August 12th, 2010 (#641)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt August 12th, 2010:

Redistribution of Wealth to Emerging Nations:
Is This a Joke, We Pay Them and We're Broke?:

"Did the West's Downward Signal Begin with the Towers?
Actually it Occurred on Schedule, Planned by Powers
Which Use Nations, Then Dispose Without Thanks,
Run by Organizations which Own World Banks,
They're Monopolists, Ruthless, yet Charming - Kinda,
Now They're Raising India, Brazil and China,
Which by U.N. Agreement Pay No Carbon Fees
For Up to 20 Years, They Do as They Please,
Other U.N. Treaties Assure They'll have the Best
Nuclear/ Coal Power, Health Care Paid by West,
Which also Pays Factories to Move to Their Nations,
Trains Their Employees for Their New Occupations,
Yes, It Must be Nice to be an Emerging State,
Paid to Prosper with No Pay-Back Date"
© Alan Watt August 12th, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - August 12th, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on August the 12th, 2010.  For newcomers, look into website. You'll find hundreds of audios for download, where I try to explain the big picture, and get you out of the Matrix by showing you that the world is guided along a particular path by very powerful people, who plan things all the time, and sometimes they publish their plans, and they use different organizations, in fact they own many organizations worldwide, to make sure the world goes in a required direction of globalism.  But they also have a nefarious plan, of course, to bring down the Western countries, after they've done their job, which we pretty well have done.  We've standardized the whole world by conquest for them, and now it's time to wrap us up and throw us away like an old piece of rag basically.  And that's what's really been happening for an awful long time.  It's well documented in history books, for those who participated at the lower levels, and bureaucrats too in different governments love to publish their biographies, and they give an awful lot away if you're willing to look through these dusty old books. 


And remember, when you look in there, too, that I also sell books myself, and these books are different.  I write them to break the conditioning that you've been subject to, since you were born basically, and the school definitely puts you through, to make you a linear thinker, because those who rule the world are wild men, as they call it themselves.  Charles Galton Darwin said that.  We rule the world and we're wild men.  Those who are domesticated are basically us.  We're churned out of the schools, we think linearly, and we come to the conclusions they want us to come to very, very easily.  And we're kept gullible and very naive, but that's the media's job.  So purchase the books, and hopefully that will keep me going for some time longer.  And remember too, that you can buy the books from the U.S. to Canada, by using a personal check, you can also use paypal for donations or to purchase.  Send a donation, plus a separate email, with your name, address, and order if you want to purchase.  An international postal money order is fine to Canada, and cash is good as well.  Across the rest of the world, remember, you can purchase them, and there's discs there as well.  Some of them have forty, fifty shows on them.  You should get those as well, because who knows how long we'll be up on the net.  But as I say, the rest of the world, you've got Western Union as well, cash, paypal to order or donate, and you have MoneyGram.  I think MoneyGram's cheaper then Western Union so, it's up to yourselves how you want to do it. 


I'm the only host out there who doesn't live on advertising, which is awfully, awfully lucrative, believe you me.  And I'm backed by no staff, and I'm not produced, either.  And this is more than a full-time job, believe you me, it drains the life out of you, seven days a week, but it must be done, because we're at the end of the road.  And that's the only reason I've come out to the public, since about 1998, and explained what was going on, and literally changed the direction of what they call Patriot Radio, altogether.  All the eugenics stuff, the DNA, the United Nations Agenda, the building up of China to be the dominant superpower and manufacturer for the world, I started all that stuff off years ago, and it's been picked up and run with, thank goodness.  So, help me to keep going, because as I say, I've nothing to gain really here.  But it takes a lot of money just to even do what I do here, believe you me.  And I could go off and do other things certainly, while there's still money to be made, before it's worth nothing at all.  So you're as well sending it to me as a donation, or buying the books, the discs and so on.  The ads you hear on this show remember are paid by advertisers to RBN, that pays for the broadcast, and it pays for their staff and equipment and their bills, so you've got to help me out with mine, by, as I say, buying the books or donating to me.  I could certainly do with more donations, believe you me.  And it doesn't matter how much it is, a dollar, two dollars, whatever, as long as it's something coming in from enough people, I can just get by with my bills.  Back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  You know, people today wonder how we got into the mess we're in, and they wonder why great grandparents, and great-great grandparents allowed things to happen, even during the Great Depression, as they call it, even though the one that's coming up is going to be a lot worse.  And the reason that they did nothing about it, is because the people today do nothing about it.  People don't like to change their way of life, even though they're adapting to the changes all the time.  They still like the familiar, and they don't want to lose the familiar, even while they're losing it.  Even while you have inflation going on, as long as you have your comforts, your routine, your familiar places that you go to visit, or bars, or whatever you do, you do nothing, except complain about it.  And that's why it happened before.  And that's why the bankers always triumph.  No one wants to stand up to them, and to their government as well, because, see, your government is all part of it. 


