September 30th, 2010 (#675)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt September 30th, 2010:

"Web-Law Defiance:
For Web-Law Defiance,
There's Reliance on Compliance:

"Those Who're Naughty on Web, a Little Ham-Fisted,
Will Find with New Laws, Themselves Blacklisted,
Those Who File-Share, Download Things Illegal,
To Be Hounded by Lawyers with Tenacity of Beagle,
Internet Providers, Compliant and Docile,
Will Hand Over All Info, Pile After Pile,
However All VIPs are Removed from List
By Law, (Could be Kidnapped), You Get the Gist,
Always Understood, by Those High Who Rule,
The Internet was Given to Be the Tool,
Not to Free People for System Egalitarian,
But for New World Order, Totalitarian,
The Web's to Be Mainstream, Politically Correct,
Big Media to Control with Trivia, Not Written Yet,
They'd Hoped to Transition without Being Suspected,
So You'd Stay on The Web, as Your Data's Collected"
© Alan Watt September 30th, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - September 30th, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 30th of September, 2010.  I always suggest to newcomers, to get it off my chest, right away, at the start of the show, rather than bother you all the way through it, to look into, and you'll find hundreds of audios for download.  And I've given talks over many years.  Now, I put them up there for free, and you can help yourself.  I try to give you a lot of behind the scenes or more of the nitty-gritty of what runs the New World Order, what is the New World Order, how it was planned, the various institutions that were set up to work it into existence.  And sometimes, now and then I'll mention different books too, which you can get a hold of.  It helps you to really pick up the pieces quickly, and get an idea of why we're in the mess we're in today.  This is the period of chaos.  And out of the chaos will come the order, you see.  That's what's always done, when you're bringing in a new system.  Create the chaos first.  That means destroying society as it was, and that means everything in society, even relationships between people.  And then you bring in the New Order, under an authoritarian rule.  And that's what you're in now.  You're under authoritarian rule.  Pretty well the whole world went along with 9/11 and introduced the same laws, at the same time, which meant they were all prearranged and agreed to long before 9/11 came along.  So help yourselves there.


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I try to give you an alternate view of history.  And it's not stuff I make up myself.  I use the big boys' own writings themselves.  Top psychopaths, top-level psychopaths love to publish their memoirs, and because they're psychopaths, tremendous egos.  The problem is, very few people bother to read them.  But they let a lot out of the bag, you see, especially as they're getting on in life, and they want the world to appreciate the work they put into bringing in this new elitist system that we've all to suffer under.  It's called the New World Order.  There's been different people who announced New World Orders at different times, even during the 20th Century.  One of the New World Orders, of course, the first one was to be a Communist International New World Order.  The second one was to be a Socialist International New World Order, and you got Nazism out of that.  And now, of course, we have the real one.  You know, the real one, and that came out of the so-called Allies' ideas, based in London, England.  That's the one we're under today with Free Trade and all that nonsense.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and we're back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Everyone has been talking about the censorship of the internet, and the new laws that are getting rammed across the globe, in all countries, pretty well at the same time, which means again, it's a concentrated, organized effort by those that run the world already.  And we also find there's lawyers, real shysters though, the ones who, they've often been close to disbarment often, for unethical practices, even by the law societies, like this character I'm going to mention here.  And they go after people for copy infringement, and stuff like that.  And they've been in the news, because their company, and really it's an extortion racket.  When you really look into the articles about this particular company, this man, it works as an extortion racket.  And legality, of course, is what backs them up, and makes legalized crime, you know, the criminal justice system, because that's what it really is at the top.  They threaten people with taking them to court.  Most people will pay out of court for supposedly downloading unauthorized copyrighted material, and supposedly again, it was done, they always use an excuse to get the thing off the floor and going, and they use the excuse of the music industry, to protect the music industry and stuff like that.  But it's not the music industry they're going after, or those who are downloading the music.  And even then, if they were, most folk are just stuck giving them the finger, because you don't have to pay them.  But again, a lot of people who are scared and so on, will pay up, because they're being basically blackmailed, of being exposed, and don't want a court appearance, should it ever appear.  And this is how these characters, these shysters make their money.  Lots of money in it.  And this is about a company that does that.  And it says:


Law firm faces huge fine over leak of personal files


(Alan: And this was the 29th of September.  It says:)


A law firm that pursues the owners of internet accounts linked to alleged illegal downloads of music and films was warned yesterday it faces a swingeing fine after the personal details of a further 8,000 people were leaked online.


