October 8th, 2010 (#681)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt October 8th, 2010:

Leave the Mind Behind for the "Peace" of Your Kind:
Never in the Conflict of Human History
Has So Much Been Lost by So Many
To So Few:

"Never in History have Been So Many Rights
Scratched from Law with No Furious Fights,
No Privacy is Normal, Parrots Young, Generative,
Exiting Indoctrination School, All Green, Vegetative,
Scientific Indoctrination is Said to Work Wonders,
Eradicating the Past's Excessive Blunders,
When Public School Trained Students to Survive,
With Knowledge, Logic, Independence, Alive,
Fabian Socialist Techniques are Now Intertwined
With Neuroscience, Behaviourists Control the Mind,
Augmented with Barrage of "Experts' Advice",
Behaviour Modification Makes Hell Seems Nice,
Freedoms Won with Such Bloody Cost,
Tossed Without Whimper, Forever Lost"
© Alan Watt October 8th, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - October 8th, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 8th of October, 2010.  As always, I suggest newcomers, and there's always newcomers every night to the show, should look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website, and there you'll find hundreds of hours of talks I've given, over many years now, where I try to give you the big picture of what's happening in your lives, how it got to this, and where it's to go.  I give you the shortcuts, at least I try to give you the shortcuts by giving you some information from the Big Players themselves, from their own books, for you to peruse at your own leisure, and tie it all together.  I try to steer you away from all the frauds out there.  There's a lot of nut cases with followings.  There's a lot of people who want to believe it's the aliens and so on, and they certainly can attract always the fringe element, and get true believers in them too.  So, I try to give you the basic facts as presented by those involved themselves, from their biographies, and from the different publications that they put out for the associations they work for.  And they pretty well explain in their own language, what they're up to, how they're planning it, and what the next part of their agenda is.  There are so many think tanks, each working on different parts of the agenda.  There's so many you can hardly count them.  And they never stop.  These foundations, literally can go through many generations recruiting, retiring, hiring, and carrying on with the same agenda for a hundred and fifty, two hundred years, with their mandate and their policy.  That's how they can do it, regardless of all the elections that come and go, and who gets in and who gets pushed out.  It doesn't matter to the foundations, they have their plans and their agenda, and they all work together. 


So, go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Remember, too, you can buy the books I have for sale, the discs, and so on, and from the US to Canada, you can still use a personal check.  You can use an international money order from your post office, which is a good way to do it too, in case you're afraid of losing it, you can still claim the money or track it.  And you can use PayPal to donate or to order.  To order, simply send the PayPal donation, followed by an email, with your name, address and the order, and I'll get that out to you.  Across the rest of the world, it's the same idea.  You have the options as well of Western Union.  Western Union is a bit more expensive to wire money across.  Money Gram is cheaper.  You can send it across in check form, and you can use PayPal to donate, or to order.  Some people just send cash.  And so far, the banks haven't complained, in this big wonderful, global economy.  So that's the way to do it.  But that's to keep me going, because I don't accept cash from advertisers.  The ads you hear on this show pay for the station.  They pay for the broadcast.  It pays for the staff and equipment and the bills at RBN.  So, you have to help me with mine.  And it's always the same few who do it.  Thousands and thousands listen.  Whatever is said here, and the comments, and my take on things, will be broadcast by many other talk host shows the following day.  And that's just proven by experience.  So, it's up to you to help me out and keep me going, and the expenses here are high.  They are high for what I do here.  It literally drains the life out of you.  I would not give this to anybody, unless they wanted to go into a business and become commercialized, and then you're really into show business.  Then it's no problem.  You'd rake in millions, quite easily, quite, quite, quite easily.


As I say, we're going through the greatest transformations we've ever gone through, and that's why I'm on the air.  Back in 1998 or so, I thought it was time to start voicing some of what I knew, the knowledge that I gained, to people who in the patriot movement at that time were kind of navel-gazing on the U.S.  They did not realize it was an international movement they were all involved in, their leaders were all internationalists, and we're going into this big global governmental system.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, we're back and Cutting Through the Matrix.  Yesterday I mentioned an article, where the European Food Safety Association, for the European Parliament I guess, had okayed bisphenol A to be put in the baby food and the rest of it, because it's alright for you.  It's not bad it all.  They tried to class melamine as a protein; that's why they got it in the baby food, and they use it as bulk.  And so they passed it, and I was looking through it again, the same article, and it said, normally the British Plastics Federation, and the European Plastics Federation, the big manufacturers, generally do the testing themselves and hand it to the European Union to review.  And this may have been the same case, I don't know.  Anyway, it says here, that certain intakes are okay, etc, and it says:


they could not identify any new evidence which would lead them to revise the current Tolerable Daily Intake for BPA of 0.05 mg/kg body weight set by EFSA in its 2006 opinion and re-confirmed in its 2008 opinion.’ The review also highlighted that ‘data currently available does not provide convincing evidence of neurobehavioural toxicity of BPA.’


