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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 22, 2010:

The More Free, We the People,
The More We are Feeble:

"Waking Up is Quite the Sensation,
Relating Conditioning to Your Generation,
Strange How Freer They Say You Are,
When Rights Lost in Past, Viewed from Afar,
International Agendas Float Down from Sun,
No Mention at Elections When Con-Men Run,
Each Big Foundation and Each NGO,
Ensures the Direction THE PLAN Must Go,
The Wise Observe, The Wise Do Note,
And Don't Participate in Pantomime Vote,
It's Easy to See We're All Directed
By the Institutions of the Unelected,
Communitarianism, New Soviets Call,
There is No Sound as Freedoms Fall"
© Alan Watt Sept. 22, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 22, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September 22, 2010.  I always advise the newcomers to look into web site.  You’ll find lots of talks I’ve put up there in the past where you can download them for free.  I give you, hopefully, the shortcuts to understanding the big system in which you live, an ongoing system, a system which is really an agenda implemented in parts, in your lifetime, with a definite goal, many goals actually, that will go on for an awful long time, long after you’re gone, as it’s gone on since your parents went, or grandparents, or great grandparents.  This is a world agenda for a planned society run by those who think that they are really the elite who have a right to dominate and remake the world; you know, fix all the things that were left imperfect as they say. That’s what their job is, to remake all the things and rebuild all that that was left imperfect, including man himself.  These are the guys who decided a long time ago, they wrote about it too in the 1700s, about destroying the nations and creating a federation of world states.  What they didn’t tell you at the time, because they didn’t have the term for it then, is that it would be a form of soviet, a new soviet; that came later with one other lineage, Mr Lenin, and you ended up with a new soviet.  That’s what this is today.  It’s the sovietization of the world, with the collusion of the big international bankers.  There was never a fight between communism and capitalism as such.  It was simply a matter of getting the world on its knees under the threat of obliteration to get the agenda through.  They signed treaty after treaty, with their supposed enemies, all through the Cold War to bring this about.  That was also part of the excuse for uniting the whole of Europe under a single government.  Then they could basically stand up to Russia; that was also the guise of it.  So we are ongoing as I say.


Go into the site and you will also find I have books, CDs and DVDs for sale.  That helps me to just tick by.  It’s very expensive doing what I’m doing.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too that donations are appreciated.  It’s not often that donations really come in as such.  It’s generally to purchase something but you can also just donate as well.  I don’t charge you for anything on the site, all this information.  Most of the hosts get their money by having the advertisers pay them to come on as guests and so on, or push them or plug them.  I don’t do that.  I don’t have to do that.  The ads you hear on this show are paid by advertisers directly to RBN to air this particular program and broadcast it.  It pays for their bills and staff and equipment.  So help me with mine.  That way too, you won’t get scared out of your skin and then offered solutions either; I’m less compromised in that way too.  It gives me a freer scope to say what I want to say. 


You are living in a big planned agenda.  It’s well documented, for those who really want to understand it.  But believe you me, I was asked this today, is it worth while going into spending your lifetime really researching for more and more evidence of it?  How much evidence do you really need?  …to find what’s going on?  They are quite blatant where we are being taken today.  The big boys themselves, with their international meetings, publish stuff all the time.  Look at the United Nations web sites if you want to know what’s happening.  Look at all the organizations your leaders, your supposed elected leaders, belong to internationally and read the speeches they have given internationally.  It will tell you all that is going to happen shortly.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm back Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I say, this system is ongoing.  A long, long time ago authors even, who attended world meetings, who wrote novels – apart from the nonfictional books as well they churned out – and big families, well known families like the Huxley’s.  They go all the way back to Charles Darwin’s days.  In fact they are all related to each other.  Sir Thomas Huxley was the man, the grandfather of Aldous and Julian.  Julian became the first CEO of UNESCO and had some wonderful things to say about how they’d train the children for the future.  You’ll find that Aldous wrote his book Brave New World, a classic, that really had all the stuff they discussed at the top, for goodness knows how many years, and they published that in the 1933 I believe it was.  About genetic modification, the tranquilizing of the people, all of that kind of stuff was put into it because it was ALL discussed, long ago. 


