August 20th, 2010 (#647)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt August 20th, 2010:

The Big Society:
Corp-Philanthro CEOs, Smart, Dripping Piety,
Oversee Rulership of New "Big Society":

"Some People Think Very Slowly, Some More Quickly,
A Minority Divulge the Future, Such as Carroll Quigley
On Behalf of CFR, He said the Future Would Go
To a Feudal World System Run by Corporate CEO,
Philanthropist Club is a Cartel in Control of Billions
Thrown Around Stock Market, Influencing Minions,
Formed to Participate in New Governance Variety,
With NGOs and "Them That Knows" in The Big Society,
Democracy's too Cumbersome, Humouring the People,
Governance is Swifter, Since People are Now Sheeple,
Oh Sure, Some will Bleat, Demanding This or That,
The Ministry of Love'll Handle any Uncouth Spoiled Brat,
We'll be Taught Austerity by Steroidal Social Workers,
Faces Sour, Flushed with Power, Chasing After Shirkers,
Serving World Masters, Respecting Those who Rule 'em,
Thought Police with Electric-ease Hunting Those who Fool 'em,
It's All Done so Smoothly, None Dare Think Rebel !
Sheeple, Plugged-in Optimists, Shepherded to Hell"
© Alan Watt August 20th, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - August 20th, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 20th of August 2010.  I always start off the show by suggesting to newcomers, and there's always newcomers coming in, all age groups too--It's nice to see so many young ones coming in as well, trying to find out what's going on--And I always refer you to website, where you'll find hundreds of audios for download, where I try to cover the bigger picture, to show you the kind of world you're really in.  And to point out the cons and the lies, and yeah, that's something that young people have to get really through their heads is that the older folk really do lie to them all the time. Especially those in power, the higher up you go, the more lies you get.  Because they treat us like children, you see.  That's the whole idea of mastering the masses.  Treat them like children, give them childish excuses for everything you do, and it's generally good enough for most of them.  They're quite happy with it.  But not for them all, like yourselves, because you're looking for answers, so, go into, and help yourselves.


And remember too, go into the book section, that's what keeps me going, just about almost, and order the books too, because I don't go through history in the usual fashion, of boring, dry dates and times and people.  I show you the cons of history and how they really control the minds of millions of people, an ancient technique all down through the ages, and how they still do it today.  It helps to deprogram you too, while you read them.  From the U.S. to Canada, remember you can pay by a personal check, you can also use an international postal money order from the post office, and you can use cash.  You can also use paypal to donate or to purchase.  And I do appreciate donations as well, remember, too.  If you want to purchase with paypal, just send a separate email after your paypal donation, with your name, address, and order, and I'll get it out to you.  Same across the rest of the world, with the addition of Western Union, which is kind of hefty, hefty fee they put on it.  MoneyGram I think is a bit cheaper.  Cash, again you can send.  Or paypal to donate or to purchase.  Remember, separate email, after you've sent the donation off to me.  In the separate email, put your name and address and order.  Full address too.  Some people, it's amazing, they skip out their postal codes and so on, and as you know, the zombies in the post office can't do anything if they don't have that little code on it.  They just don't understand maps and things like that.  But that's the world we live in as we go more into high tech, supposedly, and people become brighter for their brighter future, and actually become an awful lot dumber in the process. 


That's the real world we live in.  And it's no coincidence they're becoming dumber.  Everyone is becoming dumber.  I'm sure I'm getting dumber myself.  And lots of other people, too.  The further we progress, supposedly all in science, the more we're poisoned with the foods that they give us, deliberately, by the way, and the more they give us the technotronic warfare, which is there in use, remember too that Brzezinski talked about using it across whole continents back in the 70s, and it already existed then, so don't think for an instant they're not going to use it, or they're not using it.  It was to be used in times of crisis to keep the people placid and happy.  So, as I say, they'll use these techniques for sure, and no doubt about it, to keep us placid, because we're going through the crisis now of wars on terror.  I think that's the music coming in now.  It's very faint, but I'll see you after this break. 


