Sept. 8, 2010 (#659)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 8, 2010:

The Concrete Hub:

"City-Dwellers in the Age of Transition,
Already Divorced from Natural Condition,
Use Pharma and Drugs as Daily Unction,
Enabling to Function within Dysfunction,
Fashion, Culture Industries Pump Distraction,
Very Lucrative, Leading to Mass Inaction,
Keeping the Inmates in Financial Trap,
Searching for Meaning within City Map,
Yet from this Chaotic Concrete Psychosis,
Spring Creative Planners with Neurosis,
Backed by Money-Bags Controlling Direction
For the World while Evading Detection,
Sucks the Life Force, this Big Battery,
Drains Inmates, Sunday through Saturday"
© Alan Watt Sept. 8, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 8, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September 8, 2010.  As always, I suggest the newcomers Ė and thereís lotís coming in all the time Ė look into web site.  Youíll find hundreds of audios to download for free and everyone likes free these days.  People LIVE on free I think and they expect everyone else to live on it too sometimes.  However, youíll find that I try and give you a bigger picture of the big system in which you live, how it got to be where it is today and where they plan to take it in the future.  We are not just evolving along some path with different groups meeting once in a blue moon to try and find a way to the future.  We live in a long-term business plan where the big meetings were taking place an awful long time ago to get us to a distant future.  Not all of us mind you, because they have decided a long time ago that lots of us must die off on the way, all the junk genes.  Thatís their little inside joke; the junk genes must die off.  Eugenicists really run the world and they are the ones who control the monied system of the world.  They also own the big international corporation and all the foundations that bypass governments and really create the culture and promote things for governments to sign, treaties and so on.  That was done a long time ago as well.  I donít go into the hype of what they are doing today because really every day that you want to scour the papers youíll find more things that they are doing to you.  Of course itís not for the good.  Itís not for your benefit.  Itís for the long-term planís benefit.  Thatís how they see it themselves at the top. 


Look into the web sites as I say, bookmark the other sites Iíve got up there because once in a while I get trouble with the .com site or too many folk go into it at the same time for download.  [Official sites listed above.]  They all have English transcripts of a lot of the talks Iíve given over the years which you can download for print up.  You can also get transcripts in other languages at and print them up, pass them around to your friends.  They all have the same audios too.  If you want to buy the books, CDs and DVDs, you can purchase them and that will hopefully keep me ticking over.  Itís up to you the listeners to support me.  I donít advertise.  The ads on the show are paid by the advertisers to RBN and that pays for the air time and their staff and equipment and bills and all the rest of it at the station; thatís a very expensive business to be in.  So you have to help me out here by buying the items that I have for sale.  [Order and donation options listed above.] 


As I say, I try not to hype up things on how bad it is.  Iíll tell you how bad it is alright but I donít hype it into some fearful terror that simply buckles your mind until you are under the kitchen table quivering waiting for the end to come any second.  We are all living through a big change.  This is the Century of Change, planned that way, planned by people who seldom were mentioned in the newspapers at the time.  The media, remember, is not there to keep you informed of anything.  Itís an essential arm of control.  Thatís what the media has always been about.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Most folk take it for granted.  They were born into a matrix, a system, an all-pervasive system, a complete system too, that has various agencies looking into your mom when she is pregnant, following her up after the child, then following the child up, into school, recording, testing; all through your life really you are monitored.  Billions of people across the world now are going through the same system, this global system, with all the data fed into computers.  They know at the top of course, they have always known this, even before they give you the big city structure; they knew what the affects would be when they crammed millions of people into these monstrosities.  How it really dislocated the mind from belonging to a small community, a NATURAL community, and what the effects would be.  All the aberrant behavior of course, they talked about would break out.  How do they know this?  Because they tried it in ancient times too. 


Cities are artificial structures only really meant to go along with the system of money and commerce.  Those who run the commercial systems and run the money systems really run the cities.  Inside of a city you are dependent.  Itís the first place that they created that you were interdependent, in the city, because you couldnít grow your own food.  Everything you needed came IN from outside, from the rural areas and agricultural areas.  Everything inside the city depended upon money and the flow of money from hand to hand in exchange and so on.  They knew then too that when it got too big then aberrant behaviors broke out, amongst all classes in fact.  It really showed at the top much more quickly than it showed at the bottom.  The top ones got so into their parties in ancient Rome and Greece they simply forgot to breed basically.  They didnít want children, children got in the way of things. Not only that, they couldnít trust their children because their children were so detached from them eventually Ė this always happens in so-called advanced civilizations in cities Ė that the children will perhaps kill them and take over.  So that was a big fear of the elderly too in ancient times.  Sometimes the elderly would simply bump off their children.  Aberrant behavior breaks out in all its different facets. 


