October 7th, 2010 (#680)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt October 7th, 2010:

Parallel Government:
President, Prime Minister Just for Show,
Who Pulls the Strings of Pinocchio?:

"Authorized Reality Given in a Thousand Ways,
Soaked Up by Public Throughout Their Days,
Few Ever Suspect, Above Their Nations,
With Teeming Throngs, Congregations,
A Relative Few are in the Rule,
Politicos are Distractions to Play the Fool,
The Parallel Government has World Dominion,
With an Army of "Associations" to Offer Opinion
On Each Issue Pertaining to World Integration,
Sustainability, Depopulation, End of Nation,
Their Army is Busy Amalgamating Each Region,
Of One Mind but Many, Their Name is Legion,
Sworn, Dedicated, Tested for Task,
Charitable Foundations is Their Mask,
To "Do Good for the World" is Their Cover,
Philanthropic Front-Men, They Will Smother
And Cull Us Down to a Workable Few,
Tyrants, As Ever, Making their World Anew"
© Alan Watt October 7th, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - October 7th, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 7th of October, 2010.  Newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website.  Bookmark the other sites I've got listed there, and if any sites go down, hopefully you can pick one of the other ones to download the latest shows from.  And they all carry, remember, a lot of transcripts in English of a lot of the talks I've given.  And if you want talks and transcripts from other languages, or in other languages, go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and take your pick there, download them, print them up for free.  All the rest of them, as I say, have the same ones in English, and they all carry the same audios, as well.  So, remember when you're in there too, that you are the audience that bring me to you, and I depend upon your support.  I could go the other way, and become very businesslike, and I think you tend to get into show business when that happens.  And we're not really out here to push show business.  This is not a show.  It's the greatest struggle that's gone on in history for an awful long time that we're going through right now, to try and regain not just some kind of freedoms.  People are still trying to get sovereign freedoms back, but we're also losing our individual rights as well.  And individuality today is a bad word.  The UN said that the worst enemy that they have is the individual, the individual who won't belong to the group.  So, support me by going into my website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com, buy the books, the discs, and dvds and so on.  And you can also purchase from the US to Canada, remember, with a personal check.  And the reason you can do that is because we're all really one country, you see.  We have the same dial area code for both countries.  Same with the postal, it's the same thing.  Just send a personal check to Canada, and they'll cash it.  And you can also send an international postal money order from the post office in the US to Canada, and they cash that here too.  They stopped that all across the rest of the world.  Can't get them to post them here or cash them.  And if you want to order too, you can use PayPal to donate or to order.  If you want to order, send in your order with a separate email, with your name, address, and the order after the PayPal donation, and I'll get it out to you as fast as I can. 


Well, we are, you know, going through this simple little phrase, we use this term, a New World Order.  We're going through the New World Order.  Everybody is saying it.  They've been saying it for years, all the top guys.  Anybody at the bottom saying it, and parroting them, they laughed at and said you're paranoid.  But now all the biggies use it at their big international meetings.  The newspapers use it for headlines, until it's quite a common term that's in use, and it's getting kind of passé in fact, to be honest with you, to call it the New World Order.  We're kind of past the New World Order of that phase, you see.  And they're always updating and bringing in New World Orders all the time, New New World Orders.  And when they end one phase, they go into the next phase that is actually a transition part between the two as we cross over, leaving the old behind.  And since really World War I that was brought in to establish the League of Nations, in an attempt to bring about global governance at that time, right after they set up the League of Nations, about 1919, I think, and America funded all of that, thanks to the taxpayers.  And then they brought in the United Nations, a more strengthened League of Nations, after World War II.  And even during World War II, the propaganda films they were putting out in the movie houses, were calling the Allies the United Nations, getting us all ready for the idea.  And after World War II, again they thought the countries would have enough of this nationalism business, because they lost so many lives and so on, so much destruction, that they pushed again for a unified world, and to bring up the UN to its full height as a government, but the public wouldn't go for it.  They got round it in a different way.  Back after these messages.


