Aug. 11, 2010 (#640)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 11, 2010:

A Word to the Wise, Most Prefer Lies:

"Patriots are Studious in Collecting the Info
To Wake Up Others to Their Foe,
Faithfully Cataloging All the Evidence,
Sacrificing Time and Money with Resilience,
Losing Family and Friends Acquainted,
Avoided like Plague, "His Mind is Tainted",
For in Naive Fervour, He Truly Believed
Presentation of Facts Frees the Deceived,
Just Like Scales Falling from Eyes of Blind
They'd Be Off with Info, Spreading in Kind,
Sad Truth, Be it Told, Most Just Jeer,
It's the Good News Man They Wish to Hear,
Promising Bright Future, Days Happy-Red-Letter,
A President Who'll Kiss Skinned Knees Better,
Shepherds Need Sheeple, Domesticated Stock,
Wantonly Gullible, Graze on Smooth Talk,
Their Wool is for Master's Sweater or Coat,
Then When Fleeced, for Him They Do Vote"
© Alan Watt Aug. 11, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 11, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August 11, 2010.  I always suggest at the start of the show rather than bore you all the way through it, with advertising myself basically, to go into web site and you will find lots and lots of talks Iíve given over the years for downloading.  Youíll see all the other sites I have up there, they are the official sites [listed above].  They are up there because sometimes the .com site gets pulled and this way if you have these bookmarked you can download the latest shows.  While you are at it, remember that you are the audience that brings me to you.  Most hosts out there, I think all of them in fact, get paid by the advertisers.  Iíve had the offers too but then you have to bring them on the shows and you kind of pretend that they are really guests and then they sell their products after scaring you for an hour.  Thatís how it goes.  This way, you bring me to you; you are the audience that brings me to you.  The ads you hear on this show between the breaks are paid by advertisers directly to RBN to broadcast the show.   It pays for their staff, equipment and their bills so itís up to you to help me with my bills.  You can do by buying the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale on the web sites.  My books, I go into history in a different manner than is usually used in schools.  In schools you have authorized history thatís meant to keep you in the dark.  We are run by conology and what I do is show you the art of conology thatís been used right down to the present time.  [Order and donation options listed above.] 


As you know, the internet is changing very fast; it was designed to go this way.  Itís not happenstance at all.  In fact nothing in a major way that happens in your life happens by happenstance.  Everything is planned in a big way by big boys at the top who never let go of the future.  Why would they want to let go of the future since theyíve run it for such a long time?  They run the present and the past the same way.  You always plan ahead, as they say, and that way they are not surprised by anything that turns up.  They covered almost every base that you can imagine.  I mean that too.  They have think tanks working full-time always on all the what-ifs, what could happen in this area, that area, or whatever.  They plan wars.  They plan the takeover of the world; they are almost finished now in standardizing the world system into their own system.  They always bring along a central bank of course, inoculations to dumb you down, and then they bring you into a world banking system via the International Monetary Fund, which is the first one you hear about, and then The World Bank takes over.  Thatís what itís all planned to do.  It was planned this way before you were born and even before your grandparents were born.  Thatís the kind of world that you really do live in.  You look at the old Bible and you look at all these programs about people being slothful and so on, and not getting ready for the harvest, or planting too late, thatís all for a reason.  Itís meant to tell you that those who want to rule the future take all the precautions to make sure itís going to be theirs.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about the reality above all this reality, the one they have given to us at the bottom.  Thatís why I call it the Matrix because even in the movie they showed you so many compartments of this matrix world and many people who lived in A particular compartment would think thatís all there was.  Nothing at the side of it, nothing above it, nothing below it, that was all there was to know.  Thatís how weíve been kept too and trained very well, scientifically indoctrinated as Bertrand Russell said.  The whole world has been like that; but it is run by conology, the art of conology thatís taught to people, the right kind of people of course; youíve got to have the streetwise smarts for it.  Youíve got to be born into the right families of course to get a different education FROM birth onwards, including from your parents and special tutors before you go off to school or university that only cements what you already know.  They are certainly taught a different reality from the one that we at the bottom are taught. 


Itís fascinating even today for instance, in todayís article from Bloomberg to do with the economy of the United States. 