You know you can read some books which give you a clue as to why you are in such a mess today.  Iím not talking about just the economy.  Thatís all a big part of it because they could have kept the cities going, even industrial cities going for another 100 years if they wanted to, but it wasnít on the cards.  They wanted to move it all to China.  So technically you have working class peoples all left on welfare systems, doing part-time jobs, and the aberrant behavior increases due to tension and survival.  Jacques Ellul goes into some of this and he was a very good writer, philosopher, very obsessional in how heíd tear things apart sometimes, minutely, as though heís dissecting something, very precise.  In The Technological Society, which he wrote, he said this on page 321. 


Man was made to do his daily work with his muscles; but see him now, like a fly on flypaper, seated for eight hours, motionless at a desk. Fifteen minutes of exercise cannot make up for eight hours of absence. The human being was made to breathe the good air of nature, but what he breathes is an obscure compound of acids and coal tars. He was created for a living environment, but he dwells in a lunar world of stone, cement, asphalt, glass, cast iron, and steel. The trees wilt and blanch among sterile and blind stone facades. Cats and dogs disappear little by little from the city, going the way of the horse. (Alan:  Itís true enough, cities discourage all of that and thatís one of the signs you are going down the hill, when you become detached from those things youíve had around you for thousands of years.)  Only rats and men remain to populate a dead world. Man was created to have room to move about in, to gaze into far distances, to live in rooms which, even when they were tiny, opened out on fields. See him now, enclosed by the rules and architectural necessities imposed by overpopulation in a twelve-by-twelve closet opening out on an anonymous world of city streets. 


Every man is in this fix, not merely the proletariat, and nothing can be done about it. What was once abnormal has become the usual standard condition of things. Even so, the human being is ill at ease in this strange new environment; and the tension demanded of him weighs heavily on his life and being. He seeks to fleeĖand tumbles into the snare of dreams (A:  They do it with drugs and everything, trying to escape reality.); he tries to complyĖand falls into the life of organization; he feels maladjustedĖand becomes a hypochondriac.


But the new technological society has foresight and ability enough to anticipate these human reactions.  (A:  Heís telling you that you are guided, by higher powers, here.)  It has undertaken with the help of techniques of every kind to make supportable what was not previously so, and not indeed by modifying anything in manís environment, but by taking action upon man himself.  (A:  Psychology, massive psychology.)  Psychology is resorted to more and more; everybody knows how important morale is.  Man can support the harshest and most inhumane living conditions provided his morale holds.  Innumerable psychological examples and experiments confirm this. 


In a world where technique demands the utmost of men, this maximum cannot be attained, maintained, or surpassed Ė as sometimes is required Ė except by a will that is always steady and taut.  Man does not by nature posses such a will.  He is by no means naturally prepared for such a sublime condition, and if he sometimes does attain to it naturally, the exaltation endures only a few moments.  Yet it must be prolonged.  Psychological conditions must be created to enable the individual to give his utmost to war (or peace) and to resist prostration and discouragement in the face of the dreadful conditions of life into which technique has forced him. 


Now, technique is a very interesting term they use about all of science really.  Each science has its own particular area, and special branch, but all these techniques tie in to one technique.  Itís what some of them call even progress.  All these techniques and the technique of man, controlling man, move into an area of whatís deemed as progress.  Now, progress is something that people like HG Wells, who was a propagandist for the Fabian Society and the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations.  He talked about the future where they would go off into space ultimately, the BETTER types, the sons and daughters of those that were fittest to be chosen out of the herd and the herd would sort of die off.  He also wrote a book called A Modern Utopia, where he talks about a stage we are pretty well at today.  Where the eliteís coming out in force now talking about mandatory sterilization.  When they look at all the dysfunctional people within the cities, and these cities were only dysfunctional really for the last 20-odd years, 25 years, at the state they are now because they withdrew all the work from those cities.  What was left was drugs, the welfare state and so on.  Crime escalates and dysfunction breaks out of all kinds, especially when you pour the drugs into it. Thatís all part of it too.


