August 18th, 2010 (#645)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt August 18th, 2010:

Scientific Re--search:
Master Sits on High-Throned Perch,
As Geniuses do First Real 'Search':

"Cutting Info with Science Exposé,
We're the Cutting Edge of Each New Day,
Yet There's Nothing New Under the Sun,
Nothing They're Trying Not Already Done,
Thinking of Wonders throughout Lifespan?
Each "Discovery" on Cue as per the Plan,
The Holding of Power's to Make Others Believe
We're Fumbling Along, So as to Deceive,
A Long Business Plan is All the World Is,
With its Wars, Degeneracy, Not Indecisive,
And Our Masters, Creatures of High Breeding,
They Know Exactly Where it's All Leading,
Done Countless Experiments, Data Availability,
As We're Trained Expertly in Sustainability,
Lose Control? The Elite's Never in Doubt,
Most will Comply with Ne'er Ever a Shout,
Behavioural Studies have Proven Such Gain,
Most'll Volunteer to be Sucked Down the Drain"
© Alan Watt August 18th, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - August 18th, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on August the 18th, 2010.  For newcomers, you should look into, and bookmark all the other sites you'll see there, because I do have problems with the .com once in a while.  So many folk go in at once to download.  So, if you take these alternate sites, and especially if you find sticking on download, on the .com, try these alternate sites, and you should find it smoother and quicker if you have any problems.  Remember, all the sites listed there too, have a lot of transcripts of the talks I've given in English for print-up.  And you can also go into if you want transcripts in other languages.  They all carry the same audios, by the way.


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And who knows how long this will go on, because, as we well know, there's big, big things afoot right now.  You know, whenever you get a silence in the news, when they even run out of almost trivia to give you, there's big things afoot.  Big things afoot, way above them, to bring in the new society.  And this is what this is all about, is bringing in the new society.  The New World Order is to be done this century, this Century of Change, where genetically inferior types will be gradually killed off.  It's already happening actually, through sterilization, and through Alzheimer's and various things happening to people, with the aerial spraying, the injections, the food, and everything else they've weaponized.  And this is the century where the elite themselves, who get a form of chelation treatment and so on, and antidotes to all the things they give you, they will sail on into the bright, rosy future, where there's very few people to stand in their way for anything.  That's really what it's about.  That's what a century of change is about.  And it was planned long before you were born.  It was actually discussed long before your grandparents were born, in fact, by an elite, an already established, dominant minority, who bred the right way by having their partners selected for them.  Money marrying money in a sense too.  From good families, you understand, the bluebloods as they call themselves, in the U.S. and in Britain, and the British Commonwealth countries. 


So we're really living through an agenda.  The hardest part for most folk is to really get to that conclusion, that there is a war on you.  They don't really want to believe it.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt.  We're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just going over a little bit of history in a sense, when you realize that your grandparents had no idea of the sciences that already existed at a much higher level, than basically we do.  Because each generation is taught that you're on the cutting edge.  And it's always something that mystifies the young when they're growing up.  They think, my goodness, look what they've invented in my era.  Wow.  Ooh.  And you get carried away with that illusion, and that misconception, which is put out there deliberately so that you will truly never figure out that you're not on the cutting edge after all, and that people long ago had much higher sciences, more advanced then you'd ever dreamed to know about.  Because, you see, science really is part of warfare.  And if you were to take the Darwinian theory, which is put out there by those who pre-existed Darwin, in fact Darwin just belonged to the right club, and the right lineage, to get his name out there in the science world.  When you really look at them, they'd always known that science is a big part of warfare.  Those who have the most advanced sciences generally win the war.  And it used to astound me too, to wonder why soldiers go off abroad, every so often, to kill people, and apart from the fact that they don't really care why they're going to kill.  The basic propaganda is good enough for them.  They're really mercenaries.  And it used to astound me when they'd come up with a new rifle, and it would be in the newspapers.  A new rifle for the British or for the American soldier.  And there's the guy standing with the new thing there.  It's probably costing ten times as much as the old thing.  And it's basically the same type of science that they've had for a thousand years, where powder blows something, a projectile, along a barrel, and hopefully, you hit your target.  That never made sense to me.  I thought, with so much progression, why on earth are they still using the same basically obsolete tool?  And the reason is to make you think that's the best they've got.  That's the cutting edge, something that still puts holes through you.  Meanwhile, when they show you the old Flash Gordon shows from the oh, 1920s, they still show them sometimes on late night public broadcasting and different places, they were showing you ray guns, basically microwaves and so on that could fry people from a distance.