U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don't Even Know It

By Laurence Kotlikoff - Aug 10, 2010 /


The way itís written is so typical of mainstream, of how they say something of a truth and then bend it off into something else without explaining all the rest of it.  Remember, you are left with false impressions by getting half-truths; you need the other half to fill in all the blank spots.  And if you get the whole truth then you have a completely different idea of whatís really going on.  Iíll put these links up on my web site at the end of the show.  The article is written by a professor of economics and he goes on to explain that the IMF, International Monetary Fund which, again, we hear these words and terms and we think itís something official, like your countryís government or something.  Itís not.  Itís a private organization that works under the umbrella of the United Nations.  Itís a private organization with its own investments run by the same international banking families that own The World Bank.  These are the guys who lend money to your nations.  So here is an economics professor saying that the IMF has declared the US bankrupt.  Genius eh?  What a genius. 


Itís fascinating to me to see how he writes the article because he goes into the fact that the whole system is a vast Ponzi scheme where health care, pensions, and all this kind of stuff can be paid out down the road to folk who are older and then the young folk have to come along and pay off this debt, that they will have to borrow the money to support the older, even though the older ones have been putting money into pension funds and all the rest of it.  He doesnít dwell on that part of it.  He doesnít dwell on the part either, that the US and all the other Western countries have been throwing more money across the seas to other United Nations programs to support places like China, for instance, in building them up into a superpower and even paying their health care.  It doesnít mention any of these things or the fact that the US is policing most of the planet on behalf of the elite who own it.  Nothing of that is mentioned, just the fact that there are too many old folk now, you see, health care is astronomical, and according to the IMF and his calculations, they will have to double the income taxes and business taxes and a whole bunch of other things to try and scrape by.  Then he goes into calculate how the debt isnít even what they say it is; itís must vaster than that and he gives you his own figures and so on. 


Now why is a professor of economics coming out now from a university and telling us this NOW?  When weíve known this, a lot of us have known this since we were very young that the whole thing was a con game.  Of course itís a Ponzi scheme.  But he doesnít mention either why should we keep the farce going?  Why do we even have to try to pay off a debt of compound interest?  And why should you even give any credence to your government who could easily print, and are supposed to print, their own money DEBT FREE and put it out debt free?  But instead of that they go out and borrow it from these private international bankers.  So itís a con game.  Thatís part of conology; itís a con game.  The best part of a con game is to create a science out of nothing and call it something like, well, economics, you see, and give it a lot of fancy terms that no one can follow unless you are in this particular line which is to deal with money.  They talk about fiscal deficits and all this kind of stuff.  It sounds very impressive but the fact is money is a very simple thing.  Itís a very simple thing.  Numbers are simple things.  What youíve got here is not just a Ponzi scheme, youíve got a money racket, you call it. 


Itís a money racket where they simply just add dots and zeroes behind a number and keep increasing debt all the time.  Of course you are going to increase debt.  It was set up through the central banking system that forfeited to the private banks, the right to put out interest free money a long time ago, guaranteed to bring on debt.  Every government on the planet thatís called Ďcivilizedí you see, under this new world order, goes cap-in-hand every year to the world bankers, the big boys, to borrow money from them to keep their government running.  Well, if YOU get into trouble because you overspent your credit card you have to pay it off and no one helps you; we are told that by the credit card companies and the banks.  So how come no one tells your government thatís enough?  Another thing too, is why on earth are governments going to banks anyway to borrow money when you see the incredible amounts of money they take in?  INCREDIBLE amounts of money, that they donít bother disclosing to the public either.   We are too beneath them to know these things.  Itís a racket!  Even Rothschild said it himself, that the whole system of banking and central banking was a racket.  He had no qualms in saying so because he knew that most folk remember things for a short time and forget it.  He said that the only ones that will figure it out this con game, basically, are the ones who are working within it, meaning economists and suchlike.  He says they wonít give the game away because they will be profiting from it.  So there you go. 


