September 24th, 2010 (#671)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt September 24th, 2010:

Morals, The Tribal Taboo Flushed Down the Loo:
Intergenerational Take-Down Causes Confusion,
Planned by Eugenicists Who have the Solution:

"Authorized Culture Industry Cause Each Problem,
When Society's in Chaos Experts Appear to Solve 'em,
Plus Government Introduced the Welfare State,
Social Workers Blossomed to Ensure the Fate
Of Generations with Burdens of Promiscuity,
In a System that Lobotomizes Hyper-Acuity,
Early Twentieth Century had Too Much Resistance
From Targets of Eugenics, Saying No with Insistence,
So the Long Way Round Chosen as the Solution,
Enter the "Swinging Sixties" and Sexual Revolution,
Promoted Top-Down by Those in Authority,
Aimed at Teenagers who Became the Majority,
And Now with Their Children, Living in Chaos,
Eugenicists Boldly Step Forward to Save Us"
Alan Watt September 24th, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - September 24th, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, on the 24th of September, 2010.  And, as always, I suggest newcomers, and there's always newcomers coming into the show, I know that by the emails I get, you should look into website.  You'll find a massive archive there of audios and transcripts, as well, for download.  Remember too, that all those sites you see listed on that front page, it's very important that you bookmark them, because they all carry the same information.  Sometimes I get one or two going down at a time.  And if you bookmark the lot of them, you'll have at least one of them, which I'm sure hopefully will work.  And they all carry the audios, they all carry transcripts in English of a lot of the talks that I've given.  And if you want audios, and if you want the transcripts in another language, go into where you can find them for print up in other languages of your choice. 

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And on this show, as I say, I try to show you the bigger picture.  Same with the archives and the audios.  I've got the history, archives I've got up there.  You've got to go into them, because you will save yourself a lot of time and trouble, and a lot of loops, there's a lot of loops that have been put out there for you to follow, around in circles and circles and circles, just to chase rainbows and chasing aliens and all kinds of weird stuff.  That will take a good part of your time up, but it won't help you at all in understanding what's really happening, and it won't help to make a stronger person out of you either, if you're living in constant fear.  After all, if aliens are running the world, what chance do you have in doing anything, eh?  It's a great way to get you out of the running of even doing anything, participating, and that's called counter-intelligence, by the way.  That's how it works.


You know, this New World Order, as I say, there's nothing really new about it, at all.  It was planned an awful long time ago.  Lots of books were written in the 1800s by big players, and into the 1900s, and in the 20th century.  Now, the music is coming in, and I'll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, I'm back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about this big world order that's been ongoing for an awful long time.  The Big Boys before World War II were very, very ambitious about their plans.  They had lots of books written out there.  The British Eugenics Society worked with the American Eugenics Society, and various other Eugenics Societies to try and find ways to eliminate all the working classes that would simply have to go.  Because even then, they knew, they were bringing in a world government, and they wouldn't need all these laboring classes anymore.  And they were terrified the lower classes would outbreed the brighter ones, you know, the ones who deserve to live, obviously.  And they devised different plans and methods, and discussed things at world meetings, on how to depopulate.  Even from the beginning, at the League of Nations in 1918, or 1919, they discussed this too.  That became the United Nations, and they still discuss it, because they have a Department of Population Control there.  And it's been an ongoing battle all the time.


