Oct. 18, 2010 (#687)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 18, 2010:

Ode To Pavlov:
Train Step-by-Step, Destination to Decipher,
Only Known by the Grand Old Piper:

"Reality Validation Keeps Coming and Going,
Put Out by the Few Who are in the Knowing,
Theories Change and Alter Behaviour
As Followers Parrot Their Latest Saviour,
TV Programmers Know -- Monkey See, Monkey Do,
Old Modes of Behaviour Flushed Down the Loo,
Each New Generation with Thinking Benign,
Believe They're the Cutting Edge of Their Time,
Changing the World Electric for the Better
By Communal Tweeting and Texting Letter,
Should They Know the Truth They'd Be Sick
And Hesitant to Make the Mouse a-"Click",
Peace Will Come without Drugs or Booze Sip,
When Everyone's a Borg with a Brain Chip"
© Alan Watt Oct. 18, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 18, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on October 18, 2010.  Newcomers should always go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and on the web site youíll see all the other official sites I have listed there.  If you ever experience sticking downloading from the .com site try these alternate sites.  So many go into the .com at the same time, sometimes, and it happens that that they will get sticky downloads.  Remember too, that all of those sites have as well as all the audios, hundreds of audios for download, for free, they also have the a lot of transcripts, for print up, of a lot of the talks Iíve given too.  If you want transcripts in other languages than English, go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and you can take your pick from a whole bunch there.  While Iím at it too, Iíve got to remind you that you are the audience that brings me to you.  I depend upon the people who listen to keep supporting me; I donít have much to sell at all.  I donít have time to write much more eitherÖ and if I did Iíd be doing a bit better than I am now.  Buy the books and disk that I have for sale and hopefully that will keep me going for a little while longer.  You can buy them by [Order and donation options listed above.].  Some people just send cash and so far that still gets through, and they still accept it at the banks as well Ė although all currencies are really crashing down.  I think the United States is below the Canadian dollar and has been for quite some time now, once you pay the transfer fee up in Canada that is.  So itís up and down like a yo-yo, but donít think itís out of control. 


Itís all planned this way.  Thatís how the world is really planned.  Itís planned way ahead of any major thing that happens to you, the big boys never let anything happen thatís not under their control.  They actually make things happen, always for another purpose.  All this carrying on with the money, and the bank crashes, apart from stealing everybodyís homes and bringing in more and more private property and rental accommodation, for their brave new world scenario, itís also to basically bring in the IMF as the debt collector for The World Bank which will be running all of our lives shortly.  Thatís why it was set up in the first place and now itís coming up to its full power.  Thatís whatís really going on in the world. 


The new world order has been printed up many, many times what itís all about by those involved in setting up today. They were published in the books 100 years ago, and then 50 years ago a lot of them came out, the big players, and published their own books and their memoirs and so on and told us exactly what kind of world they would bring in.  There is no mystery about it whatsoever.  The only mystery is that people still are unable to accept it.  They are suspended in disbelief that they are actually doing it and so theyíd rather not believe itís actually happening, because it was planned a long time ago.  Theyíd rather believe things happen by the day and we just stub our toes in the morning and the politicians kiss them better at night.  Thatís what theyíd rather believeÖ and nothing is further from the truth.  Nothing happens, even WORLD WARS, never mind Middle Eastern wars, nothing happens on even a world scale without much planning, years of planning, going into it and it has to always come down in favor of the big agenda.  And we do live through a big agenda.  Personally, Iím pretty certain that even when they started off the Industrial Revolution that they understood where they would be at this time and where they would go from here, and beyond.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt, weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  The matrix is akin to the system youíre born into, the Platoís Cave.  Itís very much like the caves in the north of India where secret societies used to have their meetings.  You can go through one cave and then go up the ladders into the next one above it; different floors for different degrees.  Thatís kind of like Platoís Cave that we live in.  There are different floors, different realities, depending on which level you happen to live in.  It also depends on which level that you want to stay in, really.  Most folk prefer to stay at the bottom; itís too familiar to them.  They are kind of scared of finding anything out that bursts any kind of bubbles. 


