Sept. 15, 2010 (#664)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 15, 2010:

Digitally Blind and Losing the Mind:
A World of Upgrading "Peace-Keeping",
Means We're Conquered and a-Sleeping:

"Cyber Warfare and Pilotless Drones,
Hard Discs Frying, Interference on Phones,
There's Covert Warfare, Digital Stealth,
With Unlimited Abuse of Public's Wealth,
Students of History will Always Find
The Eternal War Waged On the Mind,
For the Physical Body to Fight and Batter,
It Needs Signals from Old Grey Matter,
Surfers are Addicted to Living in Fiction,
Text Messages Show Decline in Diction,
The Final War to Control All Thought,
With Elect-Trick Toys Cheaply Bought,
Controlled by Masters of Neuroscience,
So Unplug and Live in Self-Reliance"
© Alan Watt Sept. 15, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 15, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September 15, 2010.  I finally got back on again.  For the newcomers to the show, look into web site and youíll find hundreds of audios for download, hundreds of them that Iíve put up there over the years and you can help yourself to them; itís free.  While you are at it too, remember that you support me; you are the audience.  I generally go in different directions than most of the hosts on all the stations.  Mind you, whatever is said on this particular show is copied by so many too, because itís a much bigger picture that I give out than the navel gazing thatís been the standard delivery of even Patriot Radio for many, many years.  Weíve got to understand we are in a global war and thatís what I try to show you and to show you the groups and organizations that all work together to bring this about.  Go into my web site and you will see the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale too, or you can donate.  Thatís what helps me just trickle over so purchase them.  [Order and donation options listed above.] 


Youíve noticed for the last quite some time now weíve had problems with the phones.  Before all that happened I was getting cut off at about 29 minutes past 8 every night.  RBNís staff managed to trace it through their phone company to an exchange in Canada.  What they were told was that various computers communicate to each other in the exchange services and this one just happened to be kind of faulty, but it seems to be only with my number.  Isnít that amazing?  Because otherwise youíd have millions of Canadians being cut off at the same time and they would catch on to that pretty quickly.  Then from last week I was waiting for the phone call as usual to get on the show and nothing was happening.  Eventually Iíd phone into the show and Iíd get on at maybe 10 past 8.  That was fine.  I did that for quite a few nights.  That worked.  Then suddenly I wasnít getting through.  Now the odd thing is, RBN, when they were phoning me can hear my phone ringing but I canít.  And when I phone them, like last night, I can hear their phone ringing but they canít.  So there is big cyber war games afoot you see.  It doesnít surprise me because Iíve had my phone tapped so many times before.  In the old days it was obvious with the older equipment, with the click sounds and the noises that they would make all the time.  Today itís fairly silent.  Believe you me, Iíve read the articles on the air, in mainstream articles too, where the Pentagon has admitted theyíve got cyber teams and now they are going to work on various people they consider dissident to the agenda of the Pentagon.  I wouldnít say the US because the average US person doesnít know what on earth is going on with their own government.  So they are working and they are actually using these teams.  I know people whoíve had their computers fried; thatís an easy thing for them to do.  They admit they can do that.  Now they are really going Stasi style.  So welcome to the new Stasi America, for all you listeners out there, because itís going to get a lot worse.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  So tonight Iím using another number to phone in to and weíll see how long it takes before maybe that one is upset too.  As I say, they are going ahead and they are doing this kind of nonsense.  Iíve had personal calls where Iíve talked about things and gone even further than I do with the radio shows and certain topics that I hit, you get cut off immediately.  Just bump, and itís gone.  So you do have listeners on the line with some people, some more than others, although everyone is having all their data, including all of their phone calls automatically recorded and stored for eternity.  Thatís a fact.  Theyíve actually said that too.  It isnít just your emails and so on.  Anyone who really believes what they tell you anyway, they deserve whatís coming down.  They are completely naÔve and the naÔve will never survive anything; they never have in history.  Thatís why it says in the Bible, the meek shall inherit the earth, and itís 6 foot by 4 foot and itís 6 foot deep.  Thatís what you get and thatís a fact.  Thatís what you get when youíre meek.  Those who want to simply placate your enemies, who are after your blood, always end up in the same place; it doesnít work. 


