September 3rd, 2010 (#657)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt September 3rd, 2010:

Moral Relativity:
Thinking Own Thoughts, Doing Own Thing?
All Within You, Master Builders Did Bring:

"In Moral Relativity Nothing's Despicable,
Masses Adapt in Ways Most Predictable,
Few Catch On in the Course of a Lifetime,
Their Values Upgraded from Shows Primetime,
Monkey See, Monkey Do, Works Very Well,
Creating Society Which is Chaotic as Hell,
Lots of Government Agencies Deal with Fallout
As the Culture Creators Pull All the Stops Out,
Lifestyles, Vocabulary, and Ways to Dress,
To Know How to Be, Just Look at the Rest,
Hedonism and Psychopathy Create Predators,
Copied by All, Promiscuous, No Fetters,
Yet the Clever Plan, From London to Laos,
Is to Create Dysfunction for Order from Chaos,
When the Global Society's in Complete Ruination,
The Masters Come Forth with Their New Creation,
From Planners like Russell, Writers like Sutton,
Sheep Can't Complain About Price of Mutton"
© Alan Watt September 3rd, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - September 3rd, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on September the 3rd, 2010.  Now, newcomers should always go into website. You'll find hundreds of talks.  You can download audios, hundreds of audios I've put up there over the last few years, and I try and show you the big picture behind what's really going on.  I tie things together to give you shortcuts.  Of course, you can take it or leave it as you wish.  Many folk have different ideas on what's really going on.  And most folk go the way that their belief system pushes them or guides them.  And that's up to them.  I don't give you wizards.  I don't give you lizards walking around and sucking blood, and stuff like that.  I just tell you the facts of the big foundations, and the people who run the world.  It's quite simple; really, it's not difficult at all.  We suspend our disbelief when we wake up.  We don't want to believe that humans have the capacity to be as bright as they really are at the top.  And it's not difficult to understand when you realize that for well over a hundred years, universities have been paid massive grants to go into research and development, to find ways to control societies, and bring about what they call the Great Society, the World Society. 


So go into, and you'll find the audios there.  You'll also find transcripts of a lot of the talks I've given on all of those sites you see listed.  If you want transcripts for print up in other languages, go into, and you'll find them there.  And remember too, that you bring me to you.  I'm the only host really that depends upon you, to keep me going.  And when that stops, and it just trickles in, when it stops all together, I'll just walk off and do other things, and teach small groups, because, you know, wisdom takes an awful long time to acquire.  It isn't just wisdom; it's the knowledge that goes along with it.  And over the years, when you've been studying this from a very early age, you get to know the big, big picture.  Remember, you can buy the books at website.  What I've written is different from all the rest.  They show you the shortcuts again.  They help to deprogram you, and give you a laugh at the same time, as you read through them, how simple it is to control humanity.  From the U.S. to Canada, you can send a personal check to purchase.  You can also use an international postal money order.  Across the rest of the world, you can use Money Gram, Western Union, and remember too, you can all where ever you are, you can use PayPal for donations or to purchase.  If you want to purchase anything on that website, the discs and so on, you can send the PayPal donation and a separate email, with your name, address, and order and I'll get it out to you.  That's how it's done.


This is the Big Society, the Great Society, a society really that these, I hate to call them idealists, in a sense they are idealists, they are Darwinian though, idealists, who believe that the world belongs to them, the superior type, who have really evolved.  And the proof of it all is the fact that they have acquired so much incredible money and power and wealth.  And they don't marry for lust really or even love; they marry simply to get their offspring and carry on their progeny into the future, as Darwin of course wanted them to do.  These guys preexisted Darwin with the same religion, really.  Darwin was just the front man they put out there to legitimize it into a scientific terminology that would go well with the people.  So, you have no idea, how many universities across the planet are working on different aspects of you: what makes you tick, how to manipulate you, mass psychology, behaviorism, and again, they're funded by your tax money.  Isn't that amazing?  We fund our own chains.  And then the foundations make sure with their big cash grants to all universities across the world that they research, or search I should really call it, in the right directions.  Back with more, after these messages.


