Oct. 12, 2010 (#683)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 12, 2010:

War on the Meek by Gov. Control Freak:

"A Few Thoughts Regarding Persuasion,
Should the Government Be into Modification
Of Your Behaviour, The Essence of You,
Which is Personality, The Things You Do,
This Leads to Societies Regimented,
Led by Obsessionals, Generally Demented,
Who Never, Of Course, Follow the Rules,
Special Privileges Means Rules are for Fools,
And Fools We are for Being Obedient,
As We Move in a Herd, Peer Pressure Expedient,
Yet Deep in Our Minds We Truly Know,
We Should Tell Control-Freaks Where to Go"
© Alan Watt Oct. 12, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 12, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on October 12, 2010.  Newcomers look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  There are hundreds of talks of audios for download that Iíve given over the years.  I try to give you the shortcuts to the big picture, fill in some of the histories, the big organizations that form the parallel government thatís been here for well over 100 years and to show you how, really, democracy is farce and how they have bypassed even republican countries as well.  They did do an end run around them.  They even boast about it in Foreign Affairs magazine that thatís what they would do.  They have actually done it a long time ago.  So go into the site and remember, they all carry a lot of transcripts in English of a lot of the talks Iíve given, for print up.  If you want transcripts in other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu; youíll see that listed on the .com site as well.  Help yourself to those.  While you are at it, remember you are the audience that brings me to you.  I donít ask for money from advertisers.  I donít bring them on as guests; that way I get more leeway to say what I want to say, and stay on the subjects and topics too.  So itís up to you to support me.  The ads you hear on the show air paid by the advertisers directly to RBN.  I donít even know who they are; Iíve got nothing to do with them.  RBN uses that money to broadcast this show, to pay their staff, equipment and their bills, which we all have lots of.  You can support me by buying the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale on the web sites.  There are links there on how to purchase them.  [Order and donation options listed above.] 


Thatís what happens in this big world, as they bring it into a global society, under the guise of more freedoms you actually get less and less choices as time goes on.  They are just starting now in this area and they will be following that up very quickly.  They want to take track of everyoneís money and financial transactions and eventually we go into the cashless society.  Believe you me, one day if they find an extra tin of baked beans in your cupboard Ė when they will do home inspections Ė they will demand to know where you got it if it wasnít on your purchasing list Ė and they will have your purchasing list on their computers.  No kidding.  Thatís where itís all to go. 


We live in a time of incredible change.  Itís change from one illusion to the next, in a sense; the old illusion being democracy for all, and the illusion that politicians ran the countries and they ran the world for us and we could sit back and play and buy things under the old consumerist society.  They are throwing that out the door now because weíve done our job really.  We have financed the rest of the world to get built up and we have financed the production and the setting up of all the big factories in China.  We are still financing the wars, as they standardize the last few countries.  At the same time they are taking us down, taking us really to almost a third world status.  Big plans were laid.  They published them by the way; you have to know how to read it. They are quite blatant, if you really read it properly, and weíll touch on that when I come back from this break.


HI folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix.  I was just mentioning before the break that we are brought up on one illusion and when we change over to the next system the big boys who designed it already created the new illusion for you as well.  They teach it through the school systems and the school children today think they are going to live in some wonderful, greenie, greenie world and itís all going to be some kind of utopia for them, as they learn to spy on each other and everyone else.  Itís going into a totalitarian system.  Itís a Sovietized system, a more updated, advanced Sovietized system.  I canít really stress that enough because thatís what it is.  Itís nothing to do with democracy as you think of it.  I donít know how you think of it; personally I donít think much of it at all because Iíve lived long enough to look into it and study it.


Some years ago there was a documentary put out from members of the British parliament for an example.  People go and cast their votes and so on, and they think that the politicians all talk this out together, including their own politicians, whatever problem there is.  They donít realize it doesnít work like that. There is a private cabinet, a Ďprivy cabinetí itís called, an ultimate cabinet and itís private.  They even bring in members from the outside, big moguls of industry, but you are not allowed to know who they are.  They also have other cabinets within the parliamentary systems that are all given their marching orders to work on something and they work basically like round table societies.  So they go off to their round table and thatís their job and the rest of them must keep it secret from all the other boards that are working on similar things.  These are never discussed in parliament; they are just rubber stamped and passed into law.  Thatís how it really works. So the guy that you think you are sending off to represent you has got nothing to do at all with representing you whatsoever.  Heís working on what the party wants... and what the high chutzpahs of the party want in particular.  Thatís how it works. 