Whatís this professor been teaching all these years to his students?  Do they come out and expose the system?  No.  Heís teaching them how to get in to the system, keep the con game going and profit from it.  Again, it ties in with the present memes, as they call it.  I prefer me-me myself because I missed the Ďme-meí generation.  I go along to the Ďalmost-got-ití generation.  As I say, these are the cons that are pulled all the time with little disclosures of what youíve always known but going right back into the con that youíve got to pay it off, which is nonsense.  Why pay off something called compound interest that you canít pay off anyway?  Itís impossible and it was designed that way.  You see, debt is far more lucrative than gold or anything else.  Youíre GUARANTEED itís going to increase ALL the time because every government goes every year to the international boys to borrow money from them.  Guaranteed.  It doesnít go up or down; it just goes up.  Anyway, thatís the con game that we live in.  It was set up a long time ago of course. 


Even some of the US founding fathers mentioned the con game of banking and the private banking system, meaning the central banking system.  But it didnít matter because they got a central bank pretty quick off the bat.  Even those who stood up against it got shot or attempted shootings like some of the Presidents.  Then of course they did their Jekyll Island deal and they brought in the feds.  That was the end of it.  That was the coup díťtat.  They achieved their objective and itís been a downward spiral ever since.  Thatís the world of conology. 


Remember, whenever you read any article at all, especially, especially mainstream, remember, the media is the middle man.  Thatís what media is.  Itís in the middle.  Their job is to put over what you SHOULD know, all you should know, according to the big boys, what they have said is okay for them to know.  They also do it in a certain way to put a spin on it so they can cover things.  They also tell you how to perceive the information by the way it is written.  There is nothing left to guess at anymore.  They write it and bring you to the conclusion at the end of each story; thatís how itís done.  Itís very simple, no thinking necessary.  They donít like thinkers.  They can see through these things, so much so that people like Bertrand Russell said theyíd have to catch them at school and if they couldnít bring them over to their side and make them work for them, and be very well paid for it, theyíd have to kill them, literally.  These guys mean business at the top.  Again, we are an adaptable species, as they well know, and whatever system they create for us we fall into it and it becomes normal in no time at all.  Very adaptable. 


Itís interesting to me how people keep voting.  Iíve never understood it because Iíve never seen a party ever come in that was liked, once they are on their way out.  Never, ever.  The debt is always worse, unemployment is always worse, and it doesnít matter what side they pretend they belong to, they all belong to a ruling class, as I read yesterday.  So why do people bother to vote at all?  Itís so cheap even the way they have the whole race running stuff.  Itís a circus for the public, with balloons and stuff.  Would you really vote for someone whoís got followers there with big placards and pinstriped gear on, top hats, red noses on, like circus clowns?  Itís a circus.  They are actually telling you itís a circus, with some front actor, who is not going to change.  He will say everything that you want to hear, that he is going to make sure you are well off, but heíll never tell you that heís going to dissolve the con game of the banking system that rules your life.  Heís never going to tell you that.  See, you are born into a system where YOU owe a debt before you were even born. 


Thomas Jefferson, they had studied Europe very well, by the time of Jefferson.  He said the same thing; a generation should not be born into paying off the debt of a previous generation.  You had nothing to do with borrowing that money.  Nothing.  Each life is a brand new life starting right then when you are born, but this system that we call civilization wants you to pay forever, for World War I and onwards.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're back, Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about conology.  We are run by conology.  Part of it is to make sure that you are kept rather simple your whole life long.  That is done by going to school because you standardize everyone in the classroom.  That was the whole idea of going to school, standardization.  They will call it socialization today but in their own meaning of socialization it means someone whoís dumb, who talks about the same things that all the rest will talk about, and watches the TV shows that they all watch and chats about it in school, and stuff like that.  Standardization.  Individuality is frowned upon.  In fact, the United Nations has stated that individuality was its arch enemy basically.  Thatís why weíve all got to get standardized.  And they try to spot those whoíve got a chance of breaking through, who may be a bit more extroverted and they are not shy in asking questions, they puzzle the teachers, and they end up getting drugged into submission and their brain shrinks so there are no problems down the road. 


