September 16th, 2010 (#665)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt September 16th, 2010:

"Free" Trade Blocs:
Free Trade Blocs, Never Sleeping,
Always Acquiring, People Bleeding:

"EU Empire Expands its Control
Over South Korea and Will Dominate Seoul,
Each Treaty Will Bind Them Closer Together,
Promises of Jobs and Sunny Weather,
Demise of the Tariff, Personal Taxes Increase,
Dumping Cheap Imports in Europe, Never to Cease,
As the Jobless there Inclines ever Steeper
More Business Moves Where Labour is Cheaper,
This New Fasci-Soviet Bloc Moves So Fast,
Using Bribes and Pay-Offs, No Veritas,
Just the Incessant Prattle of P.R.,
Which Can With a Crow-bar be Pried Ajar,
Exposing the Fat-Cats with Foundations,
Paying NGOs to Lobby the Nations,
Common Input is Nil, No Appealing to Reason,
The Many are One, Its Name is Legion"
© Alan Watt September 16th, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - September 16th, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 16th of September, 2010.  Now, I always ask the newcomers at the beginning of this show to look into the website,  You'll find hundreds of audio talks for download, for free, that I put up there over the years.  Remember, all those sites that you see listed there, the alternate sites I have, these are the official sites.  They all carry the same audios.  They all carry translations of a lot of the talks I've given in English.  And if you go into, you can get transcripts for print up in other languages too.  And remember, when you're at it, that I'm not the perfect altruist.  I don't live on fresh air.  I need your support to keep me going, so go into the books for sale, and the CDs and the DVDs, and please support me, because, that's the only reason I'm out here is to give out this information, at this time, as we go through the biggest changes in history. 


It's interesting now, really, that youngsters don't even know they're going through them.  They're simply adapting so quickly, as all youngsters do.  And if their parents make no big deal about things, then like any mammal, they think it's all just hunky dory.  They have no idea of the past.  Whatever past they are given is generally a fake one, by the updated history.  And they themselves are updated into the new society as the perfect citizens for the next generation.  It's for obedience purposes and to serve their masters properly, be politically correct and all the rest of it.  That's how, that's really what education is about.  It was taken over an awful long time ago, especially when John Dewey and various other ones were sent across from the Frankfurt School to bring in the new teaching systems to the Western World.  The Big Plan for the Great Society as they now call it.  The Grand Design is another term they also used, but the Great Plan was already in work way back then.  It was in play, and they were working.  They don't talk about things, the Big Boys, about global domination, planned societies, depopulation, they actually do it.  And you can take that to any bank you want.  Because that is the fact.  You know, they actually do it.  Most folk can't believe they'd actually do it, because they wouldn't do it, themselves, personally, and that's how they get away with it.  We're taught to be rather naive and nice in fact.  Be nice, be neighborly, be decent, etc.  Here are the rules, and you'll all cooperate together.  However, those at the top are not domesticated, they're not tamed, but they do talk about taming us.  They themselves must remain wild and free, for survival purposes, since they are guiding the future of the world, in their own books, such as Charles Galton Darwin.  So, they do it. 


So purchase my books, purchase the dvds, the discs, and remember, from the U.S. to Canada you can use a personal check.  You can also use an international postal money order.  You can use cash.  PayPal for donation, or to purchase.  If you want to purchase, just send a separate email after the PayPal donation, with your name, address, and the order, and I'll get it out to you.  Same across the rest of the world.  You've also got the addition of Western Union, which is kind of steep, but you have Money Gram, a bit cheaper, cash, PayPal for donations, or to purchase.  It's up to you.  Some people still send cash yet.   And so far the banks still accept it.  I think we're in the last couple of years where they'll accept foreign currencies in cash, but make use of it while you can.  We're all going cashless down the road, and it won't be too far away for the complete surveillance society.  You know, Total Information Network, which was set up under the Homeland Security in the U.S., and every other security system across the world, means total, means total, means everything that you do must be known about by the authorities.  Every thing you do.  No matter how personal, whatever.  They want to know.  After all, your masters must look after their cattle.  You're the herd.  They've got to make sure you're healthy in the way that they designed you.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, I'm back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  You know, it's interesting to study history, and try and get the old books if you can.  Especially books written before World War I, about the histories of the day.  And also, maybe, at least before World War II.  After World War II, the Big Boys took over completely.  They already had a good portion of the publishing industry, but they completely took it over.  And even George Orwell commented on that, because when he had been the darling of the Socialist Movement, and then found out what Communism was really like when he worked alongside Communists in the battle in Spain, the Civil War, and then he came back and told the Socialists what was really happening.  He says, it's nothing like what you would think.  They turned their back on him, the audiences in Britain and elsewhere.  They turned their back on him.  They didn't want to hear the bad news.  They wanted to think these comrades were just the same as themselves.  And he had to literally pay and seek out new publishers, because even though he had contracts to publish so many books still to come with two major publishers, they turned him down too, which told him that the major publishers, the major ones, were all in league with each other, to bring in this very society that he thought they were fighting.  It's very, very interesting.


