Oct. 4, 2010 (#677)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 4, 2010:

Semen and Blood:
An Ode to Kinsey and Sponsor Foundation,
Freeing the Beast of Desolation:

"Society to Be Destroyed - End of Each Norm,
Out of the Chaos New Designer One Born,
The Culture Industry was Doing its Best,
Movie after Movie, More People Undressed,
Computer and Net Moved into High Gear,
Proving the Warnings The Wise did Fear,
Like Movie "Videodrome" for Sickos Out There,
Casualties of Real Thing Increase as They Dare,
No Morals Left to Say "That's Enough",
As Porno is Acceptable, Pushing its Snuff
Into the Minds of New Addicts, Doing the Bidding
Of Masters who Programme, Good at Ridding
Themselves of the Fallout, Saying its About
"Adult Entertainment" They Lyingly Shout,
This Doesn't Help Victims Like Tia Rigg,
The Fallout of Industry Not Caring a Fig,
Raped, Murdered by Uncle, Fantasy Fulfilled,
Addicted to Porn, He Planned and then Killed
His Twelve-Year-Old Niece, Getting His Jollies,
Culture Industry will say, "Own Fault, Own Follies",
Society Destroyed, Dysfunctional and Sore,
With Moral Relativity, Rotten, to the Core"
© Alan Watt Oct. 4, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 4, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on October 4, 2010.  I always start off the show by advising newcomers to the show to look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com where you will find hundreds of hours of audios to download from the talks I’ve given over the past years.  Remember too, on that site there are a lot of other sites listed there; they are all mine.  These are alternate sites in case, which they sometimes do, one gets pulled, it goes down, or whatever.  If you bookmark them you’ll always be able to get the latest shows for free by downloading from the alternate sites.  They all carry transcripts of a lot of the talks for print up, in English.  If you want transcripts in other languages you can select them if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and take your choice. 


It’s basically the only show out there I think where the host depends on the listeners to support him.  I could take on advertisers but then I’d have to take up a lot of your time bringing on guests who are buying time really, or paying me, to push their products.  That’s okay; that’s generally how the system works in a commercialized society.  This gives me more time, the way I do it, to talk about the things I want to talk about.  So it’s up to you the listeners, if you want to hear what I say, to buy the books, CDs and DVDs that I’ve got out there.  There is not much, not much there at all because I don’t have time to do a lot.  But that will keep me going, hopefully, and pay my bills too.  This costs a lot of cash, just for satellite equipment and all the rest of it, for uploading.  I’m in the country and I can’t get the usual high-speed stuff by any other method; not that you would call satellite high speed, although it is rated at an awfully high speed at XplorNet.  You can buy the books and so on [Order and donation options listed above.] 


Hopefully I can go on a bit longer because things are tightening up.  I don’t know how long we’ve got before certain sites are pulled and certain people are banned from the air, maybe even the radio stations too.  Big movements are ahead to censor this world, under this beautiful guise of terror, terror everywhere, which of course was a ‘red scare’ a long time ago.  The red scare was based on the fact that when the socialists or Bolsheviks took over Russia, there was mass slaughtering and they called it ‘the terror.’  They did the same thing of course in the revolution in France; they had the terror there too.  So that’s where the term comes from.


Right now the whole world is to be terrorized, constantly, until we are all… we’ll find we’ll emerge into a new system.  Most folk won’t even notice because they adapt every day to the changes and they accept everything that happens to them.  As long as everyone’s accepting at the same time they think it’s all quite normal, even though you end up 180°, in your opinions and what you thought about things, from when you started.  That’s what the New World Order is all about.  So the doctrine is, as I say, you can’t get anything done as fast as you can under the guise of war, be it a war on whatever.  We’ve had war on terror, poverty, drugs, all that kind of stuff, and this war on terror is the biggie now of course.  And it will go on probably for the rest of your lives, even for the young people, until the whole socialistic agenda, which is just an arm of the guys who run the banks, is fulfilled… to bring in a planned, controlled, happy society.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  It’s astonishing really, that the techniques never change down through centuries and thousands of years.  They are always the same techniques.  If they worked in ancient times they will work again today.  Terror is the greatest method really of getting people to succumb and obey and accept rapid changes.  In fact, Professor Carroll Quigley said the same thing.  He said that, it was easier to get things done in 5 years of war – you’d get far more accomplished – than you could ever do in 50 years of propaganda – with the propaganda changes and so on.  However they are doing both of course. 


