August 16th, 2010 (#643)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt August 16th, 2010:

Read What they Say on Bisphenol A:
Weepy, Thoughts Tender? Avoid Gender-Bender:

"Agenda on Males Working with Bisphenol A,
They Now Argue Over Textures, Natures are Fay,
Many Wear Make-up, They're Called Metrosexual,
Obsessed with Vanity and Things Now Conventional,
Study After Study Proves what We Know,
Virtually No Testosterone and Testes don't Grow,
The Gov. Knows Documentation, Studies are Massive,
Conclusion -- For New World, They Wish Men Passive,
Yes, Scientific War Upon every Level,
Where Scientists Work in Lieu of the Devil,
Modifying Genders, Our Natures, Water and Food,
They've the Arrogance to Say it's For Our Own Good,
War is Deliberate and Such Men Must Stand Trial,
And All Who Authorized these Weapons so Vile,
Ah! But I Must be Dreaming of Government Real,
Instead of These Shysters, Who Lie, Kill and Steal"
© Alan Watt August 16th, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - August 16th, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 16th of August, 2010.  Newcomers who are coming into the show, look into website, because you'll find hundreds of audios for download.  I put them up there over the years, and I try to show you the big picture of the various organizations, this cluster of organizations.  They're all intertwined and are working towards a specific goal, a goal that was made up an awful long time ago.  A world, basically, that people mistook often for Communism, because they had the same goals as Communism, the reasons for it being, the same organizations funded Communism to bring into a world government system, and these characters are still on the go today, pushing it, every step of the road.  Every country had to be standardized, they said, an awful long time ago, into the one type of system, worldwide, under super governments.  And that's regional governments which are also under a UN type government.  That's the whole idea of it. 


So go into that website, and remember too, that this is probably the only host you're listening too who doesn't take payment from advertisers to bring them on as guests, and so on, so it's up to you to keep me going by buying the books I have for sale.  They're different from the usual books.  They don't give you the boring histories and dates and times and his story, because that's all that history is, "his" story, the guy who's authorized to write it on behalf of the king.  So I give you techniques of deprogramming yourself as you go through it.  And I show you the techniques that have been used to brainwash people all down through the ages.  All the tricks that have been used by those who are literate and went to the best universities, and how they still play the same scams on us today.  So, purchase the books, and remember from the U.S. to Canada you can use a personal check, and you can also use an international postal money order from your post office.  You can also use paypal to donate or to purchase, if you want to purchase, send the donation and a separate email along with it, with your name, address, and your order, and I'll get it out to you.  Across the rest of the world, same idea.  You've got the addition of Western Union, which is kind of hefty for a fee.  MoneyGram, cash is okay, and then paypal for donation or to purchase.  And it's essential that you must do that, because really as I say, I'm the only guy out there that isn't massively backed by other organizations.  And I have no other purpose from doing what I'm doing.  And I don't bring it out to the full professional level, where I could certainly plan next week's news by having writers write with me, and you plan the news in advance.  That's what major media does all the time.  You don't realize that major media gives you the stories that are going to occupy you this week, but they were written maybe a month ago, and coordinated for that particular day.  That's how, and unfortunately, a lot of Patriot is going that way too.