The Information Commissioner Christopher Graham said that ACS:Law, (A: That's the company, right, that makes its money by going after people to try and get cash off them.  It says:) which has sent thousands of letters to suspected (A: Suspected) internet "pirates" asking them to pay compensation of £500, could be forced to pay up to £500,000 (A: This company) if it is found that the company has flouted data protection law by failing to safeguard personal details on its computer system.


(A: And supposedly, anyway, the computer system went down, and when they uploaded it, they didn't have all their safeguards on, and people grabbed all their data right away.  Supposedly, that's how it happened, and then it was put up on the internet with all these users and so on.  Bank accounts and everything.  Which makes you wonder, just how many people are involved helping this particular creep, you know, that runs this agency, this law agency, how many friends he's got in high places to give him that kind of data.  Because they want to find out if the people are worth suing.  Do they own any property?  Are they worth suing?  It says:)


A list of 8,000 Sky broadband subscribers (A: The IT servers are helping out in this.  BT, British Telecom was a big culprit in this too.  So:) and 400 PlusNet users which was stolen in a hacking attack on ACS:Law's website appeared on the internet yesterday. The leak followed the earlier release of another database of 5,000 people whose internet accounts were allegedly (A: Here's the big key.  This is where they make their real money.)  allegedly used to download pornographic films.


(A: Now, no one, you see, most of these people who download the pornographic films will pay up the money before they get their names exposed, and that's what the lawyers live on, the threat.  It's basically blackmail, isn't it?)


The latest disclosures contain the names, addresses and internet details of users suspected of illegally sharing music files, including information on how much compensation was paid by individuals approached by ACS:Law. In some cases the bank details of people who made payments have also been disclosed.


Sky last night suspended co-operation with ACS:Law. A Sky spokesman said: "This suspension will remain in place until ACS:Law demonstrates adequate measures to protect the security of personal information."


(A: Well, you see, all users of Sky net, should actually dump it and change providers, right away.  And all those on British Telecom should find other ways around it, too, because these characters are just handing over everyone's details, their whole records of all your use on the internet, to these little shysters, because they're all getting kickbacks for doing so.  Money.  And if it ever goes to court, by the way, these cases, the judge gets paid about 750 pounds for every case he tries.  Everybody gets a payoff for this.  It says:)


The law firm has been previously criticized by consumer groups who say some of those approached to pay compensation have been innocent of any offense.


(A: And sure, it's true enough, on wireless, anyone can hack into your wireless system.  We know that from google, that pretty well took everyone's data from their wireless systems, and sell it.  And they can actually hack into and use your account to download whatever they want to.  Anyway, it says:)


The databases were released earlier this week after a hackers forum known as 4Chan organized an attack on ACS:Law's website, forcing it offline for a period. When the website was restored, it briefly displayed an unencrypted back-up file which included the personal information. It was copied by the hackers, who called their attack Operation Payback, and rapidly copied across the internet.


(A: And you have to go in to read this stuff, because, read the stuff between the guy who owned this company, this company that's been criticized, ACS:Law, and his higher lawyer, you know, the god lawyer, which is a Queen's Counsellor.  That's someone who's actually done work for the British Crown, so they get the title, QC.  And read what that QC tells him to do, and what he will do, to change the appearance of everything, by basically taking over everything to do with ACS:Law's google searches, by mass filing good reports about the company, so that's all you'll see, until the bad will be on the fifth page that nobody reads.  And that's actually in the advice that this QC gives this particular little shyster.  Anyway, it says here:)


Mr Graham said: "The question we will be asking is how secure was this information and how it was so easily accessed from outside. We'll be asking about the adequacy of encryption, the firewall, the training of staff (A: In other words, they're already getting off the subject, even in this article.)...


ACS:Law, which has struck deals with the rights holders for illegally downloaded material and is understood to receive about a third of the compensation paid by users, defended its business. Andrew Crossley, (A: This is the guy who owns it.) the firm's owner, said: "We were the subject of a criminal attack to our systems. The business remains intact and is continuing to trade."


