Aug. 2, 2010 (#633)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 2, 2010:

UN's Department of Agrivulgar:
UN and Coming Manufactured Famine:
Population on Drugs Now to Eat Bugs,
They're Serious, I Ain't Laughin':

"We Laugh at Charlie Chaplin, Eating Boots and Even Rugs,
Now Here's the U.N. Telling Us We've to Start Eating Bugs,
They Say it's More Sustainable, Though it won't Please Vets,
Or Farmers Watching Idiots Run Through Fields with Nets,
A Plague Upon the U.N., May it Hail Down Fleas and Lice
And All Kinds of Biting Things Which Aren't Very Nice,
May it Upset Their Scheming Meetings, Ten-Course Lunches,
Fleeing Seats, About to Eat when Locusts Come in Bunches,
They Should Lead by Example and Be the Guinea Pigs,
I'll Continue Eating Normal Food -- Meat, Veg and Figs"
© Alan Watt Aug. 2, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 2, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August 2, 2010.  Newcomers should look into web site and bookmark all those other sites you will see listed there on the front page for future use.  If you get sticking on audio downloads try these alternate sites.  [Official sites listed above.]  They all have the same audios.  The all have a lot of transcripts of a lot of the talks Iíve given for print up in English and if you want transcripts in other languages go into and you will find them there.  While you are at it, go into the articles I have for sale Ė the books, CDs and DVDs.  Thatís the means by which I trickle by day to day basically.  These are different than the usual books on histories and so on.  I try to deprogram you as you are reading them because we have been taught to think in a linear fashion.  A computer programmer really knows his computer.  He knows what the answer will be before he feeds in the question.  He knows the program, its logic.  He knows its language.  He knows the conclusion it must come to.  And that is how we are taught from school onwards.  We are not taught logic and we are not taught how to reason even, without emotion.  We are taught to think in a linear fashion.  Very much like mathematics, you will always come to the desired conclusion that your masters want.  So buy the books.  That will help you start the deprogramming process.  You will notice an awful lot about and around you, in your daily life that you never noticed before.  You will also see how other people are so incredibly brainwashed themselves, just as you were yourself at one time.  There are disks there for sale as well; some of these disks have 40 or 50 shows on them.  Itís good to have those too because who knows, the way they are throwing out laws on the internet, who knows when one day they will suddenly pass a law and immediately they will go into action and down go the sites.  That WILL COME one dayÖ so itís good to have standby information, for something to reference at least down the road, if there are any children left alive that is, or if anybody even wants children down the road.  You can always pass on the knowledge to them.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  I really live on the occasional donation here and there.  It doesnít matter how much it is either, just send it in.  Lots of people use this stuff and whatever is mentioned on this show will be on other folks' shows within the next few days I guarantee it; itís always the same. 


Itís so important to understand where we are, how we have gotten to this part of the agenda, the big forces that are all allied together, working together, for over 100 years to bring us here Ė well over 100 years in fact Ė into the planned society.  This is the planned society, a world to be controlled by experts, where the people down below donít make any decisions at all for themselves.  They thought that was a great idea over 100 years ago; guys like HG Wells thought that was just a swell idea.  Of course the Royal Institute of International Affairs still thinks itís a wonderful idea, and the Council on Foreign Relations its American cousin doing the same thing.  This is a planned society, the takedown into what they think is a MANAGEABLE size for a post-industrial era.  Thatís what all this is about, what we are going through right now.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know, there is so much to this reality, what we think is reality, and so much work goes into creating this reality that we all take for granted.  Itís done by experts WAY, way above us, many levels of experts creating the culture, the culture creation, involved with education obviously.  As everyone should know by now, the children really are going through an indoctrination process and every year or so they up the process a bit more radically into new areas and new areas.  We always get a tutter-tutter sort of thing, tisk-tisk from the parents and articles in the newspaper.  Then we adapt into them without thinking because by that time itís normal. 


