERTS that are presented by the mainstream media, which is mainly visual today.  Thatís why the rags, the tabloid rags are into the trivia side of things with lots of pictures for us.  We need pictures, especially ones of women with hardly any clothes on.  Thatís all you will see down the right-hand side of all the major stories.  We are understood perfectly.  Our class and our intellects and our conditioning is understood perfectly at every single level.  Thatís what I am saying.  They dish out the things for us to go, oh my God, what are they doing to us now?  They dish this stuff out for us to all prattle on about. 


One of the first shows I was on, an elderly woman phoned in, in her late 80s.  She says, you know I have been listening to Patriot Radio Ė it used to be shortwave at that time Ė for about 50 years and Iíve heard all the things that were coming.  And you know something?  Nothing stopped any of it.  See, all the howling in the world and all the moaning and complaining in the world HAD NOT stopped any of it.  Now what does that tell you right there?  What does it tell you?  Because you see, different sections of society would stand up and they would send in all their condemnations into the representatives in government and all that kind of stuff but nothing really stopped.  And if you thought that you had won something, the same group had come in through a side door and brought it through under a different name.  Or they distracted you with something equally terrible for about a year while they slipped the other thing back in an Omnibus bill.  I mean, these are the tricks that are played ALL the time.  You see, the trick is to make you believe in the first place that you have a just system and that there are just people out there that are going to listen to YOU and do whatís right for YOU.  THATíS THE FIRST LIE you see, thatís implanted in your brain, when you are very, very young. 


This system was never here to serve YOU.  Never!  When you go back through history, and just READ historyÖ  Read how the big corporations sprung upÖ they were already springing up in the 1500s.  The East India Company, the West Africa Company, they had a whole bunch of these companies all belonging to the Royalty of Europe, primarily England.  They even had the British Opium Company right up into the 1930s.  These companies didnít just go and get peasants to pick poppies.  What they did was to have incredible amounts of bookkeepers, literally cataloguing everything on islands and countries.  How many hectares of certain kinds of trees and so on and so on, and how much they could get out of the ground in certain minerals, how log the veins were.  Incredible documentation thatÖ you know, you are really shocked by.  You think of them just going in there and plundering and writing nothing down.  No.  That was so far from the truth. 


Iíve got books here that I got in an old hardware store that was closing down, from 1917.  It was a sort of kind of almanac of the British governmentís list of the populations across Canada; males, females, children, all that kind of stuff, EXPECTED populations.  It had all the different imports and exports and the sales in the country of nails, everything, right down to brass tacks; a big thick book of it all done by hand.  Who knows, maybe they had computers back then Ė who really knows Ė at a high level.  But the fact is everything was catalogued like you would not believe.  And back in those days too, when they were giving the public a basic, basic education, so they could work in the factories that were planned to come in Ė and thatís the only reason you were given basic education, AND to help condition you into stupidity; really, it was.  They churned out penny novels, what they called penny novels, with sex and violence in them, stuff like that.  Rather than read the real books they were using at Ivy League universities they churned out these millions and millions of penny novels, and romance stories, and guys on horses chasing things and so on, to keep the people at the bottom occupied with just nothingness you see, entertainment. 


The groups that organize the world Ė and it truly is a world government; itís been here for a long time Ė it has the highest echelons of international corporations on board with them.  Even those in the lesser capacities, at the top rank, donít even need to be in on the whole big plan.  All they need to know is their part in it because the world has been sewn up.† Even before the days of Charles Darwin came along, they knew, with all their bookkeeping and populations of islands and so on and so on, they KNEW how much it took for, say, a hunter-gathering people to survive and how many could live, per hectare, etc, on a certain given area.  They knew how many farmers could co-exist in a certain area when they were using normal farming with fallow lands, etc, left for so many years.  They knew all that stuff.  They knew it all. 


