Oct. 26, 2010 (#693)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 26, 2010:

Plundering Across the World Having Themselves a Ball,
The Fisher-Kings Select Them, One Ring Binds Them All:

"As Money Value Plummets, Like Falling Autumn Leaves,
The Guardians Close Ranks, There's Honour Amongst Thieves,
Selected from "The Better Schools," Got Proper Genealogy,
Tested by the Masters for Required Psychopathology,
Doors of Power Open Wide, Resumť Not Required,
From Gov. Appointees to CEOs, Never Getting Tired,
They're Members of the Pirate Gang and Affiliations,
Power Brokers, Rushed Around Globe for Negotiations,
Long-Term Planners in Geo-Politics, Tearing World Asunder,
To Bring "Rational Governance" while Pocketing the Plunder,
Superior Beings, Sheeple-Eaters, To the Future, They Sing,
'We're the Pirates Wearing Pinafores, We're Shepherd Kings' "
© Alan Watt Oct. 26, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 26, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on October 26, 2010.  Newcomers look into my web site; itís called cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Youíll see lots of other sites Iíve got listed there; these are the official sites Ė and this is the crazy length you have to go to just to make sure when the big boys decide to give you problems with the one site youíve got other ones to fall back on.  Thatís how crazy itís been in the past.  And it costs a lot of cash of course to put all these extra sites up, never mind the work involved too.  However, thatís the way it is.  Bookmark these other sites for future reference in case the main ones go down again. Also remember too, if you do get sticking on the downloads on the .com site, that is because too many folk are going in it at one time Ė so Iím told by Yahoo Ė and youíll find you can try these alternate sites.  They all carry the audios.  They all carry a lot of transcripts of the shows for print up, in English, but if you want audios and transcripts in other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and take your pick there, for print up, and there are quite a lot of them to choose from. 


Remember too, that you are the audience that brings me to you.  I depend upon you to support me. This is not a business.  Itís not a business.  Itís a necessity; thatís what it is.  I only came out really, before 9/11 even happened, because it was time to tell the public something.  I knew what was coming along, an idea, something really nasty was happening, only because they kept talking about the 21st century, the beginning of a new era and all that it entailed.  A new world order, they were talking about this a long time before 9/11 happened in 2001.  Since Iíd been reading all the books and biographies of the big boys involved, and all the big institutions, I knew that something big was planned and I had a good idea of what it was.  I also knew they would have to use military techniques and kind of martial law techniques to bring it through.  So as I say, itís up to you to support me.  You can buy the books and so on that I have for sale; thatís all I have out there, and that will keep me going, I hope.  [Order and donation options listed above.] 


Eventually we will have one service for the whole world; you know that too.  We will all be wireless, because everything must be one in this new world order.  Everything must be oneÖ thatís their logo basically.  One corrupt bunch running the whole planet, and one system, instead of a whole bunch of corrupt ones running the planet, and a variety of sublet systems, all loaned out to subcrooks and so on, because thatís really what we are living in and have been for a long time.  You know, they say there is no honor amongst thieves.  And itís not quite true.  And everything really depends upon perception.  It truly does belong to perception and how you view things and how you are taught to view things.  From the thievesí point of view, at the top, they believeÖ and they will, no kidding, theyíll tell you they are serving the world.  They are serving the world system, all the big players.  And it doesnít matter who they are.  It doesnít matter how many billions of dollars they themselves personally have raked in, in this new world order, they will tell you they are serving the system.  Thatís how they psychopath will always rationalize whatever they do.  Itís all to do with perception.  Of course you can rationalize everything that you do as well, and say itís for the public good, and you can get away with murder, literally.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about perception really, and how humans can rationalize pretty well anything they do, especially those who climb to the top.  They are rather arrogant about it, too, because they donít like being questioned, and they donít like being contradicted for sure.  They belong to all the big clubs; they have climbed all the big clubs in their careers. 


I used to wonder about how many people it really took to run a world.  When you look into your own countries and you go to other countries you see very few people really.  The same names crop up all the time, that were picked out of university or the same private schools. They shoot to the top because they are chosen to shoot to the top.  They are very dependable, by the gangsters who already run the system, and that truly is how you are run.  But they arenít just gangsters, in a sense they like to, even in their little Bohemian Grove parties and so on, theyíll wave the pirate flag etc, because you might say they are pirates.  Pirates technically were a brotherhood, who were sworn not to attack each other, only the other merchant seamen and frigates of other lines.  They themselves were a club with their own Ďcodes of honor,í they called it. 


We shouldnít be surprised because they came out of the Knights Templars and they had their own little club as we well know; lots of documentation on it, a lot of farce as well, but a lot of truth there too.  Weíve got the various higher levels of fraternities which are way above the normal things down on the local level which makes sure that the little clique down below runs your own little town, that makes sure who gets the little contracts and so on.  Itís all to do with contracts and public purse money.  Really.  From the bottom level from your council right to the top in the federal level, itís all to do with who gets their hands in the cookie jars and who they give it to, and how much of a kickback they get themselves, and how much of a reward they are going to give themselves, when they leave their particular position and get put into other private corporations and so on. 


Just one example that came in today, one of many examples Iíve got here, itís about Lawrence Sidney Eagleburger.  With a name like that you have to be a winner, right?  You couldnít just go and open up a shop or something.  Lawrence Sidney Eagleburger... it says hereÖ



Lawrence Sidney Eagleburger


Lawrence Sidney Eagleburger became a member of the Iraq Study Group in November 2006 following the November 8, 2006, nomination of Group member Robert M. Gates by President George W. Bush to serve as Secretary of Defense and to replace Donald H. Rumsfeld, who resigned the same day.