They are doing it in school.  They can bypass the older generations, even the ones that have just left school and go to the new again, the young, and give them a further update on what to expect, and how to behave, and how to see the world, and have opinions of course, politically correct opinions.  They can do it every intake basically, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade.  It’s a scientific socialism of indoctrination, a technique, and it works very well.  Very well.  Talk to any youngster about certain things and they will give you these automatic, pat answers that they’ve been indoctrinated with.  It’s very, very evident.  Of course they are too young really to think for themselves and the last thing they’d ever suspect, just like every generation, including the listening audience, the last thing you expect is that you’ve been lied to.  Especially for any political agenda, it never occurs to most people.  And if your parents can’t warn you, then you will think it’s all quite natural. 


Terror is a fantastic thing as I say.  You can really terrorize the blazes out of people.  Governments use the excuse to MAKE the rapid changes, to take away rights and freedoms across the board.  This time it is worldwide pretty well.  Everybody is on board with the same agenda.  It’s to be a strictly controlled society, right down to population control. Everything is come out of this agenda so it will take quite a few years to fulfill, until they have their happy utopia with much fewer people.  Part of the way they are doing that is to sterilize the people – they have been doing that for a long time – but they want to increase the sterilization and the death rate as well.  I’ve actually read articles on the air about death rates and how they want to increase the death rates.  At one of the recent Rockefeller meetings they actually said that.  It wasn’t good enough they were sterilizing the public; he actually said, they’ve got to actually increase the death rate.  People really have no idea. 


So many left wingers, they join camps. They are silly people who join camps.  They have been indoctrinated and prepared by school to join these left wing camps.  If you speak the right language on a few topics, they are IN right away thinking that’s one of ours.  It’s the same in Christianity; you say hallelujah and you can say anything you want up there.  And I’m not kidding about that, in America.  Just know the language and immediately their conditioning will kick in and they won’t judge you anymore; then you can go on with your agenda.  That’s what they use, these techniques they use, in the indoctrination process. 


The death rate is amazing.  As I say, we are going incredibly sterile at a very fast rate.  The United Nations admits this with their annual reports from their statistics bureau.  They love that.  Just like Orwell had in 1984; he had a department of statistics basically prattling on all the time.  We have one in Canada; every country has got one now.  Of course you can’t really argue with statistics.  I think it was one of the Roosevelt’s that said that, there are lies and damn lies, and then there are statistics… they pretend they are backed up by science.  However, the statistics for sterility in the West is phenomenal, just phenomenal, and plummeting all the time.  I’ve no doubt it’s through the inoculations over the years.  It’s also no doubt due to the food, the GMO food we are all eating, and all of the poisons that they use now for controlling weeds and pests in the fields, all authorized from the top.  Not just to get bigger spuds and keep the bugs away, but I’m sure they know darn well why they picked those particular pesticides. 


Here is an article that ties in with this.  It’s to do with x-rays, because everyone’s getting used – they are used to it already – getting x-rayed at the airports for security.  Under security they can do anything they wish with you… the oldest trick in the book.  They are x-raying people and they lied of course about their surface scans – they weren’t deep penetrating.  Listen, there is NO safe dose of x-ray.  Ask any radiologist.  There is no safe dose.  They know that.  And it’s accumulative; the effects are accumulative as well.  Once your genes and your cells have been affected by this you can’t turn back.  You can’t turn anything back by taking pills or hormones or herbs or whatever.  It’s done.  That’s it.  It’s done.  Of course one of the biggest effects of x-rays is sterilization.  This article says…


'Feds radiating Americans'? Mobile X-ray vans hit US streets

(Alan:  They are actually using these mobile radiating vans to use x-rays on the citizenry on the streets.  I’m sure it’s not just there.  They have been doing it across the whole Western Europe.  Britain and America always do things now at the same time.)

By Patrik Jonsson / news.yahoo.com / Wed Sep 29


Atlanta – For many living in a terror-spooked country, it might seem like a great government innovation: Use vans equipped with mobile X-ray units to scan vehicles at major sporting events, or even randomly, for bombs or contraband.


But news that the US is buying custom-made vans packed with something called backscatter X-ray capacity has riled privacy advocates and sparked internet worries about "feds radiating Americans."


