Aug. 24, 2010 (#649)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 24, 2010:

Marketing Depopulation:
Psycholinguistics, the Perfuming of Poses,
Makes Ominous Matter Smell Like Roses:

"Most Wish to Disbelieve Evil Rules the Land,
Money and Science Really do Command,
The Future Which is for Themselves, They Say,
Being the "Most Evolved", Paving the Way
For Them and Theirs, The People Resource
Must be Culled and This Without Remorse,
From Their Lofty Heights, With Ease Pragmatic,
Funding Sterilization, Words Less Dramatic,
Such as "Family Planning" to "Help the Poor",
Who'll Swap Families for Money, There's the Lure
For Women, Then Men, From Food Inc. Mercantile
Bisphenol A and Injections Render them Infertile,
In These First-World Nations They Think I Jest,
Yet it has Proven Successful all Over the West,
A Right-Minded Public Would Tear to Pieces
The Darwinian Monsters, "Most Evolved Species",
But the Injuries to Mind, Massive -- The Harm
Already Done, On this Earth's Old Farm"
© Alan Watt Aug. 24, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 24, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August 24, 2010.  Newcomers should look into web site.  Look at all the free audios for download that youíve got a choice to choose from.  I try to cover an awful lot of history and show you the big picture of what runs the world.  Itís not that complex really because the whole world runs on money.  Those at the top pretty well, for thousands of years, it didnít take a long time to catch on how to control the world or whole nations.  They were doing this in ancient times too.  Everything under them, of course, the banking boys at the top, runs on money.  Governments run on money; they have to go cap-in-hand to the Treasurer or whatever central type of bank they have and ask for cash and they borrow from their foreign banks that are all tied in with them.  Itís a great racket.  So itís not hard to understand it.  The hardest part is for the public whoíve been brainwashed into total naivety to break through that naivety into reality.  Thatís the hardest part because we take money for granted.  Itís there, Grandma gives you a few pennies when you are small and you go off and you buy what you want and from then on you never look back.  Itís amazing how ignorant people are to do with money and thatís the majority of the population. 


When you are in the web site, remember too, that you have to support me by buying the books and the disks that Iíve got for sale.  I donít take money from advertisers, which I could do but then I could really bore you with a lot of guests that would sell stuff; give you scary pitches and then sell the cures.  This way Iíve got a free hand to do what I want to do.  So RBN gets the ads straight from the advertisers and the money from them.  Iíve got nothing to do with that.  That pays for this air time and this broadcast, and their equipment and their staff and their bills.  So you help me by going into the site, since you are helping yourself, too, to lots of free information.  Lots of people use it because I see the same quotes I give, even my own quotes, are used in so many different sites, whole paragraphs are taken off these talks of mine too and put into various articles but they never mention the name that they got it from.  Thatís what happens, but it influences a lot of people.  So you can purchase by [Order and donation options listed above.].  Some people just send cash and thatís okay at the moment, so far, until there is no cash because we are going to be a cashless society eventually.


What you are living through now, today, is not hard.  Again, thereís lots of evidence there to what I say.  If you go into the big organizations which had a powerful influence on the creation of nations in the 1700s and 1800s and at the beginnings of what we called philanthropies and foundations Ė which are really tax-free havens for the big boys who owned the industries of their day Ė but they found that they could control the direction and steer the direction of their country, and then other countries as well, by basically designing and bringing in a type of educational system, but bringing in a certain type of culture.  So they brought marketers on board in the early 20th century, Madison Avenue and so on.  They combined them all to create the KIND of culture that would be easy to control by THEM, by themselves.  But not content with that they also had great plans for a world society.  Iíll talk about that when I come back from this break.


Hi folks.  I'm back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about the big picture of control and how the world is controlled.  Most folk, strangely enough, we live in our own little worlds and the world spins around us.  Most folk live in their little milieu of personal friends in the little area that they live in and they canít imagine how people could rule the world, even though they can read it in the paper that we are all going under world government; we are pretty well under it in fact and have been for a long time. 