It's the same in all areas of science.  That means bacteria, or whatever, you think it's medicine.  No, it's for warfare purposes.  That's always the most advanced line of investigation for bacteriology and virology, is for warfare purposes.  So, it's the same with any area.  Same with all kinds of energy.  These are high sciences kept in secret, with a much higher elite than you ever hear of.  The ones down below who are doing re-search, are simply going through the same motions as the searchers did a long time ago, starting at the bottom, and giving you their findings.  And that's all very well for those who control.  They want you to believe that you truly are on the Cutting Edge.  That way, you will say, well they can't do this yet.  You see, they're only working on this yet.  And you're thrown right off the track.  It's beautiful.  It's never failed. 


And speaking of gunpowder and projectiles, you've got to go into the histories of the Bacon family, like Francis Bacon.  Someone who belonged again, to the right organization, a society in his day, a secret type society.  Men love fraternities.  And they love secrets too, especially when it's going to benefit you personally and financially, but a predecessor of his was a friar of the Franciscan order, back in about the 11th century A.D.  And here's a guy, a good Catholic Christian, who was a guy who supposedly invented the cannon for Britain.  And he did all of this in a monastery, where he used to get reprimanded by the habit every so often for all these scientific experiments.  So you've got to wonder, on Earth, why were they doing this in what you think as monasteries?  Or maybe that's the best places to do them, the last places you'd ever think of looking. 


Anyway, as I say, you constantly astound yourself, and you have to keep slapping your face once in a while to remind yourself that whatever is published in the newspaper about anything is obsolete.  Whatever they give you as science is obsolete.  And I knew as a child that the motorcar was given a certain time limit for life.  Because I thought, well, they've been using this same basic internal combustion engine for an awful long time, and since everything else is progressing much faster, it's pretty obvious to me that cars would be phased out one day.  Otherwise, they'd really go to town, and find ways to improve the same system, or even use a different system all together, a better system.  When you eventually come into Agenda 21, and many of the readings prior to that from the United Nations, they were talking a long time ago about sustainability and the containment of human beings in regions.  Containment means you don't travel, like any totalitarian system, you can't travel outside your area.  Therefore, they didn't want people traveling.  That also makes sense from a military point of view.  If you bring in a completely totalitarian society, under what guise, whatever will do, such as riots and food shortages, which are planned to come along.  Not because we can't grow the stuff, it's because they've been putting farmers out and five agribusinesses have been taking over the food supply.  All they have to do is withhold it and Bingo, you've got your starvation.  And that's been done on purpose.  They don't want you traveling outside your area.  That's a nuisance when people start traveling around, and perhaps even fighting them, and getting away quickly and all that kind of stuff.