If you truly were taking economic warsÖ remember economics is a big part of warfare.  They have massive parts of the Pentagon and in other counties too that have the same idea, parts of their war industry dedicated to economic warfare.  In economic warfare too, they look upon long-term wars, just like Afghanistan.  They judge how long this war will take them.  Theyíve got to take into factor how many children will be born, what is their average birth rate and so on, how many families live there, and how many sons are they likely to have for 2-3 generations.  So they go out to find ways of either reducing the population through starvation, through inoculation or various other means.  They actually do this stuff to make sure they wonít have another generation fighting against them 10-15-20 years down the road.  Itís astonishing isnít it?  Astonishing that we are not taught this kind of stuff, but itís there.  If you want to go hunting for it you will find it, economic warfare. 


Itís the same with us too.  You donít realize that each one of you is classed as an economic unit, and you are even given a number, you have been since birth basically.  From birth you are actually a liability until you work.  Once you start working you pay your taxes; that helps to pay off this incredible debt for the private banking families.  As I said before, your country shouldnít even need to go cap-in-hand to any private banks when it rakes in enough in taxes as it is, but itís set up that way.  It was set up deliberately that way when they created the central banking system.  Organizations like the Royal Institute of International Affairs have a LOT to do with it because you see, they came out of the Milner Group and the Cecil Rhodes Group.  The Milner Group were comprised of the biggest bankers in the City of London.  Cecil Rhodes and his society was financed and backed by Lord Rothschild into existence.  Bankers gave us the system in which we live.  International lenders gave us this system and they made sure that every country would be standardized into their system, through warfare, through pressures of all kinds, and even by giving them little gifts to begin with, and little loans to follow it up with, and then bigger loans, and then of course in comes the IMF with their central banking system, or else we bomb you into submission and thatís how itís done.  This is an agenda. 


In their world there can be NO competing interests, no competing systems whatsoever.  The big lie of the United Nations, which they also created by the way and funded into existence, was to bring in this apparently Ė it gives the appearance of being an equality thing, a big sovietized world where everyone is equal.  That was the big con of bringing in the United Nations.  In reality it was to push their own financial interests, which once youíve got that over countries, you OWN the countries from then on.  You own them lock, stock and barrel.  So you are not worried about the military; you own the military too.  You own everybody who uses money; EVERYBODY who uses money is owned by you.  And everyone who uses money is put down as a debtor.  You are put down to pay off debts that your country accumulates.  The biggest racket ever devised; the numbers racket is the best of all.  Itís the best game of all.  Most folk donít like mathematics; they donít like arithmetic.  Most shy away from it, in the left brain, right brain idea.  They shy away and off of it.  So itís very easy for those who want to bring in what is supposedly a science.  If itís such an incredible science how come every country that they have ever gone into is broke?  Itís a science all right, to make you broke, to put you into slavery, but thatís nothing new.  They were doing that in ancient times as well. 


It doesnít matter what money is, as long as they are in charge of it and they are in charge of the distribution of it.  It doesnít matter what it is.  It will make no difference whatsoever.  Today as you know, most folk donít even use any form or semblance or even facsimile of cash at all.  They just use a card.  And you can go into any bank and ask for a loan and if they want to give you a loan they wonít give you the cash.  They will say, oh, shall we open up an account for you?  And you say, okay.  Then they give you a check book and they put a lot of numbers in that account book for you.  They just created money out of thin air.  That is fact.  They donít have the cash in the bank to pay you.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  I think John is still on the line there and weíll see if I can get him piped through.  Is John there?


John:  Hello Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


John:  Hey, good sir.  You were talking about the banker con and we are all born into debt.  Iíd like to try to figure out a way to resolve this conflict where we regain our stolen losses.  Like you were saying, when you go and get a loan from the bank there is not a capital requirement for them to cover that credit.  So you get a thirty-year mortgage on a house, in 29 years if you miss a payment they are going to foreclose on that house and you get none of your cash back.  But they didnít extend that credit.  Thatís not real credit.  Itís a form of piracy.  Itís our will that extended that money.  So I argue, and this is a debatable issue.  But on the case of criminal fraud that they are doing, like with the ninja loans for example, why would a bank give out $250 million loan knowing that the guy whoís got the loan isnít going to pay them back?  He doesnít have identification.  He doesnít have a job. They donít care because they are not covering that $250 million.  They are going to foreclose on that house; almost guaranteed, because they are criminals, that anonymous person is likely their brother or their friend.  So there is a lot of guaranteed criminal malfeasance thatís transpiring.


