Oct. 25, 2010 (#692)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 25, 2010:

The "Sustainable" Cause has its Claws:
For Marching into the Lion's Jaws,
Use Group Acceptance, Authorized Cause:

"Big Boys Like Rockefeller Never Tire,
Nor Frontmen, Which Foundations Hire,
Won't Stand Compromise or Consolation
In Their Effort for Rapid Depopulation,
They're Convincing Sheeple to Go Along
And Sing the Sustainability Song,
They Chorus and Follow Enviro-Lamp,
Into Scientifically-Run Extermination Camp,
Indoctrinated Young Will Self-Sacrifice,
To "Save the Planet" They Will Sterilize
Happily, Themselves, Giving Permission,
And Stoning Families for Sedition,
Add Money-Bags, Austerity Economics,
Entertain with Trivia via Electronics,
Yes, with Young Use Proven Tactics,
Give the Cause, Produce Fanatics"
© Alan Watt Oct. 25, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 25, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on October 25, 2010.  I always suggest that newcomers to the show look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and help yourself to the hundreds of hours of talks Iíve given over the radio over the years.  I try to give you, in these talks, clues and shortcuts to the big picture of the system under which you live.  Itís not a democracy.  Itís not republican.  Itís literally an authoritarian world society, thatís been brought about over centuries in fact, of planning and implementation until theyíve got us to where weíre global basically.  I try and give you the data, some of the movements and groups behind it, at least involved in it, and the big movers and shakers.  I try and use some of the books that they write, their memoirs Ė because they love to boast about what they did participate in, in what they call Ďthe great work.í  The rebuilding of the earth, the rebuilding of the humanity itself, and the literally the reorganization and division of labor Ė all the Marxian stuff as well Ė but youíll find that that big bankers were on board from the very beginning with this idea of a controlled world society.  Itís much more tidy to them, and they do like order and tidiness.  While you are at it too, remember that you bring me to you.  You are the audience.  I donít ask for money from advertisers.  I could have lots on and Iíd be living very well if I did.  But then Iíd have to bring them on and youíd have to listen to, really, 10, 15 minutes or even one hour promos, which are really just advertising to sell products.  But thatís okay for most hosts; thatís how they make their living.  For me, I can get a freer hand to say what I want to say and just go straight through the talk show by myself giving out information this way.  So help me out by buying the books, CDs and DVDs that I have on my web sites.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Some people just send cash and that comes through as well. 


The new world order, as I say, something thatís not sprung upon us by surprise, at least to those who have been studying it for years.  Many people really are beginning to wake up today to the fact that something is wrong. They still donít know all the facts; it will take them a while to find out the facts. They will get waylaid on the way with deliberate cons along the way, that are put out there by those who control the world order to mislead you, take you off into outer space and a whole variety of things to waste your time away.  It helps the politicians because when you are looking for space aliens to capture or interrogate Ė good luck to you Ė the politicians can go on signing at the G20, at global meetings and so on and treaties that affect all of you.  You leave them alone by doing so, by chasing the aliens.  They really like that one. Thatís a good one in fact, for them.  They are very happy with it. 


Really, you find in this world order that you donít have much say in anything at all.  And it is becoming more apparent today as they even put away the pretense of having a say in things, for the public.  We are under authoritarian rule and of course we are under also a war ON terror, which is expanding into everything, free speech and so on.  People who complain about government, eventually Ė just like the Soviet Union because that was the model for the new world order Ė will find themselves called anti-government.  Even if you are complaining about simply one policy of government, you are classed as anti-government.  One day you will be definitely arrested or fined; probably start with fines and so on.† Itís coming that way.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We're back, Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning at the beginning of the show that this is a world order.  It was always meant to be a world order.  Societies, you might say, have worked for an awful long time through centuries of planning, taking over countries, creating empires, and sometimes the empires collapse when they pull out and move their money elsewhere Ė and their physical persons Ė but also other societies, too, were heavily involved, and Royalty, and all the big leaders and shakers who are quite easy to buy off.  So money rules the world and those with the money rule the worldÖ and there is no doubt about that.  They get off with anything they want to do.  They can pillage.  They can rape.  They can close down bank accounts. They can empty banks.  And then, they can get the government to reward them for doing it, by the very people who got ripped off. So thatís the world we live in and you think itís all fair.  Well if you think thatís bad you have no idea what coming down the pike.  No idea whatsoever. 