Even when they decided to go into the industrial era in Britain, they had to force people off the lands.  That didnít happen by Ďplease leave your lands and work in these slums,í says Mr Rothschild.  No.  Lord Rothschild passed the Corn Laws.  The Corn Laws, just like free trade Ė you see Britain has always pushed free trade Ė allowed the foreigners which they had already set up to dump all their produce on Britain and undercut the British farmers so they would end up out of work, lost everything, and says, where we can go?  Well, there is that new city they have built there with those red bricks and long row housing, weíll have to move in there.  Thatís how they got them off the land, because they had planned an industrial era where science would come to the fore and it was time to end the feudal age, the feudal system.  People lived in awful squalor, crammed in these little rooms.  Believe you me, the plague carts came round all through the industrial era not because of the plague but because every morning so many had died crammed together working 16 hour days at work, back for a little sleep, with very little to eat because they were kept on subsistence wages to make sure that the higher sciences would take off; and sciences take money to find things out and search.  Not REsearch, but search and do the cutting edge, TRUE cutting edge stuff. 


Itís done through warfare.  Itís done through industry and industrial eras all working together IN ORDER that a few eventually would survive.  Thatís what Charles Darwinís theory is all about, survival of the fittest, those races best fitted to survive.  That was all decided a long time ago.  They also had read Plato and a whole bunch of ancient stuff too, about Solon going off to Egypt.  What happened to his uncle Solon, or his great uncle Solon, whatever, when he was told by the Egyptian priests that great civilizations had come and goneÖ over MILLENNIA.  Theyíd risen and theyíd fallen.  So they understood that nations rise and fall, whole continents can rise and fall.  Iím sure too, the ancients also knew, by their incredible bookkeeping, how much it took to keep and feed a certain population and keep them working.  And they only keep you working to serve them, to further the ones who go on.  Charles Darwin said it differently.  He gave you the analogy of, before a tree can grow, in comes fungus, then comes bacteria after that, then another bacteria, then in comes the acorn and then it grows.  The acorn is them, the elite, folks.  WE are the bacteria.  We are the launching stages for these guys to go off into the future.  All this has been discussed at top levels before I was born.  The Pentagon will have special lectures for special people, in its own class as well.  Thatís what itís about, who gets to live and who doesnít. 


Believe you me too, they donít wait until volunteers some forward for sterilization.  See they have planned a post-industrial era.  The service economy, as they discussed back in the 70s in the UK when they were bringing it in there.  A service economy is like putting a dog in a pond, it can only paddle until it eventually canít paddle any more and it sinks.  Itís a temporary holdover.  We have the big boys like the Rockefellers coming out and saying we need rapid depopulation and stuff like that.  These guys arenít kidding folks.  Why do you think so many people are sick today?  Why do you think so many people are coming down with cancers?  Children are coming down with cancers.  Did they volunteer?  No they didnít.  What does it say about the noble lie?  The noble lie is for the best of all, the greatest good for the greatest amount of people, but you canít tell them the truth.  Well you see thatís what weíve been living through; itís called the noble lie.  And they have been killing us off. 


The problem with linear thinking is it destroys your wildness.  Your wildness is what gives you nonlinear thinking.  It makes you look at the same problem from MANY different angles before you come to a conclusion.  You donít prefer ANY conclusion until youíve looked at them all.  When you find a person like Dr Salk for instance, who comes up with the polio vaccine when there really wasnít a massive plague of polio, but at the time they were using the cinema to show you the iron lung.  Oh, everybody was terrified of this iron monster and the same child in it.  The same picture over and over again.  Thatís how you get your reality given to you and your fear given to you.  Salk came out with the polio vaccine with 100-odd monkey LIVE viruses in every shot.  His excuse was the benefit overrode any detrimental effects.  We are hearing the same today about the Gardasil vaccine for women and viruses and so on, the Papilloma virus.  But Dr Salk remember, before he became the champion to save lives, was one of the top eugenicists for the British Eugenics Society whose main job was to talk about depopulation.  So when you take the jab from the wolf, what on earth do you expect to get out of it?  HE knows.  They donít ask for volunteers.  They have been doing this to you.