Thatís why the powerful all down through history are ruthless and thatís why they get to the top.  Thatís how they maintain power.  Not by being nice to people, but by being utterly ruthless.  Remember too, in war they always say the first casualty of war is truth.  Really the first casualty is integrity because there is always a conspiracy of those at the top to get the whole war going in the first place; they plan it.  The next part is the truth.  This is an ongoing thing.  We never know the real reasons why things happen.  The CIA admitted during Viet Nam that they already had 2 or 3 other wars to go down the road. They were working on them during Viet Nam.  Long-term planning; I always tell you itís a long-term agenda.  And the public are taught to believe that things just happen at the time, spontaneously, and your politicians deal with it.  Nothing is further from the truth.  Nothing happens on any major scale in your life that wasnít planned a long time ago because government cannot act quickly.  It doesnít act quickly. 


Here is an article as an example of the lengths they go to and this is an open admission from them so you can imagine what they are doing covertly, like with the phones.  The phones, they simply have to keep quiet.  You can have all the evidence you want.  You canít prove anything in court because itís covert and itís stealth and thatís what they depend upon.  Itís the same with the aerial spraying thatís been going on for many, many years now.  They simply have to ignore the complaints, tell everybody what a condensation trail is, as they always do if you really inquire to government, and then whistle in the wind.  They just donít have to admit it, that they are actually doing it.  This is from the Guardian. 


Pentagon tries to buy entire print run of US spy expose (Alan:  a book)

 Operation Dark Heart

US defence department attempts to prevent book by former intelligence officer Anthony Shaffer from reaching the shops

Chris McGreal in Washington / / Monday 13 September 2010


It's every author's dream Ė to write a book that's so sensationally popular it's impossible to find a copy in the shops, even as it keeps climbing up the bestseller lists.


And so it is for Anthony Shaffer, thanks to the Pentagon's desire to buy up all 10,000 copies of the first printing of his new book, Operation Dark Heart. And then pulp them.  (A:  Put it back into pulp.  Thatís what they did with Peter Wright from Britain.  Margaret Thatcher grabbed his second book, The A to Z of Spycatching, took him to the high court in England, tried to try him for treason, and she pulped all his books.)


The US defence department is scrambling to dispose of what threatens to be a highly embarrassing expose by the former intelligence officer of secret operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and of how the US military top brass missed the opportunity to win the war against the Taliban.  (A:  Well they donít want to win the war against the Taliban.  Last week I mentioned how there was certain troops that were caught blowing up civilians for fun and cutting their fingers off for trophies, from the mainstream again, and in one of the little parts I read it said that here is a picture of one of them, whoís standing next to a poppy field.  They were GUARDING a poppy field.  Why would you be guardingÖ Why are US troops guarding poppy fields? For the opium and the heroin, thatís where is comes from.  Think folks.  Think!  AnywayÖ)


The department of defence is in talks with St Martin's Press (A:  The publisher, the printer.) to purchase the entire first print run on the grounds of national security.  (A:  Some guys just have it so lucky, eh.  Other people they bump off.  You know, splat, youíre gone. But other ones get paid for it.  If I was this guy Iíd just keep churning more and more books out, with an extra few things in it, not much, and they will keep buying it and make you a best seller each time.  Thatís not a bad deal eh.  You could do that for the rest of your life.)


The publisher is content to sell the books but the two sides are in a grinding dispute over what should appear in a censored version (A:  Thatís for the cattle; thatís for us that go moo at the bottom.) and when it should be released.


Now St Martin's Press says it will put the partly redacted manuscript on sale next week whether or not the defence department likes it Ė and there doesn't appear much the authorities can do.  (A:  Well, it doesnít seem like they want to do too much about it or theyíd have done it.)


The army had cleared the book by Lieutenant Colonel Shaffer, about "black ops" in the Afghan war when he was based at Bagram in 2003, for publication after relatively minor changes.


But when the intelligence services and defence department officials saw it they were alarmed.  (A:  And so they use your tax money to make a guy rich, eh. [Alan laughing.])


They said it contained highly classified material including the names of American intelligence agents and accounts of clandestine operations, and demanded the book be withdrawn on the grounds it "could reasonably be expected to cause serious damage to national security".  (A:  So that goes on and on and on with that.  Thatís the lengths they will go to, for one of their own you know, whoís obviously high up there in the lodge.  Heíll get paid well for it.  He has censored the second version obviously and they will all be friends afterward, as he lives in his big mansion, courtesy of your tax money.  But whatís new eh?  Whatís really new?  Is there really anything new in all of this?  I wonder.  I wonder.)