Itís going to be a kind of scientific dictatorship as they rule us with authority and experts and so on in every different possible capacity of bureaucracy and levels of government, right down to your local level and your little commune.  And yes, you will go into a commune and even the communes of the 60s and 70s were all part of that, also to destroy the family unit. Thatís what actually many of the leaders of the communes said, that they would destroy the family unit.  You couldnít stay with the same partner for more than 2 nights per week and they swap partners all the time Ė that was part of it Ė and if you didnít you were out.  So you had to constantly go on a whole round of different partners because they did not want bondingÖ which might create families, and family units, and what they call jealousies and bourgeoisie ideologies and so on. 


Alan:  There is a caller on the phone from British Columbia.  Are you there?


Alex:  Itís Alex Hunter here.


Alan:  Yes; thatís right. 


Alex:  I wanted to call in and express our gratitude that you are still here on the air despite all your challenges. 


Alan:  I certainly have a lot; yeah. 


Alex:  We know and we are having quite a few ourselves.  I couldnít get on RBN or your Cutting Through The Matrix web sites, all of them, on my iPhone and Iím having to use other peopleís computers.  Now Iíve got a whole line of laptops in front of me.  [Laughing]. † I got a little bit of support here.  I was having a really hard time accessing any of the information since I was on your show last, about a month ago when you had that problem there.


Alan:  Thatís right.  Also too, I donít know if you get the problems with your sites crashing or even just looking up a page on something and it gets locked up all the time. It doesnít matter if you are using a new computer, an old computer, whatever, it happens to me all the time.  I get problems, too, with the phone.  Every other day I get problems. Even this morning I had this massive hum from last night on the phone and it just cleared up before the show thank goodness.  So maybe they are showing a little mercy, although I doubt it.  You get this harassment.  At one time you know, lots of government employees, in different countries, including Canada, would listen to me during their breaks.  Theyíd just go into the old shows and listen to them.  Eventually they put a lock on them; they canít access them anymore.  Thatís the same for Britain I think, in bureaucracy, government positions, in Canada and some other countries as well; in the States as well I think.  It shows you the power that goes on behind the scenes that most people know nothing about.  They never suspect their governments of doing that kind of thing.  Now, they probably can go into porn sites and all the rest of it in their spare time but donít go into Alan Watt.  They donít want their minds getting bent, especially when you are showing the bureaucrats themselves what their part in this whole tragic scenario happens to be. 


Alex:  Absolutely.  I sort of came to the conclusion that they could also spike microwave frequency in cell phones, computers and even land lines, based on experiences I had in some forums last year.  Particularly the Byron Prior [?] forum I was talking to you about when we called in last year.  The electronic harassment, sabotage and outright attack that we experienced after that increased really dramatically.  It was amazing.  We were trying to figure out where all those symptoms were coming from.  Itís my opinion that they may well have had the ability to spike their frequency or the microwave energy either coming out of laptops or cell phones or evenÖ


Alan:  Well, they canÖ in fact Iíve got documentation here from the Pentagon on techniques which they were going to use Ė this is from about 3 years ago.  They said they could use manyÖ they could even fry your hard drive. They can fry it.  I know some people thatís happened to in fact.  So they can fry your hard drive. They can scramble a computer, insert all kinds of Trojans of course, naturally, and crash it. But they can also affect the person who is watching the screen.  They go through the different methodsÖ there is even one they call a Ďkillerí virus.  What it is designed to do is to show patterns on your screen, that you are almost unaware of, with certain colors, and they can actually program your mind, which will recognize these little symbols, itís in sync with the vibrations within different parts of your alpha and beta waves and so on, and they can actually start your heart slowing down, or speeding up, and stuff like that.  I guess they could even stop it.  So they are so far ahead with all of this, and neuroscience and so on, combined with the technology that they can do an awful lot of nasty things to people. Absolutely.