Now, I've talked about people like Bertrand Russell, someone who was born with more than just a silver spoon in his mouth.  It was a golden spoon, and no doubt, it had diamond studded handles as well.  But you find most of these elites of those days, were into higher sciences.  Even more higher sciences than we're told of today.  They all participated in their own peer group, and were called peers of the realm, by the way, they were knighted and they got up the ladder.  They all attended the best schools imaginable for their day.  They spoke many languages too.  They had access to very old writings by other scientists, and so on.  And they discussed the usual problem that elite aristocracy have, and that's the peasantry.  They were all Malthusians.  They believed, oh, one day these peasants out there will outbreed all of us, and there will be chaos to pay for.  So they weren't going to sit back and let it happen.  Definitely not going to sit back and let it happen.  In the meantime, they had a world to conquer, so they needed the peasantry, because they used an awful lot of them in wars in those days.  They also knew they'd come to an end of that once they had achieved their particular goal.  They had their own world meetings of a world intelligentsia elite, all discussing the same topics, Malthusianism, how to control a world, how to have control of a world in a post war situation, and they knew too, that you had to create a war of something to make sure that you still had control over the same people.  You'd also have to get all the publics to give up their rights, because what you're really introducing is depopulation, under the guise of a war, or whatever.  Now it's terror, of course, as we know.  And we'd be managed down the road, much more efficiently if we believed all their hype and their scary scenarios of overpopulation, food rationing would have to come, all of that kind of stuff.


So they're using that right now.  This is the Century of Change, and that's what they meant by that.  It's the Century where all of this would be brought in, when they saw the victory of a world government that they set up.  These characters, as I say, had world meetings about it.  They set up the League of Nations, and they set up the United Nations.  And then they created hundreds of groups, many, many different groups opposing each other, and fighting amongst themselves for power.  These are trivia, to be honest with you, most of them.  And most of the topics that they argue about are really trivia when you look at the big picture and what is planned.


Today I was just thinking about the news.  There isn't much really that's not repetition.  It's oh, are they going to attack Iran, or are they not going to attack Iran, and so on, and so on.  And a little bit of Al Gore popping out and saying there's not enough people going to demonstrate to get them into action to put in the whole agenda for the Greening program, etc.  Because he's got a lot to lose, not that he will lose.  He comes from the right family line.  These guys don't lose.  But they want the carbon taxes to flow, you see, into his coffers.  Because he's going to personally benefit an awful lot more.  And he's going to make sure that his children down the road inherit all his wealth, which is really your wealth.


Now to give you an idea of how far sciences go back, you have to just go over old books, and I've done this before, on this show, to show you that there's nothing new under the sun.  And I gave a talk on the radio, and eventually it was put up by Wise Up Journal, and that was in 2007.  And I mentioned Lord Birkenhead, one of the Lords who was actually a high lawyer.  He worked for the British Raj.  Head of India, head of that, head of different departments, for Britain.  And he also used a lot of information.  He was really into Futurism, and the society that they had planned.  He sat in on their big elite meetings at that top, with the Milner group, that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  He used a lot of Haldane's documentation on what they planned to bring in.  Not something that could happen, but the world they planned to bring in.  So this article here is from 2007, and I'll read it again here.  And it says here:




Today, people are so overwhelmed with the amount of information, and disinformation, and just sheer data. They don’t know what to make of it all.


And that's so true.  Remember what they said, they would deluge you with internet, until you'd have information overload.  And you've got to understand, it's all intentional.  There's hundreds of agencies putting out disinformation to overload your brain.  Back with more on this topic after these messages.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and I'm back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Going over an old article I did in 2007, and it was printed in Wise Up Journal, when I talked about how, the sciences have been around on a very high level for a long time.  And I don't even go far enough in this article, as to just how far back they go.  But then I go into this part here and it says:


When you look at Francis Bacon’s “New Atlantis,” (A: The book that he wrote) a fictional story written in the 1500’s, published in 1602, concerning a future society which would have its headquarters in the West.  (A: He talked about the Atlantic) They meant America, of course. (A: And this is why he called it the New Atlantis) They call it Solomon’s Island.  Run on virtue, and a secret society running the whole show, (A: By the way, the secret society lived underground, or inside mountains, three miles in or three miles down.  One or the other.  The public on top would never know they existed.) comprised of high intellectuals and scientists. There’s no way that Bacon could have imagined a society which powered itself with an energy which could give off the light of the sun. (A: And that's what he said, this whole underground complex would be powered by something which could give off the light of the sun.) That’s very familiar, isn’t it, if you think of nuclear energy.  People think, “That’s impossible. He couldn’t have imagined that.” Well, he couldn’t have imagined that, you’re quite right, in the days of wind sails, canvas sails, the horse and cart and a candle to write by. You could not have imagined that at all, and neither did he, but then atomic energy was speculated upon thousands of years ago (A: And that's true.) if you go into the writings of the Atomist Organizations in Ancient Greece.  These supposed intellectuals, simply because they had nothing better to do but pass their time wearing their white robes, and chatting away (A: Generally on hill tops), and speculating that everything is composed of these minute particles that spun around, worlds within worlds, called atoms.  Which is just a play on Adam, (A: Which is what I think, actually.) the Microcosm. Everything is interrelated in this big joke.  (A: And it is, too.)