Alan:  The whole system is criminal.  The whole system, on a debt-based system, is obviously criminal.  Itís criminal from the very, very top.  Thatís why they have the big societies like the Council on Foreign Relations or Royal Institute of International Affairs helping running the direction for the whole world on behalf of their pals, the bankers.  It is a criminal organization absolutely.  Every country is guaranteed to go into debt with a central banking system where your government, rather than just accept the money that comes in in taxes, goes off to borrow money from private banks.  Then they go off and fight wars and give foreign aid out to God knows how many countries, pay for the health care of China and India and elsewhere, and also pay for maybe another 500 UN programs across the world.  This is a great con.  Now of course, itís time to call it in.  Thatís what they are doing.  They are calling it in, blaming us for it all of course, because they are going into their next phase of control, of world control.  Thatís what this is all about right now.


John:  I argue, that on a national stage you could successfully prosecute Obama for extortion.  The bailout makes no sense.  You are buying toxic assets which were part of a criminal fraud involving most of the mortgage securities that were called Triple A but they were garbage.  Now, the FCC has said to Goldman Sachs, Deutschebank and the Royal Bank of Scotland want their money back because they were defrauded.  Now the FCC has got their money back but not the suckers who put more than $7 trillion dollars of taxpayersí money to buy this toxic asset.  Itís the crime called extortion because they insisted that the economy would be run into the ground.  You canít find a banker or a soldier or anybody who would oppose me on CNN.  Theyíd be frantic, going I canít find anybody who disagrees with that; the criminals are going to get arrestedÖ


Alan:  They donít.  They canít disagree with it becauseÖ


John:  My other point is the national debt.  I have argued, this is a more difficult thing; I know that there are arguments on both sides.  But I argue that the national debt is how much the bankers owe the American people because that credit was issued through the Treasury Department at the acquiesce of American will.  That money was created by America, not these private bankers who then in turn took it from the Treasury Department and lent it back to ourselves.  I say that debt is what they owe us, not what we owe them.  So thatís an interesting argument.


Alan:  Thatís more like it, however, that will never, everÖ  As you know, that wonít happen.  They put their own boys up for presidents and have for about 100 years.  Itís the same in Canada too.  If youíve watched that Oh, Canada video Ė and Iíll put the link up again tonight Ė the money is explained in such simplicity.  They talk to ex-Prime Ministers who actually tell you that itís better for a country to be in debt than to be debt free.  Prime Ministers are telling the public itís better to have a massive debt than to be debt free.


John:  Yeah.  They are criminals.  They are stealing our authority.  Again, they war with censorship to not allow freedom to reign.  The best example I have, imagine me on CNN going, look, Bush closed the 9/11 investigations officially from the FBI, who pursued the crime scene and even the real murder scene.  We have to follow probable cause.  Bush doesnít want us to do that so heís for sure guilty of obstruction.  We need to get the cops back on the job to get the real bad guys.  No soldier would oppose me.  No politician would oppose me.  Thatís where freedom is, in the words we speak, on a just cause that is beneficial for all persons and thatís what freedom is, justice.  If we donít nab the actual perpetrators from 9/11, they are still escaping, you know, going to murder more Americans probably, and con us for more profitable debts in Iraq, Afghanistan and likewise, selling drugs, raping women, and doing all the other terrible things.


Alan:  Well, they are.  Hereís the problem with all of that though.  Itís not going to be done by asking them nicely, as you well know.  We can complain and bitch until the cows come home, itís not going to change a thing.  These guys know it as well.  They are perfectly well aware of it.  They are a criminal organization.  It doesnít matter how many degrees they have behind their name and all the rest of it and letters to spout off, or the types of suits they wear and the cost of their suits, or what university they come from.  The fact is they have been chosen, hand picked, for being good con men, good liars and cheats, who believe they are superior to the ordinary person on the street and they believe thatís the way this system should actually be.  So when you hear≠ - and I mentioned this today on another show - when you hear a President coming out in the US saying, youíve got a New Deal, like FDR did, he was saying, this is your new constitution, here is the new deal, a socialist order and of course that meant incredible borrowing from the private banks.  When you hear Obama coming out saying a similar thing too, itís a new era, itís a time for change.  When you hear George Bush coming out and saying, here is the new freedom, he has just redefined what freedom is for you.  They are giving you legal announcements; thatís what they are doing.  People hear these things and it never takes with them.  So technically you see, the public have acquiesced to everything because they didnít understand what they just heard.  In reality these guys are treasonous and every single one of them should be put on for treason but that will never happen either because anyone who takes a paycheck from the Pentagon on down is going to stop you.