PharmaÖ pharma is actually used by ILLEGAL drugs getting pumped in to those areas to keep them fairly quiet, although dysfunctional.  As long as they are beating up each other for drugs they are not beating up the rest of society; thatís how they see it at the top.  So in other words, they contain it, as they take us down.  HG Wells did mention in A Modern Utopia, that, he says, We werenít brutal about killing the people like some regimes; we allow them to be sterilized along the way, live a life and then die off. Then the whole gene pool, you see, of what they called Ďthe poverty geneí was gone. What they also mean by that too is that those that consisted of the working class are also gone.  They donít need them anymore.  Why do you need, in a global society, your own working class?  Öwhen you have already decided and written all the treaties to give all the work and factories to China?  You donít need your own working class. 


Interesting when they signed the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs, and all the other treaties, to do investment in foreign countries without impedance or hindrance of any kind, they had China in mind. They had China in mind, by the way, from the 1930s.  China in the 1930s was a third world country.  You can read the Royal Institute of International Affairs books, their organizationís books, published by the Rockefeller Foundation that talked about building China up to be the manufacturer of the planet.  This was before World War II.  They knew what they were going to do, which means they also had big think tanks working on what would be the fallout in all the countries back home.  There is nothing new happening today that surprises me at all because Iíve read all their books.  There is not one single media outlet on the planet that has ever published this kind of stuff as itís happening, and told the public where itís all going and why itís going this way.   Thatís not their job.  Their job is to keep you in a world where you think that everything is decided by the day and politicians just make the rules and regulations as they stumble along down through time.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Nothing. 


So they knew back then what happens.  Remember too, itís very similar to what happens when theyíve had a world war, and they studied world wars very well.  The demolished a lot of Germany by design in World War II in order to create the wasteland that they could then rebuild the new Germany out of.  That was all part of the plan.  That is a military plan and an economic plan.  They even had during World War II people who were bidding to build shopping malls in a post World War II Germany while it was still going on.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about the situation of being estranged really in society as we go through these massive changes.  Itís all known.  It was known long before they brought on the first parts of their major plans for the 21st century.  They were already preparing it and implemented it in the 20th century.  They have pretty well got it to where they want it today with the massive bureaucracies, social work departments, and all kinds of things to deal with the fallout in society.  Itís just incredible. 


They knew this an awful long time ago, what would happen, and it was always the plan.  I touched on Germany and how they flatted all the major cities and all the workersí places and so on to rebuild a new Germany.  That way youíre brought up in new buildings.  There are things there which you canít relate to, with your predecessors, your ancestors; itís all new.  And they like doing this.  They like having buildings up for 10-15 years and then knocking them down.  You canít really relate to any permanence of belonging.  Thatís a psychological trick to basically depress the people and make them feel estranged.  When you are estranged you are always looking for answers and the media and the press churn out lots and lots of new answers, or distractions, to keep you going. 


In The Scientific Outlook, Bertrand Russell, who was a big part of preparing the world agenda, and it was a world agenda back in his day too and he made no bones about that, as a world run by mathematics and logic, etc.  He talked about the effects on society and he says,


ďThe social effect of modern scientific technique is, in practically all directions, to demand an increase both in the size and intensity of organization. When I speak of the intensity of organization I mean the proportion of a manís activities that is governed by the fact of his belonging to some social unit. The primitive peasant may be almost entirely self-directed; he produces his own food, buys very little, and does not send his children to school. The modern man, even if he happens to be an agriculturist, produces only a small proportion of what he eats; if he grows wheat, for example, he probably sells the whole of his crop and buys his bread from the baker like any other man; even if he does not do this, he has to buy most of the rest of his feed. In his buying and selling he depends upon immense organizations which are usually international (A:  See, they are telling you back then.); his reading is provided by the great newspapers, his amusements by Hollywood, the education of his children by the State, his capital, in part at least, by a bank, his political opinions by his Party, his safety and many of his amenities by the Government to which he pays taxes. Thus in all his most important activities he has ceased to be a separate unit and has become dependent upon some social organization. (A:  So this is a society which makes you all DEPENDENT on it.  Thatís what they talk about, interdependence. When you are truly interdependent, you are utterly dependent for everything you need for personal survival.)  As scientific technique advances, the most profitable size for most organizations increases.  (A:  So the bigger the organization, the more say it has, the more power it has.)  In a great many respects national boundaries have become a technical absurdity, (A:  This is from an old book, you know.  But of course he worked for the globalist elitist group; he was one of them.) and further advance demands that they should be ignored. (A:  So national boundaries should be ignored he says.)  Unfortunately nationalism is immensely strong, and the increasing power of propaganda which scientific technique has put into the hands of national States is being used to strengthen this anarchic force. Until this state of affairs is amended, scientific technique will not be able to achieve the results of which it is capable in the way of promoting human welfare. 