Itís only if you understood the agenda, do you understand why everything is actually happening.  You have to go into the books by Margaret Sanger written many, many moons ago.  She loved Adolf Hitler.  She loved Stalin. She thought the whole Socialist idea of ordering peopleís lives about was a great, swell idea.  She called children weeds and of course she started off Planned Parenthood too, to get rid of the undesirable types.  There were too many of the commoners at the bottom, she thought.  She was just welcomed by people who already thought that in the Eugenics Society, the more well-to-do, aristocratic types.  That was only one little area in fact.  Everything thatís happening today, everything that is happening today, even the onslaughts into what they called Free Love back in the 60s, which they tried in the 1920s and were actually pushing in the late 1800s.  Guys like HG Wells wrote about it, the need to create free love to destroy marriage all together.  Only then, he said, could government control every individual.  You would have no loyalty to anyone else on the planet, you see.  No partner, no mate, you would simply be there, the government would be your boss.  Only then would they have total control over the populace. Thatís been pretty well achieved today.


We are seeing the dysfunction of people trying to get married.  It generally doesnít last long for most folk; they are not mature enough.  They are also bombarded by conflicting messages from media and entertainment that itís so much more fun just to be promiscuous.  Thatís what really ends up breaking down their marriages.  Itís all intentional of course because the culture industry must work along side the agenda, a big part of it in fact.  Plato talks about that in The Republic.  He called it that actually.  In the translation itís actually called the ĎCulture Industry.í  Meaning drama on stage and people would emulate what they saw - they would emulate the main characters - and music and even the fashion industry as well.  Amazing.  So the same techniques, as he said himself, will always work with any people in any age if it has been done before.  All you have to know is the formula of how to introduce it and we will do it again.  Very simple stuff. 


Then we have all these incredible think tanks all working for foundations, private foundations, non-elected of course, who are now advising governments on everything.  They have been doing that for many years now.  The average politician hasnít got any more of a clue how the country works Ė this is no kidding Ė they have no more of a clue how everything works than YOU in some other occupation or trade.  No more idea at all.  Once they get in there and they get their good suit on and all the rest of it, aides come to them. The aides are there permanently from the bureaucracies.  They are always there.  They are full-time employees.  They are always there regardless of which party is in or out.  They become the advisors.  PLUS, appointed advisors are given to ALL politicians, Prime Ministers and Presidents to make sure that they stick to their prewritten scripts that are written for them too by these advisors so that the agenda continues smoothly as before. 


We have noticed of course, people have noticed this as far back as the 50s, that it didnít matter what party you voted for, the same world agenda continued.  Itís because there is no difference in them.  In fact, the whole idea of voting is to keep you involved, making you think that you have a say in things.  Itís also a LEGALITY to give power of the government over yourself; thatís what you are doing when you vote.  You are LEGALLY signing your name down to be ruled by someone who hasnít guaranteed you they will fulfill any promise.  They can do whatever they want once they are in.  So itís a legality and they must keep this legality up for quite sometime until we are used to being post-democratic.  People are already really getting used to that already.  Weíve been post-democratic since 9/11 with a sort of totalitarian governmental system across the world and the United Nations is taking up more and more of the slack of governing whole regions of the earth. 


They also use a lot of yo-yos.  A yo-yo is someone who goes up and down and he doesnít really know where he is going, like Prince Charles.  Prince Charles, I can remember, he went to Gordonstoun School and he couldnít hack it there.  It was too rough for him.  It was a very expensive school to put your children into and he couldnít hack the rugby and all the rest of it, and the cajoling by the youngsters who were there and they had to move him.  But he also failed all his exams, always.  The media came up with little articles once in a while to make you think he was good at something, like getting him a private trumpet player at one point who said, oh, he is very good at this trumpet and that was the last you heard about, it kind of faded away with a sort of b-flat sound.  He went on from one thing to another always failing at it.  The media came up eventually with the description that Prince Charles was a Ďking without a purpose,í a future king without a purpose.  They were trying desperately back in the 70s to find him a purpose.  So he came out then with some odd statements.  He came out and said, he started off these strange talks about how he was descended from David; that was one thing.  He said at another talk he was descended from the Olympians; that was the Greek Gods from Mount Olympus.  People use to wonder about that with Prince Charles, was this delusions of grandeur setting in or what?  Now we know it was for sure, the way heís going on today.  But then he went on into his talking to plants thing.  They would have articles in the paper how he was talking to plants and helping them grow and all the rest of it.  Then he was the most eligible bachelor when he was up for grabs.  They hired PR teams of publicity experts to fake all these beach scenes in Australia and different places.  They hired dozens of models to run towards him all laughing and giggling and screaming, like a pop star, when he came out of the water.  They paid them all for doing it of course because no one in their right mind would do it otherwise.  But this kind of nonsense went on and on and on.  Now he has found what heís really here for.  I can believe it.   The Daily Mail came out and said this.  This is what Prince Charles saysÖ