Actually, he's really in hard times right now, because everybody knows what's going on.  So they'll have to try and use google, pay a lot of money, a lot of money, $1200.00 per month according to his QC, to really load up google, all searches with positive information about the company.  And interesting too, if you go into the wiki article on Andrew Crossley, you get more information.  He's been up three times already, in front of the Legal Society in Britain for unethical practices.  But that's how he makes his living, by threatening people.  Now, you can imagine too, some of these people, these emails you'll see and so on, all the letters that were put up on the internet that were hacked, will show you, even old characters, about eighty years old who were downloading pornography, who are petrified of ending up in court.  And they're on disability, or they're on old age pensions, a lot of them too, and you'll this shyster again making deals with them.  You'll see them for yourself, where he works out payment plans to make sure they pay off what he says they owe.  I mean, to me all that stuff is blackmail.  It's just pure blackmail.  Pay up, or your name will be up in the papers, basically, that's it, you know, because you ended up in court, that's it.  And as far as I'm concerned, and I don't do this, I don't watch pornography at all.  I know what all that stuff is out there to do, and why it was first put out there, even before the internet came along.  It has a purpose, and it was part of destroying society.  When children, literally are coming into libraries during school break to go on the computers to watch pornography at the age of eight and nine, and have been for years, I can't understand how they can go after people in their eighties for the same darn thing, watching the same stuff, if that's their addiction, you know.


So anyway, as I say, go into it, and then you'll find the searches, and you can actually read all the mail that was in and all the data that was put up on the net.  And you'll find how this really does work.  And this ties in, you see, with this article here.  And it's from Raw Story.  And it says:


Internet’s creator slams ‘blight’ of web disconnection laws


(A: Now, remember, all the articles I mention, I put up as links at the end of the show at  So the Internet’s creator slams ‘blight’ of web disconnection laws.  Now, this guy here is interesting, Tim Berners-Lee, he's like a hereditary computer guy, probably specially bred, who knows, you know.  You can take that as a joke, if you wish too.  However, he is the guy who was really behind a lot of the system we use today called the web.  So, he's credited with inventing the web.  He:)


...warned Tuesday of the "blight" of new laws being introduced across the globe allowing people to be cut off from the Internet.


"There's been a rash of laws trying to give governments and Internet service providers (ISPs) the right and the duty to disconnect people," he told a conference on web science at the Royal Society in London. (A: He's a real bigwig, this guy.)


The "current blight" includes a French law that comes into effect this year that threatens to cut people off if they illegally download from the Internet, and a new British law passed in April which could see similar action, he said.


"If a French family can be forcibly disconnected from the Internet by law for a year because one of their children downloaded something that some company asserts that they should not have downloaded, without trial -- I think that's a kind of inappropriate punishment," Berners-Lee said.


Back with more on this, after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the laws getting rammed through to so-called, police the internet.  It's interesting that they're using everything for punishment.  Eventually the internet will be used when we go over to a totally cashless society, which a lot of people have already voluntarily gone into by themselves.  But when there's no more cash just floating around, it's all in the ether somewhere, they'll use it too, to cut you off, and punish you.  And that was decided back in the '40s and '50s, before they mentioned the word computer to us, or the internet, or anything else.  That is the system that's coming in.  Anyway, this particular man, who supposedly designed the net, he said here:


"If a French family can be forcibly disconnected from the Internet by law for a year (A: That's your punishment.) because one of their children downloaded something that some company asserts that they should not have downloaded, without trial -- I think that's a kind of inappropriate punishment," Berners-Lee said.


He added: "I'd like to go on using the Internet. If it gets cut off, or for some reason things go wrong, in some cases, for me, my social life would disintegrate, for other people it may be access to medical information."


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor said the US Senate was also considering a bill this week that would have the government create a blacklist of Internet sites (A: Blacklisted sites) that US ISPs would be required to block.


Twenty years after his breakthrough while working at CERN, the European particle physics laboratory, Berners-Lee said "the net has got to a point that is so critical". (A: Meaning it's necessary.)


Given the importance of the web in everyone's lives (A: And for their agenda of course, which he's well aware of.), he urged the Internet experts gathered at the conference to act on the encroachment of the once free-for-all online world. "We have this duty of care," he said.


While Berners-Lee said ISPs should not in general be responsible for the content they were carrying, he admitted that issues of anti-terrorism and serious organized crime were "an exception".