Alex:  Absolutely.  You know, I was having problems.  My first experience with it was after I named a 33į Mason and Supreme Court justices who had sexually assaulted Byronís sister.  She was 11 years old and Byronís niece, and after naming that guy, they just, they turned the heat right up on us.† Thatís the first timeÖ I even doubted that it happened to people; I thought they were nuts.  After that it got a lot worse.  So we had to take a break from activism for a while, after we got Byron out and released because of radio show exposure, like on RBN, and we talked on your show about it, and Dr. Carlyís, etc.  He was released finally after about 7 months.  He was supposed to only be in there for a 90 day assessment and they just tormented and tortured and nearly killed this guy.  The blatant corruption and lack of research or investigation into this case, and the stonewalling by the entire system was so obvious I just wouldnít let go.  Thatís why we ended up having this happen to us.  Itís now happening quite frequently.  Iíve been under attack for, basically by the government, for 12 years after a car accident in Vancouver.  They denied me my due compensation, diagnosis, and treatment, because the province owns the insurance corporations out here. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  I heard about that.


Alex:  Thatís our legal system.  Yeah.  So itís quite a blatant conflict of interests.  I formed a coalition of Walking Wounded, for Canada and America.  We founded the first one on November 11, 2008 and it was the Canadian Coalition of the Walking Wounded, which I formed with a friend of mine in Saskatchewan who is an injured worker.  Bruce Junker, heís quite prolific in the injured workers forum.  Then I formed the American Coalition of the Walking Wounded with Bruce and Maryann Hemmin.  We also had another friend of ours who is not doing so well, but he was in the Canadian Injured Workers forum.  He actually helped found the Canadian Coalition of the Walking Wounded.  So what happened was we got attacked for that but it was nowhere near as prolific as once weíd named this Supreme Court justice.† I found that recently my efforts are being rewarded by things that seemed to come off like, Iím thinking of some kind of frequency that comes from the military ships in our oceans right now.  Iím off of the West coast, around Vancouver Island. † A United States KC135 and 110 anchors, which are American air planes; they are flying around spraying black chemtrails on us.


Alan:  Iíve seen the photographs.  You have a site up too on that.


Alex:  Yeah.  Oh, did you put them on your site?


Alan:  Not yet, but you have a site up and you should mention your own site too.


Alex:  We will.  Iím JokerTattooo on YouTube.  Then we have the World Anti-Chemtrail Day rally coming up on November 20th; itís on Facebook and look it up, ToneWestern, is the name of my colleague and the founder of it.  Iím just sort of supporting her.  I blew smoke into it and we came up with this idea.  She came up with the idea and it just took off.  We are being censored off of Facebook as well.  They just crashed, they cancelled the event on us yesterday.  So you know, the alarming increase in electronic censorship, sabotage, harassment, and outright attack is really showing where we are going with this agenda, and how quickly Ė the agenda you have been talking about for over a decade. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  The thing is too, you have to be involved in it for it to happen.  Most folk are just playing themselves on the computer, and they are left alone of course because they are doing nothing to attract any attention.  They would never believe it could be possibly going on, in this nice country, but it is.  IT IS.  If you are active at all, especially if it is non politically correct, then you will definitely get all the harassment.  You know it sounds strange to some people too, thinking about the signals and so on.  Donít forget Brzezinski said they had the ability back in the 70s to basically bathe a whole continent with different frequencies to alter human behavior.  To be honest with you, I think the people are far, far too passive, when you see whatís happening in the world, and in their own little world too Ė the cost of living, unemployment, all the rest of it.  They are far too passive.  Something is happening to them.  I really do think they have been using this technology, as they said they would.  They donít make this technology and then guys like Brzezinski talk about it openly in his own book, Between Two Ages, and just let it sit there on the shelf.  It was made to be used on their own people, and I think they are actually doing it.  I know that British Columbia has got an awful lot of experimentation going on there, with the bases, etc. 


Alex:  Do we ever.  Like itís bizarre.  Some days, I think it was a Wednesday of last week, and another friend of mine whoís a photographer, who might call in; she is more than welcome to.  Her nameÖ well if anyone calls from Victoria maybe you might want to put them on, or Saskatchewan.  Sheís been photographing the sky, and she is a professional photographer.  She has done such an excellent job.  She hasÖ I donít want to say her name, unless she wants to say it, but sheís got a site on Facebook.


Alan:  Hold on until after the break and Iíll talk to you for a couple of minutes more. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix and we are talking to Alex from British Columbia.  Heís done a lot on chemtrails.  Heís got his own sites up there with lots of photographs of the chemtrails in that area.  And I know for a fact itís heavily sprayed there, as it is in Ontario, because so many people in BC have contacted me over the last few years in fact, telling me about the trails and the BLACK trails now have started.  I saw this happening here a couple of years ago Ė I guess being trialed out Ė and these trails would cut through all the other trails they were leaving and they even sink through clouds and they were really black colored and of course the nasty weather tends to follow them right after as they spread outÖ and everyone is coughing and hacking, etc.  So Iíll get back to the caller and see if heís got anything to add.