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  And of course, the Matrix is full of deceptions, and that's the whole trick of making it work for those who own it, basically.  We're just born into it, each in our own time.  And we're given the appropriate indoctrination for your generation at school, and then that's updated by the movies you watch.  Actually it starts even with the cartoons that you watch before you go to school.  But then it's updated to a school, and then the media, and the movies, the culture industry, to make sure that you will adapt and follow, because you do things by copying others, you see, into the proper system for your generation.  And that's how it's been for an awful long time.  People like Bertrand Russell call it the scientific indoctrination.  Scientific.  They knew back in his day how to do it.  Why did they know that? Because they'd already done it to previous generations, that's why.  Yep, it's quite fascinating too.  And the trick is always to make people think they're involved in something as far as decisions go, so the media, the middle men, that's what media really means, they peddle the nonsense from the Big Boys to the ones at the bottom, to make sure we get the right idea, which is always the wrong idea.  They peddle the stuff down to us, and make you think that somehow you're involved in something, you've got a say in something.


And it's a clever idea, you know, this voting system, because Britain I think was one of the first countries to try it.  They started off with a thing called democracy, because every few years they'd have rebellions from the people, the serfs and so on, generally because of taxations, because the elite like to have big castles and go off and have foreign wars, and steal a lot of plunder and do things like that.  That's what powerful people really, really crave, is to have more and more power.  When you've got everything, what else is there, you know?  So, they came up with this idea of democracy, where every few years, you'd get a chance to vote.  Now they didn't bother at the start in democracy with the ordinary folk.  You had to be a landowner, and a property owner to get the vote.  And over the years, they eventually said, okay you can get the vote if you're a property owner or a house owner, and even then you had to own so many houses.  And they kept lowering it and lowering it, and it wasn't until WWI that the ordinary folk got the vote for the first time, without having land or even owning a house.  But it was to give them the impression that you're involved in something, you have a say, and so you didn't think about rebelling.  What you think about in democracy is kicking the present bunch out to get something new in.  And of course the ones that get in are the ones that promise you the most.  It's a very simple technique that’s worked for a long, long time.  However, they still allow, they allow as Carroll Quigley, who was the historian for CFR, he did say that all the leaders are always members of the Council on Foreign Relations, and in Britain and elsewhere, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, whereas lower politicians are allowed to show off a bit and try and grab more power for themselves, show how witty they are, and hope to get up the flag pole a bit higher. They decided eventually, democracy is too cumbersome with all these bickering little nobodies at the bottom, who all want to be somebodies.  And they can't get the big agenda through fast enough. 


And after all, the elite you see, who gave us the con game of democracy, have never ever really given it to us all, just the illusion of it.  They've always got their plans on the go, and the idea of bickering people down below, slows them up a little bit, so they have to bring you into a post-democratic society.  And that's what we're living through right now, post-democracy.  That's why they crashed the banks, or at least told us that at the right time.  It was all a con game to begin with, all banks are run on Ponzi schemes.  The bubbles always exist in them, and it runs on pure optimism.  So when they crash it, really the banks don't lose a darn thing.  They get paid back for crashing it, by the taxpayer of course, but we must get taught the lesson.  That's the whole point of it, to be austere, because it's time for the next part of the plan, austerity.  Remember that the elites say there's too many of us, you see.  And our only purpose here in the past was to serve them, and go and fight for their wars, and to do intensive farming.  Stuff like that.  They don't need us all anymore, and now they've got the whole globe, this global cabal.  Therefore they want to diminish us, the populations, so they've got to bring down healthcare, they've got to under the guise they can't afford it.  And they've got to sterilize more folk. They've done a good job so far, mind you, very quietly through the poison in your food, as they said they would, mind you.  They're very honest in their own publications.  And they're on route right now to the grand society.  The big society as they call it, private partnerships with government working together.  The very thing, strangely enough that Adam Weishaupt said they'd do, backed up by Albert Pike, because they talked about using philanthropy, eventually to rule the world.  That way you don't bother with voters.  Who are you going to complain to?  They're not really a government, they're charities, you see.  So, it doesn't take much to throw the public off a deep thought.  It takes very little just to nudge them off a deep thought or having, or even getting near to a deep thought.  It doesn't take much.  It puts them in a kind of double click mode, like a computer that's stuck with two programs running.  And they think, yeah, charity good, government bad.  So who do you complain to?  The government will say, well, we don't run the charities.  Meanwhile these massive charities literally are putting billions of dollars, the big philanthropist boys, billions and trillions of dollars into the stock market every day, and changing the course of history as they do it.  You don't think about that, do you? 


