Sept. 13, 2010 (#662)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 13, 2010:

Hell is Repetition:
Socialism's Crimes Sign of the Times:

"Technology, Science and Adaptation,
Prompts Negate Your Hesitation,
Population Socialized, Happy, Tame,
Everyone Taught to be the Same,
Long-Term Planners Know the Goal,
Special Selection Defines Their Role,
"The People Problem" Requires Solution,
Idealist Elitism Provides Absolution
For Deeds Normally Seen as Crimes,
Excused as "Necessity" for Our Times,
Performed by Scientific Occupations,
To Cull and Neuter Populations,
For the People to Accept, They Must
Be Trained to Worship and to Trust
Those Who Bow Before Highest Steeple,
And Sow Seeds of Death by the Needle"
© Alan Watt Sept. 13, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 13, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September 13, 2010.  Sorry for the delay there but thereís a problem at RBNís side trying to get through to me.  They are getting a busy signal even though there is no one on the line.  So itís something in between I guess again.  We get all these problems now with the phones.  I get problems with the satellite and they put me on a choke.  So did Yahoo put me on a choke as well.  So these are the days of freedom, obviously, as they just go ahead with their plans and start cutting off those that they donít really want to say anything to the general public. 


So this is September the 13th and tonight Iím not going to read much of the stories because Iím so sick of stories.  Everyone has got a computer.  Youíll find the same stories are being recirculated across the net and where do they come from?  It comes from the mainstream pages of the news companies and everyone copies them, and goes ooh and aah and passes them around and then they go tut, tut, tut and stuff like that.  Then itís forgotten tomorrow because thereís another bunch of new things you wonít like either as well.  Rather than do that I prefer really just to go into the system itself and thatís the key to it all.  You know years ago, many years ago when the Council on Foreign Relations in its own magazine Ė the magazine which is called Foreign Affairs Magazine, published an article where they said that they Ė you know, THEY, THEM, the big they/them Ė had decided that they wouldnít take the American Constitution head on.  It was too much of a hassle to fight it through the courts to change it so they would just go around it basically.  And thatís whatís happened in pretty well every country, not just the US.  Weíve found a new system, a parallel government of course that created this parallel system, to go around all existing laws.  Now when really you are under a system which can make up a newÖ or not even a law, a policy you might say Ė because they donít bother so much with laws now, they call them policies; itís our policy for this, itís our policy to do that Ė then you are under a lawless system.  That is supposedly what constitutions were meant to stop.  If you are not under the rule of law which has to go through a lawful process to be changed, then you are under a tyranny obviously.  Again, Jefferson did talk about that.  He said the same thing, that when you see the changes of the house, meaning the parties, but you see the same agenda continue, one after the other, then you know you are under tyranny.  And thatís of course how itís really been for an awful long time. 


The Constitution in the US gave too many rights to the people, they claim.  It was too cumbersome. They had to really go through so many processes and checks and balances to take rights away that they couldnít just do it the old fashioned way.  Too time consuming, too expensive, so they just literally ignored it, went around it, and they are continuing with new policies basically.  Plus they sign UN treaties and they write those treaties into law in every national country.  Not that we really have any nations anymore; itís a bit of a fallacy.  We are already global.  WE ARE global.  Theyíve done it a while ago in fact.  You can look at the mess of Europe.  It was comprised of small countries and some larger ones too and here they are getting dictates from a tiny little place called Belgium, in Brussels where the capital is, in their big building, the new parliament building.  It becomes more and more remote.  You see under a global system you are as well as having your main parliament for the world in Timbuktu.  The same with the European Union parliament, it could be in Timbuktu itís so remote already that the people canít really put it in their heads.  Itís not on their land.  Itís not in their land.  Itís somewhere way over yonder, you know, the places you normally fight wars and stuff like that.  So itís too remote and there is no recourse to it because itís not set up to be what you think of as a representative type of parliament.  Itís not representative at all.  Itís authoritarian.  Most folk havenít really got it through their heads yet that we have been under an authoritarian system for quite a long time. 