Hi folks, I'm back.  We're Cutting Through the Matrix.  The Matrix, remember, is the big system into which you're born.  You take for granted it must be natural, because it exists, and your parents thought so too, so they couldn't warn you that a lot of shady cons run the world.  And it's always shady cons.  I don't think there's a government on the planet that's ever been honest with its own people about anything at all, to be honest with you.  And if you read the writings of Machiavelli, very, very interesting his writings, he basically wrote a classical book really on how to deceive the populations and manipulate them.  It's very old, and it shows you how long this understanding of human nature has been around.  You find if you put his particular book along with that of Francis Bacon, who also wrote a whole bunch of sayings to the King.  The sayings really were a résumé you might say, same with Machiavelli, they put their résumés out to kings to show you how clever they were, and they tried to get jobs as advisors.  And nothing has changed today.  The world is still run by advisors, and the little front men of course, that become presidents and prime ministers, are put there by the big foundation boys that run the world.  And they own the big international corporations as well.  But most importantly they own the minds of us.  And they made sure of that by getting us into their schools into a standardized education system, where you can liken it to Plato's Cave.  We're all put in the same cave, taught the same nonsense, and we are obedient little slaves.  And then when you get out of school, they give you a little scroll and with that little scroll you can get work; the idea being that you passed your quality approval board to be dumbed down enough to get into their system and work for them.  That's what it really means.  Because there are far, far higher levels of education for certain few people that you'll never even hear of and many of them bypass universities all together, and go off in much higher learning.  The lower stuff is for the people.  Universities do have a function, and mainly in the scientific areas, because they're given grants to do research, as I say, and repetitive stuff, that's why they call it research.  The real searching has been done long ago, they just want to make sure they got it right the first time, all their data, but they get grants to really go in to feel the public pulse, how the public are thinking about certain topics, how to overcome that, get round it and so on.  Then that's passed on to think tanks to find ways to do so, like the Rand Corporation. 


That's how the world is really run, it's not complex at all.  It's run on money.  And those boys at the top who literally run the world, own the world, and run all the money systems have no problem buying off, basically, thousands of universities, across the planet, and thousands of think tanks they create themselves, and then they create thousands of nongovernmental organizations to pretend that they demand on behalf of the peoples to get laws passed which the foundations want.  That's the parallel governmental system.  And if you think for a minute that people somehow won the right to democracy of some kind or another with revolutions in different countries, then you really are living in a fairyland because the Big Boys never sat back and said, okay that sounds fair, we'll let you have it.  Didn't happen at all.  No, they made sure, they made sure you'd have the appearance of something because they'd already run the justice system forever, and as Plato said, there's no such thing as justice, only the appearance of justice.  Well, it's the same with democracy.  There's only the appearance of democracy; we're on an agenda.  It is fixed.  It is written in stone, and the Big Boys will not change their minds.  And by Big Boys, I mean way above the governmental level.  Governments really consist of bureaucrats.  Bureaucrats are robots.  They don't do anything unless they're told to do so, and then they go to work in finding ways to work things out, make things happen.  That's their job.  You cut off the head and they're just robots.  That's why too, when you try and see a bureaucrat they always pass it off onto their superior who also passes it off onto his superior, and it goes way up the line until it's lost in the clouds.  You see, they're really robots.  And they go by their little rule books, and every level has their own rule book, no matter how crazy it is. 


It's also interesting too, talking about bureaucrats, because they found out that studying the Soviet's regime, which was Socialist, remember, and the Nazi regime, which was also Socialist, that it was only because of bureaucracy, massive bureaucracy that they could implement the mass killings that they did, because the bureaucrats could literally just pull out data; mind you IBM worked with them, IBM worked with them to make sure they all the data on people, etc, and numbers, and the bureaucrats didn't see them as people.  They didn't do the dirty work.  They didn't have to go down and shoot them in the heads or anything like that.  They simply put out the files of who was to get slaughtered that week.  And that's how it was run.  So be very careful of governments, and never think for a minute these bureaucrats, albeit the fact they can't make a decision for themselves, don't think they're harmless.  They're very, very dangerous as a Borg type entity, put it that way.  Remember too, that the main military organizations are international.  They truly are international, because they've been working towards a global government system.  They like to call it governance, to throw us off a little bit.  And the Pentagon, the British Home Office, every government in the world's military put massive funding into more ways, collectively, and they share the data, to control the people across the world.  You can't simply bring in part of the world in a global system.  What happens to the rest of it?  You've got to make sure they all come into it at the same time together, so it's micromanaged at all levels.  Now here's an article here, for instance, and I'll put the link up to it.  And it's from Australia.  It seems rather innocuous when you really think about it.  A university in Australia, faculty of informatics, it's called in its papers, on RFID year 2006, and it's a PDF, which I'll try and link to tonight for you, if you want to read it and download.  There's no reptiles and aliens, I'm afraid.  Sorry about that.  People really are doing this.  But that's your problem, if you can't handle it.  It says:


Lend me your arms: the use and implications of humancentric RFID


(Alan: Now, it's written in the usual haughty manner, of people who think they're in the know.  Who really think that, remember these guys can't write about anything and do anything unless they're given the basic technology to start with.  So there are much higher levels, of course, of technology, and these guys really are doing re-search, you see.  It even says, this paper is posted at Research Online, and I've got the link for it.  I've got that link there, its right there.  Anyway, they talk about, listen to how it's worded here.  It says:)


Recent developments in the area of RFID have seen the technology expand from its role in industrial and animal tagging applications, (A: That's why they started to tell you to get your pets chipped.  You know, it gets you familiar with the idea, because it's going to be done to you.  And it says:) to being implantable in humans. With a gap in literature identified between current technological development and future humancentric possibility, little has been previously known about the nature of contemporary humancentric applications. By employing usability context analyses in control, convenience and care-related application areas, we begin to piece together a cohesive view of the current development state of humancentric RFID, (A: You could have said that whole thing in about one line, couldn't you) as detached from predictive conjecture.


(A: Predictive.  They like predictive stuff, these guys.  And they go into more terms, and they say, basically, that the human being, when you read more of it, the human being is only one part of the collective RFID.  You're only a component, is the word they use in it.  The human being is a component in RFID technology.  You're not human anymore.  Just like the chip itself, you're now a component, obviously in a network, a web, you see.  And that's what they call you, a component.  So, all you people out there, who are dying to get your little RFID, and eventually your brain chip, you are a component.  You are a Borg.  Do you remember the Borg in Star Trek series?  They're all run by a Central Computer, exactly as you will be too.  And these characters at universities, who, as I say are haughty, and they even decry in the little snide remarks there about religion and the naysayers.  They're the only ones who come against it with their Armageddon theories and so on.  It's like calling someone Anti-Semitic or a Nazi, and they don't go into it anymore, so they've already got rid of that.  Any naysayers they just got rid of, just like that, you see.  It's got the keywords:)


Radio-frequency identification; transponders; chip implants; humancentric applications; usability context analysis; location tracking; personal privacy; data security; ethics


Now, remember too, bio-ethics suddenly came on the scene, when it came to the first talk of euthanasia for instance, being a possibility, when they started to get us ready to pull the plug on people who were in comas or had been on life-support for some time, and they suddenly appeared on television, only a few years ago.  Again, they pulled them out too, at the same time, with Dolly the Sheep.  And we never heard of bioethicists before, because you see, they used to be called eugenicists.  That was their term, and eugenics got a bad name because of the Nazi purges, and World War II, of what they deemed the unfit and the inferior races, so now they changed their names to bio-ethicists.  So, the universities, the guys who do all this stuff, are also bioethicists, you see, at the same time.  Now, they decide in other words what's ethical and what isn't.  Now, it's rather odd when you think about it, because we live in a world where every school child is taught there's no such thing as Absolute Truth.  And no person can have Absolute Truth, it's only moral relativity.  Everything is relative.  Your opinion is relative to mine.  Everything is relative and we can just agree to disagree on every single topic.  And it's rather strange that, because when they put out their papers, and it ends up in the laws of governments, a university, how come we must go along with it all?  If that's just their opinions?  Why must we be made to take the inoculations and all that kind of stuff?  And then eventually we'll be made to take the chip as well.  You know it's coming, that's the whole idea of the war on terror, and the data collection on every individual.  Back with more, after these messages.