So itís nothing like what has been portrayed on television, of course in dramas and fiction.  Itís very much the same in the United States because the US really has the same system as Britain and elsewhere.  They have a commons, people, which is the congress, and then they have a house for the senators, which is the House of Lords.  Itís the same idea.  They also have their private chambers, and private this and private that, because the big things are done behind closed doors.† Now we also have the addition of unelected specialists on the boards, to do with environment, carbon, and all that kind of stuff, who then guide them.  Getting official appointments, and I donít know if anybody has ever updated their charters to accommodate that; probably not, didnít bother.  Why need to when no one complains?  You just appoint these new appointees who then end up ruling over you and other facets of your life.  But thatís the new system that theyíve brought up.  Itís global.  Itís worldwide and itís for a world government. 


Itís so interesting that years ago politicians were giving speeches when the European Union was finished amalgamating, out of its supposed free trade agreement.  It became a total amalgamation under a single parliament, which was the idea in the first place.  But they did say that they had to lie to the people until it was completed because theyíd never go for it.  Which is true, they would never have gone for it.  They are doing the same with other blocs across the world.  Iíll touch on another one later on in the show. 


The world is under total surveillance, since 9/11 especially.  They were doing it before that but they really stepped it up and gave themselves more permission to do whatever they want.  The internet of course, is there for them.  Not for you.  Itís to monitor every individual soul on the planet.  They personality profile you and make sure that you are getting your proper indoctrination and that itís taking on you.  They can tell by the content of your exchanges with other people if your indoctrination is working on you or not.  And they have in the Pentagon a separate little world, a virtual world, with every one of us in it, with our personality profiles, so perfect, and updated every day with new info, from you, that you put up there, voluntarily.  They can put in little test questions.  What will so-and-so do in this situation?  And they are generally right, you would if it was in real life.  Thatís how perfect it is. 


There is no privacy, never was intended to be privacy on the internet.  It was a tool to bring in this world global system of tyranny basically.  Iíve talked about Facebook and others too of course, who were set out there and backed with a front man Ė they always give you front men Ė to bring in more info, and more and more info, and that they are all connected to the intelligence agencies, all of them; all of them out there, Google, Yahoo, all of them, and all the freebie things that you use; thatís the bait to get you in.  Well, itís the same with forums, etc.  Iíve mentioned the forums.† You know they talked years before we got the internet that there would be information wars coming up.  It was in ALL the media, mainstream media, about information wars.  Of course, people think that they sit back waiting for the war to happen.  Well the big boys donít.  They make sure they set up forums for you to join and so on and they have provocateurs in them of course.  The idea being, if you put the strong leader in and he targets different people who the authorities are unhappy with, then they can get the rest of the sheeple to follow them and bombard the person and harass them and stuff like that.  Thatís very commonÖ very, very common.  You canít go into a forum without one getting sent in there, even if you start it up yourself. 


Also there is a lot of data mining that goes on.  The information from these forums is allowed to be monitored by MIT and places like that, for content and for sorting out group programs where they classify you under group headings and then find out what you have in common individually, what binds you together and so on.  And then what other forums youíll join to see, to further refine their understanding of YOU, as a person basically.  They are also doing other things too.  Here is an article here to do with data mining basically.  They call it scrapers, or scraping.  It saysÖ


'Scrapers' Dig Deep for Data on Web

By JULIA ANGWIN And STEVE STECKLOW / wsj.com / Oct 12, 2010.


At 1 a.m. on May 7, the website PatientsLikeMe.com noticed suspicious activity on its "Mood" discussion board. There, people exchange highly personal stories about their emotional disorders, ranging from bipolar disease to a desire to cut themselves.  (Alan:  Because cutting is a very Ďiní thing these days.)