"This really trips up the creep factor because it's one of those things that you sort of intrinsically think the government shouldn't be doing," (A: Now listen to who said this…  I didn’t even know they had this…)  says Vermont-based privacy expert Frederick Lane,  (A:  I mean, do we need this guy to tell us this?  What is a privacy expert?  Huh?  What is it?  A privacy expert, it’s like an antique you pulled off the shelf… because privacy is gone.  We know there is no privacy at all.  And we know also we have no rights when they go ahead and do this in the first place.  This is the right of power, the right of might as they call it.  So they pull in a privacy expert to tell us that the government shouldn’t be doing it.  Of course he’s written a book…) author of "American Privacy." "But, legally, the issue is the boundary between the government's legitimate security interest and privacy expectations we enjoy in our cars."


American Science & Engineering, a Billerica, Mass.-company, tells Forbes it's sold more than 500 ZBVs, or Z Backscatter Vans, to US and foreign governments. The Department of Defense has bought the most for war zone use, (A:  I guess we are all in the war zone… isn’t it?) but US law enforcement has also deployed the vans to search for bombs inside the US, according to Joe Reiss, a company spokesman, as quoted by Forbes.  (A:  I also read an article recently too, where they are going around the streets of London using the stuff too, and they haven’t told the public yet.  Why bother telling the public?  Why upset them, the poor little dears, eh?)


On Tuesday, a counterterror operation snarled truck traffic on I-20 near Atlanta, where Department of Homeland Security teams used mobile X-ray technology to check the contents of truck trailers. Authorities said the inspections weren't prompted by any specific threat.  (A:  Now, last week I mentioned another gizmo they pulled out too.  It was a mobile one and I think you can hold it in your hand, and they can actually use them for their cars, and sit there at the side of the road like they do with the speeding gizmos – same idea – and just x-ray as you go by.  How wonderful eh?  This is the world they are bringing in… under terrorism… that they could never have done, say, back in the 70s or 80s.  They could never have tried this at all.  Never, because they hadn’t prepared our MINDS.  It takes a lot of preparation for a revolution.  This is a revolution you are going through designed by those at the top.  Most revolutions, remember, are relatively bloodless.  They are SOCIAL.)


The mobile X-ray technology works by bouncing narrow X-ray streams off an object like a car and then analyzing the scatter rate of the returning rays. Operators can then locate less-dense objects that could be bodies or bombs.


Backscatter X-ray is already part of an ongoing national debate about its use in so-called full body scanners being deployed in many US airports. In that case, US officials have said they will not store (A:  Which they lied about too.) or share the images (A:  Which they lied about as well.) and will use masking technology to avoid revealing details of the human body. (A:  Which they lied about as well.)  Nevertheless, information security advocates have filed suit to stop their deployment, citing concerns about privacy.


(A:  Then you get the spiel again from the security experts who are all lauding it as a “powerful counterterror strategy.”)  …They also point out the images do not not offer the kind of detail that would be embarrasing to anyone.


They don’t even touch on the physical effects of x-rays.  They don’t even touch on it… what it does to you… in this article here.  Amazing eh?  That’s how they give you the news.  Yep, that’s how they give you the news.  Remember, these articles that I read, I put the links up on my web site at the end of the show… when XplorNet gives me the speed to do it, the company that I pay big bucks to for satellite. 


Now, pretty well everything has been covered for a long, long time under security, long before 9/11 in fact.  I really do believe that they were wiretapping whoever they wished to.  We know this too, even during the so-called Cold War, where the FBI was getting pretty well a lot of leeway to do as they wished on monitoring people.  There were privacy concerns back then too, invasions of privacy.  But at that time again, under the threat of the Cold War, nobody minded too much, that wasn’t being bugged by them.  However, they have been monitoring everybody I’m sure for a long time.  I really even think that when they talk about controlling the internet, etc, I believe they have been doing that from the very beginning.  I really, really do.  Whenever they tell you something, or they are going to do something, they have already done it.  Here is an article, and I hate the way they even word it here, from allgov news, “Obama Working on Plan to Wiretap Skype, Facebook, BlackBerrys.”  I’ll read this when I come back from this break; it’s quite interesting. 


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix talking about, really, intrusions into privacy in a sense, and the fact we’ve all been trained that we don’t really need it.  A lot of youngsters all really think they don’t need it.  Of course they even have all their propaganda out, that if someone doesn’t want to share their whole life on Facebook you should be suspicious of them.  Hmm… really?  That’s no kidding.  They really don’t.  They will put everything up there.  They will regret it down the road years later, because even legally they have been told – but not told to stop.  They have been told that it can be used legally against them down the road and they’ll really wish they hadn’t put all that stuff up there.  It says here…


Obama Working on Plan to Wiretap Skype, Facebook, BlackBerrys

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 / allgov.com


The Obama administration wants to force all communications companies to make their networks compliable with wiretapping orders from law enforcement, a change that would primarily affect the likes of Facebook, Skype, BlackBerrys and similar encrypted systems.  (A:  I’ve mentioned many times on this show, that back in the mid 1990s it came out in Canada, in the Toronto Sun I think it was at the time, that the US government and Canada signed an agreement that they couldn’t sell ANY more telephones, faxes, computers, whatever, everything, unless they were set up to accept police and government intrusion; in other words, backdoors to them ALL.  That’s how far back… long before 2001.  Here it’s verified here.)