They go and change your whole food supply.  Why would you bring hundreds and hundreds of the top BIOWARFARE specialists together to bring you a better potato?  Doesnít your antenna try and rise?  Again, you watch the sickness skyrocket.  You read the reports from the medical establishment who know nothing either; they only know whatís the newest thing from THEIR latest magazines.  If itís not in their latest magazines, the AMA or the Lancet, it doesnít exist.  Even if they see it with their own eyes, itís doesnít exist.  EVERYBODY has got allergies they claim.  An allergy is a nice way of saying you are being poisoned.  Thatís what it is.  And since when did you begin to react to everything that you didnít react to before?  Well you havenít changed, whatís happened?  No.  The thing thatís coming into your body has changed.  Thatís whatís happened.  Weíve got to stop being so stupid. 


Itís so easy to train a population.  You know they will do the same things when they come in to take the land off peasants, even yet, across the world, in those areas that still have peasantry.  First they come in with the medical guys, we can help youÖ we can help you.  And bing, the first thing they do is bring their children because it seems natural.  I really love my children; I want THEM to be immunized first and protected first.  Itís a natural thing for peasants to do.  My Mum took me in when I was small too; I can remember it.  Who would have suspicion?  Why should they have suspicion?  See there was no reason to have suspicion.  It was perfect.  Your doctors donít know.  They take it all on faith as well that whatís in that little vial is what it says it is, even though that doctor doesnít have any facility himself personally to check out whatís in it and analyze it.  They donít have it.  Itís quite amazing. 


And you wonder why everyone is sterilized in the West and there are more and more reports coming out all the time.  They are giving that as the reason that they MUST increase immigration across already crowded countries, which are crowded BY immigration already.  Itís because so many folk are just plain sterile.  Itís the fastest growing business; for those that can afford it, is to go into sterility clinics and try to find a way around it.  That doesnít happen suddenly out of the blue.  Something happens in your environment to change YOU.  What could it be?  Then you find the documentation coming out by guys like Bertrand Russell who said, we shall use the needle to make people comply, etc, etc.  They you find other articles coming out saying, yeah, we could do that to bring down the population.  Even Bill Gates is saying stuff about using this to bring down the population. Why would making a person healthy bring down the population?  What is his definition of making them healthy?  Hmm?  When something doesnít make sense to you, itís not meant to make sense.  It means there is another level of understanding above that, for those in the know.  It doesnít take long to figure it out.  How come every guy who gets up there as a philanthropist suddenly is into depopulation?  Why is that?  Why isnít he into something else?  But no, itís always depopulation.  Hmm?  Even though the field that they were into supposedly beforehand was pure business like Gates, he wasnít a genius at all.  They give you these front men on the condition that they will make them very, very rich, if they play this game and be a front man.  They will get very rich but then they MUST also become a philanthropist at the end of it.  Thatís part of your sworn duty.  No one gets up there in any field, especially in technology, unless you have been authorized to get up there and pulled up there. 


The internet for instance, was never given for the public to waken up with.  It was not, never.  They knew from the beginning where they were going to take it and what its real purpose was.  Once everyone was stuck on it and in to it, they knew too, they were perfectly well aware that most would stay on it right into the prison cell and thatís where they are taking you.  I personally, this is my opinion.  I personally think that the whole nonsense of going from floppy and through all the different stages was them dishing out obsolete technology, stage by stage to you when they could have given you the finished product, that will shortly be here, at the very beginning if they wanted to.  BUT then again that would scare off the animals wouldnít it?  Scare you off thinking, well where did this come from suddenly? That collects all my data and sends it back?  No.  It starts off very kind of innocent, fun, gamesÖ Iíd better to get into games.  Once the folk are on it, you know, make sure there is lots of pornography; thatís all I knew about it.  They said, there is lots of pornography on the internet.  Every media for years screamed, oh, look at the pornography, making sure that everybody would go in for that reason, which they did actually.  I never touched a computer until I came on the air because I knew what its function was.  I knew that step by step they will keep upgrading you, very quickly, into whatís now called The Cloud and they have just announced it too, with the NEXT system thatís to come out.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about reality and how we are really at the bottom level and how the media dishes out stuff for us every day, to go ooh and aah, as though it was a big surprise.  And it shouldnít be a big surprise.  Anything that comes down the pike should not be a big surprise to you.  Everything is about control.  Everything is about control.  Your entertainment is about control as well and making sure you get filled with eco stuff and politically correct stuff and all the terms that are downloaded into your brain as you laugh at these comedies and all the rest of it.  Quite simple.  Old technique, itís always worked.  Why should it stop working? 