Here's an article here about also privacy.  You see, in a post-democratic society, where they can really rush ahead with their big society stuff, and bring the populations down over maybe thirty years, forty years, they're very humane about it.  They don't want to kill us all off at once, so they do it, you know, one at a time, through cancers, and things like that.  So, they at the moment, they must bring down privacy, all privacy, to make sure they can track all their, you see, if you're a good farmer, you want to have every cow branded.  And that means that you want to know their state of health.  How much you're going to get production wise out of them.  Are they a burden on the herd?  Should they be culled right now?  Much like the medical profession, in the countries that have already been hit with austerity, like Britain, where you go into the hospital there, and they label you A, B, C, or D, and if you're D forget it.  If you have a cardiac arrest in the hospital, because it means you're not going to get resuscitated.  You see, you're not of value to the greater society, or the community.  And I'm not kidding about that.  You think I am.  That's the practical way that the elite run the world.  So they can have no privacy in this world.  It's a time where the truth, all that was hidden, as they said in one of their old books, would be shouted from the rooftops, meaning there would be no secrets whatsoever.  And it's amazing they could write that Revelations all those thousands of years ago, because that was the big plan, even back then.  Well, here's an article here, and I love how they present it to the public, because really, it's not to inform you, it's to make you feel apathetic.  Remember, Russell said this.  They'd have to create a form of apathy by actually telling you the truth sometimes, but never giving you a solution to it, to what to do about it.  August the 6th it says here, Wall Street Journal.


Tracking Is an Assault on Liberty, With Real Dangers


(Alan: It says, and no kidding.  Yeah.)


In a 1963 Supreme Court opinion, Chief Justice Earl Warren observed that "the fantastic advances in the field of electronic communication constitute a great danger to the privacy of the individual."  (A: You see in those days they used to talk about the individual, because supposedly it's built upon individuality, this whole thing of democracy, or even constitutionalism, you see.  But it's a dirty word today.  You're part of the herd or you're suspicious if you're an individual now.  It says:) advances have only accelerated since then, along with the dangers. Today, as companies strive to personalize the services and advertisements (A: In Britain they say advert-is-ments) they provide over the Internet, the surreptitious collection of personal information is rampant. The very idea of privacy is under threat.  (A: Like that's a new thought there.  We never really knew that before.  And it says:)


Most of us view personalization and privacy as desirable things, and we understand that enjoying more of one means giving up some of the other. To have goods, services and promotions tailored to our personal circumstances and desires, we need to divulge information about ourselves to corporations, governments or other outsiders.


(A: So right away, after warning you about it, they tell you it's a good thing, really, you see.  It's a trade off.)


This tradeoff has always been part of our lives as consumers and citizens. 


Well, it wasn't before the days of television, you see.  Before all the ads bombarded you under the guise of giving you entertainment between the ads.  You were not bombarded with things you never thought of buying, or probably didn't want.  But that's the whole idea of advertising, it's an invasion, it's an intrusion into your privacy.  Here they're trying to say, well, they want to personalize the ads for you, just for you.  Well, I don't, I don't need that.  I really don't need that.  You think it's just the CIA that's got personality profiles on you.  No, you see, they all share the same information at the top.  Where there's a buck to be made, they're all in it together.  And, as I've said before too, every country, under the British commonwealth like Canada, has a privacy commissioner, put in Parliament, there, who every so often comes out and tells you, you have no privacy, it's a danger, danger, danger signal.  And then he says he's got no power to do anything about it.  Well, you see, that's meant to make you feel more apathetic, because if it's wrong, as they say it's wrong, then why don't they stop it, since they're in the governmental positions.  Well, it's not meant to be stopped, you see.  Google have come out.  I read the articles on the air, I think last week, telling you that the world they're bringing in will have no privacy whatsoever.  That's the intention of it.  Now, many youngsters already don't really mind that.  They have no idea of the past.  They have no idea of the horrors of the past.  They themselves have never experienced any horrors at all, pretty well, apart from maybe the end of their ice cream falling off the cone.  That's the people of today, the youngsters.  They can't imagine the things that happen when you have no privacy, and they know who you are.  Back with more after these messages


