Aug. 23, 2010 (#648)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 23, 2010:

An Ode to Darwin and Homeland Security:
Elite and Adaptation, They Know Assuredly,
Masses Give Up Rights, All for "Security":

"Most Give Up Rights Easily, It's All Incremental,
The Masses Take for Granted it's Coincidental,
Running in Their Virtual World, Reality Overlapped,
All the Time They're Proving Humanity can Adapt,
Their Lives are a Blend of the Factual and Fiction,
Text-Twittering Away with Minimalistic Diction,
Planned so Long Ago at Meetings in a Crypt,
You Realize Each Generation is Following a Script,
Up and Coming Masters Take Over from the Old,
They're Especially Educated, Ensuring Idea's Sold,
Kings of the Ant Hills, They May Not Ever Sleep,
Holding Keys of He Who Sees Tightly in Their Keep,
We're Soothed by Assurances, Rocked with a Kiss,
Only for Truly Domesticated can Ignorance be Bliss"
© Alan Watt Aug. 23, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 23, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August 23, 2010.  As always, I suggest newcomers look into web site.  Youíll find hundreds of audio talks Iíve given over the years for download.  I try to give you a bigger picture than most will go to because we are living in an incredible age, the age of planned transition that even some of the big philanthropists, as they like to call themselves, the ones who guide the planet, said at the beginning, this would be equivalent to the industrial revolution where millions of people were moved off the land and into the cities to work in their crowded factories.  It truly is a transition.  Itís a transition in a way of thinking and doing and even being governed Ė they call it governance today.  So look into the web site and while you are there, remember, I donít get paid by advertisers for my shows.  I could be, and then I would bore you with bringing on lots of guests whoíd really be selling stuff.  So itís up to you the audience to keep me going by buying the books and disks I have for sale.  Iíd churn them out if I had more time but I donít because my days are spent up fixing computers, even weekends too and stuff like that.  You know what thatís like; you want to show them how to improve their particular model of computer with a sledgehammer.  So buy the books and the disks and that hopefully will keep me just ticking over.  Remember, these books are different from other books.  I donít give you boring histories with the usual nonsense Ė and thatís all it is, itís authorized, HIS-story; somebody wrote it because they were authorized to.  I show you the techniques of control down through the ages up to the present time, all the cons.  It helps to deprogram you too when you read through them.  You can purchase them [Order and donation options listed above.]. 


This is the Age of Transitions.  This is the Century of Change that has been planned for an awful long time.  Even before the 20th century started they talked about the 21st century being the Century of Change where their big, big plans at the top would come into fruition and the public, as Bertrand Russell and others said, would be as unlikely to rebel as it would be possible for sheep to rebel about the price of mutton.  You donít realize, thatís already pretty well happened.  Your whole culture has been given to you.  Itís been drastically altered in the last 50-60 years and itís accelerating at a preplanned pace.  They never jump ahead too quickly but to be honest with you, they are must faster now in every direction than theyíve ever been before.  Iím talking about the big guys that really run the world, the multi billion/trillionaires.  People now are so into all the electronic media that they are conditioned and programmed all the time for the next step, and the next step, and the next step.  It used to take them years to change society, now it can be done so quickly.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  The world you are living in is a script where incrementally things are pushed on all of society.  And as you well know, you are already global.  Youíve been global for a long time.  In fact you were global before they even created the United Nations, as far as the big international corporations were concerned, and they make all the policy; they put their boys into politics, across the whole planet.  They belong to the right organizations to make sure that everybody who manages you is the right person, in the right country, and so on.  Thatís what they call it too, is the Age of World Managers; thatís another term they use.  Thatís what we are under.


Theyíve said before, in academia in the 20th century, that the Century of Change would have to be post-democratic.  Theyíd have to use authoritarian systems, run by experts, to just tell the public what to do.  They conditioned the public step by step, especially since 9/11 happened but they were doing it before that too, but step by step afterwards, under the cover of ďsecurityĒ and ďterrorismĒ into a much quicker upgrade basically, into the new system of giving up your rights and allowing more and more intrusion into your personal lives. 


Iíve read two articles on the air which are in the archives section of my site, where you can search out the fact that the Pentagon has massive computer systems of course, and they have LITERALLY a virtual you, everybody in the world has got their copy in a virtual world and they update it DAILY on all the information that you put out there on yourself.  What they do is run little games and so on to predict what you would do in any situation, and they say they are pretty well, almost 100% correct they are so perfect.  Of course we must help them with this by using all the toys they put in front of us, the bait.  It reminds me of the old cartoons where youíd see a bit of cheese, a bit of cheese, and a bit of cheese, a whole line of cheese all the way to the mouse trap.  Thatís how they train the public.  We are just animals to them.  Unfortunately they are quite correct in the fact that we can be trained just like animals.  In fact, animals are bit smarter than we are.  We have lost our ability to really be free and for self-preservation, because we are domesticated, and we are trained to be that way from birth really.