Alex:  I do.  Usually they come out, they look white, and then after a while thereísÖ sometimes it looks like a black beam thatís following the planeÖ or the plane is following a black beam, but it might be a shadow from the chemtrails, in relation to the sun.  But Iíve been corrected on that.  People say they are actually black beams in the skyÖ that seem to be a more familiar with exactly whatís going on.  I try and focus on filming the chemtrails every day when there is something worth looking at, at sunrise and sunset.  I go up to the mountain tops and what I have been observing is the frequency and scale of the attacks here in Victoria.  Itís gone up hundreds of percent in late August, just before the kids went back to school.  With them we ended up with increased 24 month flu symptoms, which never go away.  What we are seeing are these planes flying overhead, sometimes 5 at a time, and they are just bombarding us with stuff.  We could have a beautiful blue sky day and then all of a sudden, you know, by 12:00 they are flying around and by 3 or 4 the sky is completely covered.  They are able to blend these black chemtrails with the white mist and make it completely gray, sort of membrane or screen they pull over the sky, right over the top of the entire island and the surrounding area, Washington and Baker, the lower mainland island area andÖ


Alan:  How about health effects?  Have you noticed health affects yourself?


Alex:  Yes.  I interviewed someÖ I personally have really bad ones but Iím standing in it and I think Iím actually getting really sick and Iíll explain that in a second.  But just to give you the official story, which is off the record, of course.  I spoke with people in Victoria General Hospital when I was in there.  I finally got spinal surgery, after 12 years, because I put them in an awkward position, where I was bringing in injured workers and auto accident claimants down to LA, to go to Mexico to their clinics.  They have 20 clinics down there, Angeles Health International did.  They finally called me in for surgery so while I was there I interviewed people, and I had people coming in and out of my hospital room while I was there for the next day recovering.  They were getting flyers from me and I talked to everybody in the hospital that I could.  Everybody said that there was a HUGE increase in respiratory and immuno-deficiency related illnesses. 


Alan:  Exactly.


Alex:  So my symptoms were directly, they were a lot like that.  I started to get flu and respiratory problems and so did my son.  So we were up there filming quite a bit.  I ended up having sort of a slimy coating on my face, and creepy crawly skin.  I was drinking nano silver and that would get rid of the flu symptoms but it sure wouldnít take care of anything that was chemical. 


Alan:  No.


Alex:  And that would persist but any kind of a microbiology, whether it be bacteria, virus, mold, fungus, or parasite, it would kill that.  So nano silver is really a good thing to have.  So anyway I was using that and going into a health clinic here in Victoria where friends of mine are giving me free treatment at a hyperbaric oxygen clinic.  There are people that sent money in, too, before; they are really good people.  In fact I am there right now.  So I went in and what happened was I was suffering from chemtrailÖ you know, fatigue, or worse.  I was able to pick myself up by doing hyperbaric oxygen chambers, drinking a lot of water, trying to get as healthy as possible.  I do all kinds of different treatments with ozone and steam, or infrared saunas, etc.  We are drinking greens and thatís detoxifying and it seems to help quite a bit.  But there is one that we are not able to deal with and thatís Morgellons.  This is what I think is happening, is thatÖ like they fly overhead, they spray this coating, and they mix it up with the HAARP, like the black and the white chemtrails. They mix it together, for whatever moisture is in the air.  They mix it all together with the HAARP system and it turns into a flat screen, and itís only the same thickness, all over the top of the sky.  Itís completely synthetic, you can tell.  Then what they are doing, I noticed this in late August.  Some military ships were outside of our, off the tip of Vancouver Island, right off the tip of Sooke, in between Port Angeles and Sooke.  You can see this one long military ship there.  I have been pinpointing them on my JokerTattooo YouTube channel; itís J-O-K-E-R-T-A-T-T-O-O-O.  I forgot to say that the last time.  Anyway, Iím pinpointing the location of this military ship and Iíve seen them actually releasing fog, like synthetic fog trails, into the oceans.  So what happens is they come in and now youíve got moisture, right from the ground up to the micro plasma screen and above it. 