So, it's up to you to keep me going or not.  Personally, if I just walk off, I've got better things to do.  And I can certainly teach smaller groups for an awful lot more money.  It's amazing what's been offered out there for private tuition, it's just astonishing.  It's more than I'd make actually in a year, because what I make in a year here is not much, and it pays, just pays, and often doesn't pay for the bills in fact.  It's not the first time you go into the credit card.  But that's up to you, as I say.  And as I say too, I don't tell you to panic over things.  I don't tell you that we can just form massive groups and change things.  Groups are infiltrated immediately, if in fact they're not even set up by the opposition to start with.  And the Communists themselves were fantastic with this.  They loved groups.  They encouraged the formation of groups to get into and take over.  Because all you have to do is put your own guy in at the top, and now you lead thousands.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  I keep repeating that the Matrix is a system into which you're born.  It's pre-existent, and of course you had nothing to do with the setting up of it, or how it's run, or the authoritarian system that pretty well guides it and rules it all over it.  You have nothing to do with that.  What you're taught to do, when you're born, is simply fit into it, obey it, and comply.  And don't question it too deeply.  That's really what it is.  And it's quite natural that most folk do, because their friends all do.  It's like Jacques Ellul said once, if you want to know what people want, just look at what they're doing.  They're all wanting and doing the same things.  They don't spontaneously come out and decide to do something individually.  They're already technically a collective and they don't know it.  You can find that in housing areas where the houses are crammed together in any city or any place.  And I used to be astonished in Canada, where on a Sunday, if one guy got his lawnmower out to mow his 12ft by 12ft garden, he'd start up the engine, and that astounded me too, that he actually would buy a motorized one for 12ft.  But they did, and they'd start up the engine, and within 15 minutes the whole street was out with guys mowing the lawn.  It's astonishing isn't it, how they just emulate each other, but that's all the way down through strata, in all behavior.  That's why you can go into the major cities now and you'll see women covered in tattoos, and things hanging out their cheeks and stuff.  It doesn't come from themselves, it comes from big culture creators and leaders like the Much Music or Music Television.  That's where it all comes from.  People are afraid to be individualistic in this society.  And that again is what the Big Boys want at the top.  In fact, they've said at the United Nations that their biggest threat is the individual.  They don't like that at all.  Mao Tse Tung said the same thing.  He wasn't afraid of armies.  He wasn't afraid of opposition.  He was only afraid of someone with an idea.  An idea that could catch on like wildfire.  And that is truly why we're under such incredible observation today. 


You know, they knew before they gave you the first DOS computer, exactly where they were going to bring you with it.  It was a matter of getting used to, like mice getting used to the cheese on the way to the trap.  Step by step by step.  Well, this isn't terribly sophisticated.  I can use this.  Then out comes the next version, and you grab it because you got used to using it, and before you know it, you're into putting up all your data, every single day, because that was what it was intended to do in the first place.  I personally believe they could have given you the latest computer that you have today at the very beginning.  I really do believe that.  But they didn't want to frighten people off.  They didn't want to frighten them off, and say, gee, look how advanced this thing is, and it's going to have all my data stored, and it will also transmit my data every day to the NSA.  We wouldn't be too happy then, see.  That's why they gave it to us, because they planned it all along.  This world is run by deception.  There's nothing above board in this world, from politics or anything else.  There's nothing ever really going to be the truth given to you.  Definitely not all of the truth on any type of topic at all. 


And that's how you run children, a world of children, you keep them as children.  You tell them to be children by all the silly things you show them on television.  And it's so much so, that again, if you go into the major cities, you'll see women of all ages trying to look like the dancers on Much Music or Music Television.  It's incredible but that's how people are.  Again, too, you see, when you're an anthropologist for instance, and you look at primitive tribes.  Now they call them primitive, I don't call them primitive.  What they are, are completely independent tribes.  They lack nothing.  They can make everything they need for personal survival.  The world could go down the tubes tomorrow and they would continue as though nothing had happened, because they don't use money.  They don't need steel axes.  They don't need all the stuff that we are taught to purchase here.  Those societies are tightly woven for their independence.  Not interdependent, they're independent.  And they all know the simple rules of the tribe.  They don't break them.  They don't need policemen.  They don't have psychiatrists and all that kind of nonsense.  They don't need them.  They deal with everything themselves for personal survival.  And since it's worked for thousands of years for them, I don't see why they shouldn't be left alone to continue for another few thousand years.


However, that's not good enough.  See, the elite studied these people, and they realized what was really strong in binding people together.  And you'll find in all of them, there's a man and a woman, number one.  Then there's children, number two.  So first of all, you have to attack the family.  They also had wise people.  Elderly people were considered wise.  They passed information on of histories.  They found that they would tell them ways of doing things and problems that they'd just come up against, never realizing that the elderly had faced them themselves some time ago.  And so they were respected.  So what you had to do was create a youth generation.  Not only for rebellion, to overthrow the old systems within your culture, but also to make the ones who are older, stared stiff of getting older.  So everyone tries to pretend they're young.  And it looks so crazy.  And it is crazy.  And they spend fortunes on their appearance and plastic surgery, and all the rest of it, trying to look like something at eighteen dancing on Music Television.  That's what you have though.  They've literally taught us all that someone who's elderly is just senile.  You see that in all the movies now.  When you see elderly people, oh, they're senile.  So that's what elderly people are.  They're not wise, they're senile people.  As I say, study the original tribes, the ones who still exist today, and you'll see how they would survive.  If you want to break them down, look at their Achilles heels.  Everything that binds them, makes them work, you just attack them.  And that's what we have had going on for a long, long time. 