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and we're back Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just talking about privacy, and it's an odd concept to a lot of youngsters today, as they walk around with things stuck on their face, yapping into the ether, with their eyes glazed and oblivious of those around them.  They don't really mind having no privacy.  They think all this great, because it's been created really for them.  And they truly think they're in touch with everything.  It never dawns on them that all the info that's put out there is basically put out there to fascinate them for their particular age group.  Lots of money has been spent.  Lots of staff work in making sure that they get their idea of another reality once again, but never the real one.  And they're a step away really from the THX 1138 movie version of the humanoid, who really is tracked and traced, and watched 24 hours per day, and of course, we already know that the drugs are coming in with everything, more overtly than just sneaking it into your food to sterilize you.  I'm talking about drugs that will effect your brain as well.  I think they already are doing that, apart from the spraying in the air.  We're under really total war.  Getting back to this article from the Wall Street Journal, as I say, they tell you that there's going to be no privacy and it's terrible, oh dear, dear, dear, dear, and then of course on the left-hand side of the page they've got the great privacy debate, where Jim Harper will tell you Why Tracking Isn't Bad, and why you should allow them to lay cookies down on every site that you go onto and so on.  There's how they give the dialectic.  Oh, it's terrible, terrible, but it isn't that bad.  It's a tradeoff, and you get so much back in return.  I like how they title it too, "The Great Privacy Debate".  Well, where's the debate?  I don't see any debate.  Have you heard any debate about having privacy?  It doesn't happen.  Because this is the intention.  This is the intention. 


What struck me quite a few years back, when there was a hurricane in Northern Latin America, and they had the big agencies there from World Health Organization, and different ones went down.  And all they did, was go around to all these people who were either dead or half dying to get their social insurance numbers, their ID, you see.  And the ones who were dying weren't given food and water and all the rest of it.  No, they were told to keep that in their hand, or pin it on some clothing, so that when they came back the next time they'd know who it was so they could bury them.  It's really for their records.  They're incredible bookkeepers at the top there.  If you're a really good farmer, you want to make sure that you know everything about your cattle, and you want to know how they expired, why they expired, where they expired, how old they were, how heavy they were, and all these strange things, that really obsessional people do.  And that's what it's all about too, you see.  In the future, you'll probably go into something like Soylent Green, which they're already creating.  They already have the stuff to turn you into a sort of green goo.  There's articles out in the newspapers about it, how wonderful it will be for the earth.  And I have no doubt whatsoever, as we become more and more dehumanized, and we're into the god of science now, you see.  And if science says something is good, you'll always get the ones who think they're avant-garde, taking the first plunge into whatever it happens to be, that they're advised to do.  So, when they tell you to eat these little green snack bars full of protein stuff, and what's the problem?  It's all been synthesized, or reconstituted, and blah, blah, blah, and it's thoroughly hygienic to eat, they will go ahead and do it.  You've already got corpses hanging on wires, for goodness sake, in art galleries, and it's called art.  So you're being dehumanized all the time, with a big plan in mind, and you don't even know it.  You don't even know it, what kind of reality you're really, really in, and the fact that there's nothing out there by chance.  Nothing at all.  Believe you me, if something was out there that came out of the blue, out of the control, or slipped under the radar of the Big Boys, that could upset the apple cart in any way at all, it would be another Kelly job.  You know, you'd be found in a forest somewhere, very quickly, with your blood drained.  That’s how they really operate.  Plato said it himself.  He said, the culture is always given from the top, from the elite down to the people.  If any true grassroots thing sprung up, it could literally upset the whole apple cart.  There would be so many ripples of effects they couldn't predict that they would lose control over the public.  So, when anything is big, like hanging corpses along the wires on skateboards, and all the rest of it, and putting them on display across the West, that's because it's authorized from the very, very top.  Even the fashions, believe you me, the fashions and the whole sexual promiscuity is authorized from the very, very top.  They talked about doing it to destroy any semblance of that old enemy of theirs, and that's the family unit.  Because men at one time, when they were men, and were not full of estrogens, used to fight for their family, or their tribe, or their neighbors, or whatever, you see.  It's all a big plan.  So, that's the Great Privacy Debate, that non-event that's just meant to make you feel, well, what can you do?  We better just allow them to have all our data, you see.