My duty is to save the world:  (Alan:  What is he, another Jesus Christ?  Remember too, one of his titles is, it used to be Ďdefender of the faithí and he changed it a few years back to Ďdefender of faiths.í  But here he is.  His duty is to save the worldÖ)

Prince Charles believes he was born for a purpose

By Fay Schlesinger / 30th July 2010 /


(A:  Iím glad somebodyÖ  All these years, all these aides have been trying to find a purpose for Charles and lo and behold, out of the mouth of morons comes the answerÖ himself.)


The Prince of Wales says he believes he has been placed on Earth as future King Ďfor a purposeí - to save the world.  (A:  Yep.)


Giving a fascinating insight into his view of his inherited wealth and influence, he said: ĎI can only somehow imagine that I find myself being born into this position for a purpose.


ĎI donít want my grandchildren or yours to come along and say to me, ďWhy the hell didnít you come and do something about this? You knew what the problem wasĒ. That is what motivates me.  (A:  Heís as clear as mud, Charles; he always was.)


ĎI wanted to express something in the outer world that I feel inside... We seem to have lost that understanding of the whole of nature and the universe as a living entity.í 


So here we are back into the Gaia thing and the world, the universe as a living entity.  But remember, in all living entities in the mystery religion there are superior types that look after it and little maggot types, like Suzuki talked about, at the bottom; thatís all of us of course.  Now heís a green champion of course.  Itís so funny too, because they also gave him a job in architecture, just complaining, going round talking about the terrible housing that was getting built and stuff and how he was so concerned about architecture and sustainability.  One of his companies that he owns was buying up one of these fast food chains.  You should see these places; they are the most ugly looking things youíd ever seen in your life, very sustainable of course, as they pumped out all these burgers and stuff.  Anyway, here you are, an absoluteÖ. I canít get the words for itÖ or Iíll probably get sued for getting too close to the truth.  However, this character is such aÖ what can you say?  What can you say?  I can remember when the media were talking about his marriage to Diana Spencer, of the Spencer family.  The cartoons in the paper at that time were big ears and noddy; thatís what they had of him and her.  It was quite something else.  This guy spent his whole life going across the world playing polo; you know, whacking a ball that used to represent a head at one time.  Thatís what he spent his life on.  Heís had his Rolls Royce ferried by aircraft across to other continents when he was telling everybody else to cut back on their driving and gasoline use.  I mean, utter hypocrite. 


Itís amazing how you go into King James and other ones who talked about the Ďdivine right of kings,í and how THEY were Godís representative on earth.  It was just like the English version of the Papacy.  And they really believed it.  These kings really believed it and people used to come up to them and touch their cloak hoping to be cured.  Thatís no kidding.  Thatís no kidding at all.  But Charly boy here really has taken things to heart and now heís got these delusions of grandeur.  It just shows you a few aides around him, pumping things into his fragile head and away he goesÖ with a delusion of grandeur.  Quite something, something that you and I would get locked up for if you said you were here to save the world.  Quite something.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just looking at the farce of life when they find gophers who really have incredible egos and put them up in the limelight and they open their mouths and their belly rumbles and out comes these amazing statements of how they are here to save the world and stuff like that.  They will use anybody you see, especially celebrities because our world has been training us to worship celebrities for an awful long timeÖ an awful long time.  Back in the 50s in fact, different parts of the big institution said that eventually celebrities would become more famous than the politicians and the people would listen to them.  Therefore they would hire celebrities to go forth with different ideas for social change and they have been doing that all along of course.  It doesnít matter if youíve got a pea brain or not.  It doesnít matter as long as theyíre a celebrity.  They will use them for anything. 