Definitely before even 9/11 came along, we had the anti-terrorism bills put forth through Canada, Britain, across a lot European countries.  We had them put through the US too under Clinton.  And bingo, 9/11 comes along and then they went to town with the Homeland Security bills and so on.  They did the same thing across the WHOLE WORLD.  Since when does a whole world go through the same process, the same laws, treaties and so on that theyíve all signed together to enforce each otherís new terrorism laws at the same time?  That took YEARS and YEARS and YEARS of planning, negotiations, coordination between different countries and bureaucrats to get that even ready.  Most folk again think we are living day by day, things happen and politicians deal with it. There is nothing of the kind.  Nothing.  Nothing of the kind. 


Itís the same with financial crashes and all the rest of it.  When you get your crashÖ remember a crash is nothing.  Itís when someone tells you to lose confidence in the stock market and then everyone panics and pulls out.  Itís the first law of economics, you do not tell the customers bad news, because itís all based on greed and the hope to get lots of profits.  You donít tell them bad news and thatís the first law.  Everybody whoís an economist has been taught that in university; donít say bad news to customers because you must keep faith.  The only thing that keeps it going is faith.  And itís all bubbles anyway, and rip-offs and cons.  And who did they get to announce it to the people?  The President of the United States; you couldnít get any higher than that to announce it to the public that thereís a coming depression that could be worse than the Great Depression.  And bingo, everybody pulls their money out of the stock market and they got what they wanted.  That was planned.  That was obviously planned.  They could have kept the same racket going, because thatís all it is, itís a racket, for another 20 or 30 years IF they wanted to.  But now itís time to bring us down to austerity you see.  Plus you must raise up the IMF (International Monetary Fund) to its proper position, the position it was meant to take after World War II, and The World Bank of course as well. 


The whole world has been restructured for the new global society.  They donít have any problems really with the people in the countries theyíve already conquered, in the Western countries.  They are dumbed down.  They are deculturalized.  They have no history to speak of under their belts because itís not really taught in school.  John Dewey was one of many of them who were put across Europe and the US to bring in this new schooling system for the new soviet type regime, where students will be taught exactly what they were meant to be taught and they will believe what they are meant to believe for life; itís scientific indoctrination.  It has worked very well.  Then they went to town giving you a rapid cultural change to destroy ALL the things that kept your old society together; that was man, wife, family and so on.  They replaced it with social workers and social work departments and many, many other things.  Again, the HUB of all of this is the United Nations because that was their job.  They set up the United Nations.  They of course were the Royal Institute of International Affairs, who was set up by international bankers, in London, like Lord Milner.  They set it up to do exactly as itís doing.  Itís the hub.  Itís the hub to make sure everything is coordinated across the planet at the right time together to bring us all under this new system.  All we are doing at the moment in the Middle East and in other countries is to standardize them into the same system.  You cannot have competing systems or even parallel systems outside of their parallel system in this agenda and that goes for religions as well, well for most.  Everything that is still in existence even IN religion is almost unrecognizable to what it was 100 years ago.  Everything has changed within those religions and those in the religions donít even know it themselves.  They have adapted and adapted and adapted and adapted too, as technology is pushed forward and as events are forced upon them, and I mean forced.  They are all being trained into a world of no privacy, etc, etc, etc.  Thatís where we are today. 


Most folk donít mind.  I mentioned that last week.  Most folk like socialism.  They have been raised to think that way.  Even if they donít know what socialism means, they ARE socialist.  They truly believe that there are people with, you know, who are born with suits and ties, very expensive suits and ties, from special wombs, who are put there to deal with all the big problems of the world for them so that they can work their few days per week and play themselves.  Thatís perpetual childhood of course.  But lots of them truly like it.  Even a lot of them that pretend they are in the patriot business are really playing at conspiracy theory Ė because there is big money to be made in conspiracy theory, you see.  Itís endless; how far can your imagination go?  As far as you want. 