It was a break-in. A new member of the site, using sophisticated software, was "scraping," or copying, every single message off PatientsLikeMe's private online forums.


PatientsLikeMe managed to block and identify the intruder: Nielsen Co., the privately held New York media-research firm. (A:  So they are using big boys in there.)  Nielsen monitors online "buzz" for clients, including major drug makers, which buy data gleaned from the Web to get insight from consumers about their products, Nielsen says.


"I felt totally violated," says Bilal Ahmed, a 33-year-old resident of Sydney, Australia, who used PatientsLikeMe to connect with other people suffering from depression. He used a pseudonym on the message boards, but his PatientsLikeMe profile linked to his blog, which contains his real name.


After PatientsLikeMe told users about the break-in, Mr. Ahmed deleted all his posts, plus a list of drugs he uses. "It was very disturbing to know that your information is being sold," he says. Nielsen says it no longer scrapes sites requiring an individual account for access, unless it has permission.  (A:  Well, sure.  Are you going to believe them? Do you really believe them?)


The market for data about Web users is hot-and one of the methods used is "scraping," harvesting online conversations. In May, Nielsen scraped private forums where patients discuss illnesses. How can web users prevent their data from being scraped? Julia Angwin joins Digits to discuss.  (A:  It gives you links to related documents and so on. It also goes on about the marketing companies.  You ever wonder if you join something like that and let them know what medications youíre on Ė whatís working, what isnít Ė and the next thing you know you get ads coming in from these companies, targeting you individually, prescribing something else that you will go and push your doctor to get?  Thatís how they manage it.)


The market for personal data about Internet users is booming, and in the vanguard is the practice of "scraping." Firms offer to harvest online conversations and collect personal details from social-networking sites, rťsumť sites and online forums where people might discuss their lives.


The emerging business of web scraping provides some of the raw material for a rapidly expanding data economy. Marketers spent $7.8 billion on online and offline data in 2009, according to the New York management consulting firm Winterberry Group LLC. Spending on data from online sources is set to more than double, to $840 million in 2012 from $410 million in 2009.


The Wall Street Journal's examination of scrapingóa trade that involves personal information as well as many other types of dataóis part of the newspaper's investigation into the business of tracking people's activities online and selling details about their behavior and personal interests.


Some companies collect personal information for detailed background reports on individuals, such as email addresses, cell numbers, photographs and posts on social-network sites. (A:  Quite amazing, really, isnít it?  And people still think that itís your personal computerÖ  That was a good con, that one.  Your PERSONAL computer, YOUR accountÖ  your PERSONAL account too.)


Others offer what are known as listening services, which monitor in real time hundreds or thousands of news sources, blogs and websites to see what people are saying about specific products or topics.


One such service is offered by Dow Jones & Co., publisher of the Journal. Dow Jones collects data from the Webówhich may include personal information contained in news articles and blog postingsóthat help corporate clients monitor how they are portrayed. It says it doesn't gather information from password-protected parts of sites.  (A:  Oh, sure.)


It's rarely a coincidence when you see Web ads for products that match your interests.


WSJ's Christina Tsuei explains how advertisers use cookies to track your online habits.


The competition for data is fierce. PatientsLikeMe also sells data about its users. PatientsLikeMe says the data it sells is anonymized, no names attached. (A:  Iíll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know, years ago Bill Cooper used to talk about what was happening, in his day, back in the 90s.  He touched on a topic once that was close to my own heart because he said Ė Iíd come to the same conclusion a long time ago Ė that governments, really, should not be in the business of behavior modification.  Is that what governments are there for?  Öto modify your behavior?  And yet thatís what they doÖ by coercion and intimidation and so on; political correctness is speeding up like crazy now. 


What they do is use the same technique they used in China initially for modifying behavior by creating social approval or social disapproval.  Thatís why they donít have to send the militia off to drag a woman into the abortion clinic anymore.  The neighbors are taught to do it instead because itís socially disapproved of to have a second child in your community without authorization.  Your neighbors will drag you off to have the abortion.  The idea was dreamed up by 2 guys who worked at the United Nations who said theyíd also apply the same thing to smoking, which they were very successful about, where they would train children in school to start coughing, Pavlovian style, if someone lit a cigarette up about 20 feet away.  And it works, you see.  It works.  Youíll see these people yet, you just watch them, someone lights up a cigarette 20 feet away and theyíll cough automatically and be very disapproving.  You see, social approval, social disapproval.  Remember, all morality, all these kinds of things can be brought by the same governments and you respond in the way thatís approved. 