Hi folks, we're back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  As I say, the New World Order is always ongoing into a New New World Order.  And they often use terms like the end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end, and all that kind of stuff.  Used in many, many speeches, even before Winston Churchill used the same thing.  And what they're talking about is the new system, the new system, a push for the new system, which really has always been a goal for centuries for these particular guys, who are involved in making it happen.  They set up the structure to influence the whole world, long ago, long, long ago.  And sometimes you can go your whole life without ever hearing mention of some of their clubs and their committees, etc, that work ceaselessly to influence public opinion, even in their local areas.  And the techniques were discussed by Cecil Rhodes on how to do it to his members.  He established the Cecil Rhodes foundation, the Rhodes Trust, as well, to create scholars who would be internationalists, and who would find open doors back in their own government's departments and bureaucracies, high levels, the doors would open and they'd just walk in.  And that's what they've been doing across the world for a hundred years.  They also set up other institutions, all based on the model which already existed at the early 20th century, and that was the British Empire, which they then called later on the British Commonwealth.  It sounds better than Empire, since they're trying to get all the countries to join, with Free Trade being the big bait, of course.  Apart from that too, they also have to agree to international treaties, and gradually bring in the same systems of government, and eventually those governments would be bonded into regions.  They had it all planned out when Cecil Rhodes was alive. 


And he merged his group, of course, with Lord Alfred Milner.  Milner was more of the banking dynasties, and he worked for the banks.  His members mainly were the sons of bankers.  They all went to All Souls College, Oxford for life basically.  That's where they were lifelong members or fellows of it.  And they made much of their world agenda while at those meetings at All Souls, where they met quite regularly.  They decided to have wars to bring on catastrophe, and at the same time, their own groups, mind you, who were strategically placed, the rich guys would just walk in, just like Halliburton does today, and grab all the rights, mineral rights, oil rights, whatever rights they could grab a hold of, and they would hold it and become more and more powerful.  So they'd own the political arena.  They'd own the affairs of the foreign affairs departments.  They'd also own the wealth of countries across the world.  A bigger empire than the one they already had, a global empire.  As I say, they called a Commonwealth of Nations.  And the United Nations itself, and the League of Nations, admit on their own sites, that that's what it was modeled after, the British Empire or Commonwealth.  They got to work immediately, and they set up various clubs for men to join.  And again, this was a much older idea, the idea being that someone who is very influential, with power, financial power, would always attract the up-and-coming guys who want to be and get into the right positions, and they would want to join these clubs.  And from these clubs, just like Masonry of course, they could select the more abler members to join, and go into the higher circles of friends.  They still use the term circles today.  Circles of influence, they call them, that's where it comes from. 


We've all heard of the Council on Foreign Relations, that became the American branch of the Royal Institute on International Affairs, which amalgamated the Rhodes and Milner group together, into one, for the same purpose.  But very few folk know there's an American Committees association on Foreign Relations, set up by the Council on Foreign Relations.  And they have their annual meetings and their monthly meetings and so on.  And they travel across the world as ambassadors from different places like Chicago, a representative, and New York representative.  Canada has got their members too.  And they influence the people abroad, of course, when they go abroad.  But they also hold high positions back down home again, either as newspaper editors or owners, and that kind of thing.   They are opinion makers for the people to follow, and that's why they're picked.  And here's an article from their website.  And it says:


15th Annual National Conference (Alan: Since they changed their name, that is.  It says)


The 2010 Annual National Conference was considered by all to be a smashing success.

(A: Smashing, just simply smashing.)


Amb. H.E. Husain Haqqani, who graciously hosted ACFR at the Pakistan Embassy, ushered in the two-day event. On Friday, attendees enjoyed a series of informative and entertaining panels and took part in honoring Dr. Richard N. Hass, (A: You all know who that is) president of the Council on Foreign Relations, as he received the 2010 ACFR Distinguished Service Award. For the second year in a row, Hon. Rose Gottemoeller, Assistant Secretary of State, accommodated ACFR at the Franklin Dining Room in the State Department and spoke to dinner guests about her involvement in nuclear reduction negotiations with Russia.


(A: Then it gives you a list of some of their more eminent members.  And they're all members of the US government, or ex-members.  And they're all to do with integration, really, of the Americas. There's:)


Eliot Cohen, Former Counselor of the Department of State


Richard Millett, Latin American Senior Advisor


Gustavo Coronel, International Energy Consultant


Amb. John Maisto, Former Representative at the Organization of American States (A: That's the ones that are really leading the push, and they're still signing treaties with every government by the way, to amalgamate the Americas.)