Hi folks, I'm back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  You know, as I say, we're all going into a preplanned future.  The youngsters are pretty well at the stage where they're beyond redemption.  You can't help them because they've had a completely different training all towards this coming technology, which is actually here if they want to give it to them now, it's just too early.  They get us used to things little, by little, until we adapt.  We think we're adapting and choosing ourselves into every step of it.  That's how it works.  If government had said at the beginning, when they gave you the first DOS computer, we're going to eventually chip you and monitor everything that you do for the New Society, you would not have bought the thing, hopefully, if you had a bit of sense.  If they made you take it, you see, you'd be suspicious of it; but you buy it yourself, and that's why they called it "personal computers".  Mine, you see.  Oh, it's mine.  It's personal.  And they made sure they gave all those sexual terms, you know, RAM, and floppy disks, and then you've got hard drive, and etc, etc, and then you go into flash drives, and yadda, yadda, ya.  It's all sexual terminology that's meant to work on you, and make you; it's like buying a car in a sense.  The longer the engine, the more macho you feel.  So you've got all these gigs, blah, blah, blah, to run with.  Everything is worked out long before you even hear the first term used.  And they even know how they're going to dish it out to you in bits and pieces along the way. 


And the youngsters, as I say, you always go for the young.  It's interesting, as I say, they give you a youth culture.  Very old people run this world, but they gave everyone else a youth culture, where everyone is terrified of getting a wrinkle by the time they're thirty.  And meanwhile, as I say, these very old people, who've held the power for so long, centuries, and the wealth of the world, they're very old, and they sit and plan all this, and they just tell the think tanks how to work it into being, and they bring out the formulas, hand it off to Rand corporation, and then they put it into government to implement it.  And that's how it's done.  Not difficult, is it?  Not difficult.  It's the old saying, he who hath the gold, maketh the rules.  And that's certainly the way it truly is, regardless if it's porcupine quills or paper, it doesn't make any difference, as long as one guy has got the right to own it all and dish it out. 


And science as I say, science is an amazing thing, you see.  Bertrand Russell and others talked about the pure language of mathematics being the only logical science you could possibly use in a logical society.  And their biggest beef was that humanity is not what they called logical.  These guys were control freaks, of course, and they thought they could run the world, and they knew, they thought they knew how it should be run and how we should all simply obey them.  Democracy they admitted was awfully cumbersome.  We all have ideas of our own, we have our own wants and demands, and that was just too bothersome.  They'd be arguing all the time in a real democracy, so they had to go ahead with a parallel government and make sure that they could bring all this into being.  And through science they would conquer of course.  Science and technology they would conquer.  That's why you have a massive military-industrial complex that also sells you real things all the way from stereos, to listen to music and so on, to anything in the electronic area basically.  They sell it to you; but the real goal, like General Electric, is with the military.  Most folk don't even know that General Electric is not out there just to give you power supplies.  It's out there to make advanced weaponry for the military. And all the Big Boys are, Sony corporation, all these ones that make the different gadgets and gizmos, even Toshiba; in fact Toshiba even makes a nuclear reactor you can tow behind a tractor trailer and power a city for about fifty years, and then when it's really depleted they just tow it away and replace it with a new one.  I saw the ad online from the Toshiba Company, but they sell you nice little computers and TVs and all the rest of it.  Part of the military-industrial complex.  Everything has to be.  You couldn't have someone completely independent.  They could go off on a different tangent and do something, even give the public something that bypasses the technologies that they were supposed to use.  That's why Bill Gates was risen up there, no one could sue him or get anything done to him in court as they stole patent after patent from everyone else, and made sure that Microsoft got the leads.  They had to have one main system for the world, you see, so they could monitor you all with that one system.  That's why it was done. 


Now, science also gives you conflicting theories on everything.  It's amazing too they can call them sciences, even the guys who are involved in it, like medicine.  Here's an article to show you the dilemma that you're faced with when you have conflicting messages. "Health fear over metal" and this is to do with mercury:


Health fear over metal in formula milk as researchers discover up to 40 times more aluminium (A: That's what they call it in Britain, al-yu-min-ium, instead of alum-in-um.)  than breast milk.  (A: I wonder why it's even in breast milk.  It could be the tea that you drink.  Anyway, it says here, 3rd of September.)


Formula baby milk can contain 40 times more aluminium than breast milk, potentially causing health problems in later life, claim researchers.