That StarSuckers video I have mentioned quite a few times, it keeps getting pulled off the web.  StarSuckers was put out by BBC4 I believe.  They go through this whole technique of how the people are conditioned, incredibly conditioned by the media.  They show you examples of how they can set up little stalls in shopping malls and literally get parents to sign their children down for life as potential movie stars and so on.  So they have the rights to their photographs for now until the child grows up and eventually dies and do ridiculous things with the parents who were just STAR STRUCK by the thought of their child being in movies and stuff like that, which is all a farce of course.  It also shows you in that documentary how the media has very few journalists today.  They take handouts straight from the big Madison Avenue companies, the Public Relations companies, and put them straight into the newspapers, often without a name or they will put their own name on it.  So really the PR companies give you what you think now is your news and itís been like that for quite a long time. 


A little bit about Australia too, because the world IS global now.  The agenda, whatever happens in one part of the agenda to do with whatever it is, it will happen across the world AT the same time.  Just like 9/11 happened and every country came out with the same anti-terrorism bill at the same time, EXACT SAME anti-terrorism bill.  So when anything happens on one side of the world, itís happening somewhere else too.  After all, weíre global and we have to go into the global plantation very quickly.  This article here is from an Australian newspaper. 


Population puzzle divides experts

Stephanie Peatling / / August 1, 2010


(A:  So now theyíre openly talking about population sizes and so on, and sustainability.)


SUSTAINABILITY and population have become buzzwords of this year's campaign but experts (A:  Again, experts; you donít have to name who the experts are.) are divided on the merits of any halt to the numbers of people living in Australia.


Labor (A:  This is the red party; they have red for their ties and so on.), the Coalition and the Greens (A:  Thereís the Greens.  Of course the conservatives are the blues.  People donít even think about this. Itís amazing.) all have reviews of population policy as part of their election platforms.


Neither (A:  The redsÖ) Labor nor the Greens are willing to talk about the size of possible cuts to immigration while the Coalition has said it would reduce the annual migration intake within three years from 277,000 to 170,000.  (A:  Which you know they are not going to do.  They wonít do that.  Theyíve also got a new Prime Minister I believe, a woman, who is a lifelong Fabian just like the ones before her, and the agenda goes on.  Remember, the Fabian logo used to be a wolf WITH sheepís clothing.  That was their official logoÖ and folk never, ever get it, never get it.  The Fabian Society is so important, one of the biggest arms in fact of this whole global governance system.  Itís attached to the Royal Institute of International Affairs who often appoint to be the leaders of the Fabian Society as members.)


There is another article here too on the Bushfires, in Australia.  Back in the 60s there were international meetings going on, by the big boys, and they talked about ways of getting people off the land into the cities because thatís always been a mandate of theirs.  Depopulate the rural areas and get them into the major cities.  China, when it became communist, did exactly the same thing.  They started taking off as many as they could off the land and putting them into the cities.  Britain had done it before when Rothschild passed the Corn Laws, dumped all the foreign grain on the market, put all the farmers under and the farmers all ended up going into the big cities.  Itís the same technique over and over.  But there are still a lot of folk who like to live on their own, out in the bush and rough it and take their chances.  At this meeting in the 1960s, a person asked the question, well, what about the folk who wonít go and get off the lands?  He says, we will burn them off.  This is the same meeting where they talked about the introduction of cancers into society by various means Ė we know itís inoculations now Ė and they said, the folk are going to die of something, it might as well be cancer.  Anyway, here is an article from Australia on the fires.  It saysÖ