And then of course, it's meant to come out and coincide at the same time with the CNN story on Facebook, of course.  You see, all these companies, I said this years ago, that Google and all these Big Boys are put out by the NSA.  The NSA tracks, and that's the Big Boys for all data gathering across the planet.  And they don't come out of the blue by themselves.  Once again, if they did, and the big boys objected to it, there'd be people going missing so darn quickly, and be shut down so darn quickly if it was not in the agenda, that would be a real non-event.  You'd hear it announced and that would be the last you'd hear of it.  So it says:


Social-networking giant Facebook has entered the check-in world.


Facebook executives on Wednesday announced the launch of Facebook Places (A: To track people and your friends.)


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about Facebook, after the privacy non-debate.  It just shows you their joke of it all, eh.  Because they're talking about debate.  There's no debates going on about privacy whatsoever at the top.  It's the agenda to have no privacy.  Mind you, they made laws at the beginning to make sure that very important people, like themselves could have information kept off of all these things through, I guess the CIA does it all for them, or the NSA or something, because you can only get so much on Wikipedia, and that's all you're allowed to know.  Not very much either.  Anyway, it says, Facebook is introducing its check-in feature, right, check-in.  And they're copying Foursquare , the other Masonic organization, and Gowalla, I don't know what Gowalla means, but wallah used to be a carrier.  It was a derogatory term they used in the British Empire, like a teawallah, and stuff like that.  So you're a go-wallah, you're a gopher, a little carrier at the bottom, a nobody.  And you don't realize you're really working for them.  You see. So


Gowalla -- will allow people to use the GPS on their mobile phones to let friends know exactly where they are.


(A: That's what it's all about, to let them know where they are.  It's so they'll know where you are, for your friends.)


Facebook Places is available immediately in the United States through the latest version of Facebook's iPhone (A: This is really an ad, you see.  They give these ads straight into the papers) and for other advanced mobile phones, through the company's site for advanced mobile devices, executives announced at Facebook's headquarters in Palo Alto, California.


Users who wish to announce their location to their friends (A: And the NSA, and everybody else out there) on Facebook would tap a "check in" button to see a list of places nearby, and then choose the place that matches where they are.


And I read that article too, from the Foursquare before.  It was about two or three weeks ago there, where a journalist tracked a person down, because they like to form little groups.  It's so typical with their little networking things, to form little groups that don't even know each other, but he got a woman's name, age, place of work, and the whole bit.  Where she goes, what bar she would be at that night, even, and he eventually introduced himself.  A great thing for stalkers.  But again, you can't tell the public.  They wall for this stuff.  It's free, of course, everything is free, and they just love it.  They just love it, to help the agencies know what they're up to, where they are, even what they're saying, and of course a lot of them also take photographs, when they shut them off, just to let them know exactly the conditions of where you are, round about you.  Amazing, isn't it.  It's amazing.  There's an old poem that said that man may go out with a whimper, not with a bang.  And that's how they're going out right now, you know.  Just little whimpers. 


I've also talked about the Iris Scanners and things like that, so Mexico City apparently is really putting them in big time.  I've got an article, I'll put the link up for this article on the website, at the end of the show, and it talks about:


Iris Scanners Create the Most Secure City in the World. Welcome, Big Brother


(A: Again meant to make you feel apathetic, by saying Welcome Big Brother, because there's no objections, anywhere in it, to this at all.  And how they're putting it up all over the place.)


Biometrics R&D firm Global Rainmakers Inc. (GRI) announced (A: Nice name too, rainmakers, eh.) today that it is rolling out its iris scanning technology to create what it calls "the most secure city in the world." In a partnership with Leon -- one of the largest cities in Mexico, with a population of more than a million -- GRI will fill the city with eye-scanners. That will help law enforcement revolutionize the way we live -- not to mention marketers.


Ah, ha, ha, as well, eh.  Do you ever wonder too, what they can program you with, when they scan your iris.  Do you ever watch them scanning it?  And you'll see it in all the movies too, where it moves from the bottom, right up, this ray of light.  And, I'll bet you anything they can actually program you in certain ways with it too.  And who knows, how many times they do it before you're blind as well.  I often wonder about that too.  But it won't matter.  If you're blind, you'll just get on your iphone, and your friends will be around and punch your global positioning situation, and they'll all come and help you.  After they've mugged you that is, and left you to die, no doubt.  So that's the world that we live in.  It's all programmed.  It's all pre-thought-out, planned at big meetings.  Hundreds and hundreds of think tanks take part in facilitating the future for their masters.  We're definitely not the masters, remember.  And it's all been worked out way in advance, before your granddaddy was born, in fact. 