The reality that you are given is always 50 years or 100 years too late, including the science they pretend to churn out that they are just working now and one day they hope to do this and that and so on.  Generally when that is put out to the public it was done long ago.  That keeps you in a fake reality and it also allows those who are in positions of power to maintain that power… because we’re all living technically, and I mean technically, in the past. 


So here is a guy with Brave New World and Brave New World Revisited, and lots of interviews up on Google even, with Mike Wallace and others, Aldous Huxley talking about literally the doing away with mating for offspring; that was one big thing.  The future children that he talked about would eventually, eventually be basically hybrids, specially born and out of what we now call test tubes, artificial wombs.  That’s to come, but they have already done it I’m sure, probably some time ago.  He talked about this and keeping the public kind of happy with a drug called Soma, as an example.  Here is an article, as they go further forward with all of this.  They have already drugged the children, remember, and no one has really objected very much about it.  They are taking them at school and some, generally young boys who ask too many questions because they’ve got minds that are very inquisitive and don’t want to sit still, are put on these drugs to calm them down.  A strange thing too, putting them on amphetamines to calm them down.  However, what it does is shrink their brain and they do admit that at the top.  But they claim that it’s worth it really, to have a quite classroom where the boys sit very docile, like the girls; boys are not girls, and they know that too.  And schools today are maternalistic; they are run in a matronly fashion – it doesn’t cater to men, or create them either.  Here is this article…


How a tiny dose of Prozac may help relieve the misery of PMS

By Fiona Macrae / / 18th September 2010


Tiny amounts of Prozac could end the monthly misery of PMT for millions of women – and their partners, (Alan:  They have partners these days.) scientists believe.  (A:  Again, those experts that Huxley talked about, and Bertrand Russell talked about, training the public to listen to experts only.  Don’t think for yourself.  You are too dumb.  You are too lowly on the totem pole to think for yourself.  Listen to the word of the ‘scientist’ and ‘expert;’ you get this with almost all the things they put out now for media.  “And their partners, SCIENTISTS believe.”  So that’s the way it formats; that gives you your first, initial impression for the rest of the story.)


In studies, the ‘happy pills’ banished the mood swings, bloating, lethargy and pain that blights the lives of up to three-quarters of women in the run-up to their period.


The doses given were around a tenth of that used to treat depression and so should be free of the side-effects that have dogged the drug’s use in psychiatry.  (A:  Like suicide and like women turning around and killing their children, stuff like that.)


Preliminary experiments have had ‘dramatic’ results (A:  I love this.  Who’s funding this group, Birmingham University?  They live on grants that churn this stuff out.) and researchers at Birmingham University believe low-dose Prozac could be routinely used to prevent PMT –or what scientists call pre-menstrual syndrome – (A:  Oh, the SCIENTISTS call it premenstrual syndrome. That’s a big term eh?) within two years.


(A:  And here we go now.  We don’t have psychologists and so on, we have neuroscientists.  That’s your brain, the ones that are working on your brain, controlling society with the behaviorists.)  Neuroscientist Thelma Lovick said: ‘A lot of women experience PMS and a lot of men are on the receiving end. I can’t say we are going to cure everyone but taken in conjunction with sensible lifestyle changes we are in with a chance.’


Dr Lovick pinned the symptoms on the sharp fall in levels of the sex hormone progesterone that occur during the week before a women menstruates.


Normally, a waste product of progesterone called allopregnanolone, or allo, (A:  Which makes a lot of sense, Allo.)  helps keep a lid on brain circuits involved in controlling emotions.


When progesterone levels fall, amounts of allo also fall, and emotions run riot. With Prozac known to raise levels of allo, Dr Lovick decided to see if it would ease the condition in rats.  (A:  They always test it on rats, and then it’s us, I guess we are in the same category.)


Very small doses completely prevented the anxiety and increased sensitivity to pain the creatures normally experience.


Dr Lovick told the British Science Festival: ‘It completely blocked the symptoms – we are amazed.  (A:  I guess they will get another grant for saying that.)


‘The time is right (A:  Now, here you go. “The time is right…”) for a controlled clinical trial in women. The solution for PMS could be as simple as taking a pill for a few days towards the end of your menstrual cycle.’


It is likely women would take a pill at the first signs of PMT and take one each day for the following week.


Used alongside lifestyle changes such as controlling stress and cutting out sugary foods, it could have a major impact on millions.