So Cooper was touching on the fact that they were using this technique of basically modifying our behavior by using peer pressure, the indoctrination of the masses who would turn on the few who would not go along with something.  And it works incredibly wellÖ incredibly well.  Those who are brainwashed into going along with it never have thought anything through consciously, on a conscious level.  Like Jacques Ellul said, they bring it in with osmosis.  OsmosisÖ by hearing about things but never thinking anything through.  They ADOPT what they know is the Ďgoodí thing to do; thatís how itís promoted. The Ďgoodí thing, whatever it happens to be is the good thing to do and they go along with it. 


Weíve watched this.  Itís amazing too, this whole thing about smoking cigarettes, which is something still legal although they donít want you to smoke.  And yet they spray every day all this toxic stuff with cadmium and aluminum oxide and various other chemicals added to the stuff. The spraying comes down to the earth and causes you all bronchitis. But they are still harping on about smoking.  They must have some very, very good reason to want to ban smokers from smoking, and I think personally, just a possibility, however wacky it might sound, I donít say itís a definite thing, but I think itís possibly the fact that the nicotine and so on, counters the affects of the spraying and doesnít dumb you down as much, perhaps; there is a possibility.  Itís a definite possibility.  Youíll definitely cough up more stuff and it wonít get through your lungs.  Thatís how the stuff is intended to activate, pass through the small alveolar tissue in your lungs and into the blood stream and smoking will technically stop that, or at least prevent a lot of it getting in. 


So here they go, the European CommissionÖ  You donít have governments now; you have commissions that run you. 


Commission preparing pan-European smoking ban

LEIGH PHILLIPS / euobserver.com / 12.10.2010


The European Commission is preparing to introduce legislation in 2011 to ban smoking in public places right across the union.  (A:  Thatís the whole of Europe.)


While partial or total smoking bans have been introduced in many European countries ending patrons' ability to smoke in bars, cafes and other public venues, it is still relatively easy in some states to find a bolt-hole where smokers are welcome, whether due to exceptions to such laws or owners flouting the bans.


Health commissioner John Dalli has said he wants to put a stop to this.


"We need a complete ban on smoking in all public spaces, transport and the workplace," he said in an interview on Monday (11 October) with German daily Die Welt.


Announcing that Brussels is currently preparing a bill to be brought forward next year, he said that exceptions should no longer be tolerated, as the matter "is not only about the health of visitors, but also the employees."  (A:  Now, I guess they meanÖ see, you have private clubs as well, who are allowed to smoke and put up their own little laws and regulations.  So they want to get them all out too.  Mind you, there will be exemptions for those at the top who are ruling the country, as they puff on their cigars Ė because you must have a cigar to go with your brandy, every day.)


In Belgium for example, home to the EU executive, patrons can still light up in cafes so long as the establishment does not serve food, while the Greek health minister last Wednesday admitted the effective failure of its 2009 smoking ban, saying that undercover inspections revealed that eight out of 10 bars openly flouted the law.


The EU bill may also attempt to reduce the amount of nicotine and other toxic substances contained in the product.  (A:  Itís a pity they wouldnít do the same thing with all the crap they put in the food, and all the chemicals, eh?  No, they wonít do that; thatís essentialÖ to kill you off early, because that stuff will kill you off early.)


The commission will furthermore try to win agreement on rules making tobacco products no longer visible to customers and make packaging as unattractive as possible. The packets are to be made identical in appearance and to bear colourful warning pictures, such as of diseased lungs, (A:  They have done that in Canada for years.) as well as more information on the toxins the product contains.