In fact, those tribes don't even need money.  That's the first con that we're taught, we need money, but not just money made by your own Central Bank by the way, debt free, no, you've got to get it from private banks, with compound interest.  That means there's a group with very special interest in the way this world is going.  They want it to go in a certain direction.  And they're not just in there for the money and the greed.  No, they're part of an institution that wants to rule the world in a certain scientific way, the way that they think it's supposed to be run, to perfect all that was left imperfect.  And we're living through that time period right now.  It's interesting that when they called themselves Communists, and they were backed by the big bankers by the way.  The Soviet Union couldn't even finance its way through its whole period; it was even fed by the West.  Countries like Canada, Alberta fed it, and the bread basket in the States as well fed it all through its whole entire era.  But the Communists used to say, you know you must always think internationally.  And that was the big cries you'll hear coming from even the Royal Institute of International Affairs, that everyone thought was a Conservative organization, the Council on Foreign Relations, their American counterpart, etc.  No, these guys told you to forget your nation, and everything had to be international.  And you started off with foreign aid, borrowing money from the World Banks to give out to other countries, and then putting your own citizenry down as the guarantors to pay that off.  What a great scam.  And no one ever had a vote on any of this stuff.  None of this stuff is brought up during election time.  None of it at all, because you're not in a democracy.  It's a sham.  It's a show for the public.  That's as simple as that.  Simple as that. 


You even had it too with "think global, act local", as they say.  And people have been prattling that mantra, even your local newspapers I'm sure, all over, have been prattling that little mantra.  Think global, act local.  And they've been doing it.  And this is all intended to get you ready and ready and ready for the Big World Order, you see, where it's sustainability, and you've got to think globally.  Yeah, globally.  If there's a noxious smell in one country, it could end up in another country, regardless of what they've been eating.  However, that's what we're all on about now, is global warming you see.  The biggest scam they've ever come up with, but of course they can't prove the warming because the world is not cooperating, it's actually been cooling, so they had to go back to climate change, which means the weather changes.  The weather has always been changing, that's why we used to have weathermen on television who would tell you what the weather might be tomorrow.  I say might, because they were often wrong.  And it's been the greatest scam to bring the whole world into this.  We're all in a battle to save the world.  Do you understand, that when you run out of enemies you see to fight, then they've got to keep control by having another enemy to fight.  And this one is, oh, it's mankind.  Too many people in the world, so man is the enemy.  That's what the Club of Rome said.  They were given the task of finding an enemy to bring in this New World Order.  Well, man himself is the enemy, too many people, and global warming they said would fit the bill.  It would fit the bill, that's their very words they used.  Con, con, con. 


Now they've risen a generation in school there who believe all this nonsense.  And they've also risen a generation to go into the military and the cops, who are utterly ruthless.  They can hardly read or write, that's okay though, you don't want a literate, thinking population.  You want people who have been brought up in extreme videos, video games, where it's nothing to do but kill, kill, kill, and be on the winning team.  The winning team are the guys with the big guns and all the body armor.  And the losing team are the ragged civilians you'll see in all these disaster movies they show you about the future.  All designed for this time.  If they wanted to give you a really good culture that would work, and had morals, and all the rest of it, they would have given you that, but they wanted to give you one that had none at all.  When you're in flux and chaos, then believe you me, someone is then working very hard to rule you, always under the guise of taking care of the chaos. 


Now, there are so many organizations, involved in this global society, because the boys who set it up made sure there would be various front groups, and that's the key to it, front groups, that do actual jobs, mind you.  But they are front groups, all for the same thing.  Just like the big foundations, tax-free foundations, often put out many other tax-free foundations as fronts that the actual original ones fund them too.  Rule by philanthropy as they call it.  Back with more after this break. 


