Sept. 28, 2010 (#673)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 28, 2010:

New Boss Detected, Unelected:
Post-Democracy, Post-Republic, Post-Nation,
Global Authoritarianism Assumes its Station:

"Global Governance Announced Right on Cue,
Like It or Not, Ruling Me and You,
The "Behind the Scenes" Conductor of Destruction
Demolished Nations as Part of its Function,
Fabianism, Marxism and Each Other "Ism"
Branches of Single Light Diffused through Prism,
Everyone's Accepted Their Planned Adaptation,
With Vague Recollection of Meaning of Nation,
Huxley's Scientific Dictatorship has Arisen,
Chomping to Destroy the Little Opposition,
Most Sheeple are Happy in Transition Phase,
Brains Addicted, Muddled in Electronic Haze,
They're Completely Absorbed, Avoiding Trouble,
And Call You Negative for Bursting Their Bubble,
Yes, the Dictatorship has Almost Reached its Goal,
The Cyborg Wins by Evicting the Soul"
© Alan Watt Sept. 28, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 28, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September 28, 2010.  Newcomers should look into the web site.  I always get this off my chest at the beginning of the show, that way I don’t pester you 10 times through it like most folk do.  Look into web site.  You’ll find hundreds of talks I’ve given over the past; lots of audios to download for free.  Bookmark all the other sites you’ll see I’ve got listed there because we are getting problems once a while with the main sites.  This way you will have some other site to get the latest download from. They all carry a lot of transcripts in English for print up.  If you want transcripts in other languages go into; you’ll see that on the .com site as well.  Remember too, that you are the audience – this is probably the only show where the audience brings me to you.  I don’t get paid by advertisers.  I have the offers but I don’t take them on.  It’s up to you to support me.  The ads you hear on the show pay for the air time and this broadcast.  It pays RBN for their staff and equipment and their bills too.  So you have to help me with mine and go into the web site, see what I have for sale.  There is not a lot because I have no time really to write more books and so on.  Buy them and that will keep me just trickling over, hopefully.  There are lots of disks as well to purchase; sometimes they’ve got 50 shows on them.  It’s a good idea because once in a while the sites go down.  We know that the censorship is coming along and one day they will just get pulled, yanked by law.  And it will happen instantaneously too.  So support me.  It’s up to yourselves if you want to.  The books are different from any other books you will read out there on history and so on.  I show you the cons behind things, how it works, how you manipulate mass amounts of people, and the techniques involved.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  PayPal is maybe the best way to go right now, if you can do it; or some people just send cash and that gets through as well.  I’ll get the orders out as fast as I can. 


It’s so amazing to me, having known a lot of this stuff, even growing up and watching it, and watching the changes in culture, and wondering why this was getting pushed from the top, all the massive changes.  Then going into the history books you find out when they tried this before, the massive changes in culture.  They had it in the 1920s and 30s, the roaring 20s they called it, where they tried to separate a generation from the previous generation in a fashion and technique, using a technique they had never used before.  They made prohibition the in-thing.  The booze cans sprung up and everybody was naughty – guaranteed to attract all the youngsters into these booze cans.  They gave them the appropriate music.  They gave them the mini-skirts too.  They told them to just go ahead and have fun.  What they meant was massive promiscuity.  However, they weren’t geared up with penicillin for the side effects of promiscuity.  They didn’t have state-funded abortions.  They didn’t have the contraceptions either.  The fallout was pretty drastic so they went back to the drawing board, used the taxpayers’ money, in all the countries of the West working together, unified of course on the same project, and they came back in with the Pill, etc, in the 60s – guaranteed to change the culture.  Plus the culture industry got in on the act immediately because they worked together of course, with science.  And BINGO, the whole world changed.  Now we are all at the mercy of the world socialist system.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're back, Cutting Through The Matrix.  It’s astonishing as I say too, I’ve said it so many times it’s rather nauseous really, when you think about it.  In politics you have a dialectical process where opposing parties pretend to really oppose each other, but they work together signing the same agreements and down through time they get to the same goal, which is a totalitarian world state of course.  All of the top ones belong to the Council on Foreign Relations and they all are on board for a world agenda, a world government.  If you get into the old books from the CFR and the Royal Institute of International Affairs back in the 30s, grab them if you see them in the stores, old second-hand stores and book stores, because they are invaluable.  You’ll see some of the speeches given at their international meetings by members of parliament in Britain, US Congressmen and Senators, the whole lot, talking about their goal BEING world government.  And it wasn’t to be a democratic world government. 