Now, the thing is, the average person is taught to be a good citizen, see, a good citizen.  A good citizen is what those in power decide you should really be.  They decide too, or their minions beneath them of bureaucrats, decide what kind of pacified, happy little taxpayer that you are. And they give you your moral codes for that time, for each time.  And they also destroy morals, when they want to bring in a new system.  Then, out of the chaos, they give you the next system.  It's an old, old technique, which is ongoing, all the time.  It's ongoing as we live, in fact.  And most folk never catch on.  You're born into your own time.  You go through your standard educational system, where your teachers help to brainwash you that everything that they tell you is true, and that you're living in a world, and a government too, you serve a government who is awfully nice, awfully nice people, who have your best interests at heart, all the time.  They worry about you.  They even make movies about them too, in the States, you know, about the politicians and how they worry about the general public.  It's quite a nice farce, but this is the sort of stuff you get fed to keep you naive and dumb and silly, you see, and to make sure you don't recognize what's really happening, even when people are dropping dead all over the place with cancer, from the inoculations they got back from the fifties onwards, for the polio vaccines, etc, etc.  Plus, the heavily tampered food that we eat too.  It isn't just pesticide laced, and I mean soaked, literally through the cells of the plants, but it's also modified as well, GMO, it's modified.  You don't bring in Monsanto, remember that helped with Agent Orange, military-industrial boys, all their top scientists to make a better potato, because they'd like you to have a good french fry.  Why would you bring in all these guys to mix different genes together, knowing, in high biochemistry, they can create, plants will create specific enzymes and poisons and all the rest of it.  You see, they can actually sterilize you through food alone.  Do you understand that?  That was also discussed at the United Nations, years ago.  And the Rockefellers were in on a type of rice, that was going to feed the world, but they also put out a patent that this particular rice could also help sterilize people.  In other words, they don't ask for volunteers. 


When they made you dumb and stupid and happy, and they told you how to be happy and this is a good citizen, and everyone wants to belong to the same group and be happy, and talk about the same things, to be accepted, then you don't know that you're actually being sterilized and killed off, and it's a plan.  You're taught that everything that happens in life is always an accident.  Oh, no one could have foreseen this coming along, oh, my goodness.  It's like the New Agers.  The New Agers are taught to be nice and happy, always ignore the nasty things, and don't prepare for anything like that.  You always think positive about things.  That was all put out by the top boys.  The CIA ran the New Age from its inception in the U.S. and of course MI6 had a branch in Britain that literally put out a few gurus as well.  So, they create the New Age, which is a form of mind control, you see.  And even the Soviets were intensely interested.  They sent over people just to monitor the New Age and how it was taking off in the West, because they found it was such a great way to control people and make them happy, regardless of the circumstances they were living under or the realities of the lifestyles that they were going to suffer under.


And it reminds me of, it wasn't the Life of Brian, but it was written by Terry Gilliam.  It was Erik the Viking.  Very interesting movie, very funny.  And it shows you the Vikings taking off.  They hit the Island of the Blessed.  And the Island of the Blessed, it's like a fairy tale land, where everybody is a New Ager.  They're all happy as can be, they wear flowers in their hair.  They all talk nice to each other.  You don't see any heavy work or anything.  But the thing is, this magical spell would be broken if a single drop of blood hit the soil, you see.  And of course, a couple of the Vikings got a bit drunk one night, and bit angry, and a drop hit the soil.  And so the whole island shook, and the Vikings took to their boats, knowing it was going to sink, and you see all the heads, the head departments, the king and all that, and his top echelon, sinking gradually down and down into the water.  They refuse rescue by the Vikings, because, oh don't worry about it.  We've got it all under control.  We've set up a committee to do an inquiry, and find out, we'll fix this.  And down they went of course, and that was them gone.  Always positive thinkers, you see, and totally taught to ignore the negative.  That's the world you're living in, mind control. 


Of course, they talk about now about neuroscience.  Neuroscience is a compilation of behavioral psychology, with the behaviorists like Skinner, with his stuff involved.  Pavlov of course, is big time in there, and all the other experimenters, who made their names by sticking wires in folks' heads and stuff, like Delgado.  And they've had big plans for you, big, big plans.  But they must always make it enticing.  You see, the next part is always made enticing to you.  You think you'll be superman or you'll have special powers, and who wants a brain-chip in their head so they can open their garage door?  You know.  You've already got a pot belly, I mean, use your muscles.  Anyway this is the farce that you're fed. It's always going to be for your benefit, while they go on and on about depopulation. 