Sidney Weintraub, Center for Strategic and International Studies (A: Sidney gets around to a lot of these groups.)


Ruth Wedgwood, (A: A descendant of the Wedgwood family and Charles Darwin, by the way.  She's:) Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University


Jakub Grygiel, Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, (A: As well) John Hopkins University


Sebastian Gorka, Institute for Democracy and International Security


(A: These are from local, within the states, organizations of Committees on Foreign Relations, set up back in 1938 by the Council on Foreign Relations, to make sure that everyone gets brainwashed and so on.  And one of the guest speakers at it was, well, another mouthpiece of course, that gives you your points of view, and what you should think and all the rest of it.  It says:)


At its Annual Dinner Meeting for 2009 ACFR presented the NewsHour’s Jim Lehrer with its Distinguished Service Award for the Advancement of American Public Discourse on Foreign Policy.


(A: In other words, giving them their spin on it.  And then it goes on about:)


ACFR saluted Jim Lehrer for his advancement of American public discourse on foreign policy. The doyen of American news anchors, Lehrer has set standards for intelligent news coverage and measured analysis that are rarely met by even his most serious and talented colleagues. 


(A: I remember when one of the other big American ones retired, and then it came up on a video, a meeting of the World Federalist Association, that this guy was a guy who was giving, this other guy was giving you, all Americans, their opinions right through the Vietnam War, and telling you what you should think about it, and all the rest of it.  Internationalists, sworn internationalists, you know.  They give trips across the world, and all the rest of it, but when you go into their actual websites too, to do with what they're all about, it's quite interesting, because it tells you here:)


In 1995, ACFR was newly incorporated as a nonprofit association dedicated to facilitating debate on international events--primarily as they relate to the formulation and implementation of U.S. foreign policy--between Washington and the heartland(s) of the United States.


In their previous life, the committees were affiliated with the Council on Foreign Relations, which created them in 1938 to the same ends that the new association affirms. (A: Well, that's World Government, you see.) At present, ACFR is not affiliated with any other entity, but has productive relations with the broadest range of government officials (both U.S. and foreign) and foreign affairs related think-tanks and associations in Washington and beyond. ACFR's national office is located at historic DACOR Bacon House, just west of the White House in Washington, D.C. 


(A: But they pick their members, and it tells you if you read through this article here, from those really.  And you have to be asked to join.  That's the way it always is with the Royal Institute of International Affairs and CFR.  You must be asked to join.  You can't just pay your cash and hope to get in the door.  Because you've got to be useable, you see.  And before you will be asked to join it, you will be well tested, over maybe a few years period, to see if you can keep secrets, keep your mouth shut, what's your weak points.  Do you get drunk and talk too much?  That kind of stuff, and if so, of course you'll never get in.  So they really do vet out these people, and then they invite them to join as they say.  It even tells you here:)


The membership of ACFR Committees has traditionally been built on a by-invitation basis; however, the programs and other activities of the Committees frequently serve broad local and regional audiences and reach out to schools, colleges, and the media.


In other words, these guys that you can't go and join are in there making sure that you get the right agenda in school, with the right brainwashing, and to make sure you have the right idea about globalism, which is the idea that they've authorized, you see.  Quite something.  There's so many of these organizations all working towards this.  I've met guys in Canada who belonged to the Round Table Society.  And of course that really means they work at the debating tables, after they attend the meetings, at the Canadian Institute of Foreign Relations (International Affairs).  It's the same organization.  Every Commonwealth country has its branch.  And some of them try to hide their names when they become too popular and people are talking about them too much.  But it's the same organization for World Government at any cost.  And that included, as I say in the past, creating World Wars, as Carroll Quigley said, to achieve their ends.  Because they do believe that the end justifies the means.  Whatever means possible necessary to get the job done, to get this result.  And I'll put these too up on my website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of the show.