After World War II, everything really changed.  And you have authorized historians.  There's always been authorized historians for kings and that kind of stuff.  You had to give them a good write up, or it was off with your head.  And of course, the authorized ones today, really are simply social climbers or they belong to the right organizations, like the CFR, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  That's what Winston Churchill himself brought up in Parliament when he found out that the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is the British version of the CFR, to bring in world government, a specific type of Socialized system, he was surprised to know, to find that he was out of the loop in so many things, when he found this secret organization had been writing for school children and university, all the history books for the last fifty years, in his day.  He says, what a power they have.  And of course, they all go to All Souls College, all the high members, after their stint at Oxford.  This is the real world you're living in, all working towards the Grand Design, the Great Work, the New Society, all the same thing.  And you'll find that all the major historians for Britain and its whole empire that they've had at the time, were members of all the higher group, the All Souls College.  All authorized to spin history.  And it's no different in the U.S. too.  They have their special ones there too, and Yale, and Harvard, and they certainly make use of them to give us the fake histories.  Every country kind of does it, but it's worse than ever today, because power tends to consolidate itself.  It eliminates competition. 


The whole thing about monopoly is that you go in where there's a market, where there's variety, and your idea is not just to sell all that you have, it's to eliminate your competition.  And it's the same for all kinds of power, especially if you have a world design, a grand design for the planet, then you have to eliminate everything else.  And how you do that is by taking them over and have them work for you, still thinking they're going along in their own little direction.  You start funding them through the philanthropies, the big foundations, and that's been going on for a hundred years now.  Now, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, as I say, they picked up a banner that had been left actually.   It wasn't really left, they had worked on it quietly from the days of John Dee at the court of Queen Elizabeth the 1st.  When John Dee came up with the idea of a Brightish, he called it Brightish Empire, that would be based on a form of trade, free trade, you see.  And Francis Bacon of course was in on it too.  Dee was the main proponent for it.  He brought it forward.  And they all belonged to the same Lodge at that time, an early Lodge.  And so were all the pirates in with them too, Francis Drake, Raleigh, etc, etc.  They were robbing the Spanish to fill up the coffers for the Queen at that time to make Britain a very powerful empire. 


Free trade was the idea, but not only free trade.  You see trade for all countries eliminated with its taxes on imports and exports, it eliminated the need for personal income tax.  That was the idea behind it.  All the duties, same with the U.S., that had to be paid were to run government.  And all government institutions came from sales taxes or import duties.  That was how it was run.  And of course, as they implemented gradually this free trade system where you join this empire, this growing world empire, then you dropped your tariffs for importing, and then they called something a balance of trade.  As we well know, they're always prattling about balancing of trade, and of course, there's very little trade that goes out of the U.S. today except the military and the hardware, but it all comes in from China.  So, it's the balance is, it means that the U.S. is way up on that see-saw, and China is way down yonder with all its massive, massive exports. 


So the idea of free trade was to bring in a uniform world society, where not only would they adopt this trading system, but you see, since, if you go into economics it will tell you that every country's laws, all of its laws, right down to murder, whatever, are based on economics.  And when you kill someone, they value and judge the income, potential income of your victim for taxation and produce purposes.  And therefore, you can't simply go into a trade agreement, as they did with the con game with Europe, when they started it off, under 'it's just a trade thing.'  No, everything depends on trade and economics.  All your laws would obviously have to change to suit it.  And that's exactly what happens with it.  They bind you together through treaties, and then the treaties promote the laws.  The laws become the law of the land, and you've been taken over.  The U.S. was to come into its own Free Trade Agreement, which it has, of course, for the Americas.  And back, I think, in 1910 a huge building was built in the U.S. for the Trade of the Americas, and for the amalgamation of the Americas.  I have it somewhere.  I might find the link and put it up.  And they've been working on it steadily ever since.  And of course, there's no paupers getting in that door.  You have to be very well established, and right up there with the Big Boys.  So the idea again was to go through a trading system, bind countries together who would come into it, which means buying off the richer ones in those countries, the more powerful ones, guaranteeing them that they'll stay the power, or powerful, those families.  And bringing people under a slavery, a common slavery, a common taxation as they have done in Europe. 