This is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Remember, there's a war on all the time.  There's a war that goes after everybody, every segment of society, through the cultural, entertainment industry, through the schooling industry.  Remember, Lenin said it too, they'd have to have an international schooling curriculum that everyone got.  Well, that's done through UNESCO, to make sure they all get the same perversion stuff at the same time.  And that's been awfully successful, I've read some of the articles, how they push sex so-called education, younger and younger and younger.  Because you see, you've got to basically neuroticize the sexual act.  And when you do that through repetition and psychic driving, just really repetition and overboard with it before the child's at puberty, they will be addicted to that.  And they will certainly be addicted to having as many partners as they can possibly have.  That means there's going to be no family unit, and that's what the intention really partly is.


Everything is under attack right now.  And even when other countries have been flattened like Britain, and so on, financially, really watching their healthcare system slashed to the bone, and so on.  And watching the U.S. too.  Now the U.S. hasn't really felt the impacts of it yet, that's still to come.  And the only reason they're not letting it fully come out in the U.S. right now is because they've still got to do a job, and that's finish off the Middle East and a few other countries.  That's their main job right now.  Once that's done, believe you me, there will be an utter crash inside the United States, absolute crash.  Because you see, the US is run by the same boys who run Britain, and every other country.  They have destroyed them all.  They've used them all, and then they toss them away.  The U.S. is still to go down the tubes, like everyone else.  I mean, why on Earth, when you think about things logically, would politicians, which we know are front men of course, and they're handpicked to go in, not by the public, but by the Royal Institute of International Affairs and CFR.  They're handpicked to go in before we even hear their names.  Why would you literally bring in carbon taxes at a time when they've been all going through bankruptcy?  Why would you do that? When the job rates are just phenomenal, the unemployment rates, the suicide rates amongst youth that can't get jobs, watching business and business collapse.  Why would they hammer you even more, unless they want to exasperate it, which of course the do.  You see, order out of chaos is the technique.  You must create utter, destitute chaos.  And suffering.  And then you come in as the Messiah, and tell them how to reorganize the New Society, where you're all property of the World State, basically.  And you must fulfill a role if you want to eat in the World State.  That is one of their mandates. 


You'll find that even in Freemasonry.  It's amazing too.  I was going through the 10,000 Famous Freemasons in the U.S.  Anybody who's ever been anybody in U.S. government or anything to do with U.S. government has been a Freemason.  And they talk about it being a Christian country.  And people won't even read the Freemasonic books.  Even a lot of the Masons don't read them.  Even the ones that talk about the need to abolish private property, as being inhumane, you see, and stuff like that.  Same stuff as the Communists.  They can't fathom it and put it all together.  They just can't fathom it.  You see, Freemasonry is just a front for another group, and they don't even know it themselves.  Here's an article from Britain, the Telegraph.  It says:


Business facing a wave of green taxes


(Alan: Forget this Green.  I hate even saying the damn word, because, by repetition it comes into your consciousness as a real tangible, solid thing.  It's just another wave of taxes of persecution basically, isn't it?)


Thousands of British businesses will be liable for significant fines and charges under a new government ďgreen taxĒ scheme. (A: So the new government that's come in as the savior, is going to finish you off, you know, with the coup de gr‚ce. They'll cut your throat.  And this is the 10th of August.  And it says.)


Businesses facing a wave of green taxes from April 2011.  Firms will need to buy permits for each ton of carbon dioxide emitted. 


(A: Right.  Now no one's measuring the carbon dioxide.  It's like the banking thing with compound interest.  They take any item, and say, how much energy would it have taken to produce this item.  And if it was burned today, how much CO2 would it give off?  That's literally how they do this magic con trick.)


Companies that fail to register their energy use by next month will be hit with fines that could reach £45,000 under the little-known rules.


(A: They snuck them in and didn't even tell the people.)


Those that do participate in the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) initiative by declaring their energy use will face charges for every ton of greenhouse gas they produce. (A: Greenhouse gas.  Can you believe it?  And then:)


These payments are expected to average £38,000 a year for medium-sized firms, and could reach £100,000 for larger organizations.


Surveys have shown that thousands of businesses are unaware they are supposed to be taking part, or even that the scheme exists at all.


The imposition of new charges and fines will put pressure on firms at a time when economists are warning of a ďdouble dipĒ recession as companies, consumers and the public sector all cut their spending.