The whole of Europe was, over many, many years, amalgamated into one big bloc and now they are dismantling the actual countries by regionalizing them.  They are actually cutting up countries and selling parts of them off to private corporations.  So this was planned in the late 1800s and you can find this in the writings of Karl Marx even.  He talked about trading blocs that would form.  The whole idea of Marxism, remember too, apart from just communism and their basic theory of communism, is to eventually have the withering away of the states, the nations; they call them the states.  Of course he was funded to basically work for the communist party, BASED in London, England, which is where you had the City of London.  The City of London ran the worldís commerce through the Rothschilds and other bankers that we there.  They gave you the London Metal Exchange; all the metal trading in the world went through there for value, for their price setting, same with the gold exchange, silver and everything else.  They had those, so these guys have been at this for an awful long time, but they didnít do it all by themselves either.  There were already organizations that Iím sure produced the Rothschilds as a front to manage a good part of the globe. 


Youíll also find in the writings of communism Ė and here is the key to it Ė you will find eventually that communism was financed FROM the Western world.  There have been many books written about it.  There is Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution by Professor Sutton, excellent book to start off with.  There are lots more out there too giving you detailed, factual, provable information, documented information of the big banks and the big corporations that helped fund the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia that gave us the Cold War and all the rest of it many years later.  You say, why would they do that?  Well, they were interested in setting up different types of systems, testing them out for a whole world to follow.  Then we would all adapt and adapt into the better ones for control over the entire planet.  Thatís what you have today.  You have an amalgamation of SOVIETIZATION, massive bureaucracy, and international corporations at the top, exactly what Professor Carroll Quigley said in his book Tragedy and Hope


Youíll also find at the beginning of the 20th century the League of Nations when it was set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, another big branch of this control mechanism, called the Council on Foreign Relations over in the United States, and every Commonwealth country of Britain has a department of it too running their show.  All their politicians belong to it, and your news groups and so on, and your educational leaders.  You find that they set up plans, 5 year plans, 10 year plans, 20 year plans, 50 year plans, 100 year plans for different parts of the society, economy, agriculture, health care.  All these kind of things were done according to plans, implementation of plans, and they set them out in so many years so that they could be completed by a certain period of time.  China followed the same technique because that was also communist inspired, although again, they were funded by the West.  In fact Lord Bertrand Russell in his own memoirs talked about going over there and teaching at the universities to get them started off in communism.  Why would a British Lord get sent over there? 


We have this odd amalgamation today of big government.  We have massive bureaucracies into every facet of your life.  You have the different departments of government into their different health care plans, 5, 10, 15 year projects for this, projects for that, 50 years plans, etc.  There are actually foundations that work out some of the plans, 100 year plans hence, and they come out with their projections and their target goals, exactly the same way as big international corporations set out their strategies for 50 years, or 80 years, or 90 years down the road.  They actually do that.  So the world is run like a big, massive business plan.  And it isnít just a matter of greed or power or control.  Itís also to bring down the population to what THEY want to manage, for themselves, for the future because we ARE post-industrial.  They donít need so many people and they want to ensure there are enough resources for THEMSELVES, the ruling elite and their families.  With the use of science they can basically do so many things now with cloning, etc, they can clone perfect slaves if they want toÖ more efficient.  They probably wonít need any sleep Ė you can create them that way.  It will take very little to feed them.  They will never talk back. They will never have a rebellion.  They have discussed these things at world science meetings; all this kind of stuff is discussed.  The guys who write it out to you and show it to you first of all are the science fiction writers, who belong to the Futurist Society, another society funded by the big foundations, once again.  They select certain writers to write novels and put ideas, implant ideas IN the novels, to recruit higher members who might go along with this and join them and work, just like HG Wells was recruited for that very task and he belonged to the Fabian Society as well. 