"The more uniform and bland packaging the cigarettes are, the better," said the commissioner.  (A:  ďSieg Heil!Ē  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  In that last article about smoking, itís interesting how they hand out syringes and even have mobile trucks go around the towns and the big cities to make sure that the drug addicts get their proper clean needles, etc, and they even give them all the other stuff too, the methadone substitutes, etc, which they love; apparently itís worse than heroin.  But thatís okay.  All this kind of stuff is fine.  Thatís all fine and thereís no problem at all with that, regardless how many deaths that causes every year either.  I guess maybe the smokers should end up just going out and taking coke or something like that.  That seems to be allowed; itís widespread everywhere Ė the elite all use it themselves. 


Here is another article; itís from the Washington Times.  It saysÖ


Obama loosens sanctions on C-130s to China

Timing of waiver questioned by critics

By Bill Gertz / washingtontimes.com / Monday, October 11, 2010


President Obama issued a waiver loosening Tiananmen arms sanctions for C-130 military transports for China a day after the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to an imprisoned Chinese dissident who dedicated the prize this past weekend to the victims of the 1989 crackdown.  (A:  It was quite amazing that crackdown too, when people were trying to get what they thought was democracy, because they were taught the fake version like we all are.  They wanted freedoms and in came the tanks and the troops and so on, and put it all down, violently too, and locked a lot of them up after killing a lot of others.  It was interesting because Bill Clintonís brother was sent off the next day to calm things down with China to say that America had no condemnation of what had been done on behalf of the authorities and that trade was of priorityÖ and thatís how we handled it there.  AnywayÖ)


Chinese state-run news media on Monday hailed the White House waiver announcement as a sign Washington is moving to lift the 11-year-old arms embargo.


However, White House National Security Council spokesman Michael Hammer said the waiver issued on Saturday will not allow C-130s sales. "Under this announcement, we are not selling any aircraft to anyone," he stated in an e-mail.  (A:  Iíll add Ďat the moment.í)


Mr. Obama's letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing the waiver states that it is lifting a ban on "temporary munitions export licenses" for C-130s that currently is banned by the fiscal 1990 Foreign Relations Act. The law bars sales to China of "any defense item on the U.S. Munitions Control list" unless "the president makes a report" waiving the restriction.


Mr. Hammer said the waiver is intended to assist companies in Southeast Asia that use C-130s for cleaning up oil spills. (A:  Ha, of course.  So there you go, they are selling it to them but itís for cleaning up oil spills.)  The waiver will permit C-130s to land in China to refuel, or take on chemicals used in dispersing oil spills, after first obtaining a U.S. export license, he said.


Sharon Hom, executive director of Human Rights in China, said the lack of any urgent oil spill emergency and the timing of the waiver so close to the Nobel award "sends a mixed signal to the Chinese leadership and undercuts President Obama's call for Liu Xiaobo's release, especially in light of the June 4 genesis of the U.S. export ban."  (A:  So here they go again.)


"The C-130 proposal is obviously a toe in the water and, as such, should be rejected," said John Bolton, former undersecretary of state for international security. "This administration seems to have two messages about America for foreign governments: weak and weaker."


Edward Timperlake, a former Pentagon technology security official, agreed: "This will ultimately undermine Tiananmen sanctions because the Chinese state-controlled media is hyping that as their objective."


"A very courageous Chinese citizen just received the Nobel Prize, and his wife has been placed under house arrest ó announcing this waiver now makes a mockery of any administration pretense of supporting human rights, regardless of the expedient environmental fig-leaf justification," Mr. Timperlake said.


Itís the usual doublespeak and so on.  So they are going to get selling them to China.  Trade must stay at the top, regardless of human rights and all the rest of it.  Interesting too, I had an article which I wonít read tonight but it was on the British Commonwealth Association, which is an official body.  It came out too, itís attached to the Royal Institute of International Affairs because apparently it says that ďBritain no longer stands for international human rights throughout the Commonwealth.Ē  Why bother anymore?  Who are they kidding, that they really fulfilled them in the past?  They just done away with them because we have all this terrorism, and youíve got to torture people and stuff like that, and itís awfully necessary to have these terrible, annoying little things scrubbed off the law books, so that you can get on with it you understand, for our safety.  But what a farce it is. 