What they should really do is make these lion traps, you know, you used to see them.  They'd do it in the jungle.  They'd dig a big hole, and then cover the top, so that any of these bureaucrats that come to find them just drop into a bottomless pit.  That's what it's going to have to come to.  Have you got any other suggestions, like, oh we'll just pay up?  We'll borrow the money to pay it.  We'll borrow the money.  Yeah, really?  They're all going bankrupt, but you're going to borrow money to pay another persecutory tax?  I don't think so.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  What are you going to do with these armies and armies and armies of bureaucrats that were all coming round because of international treaties that had been signed with the United Nations?  I mean it's quite simple.  A government that was a real government, of course, as we well know, would tear up every treaty they'd ever made with the darn organization that's putting you down the sewer.  But then, that would never happen because the big international bankers, you see, going as far back as the predecessors that became the Royal Institute for International Affairs, which was the Milner group, and the Rhodes foundation.  You see they were the International Bankers.  They still run it all today.  Money is used as a weapon.  And so is debt, an incredible weapon.  And then they bring in treaties to make sure you're all in it together.  The whole world is in the same mess together, because we all have the same standardized system, where money is issued into circulation as debt money. 


Amazing that Canada, you know, had its Central Bank that could issue its own money, and did up until 1975.  It was Trudeau who wrecked the country.  And it's strange too, folks can't really put together a Communist, which he was by the way, he was a card-carrying Communist.  Every newsman in Canada knew that, but no one dared publish it.  He led the Comintern delegation from Canada to the Soviet Union in 1952.  He was the leader of it.  So he becomes Prime Minister, stops the Central Bank from putting out its own money, spending its own money into existence, through big projects in Canada, and then they have to borrow from the private banks.  And I'll actually put up a video eventually on this one, to show you how it's done.  Someone's done a very good video on what Canada's debt was and then how it skyrocketed from almost zilch in 1975 up to match the rest of the world's impoverished first world countries.  It's an agenda and an attack from all areas.  Here's the:


BPA contaminants found in most Canadians


(A: See, this shows you the agenda is working awfully well.  This is why they do these studies to find out how well it's doing.  This was August 16th, it says here.  CBC News:)


More than 90 per cent of Canadians have detectable levels of bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical used to make some hard plastic containers, bottles and toys, a new report suggests.


(A: I like how a report suggests.  How can an inanimate thing suggest anything, hmm?)


Statistics Canada released the finding Monday as part of the results of its survey measuring the levels of various contaminants in the urine and blood of Canadians aged six to 79.


Many stores in Canada now sell BPA-free baby bottles.


(A: Remember too, this is a synthetic estrogen.  It's had an enormous effect on the male population in Canada, most of whom are sterile and who like knitting.  It says:)


Bisphenol A is an industrial chemical used to make polycarbonate plastic for water bottles and food containers as well as the protective lining in metal cans.


(A: They never used to have it in metal cans.  Wasn't necessary.  But they put it in all their beer cans too.  Great place to put it.  If you are thinking of war strategy, that's exactly where you'd put it, and then you'd advertise the beer like crazy.  And it's been awfully successful, too.  It says:)


It does not occur naturally in the environment.


(A: No, it's a man-made thing, and they knew as far back as 1890 what it actually did to the male, you know.  As I say, he likes to change his habits and hang around with other guys all the time, and share sweet nothings.  It says:)


"With 91 per cent of Canadians with detectable concentrations, we can certainly say that people are exposed probably on a regular basis," (A: Like they didn't know what they were doing from the beginning, eh.) said report author Tracey Bushnik of Statistics Canada's health analysis division in Ottawa.


(A: So, there you go.  It's doing very well.  The agenda really is doing very well.  That's why they do these studies, you see.  And it says:)


What is bisphenol A? It is a chemical compound found in some hard, clear, lightweight plastics and resins. It's used in the production of various types of food and drink containers, (A: That's exactly where you'd put it, obviously) compact discs, electronics and automobile parts, and as a liner in some metal cans. Animal studies suggest that, once ingested, BPA may imitate estrogen and other hormones, according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health.