John:  Yeah, well they are going to try.  You know the only power Obama has is expressing that he represents the publicís interests.  So he told Jay Leno, for example, ďthe bailouts were all perfectly legal.Ē  No, they are not; you are a liar and you need to be arrested for extortion.  Again, you canít find a soldier to war me because he knows Iím telling you the truth.  If he doesnít know heís going to have to seek out the information for himself to understand everybody is being robbed by these shysters who think we donít have a just cause to voice concern for all people involved.  I want the Taliban to be treated respectfully; these are people who only ask for evidence to form our conclusions.  Bush said, no.  Justice isnít freedom and we donít need it.  His verbatim quote is, ďwe donít need any evidence.Ē  Yes, we do; all people concur, minus the criminals, minus the war crimes of bombing Iraq for no cause. Saddam said we could do whatever we wished and without delay.


Alan:  Once again, you see there is no lack of evidence.  There is no lack of what should be done.  But itís not going to happen.  I can tell the people that right now, itís not going to happen by bitching about it and telling them that we know.  Itís not going to happen.  You see, they are ready for anything, as you well know.  Thatís what they have been doing for 20 years, is preparing for this moment in time to ensure their own survival. 


John:  Well, murder is against the law.


Alan:  Not in their books itís not.  In fact there is actually a very old law and this came up with a famous trial in the United States that involved the offspring of the 2 biggest banking families who were killing people while they were at university.  They believed in the Hegelian technique, Superman.  They believed in all of that and they said, for the elite themselves, they said, murder was quite acceptable; not amongst themselves, but to those beneath them. So there is a strange thing there IN law and that was brought up during their court case.  So youíve got to understand, these people talk differently, they have a different idea of reality, obviously, because they are above the clouds that they put on top of us.  They are not going to just go away and they donít really care that we bitch and all the rest of it, about things.  They technically know, see, they have every single person on the planet working for them to earn their money that they dish out there.  Until we sayÖ literally, it would take the whole countryÖ it would take a whole country to stop using their money, literally, everything coming to a complete standstill, the troops came home and all the rest of it.  It would take that kind of effort to make them recognize.  And even then you are playing with vipers.  You can never trust them with whatever deal they came to arrange with you.  Youíd have to literallyÖ, well, youíd have to put them in court and deal with them properly.


John:  Yeah.  And so, understand, they sell faith initiatives where, just trust Bush, heíll do whatís right for us.  I want to know how we form our conclusions on whoís guilty or innocent, especially in war, to know that they are bombing people who only ask for evidence to form a conclusion.  Soldiers should be warring to END this tyranny by demanding us follow probable cause to arrest the actual culprits.  General Amat [?] financed the operation; he still walking a free man because these soldiers canít find these words within themselves to defend their falling lives and our falling lives also.


Alan:  What they also know too, is that you always stack your war department at the top with hand-picked people who are definitely part of your club you see, because any county Ė and the founding fathers of the US knew this as well.  The founding fathers knew that standing armies were incredibly dangerous because Europe had always turned them on their own people.  Every country in Europe had turned its standing army on its own people.  So they were very wary of that.  They knew that the only chance a country would have when it was financially restricted by the shysters who would come in, if there was an army there, was to get the army on your side and have coup.  Thatís what they knew because it wonít happen any other way.   And I wouldnít hold my breath for that either.  As I say, the guys at the top are all hand-picked, since they were children probably, and reared for their positions in the Pentagon. 


John:  Especially with Mattis, but itís not since he was a child, itís knowing that he was the judge of the child killers who admit to the point blank shooting of children in the head.  Heís the guy who did the wedding bombings where he said, nobody from the Middle East lives in the middle of the desert, and besides I only killed Al-Qaida.  But we got video and it was women and children, then he ordered soldiers back into double tap the infants making sure theyÖ


Alan:  And believe you me, they have lots and lots of those kind.  They seek them out in fact. 