Everyone is selected to run, and Quigley went through that, Professor Carroll Quigley, in Tragedy and Hope.  He was the official historian for the Council on Foreign Relations' worldwide organization.  The British branch is the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the Milner group set up the whole century for the 20th century and into the 21st century, and they were comprised of international bankers, based in the City of London.  These are the guys who boasted how they brought wars about to bring about a unified world.  And they believed they were justified in doing what they were doing.  And they had all the money in the world to do so.  These are the guys too, who actually wrote the history books for the US and Britain, and the British Commonwealth.  So they could even keep their names out of the books.  Winston Churchill brought this up in Parliament.  He was so astonished to realize that they'd even written the history books to cover their own tracks, and their machinations of what they'd been up to.  Quite something. 


A World Government was their idea.  They brought in a League of Nations, then the United Nations, and they had plans for the whole world.  The Western powers were to finance the wars, the standardization across the world, into the same system with central banking, under the World Bank.  And they also decided to bring up China eventually to be the manufacturer for the planet, as they were bringing down the Western countries.  You see, they believed that they didn't really need to fear anything from China.  China's got a history of basically being very, they're very much the mass man type.  Individuality has never been a problem for China.  In fact, everything in China, even under the Communist regime is conformity to the whole, you see.  So, they have no problems with China, and the same bankers, believe you me, set up China as well.  And they used your governments, because they put in your politicians at the top of every party, and Quigley documents this as well in his books about it.  And therefore, they cannot possibly lose. 


They always play their agenda, and if you read their books that they put out by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and Council on Foreign Relations, they'll always say published by the Rockefeller foundation.  And then they'll go on to say that the Royal Institute or the CFR is a non-political organization.  And they're telling you the truth.  Even though they put your top politicians in, they don't play politics.  They simply direct and run an agenda.  There's a big difference.  Big, big difference.  The political part is just for the people at the bottom to keep us voting new people in when we're sick of the last lot.  That's all it's for.  It's a Punch and Judy show, it's a circus for the public, and they give you presidents and prime ministers to throw tomatoes at, verbal or otherwise.  That's all it's for, because the real agenda goes on, regardless of what color party you think is in power.  And it's been like that your whole life.  It's like that all through, pretty well the 20th century.  You have to read Tragedy and Hope by Quigley, and The Anglo-American Establishment by the same author.  As I say, he was the official historian for this group, who had access to their records and their archives.  And he was all for it.  That's why he wrote the book. 


And, as I say, psychology is incredible, mass psychology is well understood.  How the people think, how they'll behave.  There's constantly simulations done through the Rand corporation, and many others, who put all the data through computers to see how we react in any given situation, and they're generally pretty well right.  And they know that all people do, during times as they're being taken down, put into planned poverty, put into a new system of Communitarianism, because that is the plan.  Your little community.  You'll work in it.  You'll have directors given to you, or they'll rise out of you supposedly, but really they're already pre-picked.  It's a new Soviet idea.  You see, the CFR and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, created the Soviet Union.  Bertrand Russell, who was one of their big players, was sent to Russia, and he was also sent to China.  And he says in his own memoirs, that his job in China was to help set up in universities, the organizations for Communist Revolution.  This is Lord Bertrand Russell in his own book.  Theses guys literally planned everything that's happening today.  And beyond.  And it's a hard thing for most people to get their heads round, because surely the general mainstream media would give you clues about this.  No.  The media's job is to keep you in the dark, dumb and stupid, and gullible and talking about trivia.  And most folk today, and it's very true, what the elite have said themselves, in their publications, they cannot tell the difference between fact and fiction.  They can't even tell what an ad is.  They can listen to it for a whole hour sometimes and they don't even know that's what they're listening to.  Psychology is used through all businesses to make you buy.  And remember, fear is another technique to make you buy as well. 