Phone and broadband companies already are required under the 1994 Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act to ensure their operations can allow for eavesdropping by police and federal agents. (A:  And that means too, manufacturers by the way, of the computer and everything else; they have to have backdoors built in.)  But more recent communications like BlackBerrys, which encrypt emails, make it difficult for the government to intercept messages that may involve terrorist plots.  (A:  Boy, you can cover everything with terrorist plots eh?  Everything.)


The White House has been working with the FBI, the Department of Justice and the National Security Agency to develop a plan that would be submitted to Congress sometime next year.


As I say, they are already doing it anyway.  They are already doing it, because I watched a British documentary about 6 months ago where the head of the security service who had just retired talked about Skype being a bit of a nuisance but they were certainly working on it, which generally means they had already broken it.  So there you go.  It’s the way it is.  It’s just the way it is.  Everything is used under the guise of terror. 


Of course they are using this amazing nonsense there, about this combined – this is what it really is – this combined anti-terrorist operation that’s coming up, that’s been declared by Cameron in Britain and the United States and all the rest of it, as a big positive, from intelligence they’ve gathered that there could be a widespread attack, suddenly – because Red October always comes along with commies you see, and that’s what you get in Red October.  You always get the big thing really happening, OR more often these days, you get the big practice that they tell the public about after they’ve had their practice.  At the time they want to terrify you of course, and have you comply.  Anyway, it will be a joint thing across the world, with all the intelligence services, the military and that, involved in it.  It says here in the Guardian – they play the left wing part for most articles and so on. 


British intelligence denies US terror warnings sparked by new info

US warning of commando terror attacks in Europe irritates European officials, who say no evidence plot is imminent

Richard Norton-Taylor guardian.co.uk, Sunday 3 October 2010 / guardian.co.uk


Nearly 80 people were killed in the terror attacks in Mumbai. The US has warned there is a risk of commando terror attacks in Europe.  (A:  This is what they are saying, it could be just like Mumbai.)


Fresh warnings of possible terror attacks in Europe issued by the US were not sparked any new intelligence, counter-terrorism, security and intelligence officials said.  (A:  In other words, they weren’t sparked BY – I guess they missed the ‘by’ there – by any new intelligence.  There is no new intelligence that says it’s going to happen.)


There seems no doubt there has been "chatter", or intercepted communications, between suspected jihadists and al-Qaida sympathisers plotting in the tribal areas of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan.


The suggestion, first reported in the US press, was that they were planning a series of "commando-style" attacks, something European security agencies have feared since the co-ordinated killings in Mumbai two years ago in which 174 people died.


Attacks by gunmen, which could continue for some time, could provoke more terror than split-second suicide bomb attacks, officials say.


These reports coincided with a number of heavy, controversial attacks by US drones and helicopters on the Pakistani side of the border with Afghanistan.


The US's warning to Americans to be vigilant in Europe added fresh impetus to the scares.   (A:  Remember I read a thing, last year I think it was, about all the big practices that they were going to have, and the public would have to be unaware that these were actually practices.  See, we are losing interest in all this stuff.  It’s cry wolf, cry wolf, cry wolf, orange alert, red alert, and so on, get the phasers on full and all that, and warp away as fast as you can go.  We’ve all been trained to rubbish.  We’ve been trained by techniques you don’t even understand yet.)  The Foreign Office upgraded its threat warning to Britons going to France and Germany, although the terror threat level in Britain remained the same.


European officials again made it clear yesterday they were "irritated" with the US for leaking stories before they could gather more intelligence. There was no evidence that a plot was imminent, and intelligence was described by a well-placed Whitehall official as "ill-defined".


