Aug. 3, 2010 (#634)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 3, 2010:

Masters' Definition of Peace:
The Eradication of Peasantry:

"Life is Pretty Much for Us, a Kind of Vague Lease
Which Comes with the Guarantee to Have No Peace,
"The Good Life" Too Long Gives Peasants Ideas,
They Get Kinda Cocky and Lose Their Fears,
That's When Masters are Wary, Tend to be Nervous,
"Why the Peasants May Refuse to Serve Us",
We are the Herd, By Prod, Weigh, Measure,
Who Produce All the Goodies, Food and Treasure,
Ensuring Glorious Masters Go On into Infinity,
Masters, Scientists, Military, Their Holy Trinity,
We Lowly Souls are Surely Last of Our Kind,
Better Slaves to be Engineered, That's in Mind,
While Sterile and Diseased, We'll to Die Off,
Leaving Brave New World to Rich and the Toff,
World to be an Eden, Each Adam Going Further,
Their Psychopathic Trait, Will Cause Each Other's Murder"
© Alan Watt Aug. 3, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 3, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August 3, 2010.  For the newcomers, look into web site and bookmark all the sites Iíve got listed there.  Sometimes you will experience sticking on downloading the audios, try these alternate sites because so many folk go into the .com at the same time, generally the day after Iíve aired the show.  Plus if anything happens to the .com site in the future, which has happened before, you will always have at least one or two sites to download from in the meantime.  [Official sites listed above.]  While you are at it, remember that there are books there for sale; CDs and DVDs as well.  These are different from the usual books.  You can find all kinds of history books out there and history is Ďhis storyí isnít it?  Itís not your story.   Itís his story.  Itís whoever has been appointed to be the authorized historian for that era.  Most histories, as we know, are certainly slanted and generally half of the truth is omitted and sometimes itís just blatant falsehood and thatís what we are given for the past.  So I show you in my books how the tricks of the mind are played upon the public, how the techniques of mind control are used, which have ALWAYS been here, for thousands of years.  Thatís why big tyrants could rise and rule for a thousand years or so with their families, generation after generation, because they knew how to control the minds of millions, through various religions and other techniques.  They understood the herd mentality, and there is such a thing unfortunately as the herd mentality.  So buy these books.  It will show you how to deprogram yourself.  It actually WILL deprogram you as you start reading through them.  You will find out that you are not thinking in the usual linear fashion that you are supposed to think in.  Thatís the way you have been programmed at school and through the media.  Itís just like a mathematical formula, you come to the end conclusion by the way they use the language and because they understand your logic, just like a computer.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  You can buy the items I have for sale or you can donate to me.  That will help me just tick over.† Hopefully Iíll be here for another few weeks or months, or whatever; itís up to you.  There are lots out there that take the material I put out and spin it off in a thousand directions.  I try to stay on track and show you that you shouldnít panic.  The world literally has been run this way for an awful, awful long time.  I think Charles Galton Darwin got it right when he said that there has always been slavery in one form or another all down through history, itís just changed its appearance.  He says, now we are in the position of creating a new, more sophisticated form of slavery.  Weíve been through serfdom, then wage slavery, and the consumer society but still stuck to the wage slavery, now we are going into the new system of communitarianism and world service as they call it.  No doubt they will give us so many tokens so we can buy a few cheap things from China to amuse ourselves with for a little while before they break and things will go on this way for quite some time. 


As I say, donít panic with this big world agenda.  There is no point in panicking because if you knew half this stuff 10-15 years ago you were probably panicking then as well.  Life does go on.  Itís altered all the time, certainly with our inoculations and everything else that is done to us, but we are not all finished yet, put it that way.  Remember, those that donít want to know generally are UNABLE to know.  Remember that.  They are unable.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  The matrix is the world you are born into.  Itís the big system.  Itís got lots of compartments and you ARE compartmentalized really, the way you are raised and indoctrinated and how they media takes over, even entertainment, a big part of course for predictive programming getting you used to ideas that are still to come.  There is hardly a movie you can watch today that really isnít full of sustainability and riots and all this kind of stuff, as civilization supposedly alters and goes down the tubes.  There are so many disaster movies out there too, to tell you that, oh, my goodness, this whole fragility of civilization just literally hangs on a thread of special people above you, so obey the special people; this is whatís going to happen if you donít.  You see. 