We find too, as Iíve said before, they are going to bring us all into The Cloud where the NSA really will haveÖ You see all these companies, Google and all the rest of it, belong to the NSA, the WORLD NSA.  They are going to bring you into The Cloud and they will have all your data.  Iíve said before, they will dish away with the hard drive all together.  Toss it out and they will give you something like a flash drive and thatís all youíll get to work, off your browser.  Itís so predictable where they are going with it from the very beginning.  Do you ever wonder why all these companies that are supposed to be independent companies, who are competing with each other, going back to the VHS days, all came out with the SAME players each time that something new came?  And the next day you go into the stores and they are all there, with all the latest stuff in it?  The only thing thatís different is the prices.  Then the same thing happens when you go into DVD players.  Then you go into computers.  And you can literally go into a store when some big thing is coming up and go in two days in a row, on the last day was the old type and the next day is the new type.  Everything is off the shelf and there is the new type there, all makes and brands. They all just happen to have them. Where is the competition here?  Surely there should be a whole variety of ways to get on the internet and a whole variety of different systems that can operate in it.  But no.  Itís the authorized only to be one you see. 


Here is an article from CNN talking about Google OS:  the end of the hard drive.  No big surprise.  Itís no surprise at all to me.  Iíve talked about it so often it would come out this way. 


Google OS: the end of the hard drive?

By Dylan F. Tweney / cnn.com


(WIRED) -- Google today unveiled more details of Chrome OS, a lightweight, browser-based operating system for netbooks.


With a strong focus on speed, (Alan:  I told you they would sell it.  Itís SO easy for you and all the rest of it.)  the Chrome OS promises nearly instant boot times of about 7 seconds for users to login to their computers. 


It doesnít mention it here but they will take all your problems with your updates.  That will be done automatically by The Cloud you see.  Isnít that wonderful? What they donít tell you is that once you are on The Cloud, which you will NEED because itís all going cashless, they will use it for punishment and reward, just like you do with any other animal you see.  You train them Pavlovian style.  If you have been a bad girl or boy they cut off The Cloud for a month or two months or whatever your sentence is and you canít do anything.  You canít get any money transferred to pay your rent or whatever, or food, and you will be ticked off.  Then you will be a good little boy or girl and humbly beg to get back on and once your timeís up, in you go.  Here it is, right there.  So there is THAT out there. 


That ties right in with other articles as well to do with other things that are happening on the internet itself.  Your browser is another one too.  Iíve always said, all these free things that are out there, do you really think a bunch of altruistic guys sit around and do nothing? except just helping YOU?  for nothing?  And you all jump on Mozilla when itís authorized, and you all jump on that when itís authorized.  Oh, itís safe, itís safe, itís got all this anti-spyware.  Oh, really?  You canít sell anything or put anything on the market that has TRUE anti-spyware.  In 1995 the US and Canada and other countries signed a law that EVERY communications device, and that includes computers, must have a chip in it which makes it easily accessed and instantly accessible by the government agencies, from your fax, to your phone, to your computer, to everything.  So all it might do is save you from the occasional low-level spammer but nothing else.  Everything is meant toÖ in fact it HELPS the NSA go through.  Have you ever clued in to that?  So here is an articleÖ


Certified Lies: Big Brother In Your Browser

Government capable of wiretapping millions of encrypted sessions, including those secured by IE, Microsoftís SSL, others.