So itís not so difficult to understand how the world is truly run.  Itís difficult to break out of your own conditioning, thinking, well number one:  nobody would actually DO that. Well, thatís it.  If you believe that youíve had it.  Of course the second thing is:  they could never pull it off.  Thatís the typical thing that people fall into, they could never pull it off.  Well whatís to stop them?  The goodness in YOU?  Is the goodness itself going to stop them?  And then how good are you?  What does good mean in this day and age?  Because good to those at the top, into eugenics and so on, is creating the better bodies for their OWN offspring to inhabit in the future, the eradication of disease for themselves.  Theyíve already said they canít give this to other people down below because weíd live too long and have overpopulation.  So again, the sciences are kept secret and they are TIERED in the bottom level, second level, and third level sciences.  The high government where they do the real searching Ė not RE-search, but searching Ė are WAY, way, so far away and above anything that we know of.  The middle layer are given little gadgets and gizmos that the CIA might use, and not all of them either, just certain segments of them.  Then the bottom level is left to do RE-search again, stuff that was done long ago, to keep us fooled that they havenít gotten any further. 


Technology is so FAR in advance.  The public are trained, as Iíve said before, to get to the mouse trap.  They start off giving you little bits of cheese along the way until you follow the line of cheese until you are IN the trap.  Itís the same thing with the internet; they couldnít pull this all off so quickly, as we are on a roll now, without the use of CONSTANT surveillance.  Total Surveillance Network they call it.  TOTAL, thatís ALL calls, all telephone call conversations, all faxes, all computer emails, everything is stored basically forever for themÖ and you have no privacy whatsoever.  Thatís why they had to kick off the Century of Change, beginning in 2001.  All the scientists themselves said the century itself doesnít start until 2001, not the Y2K nonsense.  So they kicked it off with a war on terror, such a VAGUE definition because terror really is a state of emotion.  You are terrorized.  Because they can call it that they can keep you spooked forever.  Thatís the idea of it.  They can literally, as Carroll Quigley said, they could get more done in 5 years of warfare than 50 years of peace on a social level


Well they have done that so fast.  Everybody has lost their rights.  Nobody minds.  Most folk donít mind losing their rights because they donít see it as intrusive.  Itís interesting too, when you look at the big prison systems theyíve created with the central hubs, maybe 3 tiers of them high.  The prisoners donít mind, even though they know they are being watched 24 hours a day because the lenses are not obtrusive.  They found the same thing, and Iíve read the articles here, where theyíve put cameras in elderly peopleís homes but they have disguised them in such a way, even fish-eye lenses and so on, that the people donít see these things turning to watch them and therefore they are unobtrusive and they forget they are there.  Thatís how easy it is.  Study your target Ė study the animal, man the animal, thatís what they say at the top Ė and find his habits, and how he reacts to things, his behavior Ė thatís why Skinner was so important and behaviorism and many of his ilk Ė and then you simply alter something in their environment to make them change their behavior.  Thatís why they gave you the computer.  That alters not just your environment, it takes away 90% of your life sometimes, especially if you are trying to fix them. 


We are literally treated like animals.  We have been WELL studied, going into a world order.  Many people have said too, why donít they just kill us all off now?  Well if they killed us all off now theyíd have an awful lot of mess to clean up, put it that way.  And they havenít quite finished everything yet.  You see, WE work for money and WE, ourselves, get paid by money and then you buy what you need.   We donít go out and hunt anymore; we should be but we donít.  We are depending on money.  We build the things; we build all the machinery of surveillance FOR them, all the employees.  All the different contractors pass them down to their employees and they build all the gizmos and gadgets.  The NSA employs employees to monitor every call, etc.  Your secret societies Ė which are your MI-6, your CIA, and all the rest of it, and whole bunch of other ones Ė are all employees.  They run on money.  We live on money.  One day they wonít be necessary either.  I used to wonder about that because I thought, well, how can you have the withering away of the state, according to Marx and Lenin and others.  Remember too, Lenin did say that communism and the dictatorship would only last for about 70 years and thatís when the wall came down.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just saying that they still need us.  They still need the public to build the things that they are going to live in and so on.  Weíve built so many underground bases for them itís astonishing.  Some have even been shown on television, on public broadcasting and CBC Canada, like Cheyenne Mountain, an incredible feat of engineering.  In one of the science magazines, of course, or mechanics magazines they showed you how this thing was built.  It was just quite the feat indeed.  Remember, it must have taken a couple of thousand people to work on that.  No one opened their mouths about it.  All kinds of workmen right down to laborers, no one opened their mouths and said a darn thing.  So they kept that quite for long enough.  Then weíve had a series on television, Iíve mentioned them and they are in the archives section of my site, the links to see the videos, of the guys in Britain.  It think Thomas was one; he goes around and shows you some of the underground bases in Britain built even before the Cold War I think, and how they have taken them off the maps now, even though you can drive right up to them.  You wonít get in but you can drive right up to them. 