So as time goes on it gets harder and harder for people to even remember what they are fighting for, because they are also adapting into the changes along with the people that they are trying to warn, consistently being updated.  Itís the old story too.  I get so many emails and I have down through the years, is, when does it all finally happenÖ like some great Armageddon.  They are always waiting for some great massive change to happen at once that changes everything.  Well, you donít need a great Armageddon.  You have been living through it your entire lives Ė thatís the key to it Ė and adapting to the changes.  We are the most adaptable species on the planet.  Now Skinner, behaviorists, all these characters, were highly paid to do this kind of stuff on humans, on society. They were paid by governments and military establishments to find better ways to indoctrinate us, manage us, and manipulate us, without us even knowing or caring.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about how people see whatís happening, how they comprehend whatís happening and how they perceive the changes themselves.  Most of them see little bits of changes.  They talk about them but then they forget about them.  They donít realize that all of these changes accumulate to the big change that they are talking about.  Itís already happened.  They keep adapting and adapting. 


Years ago people in the Patriot movement always thought there would be one final battle of good guys and bad guys one day, on a kind of field of battle with flags and all that kind of stuff.  Thatís kind of how they pictured it because Hollywood has given you that impression of good guys and bad guys and the good guys, for some reason, I donít know why, but they always win in the movies, you see.  Itís wish fulfillment, a fantasy.  Thatís why they give you that.  Thereís no reason why the bad guys canít win, especially if they have more firepower and so on than you do.  So it isnít going to be like that.  If that ever happens it will be because people are starving and that will be the only reason that they start fighting anyway, and then probably start fighting each other, for food and basic necessities for survival.  Thatís the tragedy of it too. 


The world was taken over a long, long time ago.  It has little bumps in history where you will see an elite emerging and itís almost like they submerge.  Once they have done it for a little while, then come up again under another name and they do it across the whole world.  See, we only get the English versions of history and in the English language.  We donít realize itís happened in all the countries of Europe.  If you go down through their histories too, of these little parallel groups, these special elitist types who are incredibly wealthy, and who have the ability to do incredible planning and micro-management of societies.  Then they disappear again and another bunch comes up.  Itís really the continuation of the same thing, world wide, by one organization.  They used to call it Ďthe underground stream.í  They are the stream of knowledge.  They have the knowledge of the ages, they call it; the wisdom.  They are talking about REAL knowledge of REAL histories, and real sciences too, well funded.† If you want power and you achieve power, you never give it away unless you are crazy, you see.  That happened an awful long time ago with various groups who competed openly at one time for the throne basically, and eventually one was successful. 


So we really have been under a system, apart from the banking system of debt and national debt and all the rest of it, for an awful long time.  As I say, if you want to understand economics and from the bankersí point of view, you must remember that YOU and everyone around you happens to be an economic unit.  Thatís how they define you.  Thatís the only purpose you have, is to produce and pay taxes and so on.  You have no other function.  They donít like to look at you as just a pet that they become fond of.  No.  Thatís all you are really is an economic producer. 


Today, now that they have really conquered the planet I would say, they are now taking in most of the profit.  They are cutting off the health care around the world that they set up.  And they did set it up too, to get the money rolling, to give more government agencies more power, and then they take the actual real care away from you but keep the agencies there.  So I would say that even with the things that Lenin talked about to do with this group have been accomplished.  Itís all been accomplished and itís worked to plan.  We donít realize either that the Macy group and other groups were combined during World War II and afterwards to work, under the directions of the US President and the British Prime Minister to find ways to manipulate whole societies.  That was their job, paid millions of dollars to do it, in salaries literally, each, to find ways to control all of society without society even being aware that they were even being controlled at all. 


Iíve gone over the nudge process of Sunstein and others to do with computers.  Iíve talked to programmers of computers who also find ways to nudge people into the next page.  You get this example every day on a page that you look up on the internet.  It will say, most folk who read this also read that.  See, they are already guiding you where you are supposed to go next.  Before we had the computer they were already nudging us in many, many other ways, on how to think, what to think.  And the big mainstream media was one of the big players, naturally, and the other one of course was television and before that it was radio. 