The trick in all ages is to keep real, high sciences, which are constantly being investigated by special teams, all down through the ages, secret from the public. To have ultimate control, you can never share all your high knowledge, because sharing power means you lose power, if you want to be dominant. Yet, there’s no doubt, that Francis Bacon’s book was published at that time. Not the updated versions that spin in aliens and all that kind of stuff.  That’s the New Age spin that the elite have promoted to confuse us even further, because it’s much easier to believe the game’s over if aliens superior to you run the whole world and always have. (A: That's the purpose of having the aliens out there.  And:) That’s called “psychological warfare.”


(A: The purpose being that you give up before anything starts. In other words, if you think you see that the superior aliens are running the world, you'd say, well what's the point in fighting them, they're superior.  You see.  That's why they put certain people out there to tell you this, and to really promote all this Annunaki stuff.  It's to make you think, my God, we were actually created to be an inferior slave, so we've got a peanut brain.  How could we possibly match these massive brained Annunaki?  And rubbish like that, you see.  It's very simple, men did this.  Man's awfully old, and they've done these techniques for thousands and thousands of years.)


Sometimes they use authors like H.G. Wells. Today, there's a whole bunch of them being put out there to give us predictive programming.  The idea being that if we accept it subconsciously as a possibility, then they can guide you with possibility upon possibility, and then, when it becomes reality, you think it's a natural evolution. However, it's nothing of the kind. It's planned that way in advance and it's called predictive programming. 

(A: That's the term they use for it.  We don't consciously think through things.  These things seep into our minds by osmosis through repetition.  And then when it really comes along, you think, well, what can we do, you know, I guess it was inevitable.  That's what all these disaster movies are about you're watching right now.)


Once in while, the elite in Britain, this elite being a very, very old elite, they're called “The Establishment."  They’re there regardless of what party yells at each other across the Parliamentary floor. The elite decide what’s to be done. They pick the top politicians. It doesn’t matter about the ones down below; (A: And that's what Carroll Quigley verified in his book, Tragedy and Hope.  They're all members of the CFR.) they’re allowed to compete for their little share in the booty (A: The lower ones, that is) of the public purse, and fame and glory, and high contracts when they leave for lobbyist jobs. The ones at the top are always picked in advance and groomed, before the public even hear their names. As long as the top cabinet belong to The Royal Institute, then everything is hunky-dory.


I’m going to read an article written in a magazine. It was written in the 1920’s. Think about this. I’ll tell you at the end which one it is and where to find it. On the cover, you’ll see a young British Lord, who couldn’t have been more than 22 years of age, (A: He's a hereditary lord, 22 years of age) with his big long braided wig on, (A: You know, they wore a wig and a cloak when they got into the House of Lords) In the House of Lords, the guys who have hereditary peer-ships wear these long wigs and they get their robes with the ermine.  (A: In it too, in the collar, ermine cloak.)  They dress like something from the 1700’s.  No one has ever explained the purpose of these particular wigs, but if you count the curls going up and down, you see the degrees. He has this young arrogant face, as they all do; very solemn, stern, arrogant and all knowing. 


After all, he's an hereditary peer.  Back after this.