Hi folks, we're back and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  I've been watching other countries push the euthanasia bills through, and it's always the same techniques they use, of course, and the same organizations involved.  They've actually got in naturally to their government departments, and it's time now.  You see, it's time, after the meetings they've had with Rockefeller and all the organizations at the top, The Lucky Club for instance, as they call it, where Rockefeller goes and Bill Gates goes.  It's amazing when you become a multi-billionaire, you suddenly have this love to kill people off the planet.  And that seems to be your main concern.  There are just too many people.  It's never something else, it's always the same thing, isn't it?  But, of course, they're all fronts you understand that.  Everyone who gets to the top in these organizations, even as a spokesperson or someone on TV that can sway the minds of millions, like Oprah, they all play a part.  And it is a part that's made for them.  They're well-produced.  They have producers and handlers and managers and all the rest of it, to make sure their image is just right for the audience and all the fools they're going to mislead.  However, once they get up there, they all join the club, like The Lucky Club they call it themselves.  I guess that means the lucky genes, eh?  And then they decide to want to kill off the rest of the planet, and then in their last meeting, Rockefeller said, it wasn't good enough that sterilization was going under way, meaning health for women by the way, is one of the terms they use for that across the world.  They're talking about sterilization through the United Nations in cohort with them, of course.  And he actually said, we'll have to start rapid depopulation.  He's talking about culling, folks.  It's not bad enough that we're dying off with cancers left and right from all age groups, by the way, and it's increasing at a phenomenal rate.  It's not fast enough for them, because these boys and their offspring who truly believe that they have the right to go on with their offspring, being superior, of course, and genetically, and we're eating up all the resources, and we're not needed anymore, you see, to conquer the planet.  That's pretty well, we've conquered it all for them.  That was part of our job.


So, they're trying to get us now to start to think more in humanistic terms, because they give us humanism to replace all the other religions that they knocked the floor under.  And as they went down, under the floor, out came humanism, secular humanism, which is a religion in itself, with its own belief system.  However it fits in with today's society, which has been made hedonistic, narcissistic, and basically ego-syntonic.  They've totally divided, of course, because what narcissist can get on with another.  And everyone is a little actor in their own little bubble of a world, where they all believe they're on reality television or something.  And they have the aid of technology that has been put out for them, to encourage that too.  You can't believe what people say on the streets now as they're passing by on the phone.  Or even the topics they pass to each other.  You know, it's just incredible.  Anyway, they're not really in a reality, and they don't mind who hears them.  Everything is a reality show to them. 


Euthanasia, you see, we're the only creature on the planet that has to be convinced through argument and persuasion to allow ourselves to be killed off.  We truly are.  You know, we have been domesticated, that's bad enough.  But you know sheep, even sheep sometimes, you get the occasional sheep that will not go into the pen.  Because that sheep has seen something done by the shepherd at some time that kind of went against the grain of him being a good shepherd.  But it's implanted in his brain, and he doesn't want to go in there.  We don't even have that sense.  We don't even have that.  We have to be convinced through indoctrination at school, and big scary stories as they said at the top themselves.  I've read the articles from the Big Boys, where we must give them scary stories for them to believe anything.  We have to be given scary stories and 'we're all going to die' stuff if we don't stop pumping out CO2 and all that rot.  That's kind of fallen by the wayside as we go into this big cooling phase.  Anyway, the carbon taxes will go ahead.  Poverty is to come.  Rationing of food will come.  That has been on their agenda for over sixty years, by the way, rationing of food.  They're going ahead now with their euthanasia advertising and signs and all the rest of it.  Well, they started last year I think with abortion ads on TV.  And now as


Pro-euthanasia sign gets the go-ahead (A: on billboards)


A CONTROVERSIAL advertisement which supports voluntary euthanasia will be displayed on the Hume Highway, Yagoona, from next week after it was approved by Billboards Australia.


The Canterbury-Bankstown Express reports a debate is understood to have flared over the legality of the ad after Billboards Australia claimed its contents could have flouted the NSW [New South Wales] Crime Act, which forbids the aiding of suicide or attempted suicide.


But Greg Barns, who is acting pro bono for voluntary euthanasia (A: I'm sure he is, yeah.) campaigner Philip Nitschke’s (A: It's so close to Nietzsche, isn't it?) organization Exit International, argued otherwise and convinced the advertising agency that the billboard referred only to public support of voluntary euthanasia and the government’s failure to mirror the sentiment.


(A: Public support apparently, yeah, really.  They're clamoring to be killed.)