Now, Karl Marx also brought up this, interesting enough, before the Royal Institute of International Affairs did.  So he took over with the other side of it, the left wing side, you see.  It was really sponsored and paid for by the big international bankers, who prefer having governments to deal with to collect their money, rather than have to go to individuals, lending to individuals, and sending out their strong men.  It's far easier, governments will promise to pay back the money through treaties and agreements and guarantees.  So, after all that brief rundown there, you've got this happening now.  The EU, the European Union, which nobody wanted, except the boys who created it, and it wasn't the guys who signed it.  It was created as I say by the Milner group.  It was their brainchild, and Karl Marx mentioned it before them, a unified Europe under one government.  Marx actually said that.  He also said there'd be a unified Far Eastern region, with under one government, and a United Americas under one government.  And these three governments would be provincial governments over vast areas, but under a world government.  And that's what's happening today, for those who don't quite know.  And it says here, in this article I've got here, from the EU Observer.  Now they're, they haven't stopped at what you normally thought of as Europe.  That was never the idea.  That whole land mass, wherever land meets land is to be joined together, you see, in a huge continent.


EU to open markets to South Korea in July 2011


EU member states have clinched a compromise on the provisional application of a free trade agreement with South Korea, giving Italy an additional six months to prepare its auto industry for the opening-up of the EU market.


(Alan: What it means is that Korea will be able to flood the market with their cars and everything else that they produce.  It says:)


"It is a very big step in opening markets in Asia for our companies and this will create (A: They always give you the same spiel, this will create:) prosperity and jobs, of course in Korea, but also in Europe,"  (A: Well, I don't know how they'll do that in Europe.) Belgian foreign minister Steven Vanackere said on Thursday (16 September) during a press conference in Brussels.


European goods will enter the Korean market, and vice-versa.


EU foreign ministers agreed that the deal should enter into force on 1 July 2011, provided that the European Parliament gives its consent to the package, which includes a safeguard clause on protecting vulnerable European companies.


The deal, described by Mr Vanackere as the "first new (A: Now here's the key to it.  This is one of their little phrases, you see.  Because they told you the European Union was just going to be Europe, right?  The:) "first new generation style agreement" (A: Now that they've got all their different treaties behind them and signed and agreed and all the rest of it, like the Maastricht Treaty and so on, this is the next level up.  They don't stop.  Remember, it's world government, is the idea.) "the first new generation style agreement" and "the most ambitious [EU trade] agreement ever," is to be signed during an EU-South Korea summit in Brussels on 6 October.


The Belgian diplomat added that the Korean side would have preferred an earlier date for entry into force and described the July 2011 outcome as a result of "intense negotiations" between member states.


(A: You're not countries now, you're states, you see.  And eventually you're regions.)


Italy had in recent days threatened to veto the deal if it stuck its original terms of entry into force at the beginning of next year.


Under the agreement, (A: Here you go.) both sides will have to eliminate 98.7 percent of duties in the industrial and agricultural within the next five years. (A: So, guess what happens folks, just what happened with all the other European countries.  How does government make up for all those lost taxes?  Well Bang, income tax through the roof.  You see.  And everything you purchase, your purchase taxes through the roof.  Value added tax, that was also put in there to take over from that loss, you see.  Now the music is coming in, but I'll continue on this, when I come back from this break.)


Hi folks, I'm back, and We're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about this European Union and its expansion across the whole of that whole continent, and maybe even beyond.  It will definitely be beyond, once we have the United Americas, which is supposed to be signed this year, the last, the Fifth Treaty, openly signed this year, but I've heard nothing about it. They're keeping it rather quiet.  And technically we're completely part of merging with the U.S., and Mexico, and maybe even Chile, and a few other ones.  So, we'll wait and see if they come out with that.  It got so much bad publicity because, even the first open declaration of the United Americas signing agreement in Waco Texas in 2005, they were rather forward, in fact.  The CFR came on national television, as itself for the first time, not advising people, but as itself, with their logos behind them and a panel, and the ex-vice prime minister of Canada, who led it, Mr. Axworthy, really put forth the idea that it was a great idea, this United Americas idea.  And then some of the reporters, who were also members of the CFR, prattled on about how wonderful it would be, and they'd have to compete with the whole of Europe, therefore they should unite, etc, all their laws, all their governmental systems into one, etc, etc.  So they've been kind of quiet about this last signing that they must have done already, I'd imagine, this year.  They've already amalgamated the secret services and the NSA and the Canadian CSIS, they call it Big Sis here, and the CIA, and the FBI.  They all share the same data banks now, it's open. 