Here in an article here about the next step in airports.  Now Iíve already read the articles on how they came in with the x-raying and said, oh it was only a surface scan and no harm there.  What utter lies, as though it could stop the x-ray right on the surface.  Sure enough, people didnít really balk at that too much.  You had the usual ones who pretend they are on your side, the big organizations that say, oh we donít like this at all, like the ACLU, and then they go quiet on it.  Itís the same thing now with the next step because they are putting out the full x-ray scans that literally scan your skeleton; I read that last week too, on how every skeleton is different, supposedly, and they can REALLY identify you that way.  You see iris is not enough, eye balls are not enough, and thumb prints are not enough, your voice print isnít enough, theyíve got to have EVERYTHING there to make sure that the stock, you see you are the cattle, the stock, and they own you, and they want to know all about their cattle, like any good farmer would do.  Here is the next step and it saysÖ


New Logan searches blasted

TSA tests frisky (Alan:  I think they meant to say Ďriskyí) frisking policy

By Donna Goodison  |   Saturday, August 21, 2010  |


Logan airport security just got more up close and personal as federal screeners launched a more aggressive palms-first, slide-down body search technique that has renewed the debate over privacy vs. safety.  (A:  Well thatís okay because you will all adapt into it, like you adapt into everything else, and youíve seen it on TV for about 40 years, where the cop says to the guy, you know the routine, and the guy turns around and puts his hands on the wall and gets frisked right down.  So everyone will think itís just like the TV and whatís wrong with that?  No one cares anymore really.  Most folk donít really donít care.  Thatís what the few who are truly awake know.  They know that.  The general public are adapting all the time, even the ones who think they are fighting it.  Theyíve all got their cell phones, they are all texting everybody, and they are using their Twitter and tweets and all the rest of itÖ and thatís for the birds obviously.)


The new procedure - already being questioned by the ACLU (A:  Again, the pretenders that only really go after certain politically correct things.) - replaces the Transportation Security Administrationís former back-of-the-hand patdown.  (A:  Well that was bad enough.)


Boston is one of only two cities in which the new touchy-feely frisking is being implemented as a test (A:  This is the same way as Britain, everything gets tried out somewhere, to get you used to that, and if there are any objections, they find ways around it, through their think tanks.) before a planned national rollout. The other is Las Vegas.  (A:  Thatís the other testing place, for the moment.)


ďWeíre all for good effective security measures,Ē (A:  See, everything us under Ďsecurityí now.  Literally, anything can go under security.  Remember what Carroll Quigley said, you can get more done on a social level of change in 5 years of war than in 50 years of peace.  And thatís a fact.)  American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts spokesman Christopher Ott said. ďBut, in general, weíre concerned about this seemingly constant erosion of privacy, and we wonder whether or not itís really going to be effective.  (A:  Well that means NOTHING legally.  A bitching about something is not a legal thing.  So that means that the ACLU is going to do nothing about it, because they are all part of the big thing arenít they?)


ďAccepting these kinds of searches may keep people safer (A:  Oh, wow...) in some situations, but not in every situation, and weíre encouraging people to stop and think about what is the right balance between privacy and security,Ē Ott said.  (A:  Well, I know what it is, you chuck the whole Homeland boys out the window and all their papers and all their laws and all the rest of it and you get some freedoms back again.  You stop the NSA and all the rest of them from listening to every telephone call that you make.  You chuck away all your little toys that help them because believe you me, even if they say yep, there is a law that they canít check you, they are liars.  They have been listening to you long before 9/11, without warrants.   Thatís what their job is.)


A TSA spokeswoman yesterday confirmed the switch to what the agency calls an ďenhanced patdown.Ē  (A:  Oh, itís Ďenhanced;í they get marketers in for everything to give it a nice name.  Itís an Ďenhancedí patdown, it sounds almost sexy doesnít it?  ĎEnhancedíÖ hmm.)


ďTSA is in the process of implementing an enhanced patdown (A:  HooohÖ) at security checkpoints as one of our many layers of security,Ē said Ann Davis, TSA spokeswoman (A: Which is PR, public relations, which is propaganda according to Bernays, the guy who invented it.) for the Northeast region. ďPatdowns are designed to address potentially dangerous items, like improvised explosive devices and their components, concealed on the body.Ē  (A:  Well they have had millions of cases like that havenít they?  See, well there you go.)