Remember, the articles I read on the show I put the links up on my web site at the end of the show and you can look them up for yourself.  From Wise Up JournalÖ  weíve had articles about mind reading and brain reading from scientists for years.  Itís low-level stuff they are telling us now because whenever they tell you something they are way, way, way beyond it, probably 50 years or more beyond that.  It saysÖ


University computer translates brain signals into words

- Funded by U.S. Defense (A:  Meaning your tax money once more.)

Wise Up Journal / 14.09.2010 / By Gabriel OíHara


The extract below from the Daily Mail shows that a University can convert thoughts from the human mind to words on a computer screen. (A:  The Japs did it too a few years ago.)  The article talks about good intentions, as always, about helping disabled people. (A:  They really care about disabled peopleÖ they always use that as an excuse.  Thatís why the Pentagon does this stuff. Thatís their job is to help the disabled, not make them, but help them.)  However the University of Utahís website shows who funded this project revealing the Defense (police and military) intentions behind it:


Daily Mail / 08.09.2010 / By Katherine Faulkner


ďMind reading computer that translates thought signals is unveiled by scientists


ďA computer that can read human minds has been unveiled by scientists.


ďIt translates thought signals into speech through sensors placed on the brain.


ďResearchers say that in more than eight out of ten cases they were able to work out which word was being thought of without the subject saying it out loud.


ďĎWe were beside ourselves with excitement when it started working,í said Bradley Greger, a bioengineer who led the research at Utah University.


ďĎIt was just one of those moments when everything came together. I would call it brain reading.


ďScientist Stephen Hawking, who suffers from motor neurone disease, has used this method to write books and Ďtalkí.


ďThey attached two small grids of 16 electrodes to the speech centres of the brain of an epileptic patient, who had had part of his skull removed for another operation to treat the illness.


ďA computer then recorded the signals in the patientís brain as he repeatedly read each of ten words that might be useful to a paralysed person: yes, no, hot, cold, hungry, thirsty, hello, goodbye, more and less.


ďThe patient was then asked to say the words out loud and the computer matched the brain signals for each word with a success rate of between 76 per cent and 90 per cent. 


(A:  They are way, way, way beyond that at much higher levels, much higher levels.  In the 50s the CIA had gadgets that could make you hear voices in the MIDDLE of your head.  Not just voice-to-skull, like stereo inside your head.  That was shown by Nick Begich on CBC television back in the 90s.  Somehow, I donít know who his friends are Ė and that should be a question in itself Ė but somebody dumped a whole bunch of these little gadgets, that you hold in your hand like a remote converter for your TV, and he said these were all obsolete; they were from the 1950s.  Now other articles have shown that they could actually destroy the brain signal to the heart.  Each time your heart beats there is actually a pulse that originates from a signal that comes from your brain, and they could actually kill you.  That is as old as the 50s too.  Believe you me, theyíve also got machines which can detect, basically, your thought patterns.  If they can detect it, that means they understand thought patterns and words and all the rest of it.  It also means they can interject them back in to YOU.  If fact thereís a machine supposedly to recorrect people, where if you are having the wrong kinds of thoughts, they can pick them up, alter them in milliseconds and send them back into your head.  This is OLD stuff folks.  Old stuff.  So when they put stuff out in the mainstream in science itís actually obsolete.  All they are doing is RE-search at the bottom level, which meant the searching was done long ago.)


ďĎThis is proof of concept,í he said . ĎWeíve proven these signals can tell you what the person is saying well above chance.í  (A:  Now, of course itís all to do with helping paraplegics and people who canít speak.  Of course.  Thatís why the Military-Industrial Complex has put all these billions of dollars into it.  In a totalitarian society everyone must be predictable.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I'm back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iíll put up another couple of mainstream articles too, or links for them, on the same topic of mind reading for you to have a look at.


Mind reading computer that translates thought signals is unveiled by scientists

By Katherine Faulkner / / 8th September 2010


What would a computer find inside YOUR mind?