Very clever.  Very, very clever, because you see, the people were not asking for neurobehavioral toxicity tests at all.  It was all to do with the fact that mothers who used it when they're pregnant, and it's in makeup, it's in everything, and then again at the bottle, when the child is born, if it's a male, it tends to make his testes rather small, and in fact, in the womb, from the eighth to the twelfth week, it would make sure they were pretty well sterile for life.  That's what it's about.  So they should have done a biological study on it, and to see how this would affect the male child's hormone output later in life, not a neurobehavioral change, like picking flowers and stuff.  So, that wasn't the intent of the study at all, that was cried for.  But that's how they do it.  And this study is supposed to put people's minds at ease, that's what they say.  It will put your mind at ease.  Well, I guess guys who are sterilized that way, as kind of neutered, are pretty passive, there's no testosterone there.  So, maybe, technically, that will happen.  That part is true.  Then you go into the day after that was published, and here is this article here.  It says here:


Gender bending chemicals in plastics 'raises risk of prostate cancer'


(A: That's on top of the fact you'll be sterile.  So, guys have really had it here.  This is the 7th of October, 2010)


A gender-bending chemical found in babies' bottles may raise their odds of prostate cancer in later life, scientists have warned.


In experiments, newborn rats fed bisphenol A, a building-block of many commonly-used plastics, were more likely to develop pre-cancerous cells as they aged.


With chemical levels similar to those commonly found in the human body, the researchers said their findings are directly relevant to babies' health.


Their warning comes just a week after the European food watchdog said that the amounts of the chemical we are exposed to in day-to-day life are too low to do any harm.


(A: I'd add "to the food," I suppose.)


The Food Standards Agency also said that bisphenol A does not carry a risk but the latest study raises fresh concerns about the compound which is also found in CD cases, tin can linings, (A: Why would they put it in tin can linings?  They never used to.  That's to make sure you get your bisphenol A, folks.  Even beer cans, I understand.), sunglasses, plastic knives and forks, mobile phones and dental sealants.


(A: Ah, that's interesting.)


The American researchers showed that giving newborn rats the chemical raised their odds of developing cellular damage that can lead to prostate cancer in later life. Both mouth drops and injections were equally damaging.


(A: So, orally or by injection, it was just the same.)


University of Illinois researcher Gail Prins said: 'There was no difference in the number of lesions, whether the bisphenol A was given by injection or orally, the prostate pathology was the same.


'It mattered nothing which way it was given.'


This is important, because it many previous studies which have focused on jabs have been criticized for not being true to life and their results downplayed.


The latest research suggests that the damage seen in such experiments also occurs when we access it through food and drink.


Bisphenol A has previously been linked to fertility problems, breast cancer, prostate cancer and heart attacks.


Writing in the journal Reproductive Toxicology, Dr Prins said: 'These findings on prostate health are directly relevant to humans at current bisphenol A exposure levels.


(A: Which the European Commission found were acceptable.  The same levels were acceptable.  It says:)


'These findings support the proposal that exposures to bisphenol A during foetal and neonatal life may increase the risk of carcinogenic events during adult life and in the human population.'


(A: So in the womb, and just after you come out of the womb, you're pretty well done for, I guess.)


Elizabeth Salter Green, of the Chemicals, Health And Environment Monitoring Trust, said: 'Responsible governments need to find alternatives to bisphenol A as so many consumer products are made using this chemical and we are all constantly exposed.'


Campaigners say that those concerned about the chemical should use bisphenol A-free baby bottles, cut down on their use of canned foods and opt for glass, porcelain or stainless steel containers where possible.


(A: They should also stop plastering on that make-up that contains it as well when they're pregnant, because it goes through the skin.  Insufflation they call it, through the skin.)


They should also avoid heating foods, including baby meals, in polycarbonate plastic food containers - often marked with a '7' on the bottom - as the chemical can leak out of the plastic at high temperature.


But the Prostate Cancer Charity urged people not to worry, (A: The Charity Organization, also) saying that bisphenol A breaks down much more quickly in the human body than in a rat.