We're on the way down now.  We're meant to go down now.  As I say, they could have burst the financial bubble any time they wanted to.  They could have kept it going for another twenty years if that was the case, but they literally run to a time table, like a big, long-range business plan.  I used to wonder, why on Earth would Canada and Western countries have so many mainland Chinese students over in the 70s and 80s.  Why?  When it's their main enemy supposedly for Communism.  Now Communism had made its goals quite clear.  The complete overthrow of all existing forms of government and their institutions and their systems, right down to the family unit.  That was their goal.  Never hidden about that.  They didn't hide it.  So why would the West finance these countries?  Why would your own politicians sign deals through GATT, the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs, and other global deals, through the United Nations to, for your own guys to go over to China and invest in China and build them up?  Why would you train all the future engineers for all their factories, that they didn't even have back in the 1970s?  They were training them in advance knowing darn well there were global deals getting made.  And the countries also knew, your own politicians knew in all the Western countries, that once you signed GATT and everyone flocked off to China, there'd be nothing left in your own countries.  They said you'd be a service economy, which is a temporary measure.  And by the way, they didn't say it would transform into something better after that, no, they just left it hanging.  Well, what do you think that means?  It means no jobs folks.  And the country who does the manufacturing is the country who rakes in the bucks.  No manufacturing, no bucks.  And all the countries in the West now, especially the US, they're always talking about balancing of trade.  What a joke.  What does the US export apart from Hollywood movies now, and the occasional missile?  Look at the imports from China though.  It's 99% one-way.  Trade Balance they call it.  And this supposed totalitarian regime, which it still is by the way, China, it still has that red star flying on its flag there.  It literally holds the debt, it owns the debt of the US.  Before that the US used to be held by Japan.  Now it's China, your archenemy.  Do you really believe that you have any enemies at all?  There are no enemies.  Because the same guys who set up the US to be powerful and rich, took all their cash away and put it in China.  And now they're disposing of all of us here you see.  That's the reality of it as we go down the tubes.


And I said when, and I don't like even talking about presidents, or prime ministers' names, because to me they're all faceless.  They're interchangeable.  They're all groomed for their task.  They do what they're told.  They read the scripts written by the scriptwriters.  You don't vote for scriptwriters.  These are the guys that run the show.  They know what the real agenda is.   I said, when Bush was in, I said, Obama will just come in and use all the tools for totalitarianism that Bush helped set up during the supposed war on terror, which I call War OF Terror, because that's the only way you can get a totalitarian society in as you're taking it all down the tubes.  You've got to have it under the pretext of war.  It's the only time when people will just buckle down, do what they're told and let all their privacy be invaded, and give up their rights basically.  So everything that's happening today was planned that way.  Right down to the smallest detail.  Right down to even rationing, when food rationing will come out, because that is planned down the road.  War is unceasing.  They used to say that evil men never sleep, you know.  And that's so true in a sense, because the richest people on this planet can hire think tanks to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, round the clock, year after year, planning and scheming, and that's exactly what they do, to bring in their future. 