And the cattle will go along.  They will moo a bit but they will get used to it rather quickly.  The cattle too, you can hold them up when you are checking them out, before they can get their feed.  But they know they are going to get their feed as soon as you let them go so theyíll let you do anything you want.  Itís just the same with people. They all want to get in there and get to that plane and so on.  So it doesnít matter what they do to them, they will comply.  Thatís human natureÖ as the big boys well know.  


Here is another article from Germany.  I know that the RFID cards were out in a few countries very quickly.  Holland was one.  Britain tried to get them out in 1998 I think it was and everybody complained saying whatís the point, nothing is happening in the world; the cold war is over.  But there was a big push to get it done there, the same in Canada by the way.  There was an omnibus bill pushed through by Allan Rock, who after he got it through went off to the United Nations, who was his real boss.  In Canada, at the same time, the reporters did report it in the media but they said we donít know why this Ė which was technically a martial law bill Ė had been rammed through.  Being detained without warrants and so on and without arrests forÖ endlessly basically, before 9/11 even happened.  Then Wendy Mesley came out with a program on her show.  It was all about the ID card, as a kind of propaganda spiel for it, where she followed her assistant through the whole screening process Ė they were using iris scans then for Clear Pass before 9/11 happened too.  She talked to one of the guys who was in charge of the ID company that makes the cards.  She says, why do you think the public will accept this?  He says, they will be given no option.  So you are living through a script folks.   Itís just that easy, that simple.  You are fighting it all the wrong ways because you help them as you fight it by using all the toys that they give you [Alan laughing] out there to track you and trace you and listen to you.  But itís so convenient isnít it?  Itís so convenient to have that, to be in constant contact with the NSA. 


Germany to roll out ID cards with embedded RFID / Saturday, August 21, 2010


The production of the RFID chips, an integral element of the new generation of German identity cards, has started after the government gave a 10 year contract to the chipmaker NXP in the Netherlands. (A:  Oh, I guess itís made in the Netherlands.)  Citizens will receive the mandatory new ID cards from the first of November.


The new ID card will contain all personal data on the security chip that can be accessed over a wireless connection.  (A:  Isnít that nice?)


The new card allows German authorities to identify people with speed and accuracy, the government said. (A:  ďThe government saidÖĒ  They are much like Canada.  British Commonwealth countries just get decrees from the government; thatís how they talk to you.  In the United States, they try to humor you a bit.)  These authorities include the police, customs and tax authorities and of course the local registration and passport granting authorities.  (A:  Quite amazing eh?  Yep.)


German companies like Infineon and the Dutch NXP, which operates a large scale development and manufacturing base in Hamburg, Germany are global leaders in making RFID security chips. The new electronic ID card, which will gradually replace the old mandatory German ID cards, is one of the largest scale roll-outs of RFID cards with extended official and identification functionality.  (A:  Itís not going to be the biggest one; the biggest one is in India and apparently they have just started it there.)


The card will also have extended functionality, including the ability to enable citizens to identify themselves in the internet (A:  Isnít that nice, you can identify yourself.  You didnít know that.  See, you are all going to get Alzheimerís apparently and you will really be so glad for this thing once you have it.) by using the ID card (A:  So itís also going to be mandatory to get IN to the internet, you see, because everything is going, as you know, wireless.  Everything is basically, even the bank money is going to get phased out in the next 3 or 4 years they said, by the top bankers.  So itís all going to be transactions over the net.)  with a reading device at home. (A:  So you get a reading device at home, I guess you pay for that too.  You pay for your chains in this system, if you notice.)  After registering an online account bonded to the ID card, are able to do secure online shopping, downloading music and most importantly interact with government authorities online, for example.  (A:  Thatís the same one they rolled out in Britain because you now have got your own government web page for YOU.  Itís just like George Orwell, you know, yeah you Smith, you, yeah, yeah, you.  You see a big angry woman there telling you to bend down and touch your toes and stuff.  So thatís coming folks.)


Biometric passports in a number of countries are equipped with RFID chips, containing a digital picture and fingerprints, and have been around for nearly 5 years (A:  So that makes it okay.  Thatís how they generally do these PR spiels.) after the United States required such passports for any person entering the country.


There are some concerns that the use of RFID chips will pose a security or privacy risk, however.  (A:  Well that wonít happen because no one is really going to take them to court, and it wouldnít matter if you took them to court anyway because they own the courts.)


Early versions of the electronic passports, using RFID chips with a protocol called "basic access control" (BAC), where successfully hacked by university researchers and security experts. 