Now, getting back to this article on the EU as they go for South Korea.  Now, this is quite amazing, isn't it, that now they're into Asia and bringing members in like South Korea.  And same idea again.  It starts off with the free trade, and it's also going to do away with a lot of jobs in Europe, because they cannot pay the kind of money that they get paid in Korea to their workers.  It costs more therefore you to go under.  It's the same scenario we've seen when they signed the deals with China.  We saw that all over the world.  So it says here:


Outstanding issues cover a so-called regional clause demanded by MEPs, enabling special protection for European firms in regions with high unemployment, for example, and the parliament's right to initiate an investigation into negative fallout from the trade deal.


Of course that's nonsense anyway.  They don't give a darn.  They know what the fallout is going to be.  But you see, this is the Great Plan, the Great Work, and they've got to rush it ahead.  So I'll put these links up remember at the end of the night, at, and you can see them for yourself.


The world is never what it's presented by the general mainstream media.  You have to go into the specialized papers.  It's the same as the United Nations.  If you want information on the United Nations, you have to download it all on PDF form.  That's where they put it.  That's where they put the real stuff.  Now, here's an article here, it's back from July, 2009.  It was about the National Security Agency, the NSA, going to add 11,000 workers at Fort Meade.  And of course it's to bring jobs, as they say too.  Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs.  They're always saying the same thing, and prosperity, eh, as they spend all your tax money to create a few jobs.  And it says:


The National Security Agency is planning to double the size of its headquarters at Fort George G. Meade in an expansion slated to bring more than 11,000 workers to the Anne Arundel County military base.


Its plans are large enough to rival National Business Park, a 285-acre private development built by Corporate Office Properties Trust in Annapolis Junction. And for Fort Meade, it will generate nearly twice as many jobs as the Pentagon’s much-publicized Base Realignment and Closure plan, slated to bring an estimated 5,700 workers


So jobs are being created, but it's all on spying on you, you see.  So I'll put this article up again.  As I say, it's a repeat really, but it gives you an idea of long, long-term goals for them.  A twenty-year plan they've got here.  I mean, they love these twenty-year plans and fifty-year plans.  And by that time of course, you will really have no USA.  There will be no Canada.  There will just be major supercities across the world, according to their own military reports, from their think tanks, which are in my archives section.  Go in and look at them.  It gives you their projections for the next fifty years.  So by the time this is all finished, there will be no USA as you know it.  And, of course, they're already in the process of demolishing all the old factory towns, and the suburbs, and so on, and cramping the folk into the cities, so we can die off quickly and be watched and taken care of more, more carefully. 


Now some articles are telling if you're interested at all in psychology, because everything runs on psychology, and neuroscience is into everything today, as they call it, neuroscience.  And the behaviorists are into it.  Everybody's into it, because it's all about controlling society.  And most folk have no idea how much work goes into the creation of these games that people play, to make them addictive, to alter your behavior, is a big part of it, and to put in behavior alteration implants, you might say, invisible implants by rearranging your neurons in your brain.  It's happened so badly there's even people allowing their children to starve, and their dog starve to death, now.  I won't give the link, but that's in today's paper too.  And women are doing that.  They're getting addicted to it.  It says here:


The Psychology Of Games: Priming, (A: You're primed by your games, and you don't even know it.  It says:), Consistency, Cheating, and Being a Jerk by Jamie Madigan.


Psychology of Games:


How can developers of multiplayer games get their players to behave, cooperate, play their role, and not be such incredible jerks? I have an idea. Psychology is involved. You probably guessed this.


Now, I'll go into some of the tricks they use, and experiments they use, to show you how you're getting remade all the time.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, this is Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about how even the games that you play, the video games and so on, are there to alter you in so many ways that you're completely unaware of.  And this article goes on to talk about control groups and how they study them and use them.  It says:


In one experiment, they had participants unscramble sentences that made heavy use of words like Florida, old, bingo, wrinkle, ancient and the like. A control group did the same thing, but with words not reminiscent of the elderly. That wasn't the real experiment, though.