They know what they are doing in Hollywood.  They get big money, even from the Pentagon, to put this kind of stuff out.  Thatís been well exposed in the past.  But people lap up this stuff and they chomp away on their candies and so on in the cinemas and get programmed.  They have hardly an opinion to pass on anything, or a memory even to remember anything in detail but what they do remember are the imbedded parts that are meant to stand out in a movie, of people starving to death and that kind of stuff.  Thatís why they churn these things out.  There are embedded parts in them that are embedded with EMOTIONAL scenes coupled with the right kind of music and the right kind of camera angles and so on.  Itís an old, old art because all this stuff was used even in the ancient dramas on the stage. 


What is civilization anyway when you think about it?  Civilization was the first real slavery system because civilization depends upon an agricultural society and those who were forced to till the soil in ancient times were the first slaves.  They were conquered peoples generally ruled over by nomadic type tribesmen.  The word citizen comes from city.  They had city-states, as they called them.  City-states were dependent in EVERYTHING that they needed for survival coming IN to the city.  Itís no different than today.  Plato talked about cities being the beehives for progress as they called it, progress along the line ofÖ today you call it Ďthe great workí perhaps, or along the lines of a definite plan or idea or agenda.  Inside a city nothing is natural. The culture isnít natural; itís given to them.  Very often a religion is given to them differently from those outside on the rural areas, those on the heath, that are Ďheathens.í  They are meant to feel superior than everyone else.  What it really does too is allow a scientific class of intellectuals to study, be trained, a leisure class.  Even the word for school comes from the Greek word for leisure in fact.  With the understanding of these characters that were trained, during their leisure periods, into how society was run, they could then study and take time and study humanity very, very, very well.  Basically just like they do today with anthropologists sending them off to supposed primitive tribes, they studied the people in ancient times as well. 


The big philosophers in Greece also talked about how delicate society was, in this so-called civilization, because not only were they at risk of losing everything or being conquered by other city-states, generally over more land and wealth, because psychopaths rise to the top of course and the city is a beautiful place for it to happen.  Today we have countries for the same thing to happen.  Civilization was a tenuous thing because they also knew that in times of bad harvest and stuff like that, even in ancient Egypt, things would get pretty rough.  Youíll find in the records of Egypt that when they didnít get the flood that they were expecting along the Nile, they would actually turn to cannibalism, the wealthy ones on the poor folk I should say.  They even had tricks of when people were riding through on carts through the alley ways and streets, the people on the floors above them literally would throw down lassos and haul them up, for dinner.  So civilization depends on a power elite structure, a leisure class, an intellectual class, a warrior class because they always use the elite to create and run the armies, and they must have a MONETARY system of some kind to keep it going. 


Money in ancient times took different forms.  Along the way they used to create little wedges of money, little triangular shaped pieces that were literally chiseled off with a cold chisel, of a flat piece of silver; silver was the most commonly used material before gold.  What they did eventually too, when they got gold, a very soft metal in its pure form, they wound it around the arm just like a long bracelet right down the forearm.  You get hints in the Bible of certain personages cutting pieces off to pay for something because it was weighed at the time.  It wasnít until about the 8th century BC or so that the first coins were actually minted.  Before that it was all weighing.  So money is the key to what they call civilization.  What it means is that a dominant minority can rule over the majority Ė thatís what it really means Ė in a state of incredible luxury, far beyond the ken of the people at the bottom and even the people in the middle, far beyond their ken. 