I'm back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, having just described a young British Lord, 22 years of age, standing there looking all arrogant and quite confident.  And quite naturally he should have been too, according to the family he had been born into.  This is from a magazine published in 1929.  Now this guy knew the Huxleys, he worked with them.  He knew H.G. Wells.  He knew Haldane.  In fact he used most of the stuff I'm about to read, came from really Haldane's stuff.  Haldane himself was quite the character.  You can find out about him.  But it says here:


This is from February 1929.


- Babies will be produced by chemists in laboratories.


He was talking about the year probably around 2029.


- The entire institution of marriage will be changed.

- We will all live to be 150.  (A: Well, that's for the elite themselves, you see.)

- No one will need to work more than two hours a day.

- Agriculture will be abolished—except as a hobby—and all foodstuffs will be produced synthetically.

- Man will be able to alter the geography of climate of the world.  (A: Climate change, hmm.)

- Coal-mining will be an extinct industry.

- A forty-eight-hour day will come into being by retarding the rotations of the earth.

- Sitting in our homes we will see and hear events the world over.  (A: He talked about television actually, long before they had it.  And he called it television too.)


1929. I’m going to continue here. Remember, this guy isn’t sitting with a crystal ball. He’s not channeling. He doesn’t have a medium next to him from his channeling Zeta Reticuli or some far away place.  (A: That's some thing with channelers apparently.  He's actually just telling you what he knows, because he sat in on the big world meetings with his peer group.  He says:)


A century hence it appears probable that the application of scientific discoveries will have altered the conditions of human life at least as much as they have done in the past hundred years.


A child born in 1829 arrived in a world which was just beginning to exploit the steam-engine, in which electricity was the useless toy of a few professors, where anesthetics and antiseptics were unknown.


The child of 2029, looking back on 1929, will consider it as primitive and quaint as 1829 seems to the children of the present day.  Our means of travel, our sources of wealth, our medicine and even our ideas will change as drastically during the next century as they did in the course of the last.


Applied physics, which has given us the steam-engine, the internal-combustion motor, as well as wireless, telephones and all the many other practical uses of electrical energy, will certainly make prodigious advances before the year 2029.  At the moment, however, the theoretical basis of physics rests in an undetermined state.  Physics is on the brink of a new synthesis, a fresh simplification and restatement of fundamental ideas.  This, when it comes—and it cannot long be delayed—must radically change all our assumptions concerning time, space and the nature of change.


Such a revolution of ideas must be accounted among the most important effects of science upon human life in the next century; but it is, of course, very difficult to predict what direction this change of ideas will take.  Until another Newton restates physical theory, one cannot determine how his restatement will react upon the every-day world.


It is easier to prophesy concerning the material changes which will be wrought by applied physics in the next hundred years.


The best scientific opinion believes that before 2029 physicists will have solved the problem of supplying the world with limitless amounts of cheap power.


At present we derive the energy which drives the wheels of industry from coal and oil.  Both these substances are won from nature at the expense of much money and vast stores of muscular energy, nor are their supplies inexhaustible.   By means of the most efficient methods, moreover, a pound of coal can only be made to yield energy of the order of one horse-power for one hour.   Yet, locked up in the atoms which constitute a pound of water, there is an amount of energy equivalent to ten million horse-power hours.  (A: They're talking about atomic atoms.  Right, 1929.) There is no question that this colossal source of energy exists; (A: No question he says, so they already knew.) but as yet physicists do not know how to release it; or, having done so, how to make it perform useful work.


This problem will be solved before 2029.   Some investigator, at present in his cradle or unborn, will discover the match with which to light this bonfire, or the detonator needed to cause this terrific explosion.


The consequences of tapping such stupendous sources of cheap energy are almost illimitable.   For the first time in his history, man will be armed with sufficient power to undertake operations on a cosmic scale.  It will be opened to him radically to alter the geography or climate of the world.  By utilizing some 50,000 tons of water, the amount displaced by a large liner, it would be possible to remove Ireland to the deeper portion of the Atlantic Ocean.  The heat obtainable from the same quantity of water (A: Right, that's 50,000 tons of water.  The same heat obtainable from it:) would suffice to maintain the polar regions at the temperature of the Sahara for a thousand years.


