Sept. 14, 2010 (#663)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


"Cyber Telephone Wars?"


Sorry for the repeat of last night's show (on RBN).
RBN was unable to reach me again, so I called them as I have been doing for the last week with same problem.
Got the bumper music each time, then it would go back to the ringing sound.
Eventually board-op e-mailed another number and I was able to get through to them successfully for last few minutes.
Hopefully the problem will be resolved soon.


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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September 14, 2010Ö and I just got on live, believe it or not.  For about a week now RBN had been unable to, I donít know why, get through to me.  Iím getting calls from the States without problems from other people every day but itís not coming through.  So I generally, what Iíve been doing it the last week or so is phoning the station.  Thatís what I did tonight.  At about 3 minutes past 8, I realized I couldnít get through again so I phoned the station and I kept hearing the bumper music and then it went back to the ringing sound.  I did that about 10 times, 15 times or so and Iím only getting on just now.  So I donít know what on earth is going on.  Itís the oddest thing.  And itís not my end so I donít know whatís going on.  As I say, I hear the bumper music and then it goes back to a ring.  Itís one of these mysteries, plus itís costing me a fortune to phone RBN from Canada, every day.  So believe you me, if you have donations at all to give anywhere, please send them to me.  Iím not getting paid by advertisers, as you well know.  You can go into web site and hopefully buy the books and so on that I have for sale.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  But these are the big mysteries that have been happening.  Before this happened there was a problem where we would keep getting cut off at 8:30.  It turned out to be, what we were told, was some exchange in Canada that wasnít automatically recycling into its next cycle or something and it was cutting us off EXACTLY at about 8:29 every night.  This went on for a month.  Then that was cleared up and now this has started.  So who knows?  Itís maybe the cyber boys playing their games, or whatever, but the oddest thing is that I do seem to be getting to phone IN to RBN and hear the music and then it goes back to the ringing sound again, when I call.  I canít explain that at all. 


So here I am, towards the end of the show and Iím sorry you had to listen to a repeat from, I think, last night.  Hopefully it will be cleared up by tomorrow.  This is the weirdest situation imaginable, to have this happening for a week now.  I had a whole bunch of things to say tonight but there is no real point to do it at the end of the show.  Thatís just the way it goes.  Tomorrow hopefully we can make up for that by giving a better show.  Itís a pity because, as I say, I have a bunch of stuff ready to go. 


There is cyber warfare going on.  We do know that.  Iíve read the articles openly and there is one that came out recently where they are really stepping it up at home.  I guess if you are not authorized to be out there you will come under attack.  That will be the telling point of whoís who down the road Iím sure.  And if you are really hurting them in some way or another, or you are waking people up, in the RIGHT fashion, then you become a threat.  Weíve all been told that we are a threat nowadays if you are speaking out against what they call the new world order.  Kissinger himself explained that abroad, in fact, in Europe, when he was asked what the definition of terrorism was in the US, he said anyone who opposes this new world order.  He meant globalism with all of its socialist, Sovietized ramifications.  They are certainly annoying a lot of people now with phone tapping, disrupting their phones, dropping their lines, and that kind of stuff.  I guess weíll just have to get used to it until it becomes impossible for some of us to continue.  That might me the ultimate aim of course that they have in mind.  I already have chokes by Yahoo; Iíve got a little box on my site with a letter from Yahoo telling me that theyíve put a choke on my uploads, to try and dissuade me from uploading on a site which Iím paying for which is supposedly unlimited bandwidth.  Iím getting the same thing from Xplornet Services for satellite.  Iím paying for high speed; Iíve never got it.  They also have me on a choke that restricts my upload speed too, so youíre up half the night uploading.  Thatís how they try to put you off, folks.  Anyway weíll see what happens tomorrow night.  Hopefully it can get resolved somehow and Iíll talk to you again, about something maybe interesting and different from the usual that we hear on Patriot Radio. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




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