(A: Now, because it's children you see, we're supposed to be really upset.  They love children in this society, don't they?  You can tell by the smoke coming out of a lot of chimneys in hospitals.  Anyway, it says here.)


Traces of the metal in milk from some of the UK's leading products were found to be much higher than is legally allowed in water, according to scientists.


One formula made by Cow & Gate – specifically marketed for premature babies – had the highest level of all, with more than 800 micrograms per litre. (A: How's it bad to put it in baby milk, and they tell you why.  It stunts your growth, its stunts your brain, and all the rest of it.  But it's okay for injections.  Back after these messages.)


Hi folks, I'm back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the dilemma we're faced with, with science, when they give us all these conflicting reports.  And of course we're supposed to use logic when we read these things.  And we think, well, if that's the case, why don't they stop it?  But they don't, do they?  And I'll continue with a little bit of this article on aluminium or aluminum in babies’ formula.  Baby's formula, remember, food is a weapon, and we've gone through the stuff to do with inoculations in children.  We've seen autism skyrocket with inoculations alone.  And we find too that there's melamine for instance put into baby's formula as well, as bulk, to give it bulk, because some clever guy, a scientist decided that, you know, that looks awfully like a protein, you know, if we put these molecules together.  So they got the FDA to classify it as a protein, and then they could bung this waste product from plastics, basically, into baby formula.  And they all have it, too.  Here's the mercury side of it, as I say in this particular article, and I'll put all these links up at the end of the show, on my website,  It says here:


European law states water can contain no more than 200 micrograms of aluminium per litre. Chemist Dr Chris Exley, who led the study at Keele University, Staffordshire, said: 'We've known (A: Now listen to this.)  We've known about the high aluminium content in infant formula for many years (A: Right?  So there you go.)  We've known [about it].. for many years and there is evidence to show it is potentially quite dangerous.


'It has been linked to neurological diseases and bone defects in later life and there are even links with dementia.


(A: Now in the 1970s, they did their first major public exposure of aluminium in the senile, by using autopsies, post-mortem autopsies, and they found high concentrations of mercury in them all, and aluminium.  Aluminium was very high as well, so it's not like this is new stuff. So this has been going on for years and years and years, so they know about it.  It says here.)


'Everyone has aluminium in their bodies but infants are especially prone to absorbing it and are not so good at getting rid of it.'


(A: Which they also know.  And then he stressed this, and can you make sense of this? Listen to this:)


'It is not the case that a child is not going to drop down dead (A: That's a double negative there.) It is not the case that a child is not going to drop down dead (A: Does that mean they are going to drop down dead?)  if they drink it.'  (A: This is an expert talking.) Manufacturers say they do not add aluminium to their products, but many formulas are often packaged in aluminium foil. 


(A: So they're trying to foist it off onto aluminium foil, and here, here's that thing again.  I talked about soya the other day, because it's also got artificial or synthetic estrogen, high, very high in it.  It says:)


It also occurs naturally in soya plants due to the acidic soil they are grown in, so experts advise soya milk formulas should be used only on the advice of a GP.


(A: Well a lot of good that will do you if you can even get an appointment to see a GP, with the healthcare system the way it is, slashed with the IMF coming in.  So, they foist it off on a GP's advice.  Quite something, eh?  Then they say that:)


The Food Standards Agency (A: Which is like the FDA) does not provide a 'safe' limit for aluminium in formula milk, but Dr Exley wants manufacturers to lower the level dramatically or print it on the label so parents have an informed choice.


So in other words if they can imprint something, if they get the label, which they won't by the way, because I've seen the same articles over the years come out with their constant going over new studies proving the same stuff.  They never ever come out because it's intended this.  You don't want a bright population going through the biggest changes that society has ever gone through in its history, into a global society, complete monitoring of every individual until they can actually go into genetics and remove the bad genes as they call them.  And obviously they'll be tempted to remove any genes which might link you to an ancestor who was a rebel of some kind.  In other words, they want you to be very placid, and very conforming to the society that they have created to rule over.  And they will rule over at the top.  As I say, this will fade away and be lost very shortly with some other new crisis and the guys get paid their money for doing the study, and they're quite happy; it's quite something, isn't it, eh.  And this technology too, we all know that technology is given for complete data collection; what do you think total information network means?  Total means total.  Not maybe, it's total.  It's not almost, total information network is everything about you, and as they give out more and more technology to the people, the more data they have, until you'll be quite happy being monitored 24 hours a day.  And most folk will be happy, by the way.  Here's an article here in Yahoo News. 