The interesting thing is how the ancients knew that their system was tenuous from natural disorders, famines, plagues for instance, and war, always war, always the fear and threat of war.  Itís no different today really.  In a global society when you are running out of enemies Ė and this is the key to it all; itís happening today Ė they must create enemies.  They also use geopolitics and strategy, long-term strategy, a manís lifetime, maybe two menís lifetimes to go through a plan of knocking down different countries after using them, but knocking them down like dominoes in order to standardize them into the one system of globalization and the same indoctrination of education, exact same one worldwide, so that a person from India eventually will be talking on the same language on any topic and agree with everyone else.  Everyone will have the same standard opinion with the same indoctrination; thatís the idea.  Humanity adapts very well into all kinds of societies; we have in the past.  When you think about it, how did people adapt really into being serfs for instance, across Europe?  And across other areas as well?  SerfdomÖ serfdom is a nice term for a slave.  The term slave itself is from the Slavic because apparently they were the first to be used by a certain people who lived around that particular area a long time ago.  Eventually slaves were used as well in Africa, often by Africans themselves as they conquered other tribes. 


The dominant minority always tends to be hereditary and if youíve got hereditary people whoíve come down through centuries and centuries of special breeding, always intermarrying into their own families and extended familiesÖ If itís too close to their own gene pool of course, they do have little monsters turned out, things that are rather ugly, and then they have to get new blood into it, to get the strain looking normal again and behaving a little bit normally.  But they do tend to keep money within their own families.  Thatís what the Rothschilds did.   For instance, the Rothschilds were not the first banking family in history.  You had ancient banking families funding ancient wars; you will find that with some of the Greek philosophers who were married to what were the international bankers of their day.  So money goes along with everything including all your strife because when it becomes a substitute for barter or even the things you basically needÖ  It certainly does take away the ability of two men to barter on their own.  Now youíve got a third party coming in with money and then if you train the people to use the money and forgo their own ability to barter and exchange things for themselves, then youíve got a hierarchy of people, with the shysterism and dealing with the money, percentages, and compound interest and all the con games that go on under the sun. 


They know this system will not go on forever.  Even when you go into the long-term agendas with the NATO group, the think tanks for the NATO countries and the United States with their 30-40 years of rioting that they foresee Ė this is their official stuff; itís up my web site in the archives section Ė the reasons it would come about would be partly from lack of food.  So rationing is coming in whether we like it or not; thatís on the cards.  They are also cutting back, and they have been drastically reducing for 50 years all small farmers.  Because the agenda will have only international corporations ONLY running all the food supply, the same international corporations running their own special areas.  International is the word, international corporations; they donít like small private business at all.  In fact they have persecuted small businesses for 40 years in Europe until there are hardly any left at all.  Everything is chains.  They donít want people being independent.  If you are independent, regardless of the laws that are passed for a chain, then you can go outside that and do your own thing and pass on food to people if you want to, even if the chains are forbidden to through rationing. 


Everything has been thought out you see, in a warfare strategy.  There is nothing being left to chance for whatís to come up.  And Iím not saying this to terrify you; itís just basic warfare.  What youíve got to realize is that every generation who has ever lived has been under a form of warfare of one kind of another.  Itís either economic or itís through war, little physical wars, or even cold warsÖ all to keep control over the people who are afraid beneath them.  Itís been used forever.  They donít give a generation peace.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  I donít know why I started right off on this topic but it just pops into my head.  I donít plan my talks in advance and sometimes itís good to sort of go over whatís happened in the past to bring us up to speed into today.  A lot of people today literally get their history from Hollywood movies and Iíve read studies and articles before on the air about that, showing that thatís a version of history that children, who are visually orientated, today especially, thatís what they believe is reality and therefore they can be shown any reality about the past however fake it may be. 


There has always been slavery forms, slavery in one form or another.  There has also been really no time when the people had much peace, a single generation actually living through an era of peace.  It just hasnít happened.  Itís not allowed to happen because those who rule the countries also used to plan wars between them as well.  When things were getting a bit too stale and people were becoming a bit too easy going, they would be reluctant to obey laws that were getting put out or pay extra taxes, and so they would drum up a war between them, even in ancient times, just to get it on the go.  The people would suddenly turn to their governments and say, save us, protect us, and that got them back in shape.  So these tricks were always well understood.  The beauty of it was in ancient times too, often you would have cousins who were kings opposing each other.  Even all down through the Middle Ages you will see that with Britain fighting France and other countries when really all the Royalty were cousins of each other.  So the techniques are ancient, old as the hills as they say. 