Thatís what you are living in, is a created reality.  Itís augmented by your scientific indoctrination in school.  Thatís what the guys who set up the present school systems called it, scientific indoctrination.  Bertrand Russell said in fact, it wouldnít matter what parents tried to pass on, as values, to the children when they came home from school because the scientific indoctrination had proven Ė in experimentation, in experimental schools back in the 1920s, in his day Ė that the children would literally be programmed to ignore Ė literally ignore Ė whatever the parents said; they wouldnít even consider what they were saying in fact, it was so perfectly done.  We know too, that John Dewey was brought in as well and then the Frankfort School came in, with it all, with the same technique Ė and thatís the system thatís used across the whole Western world.  They did not want Ė in their own words, using the same terminology by the way as the communists used Ė to contaminate the children with old ideas and old values and old moralities.  Thatís been awfully successful.  Thatís where Platoís Cave really exists, is where you are stuck with your conditioning, your present conditioning. You will believe that all there is, in your life, is what you are taught at school and then itís augmented by all the media as you grow up afterwards and you mature, and you have no reason to question it.  Why should it be a big, big con? 

Well, itís reality management.  You have all kinds of management in this world and reality management is one of them.  Iíve gone through the histories of Bernays and others who were the great magicians of this.  Of course they themselves didnít invent the science.  They inherited the science, and not just from their uncles like Freud but from the people who taught Freud long, long before that.  These are OLD sciencesÖ kept quiet.  Why would you share the magic secrets of controlling the minds of millions of people?  You never do that.  The ancients of course studied this, tremendously well, of how to lord over different peoples including different kinds, or cultures, of people.  One of the great stories is when the Aryan races went into India.  There is a story of a prince who was allocated a certain region, very, very similar to the Norwegians going into Europe.  They gave the overlords certain land tracts and so on.  In India, this one prince was given the land over Ė and there are many different ethnic groups in India Ė this particular ethnic group.  So he got his wise men to study them for a couple of years and they dreamed up and came out with the perfect religion for those people, and they took it very, very well. The next generation of course, was totally indoctrinated and that was their whole new reality.  Everything that they knew in life had to refer back to their religion for validation and verification and that was their reality. 

Thatís how the world is; today itís science of course.  ĎExperts say,í thatís all they have to say now.  ĎExperts say,í or Ďexperts have discovered,í and everyone is parroting it and changing their behavior because the experts say so. Thatís how EASY it is today.  Weíre all trained this way.  Russell, again, said thatís how they would create the society, that eventually the time would come where no one would make a move without expert opinion, expert advice.  And we are living through the grand finale of this stage of it, of course, as the new world order goes on to part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, whatever part it happens to be at. 

Itís a combination of the left wing stuff from Karl Marx and even writers before Karl Marx of course.  He wasnít the supreme guy that dreamt up the Communist Manifesto; his name wasnít even on it in the beginning.  Itís a combination of that and the big world bankers, the Milner Group of course, who combined with the Rhodes Society and the Round Table Society and became the Royal Institute of International Affairs who wanted global governance, with a United Nations set up to be the sort of focal point, the hub that everything went through for validation, and thatís where treaties all come from.  And right down to planning permission for your septic tank, it comes from the United Nations.  And every country signs it into laws, the building codes, across the whole world now.  You must go by THEM. 

Itís a standardization process so that the big boys will no longer have to send out private collectors for debt or whatever.  They get governments to do it all for them.  Thatís the beauty of it, from the banking point of view.  Governments send out Ė they HIRE the guys. The governments will have full-time employees just going around kicking folk out of their houses and collecting taxes and stealing their homes, stuff like that.  Itís much, much easier, and it takes the heat off the bankers; the government becomes hated instead.  Thatís how the world is really, really run. 