(A: So, they're saying don't worry about it.  Just keeping your money throwing at them.)


Dr Kate Holmes, of the charity, said: 'This is a field of research that remains highly controversial.  Bisphenol A  is still considered to be a safe product for use by the food industry (A: Well they're all for money, right, so you can trust them.) and the exposure of humans to this product is considered to be minimal.


By the same food companies, you see.  So anyone who's got a bit of common sense, will take the precautions and stop using the stuff all together, in their food for sure.  And, if you want a healthy baby, then you know to avoid it all together, in all of its forms.  That's all you can say about that.


Now, it's quite interesting how you think you've got rights.  Everyone thinks they've got rights, you know, until you find out that you don't at all, because someone set a precedent leading case, and precedents are set down, and your rights have all changed.  That's what high courts can do in every country.  This is from Canada.  It says:


No right to lawyer in police interview


(A: This is from the Canadian Supreme Court, October the 8th)


The Supreme Court of Canada clarified the rights of accused people when it comes to receiving legal advice in a trio of rulings Friday.


The Supreme Court of Canada ruled Friday that a person questioned by police in connection with a criminal case does not have the right to have a lawyer present during the interview.


(A: So, that's out the window now.)


In a trio of related decisions, the Supreme Court also said a suspect doesn't have the right to re-consult with a lawyer midway through an interview, unless the situation in the interview has changed significantly.


The court also said a suspect does not have the absolute right to consult with a specific lawyer if that attorney can't be reached within a reasonable time.


(A: So they used a particular case that happened back in 2002.  This is the one that led the precedent for it.)


In the case of R. vs. Sinclair, the justices split 5-4. In that case, Trent Terrence Sinclair was arrested by the RCMP from Vernon, B.C., in December 2002 and charged with second-degree murder in connection with the killing of Gary Grice the previous month. Sinclair was ultimately found guilty of manslaughter by a jury.


At the time of his arrest, Sinclair was advised of his right to counsel, and spoke twice by phone with his lawyer. During an hours-long interview with police, Sinclair said several times that he had nothing to say and wanted to talk to his lawyer again.


The police officer who conducted the interview said Sinclair had the right to keep quiet, but refused to allow him to contact his lawyer and told him he did not have the right to have a lawyer present.


Sinclair eventually implicated himself during the interview. He was then placed in a holding cell with an undercover officer, where he made further incriminating statements.


(A: Couldn't get his lawyer, and he started yapping.)


Sinclair later accompanied the police to the site where Grice had been killed and participated in a re-enactment.


So anyway, because of this one particular case, it turns out now that you don't have the right to have a lawyer at all.  That's how the law works.  You see, it's nothing to do with right, wrong, justice, whatever, it's to do with letters of the law and how they interpret them, and how they put it over.  So this is amazing news for Canada.  I guess that's another one right down the tubes as well.  Quite something. 


And, here's an article here, it's interesting.  I read about a month ago an article where the FBI were now giving themselves permission to bug people's cars, even in your driveway.  They go into your driveway, at night I guess, and put a bug in your car.  And here's an interesting case here, where it has happened already within the US.  I'm sure they've done it to lots of people.  And it's from Wired.  And it says:


Caught Spying on Student, FBI Demands GPS Tracker Back


A California student got a visit from the FBI this week after he found a secret GPS tracking device on his car, and a friend posted photos of it online. The post prompted wide speculation about whether the device was real, whether the young Arab-American was being targeted in a terrorism investigation and what the authorities would do.


(A: The guy was born in the States.  He's a citizen.)


It took just 48 hours to find out: The device was real, the student was being secretly tracked and the FBI wanted its expensive device back, the student told Wired.com in an interview Wednesday.


The answer came when half-a-dozen FBI agents and police officers appeared at Yasir Afifi’s apartment complex in Santa Clara, California, on Tuesday demanding he return the device.


Afifi, a 20-year-old U.S.-born citizen, cooperated willingly and said he’d done nothing to merit attention from authorities.


And I'll read the rest of this when I come back.  It's quite funny.


Hi folks, we're back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  It's an interesting article.  It's about how the FBI bugs cars and so on.  And how they'd done it to a U.S. citizen, and how he found out about it.  Because it goes into the details.  It says here the:


20-year-old U.S.-born citizen, cooperated willingly and said he’d done nothing to merit attention from authorities. Comments the agents made during their visit suggested he’d been under FBI surveillance for three to six months.