One of those providing information is an Algerian informant – who may have been behind the decision twice recently to evacuate the Eiffel Tower in Paris. (A:  I like all these ‘mays’ and ‘maybes’ and all the rest of it, and vague… It’s like the caveman; you know the caveman Bin Laden.  It’s nonsense.  It’s nonsense.  But they’ve got to keep the terror hyped up because they’ve got more things to pass, more laws to pass, and more nasty things to do to you.  They haven’t started dissecting us at the airports yet; that will come next.  You know, we have to dissect you sir and look inside of your stomach to see if you’ve smuggled anything in; you could be hiding it in a body cavity.  Do you think I’m kidding?  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I’m back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Last Friday I mentioned how the US had apologized to Guatemala for the sexually transmitting disease experiments they used on patients or people in Guatemala over many years.  They purposely infected them with syphilis.  Some of them were psychiatric patients and so on, other ones were in prison.  They did it on both men and women to see if they could re-infect other people, to load them up with various antibiotics to see if they still passed it… the ones who were loaded up with antibiotics, to see if they’d still contract the disease, that kind of stuff.  They were testing it out in all ways, way back then, for warfare purposes. 


Remember, all warfare purposes eventually are used on the general public by the way, if you didn’t know that.  You see, you are all trained to think that your army and your military are always there for you, to defend you.  Really, that’s what you’re trained to believe; it’s brainwashed into you.  And eventually they use it on their own public.  I’ve mentioned so many tests before they’ve done across the European countries, especially Britain, Canada and the United States.  I’ve given you the links, the documentation to do with that as well.  I’ve mentioned some of the books to read too about what they’ve done.  They have declassified some stuff but they haven’t really given us stuff from the 1970s to the present time, even though you can see the spraying in the skies all the time, which is really bad out British Columbia way, with these very dark trails they are laying on them now and people have all got bronchitis. 


U.S. apologizes for Guatemala STD experiments

Government researchers infected patients with syphilis, gonorrhea without their consent in the 1940s

By Robert Bazell / msnbc.msn.com / NBC News NBC News / 10/1/2010


I mentioned at the same time too – they omitted it in this article here – the fact that they have been using the same kind of experiments on their own people and how they even used PLUTONIUM injections on people and so on.  It’s quite something.  So tonight I’ll add to Friday’s show; I’ll put up another couple of links there. There is a video documenting some of the experiments on the Americans by United States military and the spy agencies, including Plutonium injections.  I’ll put those links up and they are videos and you can watch them.  There are two of them to see, if you’ve got the speed and all the rest of it.  I really don’t have much speed here to watch too much at all, but I’ve seen them before in the past. 


Plutonium files



34:40 - 1 year ago

An eye opening interview with Pulitzer Prize winner Eileen Welsome, the author of Plutonium files which revealed some of the information about secret human experimentations on American people conducted by American military and spy agencies.


Plutonium Files: How the U.S. Secretly Fed Radioactivity to Thousands of Americans

Democracynow.org / May 5, 2004


Denver-based journalist Eileen Welsome reveals how as a reporter for the tiny Albuquerque Tribune (circulation 35,000) she uncovered one of the country’s great Cold War secrets: the U.S. government had knowingly exposed thousands of human Guinea pigs with radiation poisoning including 18 Americans who had plutonium injected directly into their bloodstream. [includes rush transcript]


But that’s the world that you are living in.  They do tremendously awful experiments on their own public including spraying cadmium across the landscape of Britain to see how it affected the public.  They sprayed similar stuff in Canada as well; the whole city of Winnipeg was sprayed in the early 50s in conjunction with the US Air Force and the Canadian Air Force for a whole week.  Then of course they followed the symptoms down through the generations to see how they developed their tumors and cancers and all the usual stuff.  So it worked very well; I guess they were pleased.  That’s the world you’re living in.  So I’ll add those two links up to Friday’s show; I might put them up tonight too for you to see.  You have to really steel yourself to watch them.  And really think.  Don’t think that what’s happened in the past is somehow remote history like ancient Rome or something. That’s not long ago.  That is not long ago.  There are still people living today, who were alive during these experiments; and they are still ongoing remember.  You know nothing about really what’s happening out there in the world.  You really don’t.  We’ve been global for a long time, an awful long time before you were told about it. 


I’ve also talked about the culture industry, many times, and how you are conditioned for everything to come through the culture industry.  I’ve talked about the meetings they had with the Council on Foreign Relations and their parent company the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, back in the late 60s I think it was, to decide who would be given the task, through their movies and so on and music, to put a common culture across the world via movies and the music and so on, drama, and novelists and all the rest of it – because they hire them too, they rent them, by the dozen.  That give you predictive programming. What you see in these movies, what you hear in the music, will affect the way that you see life in general.  It will also prepare you to act in certain situations the way the heroes did act in the movies, even to changes in political correctness.  You are always being updated through movies and so on.  Even your own behavior will change completely, 180°, especially when everyone else has been effected with the same stuff at the same time and they all start moving and doing whatever they are told to do… monkey see, monkey do. 