Now, I mentioned as well.  I touched on this article, but didn't go into it in any depth, and it's about how they train us incrementally.  You see, at one time, they used to take years to get us kind of used to something that was kind of iffy.  Iffy is something that we're not quite sure of.  Like privacy, stuff like that.  People used to care about privacy and stuff like that.  In fact, they used to have wars about it.  They'd have a war or rebellions when they had invasions of privacy by the state.  And soldiers would burst into your rooms and billet themselves there.  That's part of the reason too they had the American Revolution.  They've all forgotten that of course.  And they don't need to get bust in now.  They bring all the toys home, and let them all know what's happening inside their house.  Getting back to this article here, it says here.


WSU tries for CIA contract with skeletal identification


Now, they train you as I say incrementally, and they've already trained you with the airport scans.  Well, you see, these X-rays aren't going very deep, you know.  They can just stop, just like that, just on the surface of the skin, which has already been proven bunkum.  It was bunkum to start with.  It was meant to get you, put you at ease.  Oh well, you know, I might just get a melanoma, skin cancer, but nothing terribly serious.  That's how stupid people are.  You know, rather than everybody say, no, I ain't going there, you know.  You'd see how fast they would take all that stuff down if folk said, no, that's it, and they started losing business.  But no, they have to go, they have to go, and go off to some country and wear their little hats there, steaming in the sun, come back all burned, and then get more X-rays to help the melanomas along, I suppose.  Anyway, they get you used to the idea, it's not terribly bad, and it's just getting you to the next step.  And they showed you this, they always show you these things in sci-fi movies, often the comedy ones too, years before they introduce them to the public.  Now it isn't because the writers, the top script writers have great imaginations, and that the producers in Hollywood are really fantastic at foreseeing the future.  It's because you see, the guys who write the really top stuff belong to the Futurist society, and that's where the big philanthropists run the show again, and they approach the right ones, and they'll say, we want you to write a story about this.  Give it a human-interest story.  Make sure there's a lot of sex, and there's a chase in it too, and lots of smashes of cars and things.  But here's what you want to add into it, to get the message across, you know, embed this into it.  And that's how you get programmed for the future.  And there was one where Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Total Recall movie, goes off on his fantasy virtual holiday, and he goes through in the fantasy, he goes through the airport, and you see his skeleton walking through, and there's a gun, of course, stuck in the belt.  But, here you are, they've trained you already, well, X-rays now are good for you.  You see, that wasn't too bad.  We haven't had any reports of folk dropping dead yet, because they won't tell you how many folk dropped dead, or got cancers from the last type.


WSU tries for CIA contract with skeletal identification


Technology could help identify terrorists


(A: (Gasp) Oh, they're here, they're there, they're everywhere, eh?  Wow, terrorists.  Amazing, eh.  And this article here goes on to say.)


Wright State University Research Institute is one of a dozen groups chosen from a field of 500 applicants to submit plans to the Central Intelligence Agency for cutting-edge technology (A: Cutting edge, ooh) to identify potential terrorists and other suspects.


(A: Do you know how long they've been X-raying folk?  Cutting edge technology.  The only thing cutting edge is they've cut off our brains so we don't recoil from it.)


University researchers working to develop what they believe is the nation’s first bone-scanning identification system should know next year whether the CIA will opt to use their biometric identifier.


Each skeletal structure is unique (A: Wow.) and can be identified with X-rays by measuring bones, the distance between them and bone density. (A: This is a high-intensity burst of radiation you're going to get here folks, believe you me.) Existing identification systems like fingerprints and facial recognition software can be tricked, (A: Really.  Each time they come out with that stuff, they said it was fool-proof.  How can it be tricked? ) say researchers tasked with developing the new technology.


We think this is spoof-proof,” said Julie Skipper, an associate professor and biomedical engineer, (A: Who's going to get lots of money from this.  Sorry, I added that last part on myself.) who expects a prototype to be ready by this time next year.


Skipper is working with fellow researcher Phani Kidambi to develop the idea of S. Narayanan, the dean of the engineering and computer science college, who envisions the technology being used at points of entry into the country.


(A: Oh, really.  It also means out of the country then, doesn't that mean out of the country as well, hmm?)