The elite have always taken care of themselves regardless of whatís going to happen to the public.  Even if the elite appear to be fighting each other, which I donít really think they are, not nowadays at least.  They are not fighting each other at all.  But they are using the last remaining country, which must still think itís great, and thatís the United States, to finish off its job of standardization of the whole world and finish off those few countries that have refused to have their central banking system and join The World Bank and have their debt system.  Thatís why they are in Iraq.  Thatís why they are in Afghanistan; thatís part of the reason because they have a lot of plans for Afghanistan, pipelines and all the rest of it.  Thatís how they work.  They still need the public yet. 


When you think that they havenít been killing you off, Iíve given enough evidence on this show that they certainly have been over a long time, by reading their own documentation.  We see all the effects for instance, with the various diseases that have broken out in the last 10, 15, 20 years.  At the top, when you go into the big books, like the coming plagues, and these kinds of books put out for universities, these guys are all high up there in biowarfare companies; most of these top professors certainly are.  Thatís a real field, biowarfare.  Everything that comes out starts off for warfare purposes in every field before it gets put down to any useful purpose for the public.  So youíve got to understand that they do have their big, big plans.  Iíve read the think tank reports for NATO, for the British Department of Defence and for NATO and also the one for the United States military and they are identical, their projections for the next 50 years or so, where they say that by the year 2050 the population will drastically be reduced.  They didnít say why it would drastically reduce.  They had all the countries listed as to how far they would drop and how quickly. 


Hi folks.  Iím back again.  We got cut off again.  We are trying to figure out where this problem is because it seems to be on neither end.  Itís something in between.  Itís one of these ghost problems that cuts us off every other night at exactly, pretty well the same time every night, just before the break or as the break is starting at 8:30.  Iím puzzled.  They are puzzled at the other side.  Even Bell Telephone put a trap on at this end today to see what was the problem and they couldnít find any problems with this line either.  So itís a mystery, unless the big boys at the top are just playing games which they can do very easily nowadays of course.  There is no big deal for some youngster who has been recruited to listen to phone calls to play little games as heís passing his time; heís awfully bored you see.


Getting back to the big agenda and the big planÖ You cannot believe how incredibly clever the think tanks are that they employ.  They get the brightest and the best across the world to work in their think tanks.  These guys are in every special field of sociology, behaviorism, psychology, ethnology of all kinds.  Itís not a difficult thing at all to lay out long-term plans and take the world down, OR, shape it into the direction you want to go.  Generally itís the two combined, both combined.  The wonderful United Nations, that the Royal Institute of International Affairs created, is a great helper to society, really is a wolf in sheepís clothing.  You have to just look into them.  Look into their sites and look into all the different umbrella organizations they have attached to them.  Every top NGO, every politically correct NGO, all the big foundations are attached to them and they all have the same agenda which is drastic depopulation, health programs across the world which are really nothing more than sterilization groups that they are putting out there, health clinics.  They donít really care about women at all; they just want to bring the populations down as Kissinger said in his own memo years ago.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're back, Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big boys themselves.  You cannot really believe how incredibly pragmatic they are Ė letís put it that way Ė when it comes to being born at a certain level, going into a very high academia, and actually being brought up with your parents chatting about things too, which they would never, ever say to the public whatsoever, and never get published.  When you go into the writings of some of the big boys all they ever talked about was depopulation...  depopulation, depopulation, over and over, for the whole of the 20th century into the present time. 