The families that kept wealth, like the Rothschilds, didnít suddenly make it by collecting rags.  They were wealthy before that.  They really were doing the exact same thing as Royalty was doing.  Royalty inbreeds to keep a hold of their lands and their power and their wealth and the lenders did the same thing.  They intermarried themselves to keep money within the families, right down to marrying their nieces, which is still a tradition today.  Nothing new under the sun as I say; however, they do run the top think tanks and they do look towards the future because there is nothing more important to them than their own survival, being obviously the most advanced species on the planet Ė thatís how they think of themselves.  They have many ways to show that to each other, or try and prove it to each other, about Ďmanifest destinyí and how theyíre Ďchosení for this and Ďchosení for that and there has got to be a power behind them to direct them and keep them safe through all these centuries.  They make up lots of nice kind of stuff to cover what they actually do. 


Itís also a natural thing too for those in power but donít have much else to do, is to always look towards the future and see how their own survival can come about.  Thatís what all this sustainability really is about, as they train the masses to eat less and consume less, into the new post-consumer society, and then of course we will die off gradually over a period of time.  You see, in the Western countries most folk are almost sterile and that was done, as well, by covert war, stealth war upon the public through inoculations and food.   You donít come out at the top and have meetings in the 1920s about bringing the population down and then sit on it for the next 80 years.  No.  They have meetings on a world scale because they know they will have to implement the plans and they know they are not going to get any volunteers from the general public; they just go ahead and do it. 


Britain was way ahead of a lot of countries in even getting this across to the public, and to the ones above the public, the more helping middle class, upper middle class that really were into bureaucracies, etc.  They brought out a series of movies on Professor Quaterman back in the 60s I guess it was.  The story really was about Ė terrible thing it was; terrible story Ė an alien ship that was buried under Hobs Lane in London and all weird things happened.   Eventually they decoded what happened to the ship and they showed you this planet with massive ants all crawling all over each other.  The message THEN was overpopulation.  That was what the whole series was about eventually.  All the other stuff to intrigue you and get you going oooh and aaah was just to get you hooked to watch the story and implant the possibility of overpopulation.  So they donít sit back and wait for folk just to say, please sterilize me.  No, they go ahead and they do it.  So why the big shock when you find out they have actually been at it for an awful long time?  Of course they have. 


The statistics all prove it as well.  And it isnít just because, as Charles Galton Darwin says, if we can destroy the family unit and encourage women to go after buying cars and having their own houses and having a live style of accumulation of material goods instead of a marriage partner, he said, then they will have less children, they wonít bother having children.  Thatís pretty well happened, again, across the Western world initially.  Surveys that have been done have proven this too, that women can now freely say that maybe 45% or 50% say, I didnít really want children anyway, which is their right of course.  They donít want that; theyíd rather have the freedom to try and stay immortally beautiful forever.  Thatís really the big thing thatís in womenís heads, they donít see themselves getting older.  Some young guys too at the same time see the same thing, they canít see themselves as aging.  They want to be Peter Pan forever and they take aging awfully, awfully bad. 


You see, Bernays and a whole bunch of them a long time ago, the guys that gave you the consumer society and used your unconscious motivations and emotions to get you to purchase items that you really couldnít afford, also worked on the men and the women and the psyches and they created the Youth Society, the Young Generation.  At one time actors would be in their 40s and 50s and they got younger and younger and younger until they give you these guys at about 20 today on TV dramas that are supposed to be doctors; what a joke.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just recapping, I suppose thatís what it is, on life itself and life down through the ages and how people adapt and people adapted into serfdom too.  After one generation they thought it was quite normal that your son or daughter would be a serf and you were bought and sold with the land.  It was a better term than slavery.  They didnít like using Ďslaveryí in Christianized countries.  Thatís how the world really has been. 