Scientists announce they can decode words from brain signals

By Michael Hanlon / / 13th September 2010


Again, this stuff is dished out years after theyíve actually gone way beyond what they are telling you now, and I mean WAY beyond what they are telling you now.  You understand, to control the population you have to always have them at a stage where they think, oh they canít do that, they are still working on this.  They believe it all because they are reading this from the mainstream news or Popular Science.  They donít get it that you are meant to believe that you are on the cutting edge and that everything is open.  Thatís how you maintain control over the public.  Back in the 20s and 30s, the FBI had their own recording machines to burn records of phone calls.  The old 33 records, they were burning them, on the spot, from the 1920s.  They didnít release that until about 60-70 years later.  You will never be told how far ahead they are.  Of course we know how far the internet is, at least the garbage they dish out to us with all of its rotten programs that you are always fixing.  But itís meant really to monitor YOU.  It will do that very efficiently.  Mind you, it needs our cooperation to do so, and most folk donít seem to mind terribly much. 


The Pope, of course, is in Britain right now.  Itís interesting because one of the aides heís got with him, I donít know, itís a Cardinal I guess.  This is from the Guardian.


Pope's visit: aide steps aside after comparing Britain to 'third world'

Pope Benedict's spokesman insists Cardinal Walter Kaspar was dropped from UK visit 'for health reasons'  (A:  Well they have to be political donít they? Ö in this day and age.)

John Hooper in Rome and Sam Jones, Wednesday 15 September 2010


One of the pope's top advisers on his visit to England and Scotland has dropped out of his entourage following the publication of an interview in which he said that arriving in Britain "you sometimes think you've landed in a third world country".


Benedict XVI's spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, told the Guardian, however, that Cardinal Walter Kasper had withdrawn "for health reasons".


He said the 77-year-old prelate's absence from the papal party, which lands in Edinburgh tomorrow at the start of a four-day visit, "had absolutely nothing to do with anything else".  (A:  Well, they better get him absolution very quickly, right.)


Kasper, the Vatican's leading expert on relations with the Church of England, made his remark after noting that Britain was a "secular, pluralistic" country. 


Meaning itís pretty well atheistic now.  And the multiculturalism, you can get voodoo and everything, Wicca and whatever, into the army and practice it; thatís okay.  Actually itís probably good for you; you can chop off fingers off dead soldiers and stuff.  But Christianity, etc, is out the window with its silly rules, and who wants rules in this day and age.  Youíve been taught to play and be happy, have fun, and just take your pregnant girlfriends to the abortion factories and all that kind of stuff.  Who want rules when you are having fun?  Hmm?  Cause and effect.  You know a society that doesnít understand cause and effect and are being kept as perpetual children are a conquered society.  They donít know it but they are utterly conquered.  You canít stand up for anything if you canít stand up for whatís right for yourself, which also affects other people. It is true that itís everyoneís choice what they want to do, however when their choice ends up making it more and more atheistic, more and more natural to kill more babies than to have them born, and then government, whoís all for this agenda and depopulation, start saying, okay, they have gone far enough now, they donít value life anymore, lets go for sterilization.  You understand how itÖ it roller balls and snowballs alongÖ until it does affect everybody.  Itís not just one personís right to do what they want.  Thatís how it works.  Thatís why even in the so-called primitive societies, which are anything but primitive, they all know the taboo rules. Everyone knows them.  They have developed them over centuries and thousands of years for the survival of the people.  Thatís what they are for.  Out the window, that means you are not surviving; you are conquered. 


Here is another article.  Iíve mentioned Bernays many times before who helped design the American culture of consumerism.  He also was a very young lad; I think he was about 22 when he was asked to go with President Wilson across to France to set up the League of Nations.  Now, you donít get these kinds of positions just as a young fellow with a few bright ideas.  He was also the nephew of Freud and he obviously was taught the deeper understandings of human nature, as Freud was himself, from much older people who have kept this kind of history and observations of society pretty secret amongst their own enclaves for thousands of years.  Bernays is the guy who was given the task, from the tobacco companies, of getting women smoking.  He staged big demonstrations.  He hired some of the top women of his era to make smoking look sexy in public and had it all filmed.  He also eventually got the task of getting them to go into the bars and drink and he was successful with that too.  Since then, and all marketers know this, 90-odd percent of magazines are aimed at women because they are far easier to influence, especially with experts and so on.  They believe what they are told more quickly than men will. They are also more apt to try something new than men are.  Men are far more conservative in nature and take a lot more convincing.  So Iím going to read an article when I come back about another one, on science and how women will believe it more readily than men.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Thereís another article about how women are more influenced by propaganda on climate change and so on.  Itís a study thatís been done on it and itís printed in the Guardian. 