The new world order, too, is to come into a smart, a smart system; the smart system being the utopia that the great socialists dreamed about.  Now, the socialists have nothing to do with the working classes, except they love to use them.  You can tell that by those who founded the Fabian Society; the Webbís Ė Sydney and Beatrice Webb.  Beatrice, her real name was Potter and she wrote the childrenís stories with a lot of social values in there tucked in, as all novelists do.  They were the ones who invented what we call today Bureaucratese, which all countries use.  You have to go through so manyÖ youíd have to get lawyers to interpret it all because itís so complex.  The founding funders of it, initially, were the Astor family, an incredibly wealthy family from New York who went over to Britain and got made Lord and Lady Astor.  These were the ones who got the working classes Ė some of the fools anyway Ė to actually believe that they were standing up for them, so that they could take over their lives for them, and regulate their lives for them, and eventually sterilize them too, by the way.  It was those guys who dreamt up the idea of compulsory sterilization.  Hitler picked up on it of course; he borrowed the idea from them, and from the Rockefeller Foundation that was part of this big world agency, and he put it into practice.  He got all the blame for it, although the Russians had been doing it for longer than him. 


So reality is a very convoluted thing.  You have to dig and dig and dig and dig.  You must RETAIN your memory as you are learning and you must ADD to your memory as you are learning with each topic, too, when you get more and more bits to fill in the blank spots.  You must also realize that history has always being changed.  If you can get a hold of the old books from up to about the 1920s to the 1930s, itís not too bad. After World War II everything changed.  History, reality, everything changedÖ and censorship came in awfully, awfully heavily after World War II as to who publishes what, who will say what and so on.  The CIA even got involved, big time, in the culture industry, with music, all publications, even novel writings; they hired thousands of guys to write novels.  Even poets were hired to do the same thing.  And, not only in the United States but across Britain and a base in France as well as in West Germany.  Our reality is constantly being given to us and new realities are given all the time. 


Itís interestingÖ you know that when you go into places like Cambodia and look at its history, they were flattened, annihilated pretty well, and they were bombed back to the stone age by carpet bombing, by the US Air Force that denied it was doing anything to it, under Richard Nixon and Kissinger.  Kissinger was the big, real mover and shaker behind Nixon, with his geopolitical wars and so on, still on the go today of course.  In Cambodia, when Pol Pot took over as the big dictator when the bombings stopped, and killed millions of people, in typical sort of communist type fashion, he actually set the calendar to start off at year zero, being the time when they actually announced that theyíd won.  Year Zero, thatís when all time started and all history started is when he took over.  And all the libraries that were left, that were pretty well bombed, in pretty bad shape, had all their books destroyed.  All the books were destroyed because nothing had to remain of the past and a new history was created, a new reality was created. 


We are kind of going through that today with the internet.  Many articles Iíve read over the past years have been pulled, sometimes the day after I read them, by mainstream even.  Iíve had letters from reporters asking me if I could remove the links from my web site because they had actually pulled the stories after I read them.  Because sometimes in the stories Iíll point out and put in the bits that the reporter leaves out, which could be negligence on their part but generally there is a deliberate omission.  You see, if you donít give the WHOLE story you will get a completely false impression of whatís going on, and definitely a false conclusion.  Thatís how easy it is to manipulate the minds of people.  Even science articles from mainstream, science Iíve read on the air, and then again filled in all the contradictions of other findings, etc, etc, and had them pulled the following day as well.  Thatís how quickly itís pulled today. Thatís what George Orwell talked about, Ďthe memory hole.í  Reality would constantly be in flux, as they created new heroes, and heroes would turn into bad guys and be annihilated and simply omitted from the history books.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the memory hole, as George Orwell called it.  George Orwell knew the agenda; he knew it very well.  He was always in correspondence with Aldous Huxley and they both discussed different ways of how they saw this totalitarian regime manifesting.  Of course Huxley went the scientific route where he thought, he hoped, they could gradually convince the public, con the public, and fool them IN to the new system, step by step, without too much violence; whereas George Orwell knew theyíd have to use a totalitarian regime to get that underway and then bring in the scientific techniques on top of it too.  So they were both kind of right. 