By Ms. Smith / Jul 23 2010 / networkworld.com


Well they are all, ALL able to do this with all of them.  There is nothing put out there, sold or free, that doesnít belong to the big boys.  Thatís my take on it.  Thatís my take on it.  What do you think TOTAL INFORMATION NETWORK means?  Passed in 2001.  TOTAL, totalÖ  letís look that up in a dictionary, eh.  Total information network.  That means EVERYTHING folks.  No privacy AT ALL.  But actually you had no privacy before that either because they have been literally gathering all your data from the very beginning.  Thatís the reason they gave you the darn thing in the first place.  Thatís the reason.  But we are all so stunned you know.  The public are always so stunned when certain things come out into the open.  But it wonít matter because most folk are addicted to the computer even as mainstream takes it over, as was it was designed to do as well, but they will still leave you with lots of porno and all the rest of it to keep you entertained.  Iím surprised how many people in all age groups that watch porno, even people in their 60s and 70s.  I tell ya, itís so easy to rule the masses isnít it?  and control them?  So darned easy.  All you do is like an anthropologist, go in and study the tribe.  We are the tribe you see.  How do they tick?  What makes them forget things?  What do they go for?  BINGO!  Youíve got them where you want them.  Thatís how easy it worksÖ how EASY it works.  There is no hard work involved, if you stand back and watch it all, think for a few minutes. 


Remember when Obama came out with the youth service plan?  And everybody is supposed to do national service?  Thatís an OLD idea talked about from the late 1800s onwards, from the Cecil Rhodes Foundation, through the Milner Group, to the Royal Institute of International Affairs, to the Council on Foreign RelationsÖ and it still is on the go.  Then Britain, they came out with their same idea. 


Cameron outlines details of youth service plan

David Cameron said young people will be taught to be 'socially responsible'

bbc.co.uk / 22 July 2010


Now, Cameron, who is just a continuation of the last boys Ė there is no difference between left and right.  There is NO left and right.  Thatís a boxing game for YOU to believe in, or a wrestling game.  Cameron in Britain, has come out with the details for the youngsters in the communitarian country of Britain, to work for free and be taught social responsibility and all this stuff.  Itís quite interesting.  For the Big Society, they call it.  As you get taught to be post-consumer, post-industrial, post-consumer, you go into this new collective. 


They have already set up in the US and Britain the leaders, in all areas Ė in fact they have been putting them in for 20 years Ė who come in and take over as leaders.  In fact they go in and promote the need for a new group, a volunteer group for this, that or the other, for your little system, your little community.  Months and months ago I talked about the Millennial Project from the United Nations Ė they are still on the go by the way Ė that works along with Agenda 21.  Iíve read from the UNís pages before where they changed the name and advised them to use other names from Agenda 21 because too many folk were getting wind of it, what its real goals were.  So itís all under ECO this and ECO that now and world service and youth service, etc, for the post-industrial society.  All of these groups, remember, have been told, for the leaders, the leaders have been trained and told that the system they must bring in is a POST-DEMOCRATIC society.  Itís not democratic.  Itís an authoritarian society and they must be authoritarian but still make the people think that they are participating in it, in their own community, when you put your hand up to vote, when you are being conned. 


Itís all laid out there.  Iíve watched retired civil servants in different countries leave federal and provincial government and move into little areas across the country, in this country and other countries, for retirementÖ still on paycheck from the government, above their retirement pay, to start off these little community projects that are now coalescing together, under what they call necessity, for sustainability.  You will never hear of them having their federal meetings.  There will be no protests outside the doors because no one knows it even goes on, at the bottom.  They have been doing it all across the Western world.  You hear about Common Purpose in Britain.  They have other organizations working with Common Purpose, thatís authorized from the VERY top, to produce world leaders and country leaders, all trained in a new form - which is partly called, itís partly Trotskyite, itís neo-Trotskyite - for the NEW communities.   What they claim is that Trotsky differed with Leninís authoritarian system and he preferred an authoritarian system on the micro level down in the community.  Thatís why there are so many left wingers in with this and thatís why the Royal Institute of International Affairs, as Carroll Quigley said, itís often been blamed for being communist leading because they supported the same kind of projects.  Itís all about sustainability FOR a small elite with their technocrats and their scientists to go on into a future while you help them, like launching pads, and quietly reduce your numbers over a 30 year period and die off, because you are the OLD type you see. 