So there you go.  You’ve got therapeutic Prozac, supposedly.  And you know darn well if it is taken for a few days it’s going to end up getting taken for the whole month and the whole year.  That’s really the whole agenda right there.  So there are the scientists, those special people who know how we should behave, and what we should do, and they tell us what to do.  Kind of like the weather people now that tell you how to dress for the day…  It’s going to rain; wear something waterproof… that kind of stuff, because we can’t think for ourselves, poor little dumb folk that we are. 


The Wise Up Journal also had that article from the Daily Mail in it.  But it goes on to something else.  This came out in 2004.


Scientists and news media advocate drugging ALL healthy women with Prozac

Wise Up Journal / 22.09.2010 / By Gabriel O’Hara


Prozac and other drugs are allowed (not stopped) in our drinking water, the powers that be kindly revealed, and we were legally informed of that by the state-run BBC:


“Prozac ‘found in drinking water’

BBC / 08.08.2004


“Traces of the antidepressant Prozac can be found in the nation’s drinking water, it has been revealed.  (A:  Now, they said they’d put it in the water.  I mean, guys like Arthur Koester worked at the United Nations for a while, with other ‘specialists’ you know, and he wrote a book called Ghost in the Machine.  He said they were working on ways to keep the public happy and quiet and so on, for world peace.  And everything from lobotomy, physical lobotomy to chemical lobotomy was discussed.  They discussed ways of putting it in the drinking water, in your food, by inoculation, by ALL means possible because he said it has to happen for world peace.  Now, world peace means, to the communists, the Trotskyites, it means ABSENCE OF ALL OPPOSITION to those who want to plan society and plan how you behave and act and speak about and all that kind of stuff.  So here is Prozac in the drinking water… and it was dropped like a hot potato once it was revealed, after this article.  It says here…)


“The newspaper says environmentalists are calling for an urgent investigation into the evidence.  (A:  Why do you need ENVIRONMENTALISTS?   Hmm?  I mean, shouldn’t the public… I mean, do we really have a group for everything that’s used for our own common sense?  Do you ever, ever dissect the garbage that they churn out in mainstream?  See, it’s all conditioning garbage to condition you.)


“the Liberal Democrats’ environment spokesman, Norman Baker MP, as saying the picture emerging looked like “a case of hidden mass medication upon the unsuspecting public”.  (A: Well see, we need a politician to tell us that, eh?  …an expert.)


“He says: “It is alarming that there is no monitoring of levels of Prozac and other pharmacy residues in our drinking water.”  (A:  Well, this wasn’t a residue.)


Experts (A:  Here we go, experts…) say the anti-depression drug gets into the rivers and water system via treated sewage water.  (A:  They are also talking about estrogen and everything; that’s what’s making the guys effeminate.  It’s not the food of course; it’s not the bisphenol A’s and so on that’s in the plastics and all the rest of it, you know.)


“In the decade leading up to 2001, the number of prescriptions for antidepressants went up from nine million per year to 24 million per year, says the paper. (A:  No kidding.  That’s when the economy plummeted, and it’s worse now of course.  I guess that’s the answer to bad economic depressions, is to take Prozac, I guess that’s what they are saying.)


“The Environment Agency report concluded that the Prozac in the water table could be potentially toxic and said the drug was a “potential concern”.  (A:  A ‘potential’ concern.  You are getting drugged but it’s a ‘potential’ concern.)


“The exact amount of Prozac in the nation’s drinking water is not known.”


That was in 2004.


When other government employees say they will take up the case and pressure for an urgent investigation the public sit back and relax thinking it is being handled. (A:  You know, by the guys that should be handing it.)  The technique is so good that major corporations have been caught setting up, financing and running ‘opposition’ groups to their new products or goals for the same reason.