About a month ago or so, the BBC, BBC 4 it was, and I have the link on my website, that I may put up tonight again, where you can download the audios, had a professor on a panel, of course, doing the usual dialectic.  They bring on the antis and the pros, or the uncles, whatever, and the discussion was about Eugenics and even sterilization, compulsory sterilization, starting in Britain, which is the most socialized, advanced country in the world.  It came out of World War II, after fighting National Socialism, and it came out as a Nationalist Socialist country, because government had expanded like cancer during WWII.  Now, I always tell you that when these ideas are floated like trial balloons, you better believe an agenda is starting to get under way, to convince the public, a little bit by little bit by little bit more, each time to go along with an agenda.  And the public themselves, never really think through things, they learn through osmosis.  It kind of sinks gradually into their minds, vaguely, through little clips and bits and bites that they hear.  And then, when it's so familiar to them, even though they've never rationalized it, thought through it, critically analyzed it, they'll say, well, I guess it had to come, it sounds kind of familiar, you know.  Here's the next step.  And this is in a mainstream British newspaper, Mail Online.


Why we should sterilize teenage girls ... temporarily at least


(Alan: And you know that's a lie right away.  I know the agenda, because I've read their stuff.  And it says here:)


Young mums: 'Not having a baby takes intelligence and planning'


(A: Then they always get a picture posed by model to show you what a young mum looks like.  Have you ever noticed that rubbish they put on there?  Like we read cartoons.)


Last week, an intriguing proposition was mooted by Government minister Dawn Primarolo.  (A: Primarolo, her name is.)


Teenage girls, she said, could be steered towards what is described as "long-term contraception".


(A: It's actually long-term sterilization.)


This is now possible thanks to the development of contraceptive jabs and implants which can last up to five years.


In other words, there is a way of effectively sterilizing girls for a lengthy period of time.


(A: This is your government talking folks.  Hmm? Think about it.)


At what age? Well, doesn't 12 until 17 sound rather sensible?


(A: You know when they start this, you get familiarized with the idea.  You know, well, we're already doing it up to 17, what's wrong with going on to thirty, and then what's wrong in doing it permanently?  You know this is coming.  This is how they play with the children, eh.  We're the children.  It says:)


This would have the advantage of bringing down the teenage pregnancy rate, so high in this country it makes us a disgrace among the nations - the worst offenders in Europe.


(A: Now, all they've been fed, since the 1960s, you know, the "swinging sixties", you know what swinging means, you know.  And when the National Health Service starting dishing, and throwing out the pills by the sack full, and then you had a massive campaign from the BBC.  They all came, everybody at the BBC worked and came from Eton.  You had the upper class managing the BBC, pushing all this sexual lifestyle.  Why?  To destroy what was to bring in that which is new.  They destroy the family.  They destroy the old morality.  It's all gone now.  People can't even remember what it was.  And then you bring in the new.  You create chaos, and then you come out with the solution.  It's so simple.  Old technique.  And all they see on television, the youngsters too, is music television, where everybody is dancing like a stripper.  And mums and dads sit now, they're so used to it, isn't that cute, she's dancing like a stripper.  And none of these articles will ever mention the culture industry.  I've never seen it in my lifetime.  Never, because the culture industry, like the media, is an essential part of governing and controlling people, and altering their behavior.  It says:)


The abortion rate would fall sharply. And silly young girls could get on with the education that is meant to produce serious, responsible taxpayers, (A: See, there's your function.  You're supposed to become a serious, responsible taxpayer, not a benefit recipient.  Amazing that too, that's your reason for living, you know.  That's what life's all about, to make her a serious, responsible taxpayer, a nice little slave.  It says:)


Now, many people will see this modest proposal as little short of horrific - nothing less than state interference in our reproductive lives.


But think about it: it might not be such a bad idea.


And I'll read the rest of this intro of this article, that, you know, some dictators would have loved, after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  I like the guitar wailing.  Once in a while, you've got to wail, especially on a Friday, to get all this off your chest.  You know it's awfully boring, living your life, always knowing what's coming along the pike, telling people, and they say that will never happen.  And sure enough, it happens. And do they say you were right?  No, nope.  Then you tell them what's going to happen next.  No, that will never happen.  And those are the brain dead.  You see, there's total conditioning.  They are the products of total conditioning.  Their minds have been completely damaged and stuck in a little compartment somewhere inside that skull.  Anyway, this guy goes on to talk about how they're discussing it in Parliament and sterilization and so on.  And it says:


But think about it: it might not be such a bad idea.