Michael Bachelard / / August 1, 2010


THE Bushfires Royal Commission's (A:  A Royal Commission is like a Royal inquiry they put out there for all judges that are falling off their benches, with the booze, and they give them a couple of years before they retire, with very high salaries, to go around and listen to these reports on a particular topic and then they write up their commission, or they get their aides to write up a commission.  It saysÖ) final report has thrown two bombs at the state government with recommendations that ageing power lines (A:  Thatís your power lines, electric lines that are overhead on poles.) be bundled for safety or buried underground, and that a housing buyback scheme be introduced in fire-trap communities (A:  They call them fire-trap communities now.) to gradually depopulate them and reduce the risk of another mass tragedy.  (A:  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I'm back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about the Bushfires in Australia.  You know most bush fires, the big bush fires even in Canada that have happened over the last 10 years or so or more, were started by the Department of Forestry Commission as they do what they call Ďcontrolled burnsí.  They tried one a few years ago in conjunction with I think it was Washington State and British Columbia and they started it in Washington State and it blew up north and it got out of control, this controlled burn, and ended up burning for about 2 or 3 years.  But thatís okay because when the government puts up and burns thousands of hectares, thatís Ďholyí smoke you see.  Thatís holy carbon, holy smoke.  When you do it with your little fire in your chimney, thatís bad smoke.  Thatís bad smoke you see, but holy smoke has been blessed by government.  Maybe Prince Charles did it, who knows.  Getting back to Australia here, it says that they want to basically depopulate these areas, and it says Ďdepopulateí them.  They have also recommendedÖ


The commissioners have also recommended that the amount of public land burnt (A: Öevery year, in these so called fire hazard areasÖ) for fuel reduction each year should be tripled to at least 385,000 hectares (A:  That the government will burn.), an amount equal to 5 per cent of Victoria's public land.


Another key finding is that the controversial ''stay or go'' policy is fundamentally sound, but in need of a major overhaul, and should include a comprehensive evacuation strategy.


But the most controversial recommendation is that the government adopt a ''retreat and resettlement'' approach to communities with an unacceptably high risk of bushfire. Buying back people's property would not be compulsory, but over time would remove residents from the most risky areas.  (A:  So it does make you wonder really whatís happening.  In British Columbia you get this problem, you get the same problems in Australia in some areas and this one here is about the Royal Commission.  Itís amazing how you can put one out, from one country to another country, and they are identical reports basically.) 


Here is another crazy one.  We know that they are trying to put farmers under.  They have been trying to put them under for years and years with regulations until they canít farm anymore.  Only the big agri-food businesses that have these massive farms will be left to operate. That is the agenda of course, no family farms left.  Thatís what they want, no family farms.  The EPA is going to crack down Ė no kidding Ė on farm dust.  I donít know if you have been to a farm.  Most folk in the cities maybe think all food comes from the grocery store but the fact is you have to go to a farm to see how it operates, and how fields work, and how the farm trails work, and all the rest of it.  Youíll see the dust even when you are bringing in crops in, with machinery.  They are trying to literally pass a law.  They are using the Environmental Protection Agency.  It wants to crack down on farm dust Ė no kidding Ė as a hazard to peopleís health.  So what are they going to do with it?  Are they going to cover it with plastic or something?  Maybe cover all the dirt roads with plastic.  Or maybe they will have to buy extra water, from the water conservation societies. Buy the water and put that down as well, maybe, to keep the dust out.  Who knows, eh?  Maybe they should just use the weather warfare techniques and get lots of rain over the farms like theyíve done in the past to put them under as well.  They did that in Alberta a few years back; they flooded them all out.  The same in the bread basket of the United States; it happened at the same time, only those areas getting flooded.  Lots of spraying at the time too.  But thatís the way of the future. 


EPA to Crack Down on Farm Dust

The EPA is considering regulations that would crack down on farm dust.

Jul 30, 2010 / / By Jacqueline Sit


I can remember even when Margaret Thatcher was in in Britain.  They made it so impossible for small business to survive.  The small businessmen, they put them under with red tape and forms to fill out all day long for everything.  You would not believe it.  They wanted only the big corporations to survive.  Of course they can hire as many accountants and so on as they wish to, whole panels of them.  But the average little person canít do that.  You canít have someone sitting there all the time just doing paperwork for the government.  Thatís the agenda.  Thatís always been the agenda.  Do away with all private businesses and bring in the international corporations in every single area and that includes farming. 