We know that the big club thatís met with Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates and other ones, some of them actually call it The Lucky Sperm Club, meaning they are better, up there; you know, thatís why they are up there, they have better genes than you have.  How their whole thing was about depopulation; that was their main topic they were discussing.  We hear these things and we think, well I guess they donít really mean it, or maybe itís a kind of wish thing that if they could only rule the world they would to this but they donít rule the world so they wonít do it.  No.  When they make plans at the top Ė and they have for 100 years Ė they introduce it until you see things happening, in statistics, every yearÖ like the sperm count dropping in the Western male.  Now itís gone across to other parts of the world as well.  THATíS how itís done.  You donít tell the people what you are doing.  You donít ask for volunteers.  They would object.  So what you do is you simply introduce it into the food or the water or give them inoculations, the very things that Bertrand Russell put forth in his own book and Iíve read it on the air quite a few times.  And many others have said the same thing. 


When they go out to give health care and all that across the world, itís really about what they call family planning, which again sounds nice, which again goes back to Margaret Sanger who said that children were weeds.  She was the founder of Planned Parenthood.  What that really means is sterilization of the unfit.  They donít just terminate unwanted pregnancies, at the top, in other countries, in third world countries; they actually sterilize them in the process, like they did in Peru about a year or so.  It came out and I read the article on the air; itís in the archives section of my site.  They told the women they were getting operations for abortions but they didnít tell them they were also going to sterilize them in the process.  This has happened over and over across the world because this is a prime thing for those at the top, a prime thing. 


We are living in some kind of dream land.  Most folk live in a half conscious, not even half conscious these days with so much entertainment and their little milieu, as I say, of friends and the place they can walk in, in a circle.  Thatís their little world.  They donít realize whatís really happening at the top.  These big world meetings go on and every day of the week you will find one going on somewhere discussing these topics, and governmental departments on population control like they have at the World Health Organization.  What do you think control means?  Everyone is born into a system where theyíve been taught for years that they are democratic and they have rights and all the rest of it.  Thatís why you are into doublethink, you canít believe they are actually doing it, youíve got rights.  Well they donít care about your rights.  The whole rights thing was nonsense.  They let you work up to a powerful state for a few years really, and really since the 50s onwards they gave the public, for about 20-25 years, a good little piece of their paycheck back to spend on goodies and things, which they never had before.  They gave the ordinary people the ability in the United States and Canada the chance to buy their own home for the first time and now they are taking it all away again.  They donít need you to feel great and go off and fight all their wars globally for them. 


I always liken this to a locomotive.  When they are setting off a part of an agenda itís full steam ahead for half of the way and just when you know that you are going to take another few hours to get to your destination they put the brakes on at the rear to slow you down.  Well thatís what they are doing to the United States.  Iíve said for years, when the US finishes off its job of subduing the rest of the world under this global system and central banking system, they will also be dismantling it back home and thatís what they have been doing.  Here is an article and itís interesting because Kaiser Global Health is a big foundation thatís into all these things Iím talking about.  You can go into the history yourself but I think it was started off by a guy who just got lucky and basically built up a shipyard business awfully quickly after leaving school, all that usual nonsense they give you. 


Sec. Of State Clinton Discusses Global Health Initiative

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 /


Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke about President Barack Obama's $63 billion Global Health Initiative (GHI) (Alan:  You know that Obama, supposedly, all by himself, he dreamed this up?... to spread across the whole planetÖ WHILE they are dismantling your health care back home?  When they say health at the top they have a different meaning, interpretation, of health care, from their point of view, their perspective, than YOU do.  Do you understand that?  They talk about the health of the planet and then talk about your health care.  What do you think is coming first here?  So you are going to spend $63 billion, at least.  Now thatís from the government; thatís not all the foundations as well that put billions into this every year.) during a speech on Monday at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Reuters' "Front Row Washington" blog reports (Ashburn, 8/16).  (A:  Every university on the planet is in on that because they all take big grants from foundations.  Thatís how they guide education.  Thatís how they guide what you are going to be indoctrinated with for the next generation, by the professors you put in there.  And along with your big massive grants comes suggestions on what to teach and what professors to put in, etc, Öif you want those big cash grants.)