We donít realize how many BIG important people spent their whole lives, and they are lifelong workers until they die, like Bertrand Russell, Lord Bertrand Russell who worked with the Macy group, who helped formulate the computer language as far back as the 1940s or before, and he was working on mathematics and the language of mathematics around even the 1930s, FOR something to come, which he KNEW would come.  This is the key to it all.  They knew; they know whatís coming.  They not only know whatís coming, they know it CAN be done which makes me think they already had done this kind of stuff.  The technology had already been done back then; thatís what I truly think.  Because you canít set up these plans and get all these people working towards ONE agenda if the very item, or the very creation that you hope to come along doesnít come along at all.  It would all fall apart.  These guys knew.  These guys knew in the 30s you were going to get something called a computer and they had already created the language for it.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and we're back, Cutting Through The Matrix.  Bertrand Russell was quite an interesting guy.  He was all over the map, all over the world.  He was sent to China by Britain to help teach communism in the universities before they were communist.  He ended up working for MI-5 during World War II, along with other authors because most of the authors that were well known were all working for MI-5.  Iíve documented this stuff and even read from some of the declassified information given out by governments since about the 1970s.  They havenít given us the 70s onwards but they have given us some of this stuff up until the 70s.  Every major author of novels, fiction, and nonfiction and so on were all members of MI-5 Ė quite something eh Ė and the CIA for the US.  And the CIA was overseeing all of it and funding it actually because they got a bigger tax base.  So they get around, these controllers, and they know where they are going.  Again, they all belong to the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations.  Thatís another thing as well. 


In The Impact of Science on Society, Russell talks about the rapidity of change, something that HG Wells talked about 20 years before this book; itís about the 1950s I think.  They knew that there would be a backlash from society if they changed things too quickly. So theyíd have to slow it down to an extent, take the pulse of the people.  They did it by polls back then and today they donít have to because they monitor the internet and what you are thinking, what you are looking at and so on, how you are chatting.  They know exactly if you are ready for the next little push you see.  He says here on page 122Ö


Rapidity of change, however, is only one of the causes of psychological discontent.  (Alan:  See the old problem of keeping peoples kind of happy even if they are slaves is to keep them fairly contented.)  Another, perhaps more potent, is the increasing subordination of individuals to organizations, which, so far, has seemed to be an unavoidable feature of a scientific society.  (A:  Itís like all these gated communities and you have your various panels and committees that run your streets and your little area and then you canít paint your house a certain color, or the door, or they fine you and all this kind of stuff.  So you are already in a sovietized system.  Whether you pay for it or whether you rent it, it makes no difference.  Itís all the same thing.  You have committees running your lives.  You have social work departments running your children and teachers basically pushing that little Johnny get put on drugs because heís asking too many questions at school.  You have associations really running your life.  Then he goes on to talk about factories and how factories work and so on.  He saysÖ) There is no possibility, in working hours, of either adventure or idleness.  And even outside working hours, the opportunities are few for most people.  Getting from home to work and from work to home takes time; at the end of the day there is neither time nor money for anything very exciting.  (A:  So what do folk do today?  They zonk out in front of the television with their mouths openÖ and just flick the channel.  They donít talk to each other because, again, one of the definitions of technique and science is something placed in the environment that alters human behavior.  Remember that.  So folk donít talk; they sit there and stare at something, and they respond to laughter prompts or crying prompts, or whatever, but itís all prompts, like canned laughter.)  And what is true of workers in a factory is true, in a greater or lesser degree, for most people in a well-organized modern community.  Most people, when they are no longer quite young, find themselves in a groove Ė like the man in a limerick, Ďnot a bus, not a bus, but a tram.í  Energetic people become rebellious, quiet people become apathetic.  (A:  Remember, he promoted apathy as well in order to get the changes through, and that has happened too in society.  Part of the bringing on the financial depression now too, and the joblessness, and the homelessness, is to create apathy.  When you are apathetic, you are out of the fighting.  You give up psychologically, so itís part of psychological warfare.)  War, if it comes, offers an escape.  (A:  And thatís true too.  You can become so apathetic, you see no future for yourself at all, you are a nobody, but of course in comes the guys who recruit you and you can suddenly be a somebody.   OOOH, yeah, go off and killÖ for the same guys that are destroying YOU.) I should like a Gallup Poll on the question, ĎAre you more or less happy now than during the war?í  This question should be addressed to both men and women.  I think it would be found that a very considerable percentage are less happy now than then. 