He says.  Ha, ha.  It's amazing, isn't it?  Plus, as I said before, in the previous article, to do with the lawyer, and his company, who basically blackmail people into paying up rather than go to trial for copyright infringement.  Mainly, mainly, his main cases really will be pornography and stuff like that.  Now, I imagine that most of this pornography is legal to buy, or subscribe to I suppose, on the internet.  And he's talking about the ones who have used torrent files or something to get legal stuff down, so they haven't paid for it.  If it was criminal otherwise, you see the criminal justice system would have been involved, and they would charge the person anyway, if it was illegal stuff, pedophilia stuff and that.  So anyway, you can see how this is all working out together, as more and more lawyers get in on the act to make more money.  And since they're always churning out more and more lawyers every year, who are only too happy to go along with this new system, that always creates new jobs for them, as they come across new areas that they've never had to go into before, there will be more and more and more of this stuff coming out, as time goes on.  It's also a dilemma too, for real people, who are not companies, they're not corporations, they're not the huge porno industry, and it's a huge, huge industry, probably a billion dollar industry, multi-billion dollar industry.  There's no way, you see, that they can take those kind of guys on.  And you'll also find out too, that the small guys, like myself, who publish books, if that's all you can do to keep on the air, and people do grab your material and put it up on the net there for free, then it does affect me.  Well, who should go after those guys?  It can be done.  It can be done.  And some people are so damn stupid, they're not doing it to help the world or put out information, they simply want to sink the person that's putting out the material.  And that is a fact.  I've had experience with that.  Still goes on today.  I even know who's doing it. 


Anyway, that's your little dilemma with the coming laws and restrictions, and all the rest of it.  And you know darn well, the blacklist is going to go after anyone, anyone who goes out to speak out against government.  It was interesting, I noticed in George Bush the First's Era, that he was the first one, I think, to use the term, anti-government.  Anti-government protesters.  Now that was a direct translation that came from the Russian, for the same thing, for the Soviet, for the same thing.  As is political correctness.  Anti-government now is to smear you, it's almost like calling you a Nazi or a terrorist, if you say you're anti-government.  Rather than say, what part of the government policies are you objecting too?  Because that's generally what people do.  It's some agenda, or part of an agenda that the government's pushing, people don't like.  Well, that would also mean your opposition party was anti-government, because they're the guys doing the most complaining about the government.  Right?  So that's what we're going into, and plus the U.S. also has done a study recently to put out, and scour the internet for people who they deem are putting out anti-government information. 


Now there's a caller there, from New York.  It's Carlton.  Are you there Carlton?


Carlton: Yes, Mr. Watt.  How you doing?


Alan: Not too bad.


Carlton: Love you.  Love your work.  Appreciative of what you're doing.  And I'm actually glad I got to call in today.  But, I was just actually, well, I want to plug the book too.  I did get the first series, and I will be sending something in to get the second one, real soon, but you know how times is right now.


Alan: Yeah, I know.


Carlton: I really wasn't, I didn't think I was going to get in.


Alan: Yeah, hold on, I tell you, and we'll come back after this break.  I hear the music. 


Alan: Hi folks, this is Cutting Through the Matrix, and we're talking to Carlton from New York.  Are you still there Carlton?


Carlton: Yeah, I'm still here.  I just wanted to touch on the pornography and how it basically, like you always say, it separates the bonding process between male and female.  I mean, I'm not going to lie, I'm twenty-five years old.  I've watched plenty of pornos in my lifetime, and I can testify to how it has basically made, you know, me myself, look at women, and sort of like look at them as a sexual object.  You know, I mean, as men, we are going to be attracted to certain things about a woman, but the way it is now, it's like, it's like, as a matter of fact, I think I mentioned this to you in an email once before, how women are like, I can't really even get it out like I want to, but it's like, like I said, like they don't need us anymore.


Alan: They've been taught that too.


Carlton: Like, it's crazy.  It's like everything, I have conversations about these subjects that you talk about all the time with my cousin, in the house I'm staying in now, and they're all females.  And one of my cousins actually said to me, that all women are whores in one way, shape or form.  And I had to tell her, I was like, man, I can't go for that, because me being a young man, and actually seeing how things are working, and what things are leading to, that's not what I'm looking for, you know what I'm saying.  And these are my older cousins, so I'm like dang, y'all not giving me any hope at all.