We are moving into a science fiction age in which life itself can be created in a test tube, and it seems that, before long, perfect babies could be bred at will, largely free of hereditary disease and illness.


(A: And remember in Eugenics Societies, and they're still on the go, they call themselves bioethicists now at universities.  And they say you've got a poverty gene, you see.  A poverty gene, it's what makes you poor.  Nothing to do with the culture industry.  Nothing to do with having about forty years, fifty years of Socialism.  That back in the '70s even, early '70s said they were going to start to make single parent families houses only, because they were going to create such a society where women wouldn't need guys, just for about five minutes perhaps in their life, and then they could have children on their own, and the state would bring up the babies for them.  It's so bad now the children actually call their social workers by their first names.  They've been raised by them.  No kidding.  They said they would get the man out of the picture, because, you see, the man stands up for his family.  No family, man no stand up.  So it says:)


So, in my view, there is little point any more in feeling shock-horror at the idea of mass sterilization.


Neither do I believe it will encourage "promiscuity" because girls will feel they have nothing to fear in sleeping around. In truth, they seem to be doing that already. (A: It's absolutely true, because you see that's all you've been encouraged to do since the sixties.  He says:) I'm afraid we are now in a time when sex is mere recreational pleasure to thousands of young women.


(A: Which is exactly what Bertrand Russell said it would be and Julian Huxley too, when they were talking about destroying the family, the means they would use to do it.  And they would aim all their P.R. at the female, they said.  And they did.  You see, you're just living in a script.  Then they cause chaos, and then they say, ah, look at the chaos, we've got to do something about this.  And out comes the new law.  You see?  Quite simple)


The trouble is that pregnancy no longer holds the fear for teenagers it once did. The social stigma has gone.


(A: Because it's the norm now, you see, for single mums.)


Indeed, for many, it seems, a child has actually become a kind of perverse badge of honour.


(A: That's quite something to say, isn't it?  A child has actually become a kind of perverse badge of honour.  Think about that too.)


Obviously, there are millions of sensible young girls, but for many, having a baby seems to be the logical, and even desirable, result of their teenage flings.


If it wasn't, they'd stir themselves to do something to prevent themselves getting pregnant, like taking the morning-after pill.


(A: And aborting it, you see.)


But they don't. Because the benefits of doing nothing to stop it are obvious.


Suddenly, they can give birth to someone who will offer unconditional love in a bleak, busy, money-grubbing world.


(A: Which the Big Boys gave you, you see.  They certainly have made Britain bleak, thanks to the government and the bankers.)


The council will offer a free home away from nagging parents.  (A: That's true.  That's forty or fifty years of Socialism.) They will have independence, sexual freedom and no more humiliating exams to try to pass - because, more than likely, their education will fall by the wayside.


Nowadays, ask some girls why they want a baby so badly and they will say vaguely: "Oh, I want to fulfill myself."


Once, they would have confidently said of the father: "I love him. And I want a bit of me, a bit of him, to go on for all eternity."


(A: Well, that went out I think with oh, the beginning of the color movies in Hollywood, I think, that stage.  They'd already attacked it all and destroyed it then.)


It's not like that any more. Love is seen as little more than a neurotic dependency to the young.


(A: That's all it is, you see, it's a neurotic dependency.  It's probably another bad gene.)


The fear of pregnancy used to stop girls having sex. To be pregnant and unmarried was a major life disaster (as it is still in some of our ethnic communities.)


You were disgraced, soiled goods: the child was removed, no one would marry you.

I had a great aunt locked up for life in an asylum from the age of 20 until she died. She had been declared a "moral imbecile" because she had a baby out of wedlock.


(A: Well, maybe he's got a bad gene.  Maybe he's really a moral imbecile himself, the guy that's writing this.  Doesn't seem to have much morality at all.)


My mother tried to rescue her - but to no avail. The rest of the family was against it. After 30 years, she was so institutionalized, anyway, that she didn't want to leave.

This condemnation of the sexually imprudent was not meant to be unkind. People were poor, babies without fathers suffered and there was no way women could earn money if they had a child.