This state of affairs presents a psychological problem which is too little considered by statesmen.  It is hopeless to construct schemes for preserving peace if most people would rather not preserve it.  As they do not admit it, and perhaps do not know, that they would prefer war, their unconscious will lead them to prefer specious schemes that are not likely to achieve their ostensible purpose.  (A:  Now, he and the whole bunch of course, that brought up this wonderful sovietized, communistic, altruistic United Nations really believed that the general populations caused wars.  Remember, he is Lord Bertrand Russell.  His kin and all the rest of it were the guys who declared wars, in countries where the general population didnít even know existed.  So thatís how they turn around like good psychopaths, and they blame the public for wars, because they canít stand scientific culture, scientific societies, and because they are crammed together and ruled by organizations.  They canít handle it; therefore they want war as a form of escape. This is what heís trying to say.  They blame the victim, these psychopathic creeps.)


A society is not stable unless it is on the whole satisfactory to the holders of power and the holders of power are not exposed to the risk of successful revolution.  But it is also not stable if the holders of power embark upon rash adventures, such as those of the Kaiser and Hitler.  These are the Scylla and Charybdis of the psychological problem, and to steer between them is not easy.  Adventure yes; but not adventure inspired by destructive passions.  (A:  So thatís what he goes on to say.)


As I say, they canít stand the fact that ordinary folk are not dumbed down enough and compliant, and they are happy living in their cages, their overcrowded cages which they now call cities.  Now these characters like Russell himself and his family prospered off the cities because they pushed the construction of the manufacturing cities, and thatís how a lot of them made their money.  A lot of them in fact got knighted at that time because they raked in millions of pounds.  Thatís one of the reasons you get knighted, if you donít give a direct payment. 


There is another book here and itís called Between Two Ages, by Zbigniew Brzezinski. 


Eventually these changes and many others, including some that more directly affect the personality and quality of the human being himself will make the technotronic society, (A:  This is the society we are in now, technotronicÖ) as different from the industrial, as the industrial was from the agrarian.  And just as the shift from the agrarian economy and feudal politics towards an industrial society and political systems based on the individualís emotional identification with the nation state gave rise to contemporary international politics, so the appearance of the technotronic society reflects the onset of a new relationship between man and his expanded global reality.  This new relationship is a tense one.  Man has still to define it conceptually and thereby render it comprehensible to himself.  Our expanded global reality is simultaneously fragmenting and thrusting itself upon us.  The result of the coincident explosion and implosion is not only insecurity and tension, but also an entirely novel perception of what many still call international affairs.  Life seems to lack cohesion as environment rapidity alters and human beings become increasingly manipulable and malleable.  (A:  So we are becoming Ďmanipulable and malleable.í  We ARE already.  That part is over.)  Everything seems more transitory and temporary: external reality more fluid than solid, the human being more synthetic than authentic.  (A:  And people are, they copy everything they see on television.  They dress like television. They talkÖ yeah; they actually talk like the guys on television.  They use the phrases; even adopt the accent from Hollywood.)  Even our senses perceive an entirely novel ďrealityĒ Ė one of our own making but nevertheless, in terms of our sensations, quite ďrealĒ.


More important, there is already widespread concern about the possibility of biological and chemical tampering with what has until now been considered the immutable essence of man.  Human conduct, some argue, can be predetermined and subjected to deliberate control.  Man is increasingly acquiring the capacity to determine the sex of his children, to affect through drugs the extent of their intelligence, and to modify and control their personalities.  (A:  Now, what politician and group and power group is going to give that one up?   Öwhen theyíve got the chance to modify and control personalities of an up-and-coming future generation?  Of course they are right in; they are already in to it.  AlreadyÖ)  Speaking of a future at most only decades away, an experimenter in intelligence control asserted, ďI foresee the time when we shall have the means and therefore, inevitably, the temptation to manipulate the behavior and intellectual functioning of all the people through environmental and biochemical manipulation of the brain.  (A:  And thatís the track, that IS the track they have been working on before this was written.  And of course, as I say, this author, Brzezinski, knew that at the time.)