Alan: Well, that's the key.  And we have to remember too, that big designers of this system we're now in, and the culture they would create, was Bertrand Russell, and he did experimental schools, remember, I think back in the 1920s and '30s, on behalf of the British Crown.  He was allowed to promote sexual promiscuity with children who didn't even reach puberty, trying to see, the goal being, of course, is if they would have so much sex they would never think of bonding with a person on an emotional basis.  The idea was to separate the sexual act from the emotional bonding.  And of course that was the fabric that kept societies and families together.  They wanted to destroy that so that the state would be in control of everyone, the male and the female all split up, individually helpless on their own.  And of course, we've got to look at it from the women's side too.  A massive attack from the '60s, speeding up through the '70s was aimed at the women, with the Bernays techniques, of course, and Bernays was involved in the early stages, to get women to become more sexualized.  The pill was given to them.  All the magazine articles were telling them they can do what they want.  The miniskirts came in.  The guys' tongues were hanging out, and all the rest of it.  And it's got so bad today, now the women are going out in gangs looking for a lay for the night, as they call it.  And that's their weekend lay.  I mean, they have literally separated the emotional bonding, totally, from the physical act, and that was the purpose.  You're quite right.


Carlton: It's amazing.  The way you lay things out, I mean.  I know, I feel it in my heart for a fact that you are the real deal, and what you're saying is real, but at the same time, I think sometimes, are these people really that sick?  Because, I mean, even on the whole pornography side of it, and you talk about the hermaphroditic agenda, and I've actually seen pornos with, you know, the trans-sexual shims, I hate to use that word, but yeah.  And this mess is out there.  It's crazy to actually wake up and just really notice things.  And then you try to tell your family about it, and they don't, it's just like you say, they don't care.


Alan: They don't care.  And they somehow think it doesn't affect them.  But believe you me, even if you're not following the culture creators, or what they're doing to you, even if you're not following them directly, those around you are, and what they do in their lives will affect you down the road.  So, it affects everyone.  And what you find now too, once they had given all the propaganda towards the women, and that's exactly what they said they'd do, the Marxists said the same thing.  And we've got to remember that Russell, who was a British Lord, for the aristocracy, who was in with all the bankers of London, the City of London, and all the rest of it, the Milner Group, he graduated into the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations, also worked with the Macy group that they brought in from Germany, that ran from Germany, because Hitler would have grabbed them, and the Frankfurt Group too, who also fled Germany, and they also worked on the same projects of disassociating any mental obligation, emotional obligation or bonding from the sexual act, so that the people, in general, in their New World Order could be controlled.  And they knew also it would cause tremendous fallout, because women still have the drive in them to have a child.  Science comes in as the savior, and says, we gave you the pill, you don't need men anymore, so even if you're older, just freeze your eggs, we can freeze your eggs, and we can fertilize it down the road, and give you the type of child that you wish.  So, women have been bombarded with all this stuff, until science becomes their god, basically.  Even though, even at that, a lot of them end up going to therapists.  They started training therapists to go out there, because they knew the fallout, down the road, which is happening now with women who have had the careers, they're burned out, they don't have a family, they have no offspring of their own, and they're depressed as can be.


Carlton: Oh man.  You just touched on a subject, right there, because, and you brought up, man, I swear to goodness, like, I know you're not like a mystical man, but it's like you have a crystal ball sometimes, because I was just having a conversation, yesterday, with my older cousin, who has her career, has no kids, and just like you just described, and we were actually talking about Communism.  And she was saying that she read Marx and Engels, and she said she was liking it, but at the same time, I'm telling her, oh, so you like no private property?  Oh, so you like no family unit?  And she's sitting there like yeah, yeah, but then at the same time she makes the statement that our family is dysfunctional and we don't get together as a family and do things.  I'm like, how contradictory is that?  Like really, look at what you're saying, and look at the things, you're just contradicting yourself.


Alan: And what you've got too, see, we do have dysfunctional families, because they have been bombarded with massive propaganda and indoctrination, really since about the 1960s onwards.  And it escalates all the time, until they're copying the celebrities on television.  They think everyone has got a better life than they do.  They're never pleased with anything.  That's what advertising is all about, of course.  So you're never pleased enough with yourself.  You're dissatisfied with who you are, how you look, what you have, and all the rest of it.  And so, couples are fighting all the time.  At the same time, they keep putting the young females on, dancing away there, on Music Television, that even the older guys sit and watch, and then they look at their wife and say, well, she's not like that.  Well, your older wife is the same age as you, you may be even older, how do you look to her?  So they both look at each other and they become dissatisfied, because they created a youth culture.  And I've met women in their forties, fifties, even sixties, who try to dress up like they're twenty-odd years of age, because they know it's a youth culture and they hate being older.  And women who start to get the first wrinkle on their face, almost have a nervous breakdown.  They feel that they're becoming a non-person.  Before that era came in, the older people were wiser.  They had respect, and they had a big place in the community, because they did have so much wisdom.  So the wisdom now isn't passed on.  We have older people today, who still watch the same TV shows as the young, and they have nothing to pass on to children.  They have no wisdom, at all.  So the war was waged on them, and it has been successful.