People also go on about the famous scientists.  You pull out someone who's a celebrity.  Now what is a celebrity?  It's someone who's been promoted into stardom by an industry that knows how to make stars.  Whether it's the music industry, entertainment industry, or the scientific industry, and I'll go into that in a moment, so hang on.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt.  We're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just talking about how stars are created and they become celebrities, and then celebrities start prattling on about politics, as though that was their speciality, and actors do it and actresses do it, and big associations look for them because people will listen to them.  Just because they're well known, you see.  And it's the same thing with scientists.  Down through the ages, they've given us top scientists, and because a person speaks like Einstein on politics, supposedly he must know more than the rest.  Well, it's nonsense.  Your plumber knows as much as Einstein about politics.  It's all on the level par then, since it's all nonsense anyway.  But it's the same thing when they bring out Stephen Hawkins recently.  And they get everybody prattling on about it.  And he's saying that we've all got to go to the stars for survival, the human race, because oh, the planet is in a terrible mess, and there's too many people.  The same old stuff, you see.  And yadda, yadda, ya.  And what you don't realize is, it's the elite who want to go off into space, in case anything happens down the road for the future.  They cover every possible scenario.  And under the Darwinian principle you see, they must ensure their survival.  They're not going to make sure that there's anything for you.  But they'll use your tax money in the meantime, and your labor, to build their vessels and all the rest of it.  They'll use your brains, if you go to university and work on these little projects under grants and so on.  Yet, they'll use all of that, because you work for money, that they also tax back from you.  But they also get you working in all the things for their own personal survival.  That's what it's all about.  They even put movies out about it.  Deep Impact was one, one of the first ones, where the ordinary folk at the end, they get a lotto for the last few remaining seats inside this safe haven.  And then of course there have been a few out recently too, where only the elite are handpicked to survive and the scientists.  That's what that's all about.  Meanwhile they want us all to be enthusiastic about going off into space.  Well, you'll never, ever see the other side of the atmosphere, believe you me.  You ain't going to see it.  Not for you.  That's how they get people to really get enthusiastic about something.  They get someone, that's well known, to mutter this stuff, and I do mean mutter it, and everyone prattles on about it, not realizing they're being conditioned to work towards something, and to actually be enthusiastic about it.  They're all being conned.  Maybe they should say, okay, you can get enthusiastic when you're guaranteed a place on the ship; until then, I'd forget it if I were you.


Now we're going into a Totalitarian system.  We're in it, in fact, well in it.  And the big part of it too is electronic tracking and all the rest of it.  And I'll put up some links tonight.  There's one to do with how even the implants in your car tires can be hacked by professionals and how they're also meant to track you in wherever you drive.  It's amazing how many bases they covered from all the other chips in you car to the ones even in your tires, hmm.  And you know, I read that article years ago, when they were first doing it, and no one gets their hackles up.  It's like when they bring in GMO food; do you understand that's the most primal things that you need to survive, food and water?  And here's scientists changing your food supply.  And no one is bothered about it.  Do you realize how domesticated we truly are?  Do you realize how bad we are?  Then we see the rise of the Police State, across the Western world, well actually across even the way to Australia, because once again, you have all these different associations of what you think are guys who work for you, who don't work for you at all.  They actually belong to U.N. organizations, like this bunch here, the Chief Police Officers Association.  They're international.  You think your police chief is yours, well you pay his wages, yeah, but he belongs to a United Nations organization.  Here's an article, here, from the Register.  And it's from August the 11th.  And it says:


The Association of Chief Police Officers has been told not to re-broadcast an anti-terror advert it ran on TalkSPORT radio.


The advert urged people to call the "Anti-Terrorist Hotline" to report suspicious behaviour such as anyone paying with cash "because he doesn't have a bank card", or keeping his curtains closed "because his house is on a bus route".


(A: And doesn't want people looking in his window.  That's really highly suspicious.  These are your top cops supposedly?  Now I know, in fact, they decreased the IQ level for entrance into the cops about 15 years ago.  They didn't want guys that were too bright.  But if this was the crème de la crème at the top, these guys, God help us all.  So they're asked to pull this ad, because you can imagine anybody who's using cash is getting reported by idiots.  And there's lots of idiots out there.)


The Metropolitan Police Service responded to the Advertising Standards Authority on behalf of ACPO. It claimed the behaviours described in the advert were "based on trends  (A: Everything is trends now, you see.) identified by police and had been amongst evidence given in court at recent terrorism trials".


(A: That they used cash and closed their curtains.  Oh, that's really highly suspicious.  I guess you're supposed to do everything in your bedroom too, with everything wide open, so everyone can see what you're up to.  I mean, these guys are nuts.)