It was more to be an authoritarian world system.  See, this was the new era.  The 20th century was the new era for bringing in SCIENCE to dominate; they’d become the new religion and dominate society, and perfect it, the way it’s supposed to have been in the first place, according to these guys.  It was all wrong with the Garden of Eden and so the God had to go and the priests had to go and they would give you big bangs and stuff like that to take its place.  We would all be taught this, to parrot this kind of stuff, and get your degrees by parroting Darwin and Einstein and all the rest of them.  That’s really what it was about.  Science would dominate and rule and guide society along the way it should be guided, by those who knew better how to do it.  And that wasn’t the general population, you see. 


You still get articles yet that will tell you a little bit of truth but never go into the pantomime game of the two parties.  EVERY change of party, when they come into the House or Parliament, go along with the same United Nations treaties and signatories as the previous ones did.  They don’t change anything.  They don’t throw anything out, and say, no, we’re a different party, we’re not having it.  They carry on with it and sign and add to it.  It’s been like that my whole life.  I have watched them; in every country I watched them do the same con game.  Anyway, it puts people off from having revolutions every 4 or 5 years.  That’s why they give you this farce they call democracy. 


Here is an article…


Stop the Internet Blacklist

Posted: September 27, 2010 /  By David Segal and Aaron Swartz /


When it really matters to them, Congressmembers can come together -- with a panache and wry wit you didn't know they had. (Alan:  Well, they don’t have a wry wit because they have speech writers to write everything they say.)  As banned books week gets underway, and President Obama admonishes oppressive regimes for their censorship of the Internet, a group of powerful Senators -- Republicans and Democrats alike -- have signed onto a bill that would vastly expand the government's power to censor the Internet.


The Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA) was introduced just one week ago, but it's greased and ready to move, with a hearing in front of the Judiciary Committee this Thursday. If people don't speak out, US citizens could soon find themselves joining Iranians and Chinese in being blocked from accessing broad chunks of the public Internet.  (A:  I don’t know why they say it’s the public internet because it’s owned by private companies.)


COICA creates two blacklists of Internet domain names. Courts could add sites to the first list; the Attorney General would have control over the second. Internet service providers and others (everyone from Comcast to PayPal to Google AdSense) would be required to block any domains on the first list. They would also receive immunity (and presumably the good favor of the government) if they block domains on the second list.


The lists are for sites "dedicated to infringing activity," but that's defined very broadly (A:  That’s beautiful, eh, how they get these vague terms out there that they can use them for anything they wish.  That’s why they deliberately put them in like that… “to infringing activity.”) -- any domain name where counterfeit goods or copyrighted material are "central to the activity of the Internet site" could be blocked.


One example of what this means in practice: sites like YouTube could be censored in the US. Copyright holders like Viacom often argue copyrighted material is central to the activity of YouTube, but under current US law, YouTube is perfectly legal as long as they take down copyrighted material when they're informed about it -- which is why Viacom lost to YouTube in court.


But if COICA passes, Viacom wouldn't even need to prove YouTube is doing anything illegal to get it shut down -- as long as they can persuade the courts that enough other people are using it for copyright infringement, the whole site could be censored.


Perhaps even more disturbing: Even if Viacom couldn't get a court to compel censorship of a YouTube or a similar site, the DOJ could put it on the second blacklist and encourage ISPs to block it even without a court order. (ISPs have ample reason to abide the will of the powerful DOJ, even if the law doesn't formally require them to do so.)


COICA's passage would be a tremendous blow to free speech on the Internet -- and likely a first step towards much broader online censorship.  (A:  There’s a petition out there and so on. I’ll put this link up on my site at the end of the show and you can see what you want to do about that.)