They had meetings in the early 1900s about what type should go through if the rest of the world had to be sacrificed to save them.  You see it in the movies that they churn out there, the scientific ones you know, the ones who can help organize a new society in a post-human world, the post old human type world.  You see it in a thousand ways to program you to accept it.  One of the first movies they churned out about that was called Deep Impact.  Thatís when they had politicians standing up in parliament in Britain and in the Congress in the US saying, weíve got to put money into a project in case an asteroid came our way and blew most of the folk off the planet.  And out comes Deep Impact the movie.  It shows you at the end all the elite go into their shelters to save themselves with their scientists and all the rest of it, and the peasants get, no kidding, a lotto to pick to see who will get the last few remaining seats.  They are still churning out these movies with the same formula, to get you ready for somethingÖ be it plague or whatever.  Plague will come out when itís timeÖ when it is time.  Not because of nature but because of the guys who altered nature.  Thatís the kind of world we really, truly live in. 


Itís like Jefferson said in the United States.  He said, when you see the same agenda continue between changes in the House Ė that means changes in parties Ė yet the same agenda goes on, well there is obviously a controlling force.  There is no competition.  There is no ulterior system at all fighting with another.  Itís the same agenda.  Why are you so fooled by the name changes?  We call ourselves this and we call ourselves that.  Weíve been under the United Nations our whole lives.  LOOK at the countless treaties that are binding and must be implemented. Look at them all.  Look at them ALL.  Do you think that they just play games and have a few drinks and just sign it for fun?  No.  They go back home and they implement them.  And itís all to do with who lives, who dies, who dies off first, and all the rest of it.  They have used this technique for an awful long time.  Itís not the first time in the worldís history that this has happened and this has been done.  Not the first time whatsoever. 


Nations have been starved to death before.  Plague has been used before to wipe out peoples.  In ancient times they used to have guys who were immune to disease because theyíd been through a plague and survived it.  They had the antibodies in them.   Theyíd use them to fire the big catapults that fired the bodies that were infected over the city wall to infect those inside.  Ancient times.  There is nothing new under the sun.  Except we are even stupider than we ever were before, thatís the only difference.  Theyíve got a better technique of stupefying us and keeping us stupid.  Itís time we woke up. 


There is an article about Wal-Mart putting in the RFID tags, which are NOT switched off at the checkout counter.  Who cares?  They told you years ago.  Do you really believe when they announced nanotechnology that they just found out about this now?  They just discovered that they could use nanotechnology?  Before you knew it, within six months there was about 100 corporations there using this stuff.  Then you find out they have been using it for years.  HOW far ahead were they and are they now?  Itís through all your clothing now Iím sure.  Itís even in your food.  They have admitted that.  Anything that is released to the public is technically obsolete.  The new is obsolete so I donít even bother going into it.  Iíll just go to the thrift store and buy a whole bunch of used clothing.  Iíll be a Mr Multiple; they wonít know who I am.  Iíll be wearing about 15 different names, on used clothing. 


In the internet of things where everything can communicate with everything else as you walk by and so on, thatís what all this nano stuff us all for.  We are the last to know any truth you understand at the bottom level.  Searching is doing SEARCHING.  You are on the cutting edge.  You are discovering stuff for the first time.  RESEARCH, are guys at the bottom level, still getting grants to go in and see if they find the same findings, just to verify all the stuff thatís been verified by 20 different generations before them.  THATíS how you maintain power.  You couldnít have guys really discovering stuff for the first time on some little petty grant from the local council and thinking all the knowledge theyíve gained in theirs.  It wouldnít happen.  It doesnít happen that way. 