The billboard, also expected to be posted in Melbourne and Brisbane in coming months, will read: “85 per cent of Australians support voluntary euthanasia, our government doesn’t! Make them listen.”


Well, really.  You know how they pick things out of the air like global warming and CO2 and stuff like that, the same with their statistics that they dream up as well.  Same thing, but it is the agenda, and it's got to get pushed forward.  It's got to be, the Big Boys have said it.  Now start pushing, you see.  Now Holland already is put up as, well, if Holland has been doing it for years, what's wrong with us?  Well, if they've been beheading people in some African country, should we start doing the same thing here?  Huh?  So you can't use that kind of logic, but they use it all the time.  And this article I'll read will tell you too about more than just the sign of euthanasia.  Back after this.


Hi folks, we're back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just showing you how the agenda is pushed forward.  Remember too, you might agree on euthanasia, but you see it's not a matter of agreeing on euthanasia.  What it is is they want government certified doctors to go around and basically condemning people.  And when you put this kind of power in the hands of government, you're in big trouble.  You're in awfully big trouble.  Because, see, governments have their own manifestos to fulfill, and they're deadly serious about population reduction.  And they've already found out, in Holland for instance, there's been so many cases of wrongful euthanasia, they even euthanized a nun, who definitely did not have it in any written agreement or oral agreement with them to do so.  And they've done many cases like this now.  And there's a lot of criticism about it.  But folk will adapt.  Folk adapt to anything. They adapt to bodies hanging on wires as art and stuff like that, and that's how degraded we've become.  They can only push this kind of stuff through when we're utterly degraded, and it was Julian Huxley from UNESCO, that wonderful United Nations organization, who said that we'd have to push man off his pedestal as the supreme being on the planet and bring him down to the level of the animals.  Well, they've done that, very, very well, with a lot of work, starting about from the '50s, definitely the '60s, and definitely the '70s, right to the present time.  They fulfilled all the planks of the Communist Manifesto to bring in this global system.  It says:


'How to die'


(A: This is a handout piece, obviously, to this newspaper.  To make you, this is how they get you round it.  Well, I'm not quite sure, maybe they're quite, maybe there is an idea, as they put you off guard a little bit.  Most folk really don't have their opinions.  They're downloaded by them.  And it says:)


'How to die' becoming as important a question as 'how to live'


October 7, 2010


(A: So it's a handout.  I don't see any writer here, any writer's name.)


Opinions are divided on whether euthanasia can be a rational choice.


Bob Brown's post-election call for a conscience vote on the territories' right to pass euthanasia laws has been criticized for being a distraction from issues that really matter to the average Australian. (A: Could be anywhere, mind you, couldn't it?)


But such criticism misses the likelihood that the 21st century may well be the one where ''how to die'' becomes as important a question as ''how to live''.


Advances in medical care have transformed our relationship to dying. Medical technology will continue to blur what we mean by death and its relation to our lives, foreshadowed by extraordinary cases such as (A: And then they always bring this one up.  The American case:) 41-year-old American Terri Schiavo, who was in a vegetative state (A: They say, even though she could gesture and communicate and all the rest of it, they call it vegetative.  Sounds better that way when you talk about euthanasia.) for more than 15 years. A prolonged legal and political battle eventually led to the stopping of tube feeding in 2005, and her death.


(A: Now, people around her, it came out on lots of stations who had talked with her, been in to see her, said that she didn't want to die.  But it was a judge's decision who put it through, and they killed her.  That's what happens when you put it in the hands of the authorities.  It says:)

A much less publicized case was played out in Australia in 2003. The New South Wales Supreme Court ruled that treatment could be withdrawn from Isaac (A: Again too, it's interesting how Terri Schiavo, is so close to shaiver, or schriver, was the old name for a sin eater, in the Middle Ages, where they couldn't find a priest to give last rites, they had the sin eater, and they called him a schrivo or schriver.  And here's this one in Australia, where he's called Isaac Messiha.  Can you believe it?  Where do they find it?  You know what I'm saying, this is not coincidence they find these characters.  This means a lot to the Big Boys with their occult languages and stuff.  Why wouldn't they wait for someone else to come along with a different name, you know, Joe smith or something?  Anyway it says:) Messiha, a 75-year-old man whose life was supported by ventilation and tube feeding after he suffered severe brain damage from a stroke.