It was a moral issue but the stigma was born out of necessity: a desperate attempt to stop girls from doing what came naturally until a father and a home could be provided.

But for all that, unwelcome babies went on being born - the human impulse to procreate being what it is.


How to have sex without getting pregnant was in those days a real mystery. Now we know everything there is to know about preventing babies, yet still girls take risks.

Understanding how the body works and what happens next seem to make no difference.


(A: Well, they know that too.  It makes them hyper sexual, when they teach them young.)


Currently, our teenage pregnancy rate is twice as high as in Germany, three times as high as in France and six times as high as in the Netherlands.


Someone sent me a little series from the BBC on some woman detective.  And she's banging away at some young fellow, half her age, in the sack half the time on the show.  And I'll go into that when I come back from this message too, just to show you what they've been feeding these young girls.


Hi folks, I'm back, Cutting Through the Matrix, and carrying on with this article here, but I also mentioned what they're showing them.  What they've been growing up with, as I say, all the basically Music Television, which is really just promoting young girls stripping, pretty well.  It's all about sex and nothing else.  And all the magazines they've got.  And even the crappy papers like this one I'm reading, because when you see the stuff down the right hand side, it's all what happens to the celebrity females, and you know, who's got the latest boob job, and all that kind of stuff.  That's what they give you.  But they never mention that aspect of why the culture has gone this way.  They can't because they'd have to tell you they planned it this way, you see.  They'd have to tell you that.  And as I say, this series of female detectives and so on, who's always in the sack with some young fellow, banging away everywhere.  And her friend, who's a victim in this crime story, is banging guys on fence posts.  I mean, for god's sake, this is what they've been feeding women in Britain for about thirty or forty years now, and getting away with, and wondering why young girls are, never mind all the stuff they're getting taught very, very young, as Bertrand Russell wanted them to be, so that they could separate act from the emotional bonding part of it.  That's all happened, successful.  Back to the story, it says:


Is this because, in this country, getting pregnant while still at school has become a status symbol for the girls, as ASBOs have for the boys?


(A: That's Anti-Social Behavior, apparently.)


In spite of all the efforts of the Government's Teenage Pregnancy Unit, and millions of pounds spent on initiatives to persuade girls that having babies young is a bad, bad thing, the rates stay sky-high.


(A: You see, you only have the culture that they put out to you.  It's always, like Plato said, culture is given out from the top, not from the bottom.  It's always from the top, managed from the top.  And the BBC, believe you me, which is owned by the British government, led the charge for all this, years ago, back in the sixties.  It says:)


In 2005, there were 39,804 conceptions by under-18s in England - a rate of 41.3 per thousand.


The trouble for those who would tackle the pregnancy problem is that the very act of warning against pregnancy can be unproductive.


A certain proportion of teenagers like to defy fate - and the more you warn them not to smoke, drink, have sex, stay up late, join gangs, the more they will.


Defying authority, not doing what you're told, is, for many, part of growing up - (A: No, it's taught in school now.  It's been taught for years.  And you also have the Rights of the Child.  You can't even say to them, I'm not letting you in at 3 o'clock in the morning.  The cops come up to the door and make you take them in.  And you can't do anything with them.  "I know my rights."  The ones at ten know this.) a necessary preparation for leaving the nest. Persuasion doesn't work. The instinct to rebel goes too deep.


Boys have always wanted to have sex and notch up "scores" on the bedpost.  (A: That would be kind of painful, I think.)


The trouble now is that the girls - who once wanted just to be loved by someone, anyone - are under intense peer pressure, don't want to be outdone or be seen to be 'square', and so behave like the boys.


(A: Well, who gave them that culture folks?  It didn't happen by itself.  Didn't happen.  I lived through a lot of it and watched it all happening.  And I knew how it was happening, and who was behind it.  It says that:)


It seems that many of today's girls just like being pregnant, and emotionally and physically - not just practically - have more to gain than lose if they are. Sex education hasn't helped, and may indeed have harmed.


Freud's view of the psychosexual development of the child has been ignored. His opinion was that you interfere with the "latency" phase of ages nine to 12 at your peril, for fear of stopping further development.