It’s quite amazing but very predictable.  It had to go this way.  China has different ways of censoring you too.  Apart from killing you and hanging you on wires after they have plasticized you and put you on display at museums and art galleries, they also make it very, very slow to try to get anything up on the internet.  That’s your message that they don’t like you looking at a particular site.  So they have different levels of it.  That also can happen here too, as I have noticed.  There are many ways to make sure that you are “nudged” in the right direction; as Mr Sunstein would say, proper nudges. 


The United Nations, it’s quite the organization.  In nature it’s socialistic, communistic absolutely.  The whole Marxist philosophy comes out of their mouths all the time at the United Nations.  Remember who set it up and it was the Royal Institute of International Affairs guys, the guys who even set that up, the group that Carroll Quigley talked about, the Milner Group who were all rich bankers.  They were INTERNATIONAL money lenders, based in London although a lot of them were from Germany.  They helped to set up the League of Nations and then funded the United Nations, along with their other pals like the Rockefeller Foundation.  They set up the United Nations.  The great guise would be it would get the countries all to sign treaties and that would bypass Congresses and all the rest of it, and Parliaments. They’d all sign treaties automatically until they are bound together under this new sort of communist type system, but you’ve got the capitalists at the top running it all as they always did; they always ran both sides of things, the true capitalists that is.  It says here…


UN to World: Show us the money! / Written by Ed Crooks, Financial Times | 27 September 2010


International agreements to fight the threat of climate change will not make any further progress unless rich countries deliver on their promises of almost $30bn (A:  Billion) in short-term funding for developing economies, the UN’s senior climate official has warned.  (A:  Now, this is Marxism.  It’s one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto, for those who don’t know, the redistribution of wealth.  A lot of people, who were sort of low-level Marxists, used to think, well, the rich will have to pay.  NO!  YOU will all have to pay, all you guys at the bottom.  You always pay for everything.  So here is the UN, like a big daddy, demanding the cash from countries that are already bankrupted, by their banks themselves, in order to get the IMF up to a higher position of dominance over all the countries.  Now they are looting us all and our taxes to go and pay for China’s health care for instance.  No kidding.  Under the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs those countries that were still deemed third world country, even though they are bringing in trillions of dollars a year, could indefinitely postpone signing on for the grants they get to fund their own health care and education… as they cut back in the States and Canada and everywhere else.  Beautiful Marxism.  That’s what it is.  For those who really, really can’t figure out it, just check out the Communist Manifesto.  It’s pretty well all been completed, every plank.)


Christiana Figueres, who took over as executive secretary of the UN framework convention on climate change in July, said the climate talks in Cancún in November would not set any new targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions (A:  Aah, ha, ha.) but could make progress on practical measures for tackling global warming, such as holding back deforestation.  (A:  And all that rubbish you see.  So really, we don’t vote… and no one votes for the United Nations and here they are telling the countries what to do.  That’s why it was set up this way.  Post-democratic system, you’ve been in it for a long time.)


Then there is a handout that they are giving to all the newspapers.  Now, newspapers are great for just taking handouts from the public relations organizations at the United Nations and elsewhere and putting them right into their papers.  This article is about a special report on the forests.  Again, it comes from the United Nations obviously. 


A special report on forests.  Something stirs.

But to save the forests, the world needs to find somewhere else to grow its food

Sep 23rd 2010 /


I won’t read it because it’s rubbish.  I’ll put it up on the web site to show you the kind of stuff they are still pushing, about forests, and saving forests, and how they will have to find new ways of getting food because they are not going to cut forests down to create fields and all that.  What they are not telling you is, under the laws for the last 50 years they have been closing down farms and letting the fields go wild and all the rest of it.  The big agribusinesses are happy with that because they can bring in their food from places like Chile.  That’s why they set Chile up, under the NAFTA agreement and the Free Trade Agreement, to be the great supplier of veggies and all the rest of it to America and Canada.  They don’t mention any of this stuff in here.  See, you are living through a plan and unless you’ve got a memory and take an interest in your environment while things are happening around you, you won’t understand what’s going on and you will fall for the rubbish that they dish out like this article here.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, going through the nonsense that we are handed out as news, really, these days.  We’ve had this kind of stuff all our lives, we just didn’t really notice it.  Everything is predictive programming, even their arguments at times as well.  Once in a while you get something worth reading, which isn’t very often.  Remember, the press – it might be called a free press, even though it’s technically not free; it’s not giving you free or truth news.  They have decided at the high court, of course, of the United States that the media and the news companies did not have to tell anybody the truth.  I mean, they are just giving you news.  You know, news… anything.  News can be anything at all, one of these lovely legal terms.  It’s an arm of controlling you for the government, world government of course. 