The research is the latest example of a push by Wright State and other universities to solve real-world problems,


(A: You see, it's all about solving problems.  Don't you understand, these people are altruistic?  They're just like the characters in the movies that you see, like the cops.  And some poor child has been kidnapped, and the guy can't sleep, and he tosses and turns, and he's got to get out of his bed, even though he's off duty, and still go on the hunt for the bad guys.  These people are the same as them.  Do you understand that?  You've got all these folk, thousands of these little scientists, just waiting for the right kind of grant to come along, so as they can run out of their bed, and go out and help humanity, by dosing you with X-rays, and getting lots of money for doing it.  Argh.  What a world, eh?)


The face can be disguised or disfigured, but the skeleton is always there,” said Kidambi. “Even twins have different bone structures.”


Wow.  Oh, you're always learning, eh.  Ha, ha, ha, ha.  What junk, eh?  What absolute claptrap.  This is the world as I say, that you're brought into.  You're trained, step by step.  Now, believe you me, before they gave you the first, so-called surface ones, which were not surface at all, X-rays at airports, they knew where they were going to take it.  You're conditioned to adapt and adapt and adapt.  We're the most adaptable species on the planet.  Remember that.  Don't ever forget that.  That's why Russell and others, and the Huxleys could say, literally could say with confidence, they could create any kind of society they wished.  With any kind of belief system, as they wished, where they'd give you all the new culture and social norms, whatever they'd happen to be, and you'd accept them all.  You'd think it's all quite normal.  When he wrote Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, he was in again with Haldane and all the other guys I mentioned the other day, and Birkenhead, and others of the higher elite.  And the geneticists, who were already working on genes, and fiddling with them too, long before they told the public they were actually discovered.  Back in their day they pretended that it was just theoretical.  They surmised they were there, but one day they would be able to see them.  Maybe one day, way down in the future.  That's what they always tell you, when they make you believe you're on the cutting edge.  Meanwhile, they were already working on these things.  And you'll find little glimpses of that in lots of boring books, if you read the right ones.  Because Rutherford, the great mathematician, in the early 1900s said in his biography that he was employed to work with geneticists on human genes.  Well, why would you need a mathematician there unless you could actually see them, and count them, and all the rest of it, eh?  Ha, ha. Little clues come out once in a while, but they don't make much of a fuss about it. 


That's really the world we're in.  Step by step by step by step.  And with the ID card, of course, always lurking in the background, but really, you know darn well they're going to go to the implanted chip.  You know that don't you?  I mean, you all know it.  Most child children won't mind.  They've actually done surveys in schools, and I've got some here, where the youngsters all put their hands up when they said, what do you think about having all your ID, maybe even a computer chip that will interact with other computers in your arm, or in your body, and they all put their hands up.  They wanted it.  They thought it was just fantastic, an ID, you see.  See, you can only do this with children; I used to think that at least.  I may be wrong.  But you can do that with children because they are incredibly trusting, and incredibly naive.  They have no wisdom, they aren't old enough to have accumulated any.  And mammals always look to the adults to warn them of dangers, all mammals do.  And if we don't do it to the children, of course they'll think everything is just okay and go along with it.  They can't envisage real horror, even as they sit and play their slaughter games on their army-created videos and games.  They can't imagine real horror, at all.  They don't know that people have come along in the past and taken whole nations to wars, and slaughtered people, or revolutions like the Soviet Revolution, came along and slaughtered millions of people.  Executed them.  They don't know that.  It's all unreal to them. 


And yet you give these little brains over to the school system, that's guaranteed to make sure that they turn into the kind of citizen that the state wants them to be.  One of the masses, you know, a non-thinker, a conformist.  Even if they're conforming with tattoos up their arms, that's conforming.  Where do you think that all comes from?  And little things sticking out of their skin.  And zips and all the rest of it, stuck in their cheeks.  That's conforming to the culture creators.  That's all put out there deliberately.  You know, it's the easiest thing to do as you go through transition between two systems, is total and utter degeneration to bring in the new system.  Look at ancient Greece, that's exactly what they did there.  Ancient Rome, same thing again.  Same formula.  What is it Plato said?  He said, you can make the people do anything that they've ever been made to do in the past.  You just have to know the formula and how to introduce it, and they will behave precisely as you expect them to.  It's astonishing.  The cultural creation business is a vital part of the conditioning process.  They count on it at the top. 