John:  Yeah, they put him in charge of CENTCOM.  Heís the new commander and heíll kill you, heíll kill me, heíll rape my wife.  Heís war criminal.


Alan:  What youíve got really is, again, an organization at the top.  They have plenty of hit men, believe you me.  Every country in fact has its guys for doing what they call Ďthe wet jobs,í assassinations.  Britain has been doing the same thing for hundreds of years in fact; thatís where the US learned it from.  They are very good at what they do.  They will kill anybody they are told to kill.  It wouldnít matter if it was a member of their own family, they would do it in a heartbeat.  They are good psychopaths so they have all the right qualifications.  The guys at the top, they run both sides, remember, at the very top, the bankers.  They run things on the legal side and the illegal side.  They also run the pharma business, which is the legal side of it, and the illegal side of it, the drug running.  Itís always both sides of the coin that they run, both of them.  Itís the same thing with justice.  They run the so-called justice system and if they canít get what they want through that, they will use the guys below, the hit men, to take care of any problems.  This is a total criminal organization running the world.  You are quite right.  But believe you me, from their point of view, they believe, like Darwinists that they are, they believe that they have the right to do it because they ARE the elite.  They have proven it by staying in power for many, many generations, and they believe in the Darwinian principle of the survival of the fittest.  To THEM, those who are meek, naÔve, or plain stupid, are inferior beings and so thatís how they rationalize what they do amongst themselves. 


John:  Yeah, but to sacrifice fellow soldiers, where they will attack Samara and the city is totally cooperative, but will just bomb them indiscriminately and then order soldiers to placate hostilities where soldiers die.  The commander of the third infantry, Buford Blount, before taking command of the third infantry, was the command of the Saudi Arabian forces.  This is the guy a Saudi Wahhabist, whoís a psycho crazy man, who was given command of the entire third infantry and soldiers knew that.  Sadler set them up to die and they did die, like lots of soldiers are dead because he doesnít want a justice to reign.  He wants tyranny to succeed over the voices of the common man who demand that we be treated fairly and instead they drop 9 2,000-pound bombs on Fallujah, killing everybody.


Alan:  I know, and they have their killing zonesÖ


John:  Radioactively poisoned and they are all dead now.


Alan:  As I say, we know all this stuff.  There is no lack of evidence.  There is no lack of evidence but the fact is, how to do you get rid of a criminal organization that not only runs one country, they run pretty well the whole world now through their central banking system.  Thereís the problem we always end up with, how do you alter this?  Remember too, they are quite sincere about survival of the fittest and they do worry that we are using up THEIR resources for THEIR offspring down the road.  They do intend to eliminate an awful lot of us.  These are the same guys who have their scientists meeting together to find ways of decreasing the population, sterilizing the public.  They have been having these meetings for 100 years, by the way, they have introduced it a long time ago; thatís why the Western world is going pretty well sterile.  They donít tell the public the truth.  You know, itís like when they talk.  They used to talk in South Africa, when the whites would say, you canít talk to the blacks like an ordinary person; theyíre like children, so you have to talk to them like children; everything is too complicated for them.  Thatís how the elite talk to us.  They treat us like children.  So weíll never get the truth from them on anything that they are actually doing, anything at all, because itís against our interests to tell us the truth.  Weíd have to do something; weíd have no choice but to do something about it, if they were to do that. 


John:  Yeah.  Well, thatís where freedom resides, is when we understand the rights we all share.  A person accused of a criminal offense without any evidence is innocent no matter who you are.  These people like in Guantanamo need to be freed and we need to arrest the judges there for contempt of life.  I mean, Kater for example, was shot in the back, on his knees.  The soldier who shot him in the back shot him another child in the back for the same crime.


Alan:  They are coming out with lots and lots of articles right now where this is a common occurrence, COMMON occurrence.  Itís been going on for years now.  Again, I donít see anything happening about it because THATíS the orders from the top and soldiers become like robots and they obey.  Itís been proven again through Harvard and other university studies that obedience to authority makes them do what they do and they can turn anyone into a torturer - thatís what they claim - through their experiments. 