The ASA noted that the behaviour described could also apply to the behaviour of a number of law-abiding citizens


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt.  We're Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the Police Chief's Association that works under the United Nations, putting out ads to tell people to report anybody who's using cash, or keeping their curtains closed, even if they live next to a roadway where there's a bus route for instance, or whatever going past them.  That's quite a common thing.  If there's a bus going past your window, why would you want folks staring in all the time?  It's suspicious now.  You see, you're supposed to be a open book, all your data is to be up on the Cloud for the NSA to peruse when they want to, and they want to make sure that you're all living with open doors, and open windows and all the rest of it, just in case you're up to something very suspicious.  So they were asked anyway to remove this ad, as being offensive, and we'll see what they do.  And it's actually got the ad on this article, and I'll put this article up too, the link to it, at the end of the show at So you have to really wonder what kinds of brains are at work here and what they're really training us for, when you see all of these things.  And that's what I mean about being domesticated, we've got so many clues, all down through the years, what's going on, and people don't want to sit and put them together.  Clue after clue after clue.  As I say, they go after your water supply, they go after your food supply for instance.  They bring you down monetarily, although as I say, it's been a con game from the very beginning of central banking, but they decide to bring it down now.  And then you get articles like this.  Now the Rand Corporation is one of the biggest corporations on the planet for doing surveys and so on for the governments across the world, a big part of the World Order.  And this article here makes you wonder what they're really up to, because obviously, it's not what they say.  Now remember too, Rand is a corporation that fed everybody in the Western hemisphere pretty well through computers, during the time of the Cold War.  And they ran the whole war on what they called Game Theory, an idea brought up by a mathematician who was an absolute nut case and a schizophrenic, paranoid schizophrenic, that's who they based it on.  And they fed all your data, all through the Cold War into this computer for the government.  And they call themselves a non-profit organization, which means they've got a free hand to do anything but believe you me, their salaries are in the millions per person, this organization.  But here they are doing this, and it says:


RAND Partnering with Hill House Association to Study How New Grocery Store Will Affect Pittsburgh's Hill District


(A: You know, this is like part of DARPA, this organization, you understand, and the Pentagon.  But here they are wanting to see how a new grocery store in an area that doesn't have it, a full grocery story, will affect Pittsburgh's Hill District.  Can you believe?  Obviously, it's for another reason, isn't it?  And it's July 19th, 2010.  So:)


Pittsburgh's Hill District neighborhood will be the focus of a RAND Corporation study that will examine how a full-service grocery store can influence the health of residents served by the store, RAND announced today.


Well, I can save them the trouble, because believe you me, since we've had all the GMO stuff in Canada, and everything tastes the same, even the meat tastes all the same, it doesn't matter what kind of meat you're buying, and the health is plummeting in everybody, it kills you is what it does.  I can save you the trouble right now.  Because I can bet you anything that's what they're doing.  They're studying how fast they go down the tubes.  Something big is going on there in this 2.7 million dollar study.  But that's the rubbish they feed the public, you see.  They can always cover their tracks for the public.  And the public are gullible enough to believe anything they read, you see.  They cannot tell, they can't discern information anymore from any source, by the way.  They can't discern it.


Now, here's an article about China.  I was mentioning how China was built up by the Western powers, how the students were all trained in universities for engineering and so on, before they even had the factories set up in China, because they hadn't signed the deals yet.  Our boys hadn't signed the deals yet to allow, and actually pay corporations, factories to move over to China, and we did.   We paid for their uprooting.  And any losses incurred until they were set up for a period of seven to ten years and they could apply for more aid if they claimed they still weren't up to what they thought their profit margin would be for another ten years.  That's not bad, putting that on the taxpayers' tab, to take their work away from them, eh, and put it over in China?  So China was set up by your own countries folks.  Because as I say, the guys at the top of your countries, don't work for you, and you keep voting them in.  They don't work for you.  Never have.  Says here:


China’s estimated economy by the year 2040.