I’ll put this one up too. These articles I put the links up on my web sites at the end of the show and you can look them up for yourself.  Copy and save them for future use because one day, all this stuff goes down the memory hole with the internet.  It’s there one day, gone tomorrow.  That’s exactly what George Orwell was talking about in the book, 1984.  So we are getting drugged, just as the agenda said would happen and no one seems to mind so much.  I guess it’s because we’re all drugged. We are all kind of, you know… We are not reacting to crisis skyrocketing.  We are not reacting to very much at all.  The guys are watching their sports, the women are watching their soap operas, and the children are stuck glaring at the internet... and everything is hunky-dory.  So we are in that world already.  Quite something eh?  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know Huxley and Russell and all the big boys that wrote back in the early 20th century, right through the 20th century some of them, they talked about this world to come and of course the depopulation agenda and how they would eventually, eventually arrive at the place where you’d have to get permission to mate with someone FOR offspring and even then it wouldn’t happen unless the genes were compatible.  What they meant by that was they want it to be positive, as positive as they could be through genetic inquiry that that offspring would be the desirable type, that could be ruled efficiently by their betters basically.  They didn’t want children in general just around. 


They knew they were bringing the world into a post-industrial era.  They knew they were setting up China, and they would set up China, to be the manufacturer for the planet, as early as 1930.  When they said that and wrote it in their books too, China was still a third world country; they could hardly make a pot and pan for God’s sake.  So we are living through this script.  So what were they going to do with all the people that were displaced from factories in the West?  What were they going to do with them?  Gradually bring down the population, discourage marriage, discourage having children, put as many obstacles in the way to even having children that no one would do it.  That’s pretty well been achieved for many people in the Western world.  Australia even, I don’t know if they put their tax through, a carbon tax for bringing more children into the world.  See, there are so many ways to achieve an objective but because people can’t TIE THEM TOGETHER, they don’t see the agenda.  It’s like the Millennium Project from the United Nations; it is exactly the same as the United Nations Agenda 21 and sustainable development and all of this kind of stuff.  Here is another article to help discourage people having children again. 


Major health insurers to stop offering new child-only policies (A:  in the US.)

By N.C. Aizenman / / Monday, September 20, 2010


Some of the country's most prominent health insurance companies have decided to stop offering new child-only plans, rather than comply with rules in the new health-care law that will require such plans to start accepting children with preexisting medical conditions after Sept. 23.


The companies will continue to cover children who already have child-only policies. They will also accept children with preexisting conditions in new family policies.


Nonetheless, supporters of the new health-care law complain that the change amounts to an end run around one of the most prized consumer protections.


"We're just days away from a new era when insurance companies must stop denying coverage to kids just because they are sick, and now some of the biggest changed their minds," Ethan Rome, executive director of Health Care for America Now, an advocacy group, said in a statement. "[It] is immoral, and to blame their appalling behavior on the new law is patently dishonest."  


Well, I don’t know if it really is or not.  I think they all work together.  All these people with their oppositions to this and that, all work together for the big boys.  That’s the dialectic process; out of that comes the new synthesis and that becomes the thesis for the next part.  That’s how it’s always been done.  That’s why they went over and over and over in communism the whole technique of the dialectic.  And we know that all those groups that supposedly speak for the general public… the general public would never have even thought of starting them up.  So who does start them up and who funds them?  Well they are funded by the big foundations which comprise the parallel government which work with the United Nations.  They have trillions of dollars to spend every year on their non-governmental organizations, that we eventually start thinking are like part of the government or something, even though they are classified as ‘charitable’ organizations.  But they speak out in your interest you see, supposedly.  You don’t vote them in.  And government always listens to them, although government doesn’t listen to you.  What a nice arrangement eh?  Isn’t that wonderful?


Things roll on.  It’s so wonderful, again, to watch the system come in, collapse what’s left of the economy, ON QUEUE, because remember, the whole bubble system has been here for many, many, many years before they burst the bubble and called it a crash.  Of course the banks didn’t lose out; that was part of the deal before the collapsed it.  The whole idea was to get us used to paying massive taxes.  Eternal debt was to be stuck in our minds so that we just do what we are told, and bring in the new system.  Then eventually, after a few years, they will bring in another system, a world system, because the IMF is supposed to come up to its top place that it was created to be IN and rule us basically, financially, across the whole globe and do the books for every State as they call it; they don’t have countries up at the United Nations, they only have States.  The World Bank will basically be the guys to do all the loaning out to these little States no matter how small or large they are.  Here is an article…


Millions to become 'mortgage prisoners' under new loan rules,

 warns lending boss

By Becky Barrow / / 22nd September 2010


Millions of homeowners will become 'mortgage prisoners' if the controversial introduction of new loan rules goes ahead next year, experts have warned.  (A:  Here we have ‘experts’ again.)