An FBI spokesman wouldn’t acknowledge that the device belonged to the agency or that agents appeared at Afifi’s house.


(A: They'll tell you nothing.  Not that they even appeared there.)


I can’t really tell you much about it, because it’s still an ongoing investigation,” said spokesman (A: P.R. Man.  They all have P.R. Departments now) Pete Lee, who works in the agency’s San Francisco headquarters.


Afifi, the son of an Islamic-American community leader who died a year ago in Egypt, is one of only a few people known to have found a government-tracking device on their vehicle.


His discovery comes in the wake of a recent ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals saying it’s legal for law enforcement to secretly place a tracking device on a suspect’s car without getting a warrant, even if the car is parked in a private driveway.


Brian Alseth from the American Civil Liberties Union in Washington state contacted Afifi after seeing pictures of the tracking device posted online and told him the ACLU had been waiting for a case like this to challenge the ruling.


This is the kind of thing (A: This is how they word it here.)


"This is the kind of thing we like to throw lawyers at,” (A: I thought they meant at lawyers.) said Alseth told him.


It seems very frightening that the FBI have placed a surveillance-tracking device on the car of a 20-year-old American citizen who has done nothing more than being half-Egyptian,” Alseth told Wired.com.


Afifi, a business marketing student at Mission College in Santa Clara, discovered the device last Sunday when he took his car to a local garage for an oil change. When a mechanic at Ali’s Auto Care raised his Ford Lincoln LS on hydraulic lifts, Afifi saw a wire sticking out near the right rear wheel and exhaust.


Garage owner Mazher Khan confirmed for Wired.com that he also saw it. A closer inspection showed it connected to a battery pack and transmitter, which were attached to the car with a magnet. Khan asked Afifi if he wanted the device removed and when Afifi said yes, Khan pulled it easily from the car’s chassis.


I wouldn’t have noticed it if there wasn’t a wire sticking out,” Afifi said.


Later that day, a friend of Afifi’s named Khaled posted pictures of the device at Reddit, asking if anyone knew what it was and if it meant the FBI “is after us.” (Reddit is owned by CondeNast Digital, which also owns Wired.com).


My plan was to just put the device on another car (A: That's a good idea.  Put it on another car.  Put it on a police car.) or in a lake,” Khaled wrote, “but when you come home to 2 stoned off-their-asses people who are hearing things in the device and convinced it’s a bomb you just gotta be sure.”


A reader quickly identified it as an Orion Guardian ST820 tracking device made by an electronics company called Cobham, which sells the device only to law enforcement.


No one was available at Cobham to answer Wired.com’s questions, but a former FBI agent who looked at the pictures confirmed it was a tracking device.


The former agent, who asked not to be named, said the device was an older model of tracking equipment that had long ago been replaced by devices that don’t require batteries. Batteries die and need to be replaced if surveillance is ongoing so newer devices are placed in the engine compartment and hardwired to the car’s battery so they don’t run out of juice. He was surprised this one was so easily found.


It has to be able to be removed but also stay in place and not be seen,” he said. “There’s always the possibility that the car will end up at a body shop or auto mechanic, so it has to be hidden well. It’s very rare when the guys find them.”


Afifi considered selling the device on Craigslist before the FBI showed up. (A: So he even actually was going to sell the thing, you know, as a novelty.)  He was in his apartment Tuesday afternoon when a roommate told him “two sneaky-looking people” were near his car. Afifi, already heading out for an appointment, encountered a man and woman looking at his vehicle outside. The man asked if Afifi knew his registration tag was expired. When Afifi asked if it bothered him, the man just smiled. Afifi got into his car and headed for the parking lot exit when two SUVs pulled up with flashing lights carrying four police officers in bullet-proof vests.


The agent who initially spoke with Afifi identified himself then as Vincent and told Afifi, “We’re here to recover the device you found on your vehicle. It’s federal property. It’s an expensive piece, and we need it right now.”


Afifi asked, “Are you the guys that put it there?” and the agent replied, “Yeah, I put it there.” He told Afifi, “We’re going to make this much more difficult for you if you don’t cooperate.”


And you can read the second page about it too, if you want to.  It's a bit hilarious.  But that's what it's come down to.  Stuff they can do today, willy-nilly, and really most folk don't bat an eyelid, but it would have caused riots in the '60s, when people were fighting to get rights.  In the land of freedoms, they had to fight to get rights.  And today, you don't mind so much.  Because they pick on the one here, and they pick on the one there, and they're not picking on you yet, you think.  You think.  And that's why they're getting away with all this kind of stuff.  Quite amazing, eh.  But nothing surprises us with the New World Order, because it's not a democratic or even republican type of World Order.  It's a dictatorial authoritarian order, and they've said that themselves at the United Nations and the Club of Rome.  They said it has to be this way, to rush everything through, the whole system must be changed. 