"With a careful nod to the Bush administration's major efforts in global health Ė the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and the President's Malaria Initiative Ė Clinton ... laid out (A:  See, there are a whole bunch of them going back; theyíve all been working on this, because you see Presidents are just front men and this is an ongoing agenda.) the basic outline of the [GHI], a 'new approach, informed by new thinking and aimed at a new goal: to save the greatest possible number of lives, both by increasing our existing health programs and building upon them to help countries develop their own capacity to improve the health of their own people,'" Politics Daily reports. (A:  But when you really scroll down it, down and down it, itís into, really, depopulation, family planningÖ aim most of their propaganda at the women because they donít want them having children.  Again, go back to the bills and so on that Henry Kissinger put out back in the 70s outlining this.  They said, their biggest threat at that time was from third world countries but he didnít rule out the fact that you would have the problem within your own countries as well.  So remember that.)


Then we see, too, the kind of things that occur in the papers as well.


Many Girls Now Begin Puberty at Age 7, 8

Rate of early onset has doubled for 7-year-old white girls, study finds

By Jenifer Goodwin / August 9, 2010 /


MONDAY, Aug. 9 (HealthDay News) -- The onset of puberty is continuing to drop among American girls, with many girls as young as 7 and 8 now showing the beginnings of breast development, new research shows.


Now, theyíve put an excess of estrogen and related estrogen products into the food supply and itís into the water supply as well.  What is does to the male is basically sterilize them.  If the mother is pregnant with a male child and she ingests this stuff or it can even go through the skin as well through her cosmetics, which are HEAVY in bisphenol A, if they can hit the child between 8-12 weeks of pregnancy in the womb, then the guy literally, heíll never develop his sexual organs properly and he will be of course the new type, in between, which we have today.  Itís skyrocketing.  They have a very sort of narrow body, no real shoulders and all the rest of it. But what it does to girls here, it makes them develop much, much faster because they arenít really producing their own to the same extent.  Itís getting put into their systems through bisphenol A and other types of estrogen.  But the male definitely is getting phased out here.  Who is the biggest problem for this agenda, down through the ages?  Itís always been the MEN.† In warfare you just dispose of your enemy.  Itís quite simple; again, pragmatic.  Who are your enemies?  What have they stood up and fought for in the past?  Well, they stood up for their family, for their tribe, and eventually for nations when nations were formed, probably by the bankers too.  When you take those things away from them they have nothing left to fight for.  So they are easily managed and go along to get along. 


Iíll put these links up on my site at the end of the show.  Here is an article here from Asia Times.  It ties right in with it.  Itís from the Chinese news. 


Babies with breasts shock China

By Kent Ewing /


HONG KONG - Once again, China's most vulnerable citizens - its babies - are the central figures in a food-safety scandal. Two years ago, milk powder tainted with the industrial chemical melamine (A:  Thatís what they use to feed us, and they still put it into the food here yet, by the way.  Melamine, itís a byproduct of the plastics industry.  A clever guy at the top managed to say, well, really, under the microscope it really looks like a protein, so they will classify it as a protein and put it in your food.  Well thatís exactly what they did.  Yeah.  And they do.  So here it is hitting China in big doses.)  killed six infants and left 300,000 more suffering from kidney stones. (A:  By the way, the big companies that were involved in it, the big food companies.  If you think they are independentÖ the big international corporations are NOT independent businesses.  Youíve got the appearance of competition.  Nestle was one of the companies that China named for doing this in China.  Thatís the guys that make chocolate for your little children right.)  Now, some Chinese babies are growing breasts, and their parents are blaming the Nasdaq-listed company that produces the baby formula they were drinking.  (A:  Baby formulaÖ but they were doing it in the West too.  Iíll put this article up as well just to show you what Iím talking about.) 