Well, it doesn't "may," they've done far more detailed studies and they know darn well.  And Canada has been prattling on about this for years and done really nothing about it.  Because it's the agenda, you see.  Another thing you'll find too is that Canada, because we have raised the same generation as the U.S. on video games and slaughter, who can hardly read and write, by the way, and are taught that in school.  Well, who needs writing anyway?  They're telling that in school.  You just text, you know, little things like wow and cool, and really vast things like that you know.  Here's border guards:


Border guards, border bullies: a sailorís ugly story


(A: This is from the Chronicle Herald, Canada)


On Canada Day, a sailboat skippered by an American voyager made landfall at Canso. The captain had sailed an ocean to attend the Stan Rogers Folk Festival here in Nova Scotia, an event he had attended before in a place he loved. His daughter and her family planned to visit later, when he got to Lunenburg.


He had sailed from the Azores single-handed on his 35-foot aluminum sloop. It was a fine feat of seamanship, but the sea wanderer was up to it. He has visited 35 countries.


Arriving in Canso, the sailor was surprised to learn that a historic port with offshore fishing traffic had no customs or immigration office. So he contacted the RCMP and an officer came to check out the boat and his papers.


After his inspection, the Mountie told the skipper to report to Canada Border Services when he got to Halifax. He wished him a happy stay.


Because he had arrived at the wrong port, armed border guards turned his world upside down. Searching for contraband, they confiscated his boat and tore it apart, throwing his food, stores, spare parts and gear all over the place and destroying an expensive refrigeration unit. "It was like vandals had got in and trashed the place," (A: Yeah, that's Canada, now, just like the movies.  You know, you give them big guns, and you know, pinheads are given the jobs.  They actually give them tests to make sure they're pinheads these guys.  It says:) "It was like vandals had got in and trashed the place," (A: Well, that's exactly what they are, you see.  Authorized vandals.)


What was most upsetting was their unprofessional behaviour: yelling and intimidating the man whenever he protested their actions. They accused him of consorting with criminals in Vancouver ó a port he has never visited. They repeatedly called him a liar and threatened him with jail.  (A: That's them alright.) He was told he had no civil rights and they could do with him what they pleased. 


(A: That's the New World Order folks.  You've given it to pinheads with big guns.  And you know something, what are you going to do with these guys?  You can't rehabilitate these characters, even if you succeeded in changing, and getting off this New World Order train.  See, these are problems that will have to be dealt with.  It says:)


The agents didnít find any contraband, but demanded he pay a $1,000 penalty for landing at the wrong port. (A: This was after they smashed his boat.)  They gave him 24 hours to pay or he would face a $30,000 fine. (A: That's what they do now.  You know.  It's like when they send the guys out to check your property, they find a dent in a downpipe for runoff rainwater, and they fine you $5,000 a day.  You know.  We definitely need these man traps, you know, that you see in the old movies.) They said they had entered his name in a database so that wherever he goes, heíll be under suspicion.  (A: Isn't that wonderful that these little pinhead, ughhh, you know what I'm saying.)


I met the old sailor the morning after all this happened. He was still deeply shaken. He was about to cast off his lines and get out of Canada as fast as the wind would take him. He had already canceled the family visit to Lunenburg. "Iíll never come back here as long as I live," he said. "I had no idea Canada had become like this."


(A: Well, yes, it has.  Yeah.  They raised a generation of morons.  Utter morons, with an IQ that you cannot register, that can only prattle the lines they've heard in their movies, to you.  And would run like the wind, believe you me, if they had a real enemy to face up to.  They'd be off like a bee.  But you put a gang of them there with their big guns, and they're all such freaking heroes.  But they will have to be dealt with along the way, won't they?)


Iím not going to report the manís name because the border bullies will use that against him too. He didnít "go to the media" and had no idea I was a journalist when he first told me his story.


And his experience is not unique. Border Services is developing a nasty reputation for intimidation and unprofessionalism. I was told of a South African yachtsman who spent 12 days in jail trying to clear up his entry to Canada.


I also witnessed a very aggressive search of a sailboat by a team of swaggering border guards, who brought in dogs and tried to extract self-incriminating statements from the crew.


In 2008-2009, more than 1,400 complaints were lodged against Border (A: Pinhead) Services.† Investigations were done internally and it seems all the complaints were dismissed. Thatís what happens when government agencies investigate themselves.


Time was that Canadian customs and immigration officials were efficient, courteous civil servants who did their jobs without pretense. The current $1.5-billion Border Services Agency looks more like a tawdry TV cop show (A: And that's exactly.  They copy what they see on TV) with its guns, bullet-proof vests and the inevitable wrap-around sunglasses.