Now, human welfare is a very different thing to Bertrand Russell than people who receive welfare at the bottom.  Youíve got to understand that.  These guys literally are part of a big organization.  He worked with the Macy Group, other internationals who were Trotskyites, because the Trotskyites worked very well with MI-6 and MI-5 and the CIA even.  In fact, the OSS Ė and out of it came MI-6 and the CIA Ė consisted mainly of Trotskyites the fled Europe just before World War II and they became the main spies because they spoke all the languages of Europe.  But they were completely into Marxist theology, and it is a theology.  They believed in the Trotskyite version as opposed to the Leninist version; that was the only difference. 


So there is nothing new under the sun as I say.  Internationalism was a big part of the elitistsí plan.  Now, the elitists got together in their organizations long, long ago.  They decided that they really were already internationalist.  They ruled their countries. They ruled the commerce of their countries.  Their offspring walked into the top governmental positions and foreign affairs or even in parts of the Empire; they ruled parts of the Empire on behalf of the Kings and Queens or government.  It was an ongoing thing.  They were already international.  They saw, even in the 1700s, and they wanted it to be an international goal for a global type governance.  Along the way they employed all the academics they could find and brought them on board to be their advisors and to form think tanks to find ways of really bringing down nationalism in all countries.  Of course the best way to do it, they thought, was to have world wars.  That came out of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Milner Group who said that wars were the fastest way to change all societies.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're back, Cutting Through The Matrix.  Now Iíve got a caller, Jim from Texas.  Are you there Jim?


Jim:  Alan, I wanted to ask you a couple of questions.  First one, I donít know if you can answer it but a couple of weeks ago you were talking about the diabolical nature of the elite and how ruthless they are.  We all know this.  But you said one of the reasons maybe guys like yourself and a few others are still alive is because you donít really go too far, in just how ruthless they are.  Right before the commercial break came on you said in fact itís against the law.† I was wondering if maybe you could expand on that just a tiny bit.


Alan:  Well, every country signed treaties with the United Nations, and theyíve also got it written in their national constitutions of one kind or another, that if you mention what had to be done theyíd have to immediately come and arrest you. 


Jim:  Oh, okay. 


Alan:  Thatís true.  In fact, if you were to try and incite people to violence even, they must also come and grab you and monitor you at least and stay with you.  I know a guy in Canada who did that; he mentioned something on television once about what was happening in Ottawa.  He said they should all grab something and take it to Ottawa and deal with these guys.  He had CSIS, thatís like the FBI, outside his door every morning, all night long too, and theyíd follow him to work and back.  He even got to know them; heíd bring them coffee.  He said too, one day I guess one of the guys had a hangover and he was giving him coffee and he was trying to teach them.  He said, Iíll teach these guys who they are really working for and maybe they will change their minds, these agents.  He says, these guys are ruthless at the top and these are the plans for you as well, once you have fulfilled your role; they wonít need you anymore either.  He says, the people will have to riot and do something about all these corrupt politicians that have sold the country down the river.  And the CSIS guys says, you donít understand; you see we want you to riot; we want you to riot; we want you to start something.  Youíve got to understand, on all sides of the Patriot Movement you are infiltrated; there is no doubt about it.  And when they want you to riot, believe you me, it will be when THEY want you to riot and they will be ready to deal with it.  They will have a whole spiel of stuff to put into papers to show the rest of the public who donít know whatís going on and who have never been involved in anything that there are DANGEROUS people living among you in order to get more restrictions through laws.  Thatís what they want. 


Jim:  Yeah and I can understand that. 


Alan:  Itís true.  I mean, one thing you do know, Iím sure you know this too, that all the talking and all the petitions over the last 50 years have done nothing. 


Jim:  Yeah.  I can understand how easily people that know you are a good person could easily fall into that excuse of, well there must have something wrong with him.