In Freud's theory, the latency phase is when a child unconsciously denies the facts of life until he or she is ready to face them. If unpalatable facts are forced down the child's throat it's traumatizing, and progression to sexual maturity is halted.


(A: Well, he was wrong about everything.)


In other words, if you start teaching the birds and the bees too early, all that the nine, ten or 11-year-olds will do is want to experiment ...


Well, that part's true, because that's exactly what Huxley said, and that's what also Julian Huxley said, first CEO of UNESCO, that lovely United Nations organization for children, and it's also what Lord Bertrand Russell said because he tried these experimental schools back in the '20s, special permission by the crown to do so, and his job there was to try to get them into pre-pubertal sex, to stop any emotional bonding later in life.  He said it was very successful.  So they experimented to make sure it worked before they gave to society and forced it on them.  So, this goes on and on and on.  You're going to see more and more and more of this now, because they're on a roll for eugenics, folks.  Although they now call it bioethics.  It's all run by academia, you know, that's joined with government, has been joined at the hip for an awful long time, since at least World War II.


Here's another article that ties in with it.  You think you're eating nice stuff and so on, well, listen to this.  Here's a patent here.




(A: And I'll put the link up on the website,, at the end of the show.  And this goes into this, all its different patent number, publication dates, and so on.  It came from the University of Georgia, Research Foundation, Inc., probably with a Rockefeller grant, no doubt.  And Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center at Athens.  It gives the names of the inventor, FAYRER-HOSKEN, Richard, A.; and SANDBERG, Victoria, A, and it's called, title:)




(A: They've already tried it out on various animals and so on, and it works very effectively, and it works by, it says:)


A vaccine comprising an antigen derived from a zona pellucida glycoprotein is effective to impair fertility in animals, preferably carnivores. (A: That's us folks.) The vaccine can be used as an immunosterilant or an immunocontraceptive.


So it can actually sterilize you or act as a contraceptive.  That's the stuff too that they join with a type of wheat or corn or something and gave to the poor countries through the United Nations, I was talking about earlier, and rice too, I believe.  So, I'll put that up there, and let you know what you're chomping on.  And you, know, turn on your television, and watch all the garbage and the filth that you're watching and become more and more and more debauched.  You do have that choice.  You really do have that choice.


Now, there's callers there, and there's Prentice from Alaska.  Are you there Prentice?  Hello?


Prentice:  Hello.  Thanks for taking my call, Alan. I know a lot of your callers have called in, and you know, they wonder how, some good ways to meet other people like themselves, you know, who are thinking and asking questions, and trying to, you know, break into a lot of this information.  And one good way to do that, is to, you know, just get out there, there's a lot of good resources on the internet.  One group is called, one website is called   And you can get on there, and you can start a meetup group, buy Alan's books, get a lot of the books that, you know, Alan has talked about on the show, and you know, just try to get together with people on there, and that website generates regular bulletins to people in the area, and you know, you can gather together, and you can try to, you know, put together what you've found, what other people have discovered, and you know, that will help heighten your level of awareness, you know, to the next level.  Because it's one thing to read the information.  It's another thing to listen to the information.  But, you know, it's not until you start talking to other people who are along the same path that you really start connecting a lot of the dots.  And that helps build up your confidence and things like that, so that when you do go out in the streets or whatever, and start, you know, passing out information, you know what you're talking about, and you know that you're not the only one who knows what this information is about. Another one is Skype, and you know, that's a free program, you can download it, and you can talk through the computer for free.  All you need is a headset. I'm on there.  And you know, bring Alan's books.  If you don't have them, purchase them.  One of the best books to get that you've mentioned, that's helped me a lot is really the big daddy as far as this history goes to me, is Tragedy and Hope by Professor Carroll Quigley.  And you know, it talks about the bankers in there, and you've gone over this book a few times, but it talks about the history of how the bankers have manipulated both sides in the wars.


Alan: That's right.


Prentice: Now, you're not going to get this history in the public school system; you're not going to get this history in the college school system.  Also, it talks about parallels in there too.  And it's a 1500 page book, but you've got to go through it in order to learn the history. It's an important book though.  I think it's a part a lot of people overlook.  But it goes into the dynamics of the family.  And this is a historian, Professor Carroll Quigley.  And he's just analyzing the dynamics of the family that are leading to the breakdown of the family.  He's in every age group in that family.  He's describing every gender in the family, precisely and what's going on in their heads, and what elements are related to the breakdown of the family perfect.