(A: Then it goes on:)

It is a difficult discussion to have in a society that has so little exposure to death and dying in comparison with previous generations.


That was part of the tactic, by the way, was to sterilize not just all of us, but actually sterilize the emotion, or interaction, between those who were getting old and those who were dying.  They're whisked off to a hospital, and the next thing you know, they're in, all dressed up in their best clothes in a morgue somewhere, or the exit place where they put you up the chimney, and they always say, you've never looked better by the way, after they put all their makeup and stuff on you.  But, I mean, it's all to make it look hygienic, and nice and clean.  People used to take care of their own, as they were dying.  And it gave the youngsters, at a very young age, an appreciation for life.  And they were far kinder to each other, because they realized that anyone that they loved could die at any time.  They might die at any time.  It made them think completely differently.  So now the government has taken all that thought out of your head, and you're basically getting trained that the government will come around when you are a certain age, and say, you know, our committee has decided you're consuming all this stuff, and you're not contributing anything to society, and technically you're a useless eater, and you do have that bad case of bronchitis, we think we should just euthanize you; how about that?  And they'll bring in of course, facilitators to really con you and say it in a completely different way, until you're agreeing with them, just like Winston agreed with his torturer to everything that the torturer eventually said.  He was just taught to love him and love Big Brother.  Whatever, whatever.  So it's a good PR piece of how they do it, and the plan remember is to stop helping people in hospitals.  The plan is going the other way.  We have to have a minimal care, hospital care across the world, globally.  That's part of the agenda.  It's being implemented shortly, to be started in the US, based on the British model that's pretty well halved its services in the last few years.  It was already in a mess, already, before they halved it.  That's what the US is to get brought down to as well. 


If you notice, not a single cure has been brought out for anything.  Everything stopped with antibiotics.  Outside antibiotics, that was the greatest breakthrough, we haven't had a cure on anything.  Billions of dollars in funds go into cancer research and all the rest of it.  Meanwhile, they know what causes cancer, because they admit their warfare departments work with viruses that cause cancers.  They can build whole bodies and clone things, in tanks, any part of your body too, but they just don't know how the cancer cell can be killed.  Utter rot.  No.  You won't see that, that for you.  You'll never see what they do have for you.  Not at your level.  But they do have the stuff at the top.  Population reduction is the agenda.  I said earlier on what Rockefeller said, at one of the last big meetings with his big club, and he said, it's not enough that the people are becoming sterilized and so on, and we've got these family planning or abortion clinics across the world, we've got to start rapid population reduction.  That's what he said.  And it will come.  When it comes, you will know about it then.  They'll give you great excuses for it.  Most folk will believe it too, by the shortages coming.  They'll believe whatever they're told, as they all go down the tubes. 


Now, how can you fight in a system where the same guys own your economy, that own your Central Banks, they own the International Banks, they own many, they actually own many of the International Corporations, if not most of them or all of them.  They own your entire system.  They make sure that people are in place to even keep your entire system in place, and to upgrade the system as well.  They own your educational systems.  They write your history books, to make sure the right authors are selected from within their own ranks.  They give you your whole reality.  And they can put your money up in value or down in value at a whim.  People you'll never meet, most of them you will never know their names, across the world somewhere, can just devalue your currency.  No one invests anymore and bang, down you go.  We've seen that before happen, it started with Iceland was a big one, then Greece, and then they were hitting Spain, as well.  Well, here's Ireland, and they've hit old Ireland here. 


Fitch downgrades Ireland, (A: This is the ones who grade them.  The:) outlook negative


Bank recapitalization costs contribute to move, agency says


LONDON (MarketWatch) — Fitch Ratings on Wednesday cut Ireland’s credit rating, citing the rising cost of bailing out the nation’s banking sector, (A: They've got the banks there.  Bailing out the banking sector caused it.) and warned that a further downgrade may be in the offing if the economy fails to bounce back.


(A: Well, how is it going to bounce back?  How is it going to bounce back when no one is going to invest in it?  It says:)


Fitch cut the Irish government’s credit rating to A from AA- and said the outlook on the rating is negative. A negative outlook implies there is more than a 50% chance of a further downgrade in the next 12 to 24 months, the agency said.