Even the Nobel Prize is a farce too.  Look at who started the whole darn thing upÖ and how he made his money off World War I.  Look at all the characters that have been given the Nobel Prize too.  I was really expecting that theyíd backdate one for Attila the Hun.  I mean, some of the worst characters in history, that had war after war, including US presidents, have gotten the peace prize.  Obama is probably sending more troops in to Afghanistan than ever before.  Why not Attila the Hun?  He really deserves it doesnít he?  If thatís the criteria, mass slaughter, then thatís how you get it. 


We are living in an age now too, where your loyalty is now coming under scrutiny.  We know too, from previous articles that DARPA is scouring the internet for people who are now called Ďanti-government.í  Tremendously important term, itís a direct translation from a Russian ruling where they called anybody who complained about anything that government was doing as anti-government.  As opposed to just being angry about a certain policy or whatever, now you are labeled as anti-government.  You are supposed to be for everything that government does, you see, or you are anti-government.  They are now scouring people across who are saying anything negative at all about the administration.  That also went for the last government too, the last guys who were doing what they were told, just like Obama and his boys who are still doing what they are told, by the same leaders way above them.  It saysÖ


Darpa Starts Sleuthing Out Disloyal Troops

By Spencer Ackerman / wired.com / October 11, 2010


The military is scrambling to identify disgruntled or radicalized troops who pose a threat to themselves or their buddies. So the futurists (A:  See, here are these futurists againÖ) at Darpa are asking for algorithms to find and pre-empt anyone planning the next Fort Hood massacre, WikiLeaks document dump or suicide-in-uniform.


This counterintelligence-heavy effort isnít Darpaís typical push to create flying Humvees or brainwave-powered prosthetic limbs. But the Pentagonís far-out R&D team has made other moves recently to hunt down threats from within.


The idea behind the Anomaly Detection at Multiple Scales, or Adams, (A:  They love these names, eh, ADAM, Anomaly Detection at Multiple Scales, or AdamsÖ  They must spend as much time and effort at think tanks, paying big, big bucks to come up with these little names like ADAMÖ AdamÖ there you go.)  effort is to sift through ďmassive data setsĒ to find the warning signs of looming homicide, suicide or other destructive behavior. ďThe focus is on malevolent insiders that started out as Ďgood guys.í The specific goal of Adams is to detect anomalous behaviors before or shortly after they turn,Ē the agency writes in its program announcement.  (A:  I guess thatís once they put them on the drugs, you know.  I think there are actually 7 types of drugs they put them on, or 9 types.  So maybe thatís when they change, from good guys to kind of bad guys.)


Currently, Darpa says, the Defense Department doesnít actually know how ďa soldier in good mental healthĒ actually comes to pose an ďinsider threat,Ē defined as ďan already trusted person in a secure environment with access to sensitive information and information systems and sources.Ē (WikiLeaks, anyone?)  (A:  What they are also referring to is the WikiLeaks document of course, that came from one source inside the military where a guy it seems had a twinge of conscience and thought the public should know whatís going on.  So thatís what they are really talking about too.  You can have no conscience when you are in the military; thatís a nasty thing to have.)


ďWhen we look through the evidence after the fact, we often find a trail Ė sometimes even an Ďobviousí one,Ē Darpa adds. ďThe question is can we pick up the trail before the fact, giving us time to intervene and prevent an incident?  (A:  So itís a pre-arrest type idea again, like the movie Minority Report.)  Why is that so hard?Ē


Adams is supposed to fill the breach. But what kind of tech would be necessary to detect these anomalies? What sort of data actually represent worrisome anomalies, as opposed to a soldier harmlessly venting steam?  (A:  So if heís complaining off, you see, they will probably use the emotional scanners and all the rest of it that they use to find out if he really means it.  Is he letting off steam, or has he got a bad hair day?  I mean, who knows.)


Adams isnít Darpaís first move into internal military sleuthing. In August, it announced plans to build a system called Cyber Insider Threat, or Cinder, (A:  Ha, cinderÖ) to hunt down patterns of suspicious cyberbehavior on military networks that might indicate internal subversion or outside infiltration.