Alan: And he worked for the guys who were doing it.


Prentice: Another one that you mentioned that was great was The Hidden Persuaders.  Now in that book, it goes into an article from Time Magazine, titled Bio Control.  And in that article it talks about, they were using methods to control human beings by electrodes, placed on the scalp in the 1950s.  And that book was written by Vance Packard.  I believe he wrote for the New Yorker, if I'm not mistaken.  But it goes into the mind control, the programming methods that the advertising industry uses.  And the book was written in the 1950s, okay.  Once again, this is stuff that you're not going to get in public school.  This is stuff you're not going to get in college.  And you know, it's when you start looking into this stuff, that you realize, I don't know anything, you know what I'm saying. 


Alan: Yeah, we've been given a fake reality to make us naive, compliant, obedient citizens.


Prentice: Yep.  And you know, I mean you have to try to, you know and get together with people and talk about these issues, because a lot of people have never heard about this stuff.  I know, you know a lot of people are talking about the eugenics movement now.  But people didn't start talking about that until you talked about it on the show, Alan.


Alan: Yeah, I know.


Prentice: And if you do not know the history of the whos, what, wheres, whens, and whys of the eugenics, you don't know your history at all.


Alan: Absolutely. 


Prentice: Because that was the most nefarious scientific movement in history, period. 


Alan: And as I say, it's still ongoing, through the United Nations and its Department of Population.  They are the Big Boys where they sign all the treaties on population control across the world.


Prentice: Exactly.  And once again, completely written out of the mainstream history books, period.  You know.  How can you go through public school and this stuff is never mentioned?


Alan: Well, as I say, the function of public school is not to inform you, or to wake you up.  It's to get you under the spell and to be one of the mindless masses, who are obedient, pay taxes, and work their life away, never figuring out what's going on.


Prentice: Exactly, and you know, to think that you're educated to the point where you can't learn anything else.


Alan: Exactly.  Or that you know everything.  I mean, most people out there, really think they're informed like Brzezinski said.  He said shortly the public will be unable to reason for themselves.  They'll only be able to repeat in a conversation that which they heard on the previous night's news.  And that's happened with most folk.


Prentice: Yeah.  Ain't that the truth.  But, that's what you have to do.  You've got to start paying homage to the people who helped you and also, help others after you get that information.


Alan: That's right.


Prentice: You know, because if we don't nobody else is.  You know.  But I appreciate everything you do, Alan.  A great show.  And you have yourself a great weekend.


Alan: Yeah, thanks for calling.  Take care, bye now.  Now there's also Dan in Pennsylvania.  Are you there Dan?


Dan: Hi.  Yeah, I agree with the last caller, I mean, you do, you really, really, really do have to stick together, because, I mean, if you try to stay by yourself in this thing, you're going to lose your mind.  Yeah, I just wanted to say, thank you for everything that you do.  And especially for your dvd.  I was watching it last night with my mom, and I'm 21 years old, you know, and I was trying to get through to her, and you know, the first thing that she would say would be, you know, who is this guy?  What are his credentials?  You know, everything like that.  And you know, after a while, you start trying to explain it to her and everything, and here I found out that in high school she had to read Brave New World and you know, she actually had some, you know, but she didn't really understand it at the time.


Alan: No, most folk don't realize it.  It seems so science fiction at the time to them, they didn't relate it to reality. Real human beings at the top would never do that to us.  And yet, here I am, reading an article today about that very thing that they are bringing it in, and they have been doing it to us.


Dan: Yeah, well I mean, it just goes to show you that, if you keep pounding this information into the people that you love, you know, and not, like forcing it upon them, because ultimately they'll do what they want to do in the end, and there's nothing you can really do about that.  But, I mean, you'll realize that a lot of these people have definitely, you yourself, I mean, you've definitely known this, from the time you could realize it, you know.  You can feel it in your gut, like you know something's wrong.  And you really just don't know what to do about it, until you learn about it. 