Alan:  Do you know they were doing that in Britain?  Thatís declassified now Ė and I read it out of the mainstream even Ė that the British Navy were releasing barium and cadmium mists, out of massive compressors, off Norwich. They coated the whole area of Norwich, when the wind blew it inland.  Then they tested all the public and watched them as they got sick and ended up getting cancers and so on.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We're back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Is Alex still there?


Alex:  Yep.  I am.† The World Anti Chemtrail Day March, what we intent to do is make the worldís first documentary or a film with the worldís first worldwide protest. What we intend to do, because our lives depend on it, because we feel these arenít just soft kill attacks. They are sort of stepping it up.  The technotronic frequencies that they play through that mist that I was talking about, when they put out that fog, has actually affected a lot of peopleís memory.  There are people that make appointments that they are forgetting, or making the wrong appointments as mistakes.


Alan:  Actually, that, again, is actually documented.  If you go into to look at Teller, he was the scientist who talked about spraying the skies with metallic particles and salts, and using technotronic signals through them to alter the moods and behavior.  He was the guy who invented the H bomb as well.  So this is old, old stuff that they were working on years ago, which they are actually implementing now, for real, on a worldwide scale.  Iíve got people visiting Norway right now, who are watching it getting sprayed across the tops of the mountains there as well.  Itís all over the world and people are getting very sick from it.  You are absolutely right. 


Alex:  I noticed that people, they seem to be able to single people out as well.  Some people have worse frequency issues than others.  For instance, your ears can heat up incredibly and you can have a splitting headache which seems like you have a migraine and you are totally incapacitated, whereas other people in your house are in various stages of discomfort from it, from the frequencies, and some people donít even hear them but they are completely losing their short-term memory.  We are seeing a lot of people come through the clinic and talking about not having, being able to sleep, or having chemtrail issues, and we are treating some of them with Morgellons right now.  We really want to find a doctor or some scientists or microbiologists, that are left alive, that might be able to help us form a protocol or just to treat patients.  Because if we do stand a chance at surviving this, we think that it would be through that sort of help, somebody willing to work outside the system. They canít do it within the system or theyíd be aÖ


Alan:  No.


Alex:  You know what would happen.  Also the other thing I wanted to say is that I think we should develop a way to sort of identify and process minions and people that are in a defacto position of treason and criminal conspiracy by not protecting the people, the public, but engaging in this form of global genocide and atrocity war crimes, etc.  I donít want to getÖ well, itís too late.  I mean we are already cooked, as far as Iím concerned, my family and I.† But what I think should be happening is we should form a mechanism where we show the minions and the people working in this system the error of their ways and that they are betraying their families, their communities, their countrymen.  They are also doing a lot of harm to their own souls.  And they might not be completely psychopathic like the creeps that are running the whole show, and they might be able to jump ship.  Iím trying to communicate with the local people in the military and the navy.  I donít know if the Canadian Navy is involved in this.  I know definitely the US Navy has a 5 year plan for the Pacific Northwest, and thatís their language; they are using Joseph Stalinís language there arenít they?


Alan:  Oh yeah.  Canada is involved with them; there is no doubt on it at all.


Alex:  Yeah, I thought so.  So thatís what I was thinking.  Iím trying to sort of get people in the lower, mid and the upper levels that are just compartmentalized and donít really know whatís going on at this point, because Iíve got nothing to lose, because the frequencies are severely incapacitating for me and they are doingÖ I just feel like sometimes they are just frying my brain, and my organs are getting microwaved, and there is really not a lot of time left to do anything else.  So Iím trying to get it documented and have witnesses around me. 


Alan:  See, the general public have a hard time believing there is a mass CULL going on. There is a mass cull for depopulation going on.  Iíve touched on this before.  When they have world meetings and they have departments on POPULATION CONTROL, and when you have the big group under Rockefeller having their global meetings, with Oprah Winfrey and so on, Bill Gates, talking about the need now to go into RAPID DEPOPULATION, not just sterilization but rapid depopulation Ė and that was in the news, the mainstream again Ė then these guys mean business you see.† They are only the front spokespeople for this, but this has been planned many, many years ago, tested out as far back in the 50s and 60s, and itís being used for real today.  They are not going to stop because we ask them nicely; I know that for a fact.  They are not going to stop.  They wonít stop.