I’ve talked too, their other big part was the destruction of the family unit.  You can find from the earliest writings – if you want to look in and really spend your time looking into the early socialist writings – how they talked about WAYS of destroying the family unit.  And sexual morality was to go out the window.  They were promoting ‘free sex’ or ‘free love,’ as HG Wells called it.  It was in one of the first books he wrote, getting paid of course by the big boys, the Milner Group at that time, before he joined the Fabians, to promote ‘free love,’ he called it.  I went through the history of how they tried that in the 1920s, the roaring 20s.  It worked very well in some experimental cities like Berlin and Paris.  They even had one in Shanghai at the time.  They brought in the new jazz, mini skirts, all the rest of it, and then they brought in eventually nude dancers, and then even orgies in Berlin; mass orgies at the end of the night they would have.  People were flocking, from all the ‘arteests;’ the artistic types were flooding into Berlin to participate in the stuff they thought was just wonderful.  Of course the socialist media was promoting all this avant-garde stuff as just absolutely, you know, cutting edge.  Cutting edge they called it.  But they didn’t talk about the fallout… and the drug use.  It’s amazing how they use drugs as well as booze at the same time.  But they had the fallout.  They didn’t have the abortion clinics up and running, efficiently, and they had too much sexually transmitted disease.  It was obvious they couldn’t treat it then, before penicillin, and so they went back to the drawing board and refurbished it all, and made sure your tax moneys went to creating the Pill and reintroduced it back in the 60s.  The same thing. 


Now, pornography was to be a big, big part of it.  You don’t understand, what you let into your mind will AFFECT you.  YOU ARE THE GUARDIAN OF YOUR OWN MIND.  No one else is.  No one.  Everyone should be taught at school, and before they go in school, YOU are the guardian of your own mind.  You are your own firewall.  This article is about some of the effects of pornography.  You could probably write many, many, many books on pornography and its effects through society.  It’s affecting men and women.  It’s amazing the articles, generally they will talk about how – and I read an article maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago – how young boys were practicing all kinds of weird sex on their girlfriends, because they got it all from pornography.  Well you’ve got to understand, the girls too have been watching this stuff from school onwards as well and often they will initiate the stuff they are seeing on television.  That’s why they put themselves up on Facebook and stuff dressed like the porno stars.  It works on them both.  But they will never mate for life.  They are too dysfunctional, and that was proven from the 60s onwards, as the BIG revolution took place. 


youtube.com / Kinsey syndrome


video.google.com / Kinsey's Pedophiles


Here is one of the kind of side effects, if you like, of it.  One of many I’m sure.  This is one that went the whole way, but most of them don’t and are kept quiet.  There is a lot of hush-hush at the law societies to hush things up because they want this to continue, obviously. 


'I've finished killing her now': Uncle, 38, murdered niece, 12, while acting out a fantasy from his collection of violent porn

By James Tozer / 5th October 2010 / dailymail.co.uk


(A:  Now, even on the internet of course… I was one of the last guys to touch a computer, only because I was going to go on the radio.  All I knew about it was what everyone else knew because I’d read the newspapers and they kept telling you, there is so much porn, so much porn. Well of course it’s like saying, it’s candy, forbidden candy.  That’s why they kept telling you, to make sure EVERYBODY went into it, especially the young.  That’s why it’s all still up there yet.  Anyway…)


A schoolgirl was lured into a trap by her pornography-obsessed uncle to fulfil his sick obsession with murdering a child.


John Maden, 38, who had downloaded a collection of sadistic 'snuff' movies from the internet, enticed his 12-year-old niece Tia Rigg to his home on the pretext of getting her to look after his daughter.


Instead he drugged the unsuspecting youngster before torturing and abusing her, then stabbing her in the stomach and strangling her with a guitar string.  (A:  It was probably an ‘e’ one and not a ‘g’ one.)


Minutes later, Maden made a chilling 999 call (A:  Interesting… 999…  That’s like 911 over there.  The old dial phones, when you turned to dial the 9, it turned into a 666, you know.  That’s no coincidence either.  Anyway…) in which he confessed to the horrific murder which he said he'd committed 'because I felt like it'.  (A:  That’s what he told the police…)


Today he was ordered to serve the rest of his life behind bars for what a judge branded his 'unspeakable' crime, joining the ranks of Britain's most notorious murderers including Ian Brady and Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe.