John:  Especially with the mercury tainted vaccines and all the other brain damagingÖ


Alan:  Itís also to do with all the other drugs they feed troops, troops that are on a very high drug level dose of all kinds of strange drugs.  Iíve talked to some of them who have told me they hallucinated in their whole time of service over in other countries, literally hallucinated.  They were forced to take pills in the morning; the Sergeant Majors would ensure that they swallowed them.  They were not told what they were.  But once you join up you see, youíve now become Ďprivate.í  You donít belong to the general population, you are Ďprivatelyí owned; thatís what a private soldier is and they can do whatever they want with you.


John:  You could take a public position to say, Iíve taken an oath to God and country to defend America to the death, I will not openly commit a criminal offense against others to escape the real evil doers, like Bush and Cheney for obstruction.  If just one soldier or two soldiers or three, maybe a thousand soldiers started saying that as honorable men, we could maybe turn the tide or turn this table around and go, no, we are going after the bad guys actually, we are not going to suffer any more of the consequences. 


Alan:  Remember too, you are not dealing with fools at the top.  They are not stupid.  They are NOT stupid.  They have think tanks going over every possible scenario that you can imagine coming up and how to deal with it.  They are utterly RUTHLESS at the top.  I mean, UTTERLY RUTHLESS.  The reason I think, really, that Iím alive and other ones are alive, is because we only go so far on speaking about this, only SO far and no further.  Actually itís a crime to go any further.  Thanks for calling.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Itís amazing as I say.  This has gone on for so, so long, hundreds of years for some countries and a good 100-150 years for the States.  Itís an incredible criminal organization but they donít see themselves as criminals.  They truly believe they are a natural elite and itís their right to do what ever they want and you donít tell the children what you are up to.  Thatís as simple as that; simple as that.  The problem is too, if you could possibly change the system there would be upheaval for a while until something new settled in.  And during that upheaval the people who quite liked the system, although it was going down the hill, will turn on you.  All those who are the dead, the walking dead who are quite happy in the world playing and partying and all the rest of it, theyíd turn on you for upsetting what they thought was their life and their lifestyle, even though it wasnít going to last for very long the way itís going.  It doesnít matter.  So youíll never please everyone, but you will never get the people who use moneyÖ  The guys who come to arrest you will tell you they are just doing their job; the job means they work for money and they want that money.  They know itís crazy too but they will do it regardless.  If they are told to kill you they will kill you as well.  Thatís the amazing thing about money.  Amazing.  It gets people to do whatever their bosses want them to do. 


I think there is another caller on the line.  Is it Dennis from Michigan?  Is Dennis there?


Dennis:  Hello Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


Dennis:  I got a question for you Iíve been wondering about for a long time and you have talked about it quite a bit.  You may know and you may not know but I would like your opinion on it.  Real quick, this bisphenol A thatís in all the plastic, do you think it ever leaches out?  I mean completely.


Alan:  It will keep leaching out until it cracks literally.  Itís constantly giving off oils; plastic does that no matter what type there is.  They say that the harder the plastic, the better, the softer the worse.  Thatís why they made the soft drinks and the soft bottles very popular; to make sure you get a good dose of it.  Itís done on purpose.  They came out with this in the late 1800s.  They knew what it did to the male fetus in women.  You grow up with a very effeminate male if the mother was using this stuff.  Even in the cosmetics in fact, it would go into her blood stream and a fetus between the age of 8-12 weeks would never be a normal male his whole life.  So they knew this back then. So why would you make it a fad and very popular by putting it in soft drinks and making an incredible fad out of that?  Itís for a purpose and we see the purpose all around us.  Youíve got a lot of effeminate males today.  They wonít stand up and fight for anything; they just love comfort and fun.  This is part of the warfare that Iím talking about.  Itís all intentional.  Science is a big part of warfare.


Dennis:  You can have one of those plastic bottles for years and it will still give you a dose every time you use it?


Alan:  Yes it can, especially if you put something hot in it.  Thatís why they started lining the tin cans with it, so when they put the hot food in it more of it leaches out into the food.  This is all done on purpose.  Thatís the music coming in for the end of the show.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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