Alex:  Youíve got that right because theyíve got as much to lose as we do.  I think now that theyíve done 9/11 and theyíve gone this far.  You know, theyíve killed offÖ


Alan:  Oh, itís too far. They canít go back.  Theyíve burned their bridges.


Alex:  Thatís right.  So all our lives depend on it.  I think the one thing we have going for us is that weíre rightÖ and weíve seen this sort of thing before.  I was in the Jane Burgermeister forum, just briefly, I wasnít an active member but I was in it and watching, following along.  81% of the German military told them where they were going to shove those needles if they tried to force vaccinate them.  I thought the reason they increased the attacks in August was coinciding with the kids returning to school and probably was part of that agenda so they could further chemically, or whatever, you know medically lobotomize us. 


Alan:  What they can also do too, see they go for the young and the elderly.  Itís quite easy; this is standard procedure with diseases and so on.  They will just put it down to flu symptoms and so on and all that kind of stuff, death by flu, and oh my God itís the flu pandemic again.  People will adapt to that belief very quickly too.  Believe you me, the mass population adapts VERY quickly to propaganda and unfortunately that will be terribly true.  But I think thatís all part of it, Alex, to be honest with you.  Yeah, we canít stop because this is literally life or death.  I see it here all the time.  Iíve seen the stuff come down in the winter time when it hasnít properly dissolved and itís like candyfloss [cotton candy] all over a tree.  It just lands like a big candyfloss that you get at the circus, you know.  It sits there for a while and then it starts to sort of melt off and fizzle away.  I had a tree COVERED with the stuff.  I watched it coming down from the sky, and the planes were going like crazy, and I guess they were still using the summer mix and the air was cool so it had not mixed you see, and it came down and stuck on this big tree outside the house.  So yeah, itís nasty stuff.  We are definitely at their mercy.  What can you do when an air force, across the world, are using this on their own people? 


Alex:  Right.  I saw the pictures on your site; it looked like spider webbing.  I know from making smoke, in the special effects business which is what I was doing when I got hit by the car.  Iím still a member but I would never get involved in it again, mainly because I listen to you.  I learned about neurolinguistic programming and satanic messaging in the mediaÖ which is now why I do what I am doing, for NO money.  I try and wake people up and alert them to whatís going on, as they are sending all their children and trying to pipe them all off to hell. † You know, I saw what was going on, and this is a lot like when we let outÖ maybe we had a malfunction on a smoker.  Iím also reminded of that deal down in the United States that had all those burn spots on the leaves and stuff.  So they, sometimes they just screw up and they might squirt the wrong component or the wrong mix, or thereís a malfunction in the spraying.


Alan:  Or theyíll test some new chemical and observe the population.  See in Canada too, with the kind of National Health Service system we have, 10 years ago I think it was or maybe more, they put one main computer Ė it was in the mainstream media Ė in Ottawa that had all the data for every Canadian, updated daily including all their medical records, as they went into doctorís clinics; all that stuff goes immediately into a central computer.  They had an argument in Parliament about it, saying it was too much power to give anyone; I think it was McClennan that was in charge at the time.  So what they did after this long debate, supposedly, was split it into 2 computersÖ 2 computersÖ so that satisfied the public, that all their data, their medical recordsÖ What they are doing, you see, they have a constant pulse on whoís getting sick, and which area, which region, and they can alter their mixes and all the rest of it.  Thatís what they are doing with all of this.  It goes right to Ottawa. 


Alex:  Iíve been saying that because you know they recently put us all on an international health care database registry so the new world order government can watch AS we walkÖ well, while we are sitting IN the doctorís office.  The doctor types and he enters it onto the computer so they are watching the results in real time now. 


Alan:  Of course.  And they are also watching the sales of antibiotics, as you try and clear up all the bronchial problems they keep getting, persistent bronchial problems.  It doesnít matter how many antibiotics you take because this stuff is literally corroding the lining in your lungs and your trachea; thatís what allows bacteria right back in again.  So itís a vicious circle we are in here. 