You know most folk got through the depression, the Great Depression in the 20s and 30s, because there were so many private little farms scattered all around the major cities.  Folk would go out and trade and barter, bring some sugar up in exchange for some oatmeal or something like that, or vegetables.  Thatís how they worked it.  You go around the outside the major cities today and you will see just old buildings falling apart or knocked down all together.  They have done away with so many small farms.  Under the NAFTA agreement of course, we do know that South America is to end up, especially Chile, they have been setting up Chile now for almost 15 years to produce most of the vegetables required for the reduced population there will be in the Americas when they are finished.  We are paying for it all with our taxes through NAFTA, for the private companies.  The big 5 Agri Businesses are down there, been down there for about 15 years setting it all up. 


The craziness goes on and on but itís not crazy.  Itís crazy like a fox, as they say.  They know exactly where they are heading.  Iíve mentioned before too that under this world government system and the United Nations they are doing away with your postal county addresses, even your province or state addresses, and you are left with just your street address and your new REGION number and thatís it.  This article here isÖ


Royal Mail set to delete counties from addresses / 31 July 2010


(A:  They have already done it in a few places in Britain.)


Royal Mail has been consulting on a plan to delete counties from the 28 million-strong address database used by companies and public bodies.


It follows complaints by customers to postal watchdog Postcomm about the use of out-of-date county names, such as North Humberside and Dyfed.  (A:  Now thatís nonsense.  They always say that all customersÖ yeah sure, they complained.  Customers complain about nothing.)


Any changes, which will not happen until at least 2013, will not affect deliveries, experts say.  (A:  The Ďexpertsí here.  Itís wonderful, that, now.  Russell said weíd be trained to listen to experts and now they just have to put the word there and they are experts, eh?  Itís like a holy priesthood, itís the highest priesthood of all, Ďexperts sayí, and thatís good enough for us isnít it?  Good enough for most folk.)


The Heinz Company, itís amazing.  The Heinz Company used to fascinate me when I was a child because of the massive advertising they did.  Massive, as they tried to get womenÖ at that time they had the occasional wife still working at home and looking after children, a rather old-fashioned idea.  But they wanted to get them used to the fast foods as well and to make sure their children grew up very unhealthy and stuff like that, which happened very, very well actually.  Heinz were making soups and of course their beans were a big special one too, full of the things that addict you to going back to eating their own beans and stuff like that.  You get the same things that the Chinese put in their foods, highly addictive; it penetrates the skullÖ not they skull, maybe the skull too, who knows, it definitely affects your brain.  It penetrates the tongue very deeply and thatís where you get this taste from and these beans are loaded with this stuff, all these fast foods are.  It says here they are changing from their tin cans to plastic.  Isnít it amazing that they are changing to a plastic at a time when itís been the first time when people have managed to come out and say, look, plastics are causing a lot of problems because of the phthalates, and the bisphenol A and so on, the estrogen mimickers.  They are literally synthetic estrogens.  So here they are, putting this stuff into the food supply, again, mainly for young children who get hooked on baked beans and stuff like that.  So they know what they are doing.  They know what they are doing, as they bring us down and down and down.  Itís all part of it, nothing to do with better packaging or whatever.  Why would you pour hot stuff, which has to get poured hot into that stuff, into these plastic ones with screw tops?  guaranteeing the bisphenol leaches out very quickly?  And little Johnny or Jenny will eat it and both of them actually get altered in not very nice ways, although itís approved today, sort of transsexually speaking that is. 


Beanz meanz canz? Heinz to sell plastic jars

After 115 years, Heinz is to offer its baked beans in screw-top plastic jars for the first time / Sam Jones, Friday 30 July 2010


Another one too, another article from globalÖ and it shows you how stupid the people are.  And the people are stupid; weíve all been trained to be stupid you see, through television.  Again too, youíve got anthropologists constantly studying us, constantly studying us and working out little patterns of behavior for the RAND Corporation and Madison Avenue and so on, to see how we behave.  They give us stimulus response and they sit back and watch us.  The big marketing companies have always been in the business of behavior modification, to get their products sold, for their clients.  It says hereÖ


Is Your Detergent Stalking You?