The Council of Mortgage Lenders slammed the proposals from the Financial Services Authority as 'fatally flawed.'


Under the new rules, radical changes will be made to who can get a mortgage, how much they can borrow and what type of mortgage they can take out.


But Michael Coogan, director general of the CML, used a keynote speech today to dismiss the rules as a total disaster.


It will trigger a sharp rise in negative equity, interest-only mortgages will disappear and leave young people unable to buy a home until their 'late 30s or even later', he said.  (A:  Now, what’s Agenda 21?  …eventually no private property, folks.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're back, Cutting Through The Matrix.  This article that I was reading also says this…


In a bleak assessment of the future, (A:  This particular expert that did this report and so on, Michael Coogan.) he said: 'The golden age of homeownership is over, for the moment.'  (A:  But that’s pretty well permanent, because this is the agenda; it will be rental only.  Again, Russell talked about that back in the 1940s and printed it in some of his books.)


There’s a caller there from San Francisco.  It’s Grayson, are you there?


Grayson:  I’ve got to tell everybody they should read your Cutting Through Volumes 1, 2 and 3, but also they should read the books you talk about.  I just finished reading The Impact of Science on Society by Russell and man, I’m telling you, you are hitting everything right on.  I think it’s important to people, you are telling us, giving us information, but they should also read what you are talking about.  You know what I’m saying?


Alan:  Yes.


Grayson:  Because what you are talking about, I went back.  I remember when I was in college I was reading Plato’s Republic but I didn’t really get it.  Then I went back after I’d…  a friend of mine turned me on to you when I was in Berlin last year.  He said, yeah man, you should listen to this guy.  So I said, maybe I should go back and read Plato’s Republic, maybe I should read Bertrand Russell again.  The one thing that was really interesting too, that Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley; it’s a very dense book.  You were mentioning how tedious and boring this stuff is that they write about and I’ll tell you, if you don’t read it… they are telling you what they are going to do. 


Alan:  They spell it out all for you.  In amongst all the dry stuff, they are actually TELLING you how they are doing it, step by step, how they will introduce this part and so on, and sometimes even how long it will take, how many generations it will take to get to a particular part of an agenda.


Grayson:  It’s amazing.  I mean I was, you know, growing up and going to the schooling here in the United States; I was always like a little outside of it.  It was really funny one night, I remembered you talking about how you feel like you are not in it and everybody else seems like they are walking in lock step or something.  I always kind of felt that way but I wasn’t sure what was going on.  Then I read a little bit.  My parents were pretty cool people so they encouraged me to question things and read more. But no.  What you are saying, everything that you are saying, if people don’t read these books you are talking about, what these people are saying, as well as your material too which I think is a good place for people to start if they don’t really get it and then branch out into the Russell stuff and go back and read Plato’s Republic again.  If you haven’t read it in a while, then…


Alan:  What do you think of politics now?  And voting for this one and that one and so on?  How has it changed you?


Grayson:  That is like totally bogus.  I have to tell you something though.  When I was younger, when I was like 23 or so, I was… I live in the city you know, in San Francisco, and I was over at a party over in Marin County and there were a bunch of Black Panther people over there. This was in the 60s of course, right.  I was talking to this young woman and I was saying, there is never going to be any freedom until people get rid of the TV.  Then I had one of the young cats approach me and go like, well brother you just don’t understand what’s going on.  I go, well maybe I don’t, so I think I’ll go back in and get another drink.  [Laughing]  You know, you just can’t… People I really love, that are close to me, I can’t even talk about this stuff.


Alan:  No.


Grayson:  You know, me and my brother, because we were both in Viet Nam, so we are like looking at things from a different perspective anyhow. 


Alan:  And they can’t, because you have gone SO far beyond them.  They are still living in their conditioned reality.  What’s astounding too, is they keep voting and they have no idea, and no interest really, in the articles that are churned out from the United Nations, where their leaders are signing more and more rights over to the United Nations EVERY year and they have been for 50 years.


Grayson:  It’s like this constant movement toward that one mind, one rule. 


Alan:  That’s correct.