Itís going to be likeÖ I donít know if you saw the movie Brazil, by Gilliam, who did the Monty Python movies.  Brazil is a sort of comedy of the future society where bureaucrats run everything and experts run everything.  They live in a constant state of terror and the biggest building in the whole movie is The Department of Information Retrieval.  Itís a huge skyscraper building where EVERYBODYíS data, EVERY single thing about you is kept.  One day of course, a fly drops into a typewriter and it screws it up and this person who should be picked up has one letter changed in his name the security guards come in, they cut a hole in his ceiling and you see this SWAT team coming in and grabbing him and they take him off and kill himÖ and itís the wrong guy, Tuttle.  You are going to see all of this stuff.  You ARE going to see all this stuff and thatís acceptable to them at the top.  Theyíve already had discussions about this stuff at the top.  Thatís why the cops can kill folk now with impunity, because they have been brought up with moral relativity, humans are not an endangered species.  They are only citizens anyway, they are Ďcivilians,í they are not the same as them, and they know they are going to get backing if they kill someone, by those that investigate them, which are the police themselves.  So thatís going to happen. 


They are going to have all this stuff rolled out very, very quickly across the world.  What they always do is say, well you see Holland is using it.  So that means itís okay.  Now if they were beheading their people in China, is that what theyíd say?  Well they are doing it in China so whatís wrong with doing it here?  Thatís what they always do.  Iíve noticed that for my whole life.  So thatís the PR part for the new chip and how you will need it to get access to the internet.  Thatís what Obama, by the way, is pushing for in the States as well.  Itís quite a predictable world.  It gets so boring because you always know whatís coming next. 


I can remember Tony Blair, folk have mentioned so many times that Tony Blair probably worked for MI-5 and there have been some disclosures that he probably did.  What better way of course, to run the party as to put your man in at the top, just like the Royal Institute of International Affairs has been doing for 100 years, the same with the Council on Foreign Relations in the States.  They have always done that.  But you know, people to an extent get what they deserveÖ because they never learn.  People voted for Labour; he was a working man you see,  a working man from Oxford.  A working man and they followed the creep, who became a multi millionaire.  He took the country to war.  He profited off the war too of course.  A few of the people who objected to what he was up to and were in the know, like Kelly, were killed, you know, professionally.  Now heís worth millions of pounds, this little creep.  Heís now, this working man of course, LabourÖ anybody who votes for parties is an idiot in my books and I donít care what party they vote for.  If they havenít learned by nowÖ how come you are going down the drain for over 100 years?  Hmm?  Because they all work for the same boss and they all signed the United Nationsí agreements and they never tear up old treaties that the last bunch put in.  It says hereÖ


Tony Blair sets up Mayfair 'bank' to act as a deal maker in investments for the super-rich (A:  Öwhich are his bosses.)

By Mail On Sunday Reporter / / 22nd August 2010


* Former PM's company can act as an investment bank


* Blair's memoirs hail his 'visionary friend' George Bush (A:  His Ďvisionary friendí George BushÖ the only visions he had was in very strong medication thatís kind of illegal.)


A company set up by Tony Blair can now act as an investment bank after registering with the Financial Services Authority.


His Mayfair-based company Firerush could provide the former Prime Minister with further opportunities to boost his fortune, estimated to be in excess of £20million.  (A:  Itís probably around £40 million.  What you do when you get in as Prime Minister and they belong to the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, is when you push all of the agenda that you are told to push through and you have been very successful, against all odds and all opposition from the guys down below you who are not quite in the know, they reward you well with directorships and stuff when you come out, and they ghost-write books that are worth millions of pounds in advance, and all that kind of stuff.  Thatís your payoff.  They do look after their own at the top.  So here is a guy who wanted the wars and no one else could understand why Britain had to go off to war, especially in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq and so on.  But that didnít matter.  He did what his bosses said.)


Firerush is understood to be one of a number of firms Mr Blair set up to manage the finances of his consultancy firm, Tony Blair Associates (TBA).


But this development raises the possibility of Mr Blair acting as a deal-maker in investments for the super-rich.  (A:  He already is.  His company has been making deals for oil companies and so on across the conquered territories, that he had a hand in of course, without ever setting foot on the battlefield.)


Some of Mr Blair's staff have also registered with the FSA and are able to offer services to clients.


They include Catherine Rimmer, who worked in the research unit at Downing Street, and Jo Gibbins, a former aide.


A spokesman denied that the company would act as an investment bank.  (A:  Of course.  Thatís their standard isnít it?  They wonít really act as an investmentÖ oh, no, no.)


He said: 'FSA registration was appropriate given the potential there was for TBA to do work that might fall under the scope of the FSA.'


Firerush was registered with the FSA in January and was originally thought to have been set up to manage Mr Blair's own private portfolio.  (A:  Yeah, right.)