It says here…  a very interesting article…


Global Cooling and the New World Order

By James Delingpole  September 26th, 2010 /


Bilderberg. Whether you believe it’s part of a sinister conspiracy which will lead inexorably to one world government or whether you think it’s just an innocent high-level talking shop, there’s one thing that can’t be denied: it knows which way the wind is blowing.


At its June meeting in Sitges, Spain (unreported and held in camera, as is Bilderberg’s way), some of the world’s most powerful CEOs rubbed shoulders with notable academics and leading politicians. They included: the chairman of Fiat, the Irish Attorney General Paul Gallagher, the US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke, Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Dick Perle, the Queen of the Netherlands, the editor of the Economist…. Definitely not Z-list, in other words.


Which is what makes one particular item on the group’s discussion agenda so tremendously significant. See if you can spot the one I mean:


The 58th Bilderberg Meeting will be held in Sitges, Spain (A:  This was their handout, when they first gave it out.) 3 – 6 June 2010. The Conference will deal mainly with Financial Reform, Security, Cyber Technology, Energy, Pakistan, Afghanistan, World Food Problem, Global Cooling, Social Networking, Medical Science, EU-US relations.  (A:  So which one was the odd one out there?)


Yep, that’s right. Global Cooling.


Which means one of two things.  Either it was a printing error.  Or the global elite is perfectly well aware that global cooling represents a far more serious and imminent threat to the world than global warming, but is so far unwilling to admit it except behind closed doors.


Let me explain briefly why this is a bombshell waiting to explode.


Almost every government in the Western world from the USA to Britain to all the other EU states to Australia and New Zealand is currently committed to a policy of “decarbonisation.” This in turn is justified to (increasingly sceptical) electorates on the grounds that man-made CO2 is a prime driver of dangerous global warming and must therefore be reduced drastically, at no matter what social, economic and environmental cost. In the Eighties and Nineties, the global elite had a nice run of hot weather to support their (scientifically dubious) claims. But now they don’t. Winters are getting colder. Fuel bills are rising (in the name of combating climate change, natch (A:  naturally.) ). The wheels are starting to come off the AGW bandwagon. Ordinary people, resisting two decades of concerted brainwashing, are starting to notice.  (A:  It takes a long time for ordinary folk to notice things.)


All this, of course, spells big trouble for the global power elite. As well as leading to food shortages (as, for example, it becomes harder to grow wheat in northerly latitudes; adding, of course, to such already-present disasters as biofuels and the rejection of GM), global cooling is going to find electorates increasingly angry that they have been sold a pup.


Our fuel bills have risen inexorably; our countryside, our views and our property values have been ravaged by hideous wind farms; our holidays have been made more expensive; our cost of living has been driven up by green taxes; our freedoms have been curtailed in any number of pettily irritating ways from what kind of light bulbs we are permitted to use to how we dispose of our rubbish. And to what end? If man-made global warming was really happening and really a problem we might possibly have carried on putting up with all these constraints on our liberty and assaults on our income. But if it turns out to have been a myth……


Well then, all bets are off.


The next few years are going to be very interesting. Watch the global power elite squirming to reposition itself as it slowly distances itself from Anthropogenic Global Warming (A:  That’s man-made global warming.)  (“Who? Us? No. We never thought of it as more than a quaint theory…”), and tries to find new ways of justifying green taxation and control. (Ocean acidification; biodiversity; et al). You’ll notice sly shifts in policy spin. In Britain, for example, Chris “Chicken Little” Huhne’s suicidal “dash for wind” will be re-invented as a vital step towards “energy security.” There will be less talk of “combating climate change” and more talk of “mitigation”. You’ll hear enviro-Nazis like Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren avoid reference to “global warming” like the plague, preferring the more reliably vague phrase “global climate disruption.”