You think about wars themselves too, and conscription where people can just Ė people youíve never met and probably never will meet Ė can have you conscripted to go and fight a war you donít even understand.  Although they will always give you a basic propaganda story thatís meant for children, very simplistic, here are the evil guys over there, they are evil, evil, evil and thatís good enough and you go off and try and kill them.  But you never see the long-term planning involved in the geopolitics and who profits from it and whatís their next move after that.  I can remember during the Viet Nam era there was a leak that came out at the time from a guy who was in the CIA and he said, oh, we are working on wars that will be coming up in the next 40-50 years.  So they werenít stopping with Viet Nam.  No, they were already planning things WAY down the road.  Thatís how they do things.  They also know by statistics and using the RAND Corporation and various other organizations what the death tolls will be from war and starvation and all the things that go along with warfare.  They have a pretty good accurate account of what will be in any particular area. 


Right now we have a war on this very, very strange thing called terror, you see.  Itís not a person.  Itís really a state of being, like emotion of freaking out.  Thatís what terror is.  And youíve got a war OF terror really where they will keep this going, keep it going.  It was a MUST BE thing to bring into the world regardless of how much you can expose about it and the causes of it and its beginnings.  It makes no difference, as I say, if God came down himself they would have to nuke him because this IS the agenda and they never change their minds.  Under the guise of terror they have taken everybodyís rights away.  They have given themselves all the rights to spy on every single person, even though they were doing it long before that, covertly, illegally. But what is legal and illegal anyway?  Making something legal is just a stroke of a pen with a bunch of judges and thatís it, itís now legal.  So they can give themselves the right to legally do whatever they want basically.  Itís an odd thing too, that we are all conditioned to obey the LAW.  Well, how come we have to obey it but the guys at the top donít?  As I say, they will even change the law when it suits them to do whatever they wish.  Well, itís obviously not there for the people.  It never, ever was; it was never there for the general public.  And anything thatís in the defense of the general public will be demolished obviously too. 


Getting back to the youth culture that was developed and it really came out in the 40s, 50s and right on to the present time.  They said they would create a youth culture and separate the generations, that way those who were older would have less respect - of life itself  - from those who were young.  They would view everyone over a certain age as being an old fogey, antique, donít listen to them, and ugly even.  OR, like a lot of the movies they churn out, the person who is elderly is generally senile; thatís how they portray them.  They have created a Peter Pan culture where no one wants to age.  I mean look at the money that plastic surgeons are raking in; incredible money to try and make people look young.  It doesnít matter what you LOOK like, it isnít changing what you are within.  Your organs are still dying off and all the rest of it.  But thatís what they want today, a youth culture because you see itís the youth that will accept and adapt very fast to all changes.  Now you have an older generation thatís trying to adapt along side them and be trendy with the young.  This is all psychology and planned from on high; nothing happens by itself in this world. 


They do plan to bring in this reduction of population over a set period of time until they get their ideal set population.  Then they will go into transhumanism as they create better slaves for them.  In the meantime weíve got to through the hell of the big changes; thatís really what we are going through now, we are being taught that now.  Those at the top have put all their faith in science.  Before they called it science they called it nature.  If we could understand nature and the workings of nature we can control the world, thatís what they used to say in the old mystery religions.  Now itís just science, all different varieties and types of sciences.  We have been bioengineered for a long time, tampered with by inoculations.  No doubt whatsoever about it, look at the history of the famous names that come out with the great inoculations and when they belonged to eugenical societies whose main mantra was to bring down populations and turn to the hero, as they try to eradicate some disease and inject you all. 


Really, I have to say this, I really have to say thisÖ youíve already lost it if you go and get an injection.  You have lost it.  There is nothing to save, to be honest with you.  Your common sense should tell you that guys like Dr Salk for instance, who championed depopulation and eugenics and suddenly became the great leader that gave us the Salk vaccine, still was a eugenicist afterwards, obviously.  So what did he put in the stuff?  Well, we know what they put in the stuff, at least we know a good part of what they put in the stuff.  Not it all, they will never disclose ALL of it.  But we do know that sterilization is a big thing.  We know that the IQ plummets as well when the children get their first series of injections because it causes a fever where, where is the fever located?  Itís in the babyís head.  Whatís in the head?  The brain is in the head - thatís called common sense - and it kills off brain cells in the process. 