I mentioned yesterday too, about Facebook is getting a new facelift, because of its bad publicity, because of the way the owner talked about all the people who had signed on and put all their data up, that he was selling, and he called them stupid foxes, or something awfully similar, and so he had to put on a good display, pay a lot of bucks of course, for good publicity from PR companies, and tell you how wonderful his new system will be.  After this break, I'll tell you how Facebook is now stealing your friends' phone numbers, as well, out of your phone.  Back with this after this break.


Hi folks, I'm back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  It's Friday, so I'm letting that guitar wail a little bit there, and sometimes you really do like just howling at the moon, or whatever, or just the world in general.  And when you read all that's going on, we should be howling an awful more than we are doing at present.  Now, Facebook, and how it steals your friends' phone numbers.  And this is from way back in February, but it's still ongoing, 2010.  It says:


In early January, Facebook updated their iPhone app to include a Contact Sync feature. In a nutshell, “Facebook Contact Sync” allows you to synchronize your friends’ latest Facebook profile pictures with the matching contact entry in your mobile phone’s address book. Due to “Terms of Service Issues” however, Facebook does not sync your friends email addresses or phone numbers (listed on their Facebook profile) TO your phone.


Ironically, what Facebook WILL DO, with neither your knowledge or consent, is import ALL the names and phone numbers FROM your phone’s address book and upload them to your Facebook Phonebook app (Click HERE to see your Facebook Phonebook) on Facebook.com, thus storing your private contact numbers on Facebook‘s servers. Once your phone is synced , Facebook will attempt to match the newly uploaded phone numbers to users that have listed the same phone number on their Facebook profile, whether you are friends with them or not. (A: You know, you can be friends with them.) If Facebook cannot make a match, it will create a new contact entry in your Facebook Phonebook using the contact details imported from your phone, and add a link to invite them to join Facebook. And guess what? There is no way to delete the names and numbers Facebook imports from your phone’s address book.


So what is so worrisome about Facebook uploading your mobile phone’s address book to their servers? Several things:


1) Facebook doesn’t warn users (A: or give you the choice) that they are uploading their phone’s address book to Facebook. In fact, because Facebook doesn’t sync contact numbers or email addresses TO your phone, most users wrongly assume that Facebook Contact Sync only syncs user pictures. In reality though, they are pumping your address book, without your consent.


And then it gives many various examples of how this can be misinterpreted by people who will, maybe a guy is cheating on his girl, and then she goes in there and finds that he's got all these phone numbers, or whatever, or she does, and then she comes after the wrong guy.  It could be your number they put up there, and just put it on his friends, even if you're not his friend.  But that's not the real reason.  The reason is data collection, of course, because they sell all these lists off, to the big companies that spam you, and bother you so much, and all that kind of stuff, and they also do ongoing work with MIT and various organizations, to form your profiles into groups.  This is a big, big trend right now, is to find out what groups you would really belong to, what you're likely to join in the future, according to your personality profile, and all that kind of stuff.  They're just little experiments that pay for it all yourself, because you think it's all free, you think it's your personal computer, or your personal phone, etc, and in reality, if they made you buy all this stuff, you'd be very suspicious.  But since you buy it, you think, it's mine, I'm in charge, and that's how stupid we really are as human beings.  And I'm surprised that anybody even bothers to use this stuff anymore, after all the bad publicity it's had already.  Again, a lot of youngsters now don't really care about privacy.  They've been trained not to even bother about having privacy, it's not really necessary, or anything like that, is it.


Now, they always say that the higher they climb, the harder they fall.  And this is not really an uncommon thing, really, to do with this judge I'm about to read about.  This came out in an American newspaper, about a judge that was caught.  It's quite an interesting little story, but not uncommon at that level of lifestyle.  Because they don't live at the lifestyle that we do at the bottom.  It says:


Courts Deal With Fallout of Judge's Arrest on Drug and Gun Charges


(A: And he's well known, too, this guy.  Judge Jack T. Camp.  It's Fulton County Daily Report, October 6th, 2010.  It says:)


Judges and attorneys in Georgia, Washington and Alabama spent Tuesday coping with the fallout from the arrest last weekend of U.S. District Senior Judge Jack T. Camp on federal drug and gun charges.