Alan:  Absolutely.


Jim:  Öif someone were to pick you up, because they want that personal excuse. 


Alan:  Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn gave us a good outline of how this worked in the Soviet Union, which would work in every area.  He said that when the KGB would come in the middle of the night and grab your neighbors, you had to get turned out to witness it Ė that was the law there Ė which also terrified YOU so that youíd never try the same thing.  The neighbors would eventually, in no time at all, after a few, maybe 6 months of watching this thing theyíd all go into the same mode and say, well they must have done something wrong.  So you are quite right.


Jim:  Iíve also noticed with Aleksandr and even when you read about the Khmer Rouge and every atrocity, when they are rounding people up, every book Iíve read on the subject, the first thought that people think is, wow, so they got the wrong guy; they canít be arresting me.† It seems the shock is overwhelming.


Alan:  Shock and disbelief, yeah, absolutely.  And yet when you look at how one of the top generals in the US came out, that was in charge of bringing in people for torture in Iraq, they said it was all run by quotas and so on.  They just went out into villages and grabbed whoever was walking around, brought them in and tortured them to please their bosses.  So it was being in the wrong place at the wrong time and thatís what she said. 


Jim:  Thatís right.  Weíve seen the documentaries on taxi cab drivers getting picked up and beaten to death; just anybody on the street.


Alan:  Thatís right.  You see the war, remember, the psychological war is mainly for the people who have never woken up and that is always the vast majority.  Itís a war of propaganda to make them think one thing or another.  And for those who are opposing it, unfortunately the people whoíve been trained from childhood to believe television and the authoritarian figures that they have grown up with, the official people, they will always generally believe the official version.  Thatís what the authorities count on. 


Jim:  That reminds me of one thing youíve been saying over and over again for years, and a few years ago I didnít really quite understand what you were getting at, but as things get crazier I can understand it.  You said, you know the hardest part as we go through this change is going to be maintaining your own sanity.


Alan:  Absolutely.


Jim:  Öas things get more and more ridiculous is being able to keep yourself sane and having people to talk to.  Because itís not even at the point now I think where itís really going to be just absurd in the coming years, where you are really going to have to check yourself.


Alan:  Yes.  You do because you areÖ  Itís so crazy, all the things that have happened since 9/11 and that really a martial law situation, agencies that have come to the top governing your lives for you, telling you you have no privacy in any area, almost gleefully even today, every day you read the newspaper, there is less and less rights to privacy; itís getting taken away all together, and we accept this.  Most folk hear it, they all know whatís being said but they immediately just ignore it and go off back into fantasy to escape from it.


Jim:  Thatís right.  The last thing I want to mention Alan is I really enjoyed, Iíve always enjoyed your books.  I really enjoyed the videos.  Thatís one thing I think people just tuning in want to really understand unless they check them out, especially Reality Check 2, and the old blurbs you give out for FREE.  Everybody I know whoís awake, those are some ofÖ thatís everybodyís favorites are the blurbs and there are hundreds of them on your site.  I was wondering if you had anyÖ I know you were working on a book a while ago.  I know you are busy man but I was wondering if you had anything in the works or plan on putting out any books; I know time is an issue. 


Alan:  Yeah, itís an awful issue, but Iíd like to really update everything because we are going through such rapid changes now.  I know where itís all going because Iíve read their books at the top.  Itís having to write down whatís happening, whatís going to happen, to an audience that canít imagine it yet, because they are still stuck in a present although changing reality.  Thatís the hardest part and you have to try to simplify it in such a way that they can read it.  Most people canít read much today at all without losing track of things.  They are visually orientated to watch video.  With video the other side can literally warp your mind with spins and so on that you canít check on. 


Jim:  Right.  Well for the new people, I know you offer the blurbs.  You can get I donít know how many, itís got to be 50 hours on each CD.  I donít know but itís a lot for one CD that you can get on the blurbs.  Itís kind of like getting a whole new education.  Youíve got to follow on, youíve got to do your own reading and read the source material and the books and all but I think for the people just tuning in, kind of wondering whatís going on, if they get a couple of CD with the blurbs, thatís really going to, you know, give them a free education there.  It would be worth their while. 


Alan:  As I say, itís much more.  Itís so importantÖ  Yeah, thanks for calling. 