US women more likely to accept climate science than men, study finds

Climate change gender divide explored by US sociologist / Posted by  Leo Hickman Wednesday 15 September 2010


Just when you thought the climate debate couldn't get any more divisive, along comes an academic paper which looks into the "effects of gender on climate change knowledge and concern in the American public". The headline conclusion? "Women exhibit slightly higher levels of both than do their male counterparts."


Aaron M McCright, an associate professor at Michigan State University's Department of Sociology whose paper is published in the September issue of the journal Population and Environment, examined eight years of data from Gallup's annual environment poll and found that "women tend to believe the scientific consensus on global warming more than men". However, he also discovered that his findings reinforced past research which suggests women lack confidence in their science comprehension.


"Men still claim they have a better understanding of global warming than women, (A:  Do they really?  Really?  The only ones I hear about that are from men that are getting paid for it at the top; thatís their job.) even though women's beliefs align much more closely with the scientific consensus," he said. McCright added that the gender divide is likely to be explained by "gender socialisation": (A:  Here we go againÖ) boys learn that masculinity emphasises detachment, control and mastery, whereas girls develop traits of attachment, empathy and care.


Really?  Really?  You know these social engineers are something else.  And they change their theories, if it comes out in some top magazine from the top, they all start quacking the new theory just like that.  What it really is, is the fact that women like safety and they like to be reassured. Adolf Hitler said that too in his own book.  He said that women are our main targets of socialist propaganda because women want safety, security for the children and themselves, their family, and food and so on, therefore we must go over the heads of the husbands Ė not that there are any husbands today, I donít think, but back in his day there were Ė and the women will come to us.  The children then follow the mother and therefore must follow the men.  Thatís how it worked and he was only quoting one of the ancient Roman Emperors who said the same thing. So theyíve always known this technique does work.  Thatís what itís all about.  Itís scary stuff.  Iíve read the articles from the people involved at the top, the IPCC, and they say themselves they must keep giving the public scary data Ė thatís the words they used Ė SCARY data otherwise they will never get believed.  You see.  So thatís old stuff to me but it just shows you how they can target groups as well.  Itís not only that, itís that most teachers are women today and they also want to make sure that the children get highly indoctrinated. You see, you understand if you are going to have a manager who indoctrinates, then the manager himself or herself must be indoctrinated too.  Thatís the best kind of manager you can get, somebody who is a true believer, and then they pass it on to the children, again a scientific technique well understood by those at the top. 


Thereís an article here, this is interesting.  We always hear about human trafficking and a human trafficking ring was caught operating in, and elsewhere, Hawaii was the main place.


FBI Busts Major U.S. Human Trafficking Ring In Hawaii

By Susie Madrak / / Crooks and Liars - Saturday September 4, 2010


Now, would you be surprised if I told you one of the major players in this ring, Israeli national Mordechai Orian, is a big Republican donor? Of course you wouldn't.  (A:  This is a left wing one, you see, so thatís why they are going left wing.  It wouldnít matter if they were left or right, they are all the same.)


More disturbing (at least to me) in light of the charges is his affiliation with a Texas adoption agency.


It turns out that Orian is listed as the president and "business manager" for Adoption Services Worldwide Inc., a San Antonio, Texas adoption agency active in international adoptions. The website features many pictures of Orian with happy adoptive families. I have to wonder: Exactly what kind of business services did this Beverly Hills resident provide to this Texas company?


Here's hoping he wasn't using his control over these trapped and vulnerable workers to coerce them and their families into giving up children for adoption. Perhaps he's simply trying to do something good to make up for all the bad he was doing; I certainly hope so.


HONOLULU -- Six recruiters (A:  From this group.) were accused Thursday of luring 400 laborers from Thailand to the United States and forcing them to work, according to a federal indictment that the FBI called the largest human-trafficking case ever charged in U.S. history.


The indictment alleges that the scheme was orchestrated by four employees of labor recruiting company Global Horizons Manpower Inc. and two Thailand-based recruiters. It said the recruiters lured the workers with false promises of lucrative jobs, then confiscated their passports, (A:  Thatís standard technique, they confiscate their passports once they are in, held by their bosses that bring them in.) failed to honor their employment contracts and threatened to deport them.  (A:  They keep them living in fear.)