Judges, including the chief justice of the United States, sought to find someone to oversee the criminal case against Camp and determine how to reassign his caseload.


(A: He'll get off with this one.  They could go after any of these judges with a lot less than this.  Anyway, either that or he's done something wrong and he was set up, and it kind of sounds like he was set up.)


Meanwhile, attorneys experienced in defending federal drug cases noted that the crimes with which Camp is charged would likely have been handled by local prosecutors, if they were prosecuted at all, (A: And that's the key, if they were prosecuted at all) had Camp not been a federal judge.


For his part, Camp has agreed to allow the District Court in Atlanta to reassign all of his pending civil and criminal cases to another judge, Camp's lead counsel, Atlanta attorney William A. Morrison, said Tuesday.


Morrison said that Camp will step down from the bench in what Morrison said was "analogous to a leave of absence" with pay.


"Even though he doesn't have a caseload, until he either resigns or is impeached, he is still a judge and still entitled to be paid," Morrison said, adding that, at this point, Camp's leave is for an indefinite period.


Morrison said that a visiting judge from Baltimore -- U.S. District Judge J. Frederick Motz of the District of Maryland -- has been named temporarily by Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. to preside over the pending case against Camp.


The entire Northern District bench has recused, and Camp made his first appearance in court Monday before a visiting U.S. magistrate judge from the Middle District of Alabama in Montgomery.


Like Camp, Motz was appointed to the federal bench by President Ronald Reagan. He has been a federal judge since 1985.


(A: What happened about it?  How did this all come about?  It's quite interesting, because if you scroll down through all the gobbledygook and legalities and so on, it says:)


Dubina also expressed his personal shock at Camp's arrest Friday night by FBI agents after Camp and an exotic dancer (A: A stripper) acting as the FBI's undercover informant (A: So you're not safe at all, are you, you guys out there that are doing that silly thing?  The FBI has been recruiting strippers for years and years and years, even the CIA were doing it with the FBI, and I recently mentioned their ongoing experiments with them.  They pick guys up, get them stoned with different drugs, take them home, they're video-taped for observations for some ongoing experiment that they're still doing today.  Anyway, it says an exotic dancer, who's a stripper, is also the FBI's undercover informant:) allegedly bought cocaine and prescription pain pills from an undercover officer.


"It's just a tragic situation. I'm just sick about it," he said. "I've known Judge Camp a long time. I thought he was a wonderful person and a wonderful judge. I don't know what's happened. ... (A: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah)  This was not the Jack Camp I have known for 20-plus years. ... "


(A: Etc, etc.  So he's:)


...currently free on a $50,000 unsecured bond.


(A: And it says here:)


FBI agents arrested Camp on Friday night in the parking lot of the Velvet Room Lounge in Chamblee after the senior judge and an exotic dancer whom the judge had allegedly paid multiple times for sex (A: So they weren't unknown to each other.  And probably was filmed the whole time by the FBI too, for the CIA, and because as I say, they're doing ongoing experiments.) - and who was working as a confidential informant with the FBI -- met with an undercover law enforcement agent to buy cocaine and Roxicodone, a prescription pain reliever, according to the federal complaint.


(A: So he had sex many times with her and all the rest of it, so he was definitely getting set up, obviously.  Because the stripper/prostitute was also an FBI informant on the payroll.  What a world you live in, eh?  What a world you live in.  So it says:)


They recovered two firearms from the front seat of Camp's vehicle -- a loaded .380 Sig Sauer P238 with its hammer cocked and a chambered round and a loaded Colt MK IV Series 80 pistol.


(A: Well, he's a judge.  He's allowed to carry them.)


Camp has been charged with three felonies -- the illegal use of controlled substances while in possession of a firearm, aiding and abetting and attempting to aid and abet the possession of cocaine and Roxicodone by a previously convicted drug felon (the FBI's confidential informant).