It is so important and thatís true, to rather than just stick on the daily, what they are doing to us and what they plan to do to us tomorrow, like lab rats waiting for the guys in the white coats coming in.  We have to realize HOW we got to where we are, WHY they are managing it this way, why they even brought it ABOUT this way, because they are not stupid at the top.  Never, ever think they are stupid people at the top just, you know, passing strange wild ideas around.  These ideas are going through think tanks; they have gone through the RAND computers.  Everything to do with society, the direction itís going and how it works has already been done through many, many layers of think tanks and so on.


Alan:  Hello, Eddie, are you there from California?  Hello, Eddie?


Eddie:  So yeah, I mean WHAT can we do to get ourselves out of this mess that we are in?  I mean I try to wake people up all the time and you know, as far as living in the United States I know that Iím a 14th amendment debt slave and I can probably do something to get out of that. But as far as the huge picture of this, how do we get ourselves out of the mess we are in?  And Iíll take your answer offline.


Alan:  People look for the quick fix because we expect quick fixes.  Thatís our nature.  The problem is this has been going on for hundreds of years.  We donít realize this is an organized system in which we live thatís planned, directed.  Future wars are planned.  I remember even during the Viet Nam war there was a CIA guy that came out and talked about the wars that they had already planned for afterwards.  He never mentioned what they were, where they were.  But as they are working on one, thatís all you think they would be doing.  No.  They are working on the ones they would have afterwards.  Thatís how itís always been for the last few hundred years.  Therefore, since itís such a long-term event, a long-term planning, just pretty well along the way that HG Wells wrote in The Shape of Things to Come, THEN you have to realize it would take many, many years, as we are changing, and generations are changing, many years for the basic principles of individual freedom to maybe resurface again.  And Iím not kidding about that. 


Walking from the store to your work, or wherever, and back again is not freedom.  Freedom is the right to privacy, especially the privacy of your own mind.  When you have no privacy of your own mind itís all over.  George Orwell really tried to put that across very well in his book, 1984.  Where you are spied upon all the time and he even mentioned, by the way, that cameras detected your expressions.  We have these expression readers all over the place today at airports and so on.  Is the guy angry?  Is he upset? Is he nervous?  Why?  They knew, he knew what was coming because he was actually asked to come in to the big organizational think tanks that were working back in the 1940s, and 1930s.  So he did say an interesting thing in his book 1984. He says, eventually, the people, the proles might rebel or something.  And O'Brien, who tortured, the head honcho, he said, oh that wouldnít matter, the proles donít matter though.  The ordinary ones donít matter, meaning they are so out of any reality; theyíre reading the rag papers at the bottom basically.  But then he says, well maybe in a thousand years.  And it could take a thousand years to reverse it, only if the will to freedom is still alive in humanity.  And everything, unfortunately, that Iím reading to do with science is going full blast ahead to bring them into the complete INABILITY ever, ever  to want individual freedom again, including the Borg mentality, the chipping of humans, the interfacing of humans with computers.  They donít realize that for everything free given out there, there is a massive sacrifice that you must make.  When they come out and say, weíll help you with interfacing with the computer, someone else is programming that darn thing; someone will be programming your brain.  You donít know what else they are putting in there, or doing with it. 


If we get to that stage for people it will be over.  Itís over.  It will be over completely because itís not to enhance the abilities of humans that this is all coming about through science.  Itís to DOMINATE.  Make no mistakes on that because the big elitists at the top run the scientific projects; they finance them.  They run the governments that implement the laws.  We find many articles where they have talked about subduing the populace into this peaceful society while they say themselves, like Charles Galton Darwin said in his book, The Next Million Years.  He said, WE must remain wild.  WE are the leaders of the world.  WE mustnít alter ourselves.  But the general population wonít need their higher critical thinking abilities, their survival abilities, personal survival, he says, because the State will be making all their decisions for them.  Thatís the future that they have envisioned and thatís what they want to bring in.  There is not a day that goes by that I donít go get articles coming in on more and more and more of this interfacing.  All they are doing is getting us familiar now with the idea of it, as they step up the mantra towards interfacing, whereas in reality they could have done it years ago. 


I always remember Albert Pike and he says, we never start a premature revolution.  And these guys never do.  What they could do many years ago they didnít because it wasnít time.  There would have been rebellion.  You have to prepare the field before you plant the corn.  Thatís what they do with society.  We are under the greatest form of psychological tyranny the world has ever known.  Itís so beautiful and diabolical in its ability to mesmerize whole populations so that they donít even recognize that they ARE under it.  They are still playing.  They are still emulating what they see on television.  Everything today is emulation and outside the emulation you have the dysfunction, but itís all planned that way. 