Brazil's Omo (A:  Thatís one of the big washing companies for washing soaps.) Uses GPS to Follow Consumers Home With (A:  The consolation, youíll getÖ) Prizes (A:  They come to your home.  So thereís got to be a prize involved otherwise you would say, oh, thatís ridiculous, weíre going to get stalked, you know, you are going to get stalked all the way back to your house.)

By Laurel Wentz / / July 29, 2010


NEW YORK ( -- Unilever's Omo detergent is adding an unusual ingredient to its two-pound detergent box in Brazil: a GPS device that allows its promotions agency Bullet to track shoppers and follow them to their front doors.


Starting next week, consumers who buy one of the GPS-implanted detergent boxes will be surprised at home, given a pocket video camera as a prize and invited to bring their families to enjoy a day of Unilever-sponsored outdoor fun. (A:  See, this whole thing is an ad in itself put right into the paper.)  The promotion, called Try Something New With Omo, is in keeping with the brand's international "Dirt is Good" positioning that encourages parents to let their kids have a good time even if they get dirty.  (A:  But it says here, even if you live in a multi high-rise they can find the floor no problem and come right to your door and knock on it and tell you there is a tracking device inside and they followed you all the way home, regardless of where you live.  But donít worry you see, you are the one thatís going to get the prize, supposedly, even though you get half the soap powder in it, and it says that too.  There is only a little bit of soap powder in the box, the rest of it is the GPS tracking device.)


Folk will go for that.  Rather than say, hey, Iím going to sue you for false advertising; I wanted a full box of what it says on here, so many grams of soap powder here, instead of getting the silly plastic thing that tracks you.  But folk wonít do that. They will be waiting for their little prize coming along and be quite happy with that, quite happy. 


Now maybe 6 months ago, it could have been a year ago I donít know, I read an article of this little spoiled rich kid, this girl who was off with her boyfriend for ecological purposes.  I donít think she had any actual experience in anything or any qualifications but she obviously had the right connections to get little articles put into newspapers and stuff.  She had something about how it would all be so wonderful if we all started eating insects.  While she said that, she was back spending thousands of bucks getting her boyfriend and her teeth all capped.  I read it on the air and after I read in on the air it was pulled immediately that night, like a lot of them are.  I managed to find another link to where it had been printed somewhere else so Iíll try and drag that out tonight.  Here is an article from that front group Popular Science.  Popular Scienceís job is to make you think that you are living on the cutting edge by giving you the most up-to-date information on where science really is; where in reality they keep you 50, 60, 100 years in the past because whatever they announce they are working on or hoping to do one day has been done long ago.  Thatís how it works you see.  Here you goÖ


Humanity Needs to Start Farming Bugs for Food, Says United Nations Policy Paper

By Paul Adams / / 08.02.2010


(A:  So I guess that little spoiled rich kid eventually did get something, maybe a grant from the United Nations for her great idea; who knows.)


The raising of livestock consumes two-thirds of the planet's farmland, (A:  Itís all eco this and eco that.) and is a major source of greenhouse gases. (A:  HAAA!)  Meanwhile, tons of edible, sustainable protein swarms all around us, free for the taking. In a new policy paper being considered by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), (A:  And thatís one of the most DANGEROUS organizations within the UN by the way, because food is one of the greatest weapons you can use on a world.  They have used it on nations before to bring them down.  Believe you me, now they want us all to eat bugs, as they get the cattle off, all the meat products off because they say, oh, itís unsustainable and all the methane and all the utter rubbish.)   Belgian entomologist Arnold van Huis makes the sensible (A:  ÖsensibleÖ) recommendation that the western world eat more insects.  (A:  So here we have Prince Charles going to save the world, and here is this nut case Arnold van Huis making a Ďsensibleí recommendation that we start eating bugs!  This is mainstream, folks.)