Itís just astonishing how this goes on and on.  Remember too, that Monsanto was the first company ever blamed for pouring stuff out of one of their factories into the water supply of some people in the States.  They got this water literally from a kind of stream that flowed through a town and for years the girls were hitting puberty very, very early.  It was documented in various news articles and science magazines.  Then they said it was stuff that Monsanto was flushing out of their pipes that led into it; a sort of hygienic thing to flush their pipes out, they claimed.  These are TESTS that are going on. Thatís what that is, itís tests.  And now the same big company that helped with the Agent Orange and all the rest of these warfare things is now bringing you your FOOD!  Itís one of the biggest companies to bring you your modified food across the world.  Are you really that thick?  Are you really that thick that you canít see that biowarfare companies are now creating your food?  They are ENGINEERING your food for youÖ and at the same time these biowarfare companies want to bring down the populationÖ and feed you at the same time?  Something doesnít sound right here.


So we are under attack and we have been under attack for a long time with increased inoculations, more and more and more of that.  Iíve lost count of the amount of inoculations children get before the age of 2 now; itís just astronomical.  Your immune system, in a young baby is not developed.  What is the point in giving it vaccines, because its immune system can not copy anything or go and produce its antibodies?  Itís bogus.  What is it really designed to do in that case?  Well you see this massive increase, supposedly, in attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity and all the rest of it.  What you are really seeing are different degrees of autism.  DAMAGE to the person, thatís what we are really seeing.  We didnít have that years ago.  Autism used to be rated at 1 in an astronomical figure Ė it was a huge figure, 150,000 of whatever Ė and it always took the same course.  The child never developed from birth; it never got to the stage where it said dada, mama.  And then suddenly in the 70s out comes this new type thatís now THE type, right after it gets its first set of shots.  And no longerÖ it used to say dada, mama, and it no longer can say that.  What do you think that is?  But no, theyíd never do that, right?  Theyíd never do that.  No one would do that.  


There is a site Iím going to put a link to tonight on vaccines.  It gives you a lot of information to give you informed choices on vaccinations.  It also reiterates what the big boys have tried to keep secret, that they have published but they donít really make a big deal out of it.  They do show you all the adverse effects of different vaccinations and so on, on the general public, and the statistics and all the rest of it.  Itís rather horrifyingÖ horrifying. 


We ARE under attack and thatís what Iím saying.  We have been our whole lives.  Some succumb to it pretty quickly.  Other ones come down with crippling diseases, long term.  Thatís what I mentioned last night, a lot of the biowarfare studies and conducted by Fort Detrick and other places looked at debilitating diseases.  Not fast kills but slow takedowns, because a slow takedown of course is a great thing for the health industry.  They are going to profit off of that greatly, for years, treating that person for all their different symptoms.  But it also fulfills another part of the agenda, in that it makes the person ineligible for a marriage partner.  Who wants someone who is constantly asleep, and sick and tired?† Thatís the real world.  They do have their plans for their future and their much smaller society and they do have their 50-year plans and 10-year plans for other parts of it, etc, etc.  


They knew when they set up the European Union exactly how long it would take to bring it into a completely condensed, consolidated BLOC under a new parliament, even though they lied about it in the beginning, in 1948.  Then in the 1950s they set up the Club of Rome meeting and thatís when they came out with the more sophisticated plans for it. They decided then how long it would take before theyíd finally amalgamate the whole lot and lied to the public.   They were told they would have to lie to the public, in all countries, that it was nothing to do with an amalgamation; it was just an economic idea to help them with free trade and prosper, etc.  And we canít get it through our heads that we are talked to like children all the time.  We canít understand it; we canít believe that.  We canít believe that grown men will get up there that you think Ė youíve been trained to think Ė are prestigious peopleÖ who would lie to you, lie to whole nations.  You know, like, I didnít have sex with that woman.  Remember that one?  They do a lot worse things than that.  They lie to you all the time.  Presidents and Prime Minister read whatever the script writer writes for them.  They donít write anything.  The script writer knows what the agenda is; you donít even need a President who does.  Itís quite something isnít it? 