Grayson:  And guess what?  They make the rules, which is the bad part because it just leaves the rest of us…  I started reading your stuff; like I said I got turned on to you when I was in Germany last year by a friend of mine.  I read your material and I’m looking forward to getting some more because I want to read more about it. But I did take you up on what you said about reading the people who are…  You know what was really funny, Alan?  I went to the main library in San Francisco and they had a copy of The Impact of Science on Society but you couldn’t take it out.  Now dig this.  I had to get is from USF, which is, I think it’s a Jesuit University.  They had a copy I could get through the library system so I was able to read it.  I’m going like, wait a minute, hold it just a minute, I can’t get it here, at the library, the main library, I have to go to through this system and then you are going to give it to me?  It just blew me away.  I just couldn’t understand that. 


Alan:  That’s right.  Also too, for the big boys who took part in the global structure and setting it up, and who participated in laying the foundations and the direction of the agenda, like Russell, they have foundations just for those guys.  And those foundations sell other books and some of them are brand new, they haven’t been published by the millions no doubt.  But some of them cost $1000, $2000 to get a thin paperback copy because they don’t want the general public reading some of the other stuff that they wrote. 


Grayson:  I know.  I know.  Well, you know the thing, like I said, that really hit me after I started listening, was you always go to the source, right.  So if these people are sitting around talking about well, in the perfect scientific society…  That’s what they want to do and they are definitely writing about it.  You know I went back and looked at, because one night you had mentioned that HG Wells movie that they made, The Shape of Things to Come.  So I went to the library, I checked it out and I looked in it.  I go like, oh, there’s the gas, because they had the gassing in there, they gas everybody.  I’m going like, ha, Alan was right. 


Alan:  They called it ‘the peace gas.’  They sprayed it from the air. 


Grayson:  Yes.  Yes.  Thank you very much and I appreciate your work.  I’ll hopefully be talking to you again.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


That is the real world we live in.  It’s vastly different from the one that’s portrayed by the media.  The media’s job is to keep you living in a fake now, really, and never tying the different things together for you and saying, by the way, this is…  For instance, this last article, that’s part of Agenda 21 where you’ll live in your little sustainable communities and will have no private property – that way they can punish you by withholding your credits FROM the government, which by the way they are going to do – they announced the other day there that Britain, THEY have announced from Britain that ALL the peoples’ wages will eventually go through government, starting very shortly.  They will dish out what’s left, after they take out their so-called share, and give it back to you.  Well, they will withhold your money and you can’t get rent money and you can’t get your money for groceries and so on.  They will punish you for 2 or 3 months for being a bad boy or girl.  Russell talked about that too, back in the 1950s in his books.  So we are living through an agenda folks.  This guy was not a genius. Russell never claimed to have any psychic abilities; he didn’t believe in all of that stuff.  He believed in pure science and making agendas, because when you make an agenda and you have the power and money and the committees and foundations to work it through, then it will happen; there is nothing to stop it.  Unlimited financing…  Quite easy isn’t it?


Then you go into articles like this one too.  It’s about Van Rompuy who’s now the head of this whole new soviet bloc they call the EU, the European Union.  I’ll put this up because it’s about really their new economic system as they take over the economies of ALL the countries under them now and start to work out all the financing for all those countries. They want total control over everybody’s books and so on; imports, exports and you name it, all of the legalities.  It was set up to do it in the first place. 


Van Rompuy defends economic taskforce against critics

VALENTINA POP / 22.09.2010 /


Here is another article and you should really do a search for this and you’ll find it at the us gov; I think it’s .gov.  It’s communal living in the USA.



S. 1619 - A BILL

SHORT TITLE:  This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Livable Communities Act of 2009’’.


To establish the Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities,

to establish the Interagency Council on Sustainable Communities (A:  In the US.),

 to establish a comprehensive planning grant program,

 to establish a sustainability challenge grant program,

and for other purposes.


It was first introduced, first introduced on August 6th, 2009; it’s coming up now apparently.  They may even change the name of it, now that so many people have managed to get a hold of the idea behind it.  It’s to do with Agenda 21’s sustainable communities in the United States, the knocking down of all those nasty suburbs, those sprawls, urban sprawls as they call them, and having you all squeezed inside.  It says…


Congress finds the following:


(1) Demographic trends support the need for cooperation in land use planning and the development of housing and transportation. (A:  Very important because eventually, remember, there is no private cars or vehicles to be allowed under Agenda 21.)  The population of the United States will grow from approximately 307,000,000 people to approximately 439,000,000 people during the period between 2009 and 2050, an increase of more than 40 percent.  (A:  That means it’s an increase because of mass immigration folks, because the domestic population is declining and they admit that in this same report.)