However, the memory hole, he knew that history was to start changing then.  You see the communists already in the Soviet system had already changed their histories, to suit the communist regime.  All the past was rewritten and it had to be written in such a way as to make Marxism seem an ultimate progression of a particular natural science that had to eventually dominate.  So everything was readjusted to suit their actual regime that they brought in.  And thatís how itís done.  I mean, you are talking about millions of people were subject to a new reality, a new form of mind control.  Of course those who lived through the changes, as long as they didnít make a fuss of what had happened in the new soviet regime, and they knew what the past was like, couldnít even talk to their children about it, because their children were really indoctrinated, again, with a scientific technique and were happy little soviet type Nazis. 


Thatís being done right now with the greening campaigns and the children growing up.  They are being taught that the older people had it too good, they ate up the planet and had it too good, they were selfish and left nothing for the future, and they are all bad people.  All the experts that they see at school and on the videos tell them so.  Even their cartoon figures tell them so as well; theyíve got cartoons out to do it.  There is nothing you can sit and watch, even as a child, that hasnít got indoctrination immersed in it.  Itís imbedded in it, to embed itself in your brain. 


I was going to mention that when you watch how things happen, very few people truly look at the media and the stories and think out what they are reading.  What the headlines are meant to get you doing, is get you angry, or to get you to support what you read.  Thatís as simple as that; to make you pro or anti, whatever the topic happens to be.  And thatís how youíre played with most things.  And it depends what class you belong to, middle, upper, or whatever, lower.  Really, the upper classes have their own media; we donít even see it in fact; it doesnít get delivered to your doors.  Everyone else falls into the categories of being pro- and anti- whatever they read.  Itís interesting that most folk donít even know how marketing works and that you can be USED; you can all be used as an audience to market something.  When people have you market them, they can charge more for advertising.  Itís just like people who sell newspapers Ė according to their distribution rate and how many people buy it per day Ė they say, we sell 3, 4, 5, 10 million per day, or more, and your advertising rates go up.  Itís the same thing now with the internet usage.  You can be used without knowing you are being used, for profit and so on.  People really donít think too deeply about things.  In fact, maybe theyíll just do what theyíre told, when theyíre told. 


I always look at all media as mainstream and even some Patriot Radio too.  Always remember that Patriot Radio is still a business; without business there would be no radio.  With some you have more expertise in marketing; other ones go the old-fashioned way of trying to persuade by personalities and so on.  So never forget that ALL media, all media, CAN be used for other purposes, other than informing you of what you think you want to be informed about. 


There are 3 callers up on the line now.  Thereís Maggie from Texas.  Are you there Maggie? 


Maggie:  Yes, good evening Alan.  You paint a very depressing picture of how programmable and indoctrinable people are, but surely there is a certain component of the human race that are just kind of resistant to all this.


Alan:  There are.  Itís like all diseasesÖ youíre right.  In all diseases there are always a few that come through unscathed for some reason or another; maybe a better immune system.  Itís the same when it comes to all media and so on.  Weíve always got to be on guard that someone isnít using our brain for maybe their own purpose.  Most media unfortunately, most mainstream media for sure, in fact all mainstream I would say, has always got a spin on whatever they push out.  Iíve got a couple of examples I might read later on, just to show you how it works in fact. 


Maggie:  Well, even just regarding school, I know that, I remember that even as a small child I was very, very suspicious of the United Nations.  I just didnít believe it was what they claimed it to be.  I knew it was a scam of some kind but I didnít know what kind and there was no one to talk to about this. 


Alan:  I tell you, hold on Maggie and weíll discuss that when we come back from this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt, weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and Maggie is still on the line.  Are you there Maggie? 


Maggie:  Yes I am, Alan. 


Alan:  You were talking about the United Nations and how you were suspicious of it when you were young. 


Maggie:  Yes.  I guess it was about 4th or 5th grade they were really going strong on that subject.  I was about 10 and the way I saw it, in my 10-year-old way, was that this was an agreement between all the great nations of the world to play nice in the sand box.  I saw, first I realized that you couldnít even get 2 kids to keep an agreement to play nice in the sand box for more than 20 minutes.  But above that I realized that if that was the purpose of it then that enormous, super structure, and infrastructure that they had, it didnít need to be there.  All they had to do was agree, period.  And here they had buildings and councils and thousands of employees and all this.  It didnít make sense in terms of the stated goal.  So I knew something was going on other than what they said. 