The important part of the experiment actually happened after the participants left the lab. Another experimenter sat in the hallway outside and discretely used a stopwatch to time how long it took participants to walk from one end of the hall to the other. Those who had been working with words related to old people actually walked significantly slower (you know, like an old guy) (A: It says) than those who had worked with other words.


Bargh, Chen, and Burrows (A: These three characters, experimenters) also did another experiment where some people unscrambled sentences with words related to rudeness (bold, bother, brazen) and some worked with words indicating politeness (patiently, courteous, unobtrusively). All subjects then walked in on a scene where they had to interrupt a conversation to get some needed information. Those in the "polite" condition waited 9.3 minutes on average. Those in the "rude" condition jumped in after just 5.5 minutes on average.


(A: So it shows you how you're being programmed all the time.  You ever know why the Big Boys laugh at the general public?  It's because they've got the best experts, with their masses of data, constantly experimenting on us, and knowing they can get exactly what they want from us.  We will behave the way they want us to behave.  It's important though we like what they do to us.  They give us the cell phones.  They give us games.  They give us all this kind of stuff.  And then, they know, by what they've built into them, by their little trigger words and so on, how we will then behave, and work it into the culture.  That's how you create culture.  You make sure that you're in charge of creation of culture.  You can't let it come from the grass roots.  Then you'd lose control.  It's always been that way.  Plato talked about it.  It says:)


These are examples of what psychologists called "priming," which is basically getting people in a particular state of mind or getting them to think about what you want them to.  (A: They use it in advertising too.  They use it in elections and campaigns.) It's a staple of advertising and surprisingly easy to do. I've been thinking for a while that game developers should take better advantage of it.


What if, for example, certain words of phrases were thrown around on loading screens between levels or in the matchmaking lobby for a multiplayer shooter? Would simply showing words like "sportsmanship" or "communication" or "fairness" prime people to behave themselves during games? If you didn't want to be that transparent, you could include little stories, vignettes, or even comics or movies that included those words or illustrations of them. Or maybe you could use real data, like the number of heals provided by players in the previous game or awards for best defense.


(A: This is a book that's out, which I won't get, because it's very basic.  It says:)


In his book, Predictably Irrational, (A: Is the name of the book) behavioral economist Dan Ariely suggests some even better ways of making this kind of thing work. He describes some experiments that he, Nina Mazar, and On Amir did where they asked students at MIT (A: Now MIT is the big place where they do most of the experimentation for the American public, and it's eventually used on all of the American public) to solve as many math problems as they could in a fixed time.


Everyone was entered into a lottery where the winner would receive $10 for each correctly solved problem, (A: So there's your bait, you see.  They always give you an enticement.) so there was incentive to answer lots of problems. Some subjects were given a chance to cheat at the task by self-reporting the number of problems solved, and some couldn't cheat because a research assistant graded their answers.


But let's back up a bit. Some subjects in the "cheating is possible" condition were asked two write down the Ten Commandments before starting the math problems, and others were not asked to write anything. Relative to those who didn't have the opportunity to cheat, those who did and who did not write down the Ten Commandments supposedly answered 33% more questions --a clear indication of cheating since that's way more than could be expected by chance alone.


(A: So those who weren't given a moral guideline, even temporarily, cheated, you see.)


But what about those who had the chance to cheat but were asked to write things like "Thou shalt not lie" and "Thou shalt not steal?" Dude, they didn't cheat at all. They answered exactly as many questions on average as the people who didn't even have a chance to cheat. In a follow-up study, the same researchers replicated these results by omitting the Ten Commandments and having students acknowledge understanding that their actions were "subject to the MIT honor code" Which, ironically, was a lie; there was no such official code.


It seems that the Ten Commandments or a reference to an honor code was enough to prime people for behaving themselves, but I think the study also tapped what's called "the consistency bias." This is where we tend to behave in ways that are consistent with our stated intentions, especially if stated publicly.