So there you go.  Thatís what you get when you have been a good little boy and youíve taken the counties to war and youíve pushed everything that you have been told to push from the top down Ė your real bosses; thatís not the people.  You are EXCEPTIONALLY well rewarded.  I mean, Brain Mulroney, when he was the Prime Minister of Canada, he left and I think he was on about, I donít know if it was 12 or 20 directorships, on the boards of them, and you wouldnít even have to even attend them, the money just rolls in.  Then he was made I think Vice President of Barrick Gold Corporation for helping push NAFTA and getting these tax-free breaks for the gold boys down in Latin America.  But thatís the payoffs they get folks and thatís the real world that you live in.  You see, up there they donít see anything as being illegal for themselves.  They are doing it for good causes, to fill their pockets, and to make sure that the cattle go along and be good little slaves and build their brave new world for them, before they kill us off.  And thatís what weíve been doing for an awful long time. 


There is even an article here about how they are pushing it everywhere.  Again, everyone is conditioned, they go along with it.  No oneís got the balls to say no, Iím not doing that.  So folk want to join prestigious gymnasiums and work out where, I guess, famous people go; thatís generally the attraction.  This article here is about they want your fingerprints and biometric ID as well to get in, as a member.  Well, you know, let them.  Let them.  There are none of these people that I would want to talk to because theyíve got nothing to say thatís not on the general media, very politically correct and all the rest of it.  They are already conditioned fools. 


Hi folks.  We're back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about the biometric ID to get into a gymnasium.  Again, itís prestigious you see, a sort of high-class joint and they all want to get in and say, I go to so-and-soís gymnasium.  Thatís the appeal of course for the people who are really brain deadÖ and there are a lot of them out there.  Itís the kind that normally would go to an Oprah show and wait for all the free gifts that get thrown at them, from the top, you know, and then scream in adoration at their idol, whoís also giving them a lot of strange ways to behave and so on in life.  However, itís been awfully effective.  This article saysÖ


The Gym Wants My Fingerprints: A Biometric ID Dilemma

By ALEX SALKEVER / / 08/22/10


This week at my 24-Hour Fitness club in Silicon Valley, I noticed the installation of fingerprint scanners at the front desk. A day or so later, they began asking patrons who signed in to allow the scanners to record biometric images of their right and left index fingers. It's all part of the giant gym chain's national cardless check-in program, designed to eliminate the need for members to carry gym cards and make it easier for them to validate their identities.  (A:  Donít you understand, thatís how they get the idiots to go along with it.  It makes it easier for you and it makes it safer andÖ  Thatís all they have to be told now.  They are all conditioned, as soon as they hear thatÖ okayÖ you know.) 


When biometrics get down to the local gym, however, serious questions must be raised. Your biometric identifiers are immutable and, once stored on a computer, impossible to take back. (A:  And they are sold all over the place, plus the NSA gets them as well, free.)  So if the 24-Hour Fitness database gets hacked and some enterprising Black Hat team of computer experts makes off with this sensitive information, many people could forever lose control of this permanent identification marker. Of course, you could scrape off your fingerprints and replace them with new ones. (This is probably possible). (A:  It is actually.)  But that's getting a little too close to Total Recall for my taste.


A Whole New Level of Identity Theft 


Itís going to be even worse there in Silicon Valley because they are all kind of New Agers down there and they are into Buddhism and all kinds of isms and theyíve got past life experiences and itís going to be odd trying to match all these changing voices, as they go back into their previous lives and different names and all that with their thumb prints. Thatís going to causeÖ Maybe theyíll get New Age experts to go on the NSA to decipher them for them too.  See, itís creating jobs.  So there you go and that will get the folks going along.  They are quite happy with the way thing are, it seems.  And to belong to a prestigious anything, they will bend over backwardsÖ and a lot more than that. 


I never know what Iím going to talk about until itís about 10 minutes to.  Thatís why I write the poems after the show because I have no idea what Iím going to say.  But this article here is about testing on the general public by the army and the CIA and so on.  Truth-Out is the site. 


Florida Dengue Fever Outbreak Leads Back to CIA and Army Experiments (A:  Itís all documented.)

Wednesday 21 July 2010 / / by: H.P. Albarelli Jr. and Zoe Martell


With little fanfare on July 13, Florida officials released the findings of a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) (A:  They control disease, you see.  Itís also the center FOR disease, but they control it.) study conducted recently in the Key West area revealing that about 10 percent, or 1,000 people, of the coastal town's population are infected with the dengue fever virus.


While the July 13 release made little mention of it, the CDC study was provoked by an earlier 2009 report that a woman in New York State, who had returned from a Florida Keys' visit, had contracted dengue fever. Within a few weeks of this initial report, two additional cases were discovered in people who had returned from Key West. Over the next three months of 2009, an additional 26 cases were identified, all tied to visits to the town.