(A: Yep, all that stuff was discussed a long, long time ago, by those way up, where the real sciences were, the ones who were doing search, not re-search.  Then it says:)


The liberation of this energy naturally will revolutionize travel and transport.  Engines weighing one ounce for each horse-power they develop will become practical possibilities; and a power plant of six hundred horse-power will carry fuel for a thousand hours, working in a tank no bigger than a fountain pen.


Concerning the nature of the vehicles for which such engines will provide the motive power, is it rash to prophesy.  Passengers will travel in enormously swift aeroplanes, which by 2029 will ascend and descend vertically.  Goods will be carried cheaply and rapidly by land or sea, propelled by motors whose fuel bill will be almost nil.


(A: All this energy, you see, all this combustion stuff is really obsolete.  They knew that back then, too.)


The coming of this new energy obviously will be accompanied by acute social problems.  Its adaptation to industry will entail, for example, the final extinction of coal mining.  Since, however, it cannot but vastly reduce the cost of all manufactures, there is hope that the new wealth it creates will enable governments adequately to provide for the millions whose livelihood it destroys.


(A: Yeah, they're put on welfare.  And then it goes on to say here that they could also use wind:)


...the winds or the tides will be forced to yield up their energy.  Water-power is too unevenly distributed over the earth’s surface, and too much affected by seasonal variations, ever to become the principal source of the world’s energy; but the winds are never still, and the tides flow and ebb with unvarying precision.


If the winds were harnessed, they could produce a superabundance of cheap power.  During stormy weather their surplus energy could be stored in a variety of ways and so be available during calms.


(A: And then it goes on to say:)


I’ll break for a second here to tell you that this character, this Lord, had been given access to a future already decided upon. The reason being, he was a hereditary peer of the realm, a Lord who gains access to the business plan.   (A: Because the world is a big, long business plan.)  And they never change their plans.  (A: Never.  They never do.  To continue.)


The exploitation of tidal energy presents difficulties which have yet to be solved in a satisfactory manner.  These difficulties, however, are not those of principle but of technique; and if the wealth and the serious engineering attention of the world were focused on the question for ten years, there is no doubt that they would be overcome.  The tides of the Bay of Fundy alone could supply the whole of North America with electrical energy.


By utilizing tidal energy to any large extent, we should diminish the speed of the earth’s rotation.  As it is, the tides act as a brake upon the rotation of the earth.


(A: These guys think big, you know.  They're even talking about that happening with the largest water system put into China.  It's the largest on the planet, man-made, reservoir really.  And it's for creating hydro-electricity, that that might actually slow the rotation of the world.  That was in the paper a couple of weeks ago.  And then it says here.)



As it is, the tides act as a brake upon the rotation of the earth.  Tidal friction occurs principally in the Bering Sea, which divides Alaska from Siberia.  Its present effect is negligible, since it does but lengthen the day by a fraction less than a second in the course of each century.


If sufficient energy were extracted from the tides to supply every imaginable future development of human enterprise with power, this braking effect would not be greatly increased.  Many millions of years would elapse before the day grew as long as our present week.


Five thousand years takes us back to the dawn of recorded human history...


(A: And he was joking there, because they've got a lot older history than the stuff they give to the public.) that even a tenth part of one million years carries us forward beyond the reach of imagination.  We need not, therefore, grow alarmed that by harnessing the tides we shall so retard the rotation of the earth as to embarrass our remotest descendants.  But the forty-eight-hour day is a possibility in the far future.


During the next hundred years, applied physics will certainly develop wireless telephony and television beyond our present most imaginative expectations.  (A: Now remember, television, even black and white didn't come in until much, much, much later.) By 2029 it should be possible for any person sitting at home to be “present” at no matter what distant event.  Stereoscopic television in full natural colors, and perfected wireless telephony will enable him to see and hear any event which is broadcast as effectively as if he stood beside the transmitting apparatus.