Once the Thai laborers arrived in the United States starting in May 2004, they were put to work and have since been sent to sites in states including Hawaii, Washington, California, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Utah, according to attorneys and advocates.


Many laborers were initially taken to farms in Hawaii and Washington, where work conditions were the worst, said Chancee Martorell, executive director for the Los Angeles-based Thai Community Development Center, which represents 263 Thai workers who were brought to the U.S. by Global Horizons.


[...] The six defendants include Global Horizons President and CEO Mordechai Orian, 45; Director of International Relations Pranee Tubchumpol, 44; Hawaii regional supervisor Shane Germann, 41; and onsite field supervisor Sam Wongsesanit, 39. The Thailand recruiters were identified as Ratawan Chunharutai and Podjanee Sinchai.


But wait, it gets better:


In 2006, Global Horizons was implicated for violating labor laws and underpaying 88 Thai workers. Orian initially denied the charges but ultimately settled the case for $300,000.


In 2007, Orian legally -- and unsuccessfully -- went after a rival (A:  This is what they did.  This is how crooks operate.) labor contractor, J&A Contracting, to whom he had lost one of his biggest clients. According to Fortune magazine, he claimed it was because J&A "provides cheaper, illegal workers, scooping workers up on street corners by the vanload and delivering them to farms." (A:  Which is exactly what he was doing.)  He also claimed he had "evidence of falsified Social Security cards" as proof.


In what now appears to be a twisted irony, Orian at the time presented himself as a moral crusader against illegal immigration. His lawyer then, David Klehm, told Fortune the lawsuit would reflect a new era of accountability for employers when it comes to workers.


Quite something.  I was reading from an Israeli newspaper, it said what Mr Orian did was internationally illegal, meaning lawfully illegal, by the laws, but it was not immoral.  I understand that too, from their point of view, and religion.  So there you go. This kind of thing goes on all over the world, but mind you Israel is a big importer of Thai workers now because they are using them instead of using the Palestinians and they are bringing them in by the thousands to work the farms.  There was an article recently in the mainstream too, which said that they were now deporting a whole bunch of them that got pregnant, because they didnít want to dilute the culture.  Thatís what they said. Thatís what they said in the Israeli paper.  So thatís the world for you isnít it.  Quite something the way this old world turns indeed. 


Iíve warned people so many times about Facebook and different things but people will still continue to use them.  They are gone.  Those who are gone, people who are gone have never arrived to get lost you understand.  Theyíve been the naÔve since they were born, well indoctrinated and never questioned anything, and grab at anything thatís free, thinking thereís all these altruistic people above them that just want to help them and do things for them, like the founder of Facebook.  So this article saysÖ


Facebook boss under fire from murder victim's mother for claiming privacy fears are overblown

By Daniel Bates and Paul Sims / / 14th September 2010


The founder of Facebook has been branded 'a disgrace' after saying concerns over online privacy have been blown out of proportion.


Mark Zuckerberg said people worried about privacy on the internet were prone to turning minor issues into Ďas big a deal as possibleí.  (A:  Heís also the same guy who called them stupid Fís.  You know the F word, you know like fickle.  He called the people who signed up with him stupid Fís.)


Unrepentant about Facebookís response to the controversial issue, he said: ĎWe realise that people will probably criticise us for this for a long time, but we just believe that this is the right thing to do.í


Facebook has been repeatedly attacked for its poor online security in the face of appalling cases involving criminals and paedophiles turning the website to their advantage.


Ashleigh Hall, 17, was lured to her death by killer Peter Chapman, who posed as a teenage boy on Facebook.


Ashleighís mother Andrea Hall, from Darlington, County Durham, said last night Mr Zuckerbergís comments were Ďoutrageousí.


She said: ĎHis comments are so hurtful to me and my family bearing in mind what we have gone through. I canít believe he said what he did, itís shocking.  (A:  Well heís just a little sick psychopath, that little guy that owns the site isnít he?  Heís made it quite clear what he is.  But they call him a creative psychopath; he knew a quick way to get money by using schmucks.  And he was right.)


ĎMark Zuckerberg is a disgrace. Privacy is the most important thing and it may well have saved my daughterís life. Facebook has a responsibility to protect the privacy of vulnerable young people who use it. That is the most important issue, full stop.í


Mr Zuckerberg, 26, (A:  Whoís a front guy obviously.) founded Facebook while still a college student (A:  Yeah, sure.) and has seen it become the worldís most popular social networking website with more than 500million users.