The tragic case once again highlights the depraved material available for anyone to access on the internet.


It will also raise new concerns about Salford social services which had been monitoring Tia and last year came under fire over the killing of a vulnerable toddler.


Jobless Maden had become fascinated with sadistic 'snuff' movies - films showing a murder being committed - while downloading a sick library of violent pornography and explicit images of children, a court heard today.  (A:  Well, you know, they are into the pornography.  How do you think they geared all the public up before they gave you the explicit pornography?  It all came through your regular programming, as they got more risqué and more risqué, and prepared you and prepared you, until if someone says, oh I was watching pornography, and no one blinks an eyelid today.  Before they conditioned you, you would have had a different reaction, because now you are finding out something about someone that you would never have thought before.  You can’t mess with this stuff.  You can’t let these images into your head, because they are DESIGNED to start you off on obsessive/compulsive behavior.  It says…)


Tia, the daughter of Maden's sister, Lynne, frequently came round to his home in Cheetham Hill, Manchester, to babysit for his ten-year-old daughter, and he secretly began plotting to act out his dreadful fantasy on her.


Searches of a laptop computer found he had done extensive research into killing, including downloading texts with a variety of violent titles.  (A:  Now believe you me, anyone who is into this stuff and is watching this stuff, is being monitored by the cops all along anyway.  And they know who’s going to go off their rocker, and who is likely to and so on, by what they are watching, and how much they are watching, and how often they are watching.  They know all this stuff.  They need these guys because you see, pornography will do its bit in the destruction of society – it’s pretty well done it.  Then they will use that as a pretext, one of the pretexts of heavy censorship on the internet.  They are already using that as one of them in fact, on the internet.  In Australia for instance, they passed a law in Australia where they can blacklist certain sites, and the first site they blacklisted, after passing the law about this, was a Christian site talking about abortion.  No kidding.  I read the article on the air.  That was in Australia.)


The divorced father-of-one also downloaded more than 2,000 explicit images from the internet including the most extreme level five categories of child porn - police sources said he had obtained most of such photographs that are in existence.  (A:  Well, they’d know.  You know something too?  They did experiments as well, and I’ve read some of them here, on penile experiments they call them, on young sexual offenders.  They wire them up – they do it in Canada yet.  They wire them up to a meter that gauges the penis reaction to all the sicko things that they show them.  Before they used the computer they were using just regular film and projectors.  You will see that in one of the movies I talked about before, A Clockwork Orange.  They found out that the people who do the testing, because they are watching more and more of this stuff, THEY themselves become obsessed with all the deviant behavior.  You can’t tamper with it.  You can’t tamper with it.  So this guy did this and then he went through his little fantasy you see, that he’d seen and it embedded in his head, the idea of how to do it and all the rest of it.)


Just 45 minutes after she arrived, Maden dialled 999 and made a 'chillingly calm' call to report what he had done.


Police officers found Tia's naked body with her hands tied behind her back and surrounded by two knives and a sex toy.  (A:  Yep.)


She had been tortured and raped before being stabbed in the stomach and finally strangled with a guitar string.


After his arrest, Maden claimed he had been listening to a 'bad voice' in his head 'controlling him and telling him what to do'.  (A:  Interesting….)                      


Today at Manchester Crown Court he admitted rape, torture and murder and was jailed for life.


He was told the 'exceptional' nature of his crime meant he would never be eligible for parole, making him the 40th inmate in British custody with no prospect of being released. 


You know something?  A lot of these real snuff movies are circulated amongst judges.  There have been cases in Canada that they have kept under wraps, but videos were taken of each murder and some of the stuff ended up as far away as Hong Kong and Japan, the copies of them.  It was a professor that told me that.  So you know, they are all in on the act.  Of course the higher you go the more deviant they are as well.  They always pick the one at the bottom.  The ones at the top, they close ranks and cover it up.  Quiet something.


Britain has really taken the charge now.  It’s the flagship for the world, always has been since Milner and the Rhodes group combined and then formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs, your unofficial government there, with thousands of very elite members that are all Oxford, Cambridge, and all the rest of it.  Running your life… they are through government.  They are through bureaucracy.  They are through the newspapers.  They run everything that you can see and hear and what you are told.  They run education.  They write your history books for you.  Well, they also run this too.  It says here…


Eric Pickles (A:  What a name eh?  Where did they get this guy, he’s a bit too acetic for me.) unveils 'home rule' plan for English cities

Local government secretary wants to put 'communities back in charge' 

(A:  That’s your communitarian, again, idea.)