Thereís and open question whether technology and science will in fact increase the options open to the individual.  Under the headline, ďStudy Terms Technology a Boon to Individualism,Ē the New York Times reported the preliminary conclusions of a Harvard project on the social significance of science.  Its participants were quoted as per concluding that most Americans have a greater range of personal choice, wider experience, and a more highly developed sense of self worth than ever before.  This may be so, but a judgment of this sort rests essentially on our intuitive and comparative insight into the present and past states of minds of Americans.  In this connection a word of warning from an acute observer is highly relevant; it behooves us to examine carefully the degree of validity as measured by actual behavior of the statement that a benefit of technology will be to increase the number of options and alternatives the individual can choose from.  In principle it could.  In fact, the individual may use any number of psychological devised to avoid the discomfort of information overload and thereby keep the range of alternatives to which he responds much narrower than that which technology in principle makes available to him.  (A:  See, they were already wondering, before they gave you the internet, how the information overload, which they would give you, because they knew what it would do to you, but how you would react to it and if you would find waysÖ  They had think tanks working on this Ė how will they act if we do this.  Like we are rats in the cages, how will the rats act if we do this to them, how will they act if we do that to them.  They would work out all these things way ahead of even giving you the darn thing that was going to cause it in the first place.  Will you find ways to close your mind to it, to stay off the internet?  Because they had it planned before we even heard of it, they had it planned that it was going to rule your lives.  That banking, everything, and government would talk directly to YOU through that little screen there in front of you.  That was planned way back then, long before the 70s when this book was written.)  In other words, the real questions are how the individual will exploit the options, to what extent will he be intellectually and psychologically prepared to exploit them, and in what way as society as a whole will create a favorable setting for taking advantage of these options.  The availability is not of itself proof a greater sense of freedom or self worth.  Instead of accepting himself as a spontaneous given, man in the most advanced societies may become more concerned with conscious self analysis according to external explicit criteria.  Such as what is his IQ, (A:  That was one of the first things they put on the internet for you to play with, right.)  what are my attitudes, personality traits, capabilities, attractions and negative features?  (A:  They also got your gene types there too, if you want to go and find it.  So in other words, they planned all this stuff way before they gave you the first crappy little computer which they knew was a crappy little computer because they could have given you what you are using right now back then, if they wanted to.  But see, we would have been a bit suspicious, where did this suddenly all come from?  And youíd be a bit more suspicious to realize, like a sudden shock effect, that it gathers all your data right off the bat.  So they work you into it with crappy computers and a little bit better a year or two later, and a bit better and so on.  And you adapt like any animal will.  And thatís how we are treated.  Itís very simply Pavlovian techniques basically.  He goes on to talk about identity.  Will people lose their identity?  Because this whole article really is about individualism versus the social group, and would you become a part of social groups, you see.  He saysÖ)


Julian Huxley was perhaps only guilty of slight exaggerations when he warned that overcrowding in animals leads to distorted, neurotic and down right pathological behavior.  Can we be sure that the same is true in principle of people?  City life today is definitely leading to mental disease, (A:  RightÖ they know this.  They have always known this.  City life today is definitely leading to mass mental diseaseÖ) to growing vandalism and possible eruptions of mass violence.  (A:  Thatís why they started creating the internal police forces which are really militarized forces with their SWAT uniforms and so on, back then.  They brought in the War on Drugs; that was all part of the real reason, to create this mass of special cops and armies inside your countries.  That was what it was for because they knew, as the plan was to cram more and more of you into these cities Ė it still is actually.  They have even passed a bill recently in the United States senate or the congress to even really speed up the process of getting folk off the land and into these over crowded cities, and theyíve already got the armies set up to deal with them once they are in there and they all go neurotic.)