U.S., Israel spying behind BlackBerry woe - Dubai police


Concerns over Israeli access to BlackBerry data, and the use of the device by the United States to spy on the United Arab Emirates are behind the Gulf state's moves to curb the smartphone, Dubai's police chief said.


(A: What they're beefing about here is that everybody is getting access to all the data, that's all the phone messages and so on, all the intelligence services, except themselves.  And the United Arab Emirates are supposedly one of the allies, but they're not getting access to it.  It says:)


"The Unites States is the primary beneficiary of having no controls over the BlackBerry, as it has an interest to spy on the UAE," (A: That's United Arab Emirates.) Dhahi Khalfan Tamim said in remarks carried by the website of the daily al-Khaleej on Friday.


"The West has accused us of curbing the liberties of BlackBerry users, while America, Israel, Britain and other countries are allowed access to all transferred data," Tamim added.


What fools.  They want to use the darn things, and at the same time, they want access to the data, you know.  It's amazing, how can you want access, how can you want the technology that's imprisoning you?  It's okay, as long as you get a little cut on the info that's getting passed between private phone calls and stuff.  Hmm?  You see the dilemma that everyone's in?  It's quite interesting to study that itself, just the dilemma. 


And as we go into this society, remember, in moral relativity, everything, all the old, was to be destroyed as the Communists said.  Everything that held the fabric of society together was to be completely demolished: the family unit, sexual mores, and so on.  And remember, the Communists only took their cues from London, where the seat of power truly, truly was, with the Royal Institute of International Affairs, their Freemasonic Royal Society.  It's still the same today.  You have to be a Freemason, high Mason, to be in it.  And they basically projected the world that they would bring into being, and rule over.  And again, remember, they're all Darwinists.  I've read the articles from one of their members, and that was Julian Huxley, the brother of Aldous Huxley, and Julian was the first UN UNESCO leader for the educational system, across the world.  And he was quite blatant about what they'd bring in, how they'd demote man and kick him off his pedestal of being a supreme creature on the planet with special rights, and he'd bring them down to the level of the animal.  He also said too that they could be taught, they could be taught to rut like rabbits, basically, incredible promiscuity, as long as they didn't mate and bond and have children.  And that's all happened, and really, really since about the 1960s onwards, they were starting it in the fifties from Hollywood, but from the sixties onwards, that's all been achieved.  And he sat at the top with the top think tanks on the planet, that guy.  You can take whatever he said to the real bank, the one you'll never see.  Here's an article here, about Portuguese television, it's from the  I'm surprised they printed it, because they generally play the far left, that's their role is to play the far left, and they're all for globalism and all that stuff.  It says here:


Portuguese TV presenter found guilty in being, of being in a pedophile ring.


(A: It's a standard story, this.  You have to be one of these characters to get up, you see.)


The conviction of Carlos Cruz ends six-year court case over child prostitution at Casa Pia state-run orphanages(A: It's a homosexual pedophilia.  It says)


One of Portugal's most famous television presenters and a former (A: Listen to this) ambassador to UNESCO (A: I just mentioned United Nations' UNESCO, that Julian Huxley was a member of, and that's what he promoted.  Julian Huxley was also a member of Planned Parenthood, and all this stuff.  They loved Margaret Sanger, who loved Hitler, and that kind of stuff.  Anyway, he was a former ambassador to UNESCO) were among six men found guilty yesterday of involvement with a paedophile prostitution ring that exploited children from state-run orphanages.


(A: It smacks of the same stuff that you hear in Britain all the time as well.  Orphanages, same thing in British Columbia, Canada.  They were using orphanages there and supplying children to one of the high supremos for the government out that way, a few years ago there.  In fact, the guy who was put in charge, I think in British Columbia at that time of Children's Aid Society, was the procurer.  He was also a known pedophile.  A known pedophile, then they gave him the job to supply judges and so one with young boys.  Anyway, back to this one here in Portugal.)