(2) The demographic groups that are most likely to use public transportation are the groups that are projected to increase in size the most during the period between 2009 and 2025.  (A:  Public transportation is to do away with private vehicle ownership.)


(3) By 2025, nearly 1 in every 5 people in the United States will be 65 years of age or older.


(4) During the period between 1980 and 2000, the growth of the largest 99 metropolitan areas in the continental United States consumed 16,000,000 acres of rural land, or about 1 acre for every new household.  (A:  Well why are they letting the immigration in?  …if that’s what’s going to happen?  Hmm?  Well, they let the immigration in because you see, they say you’ve got such a massive national debt you can’t pay it off.  And you are not having children now so they’ve got to bring them in.  It’s the same excuse as they used in Britain, which is technically finished now, finished.  It’s a mess… completely dysfunctional… destroyed.)


So I’ll put this link up as well and you can go through this long bill yourself, if you’ve got the time and the inclination and the patience.  You will see what else is buried within it because it’s worth a read.  It’s the only way you will know what’s going on.  As I say, you could spend a few lifetimes knowing what’s going on.  The problem is always, what on earth do you do about it?  Because we are all in this system; they have given us no alternative but to BE in the system.  There is the big challenge. 


I’ve read a little part about how they churn out the future leaders for countries.  Oxford of course, was the beginning of the Council on Foreign Relations that came out of the Royal Institute of International Affairs which came out of the Milner Group, the bankers who decided to put this world system together, with Lord Rothschild, Cecil Rhodes, Lord Milner and so on.  They eventually changed their names into the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  The higher members are LIFE long members that do the world’s work and they belong to, inside Oxford, it’s called All Souls College.  Carroll Quigley also talked about that in his book Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment.


New Oxford school of governance (A:  GoverNANCE, you see.  You don’t have governments anymore in a world society; everything, every facet of civilization and living is under a different governance, a specialized governance, which you don’t elect.) 

will 'groom future world leaders'

Blavatnik school will teach the 'skills and responsibilities of government'

and how to deal with complex problems

Jeevan Vasagar, education editor / / Monday 20 September 2010


Many UK prime ministers and world leaders have studied at Oxford but until now, the university has had no school dedicated to governance.


Oxford University, which has educated 26 British prime ministers, will today unveil plans for a new school of government dedicated to grooming future world leaders.


The school, funded by (A:  Guess what?) a £75m gift (A:  Boy, there you go.  Philanthropy again…) from a US philanthropist, (A:  Is that Mr Rockefeller or who, one of his cousins?) will train graduates from around the world in the "skills and responsibilities of government," the university said.  (A:  What they mean is the new global governance system, folks.  That’s where they are training the heads of them, from all over the world.  And they are quite blatant about it. For those that want to think you can figure it all out for yourselves.)


What do they do with these guys who help bring in the world society, just demolish the old societies as they said they would?  The Fabians, for instance, that are part of this Royal Institute of International Affairs, Fabians like Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister who was Chancellor for a long time in Britain, wrecked the economy and then became Prime Minister and sold it all out into the world system totally at the end, by signing agreement after agreement until Britain as a country no longer exists; it’s being sold off piecemeal.  They have now parliamentary leaders in the European Union.  You’re as well as having it in Timbuktu for all the good they’ll do you.  So here is an interesting little, you know, PR piece about Gordon Brown.


Gordon Brown to serve as Harvard visiting fellow

(A:  I don’t know if most Americans know he’s been sent over to the US, because he’s going to be the US representative to The World Bank.  I wonder if you know that, and the IMF (International Monetary Fund), for the United States?  That’s his reward for wrecking Britain.  Now he’s over to help wreck… he knows how to do it faster you see, than the guys that they’ve got in the States.)

Gordon Brown has been appointed as a visiting fellow at the prestigious American university of Harvard (A:  …as well.), it has been announced.

(A:  Isn’t that impressive, eh?)

By Rosa Prince, Political Correspondent / / 14 Sep 2010


The former prime minister will kick off his fellowship with a formal address to students at the Institute of Politics at the Boston university.