Such developments must influence the future of politics; for by their aid it will be feasible once more to revive that form of democracy which flourished in the city-states of ancient Greece.


By 2029, the chosen spokesmen of each political party will be able to address every voter as effectively as he now can address the House of Commons.  And so the electorate itself, rather than its representatives, may decide each vital political issue.


(A: He also goes on in this article too to talk about how it will be almost too easy to control the people by the way.  And too irresistible he actually says for any government not to use electricity and electrical techniques to control the minds of the general public.  And he goes on too about computers.)


Applied chemistry has not affected human life in a manner comparable with the changes produced by physical research.  So far as the ordinary man is concerned, chemistry is only useful to him when it discovers new and desirable substances; or discovers a means of synthesizing a material more cheaply than it is produced in nature.  In the past, chemists have enriched the resources of humanity with new metals, dyes, drugs, explosives, and other substances useful in industry or in private life.  By 2029 thousands more such new substances will be available; aluminum will be cheaper than pig iron is today (A: Which it is, actually); malleable, unbreakable glass will be a common place of domestic life.


It has also been suggested that chemical research will turn to the discovery of new physiologically pleasant substances.  (A: He's talking about drugs and stuff.)  At present civilized mankind has discovered and adopted only three such substances: tobacco, alcohol and caffeine (tea and coffee).  These certainly have added enormously to the amenities of existence; and Dr. J.B.S. Haldane has proposed that chemists should seriously consider a search for many more such additions to human enjoyment.


Most chemical substances are either disagreeable or dangerous in their physiological effects, though a small number, not more than a few thousands, are valuable to medicine.  Should chemistry in the next hundred years be able to discover a dozen substances as pleasant and as harmless as tobacco, yet each producing a different effect on the consumer, it will have earned the thanks of every hard-worked man and woman in the world.


(A: And then, here you go.)


Any developments in physics and chemistry which reasonably may be predicted to occur before 2029 do no more than alter the accidentals of human existence.  In biology, however, developments may be predicted which will change the whole nature of life as we experience it today.


Even those who know least about them confidently expect prodigious advances from medicine and surgery in the near future, and their faith will not be in vain. (A: If they have faith in it.) The abolition of epidemic disease by 2029 is fairly certain, as is the discovery of cures for such scourges as cancer and tuberculosis.


(A: Well, they've got all that stuff, but they can't give it to the public, because then they'd complain about overpopulation.  And it goes on about anesthesia, completely painless childbirth.)


Biologists by 2029 will have learned the secrets of the living chemistry of the human body-or at least enough of it to achieve startling results.  Rejuvenation will be an ordinary and well-recognized matter of a few injections at appropriate intervals.


(A: And of course, that's what the Big Boys get, like Rockefeller, and Strong, and all these guys and Kissingers and Brzezinskis.).


The desire to keep old age at bay has ever been one of the dreams of humanity; at last we can predict that it will be achieved. (A: Now that's been announced a few times even.  The other geneticist that talks on Canadian television said that it was possible now to make a person live to 500 if they so desire.  It says:) "This mortal must put on immortality" by extending the length of his days on earth.


The attraction of such an idea, especially to women, who will no longer grow old quickly, is too clear to require emphasis.  But the universal practice of rejuvenation will be accompanied by grave social problems, the least of which would be the immense increase in population.


(A: So they can't give it to everyone.  That's why we're still getting radiation poisoning to kill cancers.)


Suppose it possible to guarantee one hundred and fifty years of life to every healthy child, how will the youths of twenty be able to compete in the professions or in business against vigorous men, still in their prime at one hundred and twenty, with a century of experience on which to draw?  The benefits to humanity which will accrue if the lives of men of genius are so prolonged (A: So it will be kept for men of genius you see.) is obvious.