The verdict brings to an end (A: You see, it's moral relativity.  It was their choice, isn't it.  They just like little boys, you know.  You see.  One day there will be no eyebrows raised.  I don't believe there was any eyebrows raised today, everyone being hedonistic and narcissistic.  I'm okay Jack, nothing's bothering me.  That's the society.  That's why they can print this stuff.)


The verdict brings to an end a long running scandal over a child prostitution racket involving young boys from the Casa Pia Network of orphanages.  Abusers included people from the country's professional, civil service (A: That's the bureaucrats), and media elites.  (A: It's the standard stuff in all countries in other words, according to trial evidence.) 


Systematic sexual abuse involving orphanage employees was also revealed, as three judges delivered their findings today, the chief prosecutor in the case said the final sentence declared all seven people guilty.  (A: That will be the tip of the iceberg.)  Prison terms seem likely for many, if not all of the accused.  (A: Well, you wait and see, eh.) 


Newspaper websites and television stations provided live coverage of this morning’s reading of what the Portuguese legal system called the proven facts of the case that has shocked the country.  (A: Why are we always shocked with this stuff?  Why are we so shocked, when you have to be a deviant to get up in this system?  Have you ever looked at Royalty down through the ages for instance?  They always made sure that the public obeyed the church, whatever church was put in charge, they put in charge, to keep them pacified and working and all the rest of it.  But they themselves never followed the rules.  They were into everything, and orgies, and all the rest of it.  So why are we so shocked, you see, to get up there as a psychopath, a psychopath has no qualms about morality.  Moral is whatever turns them on at the time.  Whatever turns them on at the time.  Anyway it says here)


Carlos Cruz, a married TV presenter who was once voted Portugal’s most popular man, (A: That makes sense.) had paid for sex with a fourteen-year-old boy, the judges declared.  He also abused at least one other boy.  (A: Well, there will be dozens of them.)


Cruz, a father of two, became known as Mr. Television, after several decades of presenting.  (A: On the television.)  A former ambassador to UNESCO, Jorge Ritto, and a Dr. Ferreira Diniz were also deemed to have abused several young boys. 


So all these characters had links with UNESCO, the United Nations again.  Including the TV presenter.  Well, this is just the standard stuff, you know, standard stuff, folks, in every country.  And you know, I get fed up reading this.  I could read a lot more of it, but people don’t want to hear it these days, because they’re watching so much porn on their internet.  It’s kind of passé.  Moral relativity.  And of course, the Big Boys at the top don’t want to come down on it at all, because if they come down on it, they’d all have to get investigated themselves.  The Big Boys are all into this kind of stuff, one way or another.  Young boys, young girls, animals, whatever, you know.  I’m not kidding.  Not kidding at all. 


Now, jumping back to one of the previous articles on the aluminium content in baby food, and you wonder why they keep it going.  Yeah, we’ve known this for years, what it does to the brain, causes senility and makes you a bit stupid. 


Calif. Senate nixes (A: In other words they turned down) a BPA (A: Bisphenol-A, that’s the other artificial estrogen that everybody’s got in their bodies now, with all the stuff that they’re eating.) ban in baby products bill


(A: So, here again, it’s not the aluminium this time.  They’re allowing the BPA to continue to be in the food in California, because California has got a great reputation to keep, you see.  You know what I mean.)


The California Senate has defeated a bill that sought to ban the chemical bisphenol A from plastic baby bottles, sippy cups and baby formula containers.


The bill that failed Tuesday would have limited the chemical to trace amounts in food and drink containers intended for use by children age 3 or younger.


Democratic Sen. Fran Pavley of Agoura Hills says scientific studies show the chemical commonly known as BPA can harm the development of young children. 


It’s absolutely proven, you know, investigation after investigation after investigation.  They know this, but they want it to happen.  You see the more genders we have, they even have one called the third sex, officially now, and I’ve read it on the air too, from the article that mentioned it.  Now you have all these different varieties.  All the weirdoes at the top have got more to choose from.  See, they’ll create more and more types.  I mean, who knows what’s coming next.  Science is quite the thing, isn’t it, eh?  And they say you can’t stop progress.  So they want to dumb down the children, and have them, especially the males, they want them to be very, very effeminate, and even asexual to an extent as well.  Because they’ll be into various hobbies and internet and probably geeks in different areas of the internet and computers, but they’ll be very harmless people, and they won’t stand up for anybody else’s rights.  You see?  Because food is a weapon, and they have weaponized all your food, a long time ago, long time ago.  Long, long time ago. 