And you know what the worst thing is? If we allow them to, they’re going to get away with it.


Our duty as free citizens over the next few years is to make sure that they don’t.


Al Gore, George Soros, Bill Gates, Carol Browner, John Holdren, Barack Obama, David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Tim Yeo, Michael Mann, Ted Turner, Robert Redford, Phil Jones, Chris Huhne, John Howard (yes really, he was supposed to be a conservative, but he was the man who kicked off Australia’s ETS), Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd, Yvo de Boer, Rajendra Pachauri….The list of the guilty goes on and on. (A:  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I’m back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just going through a whole list of people, many of the names, the well known names involved in the global warming scam, who were well paid to do so mind you, and it is a world agenda, for different reasons obviously. 


The list of the guilty goes on and on. Each in his own way – and whether through ignorance, naivety idealism or cynicism, it really doesn’t matter for the result has been the same – has done his bit to push the greatest con-trick in the history of science, forcing on global consumers the biggest bill in the history taxation, using “global warming” as an excuse to extend the reach of government further than it has ever gone before.  (A:  I’d add on to that too, the bank bailout and all of that kind of stuff, we are getting… we are getting screwed is what we’re getting.)


It is time we put a stop to this. In the US, the Tea Party movement is showing us the way. We need to punish these dodgy politicians at the ballot box. (A:  Well that’s pointless.  They’ll just give you another one, who you’ll fall for.)  We need to ensure that those scientists guilty of malfeasance are, at the very least thrown out of the jobs which we taxpayers have been funding these last decades. We need to ensure that corporatist profiteers are no longer able to benefit from the distortion and corruption of the markets which result from green regulation.


We need a “Global Warming” Nuremberg.


Well, even Nuremberg was fixed too, if you’ve ever watched how that was put up, with the Bernays’ boys.  It was all planned in Hollywood before they went over into Germany and had the Nuremberg Trials.  And they only showed you little snippets because they didn’t like a lot of the answers they got during the investigation.  Everything is a show for the public, it always has been, but quite something.  Yeah, they will go to global warming, global cooling, and don’t forget too, the banks are all set up.  They have been trading carbon credits now for years in countries like Europe, which they got for free from the government, meaning the taxpayer, and they are making profits off them already.  All the profits, all the carbon taxes for the world have been designated to go through Rothschild’s family bank in Switzerland and then on to other places, probably their other relatives’ banks first, and then to where it’s supposed to go, what’s left of it that is. 


That’s the farce of what we are living through, totalitarianism under the Wizard of Oz.  And the Wizard of Oz of course, has a loud voice, scary little sciences and stuff, lots of bamboozling talk, and he’s a little man hiding in a little tent with a mouthpiece, a speaker, and some wires that he pulls with levers to impress you all.  It’s the same con on a bigger scale.  It’s amazing too.  I think it was Goering who said, if you are going to tell a lie, it’s got to be a big lie; the public won’t believe a small lie.  A small lie they can believe actually.  They can believe what they do in their own little lives when they lie to each other about smaller things, but such a whopper of a lie, they can’t believe it could be, because THEY wouldn’t do it.  They would be too terrified of not getting away with it, so nobody else could obviously do it either.  You see. 


The Czech President…


Czech president tells UN to stay out of economics / By Louis Charbonneau / Sat Sep 25, 2010


(A:  He’s about the only person who’s spoken out about what’s happening in the world today.)


UNITED NATIONS, Sept 25 (Reuters) - Czech President Vaclav Klaus on Saturday criticized U.N. calls for increased "global governance" of the world's economy (A:  See, they want to be in charge of it ALL.  Just like their little subgroup that got in, the EU, it wants total control over every country’s economy, taxation, everything.  I’ve got articles here about that too.  They have demanded more say in it all.), saying the world body should leave that role to national governments.  (A:  Well what national governments?)


The solution to dealing with the global economic crisis, Klaus told the U.N. General Assembly, did not lie in "creating new governmental and supranational agencies, (A:  And that’s how they did it all. They created these supranational agencies that you’d never hear of, until they are dictating to you, with their laws.) or in aiming at global governance of the world economy."