Bullying and intimidation of visitors does not enhance border security. Pleasure boats still arrive undetected, so those tactics obviously donít work. Spending more on intelligence-gathering, putting more officers in more ports and basic courtesy training would be a better use of public funds.


Ah, it would take a lot more than that I think.  And of course it will never happen, because it is the authorized agenda from the top.  And cops too, they love your iPhones.  I mentioned this before, how they just love iPhones, and how they go through all your data, because it keeps everything.  There's nothing it does not keep.  Nothing, it just keeps going and going and going.  And I'll put an article up there too. 


Cops love iPhone data trail


I put it up about two or three weeks ago, I think, when it first came out.  And I'll put this up again.  This is to let again the morons out there who have a half a chance, you know kind of borderline morons, half a chance to throw away those darn phones, you know.  The rest of them will be addicted.  Oh, well, what can you do, as they slug their beer with bisphenol A.  And that's their problem.  That's their problem.  Another thing, in Canada too, Wi-fi.  Of course they're using that in the schools.  They've got these massive antennas up above the schools, and that's so that the children supposedly can all go wireless inside the school, but they know the effects of this stuff.  I won't harp on it too long, but this article here from yahoo, it says:


Wi-Fi to stay in school despite health worry


A school board in central Ontario is defending its decision to keep wireless Internet access in classrooms, despite fears from some parents that radiation from Wi-Fi transmissions is making kids sick.


(A: Then it goes on to say a lie here.)


There is no scientific or medical evidence to show children complaining about headaches, dizziness and nausea are being made ill by the Wi-Fi in their classrooms, the Simcoe County District School Board said Monday.


Well yeah there is, because the CBC did documentaries on it, and there were doctors in Toronto going around measuring the Wi-Fi in different areas, talking to patients that they had diagnosed with a particular syndrome to do with Wi-Fi exposure, and how they recovered once they were out of those areas.  So yeah, there is, but of course these schools are getting little kickbacks and all the rest of it, to put these big darn things up in the first place.  You know, everything is so corrupt today you can't get truth out of anybody who's getting a kickback, you know.  It's so corrupt.  Society truly is so corrupt today that you can't fix it. 


People write me all the time about, how do you fix the money system.  They'll give me long, long letters on how it should be.  Look, the boys at the top know all the problems that are wrong with it.  They know how to fix it, if they wanted to.  Don't you understand, they don't want to fix it?  It was intentionally set up to be corrupt like this, to benefit them and make sure they can control you.  It's no great mystery of how to fix it.  You know during the Great Depression, all the big bankers in countries came across to Canada, because Canada was the only country that was making it through without too much of a problem.  And that's about when they set up the bank of Canada, in about 1934 it was.  And they literally issued their own debt-free money.  Spent it in recirculation.  Got the big railroads, Trans-Canada going.  All these big road projects going.  They spent it into society.  But the private banks hated that, especially the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and CFR, because that's who runs them at the top.  So they had to destroy it, you see.  And they brought in as I say, Trudeau eventually who did just that.  And the first thing he pushed was internationalism, the United Nations treaties, and then private banking and massive, incredible, skyrocketing debt.  There's no mystery as to what's happening, at all.  Or why it's happening either.  And now of course we have to think globally.  Oh, there's too many people on the whole planet.  Well, supposing you're taking care of your own back yard, you've done okay.  Why should you care about the rest of the planet?  That's their problem to fix themselves.  They're brainwashing the people to stop thinking locally.  Really, really locally.  And if you've done your job okay in your own country, then stick to your own country.  But of course, this is supposed to be the end of nationalism.  We're all in it together, under the big United Nations.  A plan that was hatched hundreds of years ago, and here we're still going through it today.  Still going through it today.


And in Britain too, they want to give out the statin drugs along with the junk food.  I've always said that eventually they would put the drugs in the food, if they haven't already in fact.  This could be a red herring.  They could have put this in the food all along.  Look at the people swelling up.  You know, they're swelling up not just because of the bisphenol A and excess estrogen.  It's other things as well.  This article is from the BBC it says. 


'Give out statins with junk food'


Fast food outlets should consider handing out cholesterol-lowering drugs to combat the effects of fatty food, say UK researchers.