Come on eh?  Talk about a sting.  Talk about a sting, huh?  It's actually being with her, who's on the FBI's payroll, as part of the charge.  That is amazing, eh?  But then, you know, it's always been like this, at the top.  So he's probably done something wrong, but there will definitely be somebody who was out to get him.  And you have this silly little ongoing thing about Democratic appointed judges, and Republican appointed judges, and believe you me, at that level, everybody is at every thing you could possibly imagine, and a lot of stuff you could never imagine.  They're all doing this kind of stuff.  I've even seen parties in Toronto, in the Rosedale area, where all the big high chutzpahs hang out with the multi-million dollar homes, and when there's parties going on there, the door's wide open, the music's blaring, the lights are all on, and the cops stay away.  And you can go in the front rooms there, and inside the lobby, there's always a little room off to the side for the guys that go and snort their coke, and it's all lawyers, and the bigwigs, and the politicians, and that's how it really is at the top folks.  That's how it really is, and no cop will go near the place.  They're all told to stay away.  That's how the world works.  They only bust you if you haven't returned the favor, as they say at the top, whatever favor it happened to be.  That's the reality of the world. 


And now, Obama on Education.  It's so funny, there's another article about Obama, trying to justify why he was sending his children to these very posh, expensive schools.  And he did say that it was because the public schools weren't good enough.  It's good enough for the public, but not for, you know, high chutzpahs and royalty, like him.  And the reality is, of course, you don't have a hope in hell of getting anywhere in a public school system.  The higher schools guarantee that you'll meet the future peer group that you'll be working with all through your life, in top jobs, and through government.  That's why you go to those schools.  Margaret Thatcher said that, when she took heat for starting to fund the private schools with public money, taxpayers' money.  And she says, well, we've got to keep these people going, you know, that's where all our leaders and all the movers and shakers for Britain, the big CEOs will all come from, so they might as well meet each other at school.  And they couldn't do that at these little, you know, public schools, where we're all snotty faced, and stuff like that.  So here he is, here's Obama about the school year.


Now everything that's happening in the US right now, reminds me of Britain and things that happened in the '70s, when the British folk weren't told that they were being de-industrialized by design as part of a treaty they signed at the United Nations, and with the Economic Union, the Committee that was already set up, before they admitted it was a Parliament.  They just kept telling people every day, oh, another factory laid off, and so many thousands were out of work.  This went on day after day, year after year, until Britain surpassed suicides, for Sweden.  They surpassed Sweden for suicides.  It was amazing.  Anyway, here it goes in the States.  They know what's coming down.  It's all designed to come down.  They're talking about inflation to hit the roof shortly because the Feds are going to raise inflation rates, saying it will be good for business.  And that means that you're going to start to see the value of the dollar just plummet, even further than it already has, with less and less purchasing power at home.  And it's part of the agenda.  It is part of the agenda. So this is from the Mail Online, Obama says:


'The school year should be longer': Obama calls for more class time as education in the U.S. loses its competitive edge


(A: That's what they always tell you.  These are the guys, these same guys, who helped destroy the education system in America.  And now they come around and say, oh, it's just a terrible mess.  We're going to keep them in school longer.  What it really does is keep them off the unemployment rolls for longer.  That's the idea.  That's what it was about in Britain, too.  It says:)


Barack Obama has called for a longer school year in the U.S. amid fears the American education system has lost its global edge.


(A: They said that thirty years ago, when they were destroying it.)


The President also said that the worst-performing teachers in the system have 'got to go'.

And he declared that simply throwing money at schools is not enough to fix the problem. 


(A: Like they didn't know that twenty years ago as well, eh?)


Instead, he said in an interview broadcast across America this morning, teachers and students alike must set and achieve a higher standard.


(A: Well, what for?  You're to be with no work, anyway.)


Mr Obama was trying to reinvigorate his administration's education programme in an interview with NBC's Today show host Matt Lauer this morning.


Asked if he supported a year-round school year, Mr Obama said: 'The idea of a longer school year, I think, makes sense.'


So that will keep them off the unemployment and all the rest of it.  And they've got time now for more social indoctrination.  You see, the reason they're not learning the techniques and skills for getting good work, or getting up in a massively bad economy, is because most of their time is groupthink on social issues, how to be good, compliant, agreeable, citizens, who will take any immediate update to their political correctness, whatever it happens to be, and immediately parrot it.  That's what they've been teaching them in school for years, you know, how to question their gender, stuff like that.  And if you're not sure, try it, you know you might be inhibited.  That's also part of your teaching there, too.  And that's what it's all been about.  The taking down of America.  I think it was Charlotte Iserbyt who wrote the book, "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America."  And then there was another one brought out, an excellent book, by Gatto, who put out the same kind of, the technique on how it was done.  It was a very, very good explanation.  I think he brought out two books in fact about it too; well documented, how the plan was hatched, how they implemented, it, the characters involved, and it's all come to pass.  So here they always go back to the effect of it all, and say, oh My God, what a mess, look at you all; after they caused it, these globalists and internationalists.  Quite something, eh.  It's quite something. 