He told the New Yorker magazine that privacy was a Ďthirdrail issueí, a U.S. term which refers to the electric line on a railway and denotes something sensitive.


He added: ĎA lot of people who are worried about privacy and those kinds of issues will take any minor misstep that we make and turn it into as big a deal as possible.í


Child protection teams say cases involving bullies and sexual predators have trebled on the website in the past 12 months.  (A:  So there you go.  It trebled in 12 months.)


In one shocking case, Vanessa George met fellow perverts Colin Blanchard and Angela Allen on Facebook before they formed a paedophile ring. George abused dozens of children at the day care centre she was working at in Plymouth.


Alex Deane, director of Big Brother Watch, said: ĎHow can Mark Zuckerberg claim that privacy isnít being invaded when we are bombarded daily by companies who have stolen our personal details online?  (A:  Well he didnít really steal them, you gave them to him.)


ĎPrivacy online is being invaded in a hundred different ways, and Facebook are at the forefront of that invasion. (A:  Well that tells you who REALLY set up the company that this little Zuckerberg is fronting for.  They love these rags-to-riches stories; they are always lies you know.)  If the issue werenít so worrying, Zuckerbergís hypocrisy would be amusing.í


Despite a huge public outcry, Facebook earlier this year refused to install a Ďpanic buttoní for children to alert police to paedophiles. It eventually caved in under intense pressure.


The company recently came under attack for launching a new Ďstalker buttoní which allows users to track another personís every move.


Yeah, itís really a private organization.  Iíll let all the incredibly naÔve, irredeemable people believe that forever because, well, what can you do eh?  What can you do, hmm?  Then too, something I noticed a while back, on those who were using the internet, years before I had to touch it.  I only started touching it because I was doing radio shows.  Even then I use it as little as possible and I donít go surfing all over the place and I donít fall into that stupid, idiotic con of most people who saw this, then looked at this.  I donít follow that and go round in circles.  Thatís your nudges you see, done by Sunstein and Co. 


How the Internet is making us stupid

Nicholas Carr, author of The Shallows, asks if the Internet is changing the way we think.

By Nicholas Carr / / 27 Aug 2010


Nicholas Carr:  I was inspired to write the book after I realised that I was losing my own capacity for concentration and contemplation.


The stimulation of the digital age is changing the make up of our brains with potentially dangerous results, writes Nicholas Carr.  (A:   I donít know if you realize it, when you think about things and concentrate itís like learning to type, pathways are created in your brain.  Pathways.  Itís the same with everything else that you start concentrating on and working on.)


Although the world wide web has been around for just 20 years, it is hard to imagine life without it. (A:   I can imagine itÖ because I remember it.)  It has given us instant access to vast amounts of information, and weíre able to stay in touch with friends and colleagues more or less continuously.  (A:   Well who wants to?  Do you want to have perpetual noise in your head?  AnywayÖ)


But our dependence on the internet has a dark side. A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that the net, with its constant distractions and interruptions, is turning us into scattered and superficial thinkers.  (A:   No kidding.)


Iíve been studying this research for the past three years, in the course of writing my new book The Shallows: How the Internet Is Changing the Way We Think, Read and Remember. But my interest in the subject is not just academic. Itís personal. I was inspired to write the book after I realised that I was losing my own capacity for concentration and contemplation.  Even when I was away from my computer, my mind seemed hungry for constant stimulation, for quick hits of information. I felt perpetually distracted.


Could my loss of focus be a result of all the time Iíve spent online? In search of an answer to that question, I began to dig into the many psychological, behavioural, and neurological studies that examine how the tools we use to think with ó our information technologies ó shape our habits of mind.


The picture that emerges is troubling, at least to anyone who values the subtlety, rather than just the speed, of human thought. People who read text studded with links, the studies show, comprehend less than those who read words printed on pages. People who watch busy multimedia presentations remember less than those who take in information in a more sedate and focused manner. People who are continually distracted by emails, updates and other messages understand less than those who are able to concentrate. And people who juggle many tasks are often less creative and less productive than those who do one thing at a time.  (A:   And thatís true.  Maybe about a month or so ago I mentioned a particular DVD thatís up there, itís up on YouTube or somewhere, I might find the name tonight and put it back up again, which showed you the actual testing of young children and how they really believed they are multi-taskers.  They really truly believe it and yet when they tested them they all failed miserably, for efficiency.  All of them.)