Interesting too, you find these magnetic imaging, with the ultrasound that they are doing as well for babies in the womb.  They made it a big, big fad until you are having your breakfast and someone sends you one of these awful cards and there is the baby in the womb and this is my baby, ya-da, ya-da, ya.  Then they come out years later and tell you that the studies they have found, that when you basically use these ultrasounds, which are just a different frequency of microwave by the way, it heats up the live tissue.  And the babyís skull contains the brain like a pot you see, and so the brain heats up and you kill off brain cells.  Well, this is not by mistake.  Nothing happens on this level by mistake.  There are so many LEVELS of checking and experimentation.  They donít do this kind of thing or put things on the market by mistake.  They know what they want to cause.  It isnít until you realize they had meetings in the 60s and the 50s at the United Nations on ways to LOBOTOMIZE the human brain to make placid, obedient people that they have actually been doing it and they are still at it.  Why should they stop doing it?  You know, the doctors donít know what they squirt into you with these injections.  They take it all on faith.  They donít go off to some laboratory and check it out for themselves.  Everything is faith based, so how easy it is to put anything at all in some ampoule and get someone to inject it.  They are all faith based.  The more naively stupid the people are, the more they will accept it as itís there to help them.  The evidence is all out there so I wonít go over it all but we are living in a horror show as I say. 


Back in the 70s it came out from, I think it was the United States Agricultural Association, that theyíd mistakenly put human genes into pigs which got on the marketsÖ and now they didnít know which pigs they were and all the rest of it and Iím sure it still goes on.  In other words, turning you into a form of cannibal in a sense, you see.  Now from Britain, BBC NewsÖ


Meat of cloned cow offspring in UK food chain, FSA says / 4 August 2010


Well I bet itís not the first one either.  Itís kind of sensational news, itís a story, sensational.  But thereís no big deal really about it and most folk wonít hiccup about it either because they donít really care.  We are all degraded to such an extent most folk donít care, or we have dropped literally Ė and I mean this Ė we have dropped so many IQ points and our own ability for self-preservation, as Iíve always said, has been destroyed.  Arthur Koestler and other ones talked about that back in the 60s when they worked for the United Nations.  they would target areas of the brain and the public wouldnít need them anymore because those parts of the brain gave them self-preservation instincts and the state would be making all their decisions for them so they wouldnít need that.  Thatís what they said.  So did Charles Galton Darwin. 


So why be so shocked when itís being done?  As I said before, donít waste your time trying to wake up people who cannot be woken up.  It isnít that they just donít want to understand you, most folk CANíT.  You are seeing the effects, the end result of a war, a physical war on their mind, on their brain.  Thatís why they canít be suspicious of things.  You see, as Charles Galton Darwin said, a wild animal retains all its survival mechanisms and we, the elite, must retain our survival mechanisms to guide the planet.  That includes being suspicious, using your common sense, your intuition and all the rest of it.  Again, getting back to the latter part of the quote, he says, the masses wonít need it because the state will be making all their decisions for them.  So Iíll put this link up about the cloned cow offspring, if anybody really cares.  I donít think that too many people do to be honest with you.  Itís kind of old hat this kind of stuff happening, as we are trained to go into the new food systems and eventually maybe even to Soylent Green.  I think the public have been so debased today that Soylent Green would be no big deal to a lot of them.  And you always get the ones coming up first just to show how wild they are, like the old rock stars used to do, doing outrageous stuff. 


Then again too, you get theseÖ Whenever they give you anything about science it is antique science they are telling you, even if they are saying they are just doing it now or working on it.  From the Globe and Mail Toronto, theyíve got an article called ďItís the thought that counts. A computer screen displays Chris Aimone's brain waves.Ē  So itís about how your brain waves can be used in computers games, etc, maybe even use musical instruments down the road and blah, blah, blah.  This is old, old stuffÖ OLD stuff.  Whenever they announce something remember itís 50-60 years behind the times, maybe more, maybe a lot more in fact. 