Do you really think these scans at the airport went through some formula of debate to see if they were safe before you got them?  Do you know they admitted, at Manchester University that was given the big military industrial grants for developing them, they admitted they had these things tested before the public heard the terms used, of the type of x-ray scanner.  Well who gave them permission to test this on the public like guinea pigs?  And you didnít have to walk up and put your hands up next to some screen or anything.  No.  They built it in to something that scanned you from the back, from the ceiling, just like all the observation cameras, as you stood at the front desk with your ticket in your hand.  They were already testing this out.  Iíll tell you what else they were doing, obviously, in a country thatís got a National Health Service.  And thatís the beauty of having National Health Services, you then follow those people with their names and you can track them down through their lives and see if they are dropping dead of cancers and different diseases.  Thatís what you do with them.  They have done that already before when they sprayed Calgary before, Saskatchewan, back in about 1948.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iíll put this article up, for the Wal-Mart tags, just to get you all scared and all the rest of it. 


Wal-Mart Radio Tags to Track Clothing

wsj.com / JULY 23, 2010. / By MIGUEL BUSTILLO / Marc F. Henning for The Wall Street Journal


Iím sure they have been doing a lot worse.  See the beauty of conning someone is giving you something, yeah, there it is there, Iíll cut that off, and you donít realize itís all throughout the clothing itself.  Thatís the REAL stuff.  It will be throughout the clothing.  We always go for whatís obvious.  In fact they even tell us what to look at, to throw us off.  You know they even have RFID tags put into the molding in the shoes when the sole is made.  That was admitted years ago.  But everybody is up in arms about things because oh my God, they are only hearing about it now.  Quite something. 


Then you go into the Prudential Insurance.  This is quite interesting. 


Staying Healthy Does Not Reduce Post-Retirement Health Care Costs

Costs for the healthy can reach $105,000 more than the unhealthy, Center for Retirement Research study finds.



So itís better to be unhealthy, for them you see, because you will need longer-term care over more years if you are healthier.  You canít win can you?  You canít win.  So thatís from the Prudential Insurance, from their news room.  Quite something eh?  So the idea is to get sick and keep them happy and die faster.  Take more of their cigarettes, now that they have added that awful stuff to it thatís supposed to, they claim, and if you believe this, stop fires at home.  Itís to kill the people off faster soís they wonít go through long-term illnesses with umpteen bronchitic effects, because of the rotten tobacco that they are put out with now.  Thatís why it is.  So they donít want you to be too healthy too long because you will have more visits down the road along the many years to the doctor and maybe to the hospital keeping yourself alive because you are healthier.  Die off fast like a good citizen, thatís eco-friendly.


Then in Germany they are going ahead with the fat tax.  Well that was only a matter of time before that was coming too.  The same guys that gave you the anti-smoking campaigns, from the United Nations by the way VIA the World Health Organization, wrote a book about how they introduced.  They tried it out first in China by convincing the public not to have any more than one child per family by training the public, in the village, your little community, social approval and social disapproval.  And they would all disapprove if one was born; it was an extra child that was taking the food out of your mouth and they would attack you.  So they donít need the military to drag you off into the abortion clinic; they literally use the peasants around about you.  Those same characters at the UN admitted they used the same thing for the anti-smoking campaign; get the young to go into a Pavlovian paroxysm of coughing when they see you smoking 40 feet away.  And it works that way.  Thatís what they do, Pavlovian response.  Now they are turning it on those that are obese you see.  Suddenly they will go into an utter disgust in a rage when they see you in the street and they claim you are obese.  You are eating more than your sustainable level.  You are taking sustainable food from someone elseís mouth, you know, who might have better genes than you. 


Germany Weighs Tax on the Obese

aolnews.com / July 23, 2010


Conservative MP calls for a 'fat tax'

22 Jul 10 / thelocal.de


Canít you see whatís going on?  As that old lady said to me, 80 plus, Iíve listened to Patriot Radio for 50 years and nothing has ever been stopped.  Why?  Because the public never know whatís really going on. They are just conditioned.  Back with more tomorrow night, so from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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