And as you go into moral relativity, and the old scientific saying, which is true, in physics, that for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction.  Don’t think for a second that Julian Huxley, when he talked about really advanced promiscuity they’d create and so on, so that people would never bond, and hopefully they’d never have offspring he thought, you have all the reactions to it as well.  People were taught that ah, just go to it.  The sky is the limit and medicine will take care of any problems for you, and people just did exactly what they were told.  And look at all the stuff in movies that you’re supposed to emulate.  Plato said that people emulate drama.  They knew that thousands of years ago.  That’s why it’s such a big business for predictive programming.  We see the stuff, and then we copy it.  We do it.  That’s what Music Television is all about.  That’s what the music industry is all about.  All about.  Well, I’ll read this about sexually transmitted disease when I come back from these messages.


Hi folks, I’m back and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just going through the craziness of society, as we have cause and effect.  And of course the effects are known before they change and give you the new cause.  They really do.  They work through every possible problem that will occur in society, but they say that it’s worth the risk, you see.  Risk of what?  The risk of losing control over the general population, especially in a totalitarian society where the general population at one time would have stood together for the family and their neighbors and all the rest of it, and stopped them in their tracks.  Getting back to the effect, it says:


Teenage girls most at risk as STIs in the UK reach record levels


(A: And it’s a kind of handout kind of article.  Most folk won’t care about it.  It’s 20th of August, 2010)


Sexually transmitted infections have reached record levels, with teenage girls most at risk, doctors warned last night.


There were almost 500,000 cases of diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhea last year,


(A: Now, believe you me, it will be about ten or twenty times higher than that.  In fact some of the studies they did in Toronto, in some major cities a few years ago, and I think I read it on the air, showed you, I think it was 70% of all young women, in the major cities, were carrying some kind of sexually transmitted disease.  Chlamydia, they often don’t even know they’ve got it.  So these are the reported cases that they’re talking about here, that were treated.  And often too, they’ll go in there and ask them, they’ve got walk-in clinics, where you don’t get them reported at all.  You see.  Anyway, it says.)


More than two thirds of these infections occurred in women under the age of 25, even though they account for only an eighth of the population.


Doctors say young women are particularly vulnerable because they are sometimes being persuaded not to use condoms.  (A: They put it into the dialectic right away.  Now if the guy passed on an infection, who did the guy get it from, except some other young female, who obviously was infected.  It doesn’t take much logic to work that out.  Anyway it says)


Figures also suggest infections are increasing among the middle class, with wealthy London boroughs such as Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster experiencing some of the highest rates.


(A: And then it goes on about the different rates last year, and so on, and how much percentage it’s supposed to be rising.  And as I say, these are the reported ones, and these are the ones that come from the general doctors and hospitals.  Not the ones from the walk-in clinics, where you’re supposed to be kept in privacy.  That’s not passed on at all.) 


Chlamydia, the most common disease, increased by 7 per cent and gonorrhea went up by 6 per cent.


(A: It says they’re most likely to get the infection at age:)19 or 20, with men more at risk between the ages of 20 and 23.  (A: So women start earlier, which they know too, of course.  And it says:)


The figures also showed that one in ten of those aged 15 to 24 diagnosed with an STI (A: That’s an infection.  They stopped calling it disease because disease sounds nasty.  Infection, well, you know, it’s like having a little cold or something.) will catch another infection within a year.


So they’ll catch another one after you treat them.  And that’s also common now, too.  And they knew this, as I say, before they introduced all of this.  The big think tanks worked this out in the 1950s, with many, many studies.  If they changed society along the lines of the agenda, what would be the fallout, and was it acceptable.  And of course, to them, it is.  It also helps to sterilize the women.  Chlamydia being one of the most common causes of it.  It blocks the egg from traveling down the tubes, through long-term infection.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s Good Night, and may your god or gods go with you.



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