In 2040, the Chinese economy will reach $123 trillion, or nearly three times the economic output of the entire globe in 2000. China's per capita income will hit $85,000, more than double the forecast for the European Union, and also much higher than that of India and Japan. In other words, the average Chinese mega city dweller will be living twice as well as the average Frenchman when China goes from a poor country in 2000 (A: That's when they're basing it from) to a super rich country in 2040. Although it will not have overtaken the United States in per capita wealth (A: That's nonsense.  It will be at the rate we're going.), according to my forecasts, China's share of global GDP -- 40 percent -- will dwarf that of the United States (14 percent) and the European Union (5 percent) 30 years from now. This is what economic hegemony will look like.


Most accounts of China's economic ascent offer little but vague or threatening generalities, and they usually grossly underestimate the extent of the rise -- and how fast it's coming. (For instance, a recent study by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (A: That's another part too, like the Rockefeller foundation.  They all work together, by the way, and the Ford foundation.  So they're making sure that it's on line.) predicts that by 2050, China's economy will be just 20 percent larger than that of the United States.)


Well, the US is going downhill.  They just announced the other day that it's bankrupt.  It's easy to fix the bankruptcy.  You just tear all the stuff up and just start from it again, and print your own money, debt free, as it was intended to be.  But they'll never do that.  You'll never get a president in who will do that, because they're all hand-chosen by the bankers themselves.  Anyway, China is just going to go out of sight, and it already is going out of sight.  I looked at a magazine recently, and some of these mega-trillionaires over there, who have risen up in China, are literally creating 17th century and 18th century castles over there, modeling them in old British style and European style with the big gardens.  They've even gone to bizarre lengths like putting big Greek statues on top and all this kind of stuff.  Really they've just got money to burn.  It's just phenomenal.  But they've got a slave population, that's what Communism is, it's a wonderful system, and they've got a slave population that's very obedient, and they allow themselves to be locked up in their factories, and they don't complain.  They don't dare complain, because China doesn't deal with complaints in a sort of democratic way.  Remember too that China is the model state for the world for us all to copy, according to the United Nations.  They won't give us the work though, you see that we used to have that's now all over there. 


Then you hear this rubbish coming out from guys who are prime ministers, like Britain.  I mean, Britain is completely kaput, finished, culturally, every way you could imagine.  It's broke.  And because they've been at this banking racket longer than anyone.  And they've gone through generations of massive unemployment, as they're taking in massive immigration, just to finish it off.  And it says here in this article here, Sky News:


Boosting the number of Chinese tourists to the UK could create 10,000 more jobs, according to the Prime Minister.


So Chinese tourists are going to bring Britain out of the Depression, the financial depression.  Chinese tourists are going to bring?  This is the best he can do?  The Prime Minister, that's the best he can guess at because there's nothing else going for them.  I guess what they can do is show the Chinese around their new Communitarian areas with their new little Soviets their and their new little leaders, civilian leaders for your new Soviet in your community and because you can't drive a car eventually because of all the carbon credits.  China doesn't have to pay any carbon credits by the way, under the treaties; neither does India. So we can always pull them around in rickshaws, all these Chinese tourists, around their little Communities, and they can see us making glass beads together, putting glass beads together for necklaces and stuff like that I guess.  This is the Prime Minister.  This is his great idea, because they've got nothing, nothing else going for it.  What Rubbish, eh?  The Prime Minister they call him.  But he's just a front man.  Just a front man to make sure that the banking system continues regardless, and that we must keep believing that we really owe debt and all the rest of it.  That's what he's in for.  And then you have an article like this:


Record four out of five jobs going to foreigners between May and June


Nearly four out of five new jobs in Britain have gone to foreigners over the past three months, official figures show