Carlton: Yes, yes.  Well, one more thing, Mr. Watt, and I'm going to let you go.  And it's kind of on a different subject, but I always wanted to tell you about this.  I pretty much came into this information within the past couple of years.  I'm pretty new to it.  But I mean, listening to you has given me a very, very, I think a pretty good understanding of what has been going on in the world, particularly with the governments, and predictive programming, and things of that nature.  But sometimes, you do speak on the video games and things like that.  And I'm not going to lie.  I'm still a product of my conditioning.  I do still like video games.  I don't play them as much as I used to though, but there is a particular video game I wanted to draw your attention to, that I've had pretty much for basically like four years now.  It's called Civilization Revolution.  And now, you talk about the histories of civilization and all that stuff, but I just, I love it.  It makes this whole system.  It's called Civilization Revolution.  Of course, on the front of it, Napoleon is there, but basically, you pick from all the great civilizations, Egypt, Rome, Greece, Mongolians, Zulu, all type stuff like that.  And it's funny how, it begins in 4000 B.C., and you have to work your way to basically, the way you win is this.  Through domination you have to take over the other civilizations, capital cities, through military.  You win it economically if you build the World Bank.  You win culturally if you build the United Nations.  And you win scientifically if you build a space station, and then take it up into space.  But it's crazy how throughout the game, you have to learn different technologies, and things of that nature, and one of the things that they list as a technology is religion.  And when you get to religion, you actually get to the fundamentalist type of government, and with that, you can actually, your armies get an extra boost in fighting skill.  But it's total propaganda, total propaganda.


Alan: Sure, sure.


Carlton: And when I first got it, I just was looking for a game that I could build up, basically build up a civilization, or build up anything, because basically, that was the type of games I was into.


Alan: And then you end up with a world empire.  Ha, ha, ha.


Carlton: Exactly, exactly, and end up with a world empire.  Exactly.  But it's crazy how it's so predictive, it's predictive programming all through it, and you have, of course, you have like certain, they call them great people, like Homer, or Aristotle, come to your civilization.  They can give you perks.  Like if you get a builder, you can build certain wonders.  And, of course the pyramid is a wonder.  The military-industrial complex is a wonder.  It's crazy all the predictive programming that's out here. 


Alan: Sure.  It is.


Carlton: I actually did watch Space Odyssey today too.  And somebody put like a clip of your Reality Check dvd that you did, they did a clip of that, and they like did some clips of the Space Odyssey movie, and how you were explaining it with the whole ape men and the obelisk coming down, and all that stuff.  It was pretty good.  That's all I got for you.  I just wanted to say this one more thing too.  If you don't have any kids, you need to make some, because we need some people with your mind power coming through this mess, man, because this is crazy.  We need somebody to clear it up for us, man.  Thanks, Mr. Watt.  I love you, and I'm gone. 


Alan: You hang in there.  Hang in there and call again.  Thanks.


Yeah it's amazing.  It truly is amazing what people are living through.  Most of them don't even know it, how their thoughts come to them, how they reach conclusions or opinions.  And Jacques Ellul said it was by osmosis.  In other words, they hear it from all, they're bombarded, and they don't know they've been propagandized, and again, predictive programming runs through every movie, every television series, every soap, is predictive programming, for you to emulate in one form, and also to think of things as being inevitable in another.  It's amazing all the movies they churned out from the eighties through the nineties, kind of sci-fi about the future.  They were all totalitarian systems that you saw.  Every one of them was totalitarian, where you have the cops dressed in all their SWAT gear and body armor, and you always had the citizens with palm printing, iris scans, and all this kind of stuff.  They were just one after another, getting you ready for what was to come. And that's predictive programming.  So when it does happen, you think, I guess it's inevitable, because the idea is familiar to you.  It was pushed at the back of your brain, via fiction, through fiction, when your guard is down, and you don't realize that you're getting programmed.  So, it's quite something.  Here's another article here, for the fourth year in a row, that the majority of U.S. citizens distrust the media.  It says, 29th of September, and it says. 