Alan:  Yes.  What is your impression of it now, now that you know more about it? 


Maggie:  Oh, my gosh, yeah.  You know, when I, as a kid, I saw the dots but I was unable to connect them.  Then when I discovered truth radio and began to listen to a large variety of people and came to understand how it was.  As I got older my impression from my young years, my teens, twenties, even thirties, and even above that, was of the United Nations as this pitiful, helpless giant because it had been rigged in such a way Ė as I came to realize later Ė it had been rigged in such a way that Russia could veto anything.  So Russia was the bad guy, pitted against all the good guys, and it could always throw a snag in any work. So they seemed helpless and they didnít seem to go anywhere or get anywhere.  Now, of course, I realize that that whole thing was staged and that after the breakup of the Soviet Union, which was also staged, that that set the stage for a new phase in which the United Nations would suddenly, and in a very scary way, begin to flex its muscle openly and show it.


Alan:  Yeah, by using NATO.  NATO is a branch of it.† And also, youíre right with the Russian part because people donít realize that all through the Cold War, from its inception in fact, of the United Nations, that the man who was put in charge, or the person put in charge, always, as a supreme commander for the department for war, at the United Nations, had to always be, under its charter, from the Soviet Union. 


Maggie:  Oh, I didnít even realize that.


Alan:  And MacArthur was the first one to complain about it because when they were fighting in Korea they wanted to blow up some bridges and so on, and they kept coming down from the UN saying, NO, NO, you canít blow up these supply bridges, where they were bringing in ammunition and so on from mainland China.  He complained and thatís what came out in the papers at the time, was that, because the guy who was in charge of the military apparatus within the United Nations, had to be ALWAYS Ė by the charter Ė from the Soviet Union.  The same thing during the Viet Nam era; they knew everything before it happened, when it was happening, because he would report what the objectives were of the US.  So the whole thing was rigged. 


Maggie:  Yeah.  Well now itís very, veryÖ itís very, very clear and Iím still learning. 


Alan:  Itís astonishing, too.  And then you have the Rockefellers giving them the land to build.  Now, how can a private individual give sovereign status, as the area and the land that the UN sits on?† Itís called a sovereign, independent entity.  And everyone who works in that building cannot be touched by ANY US law.  I mean, no one has ever explained to me, or anyone else that I know of, how come the US congress and so on allowed this to happen.  They cannot give chunks of America away to a private entity, but it happened. 


Maggie:  Yes.  Well, thank you for all your wisdom, Alan, and for continuing to educate us on the matters you talk about. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Thereís Judy from Arizona.  Are you there Judy?


Judy:  Iím here. 


Alan:  Youíre there.  YesÖ


Judy:  Can you here me, from my cell phone here?


Alan:  Yes I can.  Yeah.


Judy:  Oh, good.  I was reading articles, mainly on the global eliteís forms of mind control sinceÖ.


Alan:  Is the cell phone packed in?  I think your cell phoneísÖ Yeah, your cell phoneís ran out.  Okay.  Weíll try Brad from Texas.  Is Brad there?


Brad:  Hello, Alan.† I was listening to Maggie talk and I think she has a point.  There are some of us that are kind of immune.  I noticed at a young age I didnít reallyÖ itís not that I didnít trust television, I just thought it was something strange; it didnít seem to be telling the whole story.  As she was mentioning the UN, I was going to say, you know a place is a bad place when the Lucis Trust designed their meditation room.


Alan:  Thatís amazing.  Most people donít even know that the Lucis Trust, again, it used to be called the Lucifer Trust under Blavatsky for Theosophy.  They were funded in the US by the Rockefeller boys again.  They had their main temple at 666 UN Plaza.  666Ö no kidding.  Then they moved it into the UN building and called it the meditation room.  They imported a massive chunk of, I think it was jade, jadestone into it; thatís their meditation stone, a huge thing, because of their particular occult practices.  They actually have that within the United Nations.  Whatís amazing is this organization promotes itself as basically a secular movement, using secular humanism to abolish religions across the planet that oppose each other, while they practice their own inner religion.  Itís quite fascinating. 