"On the contrary, this is the time for international organizations, including the United Nations, to reduce their expenditures, make their administrations thinner (A:  That will be the day.), and leave the solutions to the governments of member states," he said.  (A:  Obviously local is the only place you can handle the cash.  You know what your problems are, and I’m talking about governments as well, for nations.  You know what the UN is doing with your money, they are throwing it all over the planet.)


Klaus appeared to be responding to the address of the Swiss president of the General Assembly, Joseph Deiss, who said on Thursday at the opening of the annual gathering of world leaders in New York that it was time for the United Nations to "comprehensively fulfill its global governance role."  (A:  I told you it would be about now that they’d do that, 2010.  So here you are.  They are out in the open with it all… “ it was time for the United Nations to "comprehensively fulfill its global governance role.” …right.  Exactly what they said in the 1930s in some of the books I have from the Council on Foreign Relations, from the speeches given by them.)


Deiss suggested the world body should get more involved in economic and financial issues and not leave them solely in the hands of forums like the Group of 20 club of key developed and developing nations.


Klaus, a free-market economist who oversaw a wave of privatization in the 1990s after communism collapsed in his homeland, (A:  And moved to elsewhere.) also said the world was "moving in the wrong direction" in combating the economic crisis.


"The anti-crisis measures that have been proposed and already partly implemented follow from the assumption that the crisis was a failure of markets and that the right way out is more regulation of markets," he said.


Klaus said that was a "mistaken assumption" and it was impossible to prevent future crises through regulatory interventions and similar actions by governments.


That will only "destroy the markets and together with them the chances for economic growth and prosperity in both developed and developing countries," he said.


The Czech president, a vocal skeptic of global warming, (A:  That means he’s got a functioning brain.) said the United Nations should also keep out of science, including climate change. (A:  It’s true.  It’s a political agenda, all these characters that work for the United Nations.  It’s not scientific.  It’s a political agenda, using the pretense of fraudulent science.)  U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has made fighting climate change one of his top priorities.


There you go.  They are going to move up to their top position for global governance.  Where the new soviet...  See, this is what it was based on.  It was to be the new soviet; that came out in the Reece report in the 1950s in America.  The Congress had an investigation into the tax-free, massive foundations that were worth trillions of dollars back then, that they’d hand out to non-governmental organizations to change America and the Western world.  They said their job was to eventually change the culture so drastically that it could blend seamlessly with that of the Soviet Union.  That has been accomplished.  The next part is the new soviet.  Soviet means ‘rule by councils.’  So you have councils appointed and in charge of every facet of society, right down to your little community where you live.  That’s what communitarianism is all about.  So that’s what governance is all about.


They don’t like to use the term government, world government because even the ones with an IQ of 50 might figure that out, that this is not a good thing.  So they term it governance, because really it’s all these unelected committees that are set up and just shoved into parliaments and congresses, on the panels of every country, that are running the show… pretending to speak on behalf of the people, or on behalf of the scientific elite using fake science.  The old, old goal was to get a conquered world, totally destroyed, that would not fight back in any way at all and that’s why they attacked the morality first, and basically the foundations of that society.  You bring in degradation.  You destroy marriage all together.  You destroy the bonding of male and female.  You got everyone separated from everyone else.  The government can then talk directly down to you, with no interference from any members standing around you.  That’s what they said back in about the 1940s and even as early as the 20s with HG Wells’ compilations of trivia.  So that’s where it is today.  It’s global governance and they are coming forward in the year 2010, to raise it up.  Probably by 2012 they will come out openly and it’s declared as DONE, with the last signing of the last treaties.  That will happen. 


The agenda to most folk, they can’t understand or really believe that it was made such a long time ago, that people and organizations have worked steadily, intergenerationally, to make it happen.  You see, most folk are short-term planners. They can only try and plan to do something in their own lifetime for themselves.  They have a bad enough time trying to figure out if they can get in enough cash in for retirement for themselves even. That’s as far as they can generally go.  Or having a holiday in a couple of years time, or maybe 5 years down the road, if they save up.  However, foundations, as Carroll Quigley explained, foundations are set up, have global agendas.  They are not answerable to any government, and yet, they have direct contact with all governments for input. They direct the non-governmental organizations that demand, on behalf of the pretended people, to do this, that and the other, to bring in global government.  As I say, they are not answerable to anybody else.  They are not taxed on their money either, the incredible money that they have. They were set up by the big Rockefellers, the Fords, Carnegies, and many, many others, Guggenheim, etc.  They are really the supra-national governments today; they are the soviet.  Now they are setting up their front groups to be the new soviet… committees, organizations that sit on panels, panels of experts that will rule your life for you, right down to your little community under communitarianism. 