Farming edible insects like mealworms and crickets would produce far less greenhouse gas -- 10 times less methane and 100 times less nitrous oxide (A:  I love how they just grab these figures out of the air, just like Malthus did with his Essay on Population and so on.)-- than the large mammals we currently farm. Insects are metabolically much more efficient, which makes them far cheaper to feed and raise; and, since they're so biologically different from humans, they are less subject to contagious disease scares like mad cow (A:  Which I donít think existed in the first place, that Ďprioní idea that they could never find.). They are high in protein and calcium, and, with over 1,000 edible species, offer plenty of delicious variety.  (A:  Can you believe this?  Can you believe this utter tripe here, this garbage they are throwing in our faces here?  I hope they get a plague of lice all over the UNÖ and let them eat it off themselves and get rid of it that way.  But yeah, bring down aÖ I should ask Prince Charles, since heís got the delusions of grandeur and he is the savior of the world, to bring down a plague of lice on the United Nations for coming up with this utter rubbish.  Hmm?  How about that? That would be a nice video to watch wouldnít it?)


Society has really gone down with the culture industry.  Now remember, Iíve talked before about Ďintergenerational sexí which is what the pedophiles like to use as a term rather than pedophilia.  Pedophilia has bad connotations so they call it intergenerational sex.  Beastiality too, they have even written reports about it, if it doesnít hurt the animal, etc, etc, itís quite okay.  Well how does an animal, for God sake, tell you itís okay?  I mean, who asked the animal?  I mean, does it speak your language?  Anyway thatís beside the point.  This is another step towards legitimizing intergenerational sex, which they did discuss at the international censor board commission in 2001 about a month before the towers went down.  They said they had won the rights for homosexuality and so on and now it was time to push for bestiality and intergenerational sex.  I will read this article when I come back from this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just bringing some reality to light, behind all the nonsense in the media and what they are really up to.  Itís how the media also presents different articles as either funny or whatever.  They also tell you when to be angry at something and when just to laugh at something.  You canít trust them on anything because there is always another reason they are pushing whatever they are pushing.  Here is an article aboutÖ


Pole dancing for nine-year-olds?

Jul 30th 2010 /


Forget football, athletics and ballet classes. What about a pole-dancing class for children? Yes really.


Up Yer Pole club in Lanarkshire, Scotland has launched pole dancing classes for kids aged 9 to 16.  (A:  Now, pole dancing is the stripperís thing.  They fly around there and spin and all that kind of stuff, and caress as though it was something else, you know.  This is what they are introducing for 9 year olds.  Now, people wonít be shocked anymore because you see the children have already watched Much Music and music television where theyíve had all of their latest sexual updates from transgender things.  In fact I think it was MTV was just given some award or they were rated the top one for pushing transgenders and different, all types of categories of alternate whatever.)


Up Yer Pole, "an established pole-dancing school since 2002," is keen to promote the potential fitness benefits. (A:  Fitness, you see.)  Hour long lessons cost £5 and 'focus on strength, balance, flexibility and gymnastic based moves in a safe and fun environment', according to its website. (A:  So itís an ad, really like an ad.)  "This is not just wiggling around a pole, this is fitness & specifically body conditioning & strength training."  (A:  Sure.  [Alan laughing.])


But the move has sparked outrage among child-care campaigners - with one claiming the classes verge on child porn.


Well, I can see them getting eventually their intergenerational sex because society has been so jaded and we adapt to being jaded.  When you are jaded you can go off on the next thrill and Hollywood will chuck out the next thrill for you, which always goes a step further than the last thrill and you go on and on and on from there.  For instance after that meeting in 2001, there were 2 or 3 movies churned out with boys in baths with elderly women and it was okay because you see, he was really the incarnation of her dead husband, and stuff like that.  Thatís how they put it through, like a semi comedy and so on, to get you used to the whole idea.  Intergenerational sex is definitely on the cards.  Thatís part of the big mandate as well. 


The ones at the top really are the worldís oldest perverts.  Just look at the top families down through the generations and see how Caligulaís acted, and see how the Neroís acted, and all the rest of them.  See how they were when they ran ancient Greece, at the top, and all down the histories since then.   Itís never changed.  Itís never changed.  They are called Ďthe deviant creation.í  The deviant creation has been in charge of this whole agenda in fact for an awful long time.  Psychopathic.  But they certainly use the experts to condition us to accept everything that they want us to accept, creating THEIR society, for THEM to live in. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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