And you wonder what's happening in America?  Well, regardless of school, the complete culture has been totally degraded.  I can remember when Khrushchev said America would fall without firing a shot; it will be corrupt and degraded from within.  And you should really give all your Oscars and all that to Hollywood and your television stations, and all those characters that helped to make it so, because that's how they did it.  Here's an article here for instance.


2 Investigators: School System Ignored Safety Concerns


CHICAGO (CBS) If your child feels unsafe at school, and you want them transferred to a new school, what do you think would happen?


Families say officials with Chicago Public Schools (CPS) drag their heels and even prevent transfers, further endangering their kids. 2 Investigator Dave Savini found the district has been lacking a policy to deal with this safety concern.


Since 2008-2009 school year, Edwina Meyer has been trying to get a transfer out of Scammon Elementary School, (A: Scammon is the name of it.) 4201 W. Henderson St. She says she feels unsafe.


It’s terrible,” Meyer says. “It’s like so much happened in that classroom.”


She says she has witnessed multiple X-rated acts while in class.


The teacher was allowing them to have sex in the class.  That's what was happening.  For one or two years.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I'm back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just touching on the real reasons Obama won't send his daughters to the public schools, apart from the fact that they've got to get up there in life and get doors opened for them, which you don't get from public schools.  Unless it's maybe doors to brothels according to this story here.  Anyway, I'll continue with it.  It says:


Flores and Susan Meyer, Edwina’s mother, both say that during the past two years, they wanted their daughters transferred to different schools for safety reasons. But they say school officials fought them, even though they acknowledge the sex acts occurred and fired the teacher.


I guess that makes it alright.  They fire the teacher and get in someone else, that maybe lets them have just oral sex, you know.  I think Bill Clinton set the precedent on that by saying in front of the world, on television camera, I did not have sex with that woman, and then he says, define sex.  You see, there's a lawyer, lawyer, that's a lawyer, yep.  And it says, anyway, most of these women now are trying to remove their daughters from the schools.  The schools are trying to keep the lid on it, and calm it all down.  Believe you me, it wouldn't be happening just in one classroom.  And it wouldn't be unknown to all the rest of the teachers, as well.  Who knows what was happening elsewhere.  So, hopefully it says, that this child here, and the other daughter, will get moved to a new school, where it might not be quite so bad yet.  I'll say yet, because, believe you me, I'd hate to be a student; well, if I was a student in today's school, they'd have me on Ritalin and a whole bunch of other stuff for asking questions.  They don't like that at all, especially young boys.  Especially young guys who go and read at the library an awful lot and ask questions in school.  You're a nuisance.  You're a thinker.  You can't have a thinker in school these days.  The guys are supposed to be like the girls, quiet and attentive and listening.  And you don't interrupt, and you don't press the teacher with questions.  And that's why they get drugged you see.  They might be future leaders, that type, and you've got to get them out the way.


This is all part of a war strategy.  That's what it is, part of a war time strategy.  And the war has really always been on you.  For the last hundred years it's been on you, the people.  Escalating and escalating and escalating.  Can you imagine having everyone assigned to a counselor, and you get all kinds of strange people coming through, teaching you all kinds of sex and their version.  It's like a religion.  Try our stuff, it's better.  Or try that, it's better.  Try your own genders, that's better.  And then the child, who's maybe about twelve years old or eleven, sees the counselors, well, I've never tried anything like that.  Well, maybe you should.  You could be inhibited, you know.  That's a psychological problem.  We can help you with that.  I mean, you can imagine going through a system like that, to indoctrinate you Pavlovian style into the kind of creatures that Pavlov wanted, the ideal Soviet, and it's happening.  All backed up by the entertainment industry with every movie they watch, all embedded with all this stuff.  And every little drama on TV.  It's in the ads.  It's in everything.  Because it's all one big world.  One organization, running the world.  And believe you me, you have no say whatsoever in creating any policy to keep away with it, get out of it, or anything else.  


Just to close, China, their main dissident, Liu won a Nobel Peace Prize, which really doesn't mean much today, because I think Obama got it last year.  And I think they've slaughtered more people over in different countries since he's been in, than all the murderers before.  Maybe that's why they get it.  Anyway, this poor sucker in China thinks that he's fighting for democracy.  He's still thinking back in the '60s, you know.  He doesn't realize that everything has changed.  He'll get used.  He'll get used, of course.  They all do. 


From Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night and may your god or your gods go with you.



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