That’s how it really is.  These guys, back in the 20s and 30s, knew about it; the guys that were taking part in the global meetings.  The very wealthy aristocrats that also wrote books about it, like Aldous Huxley.  He gave us Brave New World and told us how it would eventually end up.  Not with really a qualm of suspicion it could go any other way, he was absolutely CERTAIN that this is how it was going to go, because he mixed with all the ones who were already working in genetics in his day, and how they would perfect the working people, and perfect different classes of people.  Again, that Marxist idea of the distribution of the division of labor; it was very important to them, to plan their brave new world.  The aristocracy was all on board with that.  Here is an article here, and again, it’s one of the main propaganda sites for basically altering the way that children, babies are normally conceived. 


Passport to Parenthood: The Evidence and Ethics Behind Cross-Border Reproductive Care

IVF becoming more efficient than sex in the over-30's

(A:  It’s PURE propaganda.)

24 May 2010 / / By Rosemary Paxman


IVF (in vitro fertilisation) could become the routine method of conception for 30-40 year olds within a decade, scientists predict.


Study leader Dr Gabor Vajta and his team found that in vitro embryo formation in cattle (A:  So we’re just cattle now.) is now 100 times more efficient than natural calf creation, according to research published in last month's Reproductive BioMedicine Online. These rapid advances could potentially be adapted for humans, the researchers explain.


'We are not quite at that stage yet but it's where we're heading', said co-author Dr Yovich. 'Within the next five to ten years, couples approaching 40 will access the IVF industry first when they want to have a baby'.  (A:  Well actually you’ll have to, to see if they will allow you even to breed.)


Dr Vajta outlined how other techniques could also help increase success rates. He said that ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), a technique in which a single sperm is injected directly into an egg, could remove much of the hit-and-miss results of natural fertilisation.


This article goes on and on and on about this.  What’s interesting too, is when you scroll down and you see all the newspapers that put these handouts right into their papers, all the biggies… because it’s predictive programming.  That’s what’s interesting to me, not the rubbish they are talking about; you know that already, surely.  It’s in all the papers, immediately grab that stuff and shove it right into them.  A handout… from the public relations companies… to program YOU of what they call ‘inevitability,’ the concept of inevitability programming and predictive programming.  That’s really what it’s about. 


We truly are living in a vastly changed world, rapidly changed even through my lifetime, even in the last 30 years, incredible.  I’ve watched it.  I’ve understood what’s happening.  I’ve talked to people in the culture industry, near the top of the field, and have little whiffs here and there as they give you little suggestions, and the little wink that they go through, telling you something in a roundabout way that you are not supposed to know.  But if they admire your intellect a little bit, because you’ve obviously shown that you do know something that’s going on, they’ll give you little hints and clues, etc.  EVERYTHING IS DIRECTED in our life. EVERY THING in our lives is directed by definite organizations WAY above politics… WAY above politics.  And everything that happens has a purpose, especially in what you would call entertainment.  From the type of music that you listen to, to what it’s supposed to do to that particular generation, to the movies that are turned out during that period as well, which combines with that kind of music, etc.  It all works together, with the fashions. 


Plato talked about this a long time ago.  He wanted at one point musicians to be licensed because he says the music has such an incredible effect on the young.  And it could be used, he said, to alter the children, as they are growing up, the youths’ attitudes and morality, etc, towards their parents and the system.  Of course they knew, in other words, that they could also use that music to do whatever they wanted to by understanding that.  He also said that the drama industry, which is now the movie industry, had a lot to do with it too because people MIMICKED what they saw.  They mimicked the hero.  They mimicked the heroine.  Whatever morality that they exhibited too, they’d mimic that too in real life.  Ancient stuff.  He also talked about the fashion industry; he called it the fashion industry, in the direct translation.  How we just go along with it and we’ve got no idea why it’s all getting churned out like that, but they do know at the top.  Quite something.