So there is nothing new under the sun.  Youíll find that these studies have been ongoing for so long.  And we are not given most of it until they publish it after the fact, years later, and pretend that theyíve just figured this out now.  This is old, old stuff.  Weíve all to get crammed into these overcrowded cities and they have means of dealing with it all.  They have all these social work departments to deal with all the people let out of prisons.  They end up in prisons for all kinds of weird things, some are simple, some are out of poverty, and the rest are out of perversions of many, many kinds, which proliferate in cities.  Then you have the culture industry which is also promoting all the things which make you kind of pathological.  Itís like monkey see, monkey do; people copy what they see and think no more about it. 


So there is nothing happening in todayís society Ė thatís what Iím trying to say Ė that wasnít planned long before you were born.  With even the think tanks going over the responses of the general public to different parts of the agenda that they had planned.  When they set up the United Nations they also talked about setting up super regions and then super city-states, and again, depopulating the rural areas which they claimed even then would be unsustainable.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just tying a few things together to show you there is much more to this whole new world order than most folk think; it isnít just a matter of a few bad guys.  We are talking about hundreds of agencies, think tanks, and incredible funding from the worldís bankers and foundations, who also own the banks basically, and the NGOs, the organizations which rule over you. 


There is a caller from Arizona.  Itís Mike.  Are you there Mike?


Mike:  Hi Alan.† I just wanted to start off real fast, Iíd like to encourage all of the listeners to buy your books and donate.  Iíve gotten the books and theyíve been extremely helpful to myself.  I do have one question for you.  Iíve always been a little bit of a cultural outsider, but especially since delving into this and learning whatís really going on, I feel that I am completely disconnected from my own culture, living in the United States.  Do you have any suggestions for us who might feel alienated to help keep our own sanity, so we donít sound like nut cases, or even possibly start to question our own selves?


Alan:  Eventually you will find that you donít even want to belong to any kind of groupÖ unless they have come the same journey and found things out by themselves, to the same level.  See, the key to anything is you have followers and you have leaders and then you have the individual.  The individual goes on his own search and he will find and rationalize and work out things for himself, to know what reality is.  Then they will have lots of followers who will follow that person but they themselves understand on an intellectual level what the person is saying at the top but they havenít actually completely experienced those things or actually come through and really experienced the truths of what the person is teaching them.  So you have to learn to live in your own head to an extent. And itís not easy.  You have to be polite to peopleÖ and they are very decent people.  You know that yourself; the people around you are decent people, they are polite and good and all the rest of it.  But they are really in to what we call the world, or the world that has been presented to them at this moment.  And they like a lot of it.  They like a lot of whatís being given to them, even though itís kind of like addicting you to a poison thatís eventually going to kill you. 


Mike:  Okay.  I was wondering, because I know some people kind of look at me strangely because Iíll start stepping through various, just small things, that they can agree that Iím correct on, but I try to lead them to larger conclusions and they will mentally shut down on me. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  They will shut down.  I donít know if you saw the movie, it was Brave New World.  Youíll find itís like the savage whoís brought into this very advanced society and heís telling them what values are.  And these people literally, were very polite and listened to him politely, they thought how quaint and smiled, but they couldnít get what he was actually saying.  They were so transformed into a different lifestyle, a different mindset and they could never ever adjust to his mindset.  Thatís where you are today with your own values and so on because you have gone through that search.  You can see the people adapting en mass.  Even people you know are adapting into the new system en mass, deeper and deeper into it.  In fact if there would ever be a complaint it would be if a lot of the internet rights were pulled away from them.  Thatís the only time they would complain.  You know, in Canada the only time there was a mass bombardment of Ottawa, the parliament, with letters and complaints, the only time that ever happened was when they deregulated the television cable industry and were going to sock it to different peoples, especially the elderly, and theyíd have to pay a lot more for their television.  That was the only thing that they ever stood up for together was, donít take our TV away.  And itís the same thing with the net.  So you canít have your cake and eat it too.  You either become an individual or yeah, go into the mass, be one of them and lose your identity or your ability to even have an identity, completely.  Youíll be a very nice person but you will be very dumbed down; you will be worse than most animals.  And thatís the truth. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




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