Brad:  Oh, yeah.  She was mentioning McCarthy, or I guess you mentioned McCarthy, he had James Forestall who committed an Arkancide [?], who was giving McCarthy a lot of his information.  I thought that was kind of interesting.  What I mainly called about was television.  It seems like that is their tool of choice, in general, to condition the people.


Alan:  Itís too easy.  Itís just too easy.


Brad:  Yeah.  It changes your brain state.  Iím very aware of the different brain states; I have some binomial training, that help you learn things and meditate.  I was wondering, have you checked out, Iím sure you have, Press TV and Al-Jazeera? 


Alan:  Once in a while I go into it.


Brad:  I think they are kind of like Trojan horses because you donítÖ there isnít a grass roots movement in Iran to create a television station.  It takes a lot of money, a lot of funding, a lot of capital.  Iím sure some very wealthy men invested in that and created Al-Jazeera. 


Alan:  Well, Al-Jazeera were created by the BBC.  In fact every one of their producers over there had been employed at the BBC; thatís where they were trained. 


Brad:  Oh, okay.  Then that makes sense because I had heard from some patriots that itís a little more open.  But itís still a globalistÖ I mean, they still push this global warming nonsense and they still push this globalization.  So they are really a kind of a Trojan horse for some of the lesser educated patriots out there, Iíve noticed.


Alan:  And they have them in Iraq too.  They have a station there that pretends to show the weaknesses of American forces and the mercenary private forces theyíve brought in to take over, and it lulls the Iraqis into thinking they can attack them.  So they actually set them up to attack the forces, who are heavily armed, and itís run by, Iím sure itís the CIA.


Brad:  Iím sure.  Itís amazing how complete their control is.  They have so much controlled opposition that itís really tough to find true sources of information, truth out there. 


Alan:  Well thatís the whole thing.  With ALL information you have to, as I said at the beginning of the show, you have to really get into the older books written by the guys who were IN the setting up of a lot of the stages that we are going through now, for the new world order.  The Bertrand Russellís, go through the HG Wellsí, their fiction and nonfictional books, the Aldous Huxley various books, and their lectures which are out in print and audio.  And listen to them.  Also check, too, all the dates when these different organizations were set up as well.  Go back even into HG Wells writing on the setting up of the League of Nations which was in 1918, 1919 they set it up, where they hoped at that time to bring the world to its knees with World War I and theyíd all become global.  HG Wells said a truth in it.  He said, this is what we have been working at for so long.  For SO longÖ over 100 yearsÖ so he was talking about the 1800s, early 1800s!  He says, now no longer can governments just report to each other and make treaties and so on; now they will have to send their own bureaucrats, who will bypass the heads of government, because there will be a League of Nations department within every government that signs on the treaty.  Just like what happened for the United Nations, every government has a UN department.  When you are signed TO the United Nations, it doesnít matter which country sends you, you must sign their agreement that you no longer represent America, Britain, or whatever; you belong to the United Nations. So youíve got the bureaucrats on a certain level bypassing all elected representatives, and building up the treaties themselves, drafting it all up, and getting the leaders to sign it.  So he was quite right.  Thatís still happening today.


Brad:  Yeah.  We have a bunch of subversives running our government because they are making these agreements, and back-door deals.  And they make this oath of protect the Constitution against enemies foreign and domesticÖ I donít know how they can do both.  [Chuckle.]


Alan:  Well, itís joke, you see.  See, the US governmentÖ and I think Carroll Quigley was quite correct when he said the American public had not ever voted in a free, independent candidate for 60 years.  Meaning, the late 1800s; when he wrote the book it was the 1960s.  So in the late 1800s, with the Milner Group and their American branch over in the United States, you had Wilson put in with Mandell House and Lord Grey from London.  So literally theyíd always put their man in at the top of all parties ever since then.  Youíve been under their control ever since then, and thatís why theyíve used America to fund and police the world and bring the world under this common world standard government.  I mean, most of the money for the UN comes from the United States too, the taxpayers.