You know, I've mentioned this many times before, and people don't dwell on it much, the Communist system, which again was the great Social Experiment that the Big Boys in the West set up for those in the East, and they funded it.  Russell and all these guys went over, very often, to see how well it was doing, because you see, they got away with being called the first truly scientific, atheistic state in the world.  Therefore science would rule, and science would go much further in experimentation than was humanly allowed in the West, because they had silly things like religions and stuff, and human rights.  And they did open the skulls of many, many prisoners, and do various testing on live people, who eventually of course died under the operations.  Things you'd never believe were tried on people.  And as I say, the aristocracy of Britain went over all the time.  Trotsky complained about it in his own book, called My Life.  Why would the great aristocracy, the archenemy of Communism and vice versa, be invited over to the Soviets to have the tours of all these scientific establishments?  Hmm?  Why do you think?  And the same people and their descendants rule today.  And believe you me, they brought in all academia.  Academia, evolution, man's just an animal.  As Julian Huxley said, the brother of Aldous, he was the first CEO of UNESCO of course for the children, to standardize education, he said that they'd have to dethrone man from his pedestal.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Now, I'll also put, along with the links at the end of the night, to look up on my website,, one you can look through.  It's a google video of children helping police in Spain.  You think it's all coming down just in the U.S. with Obama's one million child army sort of thing.  It's happening everywhere.  This is public/private and bringing the civilians into it.  You already have civilians coming out in place of the police in San Francisco and other places.  I've got the articles here.  They're doing that in Britain.  There's cops that go out.  They can't arrest people right now, but they go out to crime scenes, they're civilians really.  That's breaking out all over.  Again, it coming back to the Great Society, they call it the Big Society, the Grand Society, something that was mentioned during the French Revolution, especially the second one, the one at the Bastille, where they had the barricades up.  They talked about the Great Society, the Grand Society that they're talking about in Britain now, where philanthropy, again, the Weishaupt idea, will take over.  The Parallel Government will come out into the open and run the world according to the way that they dictate.  And here's an article here.  It's called:


The billionaire boys: Beware of geeks bearing gifts


(A: An old play on the Greeks bearing gifts, from the Telegraph.  And it goes on about the big billionaires club, the ones Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, the richest people, Oprah Winfrey and all that are giving a lot of money away to charity.  They say half here, but that's their lie.  And:)


 there is a downside, says William Langley.


Really, when you see that kind of money, collectively, that they're throwing into the stock market, they can bend any country and its social program which ever way they wish.  You see how they've done it outside of politics again, and bypassing government.  All the guys in government know this, of course, it's all part of the plan.  It's just to let you know how bad it really is.  And these are the guys that want to depopulate drastically.  We've already exposed that on this show, from articles that's been released.  I think it's the Irish paper that first came out with one of their first meetings Rockefeller had and Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates and so on.  And their biggest part of their agenda, their topic was to depopulate the world and sterilize the people.  That was on their mind. It's amazing how you become a big philanthropist, and suddenly, that's your biggest problem, isn't it.  But of course, they're only rich because they were brought up.  It's just like Neo getting brought up from the water, at the beginning of the Matrix movie, that's the Masonic part.  He sees the light, the door opens, and then this big arm pulls him through, the lion's paw.  And once they've pulled you up into the real light, you see, where you see things how they really work, you've got to pay them back when they make you very famous and wealthy.  And that's part of the thing that they do. 


Now, Pepsi as well, I've got an article here, where Pepsi's put out, all these massive ads out, and someone sent this article to me, actually it's an email.  It says on this site.


Pepsi is openly asking people to vote for society projects, and is planning to inject funds to help the community in these certain fields that are traditionally run and funded by independent social groups or municipalities. 


You see how they're doing it?  They're bypassing things that were all government-run, and now they're getting right involved with the same thing they're talking about in Britain, the Big Society, philanthropy.  They know better what's good for you, you see.  And they use all their own little corporate logos, and the little terms that they use.  "Refresh everything."  They're going to refresh everything in society.  Do you understand what that means?  Hmm?  All the Big Boys are involved in this.  All the Big Corporations, and of course, we know that Coke got started with the real stuff.  It was the real thing, at one time, from coca leaves.  Anyway, from Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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