But even though Cinder is overseen by top hacker Peiter ďMudgeĒ Zatko, it doesnít sound like Darpa knows precisely what itís looking for. (A:  Donít you believe that.)  Anomalous behavior could be ďcomprised of entirely Ďlegitimateí activities, observables and the data sources they will be derived from,Ē its August contractor solicitation acknowledged. How to distinguish the real warning signs from the false positives? 


Then they go into the Fort Hood shooting and a couple of other things as well, to show youÖ as a reason for, basically, to go in to everybodyís data.  So if you join the military youíre going to have absolutely no personal privacy whatsoever.  All your communications obviously ARE being monitored, catalogued, and run through all these different algorithmic sets to find out if you are a threat.  Except for the enemy, they want you to be absolutely mad to kill the enemy, but anything else theyíve got to know, to make things look a bit better in the publicís eye. 


Getting back to Bill Cooper when he talked about, is the government in the position toÖ is it the job of the government to modify your behavior?  It saysÖ


Philly Suburb Considers Fining Those Who Don't Lock Cars

Upper Moreland Township residents could face a citation and $25 fine.

Oct 12, 2010 / nbcphiladelphia.com


A suburban Philadelphia township is considering whether to fine people who don't lock their car doors.  (A:  They tried that in Canada too, where they go into car parks outside of shopping centers and go around to all the car doors and see if the keys are in it and so on and then come out and talk to the people and give them a dressing down like a little child and all that kind of stuff.  They were talking about fining them too; so I donít know whatís happening on our side.  AnywayÖ)


Commissioners in Upper Moreland Township are debating an ordinance that would require people to lock their car doors when parked in public areas -- or face a citation and a $25 fine.  (A:  Thatís to start with of course.)


Police Chief Thomas Nestel says that since 2008 three-quarters or more of each year's reported thefts in the township are from cars left unlocked.


The Bucks County Courier Times reports that under the proposal police would do spot checks on cars in neighborhoods having problems with thefts from cars.


The owner of a car left unlocked would first get a warning and the door would be locked.  (A:  So they might lock your keys inside.)


If it was found unlocked again within the next year, the owner would get a citation and $25 fine.


You know, all these things eventually will go down as criminal charges eventually, all this kind of stuff.  They are starting this way, you see, from basically civil infractions to going into criminal.  Thatís where it will allÖ the whole world is going to go that way, for this brave new world scenario that we are living inside.  And the public havenít a clue.  You know, the only thing I ever agreed with Pierre Trudeau about, who was a communist, and who actually led the communist party in 1952 for the Comintern meeting in Russia, in Moscow, from Canada and later became Prime Minister of Canada, a Rhodes Scholar of course, good pal of Castro, very wealthy of course because all the top ones are, are always wealthy, all the communists.  The only right thing he said about anything in his whole time was that, the government had no right into the personalities of monitoring whatever people do in their own homes or their bedrooms.  And thatís true.  That is true.  But you see itís not enough anymore.  They want to get into your houses to monitor what you do in your houses.  They have already started different schemes to get you trained Ė and thatís what you are doing, you are being trained Ė that firemen have to come around occasionally and test your fire detection equipment, that kind of stuff.  And they want more intrusions as well, for engineers to come in to see if all your building codes are up to standards and snuff and all the rest of it.  Then they want, too, to have your houses tested every so often for thermal escape, where the guys go all over the place with little lighted candles and see if there is a draft somewhere, and you pay for it of course. 


You are being trained that you donít have a personal little castle of your own, even if you think you own it, which of course you never do.  Even if itís paid off the government owns it and they will prove that to you if you canít pay your taxes.  You are being trained and modified, step by step, all along the way.  People donít know that through the culture industry they are trained and modified as well.  The culture industry isnít just the movies.  It isnít just the novels, and yes they do hire the novelists to put out all the racy stuff.  They have been doing that since the 40s, hiring those kinds of characters.  They also are into the fashion industry as well. They are into all the massive magazine industry.  There have been magazines out there that were CIA started up and operated in fact, to get new ideas across, mainly to women actually.  They have admitted that because marketers like women; they are more apt to go along with expert advice and try something new, than men do who are bit kind of laid back and they like their old baggy pants and stuff like that, and their old dirty jacket.  But women tend to go forward because they think other women are doing the same.  It works very, very well.  Behavior modification is constantly ongoing. 