Brad:  Yes.  I think a lot of peopleÖ  I try to tell the uninitiated, the unenlightened, I say, you know itís not really cream that rises to the top; I think itís scum.  Most good people donít really desire to rule over others.  Some people have the desire to help others, your Gandhi types, but they arenít really driven to become leaders.  And the ones that are Ė I always use this example, I make myself the bad guy and say, okay, imagine we are both equally educated, we are both equally funded, both equally intelligent, but Iím a sociopath and you are not and we are running for office.  Who is going to win?  I will win because Iím a sociopath; there are no limitations to what I will do to achieve that goal.† And they consider people with a conscience as having a handicapÖ which is totally deranged because they canít enjoy the smell of a flower, the smile on a dogís face.  They canít enjoy the beauty in this world so they are constantly chasing after this power and this one-upmanship on their rich buddies.  And they think they are better and smarter than us?  Theyíre actuallyÖ I actually kind of look down on them.  I mean, I come from a family of engineers, educated people.  My uncle had a, when he joined the military in the 60s he scored, he blew the top off the tests; it was only good to 185, so a 185-plus IQ.  My dad designed rocket engines for the Saturn rockets that went to the moon in the 60s.  Iím not sure we went, but who knows, but he has a patent for a flapsil [?] nozzle on the Saturn 5.  So I look at these elite and I just think, they actually think they are better than us.  I just laugh at them and I think, you are actually fools; I actually feel sorry for people who are sociopath.  They canít enjoy life like those of us with a conscience can. 


Alan:  Their actual enjoyment is really going after their prey and beating them.  That seems to be the only happiness they get.  They are ultimate predators in a sense.  They will use everyone elseís skill to dominate other people and they use the sciences too.  They dominate the whole monetary system and they have no conscience whatsoever HOW they get the money at all.  There is no morality involved in it WHATSOEVER, or how many folk get tossed out in the streets and lose their homes.  There is no morality in it.  Itís simply winning and being one of the richest guys on Wall Street, and youíve kind of made it but you must stay aggressive because you are in amongst all the other top predators.  And these guys are quite happy to associate themselves with it, the term Ďpredator,í the ultimate predator.


Brad:  Itís amazing how they donít even think it through because our brains are all basically very similar.  We have neuro-peptides, which are chemicals; some are endorphins which are the class of emotional drugs.  We release them when we decide to.  We donít have to have a huge group of people bow before us or beat someone into submission.  But somehow they are so simplistic; they think they have to have that to release those chemicals.  They donít realize they can achieve that release of the neuro-peptide on their own.  So they are really not as bright as they think they are.  [Laughing.]  They are actually kind of simplistic, baser people in my opinion. 


Alan:  Simplistic, but when you get so many of them at the top, and they own the money system, and they can control armies, then youíve got a problem.   They will, and they are able, to work together, in their clubs and their teams and their associations, against everyone else and thatís the big danger.  They know, too, that the public know this, that eventually the public will have to, theyíll be forced against a wall with rationing and so on, which will come Ė thatís on the cards.  They have said at the United Nations and so on, thatís part of their plan of austerity and getting us all under government.


Brad:  I have a question for you because you seem like a very deep thinker, you would think this through.  Iíve asked this to other people; they didnít know how to take it.  Do you see a possibility of there being a renaissance in the near future?  With all this advanced technology, if you are able to improve the mind of man through artificial means, either computers or implants or whatever it may be, wouldnít they be the ones who would want to use it for themselves?  And is there a possibility that when they achieve a certain level of intellect that they realize that their old ways were flawed and they may change?  Is that a possibility, for a renaissance?