This reminds me of ancient Babylon because they also had their goddess queen of Isis, like the Egyptians.  They talked about the thousand faces of Isis in the ancient world.  Because what they were telling you was all these different systems that you think are all different, say communism, capitalism, fascism, socialism, it’s on and on and on it goes.  All the  -isms are all the same thing, called something different, so you don’t figure that out.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  It’s interesting as I say, people get stuck on terms and they can’t see what’s…  If something looks the same and it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, you know it’s generally a duck.  But they can’t really put that together.  They thought that the Fabian Society, that even had multi-millionaires in it, obviously could not be a communist thing, even though in their own writings they admitted they had access to the desk of first Lenin and then Stalin.  They were hand-in-glove with them.  Trotsky fell out with them because he wanted a fast revolution across the world, but the Fabianists thought they would do it by penetrating from within governments, and altering the laws, and then becoming the majority.  And that’s exactly what they did across the whole of the planet basically.  They don’t care what term they use.   Conservative, labour, whatever; it’s all the same thing. As long as you have your guys in there, they are allowed to be chameleons and pretend they are you. 


Blair, Tony Blair, VOWED he would destroy the face of Britain, its culture, everything, by mass immigration.  He opened the floodgates, as the assistant Prime Minister admitted that about 6 months ago and I read it on the air, his admission.  That was the goal, was to destroy it so they could never, ever stand up together, bring a country back if they were being demolished, and bring themselves back so they could survive.  Isn’t it amazing, after being hit with bankruptcies and all the rest of it, bailing out banks, they are still paying, forking money out across the planet under the redistribution of wealth, that has been told by the EU commissars to order Britain to give financial benefits and health care to international welfare shopping migrants.  Who told them this?  The EU commissars, the European Parliament; this is now the dominant parliament… that you cannot argue with.  It’s above any law.  They ARE the law. 


So there are immigrants across Europe shopping for the best place to go and collect welfare benefits, health care, and all the rest of it, as soon as they arrive.  Here are the big boys making sure that whatever is left in Britain, that literally has such a massive population already living on welfare because the work is just gone, …they are putting more folk in.  It’s just astonishing.  They have told them to take another half million in from even Bulgaria. 


An open door to benefit tourists: EU warns Britain it can't stop thousands more migrants claiming welfare handouts

By James Chapman / / 28th September 2010


Bulgaria opens EU doors to allow 500,000 more immigrants to live in Britain

By James Slack / / 24th September 2010


There is an article here that I’ll put up.  It’s about…


In the dock: Modern-day Fagins who 'sent 200 Romanian children to beg and steal in UK'

By Nick Fagge / / 28th September 2010


A gang of modern-day Fagins brought almost 200 Romanian children into Britain to steal and beg for their criminal masters, a court heard yesterday.


The youngsters, some as young as eight, were said to have been trained in their home country to pick pockets, snatch bags from bars and restaurants, shoplift and beg at home.


Then they were packed off to the UK, many with forged documents.


(A:  It says they’ve got…) Some of the 26 men on trial (A:  Right now.)


Their bosses, all Roma gipsies, coerced families into giving up their children, saying that they would find them work and send money home.


But in actual fact the youngsters, who were each making up to £100,000 a year (A:  EACH… on stuff they stole and pick pockets and all the rest of it… and handing it over to their gang bosses.), were sold as 'slaves' to other gang members and forced to hand over every penny of their earnings to their masters.  (A:  Modern day Faginism…  Quite something.)


But I guess when they catch them all, all those guys, the criminals just go on welfare and health benefits.  The EU will say so.  You’ve got to do it… you’ve got to do it; can’t make any exceptions, that’s discrimination.  That’s the world folks.  And guess what?  Once the US has finished up its job of cleaning up the Middle East and making it safe for world authoritarianism, they are going to do the last part there too.  I think you all in the US know it.  I’ve got lots of people contacting me all the time who see it all there.  Terrible mess they are bringing down… and we’re letting them do it. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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