Schools of course are WAY up there with it because they are using the complete Pavlovian techniques, coupled with Bertrand Russellís experimental school system of social indoctrination. They have already prepared the youngsters growing up now, who will think that all the things that were once politically incorrect are now very correct, all the negative things that general society didnít like.  Everything is okay.  Everyoneís point of view is okay.  No one is right, no one is wrong, so anything goes.  This is the sort of hell they are bringing in because it is hell.  Itís definitely a hell coming in here, a totally controlled society.  You know, the communist system, if you read its charter, was set up to be a sort of paradise for people, for the workers and everybody else.  There is only one thing with the soviet system, and it still is, and is in the West because thatís what we are now under with the merger, as the Reece Commission showed Ė itís not meant for humans to live in.  Thatís the one problem with the Soviet system.  Itís not meant for human beings to live in because weíd have to be robots, REAL robots to live in it.  But not for humans; thatís why it could never work.  And even though it will never work of course, just the same way as they always do, they use terror and force, by authorities, to make you go along in an unworkable system.  Then they give you tranquilizers, to make you less nervous.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  This last article is interesting because we think of the Americas as being amalgamated, which we are.  We definitely are.  There are so many associations that are all working steadily, full time, 7 days a week basically, to integrate us all. Theyíve had articles in the papers in Canada about Fortress America for instance, a few years ago, talking about total integration of the economies, of the customs systems, of the import duties Ė theyíd share all that together through a common agency Ė all that kind of stuff.  They are doing the same thing across the rest of the world.  Again, itís the same old system that Karl Marx talked about in Das Capital.  First the European Union, the American Union, the Pacific Rim regionÖ all set up, by the way, these organizations, by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, long ago, to make this all happen. 


But also for Africa too; they are amalgamating East Africa and they are calling it The East African Community, into one solid trading bloc.  Itís also got its objectives, total integration:  political, economic, etc, just the same as they did with Europe, only they have told them the truth here, whereas in Europe they lied to them and told them itís just about trading and stuff like that.  Iíll put this link up with all the other links on my web site at the end of the show.  It goes intoÖ


East African Community (EAC)



The Permanent Tripartite Commission for East African Co-operation was first formed in 1967 as the East African Community. It collapsed in 1977 due to political differences.  Following the dissolution of the organisation, former Member States negotiated a Mediation Agreement for the Division of Assets and Liabilities, which they signed in 1984. However, as one of the provisions of the Mediation Agreement, the three States agreed to explore areas of future co-operation and to make concrete arrangements for such co-operation.


It goes on about the subsequent meetings they have held since then, how they are going into a common monetary system, a free trade area, of course, which will be linked, again, with other countries already in the Free Trade Zone under the World Trade Organization obviously.  They are really just like everything else, once it ends up in these massive Sovietized blocs, you feel so remote from your government Ė not that you are very close to it now, even if itís just down the road.  Itís very remote because theyíll have to put up a separate parliament meeting building somewhere, just like Brussels was set up for the whole of Europe.  That will deal with it there.  They have done the same already with West Africa, the community agreement, and eventually they want a complete solid bloc of Africa.  That will take a long time to do, and thereíll be a lot of bloodshed too as they bring it all about, Iím sure, and disempower different people who control certain areas until itís a solid bloc running on the same system as the European Union in some form or another. 


Something really that was talked about in the 1840s and onwards, is here.  We are living through it.  Most folk will take no notice of it at all and think itís just happening by chance. Well, nothing happens by chance.  We are going into the global society.  Youíve got Prime Ministers talking about the global economy must take precedence over national economies; our Prime Minister of Canada said that in a recent interview, in fact it was at the G20 meeting.  So we have to lose national sovereignty, said Harper, to be part of the global economy; that comes first.  So you know the road we are on folks.  Itís not a pleasant one.  We have been given no other system.  The system we had was a lieÖ and itís up to you to figure out where you go from here.  Never mind the WE part, where do YOU go from here?


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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