Distrust in U.S. Media Edges Up to Record High


Perceptions of liberal bias still far outnumber perceptions of conservative bias


For the fourth straight year, the majority of Americans say they have little or no trust in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly. The 57% who now say this is a record high by one percentage point.


(A: And then they show you the '97 to 2000 trend and the questions they asked them and so on.  It says:)


The 43% of Americans who, in Gallup's annual Governance poll, conducted Sept. 13-16, 2010, express a great deal or fair amount of trust ties the record low, and is far worse than three prior Gallup readings on this measure from the 1970s.


Trust in the media is now slightly higher than the record-low trust in the legislative branch but lower than trust in the executive and judicial branches of government, even though trust in all three branches is down sharply this year. These findings also further confirm a separate Gallup poll that found little confidence in newspapers and television specifically.


Nearly half of Americans (48%) say the media are too liberal, tying the high end of the narrow 44% to 48% range recorded over the past decade. One-third say the media are just about right while 15% say they are too conservative. Overall, perceptions of bias have remained quite steady over this tumultuous period of change for the media, marked by the growth of cable and Internet news sources. Americans' views now are in fact identical to those in 2004, despite the many changes in the industry since then.


So they're either too conservative or too liberal, which is not the point at all.  That's not what I've had asked them.  I'd have asked them different questions altogether, and asked them if they actually are there, who are they serving?  Who are they there to serve?  Because, believe you me, they're big, big industries with media barons, but they serve somebody too, even though they're rolling the cash in.  Back with more, after these messages.


Hi, folks, I'm back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, and to follow up the stories on the internet, such as the internet creator slamming the blight of web disconnection laws that are coming down the pike.  Then the legal firm that makes its money in shyster form, true shyster form, by blackmailing people to pay out of court, rather than go to court, when no real decision has been made on the copyright laws and so on, especially with these particular copyrights, but he's blackmailing mainly people who are elderly, and who are probably addicted to pornography, because lots of folk have been addicted to the darn thing.  And they're all age groups.  A lot of them are even pensioners, male and female, by the way, since we live in an equal society, this day and age.  Here's another thing too:


FBI agents seek the right to tap texts, emails and websites


US intelligence services would be allowed to tap text messages, emails and networking websites under new powers being considered by Barack Obama's administration. The FBI says extremists and drug cartels are increasingly communicating online rather than using telephones.  (A: That's their excuse, and it's rubbish.  It's nothing to do with that.  These guys aren't that stupid at the top of the drug companies.)


 The FBI says extremists and drug cartels are increasingly communicating


(A: So they want to keep track of them by getting more powers to tap basically everyone's phones, even more so without warrants, emails, and all your communication and store them indefinitely.  So it says:)


A new bill requesting the additional powers to investigate suspected criminals (A: That means, you see, everyone is a suspected criminal, because if you haven't committed a crime, you're all liable to do it, according to the government.  That's also, basically your Darwinistic, Pavlovian laws, basically, their idea of humanity.  And it says:) It is likely to face stiff opposition from civil liberties advocates who say the security services have historically abused extensions of power.


James Dempsey, of the pressure group Centre for Democracy and Technology, said: "They are really asking for the authority to redesign services that take advantage of the unique architecture of the internet."


The proposals are likely to require that all encrypted messaging services, such as BlackBerry, include a facility or back door, that would allow investigators to examine communications with a warrant.


You know, this article is a bit of a red herring, to be honest with you.  Because back in 1995, the U.S. and Canada already signed an agreement that all communication systems, all communication devices must have back doors built into them for sale.  That was law then, including fax machines, computers, and all the rest of it, telephones, and all the rest of it.  So they already can do that.  And you'll find as well that the FBI has been doing whatever they wanted up until now anyway without telling anybody.  All they do want really is the right to have it legally done, out in the open.  But they've always been doing this kind of stuff, like the old-fashioned way.  They just didn't tell you.  Same in Britain and elsewhere and so on.  And it's so amazing too, all these laws, all these laws that are going through Britain, and America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, all the old British Commonwealth countries, at the same time, and across Europe as well now, with the EU, and that's just coincidence, right?  No, they go step by step; "okay, this year what do we do?  We've got these plans to accomplish.  Next year there's a whole bunch of new plans."  And they probably have the next fifty years designed how they'll bring in the new society, that is constantly being changed all the time to work into the New World Order.  They're not finished yet.  Not at all.  Even when they declare world government, they're not finished.  There's more to do.  Well, from Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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