And that's from the Daily Telegraph, again, in Britain.  I'll put this link up again, as well for you to peruse at your leisure.  Remember too, when Blair was in he boasted that he would destroy forever the complete cultural make up of Britain.  So much so, that he said they could never go back to what it was with a culture.  And he's been awfully successful.  He said he'd do it by opening the floodgates to all immigration.  And that happened.  And these are the guys who are utterly treasonous, obviously, but no more treasonous than the ones in the United States, or the ones in Canada, or elsewhere.  You see, we're taught, we're taught and brainwashed into believing we have a sort of democracy.  Democracy means you get the right to vote on something, even in a Republic you supposedly vote for your leaders.  The only difference between a Republic is supposedly you can't change any Constitution.  It's meant to contain the government from growing and taking more powers over, and it's also meant to maintain a minority's rights.  Whereas Democracy of course is just a free, it keeps changing, it's elastic.  It's meant to be, it's plastic.  They can keep redefining it for as long as they want.  We forget that even in a Soviet Bloc, the old Soviet Bloc, they could vote.  They had to vote by law, and it was Politburo 1, 2, 3, or 4, take your pick.  You know.  Now, we have the parties in the West, and we fall for that trick there, the Party 1, 2, or 3.  Quigley said that every prime minister and every president, and he wrote the book in the 1960s, he says for the last 60 years has been chosen by this group.  It doesn't matter about the ones below them, the advisors and the presidents are all picked, and they belong to this one global society.  And you think they're serving you.  No, they're serving an agenda.  And they're not the big boys, either, themselves. 


And then you get this thing about vaccines, vaccines, vaccines.  We've seen the incredible, billions of dollars that were thrown at the vaccine companies, with their fake flu con, that they got up to.  And they even got contracts to keep delivering this stuff for the next ten years coming out of some of the countries, even though it's all nonsense in the first place.  They seem so concerned about our health and that little cough you might have once in a blue moon, as they spray the skies with all kinds of toxic stuff that gives everybody sore throats and pneumonia.  Here you are, this is warfare going on here.  Warfare, pure and simple.  The easiest way for warfare purposes and bacterial and viral is just inject it straight into your body, that's the fastest easiest method by the way.  It says here:


Vaccine-Delivery Patch with Dissolving Microneedles Boosts Protection


(A: So right away it gives you the premise, it gives you the conclusion, it's to boost protection, it says.  Really, really?  July 18th, and it's from GT.  Anyway it says here)

A new vaccine-delivery patch based on hundreds of microscopic needles that dissolve into the skin (A: Dissolves into your skin, right.  You just leave them all in and they dissolve into your skin.) could allow persons without medical training to painlessly administer vaccines -- while providing improved immunization against diseases such as influenza.

(A: Isn't that going kind of far if it was just influenza?  Don't you think that's going kind of a bit far?  What's it really for?  What's it really doing?  And if all these hundreds of little needles are going to dissolve into your body, is that nano-technology?  What's it really there for?  These are the questions you should ask yourself, whenever you see these crappy awful handouts that they give to the media.  Because it doesn't make sense what they're telling you.  Unless you're a child, and you really want to believe it.  It says:)

Patches containing micron-scale needles that carry vaccine with them as they dissolve into the skin (could simplify immunization programs by eliminating the use of hypodermic needles (A: Yeah.) -- and their "sharps" disposal and re-use concerns. Applied easily to the skin, the microneedle patches could allow self-administration of vaccine during pandemics and simplify large-scale immunization programs in developing nations.


They really care about developing nations.  So what are they really, really up to here?  You know, it won't be what you think it is, if you really believe this particular write-up.  It's something again, nefarious.  How come as health care supposedly increases up and science goes up and up and up, with health care, how come we're the sickest population they've ever had for hundreds of years?  How come, hmm?  How come?  Now here's another article here, it's quite something.  Again, it's so rubbishy that you almost don't want to read it, but this is from Wired.  Wired's part of Technocracy, you know I mentioned about Technocracy Inc and what their role has been in changing the culture, but it says:

The Pentagon’s after a faster, more reliable way to fight pandemics and viral terror threats by mass producing vaccines. (A: Right. So your Pentagon, right, and DARPA, at the top DARPA, and down below it says the Pentagon, your war-making machinery are concerned about your health.  Right? So, it says here:) So far, plant-based approaches seem to be their top pick to replace old-school methods. Now, in a bid to hasten the development of vaccines that are ready for human use before the next H1N1 emerges, the military’s looking for a little help from our northern neighbors. (A: That's Canada)


Darpa, the Pentagon’s blue-sky research arm, handed out $21 million to Canadian biotech firm Medicago Inc. The company, based in Quebec City, will use the money to build a 90,000-square-foot facility (A: Listen to this) that’ll use tobacco plants to produce 10 million monthly doses of influenza vaccine. 