He is also expected to hold a series of discussions groups on “topical issues” and his “experiences in public and political service,” and participate in “public policy” classes with faculty and students. 


That’s all for the Fabian Society so they’ll help wreck totally what’s left of America.  Yep.  I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at the Fabian Society.  You MUST look into its foundations, how it started, the members that helped start it up.  In The Soviet Story, an excellent video you’ve got to see, stuff they’ve never published until it was made, to the general public.  In the video they show you a little clip of George Bernard Shaw who was promoted up there as a top novelist and nonfiction writer as well.  He says right on it, when WE… when we control the world, YOU, meaning you, the little minions down there, will have to come to us to justify why WE should keep you alive.  And you thought that the Nazis dreamed up their philosophy by themselves?  No.  It started off in London folks.  That beautiful Shaw also wanted scientists to get together to devise a GAS where they could just simply gas people and kill them humanely.  And the Nazis got blamed for that too.  Shaw is a hero, a novelist.  I'll be back with more after this break.  The Fabian Society….


Hi folks.  I'm back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  The matrix is the system in which you are born.  It’s premade for you to fit into and everything that they decide at the top you need to know you will be taught to know and no more.  Of course it’s never a reality.  It’s what makes you easily governed.  It makes you work, pay taxes, and do whatever you are told to do, behave the way you are told to behave, dress the way you are told to dress, and buy the things you are told to buy, and give as little problem as possible to governments that rule you.  That’s the idea behind it.  It’s a form of mind control and of course they discussed this, again, back at the beginning of the 20th century and before. 


How government really works is by fear… using fear.  Governments all down through the ages, even when it was Kings and Queens, always had their advisors stirring up trouble, claiming that foreigners were going to invade you and so on. They needed massive armies and more money from the people to protect them.  Keeping you safe… it’s the oldest trick in the book.  Of course, terrorism is the best one of all.  I mean, it’s not really a people, it’s not a place.  It’s really a form of emotion; being in the state of terror, you see.  So it fits the bill.  It can go into everything, everything at all.  They can expand it into every area of human existence, when you go into terror.  You see.  It fits in. 


The idea is to train you now by, again, experts that there is just nothing safe enough.  Now they are bone scanning you for ID as well.  They are x-raying you for ID.  They are doing iris scans and everything else.  DNA scans are coming of course; there already is in some countries for DNA.  They are training you now that they are going to scan your brain waves as well.  Because you see, they might catch the occasional crook.  And you all want to be saved from criminals don’t you?  So this article here is recycled.  It’s been recycled about 15 times, maybe 50 times in the past year, to get it through your heads.  It’s called predictive programming and you will think this is inevitable when it comes along.  You’ll say, well, you know…  You haven’t really thought it through but it’s awfully familiar to you.  And you say, well, okay, I guess you can scan my brain.  It says…


A brainwave for catching a criminal?

A new study suggests criminals can be detected by measuring a brainwave known as P300.  (A:  Are you impressed? P300 eh?)

In tests it worked remarkably well, but can we really trust it? / Posted by Mo Costandi Tuesday 21 September 2010


(A:  And here it is.  We’ve got neuro-science and all kinds of varieties… neuro-economists.  Now we’ve got neuro-philosophists… ooooh.  It says…)


Terrorists could be identified by a brainwave test that detects concealed information about an imminent attack, according to a study by psychologists from Northwestern University in Chicago.


The test, a sophisticated version of the now-discredited polygraph (or lie-detector) test, (A:  [Alan laughing.] So it’s a more sophisticated form of a total failure, because all spies and anyone who wants can learn how to can cheat it.  It’s quite easy.) is based on the so-called guilty knowledge test developed in the 1950s.


Why do they have to beat the crap out of all the suspects they get and claim that they are terrorists? Why do they have to, you know, wire up their testicles and electric shock them, water board them, if they’ve got something as fantastic as this?  …invented in the 1950s.  No.  See schmucks, this is for you out there to get it through your head that YOU are going to get scanned every so often, you see, to make sure that you have no nasty thoughts, that you have no angry thoughts of getting stopped and when they demand that you take this little test in the street or wherever it happens to be.  You see?  That’s what it’s for.  Do you understand what you read half the time?  I wonder. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods – and at least your brain – GO with you. 



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