Taking a statin pill every day would offset the harm caused by a daily cheeseburger and milkshake, the Imperial College London team said.


It would only cost 5p a customer - similar to a sachet of ketchup. (A: Who would pay 5p for one of these artificial GMO ketchup things?  It says:)


But the British Heart Foundation warned an unhealthy diet does more harm than just raising cholesterol.


By the way, the biggest problem with all that stuff is the oils they're cooking in, by the way.  You never had that problem when they were using lard.  Everything is a con.  Everything out there is a con.  The body doesn't know what to do with these GMO oils.  It stores them like fat then it can't take them off.  Can't burn it.  Just stores it.  Just stores it. 


And then there's mind reading.  Mind reading, people love mind reading, they go oh, mind reading stuff.  You know, marketers though.  It's about marketing and advertising and how they've got ways of making you buy.  I touched on this last week but I'll go into a bit more detail.  It was the 9th of August 2010, it was New Scientist.  It's all part of the New World Order as they push all this stuff as great.  It says:


Take a look at this week's cover of New Scientist Magazine.  Notice Anything Unusual?  Thought not, but behind the scenes your brain is working overtime and focusing your attention on the words and images and cranking up your emotions and memory.  How do we know?  Because we tested it with a brain scanner. 


Now you've all heard about the old-fashioned electroencephalograph, that they could put in your brain and show you pictures.  Well, they've been doing that.  But you understand, computers can do it now with built-in frames that send a signal to your brain.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about neuroscience really, and neuro, everything today is neuro, how to literally get right into your brain and make you do things.  And make, to basically motivate you to do things or even think things that you'd never even thought of or wanted to do before.  And this is really, again, part of the big New World Order scam.  We've already had ads in New York getting beamed into people's brains.  That was on out about a year ago.  It's still in my archives section.  Voice to skull, old technology, being used for advertising.  How dare they?  Who asked them?  And they get away with it, you know.  But it's not good enough, you see, because the real object is to get right into your head, to find out how you think, why you think this way, and then to motivate you by understanding you, the particular you, into doing what they want you to do.  You should read the old book, Hidden Persuaders.  That was very good in its day.  Still holds up today, because you'll see all the little tricks they were up to then, putting fisheye lenses amongst the products to see if your pupils dilated and so on, all that kind of stuff.  And you were all ignorant of that too.  But they're going much, much further, because they want interfacing in a sense.  It's computer interfacing.  And now with the windows programs out now for games and all the rest of it, they can actually, as I say, put antennas around your screen.  The frame would be the antenna, and it will pulsate in your brain, and it will be able to pick up parts of what really turns you on when you're looking at something.  And that's the intent of it.  Again, too, to help the personality profile.  They're trying to make out it's just for advertising here. 


Believe you me, marketing is one of the biggest parts of the New World Order.  Remember what Delgado said.† Dr. Joseph Delgado worked with the CIA, he was involved with MK Ultra, he worked at Tavistock.  He loved to implant humans over there with wires and get them to turn left, right, and sit down.  You know, they were mental patients, who were completely zombies when he'd finished, but he says here, "We need a program of psycho surgery for political control of our society.  The purpose is physio control of the mind.  Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated.  The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view.  Man does not have the right to develop his own mind."  That's what's running the world folks, these creeps.  He says, "We must electronically control the brain.  Someday, armies and generals will be controlled by electronic stimulation of the brain."  And that's Jose M.R. Delgado, director of Neuro-Psychiatry, Yale University Medical School, Congressional Record, no. 26, vol 118, February 24, 1974.  As I say, he worked with Britain too.  There's a famous google video up there, where you'll see him stopping a bull that's charging at him, when he holds this little remote box, similar to the ones you would use with model planes, and it stops in its tracks.  Because they'd already tried that with humans.  Don't think that when they show you this stuff they haven't tried it on humans.  And they're always the write-offs in society with no relatives, and they're in mental hospitals.  And that's what they did in Tavistock.  That's what's running your world folks.  The psychopaths are running it for you.  And they hire the lesser psychopaths to bully you.  Right down from the bureaucrat who comes up demanding more cash from you, to the goons on border patrols, the pinheads.  And it's time the psychopath was basically put off on his own little island, and surrounded by sharks.  From Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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