Hélène Mulholland, political reporter guardian.co.uk, Sunday 3 October 2010 / guardian.co.uk


Eric Pickles, the local government secretary, today unveiled plans to introduce "home rule" for major cities in England under newly elected mayors.  (A:  Now don’t forget that the UN put out a treaty they all signed a while back, years ago, talking about Super Cities and how they’d eventually do away with the nation-state and there would be a few Super Cities across the world where they’d have all the peasants crammed into as they take them off the land and out of the agricultural areas.  They don’t believe that farmers have the right to farm.  They believe that only the big authorized international corporations, which they own of course, will do all the farming.  That’s happened in China.  You can travel from city to city in China and just see these thousands of miles of just vacant land and bush and all the rest of it.  Then you hit the cities where they have all been crammed together. In China they are taking 2 million sometimes, per week, into the cities; they are getting them off the land, the ones that are remaining.  Back to this article…)


Pickles said the move was part of a wider approach to "put communities back in charge", backed by the abolition of a number of quangos responsible for monitoring standards and conduct in local government.  (A:  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just finishing up the last few minutes and reading an article about the communitarianism.  They have already discussed what they are doing, and implemented what they doing for the small communities but now they are going for the big cities now too.  It says here, it’s interesting…


Pickles (A:  The guy is literally called ‘Pickles.’) did not make clear today whether referendums would be required under the Tory (A:  Conservative…) plans for elected mayors, or whether this model would be imposed on communities.


But he insisted that he wanted to see the kind of civic leadership once spearheaded by Joseph Chamberlain in Birmingham in the late 19th century applied to modern day major cities, such as Newcastle, Liverpool, Bristol and Birmingham. 


So I guess we are going back to the feudal system.  That’s what Carroll Quigley said of course, a new feudal system would run the world.  That’s what it was all designed to do.  That was the kind of world they were bringing in, but experts and the CEOs would rule your lives instead of just old-fashioned guys in armor who ate an awful lot and drunk a lot and all that kind of stuff.  So it’s just a new kind of the same kind of feudalism.  They have taken all your rights away from you anyway.  Eventually you will be brought up into your local soviet – ‘soviet’ means ‘rule by councils.’  They will draw you up to see if you are politically correct, if you have to go back and be reconditioned for remarks that you’ve made or opinions that you hold.  That’s all coming down too.  They are all ready for it.  The public is ready for it. The youngsters are ALL ready for it, and they will think it’s quite normal, as it merges. 


They’d be a lot faster with all of this, in the United States, an awful lot faster if they didn’t need the US to fund most of the project across the rest of the world first and then they’d bring it all into the US at the end.  That’s how they do it.  They need the military machine of the US to finish off the rest of the world too.  It's got a big job to do YET.  And what kind of job have they got to do?  Well, there are so many jobs for the US still to do. There is one where the US is going to possibly, possibly, attack Iran.  They are under pressure from Israel to do it.  Of course Senator Joe Lieberman and Howard Berman came out and did a talk with his pal.  They are all for the war and striking Iran first. 


Obama pressed to weigh Iran strike

Senator Joe Lieberman, Congressman Howard Berman say US must put time limit on sanctions

Yitzhak Benhorin /  09.30.10 / Israel News  / ynetnews.com


Don’t forget, there is no difference between right and left because they talked about doing this before 9/11 happened, with the Project for a New American Century group.  They wanted to attack Afghanistan first, then Iraq, and then Iran, and after that they said they’d go for Syria.  And that’s all of their enemies obliterated, you see.  Or, they call it democracized.  They actually called it, in one of their videos put out there by this organization that fronts and really is part of the parallel government that runs the world, they said they were bringing ‘revolutionary democracy’ to these countries.  So the idea was to invade them under the guise of revolutionary democracy.  They have used every excuse under the sun to go in and rob people and kill them in ages gone by.  This is a good one. They are not doing it to tame the barbarians or bring civilization to barbarians.  No.  They are going to bring this revolutionary democracy… we are not here as a war party, we are here to bring democracy, at the point of the big barrel of a tank and with cluster bombs.  So anyone who’s not ready for the world system has to be brought up to speed quickly, or blown off the map.  And that’s what they are doing.  You can’t have competing systems all living, coexisting happily together.  Got to be ONE.  There can ONLY be ONE…  That’s what the UN is in French, ‘un.’ 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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