Alan:  They themselves donít want to change.  They have said in their own books that they must retainÖ See, what they want to do with the public is not to help you get along, think better, more clearly, or collect more data and retain it.  What they want to do to the public, really, is to control the public.  Thatís why they have said, and Charles Galton Darwin put this in his own book, The Next Million Yearswe are the wild men; we are the leaders of the world; we mustnít change ourselves because we must retain our survival capabilities.  The idea of the brain chip is that you will no longer need your survival capabilities because the state will be making all your decisions for you.  Never believe that technology will be given to help the people onto higher realms of understanding or more efficiency.  Maybe more efficiency in some ways as better workers, but never to figure things out on a higher level, and it might even dumb you down in certain ways too.  You definitely will be more passive.  You may be a very efficient worker but more passive. 


Brad:  So wisdom isnít really tied to cognitive acuity then, something you have thatís kind of part of your spirit.  I guess they just basically have a demonic thread running through them.  [Laughing.] 


Alan:  Some of them actually, some of them I think would be quite proud of that statement because they do believe that they are a different species from ourselves actually.  Thanks for calling.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and weíll go to Stan from Ontario.  Are you there Stan?


Stan:  Hello, Alan.† This is Stan from St Maryís actually, Ontario.  Itís a tough act to follow there, heís a pretty educated fella, that last caller there.  IQ was an interesting thing that he brought up and stuff like that.  I donít know how exactly they measure the IQ and stuff like that.  But from all the stuff that seems to be going on it seems to be all lies, so how do you base your IQ test and stuff?


Alan:  What theyíve found is the IQ tests vary with cultures too.  The modern levels of IQÖ  IQ is really something you are born with, your intelligence quotient.  Technically itís how you would figure things out, little puzzles and all the rest of it, using logic, to see how your logic works.  It doesnít really mean technically that youíre intelligent.  Anyone who is educated can be called intelligent but really it just means that they are very good at parroting what they have been taught. Whereas REAL IQ, a real IQ would be, can you figure out how to get from here to there in the shortest possible way or whatever.  The United Nations has dropped the points of the new standards, the new average standards, about 5 points in the last few years, because weíre all dropping.  Everyone is dropping now.  Theyíre saying is it the injections theyíre getting, whatís causing this?† Itís actually dropping.  So it really doesnít mean so much today, you know.  And it doesnít mean that youíre a better person, morally, in a decent sort of way, or anything else.  I mean, some of the worst mass murderers in history have been given high IQs and psychopaths, strangely enough, the ones who get up there in politics or into top positions, even CEOs of corporations, can have a fairly high score on an IQ pattern.  A psychopath isnít worried about little moral problems that you have all day long, with your fellow workers, how they are thinking about you now.  That doesnít even enter their head, so they donít have that stress, so they can think very clearly upon where they want to go and what they want to do at that particular time; itís the same in examinations.  In fact, a psychopath cannot handle stress so they push it off from themselves or get it worked off through other people; theyíll get everyone else fighting with everybody else and theyíll sit back and smile.  Thatís how they get rid of their frustration.  So that really helps them appear to have a higher IQ.


Stan:  Itís just an interestingÖ my point was I guess, the education system that they taught us, essentially wanted a bunch of yes-men that would fit into that measurableÖ


Alan:  Thereís no doubt.  There is no doubt.  In fact, even Webster who was the best speechwriter in the 1800s, one of his speeches was about education and the kind of education theyíd create for America.  He said, we shall create good, law abiding, obedient citizens.  Öobedient citizens.  Then if you read the Frankfort School, they brought in the Frankfort School experts whose job it was to use all the different scientific techniques, to once again bring a new type of child into the world uncontaminated with the old values and make them very obedient, very obedient to the idea of communal living, communal decisions, the sovietized system.  Thatís whatís being taught in Canadian schools as well.  Itís all group-think, no individual-think.  Yes, so youíre quite right.


Stan:  Anyway, it was nice to talk to you, Alan.  I hear your music going thereÖ Youíre doing a great job.  Talk to you again, eh.


Alan:  Call again.  Sure enough.  Thanks for calling. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada Ė and thatís a very fast hour; it always goes too quickly Ė itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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