Do you understand that all your culture's likes, dislikes, your political correctness, whatever it happens to be at the time, all the morals, are given to you, and you don't even know what's happening to you.  Because this stuff is used all over the media.  It's used, embedded in all movies that you're watching, and enjoying, to make sure that you behave the way they want you to behave.  And that could be any way that they want.  Incredibly promiscuous and cruel at times, whatever, or they can do it the opposite way, if they wanted it to, and have you very congenial towards each other, and polite, and etc.  You see, when they bring you down to the degenerative state of society, then you're very easy to control, because they always scream crime is out of hand, everyone is a criminal.  We've got to observe everyone and watch you all.  That's what's part of it too.  Ongoing, incredible, repetitive, repeated over and over, tests of the same tests that make sure they're correct so that they can use it on the general public.  All this stuff ends up in Hollywood and special Hollywood writers to embed it in their stuff, and of course it ends up in novelists too, the high novelists that are picked by the CIA.  And I'm not kidding about that.  They actually admit that.  So, that's the world that you live in, and you think that it's all just floating along by itself, and things evolve, and ideas come and go, etc. 


Here's a no-brainer here.  It's an interesting article.  Remember years ago, I read the articles on how they would destroy the culture, destroy the marriage.  It's all part of the Communist Manifesto, which was all given to them by the Royal Institute of International Affairs who helped to form it all, and the CFR in the U.S..  And marriage had to be destroyed by creating incredible promiscuity, and then the state would take over all the problems caused by the promiscuity, through health services, free injections, penicillin, all that kind of stuff, abortions.  They would find ways, of government agencies that would do foster care, all that kind of stuff would be handled by the state.  So the state was to abolish the family and take over all the responsibilities of the family.  That's what Marx also talked about, and so did Lenin.  Now it says here:


Are teenagers hooked on porn?


A London record producer I know is used to hearing teenagers talk about sex. All his working life, he’s been surrounded by hormonal boys in recording studios, hearing them chat with fevered curiosity about how to get girls into bed, and what to do in the unlikely event of succeeding. But now, he says, the studio has gone eerily quiet. Boys don’t talk about sex any more. They sit there in silence, staring at hardcore pornography on their phones, swapping images of astonishing sexual violence as if they were Pokémon cards.


‘They’re just children,’ he says sadly. ‘They used to find out about sex by having it. Now they know all about sexual extremes I’d never even heard of – and think must be normal – when in real life they’ve barely got further than a clumsy fumble.’


Concern about the sexualisation of childhood has been widespread in recent months, but directed at the mainstream media. A Home Office (A: That's the British Government's) report earlier this year called for the labeling of airbrushed adverts, a 9pm watershed for raunchy music videos, and a ban on the sale of lads’ mags to under-16s. We’re certainly right, experts say, to worry about sexualized images in adverts and on TV. (A: Now it's utter rubbish, this whole article, because, you see, that was always the agenda.  They've been doing this for years.  You know, a generation has grown up with it.) But it’s a bit like fretting about kids eating artificial additives when they’re already smoking crack cocaine.


If your partner is over 40, his sexual development was probably inspired by the underwear pages of a Kays catalogue. (A: I don't know what that is.) 10 years ago, most teenagers might have seen only soft porn magazines such as Playboy. (A: It's amazing how they go on about soft porn, you know, as they try to legitimize it by putting in some interviews of famous people to get them to look at the porn.) Yet today’s children are just a click away from a world of ‘scat babes’ (women covered in excrement), ‘bukkake’ (women weeping in distress while several men ejaculate over their faces), or websites offering an entire menu of rape scenes, from incest to raped virgins.


(A: What do you think Much Music's all about and Music Television?  Look at the fourteen-year-old girls and how they're dressed.  They're trying to dance like strippers.  That's all intentional.  We get the culture that's projected to us.)


The average child sees their first porn by the age of just 11. Between 60 and 90 per cent of under-16s have viewed hardcore online pornography, and the single largest group of internet porn consumers is reported to be children aged 12 to 17.


(A: So then they go on and on and on about what's happened, and you know, it's not even a woe is me thing.  It's more of an interest thing.  It's for them, because they're studying it, of course.  So then it goes on to what it's doing to boys and girls sexual development.)


What can we do about it? And if the answer is nothing, what kind of intimate relationships will our children be capable of forming when they mature into adults?


(A: Well, here is the whole key of it.  If you go back into Darwin's time, and the guys who took over and that was Sir Thomas Huxley, as a champion of Darwinism, and then they started one of the schools, with the Red Tie School.  H.G. Wells went to it as a propagandist for them, and started the Fabian Society.  And through novels and various other non-fictional works, they would promote the idea of sex, which was decoupled from emotional ties.  That was the whole object of it, which has been awfully successful today.  There's no emotional bonding.  No emotional bonding, there's no point in staying with someone and having children, you see.  And then governments have everyone split up.  There's nothing to stand up and fight for if you don't have a family.  People don't do it.  They won't stand up for anything.  Anyway, it goes on:)


The impact of porn on boys, according to sex therapist Dr Thaddeus Birchard, is particularly profound. ‘Boys tend to create their sexual template by images — either in their mind, or on the page,’ he says. ‘These pictures become watermarked on to the fabric of each individual’s sexual repertory. 