Canadian company develops thought-control technology which uses brain waves

If you can plug it in, you can control it with your brain

Sunday, Aug. 1, 2010 /


So there is the Globe and Mail article there and there is a Globe and Mail article about the same topic as well accompanying this so Iíll put both of these up for you as well.  People really have to get that thought their heads that you are KEPT IN A MATRIX.  You are taught to believe you are on the cutting edge.  When you believe that and someone comes along and says, you know they are using E.L.F. waves on you andÖ  Oh, they canít do that yet; I read Popular Science.  Ha!  Thatís how they keep you in that never-never land. 


An article from CNS News about Arizona being sued by the ACLU and Obama himself; I think it is Holder as well. 


Arizona Sheriff: ĎOur Own Government Has Become Our Enemyí

Monday, August 02, 2010 / / By Penny Starr, Senior Staff Writer


( Ė Pinal County (Ariz.) Sheriff Paul Babeu is hopping mad at the federal government.


Babeu told that rather than help law enforcement in Arizona stop the hundreds of thousands of people who come into the United States illegally, (Alan:  Itís isnít just the fact that they are coming in, it is the fact that there are federal troops coming over from Mexico with the drug gangs to guard them and shooting people along the way as well.  Thatís all part of it as well.)  the federal government is targeting the state and its law enforcement personnel.  (A:  And here is the Sheriff expecting the federal government to enforce its own laws, and instead of getting help from them they are getting taken to court for it.)


ďWhatís very troubling is the fact that at a time when we in law enforcement and our state need help from the federal government, instead of sending help they put up billboard-size signs warning our citizens to stay out of the desert in my county because of dangerous drug and human smuggling and weapons and bandits and all these other things and then, behind that, they drag us into court with the ACLU,Ē Babeu said.


ďSo who has partnered with the ACLU?Ē Babeu said in a telephone interview with ďItís the president and (Attorney General) Eric Holder himself. And thatís simply outrageous.Ē


ďOur own government has become our enemy and is taking us to court at a time when we need help,Ē Babeu said. 


Well there is nothing as obvious as that is there?  And if itís as obvious as that, that your government has turned into your own enemy, then what are you going to do about it?  See thatís really what the bully does at school, you know, when he pushes you and you say, donít do that.  He says, what are you going to do about it?  You have the option to run away or lick his boots or to punch him in the nose.  Thatís your options.  Thatís really what the federal government is saying here is, what are you going to do about it?  Itís also a message that you are not meant to be Ė and we all know this of course Ė but we are not meant to be national anymore or even have rights to a state anymore.  Your Constitution is out the window; you know, that useless piece of paper as Bush referred to it.  They are telling you, you are international and they WANT all this immigration to come in.  That IS what itís all about.  They have signed agreements on world levels and with NAFTA for basically unlimited labor to cross the borders.  So they donít bother with Constitutions or Bills of Rights and all the rest of it.  Remember, they believe in evolution and that means the evolution of society and the system to suit themselves.  Thatís what they mean by evolution.  They will change it to suit themselves, always. 


Then we find too, from the Washington Post, that they are pretty well saying in this article that WikiLeaks is a criminal enterprise and that the US should go after them and do whatever it takes to stop Mr Assange.  I mean, they donít say knock him off but thatís pretty well what they are saying at the same time if you really read it. 


WikiLeaks must be stopped

By Marc A. Thiessen / / Tuesday, August 3, 2010;