We are treated like animals.  Weíve seen it too with the increased shooting with police.  Do you know in the United Nations armies at war with each other are not allowed to use what they call hollow point, or the old name is dumdum bullets, on each other?  But of course it doesnít mean that they canít use it within their own countries.  Canada and other countries started to use hollow point bullets claiming the old type went right through their victim and left the police in danger.  So they brought in that to kill them on the spot.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We're back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about how we are being dehumanized now.  We are being trained to be dehumanized, that we are just another animal.  So anything goes, like the hollow point bullets and cops can use them in different countries now.  Thatís pretty well guaranteed to blast a whole through anybody, a big hole at that too.  But they canít use it in warfare against other nations according to the Geneva Convention.  They are also using the tazers.  There are so many tazer incidents now across the world and people are getting burned to death that there is no point in mentioning it now.  Itís passť now, itís just too common.  We accept things.  We ADAPT into them.  Here is another article.  It says hereÖ


Military ray gun to be tested on inmates (video)

August 23rd, 2010 / / By Deborah Duprť, Human Rights Examiner


A military grade, high-tech ray gun that fires an invisible heat beam (A:  Itís a laser gun.)  for unbearable pain will be tested on inmates in the sheriff's detention facility in Castaic, California officials said Friday. All military weapons must be tested on humans. Major loopholes exists that allow the U.S. government to run experiments on individual and populated geographical areas. 


Remember I mentioned last night what happened in Florida with the Dengue fever and who caused that. But they have also sprayed other things across the United States too.  In California naval ships back in the 60s sprayed a type of flu apparently from their decks.  They just opened these tanks and sprayed the place.  The wind carried it in and then they followed the health of different people as doctors would send in their charts to the different associations they belonged to.  Thatís the real world that we live in. 


There is a caller there.  Iíll see if we can get him.  Itís Scott from Wisconsin I think.  Are you there?


Scott:  Hi Alan.  How are you doing?


Alan:  Not too bad.  Not too badÖ raring away here.  Yep.


Scott:  First time listening to you... wow!  You got great, great knowledge, brother, and wisdom.  You know, when they saidÖ Iím a spiritual man so when you know the Bible, a lot of it, it just comes so easy, what you are talking about.  When they say one world order, what it is, is the one world order of the anti-Christ and he is goingÖ


Alan:  I tell you, as I say, there is no doubt itís completely anti-human.  Absolutely.


Scott:  And heís going to control all the world leaders.  Like you said, heís going to try to destroy as many as he can and in all the ways youíve been talking about.  But you know what Alan?  There is one thing thatís going to be done in the end.  All these guysÖ  Listen up; I know they are listening to us.  All these guys and these leaders all around the country, and these elitists of the Bilderberg, the Rockefellers, they are going to have their day in front of the Lord and then they are going to be thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone.


Alan:  I tell you what I want.  I want to have my vengeance and see it happening because personally I think that if God put you on the planet he didnít expect you to sit back and do nothing.  Like people are doing today, they sit back, they do nothing.  Most of them, by the way, are quite content with the way things are right now.  They have adapted into it.  Theyíve got their little cell phones there. They know they are being monitored and everything.  They donít mind whatsoever.  Theyíve got all the porn you want to watch on the internet.  They made sure of that; they donít bother closing these sites down.  And they are having a wonderful time, they think.  Their whole culture is created for them. 


Scott:  I just wanted to say one more thing Alan.  You think about Stalin and Hitler.  What did they do to the people?  They supplied them with food and shelter but they dumbed them down.  Thatís what theyíve done.


Alan:  Oh yeah.  Everybody is dumbed down today.  Hardly anyone, hardly anyone has escaped this, thatís true.  But thatís the music coming in though, Scott.  Thanks for calling.


Itís true, most folk have been affected one way or another, either physically, mentally, or both and youíve been under war for an awful long time and no one knew it.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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