The common thread in these disabilities is the division of attention. The richness of our thoughts, our memories and even our personalities hinges on our ability to focus the mind and sustain concentration. Only when we pay close attention to a new piece of information are we able to associate it ďmeaningfully and systematically with knowledge already well established in memoryĒ, writes the Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist Eric Kandel. Such associations are essential to mastering complex concepts and thinking critically.  (A:   Well they donít want people who think critically because you might start questioning everything and realizing you are living in hellÖ with the Stasi running your lives, and getting worse too.)


When weíre constantly distracted and interrupted, as we tend to be when looking at the screens of our computers and mobile phones, our brains canít to forge the strong and expansive neural connections that give distinctiveness and depth to our thinking. Our thoughts become disjointed, our memories weak. (A:   I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Iím back to Cut Through The Matrix.  The name of that video is Digital Nation.  I think it was first put out by Public Broadcasting.  Thatís a good exposť on what the computer does to your old brain box. 


Digital Nation


FRONTLINE producer Rachel Dretzin (Growing up Online) teams up with one of the leading thinkers of the digital age, Douglas Rushkoff (The Persuaders, Merchants of Cool), to continue to explore life on the virtual frontier.


Itís interesting too thatÖ


The Roman philosopher Seneca may have put it best 2,000 years ago: ďTo be everywhere is to be nowhere.Ē   (A:   And thatís where folk are today, they are all over the map but nowhere at all.)


There is a caller there from British Columbia.  Itís Alex.  Are you on the line Alex?


Alex:  Yes I am.  Hi.  I was just calling to comment on the censorship you have been going through recently.† A lot of people in lower levels of activism that arenít as prolific as the radio show hosts and stuff, have been experiencing this in tremendous and alarming and increasing amounts over the last couple of years.  So we are basically, you know, we are very familiar with whatís happening to you and a lot of our groups are people that talk on the internet and on the phone and just in person, all want to support you and make sure that you stay on the radio no matter what. 


Alan:  Well, thatís the battle isnít it because it takes so much time to stay on the radio now, and all the things you have to do.  For every measure they bring against you, you have to try to find a way around it; you are constantly reprogramming computers that they crash on you. Thatís deliberate too; itís easy for them to do.  So you are quite right.  A lot of people have beenÖ even your service providers get the nudge to interfere with you, and youíve had that too Iím sure.  Iíve had it here with XplorNet that literally put a choke on me to upload.  Yahoo, I put the email from Yahoo on my web site to let people see, telling me that they put a choke on me too, even though Iím paying for unlimited bandwidth.  Yeah, they are really going to town if you are not authorized to be one of their boys putting out disinformation.   They really go for you.  Whatís next?  Well it can only be worse, as you well know. There are many worse things they can actually do to you as they step it up. 


Alex:  Well Iíve got a print out from Shaw Cable here in Victoria, British Columbia, where I was getting my telephone, cable vision and internet service, until it didnít work anymore.  They werenít concerned I wasnít getting it.  It took them 6 months to give me a printout of my history of comments, which is just a simple hit, print and send.  They doctored it for 6 months and I got it and it was 95% whitewashed, missing over 30 comments about dropped phone calls just like you are experiencing.† One of which was the first time I experienced it, it stopped my radio station for the Canadian Coalition of the Walking Wounded from hitting the air.  So there you are.


Alan:  Yes.  And how did you get on with that video, you are putting that video up arenít you?  Ö on chemtrails.


Alex:  Oh, yeah.  What, with the black fog and chemtrails.  Yeah.  We took another one last night and we are putting that one up right now.  It shows jet black material in the sky that is eerie too. 


Alan:  What is your web site?


Alex:  Itís called Joker Tattoo.† Itís on YouTube, jokertattooo; there are 3 Oís on the end of it.  And you can just look up Black Chemtrails, Black fogtrails, orÖ Weíve actually got a shot of 5 of them in the ocean, in straight lines just like you see in the sky, so itís a kind of relatively new thing for me but they may have been doing it for a while and I just didnít notice. 


Alan:  Yeah, they were doing it here and sometimes Iíd see the black ones cut through the clouds and go lower.  Black, thatís right. But thanks for calling, Alex.


Alex:  Weíll talk soon.  Iíll send you an email later.


Alan:  Sure enough, thanks. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, where we made it through another night, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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