So when someone tries to expose the machinations of things which are to be kept secret from the general public, and from the whole world in fact, then I guess thatís what they are going to do, start knocking people off.  We are not supposed to know the real reasons for invading Afghanistan, or the real reasons for going into Iraq, or the real reasons that they want to go into Iran. We are supposed to pretend, and behave, as though we are 5 year olds and say, yes massa.  Each time the big boss speaks to you and says, this is whatís happening, have you got that?  And you say, yeah, massa, you got it massa.  But if you try to go further, because you know it all stinks and there is a far bigger agenda, then they are going to come after you.  See, itís not YOUR world, itís THEIR world.  Those who rule the world, itís THEIR world, itís THEIR system.  Remember, you are in a post-democratic system.  You are under an authoritarian system now.  Thatís what you are really being trained into, a post-democratic, expert-run, authoritarian system.  I remember hearing a woman from the United Nations talk about this very thing.  She wasnít a public relations expert either; she didnít even pretend to be nice to the reporters.  She was aloof and arrogant, I mean really arrogant, and talked down to them like children, naughty children.  She said that the United Nations is not a democratic institution, itís an institution of experts who one day will be used to control society.  Well itís here folks.  Mind you, she will do what sheís told by the very rich people who run the world and who set up the United Nations; you know, the Royal Institute of International Affairs/CFR.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know the best thing you can do is have a few friends that you guarantee you will help each other out with in times of trouble.  Thatís the best you can do in any of this because the big agenda as we know is a takedown over a period of time.  Things will get pretty bad.  They will bring in rationing when itís time; there is no doubt on that.  They have talked about it from Chatham House and thatís the headquarters of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  For years they have talked about this.  They have the 5 agri businesses basically running almost all of the farming today, again, run through your own federal governments.  Most governments buy the grain, like Canada; they buy the grain from the farmers and they distribute it and sell it off and so on.  They have taken control of all the means to live and survive, almost all of them.  So itís up to you all to help yourself and thatís really the most you can do in this world.  Most of the public will never know what hits them as they go down; they have been going down for years and never knew what hit them, most of them.  I used to think about that, whole generations were born, lived, fought wars, died, never knowing what was really going on.  And it hasnít changed today.  Itís just the same today.  Most donít want to know, or they canít know.  They are too far gone; they donít have that survival capability.  It has been destroyed in their brain, literally, physically destroyed, and they canít understand. 


They are still at it too, in the main stream, with this article hereÖ


6 cities to train mail carriers to dispense anti-terror drugs

8/2/2010 - By Mimi Hall,


At first when I read it I thought, what are they going to do?  Are they going to use mail carriers to dish out Valium, anti-terror drugs?  Thatís what I thought you see, because terror is all this weirdÖ itís a strange word isnít it, terror.  Itís not a person or a place or an army.  Itís a condition.  What it is, supposedly if there is a weaponized biological outbreak like Anthrax, I guess the posties are supposed to run around disposing of the stuff, dispensing it all over the place.  Crazy, crazy.  But articles like this are meant to keep the hype going and you think there is a real, REAL terror out there, big nasty things to come you see, keep you on edge so that government when they come out and speak you sit and listen to them and bow and say okay, save us.  Thatís what itís about, save us please.  Iíll put these links up on my site at the end of the show for you to read yourself. 


There is also an article FROM Chatham House Iíll put up about the energy depletion they are going to bring out over the years and their policy, etc.


Chatham House: 'UK needs stronger policy on energy'

Chatham House has called for a 'supergrid' to link renewable energy across Europe / 27 July 2010 | Lindsay Clark


The UK does not have a strategy for engaging with other governments to secure energy supplies and meet carbon emission targets, according to a report.

(A:   Itís beautiful as well; they actually sayÖ)

The study, by independent research group Chatham House (A: Independent research groupÖ ha, ha.)


This is one of the biggest organizations on the planet.  Every Member of Parliament in Europe, for the whole of Europe, for the EU Parliament, is a member of this organization the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations.  Every top editor is a member of it.  Every top journalist is a member of it.  All your newscasters are members of it.  To give you your reality, obviously they have to control it all.  But they really want to bring up their targets for reducing emissions BIG TIME.  That means if they cut them by half, obviously half the folk have to freeze to death in the winter.  I hope you understand what they are talking about here.  They want to close down about 30% more generating plants at the same time as they are cutting back on electricity and various other forms of energy.  Quite something. 


Thatís the music coming in and I think they were talking about possibly northern lights tonight from the aurora borealis and hopefully if itís clear somewhere somebody might just have a chance to see it.  From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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