Because of these reported cases, the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District conducted greatly increased aerial spraying to control mosquitoes. (A:  I wonder what they do over here because it doesnít kill the bugs.)  Following the spraying, a small amount of other cases were reported, including that of a 41-year-old Key West man who found blood in his urine and had severely aching joints.  (A:  Thatís the symptoms you get initially.)   Following these additional reports, the CDC launched its study of antibodies in Key West residents and found that 5 percent of the town's residents have been exposed to the dengue virus. (A:  Then it goes into what has happened in the past there.) 


Said Bob Eadie of the Monroe County Health Department, "Dengue is rare in Florida, but not unknown. It's just one of several mosquito-borne illnesses monitored by the department and why we continually remind the public to take precautions against bites." (A:  Oh yeah, what do you dress up in, a suit of armor?  Anyway, it goes on here about some of the history of the dengue in that area.  It turns out of course, the big Maryland and all the rest of them, the Fort Detrick bunch, were testing it from as early on as 1942.)


Unknown to most Americans is that dengue fever has been the intense focus of US Army and CIA biological warfare researchers for over 50 years. Ed Regis notes in his excellent history of Fort Detrick, "The Biology of Doom," (A:  Thatís the history of Fort Detrick; itís in a book thatís out.) that as early as 1942 leading biochemists at the installation placed dengue fever on a long list for serious consideration as a possible weapon. In the early 1950s, Fort Detrick, in partnership with the CIA, launched a multi-million dollar research program under which dengue fever and several addition exotic diseases were studied for use in offensive biological warfare attacks. Assumably, because the virus is generally not lethal, program planners viewed it primarily as an incapacitant. (A:  Theyíve put out a lot of incapacitants by the way, to knock you out physically and all the rest of it.  That was also part of the depopulation program because, you see, you become an ineligible partner for marriage, meaning youíll have no children if you are completely kaputsky with chronic fatigue and all the rest of it, for life.)  Reads one CIA Project Artichoke document: "Not all viruses have to be lethal ... the objective includes those that act as short-term and long-term incapacitants." Several CIA documents, as well as the findings of a 1975 Congressional committee, reveal that three sites in Florida, Key West, Panama City and Avon Park, as well as two other locations in central Florida, were used for experiments with mosquito-borne dengue fever and other biological substances.  (A:  So you can sleep better tonight, your government is keeping you safe and secure and all that kind of stuff.  Thatís the real world.  Again, in my archives section of my web site, youíll find articles where they were testing stuff out in Britain.  They were testing stuff out in Canada.  Read the book, itís called Deadly Allies:  Canadaís Secret War, and itís put out by a Toronto Star reporter.  Itís a very good book on declassified information on what they let loose on Canada and Canadians from during World War II right through on for quite a few years.  And thatís only the stuff they have declassified.)


The experiments in Avon Park, about 170 miles from Miami, were covertly conducted in a low-income African-American neighborhood that contained several newly constructed public housing projects. (A:  Itís amazing isnít it?  They pick the ones, build the houses for them and then test them.)  CIA documents related to its top-secret Project MK/NAOMI clearly indicate that the mosquitoes used in Avon Park were the Aedes aegypti type. Specially equipped aircraft, in one of the larger experiments, released 600,000 mosquitoes over the area. In one of the Avon Park experiments, about 150,000 mosquitoes were dropped in paper bags designed to open upon impact with the ground. Each bag held about 1,000 insects. Besides dengue, some of the mosquitoes were also carrying yellow fever.  (A:  And you are worried about guys in caves in Afghanistan, eh?  Hmm?  You havenít a clue.  No, you havenít a clue.)


Avon Park residents, still living in the area, say the experiments resulted in "at least 6 or 7 deaths." (A:  There will be a lot more than that.)  One elderly resident told Truthout, "Nobody knew about what had gone on here for years, maybe over 20 years, but in looking back it explained why a bunch of healthy people got sick quick and died at the time of those experiments." Interestingly, at the same time experiments were conducted in Florida, there were at least two cases of dengue fever reported among civilian researchers at Fort Detrick in Maryland.  (A:  Oh, they were carelessÖ they were careless characters werenít they?)


Thatís the real world, as I say, but most folk donít want to look at that.  They still go and vote for governments, and they think they are theirs, and they have no idea of whatís being done to them, even with their inoculations.  No idea.  You cannot help those who cannot think for themselves, you understand.  Whereas Albert Pike definitely was the Pope of Freemasonry that had a great plan for eugenics and all the rest of it for the world, he did say a truth. They do say truths.  He said, those who cannot think or reason for themselves, use their own brain in other words, are basically beasts of burden and meat on the table by choice and consent.  You see, no one can truly say today that they donít know whatís going on.  What they will say is, I donít want to hear that, or, youíre a downer.  They want to talk about the happy stuff and whatís happening in Hollywood and who is having affairs and stuff like that, the exciting stuff.  Thatís what they want.  So they are choosing, they are choosing.  So there you go.  Thatís another article, on dengue fever. 