Alex:  Right.  And you know, speaking of antibiotics, every time I go in to get mine, because Iíve been on them for 12 years because they just wonít fix something thatís wrong with me.  Iím sure you could fix it with a certain mineral, or a difference in acidity or something, but I had a scalp condition.  Everybody is going, wow, they are killing you; you know, like itís been said by specialists and doctors and lawyers, everybodyÖ but no one will take my case, of course.  So when I go into the pharmacists or I go and interview pharmacists now and doctors all the time that donít have anything to do with me because I donít want to get anybody in trouble.  They are expressing outrage and alarm and concern that there are never enough antibiotics anymore; there is a deficit. 


Alan:  And they are telling doctors to cut back on them, and try and tell the patients to go home and try other methods, etc.  This is all part of the big agenda.  Itís all part of the agenda, always. 


Alex:  In Victoria they donít haveÖ Letís say for instance, Iím on Keflex; they donít have that.  So then I have to go and take erythromycin for a while; and that doesnít work.  I bounce from one antibiotic to another and back to Keflex again.† And they ran out again the last time I went to fill it.  So Iíve been talking to people about this quite a lot and they said they are really alarmed.  The pharmacists are extremely frustrated; they have to keep phoning the doctors office.


Alan:  Thatís right. And this is the thing too, Americaís got this wonderful health care system, this national health system, this minimalistic health care system to come to them now.  They all think they are going to get everything for free in a wonderful system.  Itís going to be the same kind of system as here and in Britain, where itís all slashing costs and all the rest of it.  But thanks for calling, Alex, and Iíll take the next caller too.  There is Tom from Wisconsin.  Are you there Tom?


Tom:  Hi Alan.  Thank you for taking my call.  The reason I called tonight was I wanted to give my testament to how terribly indoctrinated and mind controlled certain segments of the population are specificallyÖ I think whatís happening is the awakening is happening amongst those that are feeling the pinch, feeling the boot of the new world order, the most right now.† And they are most receptive to the idea that, the explanation they have been getting through the media, that theyíve always known to be kind of bogus to begin with usually, at least the sort of general line.  But there is actual concrete evidence for it and people are now more open to it.  What I have also found in my recent experience is that, especially in the universities and colleges, and in the upper middle class areas, where you have half-a-million-dollar-and-up homes, there is no interest at all in having an urgency to figure out whatís going on and what the future is going to hold.  Even though Iíve explained it in depth to several people at a local university, and even though I went door to door, trying to say, ďhey, what are you doing about your food situation, do you want to plant a garden, do you want to grow your own food?  Iím doing that with one of your neighbors down the street.  Iím just trying to help people out.Ē  And somebody actually called the cops, Alan. 


Alan:  Really?  [Chuckle]


Tom:  Yeah.  And send them TO the personís house that I was doing the gardening thing with.  So the indoctrination and the mind control is well in tow.  I think itís really just a matter of the acceleration IN to the giant sucking sound of this new world order, and the faster that they push it, I think, the less opportunity that we are going to have to actually find our way out of it. 


Alan:  You are quite right because people actually adapt to the changes, into the new system, automatically without thinking, actually going through it.  Iíve seen this happen in other countries.  Iíve talked to lots of people from the ex Soviet countries who see it happening in the US and Canada, and the Canadians are oblivious to it.† Also itís backed up with different, subsequent reports from the Club of Rome, the big think tank for the UN, who have come out and said openly, in the last few articles, that the system they bring in now MUST go into a more authoritarian mode, and less beating around with democracy and so on; it must be authoritarian to get the job done.  Thatís what we are seeing now; itís authoritarian.


Tom:  Yeah.  Iím shocked, especially at times when I would think that people would be open to the idea, because of all the bad news.  But I think it almost not like theÖ and Iím listening to your talks from weeks ago.   I listened to them over and over again, because there are all these nuances that I miss.  There was one thing that you pointed out, several times in one show, about how they place new stories on the paper to confuse your emotions, confuse your focus, so that you cross associate different things and you end up taking no action because your mind is blown by the contrast of the different things. And the one thing Iíd like to point out is, the recent USA Today headlines from todayís paper, has 55 and older, you know, basically the American dream is over for you, and then in the next column over they actually had the war, or, the battles in the south are too violent and the war is not going to be over.  So itís like they are really hitting us from all anglesÖ and itís going to be a really tough battle for the minds of the zombies.


Alan:  And thatís what it is.  Itís a battle ultimately for the mind, to conquer the mind.  Absolutely.


Tom:  Thank you, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Now there is also Charles in Toronto.  Are you there Charles?