People have to, really, concentrate first on themselves, and accumulate the knowledge.  And the knowledge too, self-knowledge, that you might never get a chance to pass it on to the youth.  Or, if you can get enough of an audience, get it out to the youth.  I have broken through to a lot who were on the path to self-destruction because they thought something was wrong with them.  It turns out they were the thinkers, the ones who hadnít been dumbed down enough at school and caught and drugged.  What they do when they realize that everything is wrong in the world, that there are big forces working, they go into drugs or alcohol and they start blaming themselves for not fitting in.  They canít fit in.  They think itís their own fault.  NO.  They canít fit in because the rest of society they are trying to fit into is a program of dysfunctionÖ to keep everyone pacified.  They donít have that.  They still have a bit of their wild ability for self-preservation working and they stop the drinking and they stop the drugs and then they become more active in trying to do something about it.  So thatís the key to it, is persistence, and not defeatism, and not jumping the gun either.  When the big boys want us to do something they will tell us to do something.  Donít do it then.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and we're back Cutting Through The Matrix and I think there is Jordan from Florida there.  Are you there Jordan?


Jordan:  I was wondering why you joined the Sufis?


Alan:  I joined the Sufis?


Jordan:  I was told you joined the Sufis, Arabic secret society.


Alan:  You were told I joined the Sufis?  By whom?  [Alan laughing.]


Jordan:  Well you took aÖ in other words, you took a trip to I believe India and they only let, you know, fellow Sufis take that trip.  So if you donít promote the Sufis then they kill you. 


Alan:  No.  I didnít join the Sufis.  If you go to India youíll meet hundreds of sects and cults.  What you will learn there is where every other religion has really came from because everything there is so darned ancient.  In fact itís a very interesting place on that.  A lot of the names in the Old Testament, in the stories, all come from India initially.  The problem is you will never get any further as to the source of who caused it all, how long ago, and who brought all these things into being.  But what the Sufis do know of course is the fact that Ė and all Indians know this, all Hindus know this Ė that history is far older, far, far older than mankind is taught in the West.  They claim in their Ė and you can believe it or not Ė they claim in their histories they go back millions of years with civilizations.  Thatís possible.  Itís iffy.  Itís a stance that you take on it if you want to.  But I think they are quite right.  We are far, far older and that knowledge is far older, especially the knowledge of controlling people and rising up of populations and civilizations and the decline of civilizations.  That ties in with what Plato talked about too, with Atlantis and his uncle Solon being told the same thing.  The Greeks only thought theyíd been around for a few hundred years as a superpower. They didnít even know how old they really were as a race.  So when you look into the ancient world of, say, the Stonehenges, which really are all across the planet, these round circles and so on, megalithic stones, in Peru, all these places, it tells me that there definitely was travel in ancient times.  ANCIENT times, before they give us civilization.  Prehistoric simply means before anything was written down.  So I think to be honest with you that there has been wisdom passed down between controllers for THOUSANDS of years.  Probably at the beginning through word of mouth, father to son, in the families, maybe even then into secret societies, no doubt, because power is something you donít share if you want to keep it, especially power over other peoples.  So I think thatís a distinct possibility, that we are far, far older than they say.  India is a very confusing place as well because there are so many sects with so many weird beliefs.  Even then I think a lot of the sects are fronts for other things because they will all have their own inner brotherhoods attached to them. 


Jordan:  Right.  I see.  The other caller was asking something tangible to do about the new world order and all that stuff.  How about the unplugging the computer at the local discontinuity, where all the Neanderthalers live?


Alan:  Iíd agree.  Here is there problem.  See, they bypass the older folk and go right to the young children.  They have already conditioned a generation, regardless of what the older folk are going to do.  The young folk are addicted to this stuff and they love it unfortunately.  Youíd have to start communicating again with the youth.  And parents donít know how to do that now; they are too darned busy and occupied with other things.  Thatís it.  Thanks for calling.


Jordan:  All right.


Alan:  Itís amazing the amount of stuff that goes around the internet, Iím a MI-6 spy, Iím this spy, Iím that spy and Iíve done all weird and wonderful things. 


Anyway, from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 





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