(A: Now what are they really up to, eh?  It says:)


The funding is a smaller part of Darpa’s burgeoning Accelerated Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals, (A: And the link is here for that.  It goes into the Darpa site) or AMP, program, which aims to revolutionize current, egg-based vaccine production models, and yield vaccines within three months of “emerging and novel biological threats.”  (A: These are the guys in the business of creating diseases for warfare purposes, folks.  That's what the Pentagon deals with.  And it says:) In February, the agency gave $21 million to Texas A&M for the construction of a 145,000 square-foot “biotherapeutic production facility” that uses mobile “pods” to grow vaccine-infused tobacco plants.


Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just showing the nonsense within the media.  And whenever you see an article, you've got to really start thinking, rather than take it at face value, and wonder what they're really up to.  And if you really think hard enough, you'll find out what they're really up to.  They really treat us like children.  They truly treat us like children at the bottom.  And most folk have been taught that whatever the media puts out, whether it's television or whatever, is just the truth, like it's an extension of their reasoning.  That's what we find Brzezinski said in his own book.  He said the public will shortly be unable to reason for themselves, they'll expect the media to do it for them.  So the media does.  It gives you the headline, and that's what generally contains your conclusion, in the headline, so you'll read it the correct way.  The way that they want you to read it.  Here's another article here, like this is really new, isn't it, Los Angeles Times.


Drug studies funded by industry (A: The Pharma Industry) are more likely to yield good news


(A: Well, no kidding, eh?  All these guys that want to help us with vaccines and so on.  It just happens that when they pay for the thing themselves, they always have good news.)


August 2, 2010


When weighing the results of a medical study it's important to consider who supplied money to conduct the research. According to an analysis of drug trials published Monday, studies were much more likely to be positive -- that is, showing the drug worked -- in trials that were funded by the pharmaceutical industry.


Researchers reviewed 546 drug trials and found that industry-funded trials reported positive outcomes 85% of the time compared with 50% of the time for government-funded trials and 72% of the time for trials funded by nonprofits or non-federal organizations. Among the nonprofit or non-federal studies, those that received industry contributions were more likely to be positive (85%) compared with those that did not have any industry support (61%).


So in other words, they're bought off.  Right?  Why can't the media just say that?  Why can't they just say they're bought off?  They aren't going to get another go at it for the next drug that comes along, if they give them a bad report, are they?  It's so obvious.  Quite obvious.  And since they've been, as I say, modifying all our foods and that, and we're not even worried about it, we're so domesticated, and putting all kinds of stuff in your water supply to make you even stupider.  Here's an article here:


Genetically Modified Organisms Found in the Wild


(A: Well we knew that years ago, this would happen.  And it says:)


For the first time in the United States, populations of genetically modified organisms were found to be growing in the wild in North Dakota – along roadsides, in ballparks and cemeteries- and in some cases, have been cross-pollinating to create new plants that are resistant to several strains of herbicides.


University of Arkansas graduate students traveled 3000 miles in the state of North Dakota and stopped every five miles on interstates, state and county roads to find out where exactly Franken-canola flowers were growing.


The seeds of these pretty yellow flowers are used to make the popular canola oil, (A: It's a highly poisonous stuff that too) used in frying and baking all over America and beyond. (A: It's one of the first things they modified genetically.) Originally used to lubricate steam engines under the name rapeseed oil, canola oil was renamed for marketability and is now the third most popular vegetable oil for human consumption in the world.


What the researchers found in the 406 plants they sampled was that 80% of them had at least one transgene, which is a genetically modified gene. Canola flowers were not only found along roadsides, where one would expect the seeds to blow off farm trucks and take hold, but also in “the middle of nowhere,” including grocery store parking lots, ballparks and cemeteries.


So this stuff has gone out of hand.  And you wonder why the Big Boys have put all the real grain, the natural stuff, up in the arctic there, guarded by armed guards?  Do you wonder, or are you so domesticated it doesn't quite click?  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night, and may your God or your gods go with you.



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