(A: And then they go into all the different things they're doing now that they think is all normal, because they see it in porn films.  And they find normal sex is boring, and etc, etc, etc.  All the deviant sex that's now pushed as normal all comes from porn.  I mean, I don't know if you know that, an awful lot of the porn industry is based in Hollywood, and the guys who work in Hollywood use all the equipment and the settings and so on, after they've made movies, to make the porn movies.  It's always been that way.  So it says that with:)


A recent survey by the NSPCC found that one in three girls aged 13 to 17 had been subjected to unwanted sexual acts by their partner, and one in four to ‘partner violence’. It is perhaps also no coincidence that before the internet, female pubic hair was generally considered normal. Banished from almost all contemporary porn, however, it is now regarded by most young men as some sort of abomination. (A: Amazing, eh?)


And it’s not only the sexual norms of boys that are being reset. The Portman Clinic in London, which treats sexual disorders, has noticed a dramatic increase in referrals of young girls using the internet to become amateur porn stars. Striking sexual poses, these girls can appear deceptively precocious. In reality, says Sampson, they haven’t a clue what they’re doing. ‘If those girls could see the fat middle-aged men (A: Walking, oh, it actually uses a different word, actually.  It actually means masturbating) over them, they would be appalled,’ she says. ‘Their fantasy is that they are on the red carpet, or a movie star.’  (A: Well, that's how they've been brought up by the whole culture industry, isn't it?)

It’s precisely their lack of knowledge that makes online porn so fascinating to many teenagers. A recent survey found that 54 per cent of boys found porn ‘really inspiring’ in terms of sexual performance. But it’s this tendency to equate porn with some sort of sexual training manual that worries many therapists the most.


(A: So the children get all their information from these sites, but they're also helped along at school, as you know, because they wanted to have communal masturbation in schools, through UNESCO, at the United Nations there, that's what they wanted to teach through your schools.  And that will come.  It's going to be there very shortly, actually.  It's only one step from talking about it, and repetition of it in the classroom, to actually doing it.  You know, that's what's coming.  So anyway, it says something, as though they'd just discovered this.)


Porn is even more addictive than alcohol or drugs,’ agrees John Woods, a psychotherapist at the Portman Clinic. And like any addiction, the user’s tolerance threshold quickly rises. It is still too early for us to have solid empirical data on how exposure to online pornography will affect the adult relationships of today’s teenagers.  (A: No, they'd have to go up to the bigger boys above them to find out, who did it, probably about eighty years ago.  It says:) Even if most of them won’t grow up to become addicts, experts’ predictions for their adult sex lives are troubling.


Girls are in an impossible position,’ (A: That's their little pun, of course.  You can tell that.) ‘Girls are in an impossible position,’ says Woods. ‘They will never match up to the porn star images. And sex will inevitably be a disappointment to men with these exaggerated notions of what might be possible. Boys will become disillusioned, too, because they don’t all perform like sexual athletes.’


Actually, I've got university books on it from years and years ago, claiming that eventually they'll start losing interest in sex altogether, because it will be so freely, widely available to all, that it's like, do you fancy having some orange juice or a beer, it's all just preferences for the moment, and eventually you'll become bored.  Also they've become sterilized too, like Julian Huxley said would happen.  He said, we're going to sterilized them, although they'll be allowed to rut like bunnies, and literally that's what he said.  They'll be sterilized, so it doesn't really matter.  Well, that's what they've brought in, and because there's no bonding, emotional bonding between people, there's nothing, there's nobody to stand up for, if they were attacked.  And government can talk right to you.  Just like you see on George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, in the movie, the black and white version with Richard Burton.  Nobody stands up beside you; no neighbor, no family, no children.  The government loves that.  They can talk right to you and order you about, and you feel terrified.  You're on your own.  Nothing happens by chance.  As I say, they wrote about that well over a hundred years ago, what they were going to do.