(A: And then he goes on about:)


Heredity is determined by certain “genes”


(A: Now, again, we're talking about the early '20s here, 1920s.  They'd already found the genes back then.  Not much later with Watson.  They already knew what the genes were.  In fact, Haldane himself, they took most of the stuff from, Birkenhead that is took from, was a geneticist.  It says.)


Heredity is determined by certain “genes” or units, concerning which science already knows much.  They are minute bodies, so small that, if a hen’s egg were magnified to the size of the world, one of the genes in it would lie on a fair-sized dining table.  When biologists can control these, they will be able to control heredity.


(A: And he talks about how they could get rid of, basically, undesirable traits, and undesirable carriers of those traits as well.  And he also talks about:)


Most probably by 2029 a clever young man will consider his fiancée’s hereditary complexion before proposing marriage…


(A: So he's into eugenics.)


and the young woman of that day will refuse him because he has inherited a gene from his father which will predispose their children to quarrelsomeness.


Now, I'll be back with more just after this break, so hold on.


Hi folks, I'm back and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just reading an article, published in 1929 by the young Lord, 22 years old actually, Birkenhead, a very important person in British higher-up politics.  They didn't play politics at that level.  He was in the House of Lords.  But he got most of the information from Haldane, who was a geneticist himself, and quite the character.  He loved to kill people, after finding out in World War I that it was fun, he said, and he'd like to go back and kill more.  Anyway, they were all eugenicists.  And this article continues about:


By intelligent combinations of suitable genes, it will be possible to predict with reasonable certainty that truly brilliant children shall be born of a marriage.


(A: So they're talking about recombining genes, and enhancing them.)


It is possible, however, that by 2029 the whole question of human hereditary and eugenics will be swallowed up by the prospect of ectogenetic birth.


(A: That's outside the womb)


By this is meant the development of a child from a fertilized cell outside its mother’s body—in a glass vessel filled with serum on a laboratory bench.  Such a proceeding is neither incredible nor, indeed, impossibly remote.  The results of much research show that the connection between a mother and her growing child are purely chemical; there is no valid reason why one day biologists should not be able perfectly to imitate that chemical connection in the laboratory.


(A: So they'd already been trying all this stuff back then, by the way.  So love-bonding is just nonsense according to them, you see.)


The possibility of ectogenetic children (A: That's outside the womb.) will naturally arouse the fiercest antagonism.  Religious bodies of many different creeds will rally their adherents to fight such a fundamental biological invention.  In fact the mere mention of its possibility here may strike many readers as gratuitously disgusting.  Nevertheless the thing is possible; and since it is possible, it is certain that scientists will be deterred by no persecution from straining after it.


All the reactions of the public are already figured out in advance (A: That was what I say here.) and overcome when they announce these things. All the debating, or the problems they foresee, are debated and overcome before they tell us any of this stuff.  (A: And it's true.  They work out all our reactions, and they even put front guys out there to pretend they're on your side, as they give a show debate, and then of course, they compromise, and on it goes.  That's how it works.  It says:)


Should ectogenesis ever become an established part of human society, its effects will be shattering.  Primarily it will separate reproduction from marriage, (A: And that was a big thing that H.G. Wells wanted to do.  Emotion is free from sexual intercourse itself.)  Primarily it will separate reproduction from marriage, and the latter institution will become wholly changed.  Further, the character of the future inhabitants of any state could be determined by the government which happened temporarily to enjoy power.


(A: So the government will be in charge of the society, just like Brave New World, that's where Huxley got his idea from too, this same character, with Haldane.  Remember too, that this character is the same age group as Aldous Huxley, that wrote Brave New World in the 1930s.  They all knew this stuff, because they were in on the know.  All this stuff they're talking about had already been done secretly a long time ago.)


Further, the character of the future inhabitants of any state could be determined by the government…


Further, I’ll say that again.


…the character of the future inhabitants of any state could be determined by the government which happened temporarily to enjoy power.  By regulating the choice of the ectogenetic parents of the next generation, the Cabinet of the future could breed a nation of industrial dullards….


(A: That means morons, folks.)


Well, from Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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