Alan: That's right.


Dan: And the other thing I wanted to ask you about really was, I'd been researching some of this stuff before.   I really actually, you know, started listening to you.  And I had heard about this guy, named John Todd.  And I don't know what to think about him, because, he really, he really sounds like he knows what he's talking about, whenever he's talking about the music industry, how, he says about how he used to be in the Illuminati, and he...


Alan: (Chuckle)


Dan: Do you know what I'm talking about in any way?  He talks about how like....


Alan: I've heard quite a few of those guys, and most of them are a fraud, of course, you know.  They'll say a lot of stuff that's out there on Patriot Radio, but they're frauds.  But hold on, I'll be back after this break.


Alan: Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I don't know if Dan's still on the line there, is he?


Dan: Yeah, I just really wanted to know about, because I know you talk about, or a lot of people had talked about you know, hidden meanings in music. And you know, a lot of people listen to like, you know, the Beatles, and a lot of bands that they'll wear.  They'll be personal billboards for the Beatles and everything.  It's ridiculous.  And they have no idea what their songs are about.  They don't know what they're listening to, you know.


Alan: You don't have to know, on a conscious level.  Your subconscious, believe it or not, really will take a lot in. And it goes into what's called by Carl Jung, the unconscious, the wild part of the brain, where everything is in your deep dreams, where all things can happen.  And that's where it really starts working on you, on the so-called primitive levels of you.  That's where it really starts working, and then it manifests.  You cannot subdue this kind of force, this dynamic, and it will eventually surface into your behavior itself, and you act out the behavior that's programmed into you.  It's a very old technique.  Even Plato talked about it.  He wanted all musicians to be licensed at the time, because of this power, especially they had over the young, you know. 


Dan: Well, yeah.  I mean, that makes a lot of sense, because you know, a lot of the times, like I'll just listen to music, you know, every once in a while, just the instrumentals, you know, like jazz instrumentals and stuff like that, because personally that's what I'm into.  But I mean a lot of the people will just, they'll just blindly come out with, it's partly what they think is new and trendy, you know, a lot of people my age think.


Alan: They never stop, and see what they don't know is, when you are writing music, and you're a professional writer, it comes down, the grapevine comes from the top with what they're going to push this year.  What's the in thing, you see.  It's the same with all the brands and types of music you've had since the 1950s onwards, literally.  Because the CIA was involved in this, by the way, big time, and that's admitted in the cultural Cold Wars, the declassified stuff that's put out by the government.  Every writer immediately gets all the latest updates on, this is going to sell.  If you've got this in it, and this in it, and this in it, that's out.  So men and women, I love you stuff, that's out, you see.  If it's gender specific, it's out.  It's got to be vague.  It could be he or she.  So you don't mention he or she, and you leave it not gender specific.  That comes down to the writers, and then to embed different stuff in the higher studios, they'll embed a lot of stuff that promotes stuff that you don't even know you're being indoctrinated with at the time.  Then you couple it with the visual aspects of course, and the occultic symbolism.  Occultic just means hidden symbolism, and it's again archetypal symbols.  They're very primitive.  We all understand at some deep, again primitive level, but they work on you like a language.  Because you're actually seeing a written language.  And then you couple out with the sexual part, too, that kicks in the stimulation.  And you're embedding, you're embedding a personality into yourself actually, when you're doing this.


Dan: Yeah, and it's just like whenever you know, the people will see things in magazines, and it will make themselves feel less adequate, or that they need to be part of that.


Alan: Always, always to make you feel less adequate.  And they aim specifically at the women.  They're easier to change.  Women, by the way, are in control of the sexual act, outside of rape.  And the Big Boys said that years ago.  They'd aim all, Bernays said it. We'll aim all the propaganda at the women, because we can make her unhappy with herself, we'll make her want to look like a film star, and she'll buy all the things, she'll go for all the beauty cosmetics and so on, but they can also modify her behavior, and they've done it.


Dan: Alright, well, thank you.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  And Tom, sorry I can't get to you, so maybe call back on Monday.  From all you out there, from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it's good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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