Then we have this article here.  Itís quite interesting how itís written, and even why itís written.  Itís from the Ottawa Sun. 


'Brainwashed' robber jailed 8 years for daring heists

By MEGAN GILLIS, Ottawa Sun / / August 20, 2010


A judge refused to find mandatory minimum sentences ďcruel and unusualĒ in the case of a 24-year-old first-time offender who claims (A:  Listen to thisÖ) he was brainwashed into a string of daring robberies, sentencing him to eight years in the penitentiary Friday.  (A:  So he was brainwashed to do them he says.)


Parliament has spoken in enacting mandatory minimum sentences for gun crimes, Judge Jack Nadelle concluded in sentencing Matthew Rocheleau.


ďA judgeís discretion does not extend so far as to overrule this statement of legislative intent,Ē he said.


Rocheleau was sentenced on two dozen charges, including counts of robbery with a firearm and forcible confinement with a firearm carrying mandatory minimum sentences totalling eight years.


Nadelle refused to combine some of the charges, or to find the minimum ďgrossly disproportionateĒ (A:  But listen to this thoughÖ)


Rocheleauís lawyer, who sought just a year in jail [Alan laughing.], argued the quiet, shy young man (A:  You know, who dropped all these placesÖ)  had been subject to ďmind controlĒ by an older man he met at Algonquin College.  (A:  I wonder if it was a professor?)   He argued the man persuaded him to commit crimes to fund a fight against  (A:  Guess what it wasÖ) the ďNew World OrderĒ (A:  Ho, oh, ohÖ, really, eh.) and its plans to kill 80 per cent of the worldís population to dominate the survivors.


The Crown had sought up to 12 years. Nadelle did suspend sentence on other charges, including the break and enter for which Rocheleau was nabbed by police.  (A:  One of the guns he had by the way, was a pellet gun, a pellet pistol, a BB gun.  So there you go, thatís his excuse for that.  Thatís a simpleton making up an excuse.  He probably listens to various radio stations and thought heíd throw that in and get off with it.  Oh, it wasnít me; they brainwashed me to do it; some guy at the university did that.  I wonder if MK Ultra is still going on at that university.  It probably is.  Why not, eh?  Why not?)


You really live, as I say, in a world which truly is different from the one you are conditioned into accepting.  I was just thinking over the weekend, in between ready to smash the computer, trying to fix it and all that.  I was thinking that everyone is adapted into their roles.  They have all taken on roles that theyíve seen from television, music television especially.  They copy.  They BECOME the role.  Itís like The Simpsons when it first came out.  Simpsons is a play on the Simians, moneys.  Youíre a monkey, you see; youíre an animal.   It was the most gross thing I could imagine; I only saw about 5 minutes of it and once was enough for me.  I couldnít understand why adults would even watch it.  But it was gross and foul and all the rest of it.  The next thing you know is people are starting to use terms that they heard in The Simpsons in their everyday language... and thatís how easy it is.  Monkey see, monkey do.  You see, simian.  Thatís how you bring it in to society.  Itís the same with music television.  Everyone wants to be a rapper or they definitely donít want to age, especially the women.  They want to look like 18 years old forever and ever, like the Peter Pan syndrome.  Youíll see all kinds in the cities now trying to dress like the dancers on the stage, so much so that you canít tell literally the prostitutes from the ones that arenít.  Today in society, where you donít really have to pay for anything, I donít know why theyíd even need prostitutes today to be honest with you. 


We live in a completely altered, dysfunctional Ė on purpose Ė society which is ready for Brave New World where you have a partner every night and your government will be recording to make sure you are having a different partner every night and they will come down on you if you happen to have the same partner for too many nights in a row.  Thatís in Brave New World.  You go back to Plato and Plato said that under the Guardian Class, all women would be held in common.  In other words, they would be shared amongst everyone.  Well of course the feminists would come down on that, well, thatís terrible, thatís awful.  Well, no.  See, they give you the choice of doing it, make you think you are free.  So you think itís your choice, Iíll sleep with him tonight and so-and-so tomorrow night.  You see how they bring it in?  They are not stupid at the top.  They are not stupid people at the top.  Never, ever think they are stupid people.  Iím not talking about the politicians that are the front men.  The ones who run us, they are not stupid people running this at the top.  They have the best brains they can possibly employ, or purchase or buy, working in the top think tanks to bring all of this in, and every little facet of it. They also go through all the different things that could possibly go wrong with it or reactions from the public and ways to get around that too. 