(A: Now, soon as the stock market hears that, that's it.  That's Ireland.  They turn their back on them.  It says:)


The downgrade of Ireland reflects the exceptional and greater-than-expected fiscal cost associated with the government’s recapitalization of the Irish banks, (A: So the banks plunder you and then you bail the banks out, and then the whole country, the tax payers who reimbursed all the banks, paid them all, get stiffed.) especially Anglo Irish Bank,” said Chris Pryce, a director in Fitch’s sovereign group.


The negative outlook reflects the uncertainty regarding the timing and strength of economic recovery and medium-term fiscal consolidation effort,” he said.


And then they go on about the foreign exchanges, etc, etc, and what the currency is doing, and how it's slowing down, and blah, blah, blah, blah.  In America too, by the way, in the U.S. they're talking about vastly increasing inflation.  At least they called it inflation in the U.S.  In Britain it's called quantitative easing.  I thought that was something that guys who were big and fat and wore 5,000 pound suits, and who run our lives, do when they're sort of fidgeting around on their seats after they've drunk their brandy, after their big meal, you know, it's kind of a bit gassy.  Gaseous you might call it.  I thought that was quantitative easing, anyway, as they try to push themselves a little bit off their chair.  But that's what's happening.


The whole world is going under the same agenda, is in the same agenda, going under the same rules, very quickly, and being brought down one country at a time.  And out of it all will come, oh, we've got to go completely international now to save ourselves.  The last vestige of sovereignty must be tossed out the window, and we're all in it together you see, and we've got to work together.  Meanwhile, I'm sure Ireland and Britain, like Canada and the States, and all these other countries, under this new law of redistribution of wealth, are still flogging out their tax money across the planet, by the billions.  Even China, we're building health centers in China.  They're still classed as a Third World country, even though they are The Manufacturer for the planet.  And folk think this all happens by itself.  Even China didn't pull itself up by its bootstraps by itself.  It was created to do so, by the same guys that gave you World War II, I and II, and the Soviet Era.  They also created Communist China.


Facebook, facebook, facebook.  After its terrible slagging that it got, because of its founder of what he said about the stupid foxes, I think it was, fox, or something he said, that all these people who were putting their info up on his pages, and he was selling all their info off.  He called them stupid foxes or something, something to that effect.  It rhymes funnily enough too with his name, but anyway, this says here:


Facebook has introduced (A: This is a P.R. piece, you see.  They must have paid a lot of money for it, by the BBC) new features aimed at giving users more control over their information and who can see it.  (A: Oh yeah, sure, like the NSA?  It says.)


The biggest change will allow users to map their offline life to the online world through smaller groups.


(A: So they're encouraging the small group idea.)


For the first time, users will also be able to download all the data they have uploaded onto the site.


They will also find it easier to see how individual applications are using personal information, Facebook's chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said. (A: Zuckerberg, is it? It's awful like the word that he used, I think. Anyway, it says:)


"The changes today are about giving people more control (A: Over the silly foxes.  More control:) how they share in a lot of different contexts," Mr Zuckerberg told BBC News.


(A: So he's out to help people now.  You see.  He wants to really help you all after being suckers, you know.  And I'm sure they'll go back into it, and they'll have lots of new little programs they can use and amuse themselves with, and that's all it really takes.  It says:)


"Groups will change behaviour," Augie Ray a senior analyst with research firm Forrester told BBC News.


"It's possible that people will join Facebook because they will feel they can control who sees their information. I am a very open person and blast everything I say on Twitter or Facebook but now something like this will allow people to think more deeply about who will see what they say, and will increase engagement."


These are the companies by the way that get sold your information.  And they do all these studies on you, along with the Rand Corporation, on your groups and your chatter, and your forums and all the rest of it.  And they have all personality profiles of everybody out there.  That's what they use all these things for, that you pay for by the way.  So that you can talk to your "friends." 


In a society that's rotten to the core, where all morality has been stripped away, it doesn't surprise me when, in society, for instance you bring in priests from today's society, novice priests and they wonder why they have all this pedophilia happening.  It's because the whole society is rotten that they're taking the pull from.  And the FBI here it says:


FBI employees reportedly cheated on security tests


(A: And it's quite a good article on it too.  It says:)


A tour sign stands outside the Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters in Washington (A: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  It says.)