And finally, you've got the corn industry.  It got a bad name.  You remember too, aspartame of course, Mr. Rumsfeld's beautiful thing that he flogged, and got the governments to pass as a sweetener, and it was killing folk with cancer.  Then they changed its name to make it more palatable for a while, until we caught on to that too.  Well:


Corn Industry Wants to Make Corn Syrup Sound a Little Sweeter


The corn refining industry is seeking to make one of the most common ingredients in American food sound a little more palatable to health-conscious consumers and food companies.


The Corn Refiners Associations filed a petition on Tuesday with the Food and Drug Administration to change the name of high fructose corn syrup to "corn sugar", The Wall Street Journal reported.


The petition is the latest step from the corn industry to erase the notion (A: To erase the notion, you know) among some consumers that high fructose corn syrup isn't as natural as sugar. (A: Well it's anything but.  Now listen to this:)


"We hope to erase consumer confusion," (A: You know.  What they mean is, they hope to erase consumer education.) Audrae Erickson, president of the Corn Refiners Association, said.


And I'll put this link up too.  You read the whole thing for yourself, and the one at the very end of it, at the bottom of the page, is the fact is it causes pancreatic cancer, and they all know it.  It feeds the cells.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I'm back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  And there's a caller there.  Jason from Florida.  Are you there, Jason?


Jason:  Yeah, I just want to read a short article on aerial spraying, that you know we've been.  You heard about it on the local news.  This is from the TC Palm:


The Palm Beach County Division of Mosquito Control will conduct aerial spraying for mosquitoes in the western communities starting at sundown on Thursday evening, weather permitting.


The planned coverage area will cover approximately 268,000 acres will target populated areas, west of Military Trail from Jupiter to Boca Raton and out to the Everglades communities.


The aircraft will use a Huey helicopter.  Aerial spraying helicopter is necessary to control the mosquito population that generally increases with the rains, officials said in a news release to help control mosquitoes.  Residents are asked to drain or minimalize standing water on their properties.


Now, I've been here in Palm Beach County for a while. And they always have this expert from the Center of Disease Control come on saying, "Oh, you know, spraying is necessary." You know.  It's okay if you see these sprays up on the skies here.  You know, they're spraying for mosquitoes.  So here's the people accepting the spraying that's going on over our head, every day.


Alan: You've been trained to it.  Do they actually tell you what chemicals they're using?


Jason: No, they don't tell at all, but they always have the expert on, you know.


Alan: The expert, yep.


Jason: We're all trained to listen to the expert here, to listen to, you know, what he says is gold, you know.


Alan: That's right.  They did the same thing with California, where they're claiming there's a moth there eating all the fruit trees, so they're going to spray all the cities.  I mean, ha, ha, ha, ha.


Jason: And I mean, this has been going on longer than a month.  I've been seeing on the local news here, you know, the CDC coming on, talking about spraying for mosquitoes, and believe me, I get eaten by mosquitoes all the time.  And there's nothing but more than the normal mosquitoes here. 


Alan: Yes.  It's amazing too, that area has been a great testing ground for them.  I read an article last week where they actually released mosquitoes with Dengue Fever years ago.


Jason: Yep.  The Dengue Fever they're hyping up, yeah. 


Alan: That's right.  And that's their excuse for using it.  So they create the disease, put it out there, but then they use something else on the public and study you as you get sick.  (Chuckle)


Jason: And also, I'd like to talk about a little bit of predictive programming.  Now you've talked about articles of how they're bulldozing homes in Detroit, Michigan.  And I saw this movie called Robocop 3, right, and this was back in like 1993 I think the movie came out, and they're bulldozing homes in Detroit, and they're displacing all these people, and killing them off, you know.  I mean, that movie is maybe something funny for your listeners to watch.  It's a complete comedy.


Alan: Well, they've had mainstream documentaries out in Canada from the 90s with that wonderful man, David Suzuki, who likened the people to maggots.  That's what he called us.  And he's a great spokesman for the United Nations and so on.  He was doing a series on television of the coming greater cities, as they bring in the populations and try to make it more habitable for them, by putting a little bit of green here and there.  Eventually, it was to eradicate the urbanization areas, knock them down, and as you say.  That is the agenda.  That's also in the agenda of the army's manual for the next, the fifty-year projection, is the creation of super cities, eradication of rural areas, altogether.  You're correct. 


Jason: Yeah, I'd just like to say hi, to all the alphabet soup agencies listening in, and everything.


Alan: There's lots of them.


Jason: And you know, I mean, basically, you've got to go out in the poorer areas, and basically spread knowledge to the poorer areas.  That's what I think.


Alan: There's more thought happening in the countryside, there's no doubt about it.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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