Plato also said that drama was a powerful tool, because the people EMULATE what they see on the stage.  Even music he wanted to have licensed; it had tremendous power to influence the youth.  And it certainly does because they have used it to the maximum, in my lifetime alone, and Iíve seen the changes.  I know the techniques that are used in music and why the beat is the way the beat is, and why they brought in strobes.  Iíve also gone through the group that brought it out.  The bunch that brought it out were all ex-military guys that brought out rock music, pop music, and strobe lighting.  And how they had meetings because they were given hangars by the air force to practice these strobes in and try the music and all the rest of it.  And given millions of LSD to distribute on their trips around the country.  And you think you are living throughÖ Each generation thinks this is MY generation and you are making all the decisions, to be cool.  You didnít decide anything for yourself at all.  It was all handed to you on a plate, right up to the present time.  Right up to the present time.  Plato also said, itís the music INDUSTRY and the fashion INDUSTRY that are very important.  The fashion INDUSTRY, he said that 2,300 years ago!  Your whole culture is given to you, and itís upgraded and changed, enough, into the next part and the next part and the next part, when those who own the world want it that way. 


There is an article here from The Old Thinker News, a good article onÖ


The Mapmakers of Society

The beginnings of a Scientific Dictatorship

(A:  Iíve gone on and on about that the last few years.) | August 4, 2010 / By Daniel Taylor


In order to understand our history, the development of our society and political structure, the influence of the large foundations in America is an essential area of research. Their investment into the social sciences and medical establishment shaped their direction for the 20th Century and beyond.  Social control and eugenics became a primary directive. These ideas, primarily due to the work of the Rockefeller and Carnegie philanthropies, spread throughout the intelligentsia and elite circles throughout the western world. 


Hi folks.  I'm back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article about how the big philanthropists, the big foundations were running the country during the 1800s through the 1900s, and the 20th century and into the 21st century to shape the whole direction of society and the world.  This particular article quotes a lot of Dr. Kayís documentation. 


Dr. Lily E. Kay's 1993 book "The Molecular Vision of Life: Caltech, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Rise of the New Biology" documents much of the early history behind the rise of eugenics and life sciences. Kay demonstrates that the drive for social control and eugenics was largely responsible for the emergence and growth of the science of molecular biology. Dr. Kay is a recipient of the Smithsonian Fellowship at the National Museum of American History, and an assistant professor of history of science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Kay's 2001 obituary from MIT describes her as " of the outstanding historians of biology of her generation."


As Dr. Kay documents, large foundations effectively drew the maps for society to follow. The intelligentsia, trained and schooled under the strong influence of the foundations, closely followed the vision of the elite. This vision extended into the realms of education, (A:  They give you, make sure you have the right indoctrination.) politics, religion, and the financial world. As Dr. Lily Kay has painstakingly documented, this influential group set out in the United States to engage in a massive research campaign to discover the inner workings of man and in turn to devise methods of social-biological control. The United States, in turn, became the 20th Century progenitor of eugenics.


Dr. Kay paints a clear picture of the massive influence that the wealthy elite in the United States wields, even to the "...development of culture (A:  There you go.) and the production of knowledge in the United States..." Kay writes,


"Thus by the end of the Progressive Era, even before the large-scale commitment to the "advancement of knowledge" spurred by World War I, the human sciences received considerable support from the large foundations. Their numerous projects and the unprecedented scope of their financial and institutional resources shaped the development of culture and the production of knowledge in the United States. Through education, public opinion, stimulation of specific research agenda, and the promotion of selective categories of knowledge and research, the Foundation played a key role in the creation of a hegemonic bloc; the resources and prestige flowing into those fields relevant to problems of social control were instrumental in the formation of consensus between social and political elites, on the one hand, and academic interests on the other."  (A:  Thatís what I said a long time ago.  Academia was brought on board and the foundations have other foundations which they go around, all these teams go around just making consensus with all the big, powerful groups in the world, and at the United Nation, so they are all sure to go along with the same agendas.)


Large foundations - primarily Rockefeller and Carnegie - were investigated in 1915 by the United States Congress, which reported nearly identical findings to the later 1953 Reece Committee, dedicated to the same cause. The 1915 U.S. Commission on Industrial Relations reported that:


"The domination by the men in whose hands the final control of a large part of American industry rests is not limited to their employees, but is being rapidly extended to control the education and social survival of the nation. This control is being extended largely through the creation of enormous privately managed funds for indefinite purposes, hereafter designated "foundations", by the endowment of colleges and universities, by the creation of funds for the pensioning of teachers, by contributions to private charities, as well as through controlling or influencing the public press...  (A:  They owned the press.)


As Dr. Kay documents, many of the original members of the large foundations and their offshoots were driven by the philosophy that they were the chosen elite. In their minds, moral authority was on their side. They sought to guide the direction of the nation and mold mankind's development.  (A:  It hasnít changedÖ hasnít changed.)


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, folks, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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The Mapmakers of Society - The beginnings of a Scientific Dictatorship


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