FBI agents and several supervisors cheated on an exam about new rules for terrorism and criminal investigations and for collecting foreign intelligence, according to a U.S. Justice Department report released on Monday.


The report by inspector general Glenn Fine found that some FBI employees improperly consulted with others while taking the exam, and others used or distributed answer sheets or study guides that essentially provided the answers to the test.


A few FBI employees, including several supervisors and a legal adviser, exploited a programming flaw to reveal the answers on their computers, according to the investigation into four FBI offices around the country and several individuals.


The report found significant abuses and cheating involving at least 22 employees.


It marked the latest critical report of the federal law enforcement agency by the inspector general's office, which has questioned in the past whether the FBI has violated civil liberties as part of its terrorism investigations.


So, of course everybody is corrupt.  That's where they pull their society from, the general population.  They've all been corrupted by the system they grew up in.  All they've been fed is video games, just go out and kill, slaughter, strong man wins.  And right of might is all that wins in the end.  Right of might.  Power.  The sly guy.  All the good guys nowadays, you can't tell the difference from the bad guys in the movies.  Same language.  They're always swearing, beating folk up.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we're back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Part of the idea, too, of bringing us all down towards this part of the ending of this part II, III, IV, V, we're in right now, who knows, is to control all food and water supplies.  And they've been doing that for years now.  And once they're in control, they start taking water away from farmers, putting them down, and once they're all out of business, and they sell out for peanuts, because their land then is literally worthless without water, then the big boys move in, the big agri-businesses, because the United Nations has said in the past, that eventually they will control all food across the world, and they will dish out, they'll dole out the food rations to every region, they called it, to help bring down your populations.  You'll still be given the decision of who should live and who should die, and this is coming, this is coming, as the big five agri-businesses, which I really think are all really one at the top, and the water companies come together.  And there's only two or three water companies going for the whole world's water supply.  Here's what they do.  This is from Australia.  This says:


Murray-Darling cuts 'could spark riots'


(A: So they're starting in Australia, you see.)


There are warnings today's long-awaited Murray-Darling plan could spark riots in the streets of regional towns which could be hard-hit by expected cuts to irrigation entitlements.


The draft plan, which will be released this afternoon, is expected to recommend overall cuts to irrigation allocations of between 27 and 37 per cent.


Irrigators in the New South Wales town of Griffith say significant irrigation cuts could lead to civil unrest, wreaking havoc across regional Australia and sending food prices soaring.


(A: Well, that will fit right in with the agenda.)


The Murrumbidgee is high on the list of valleys to be hit hard by water cuts.


(A: And it says this is going to cause massive unemployment.  The whole area lives off agriculture.  And guess what they're going to do with the water they're going to save.  They're putting it into the wetlands, you know, for the froggies and things, and tadpoles.  This is the big sustainability project, you see.  All tying together.  Take it away from the farmers, who feed people and have jobs, and so on, and put them under by taking their water away from them.  Divert it away from them.  Deliberate.  It says:)


"That will mean agricultural jobs, there will be about 7,000 cut, and that will translate to about a billion dollars a year just in agricultural business value."


7,000 jobs.  How many families, eh?  And I'll guess they'll have to move off into the big overcrowded cities, as they get more and more overcrowded.  The slum ones, that is.  Not the super cities that they're building for the elite.  And gradually over the years they'll die down into a more manageable population, and you'll have the elite coming through with their massive estates, and water fountains, of course.  And all their little naked statues with water pouring out of different orifices, that they love so much, and cherish dearly.  So, that's what happening in the world.


See, we're all just slime at the bottom.  We've always been slime to those at the top.  Always, always.  Can't believe that people don't really believe there's such a thing as a sort of class distinction, especially the hereditary class distinction.  Can't believe that.  They've done such a great propaganda campaign to make you think everyone is the same.  Everybody's the same, especially in America.  You get Presidents in America that pretend they're from Texas, and try to copy the accent to make you think they're one of you.  I can remember Carter, who said he was a simple peanut farmer.  Oh, God Almighty.  And who backed him?  Well, Mr. Rockefeller put him in.  And he still works for him yet for this global agenda.  They've always been globalists, Bush, Obama, the lot.


From Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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