Charles:  Hello, Alan.  There are a couple of questionsÖ Iíve been listening for quite a while and I really have to credit you with a lot of information thatís been really inspirational in a lot of ways.  But Iíve always been meaning to ask you, is there anybody that you admire, or somebody whoís sort of helped guide you, Iím not saying necessarily have met them, but has there been sort of a person or a group of people that Ė although I know you are not big on groups Ė that you could say, thatís something I learned a great deal from?  Thatís one question; Iíve got a second one.


Alan:  Well, to be honest with you, Iíve met lots of people; but the problem is, when you meet so many people who are into different ways of trying to find out whatís happening in the world, they often jump on something very quickly and they stick with it, they donít go beyond it.  I find most people are like that.  Also, they have to back up what they are saying as well.  If you are going to show it to other people, or convince other people, you must show them documentation and point them to the right books or something, or actual admissions by the big boys themselves.  Most people will jump on something which is more of a theory and they donít go beyond it.  A couple of guys I knew years ago are dead now; they certainly helped me out, when it came into the society side of things and how the societies work globally towards the agenda.  Hold on and we'll be back after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix, talking to Charles from Toronto.  He was asking if anybody had any major influence with me.  I think probably the person who influenced me the most, and not so much influence me, he had an idea that I was a bit different from other youngsters.  That was when I was very young at primary school we called it, when you start at 5 and so on.  I was a bit of handful.  I didnít like the school at all.  I thought it was nonsense, all clapping your hands together and stuff like that.  I just stopped going and eventually they put me back in front of a big panel, they were going to send me off to a young offenders; I didnít go to school.  And I told them all the reasons why I wasnít going.  I says, this is allÖ it was all group stuff.  It was group stuff at 5 years old; clap hands together, all say this together.  I said it was utterly boring.  The headmaster eventually gave me, through his connections, he got passes for me to go into adult libraries, especially ones that had very old books and so on.  I literally used them like crazy.  I walked into town every weekend and spent the weekend in those libraries, just going over old histories. Then Iíd come back to school and Iíd say, how come the history we are being taught now, about even Scotland and England, are completely different from the ones that they wrote at the time, from people who lived through the changes?  But thatís how I learned, was basically by using the materials that were available, for those that wanted to use them, and really saying, yeah, I didnít want to read the childrenís books, I didnít want to read their little novels and stuff like that.  I wanted to find out how this system worked obviously.  Because I saw the hardships around me.  I saw the working class communities and how they lived.  I also saw how the elite lived, on occasion when you see someoneís television.  So things were all wrong.  Obviously it was all wrong.  I thought, if Great Britain has been plundering the planet for so many centuries, how come this is all great and yet we are all so darn poor?  Öand a small minority have all the cash?  That led into the fact that governments in all ages have been really just fronts for a particular high class of people, and they have always fed off the people.  They have always survived, even though they send the public off to war to fight for them, they cull off what they call excess population, in war, and they also end up conning you back into liking them or giving you a vote and giving you a democracy, as they call it.  Then I realized too, that the politicians are selected YEARS before we ever heard their names.  I have no doubt at all that Prime Minister and Presidents are told years before when their turn would come and when they would be put into office.  Thatís what I truly believe. Then Carroll Quigley definitely in his writings put all of that into perspective, where he pretty well verified exactly all of that.  And he was the gate keeper you might say, for the records and archives of the Council on Foreign Relations.  He said, really since the late 1800s there hasnít been a democratically elected president in the US; they have all been top CFR members, in ALL parties.  So that goes the same for every other country because thatís just the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which now also has a branch running the whole European Parliament.  There is nothing democratic about it. They have their world agenda.  Read all the literature from the Council on Foreign Relations.  Read all their old books.  Even if it costs you a lot of money, try and get their old annual meeting books going back into the 20s and 30s.  They outlined the whole agenda for the world back thenÖ including the world wars that were coming up. 


Charles:  Hilary Clinton has been quoted as saying, or this was given by some patriot, I donít know if it was Alex Jones, or somebody mentioned that when she was in college she was quoted as saying, Iím with Bill Clinton because I knowÖ Bill Clinton is great because heís going to be the President of the United States

Alan:  Yes!  Thatís correct.  Yeah. 


Charles:  I canít prove it but I seem to remember hearing that.  I have one other question I was really hoping toÖ


Alan:  Thatís the music coming in though and we are just going out. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




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