Eagleburger, (Alan:  Öwho was calledÖ) "a retired foreign service officer," (A:  Öa RETIRED foreign service officerÖ)  served under Group Co-Chair James A. Baker IIIÖ (A:  Öand so on and so on and so on. But then you look at what heís served in before.  I like how they call it Ďservingí, eh.  How would you like that kind of loot for servingÖ that they get paid?  It says hereÖ)


Lawrence Sidney Eagleburger (1930-) was born in Milwaukee. Described as a career diplomat, Eagleburger joined the Foreign Service in 1957 and held a series of embassy, State Department, national security, and Defense Department posts before serving as Ambassador (1977-81) to Yugoslavia. He was a State Department Assistant Secretary (1981-82) and Undersecretary (1982-84) before serving as Deputy Secretary of State (1989-92) and Secretary of State (1992-93) under President George Herbert Walker Bush, becoming the first Foreign Service officer to hold the latter post.


Eagleburger serves as President of Kissinger Associates, Inc. and currently Senior Foreign Policy Advisor with Baker, Donelson, Bearman & Caldwell (a Washington D.C. law firm). As a member of the board of directors of the Halliburton Company, he is a member of the Audit, the Compensation and the Management Oversight and the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committees.  (A:  Heís also in charge of the holocaust money retrieval for all survivors, too, under the Kissinger Associates.)


"Mr. Eagleburger is one of the United States leading experts in foreign policy (A:  See, here is anotherÖ Itís amazing how Kissinger and Brzezinski and Eagleburger and thereís a whole bunch of them there in that little club, are all to do with foreign policy and strategy, and geopolitics and planning future wars, and how they personally will profit, from the very companies they end up working for, as they are in and out of politics.) and global diplomatic affairs. He is known throughout the world for his role during the Gulf War in the early 1990s and has remained a prominent government and private sector advisor in the Middle East over recent years. Mr. Eagleburger has nearly four decades of international political experience serving as the U.S. Secretary of State during President Bush's administration. He has also held the posts of Deputy Secretary of State, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, and U.S. Ambassador to Yugoslavia during the James Earl Carter, Jr. and Ronald Reagan years.  (A:  And ya-da, ya-da, ya.  It also saysÖ)


ďHe is also currently Chairman of the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims in Washington, D.C.Ē (A:  Heís just rolling in the cash, eh? Anyway, hereís what he was on, his affiliations.  Now, you could imagine most of you, even you who think youíve gone to the better schools and colleges, and just jumping into this lot, right off the cuff.) 



Eagleburger has either served or is serving with the following:


Chairman Emeritus, Academy of Diplomacy

Director, Atlantic Institute (1987)

Director, Halliburton Company (since 1998)  (A:  All the government contracts, eh.)

Director, International Foundation for Education and Self-Help (A:  No kidding.)

Director, ConocoPhillips

Director, Stimsonite

Director, Universal Corporation

Director, Corning Corporation

Director, COMSAT

Advisory Board, OILspace

Strategy Board Member, Appian Group

Member, Council on Foreign Relations (1988, 2001)

Member, Trilateral Commission (1992, 1998)

Advisory Committee, AmeriCares (at least in 2004)

Former Director, It's My Party Too (A:  Iím not sure what that is.  Maybe thatís the big party where theyíve really looted at the planet; I donít know.)

National Honorary Advisory Council, Council for America's First Freedom


So these guys just happen to be at the right place at the right time donít they?  Donít they just happen to be at the right place at the right time?  Wouldnít you think so?  Iíll put this link up there and you can follow it on because there is a lot more you can trace it all to and so on.† You see, as I say, these guys at the top do NOT see themselves as crooks; I donít care how much they pocket.  They donít see anything wrong with going into government and setting up their geopolitics for wars, and then as theyíve got it started they leave the political arena for a year or two, and go to work for Halliburton and the big companies that rake in the cash from the taxpayer, and then go back into politics again.  There is nothing wrong with that; to them thatís normal strategy.  After all, you see, these are The Olympians, these are the people who run the planet and guide it for all you little peasants, who would just make an awful mess of it if it was left up to you.  You see. 


In other words, they are chosen at school by preexisting associations.  The higher the school goes, the more they will select out of those schools the right kind of people, who can keep their mouths shut, and who are tested to keep their mouths shut, and CAN keep secrets, and can turn a blind eye when required.  They are all tested, believe you me.  Thatís only one little example of what really is going on and itís just incredible. 


Here is one too.  Itís about the making of Halliburton, and itís from Counter Punch. 


Sticky Fingers

The Making of Halliburton

A CounterPunch Special Report / By JEFFREY ST. CLAIR / counterpunch.org


There's no more pungent symbol of the corrupt nature of the Bush administration's invasion and occupation of Iraq than Halliburton, the Houston, Texas-based oil services conglomerate, which has made billions from the war even in the face of charges of massive overbilling, shoddy work, official bribery and political influence-peddling.  (A:  Well there is nothing new in that.  See, to them thatís normal.  Itís amazing how the citizenry of every country are kept in a state of a kind of naivetyÖ because they are taught to be honest, and be good, BE GOOD, and be honest and you all get along.  And you have no idea that this is normal, standard practice.  When Brian Mulroney was up in government in Canada and the Air Bus scandal came out, because it blew up that there were bribes getting offered for the particular contract.  It came out and emerged and this guy in Canada admitted this, I think he was of Germany ancestry, and he says, this is normal standard business practice; massive bribing goes on, using taxpayersí money.  We are kept in the dark, you know; absolutely in the dark.)


The remarkable thing is that Halliburton's looting of Iraq and the US treasury happened in broad daylight, right under the nose of the press, the Democrats and Michael Moore, who made Dick Cheney's former company the bete noir of his film "9/11." Nothing deterred the company from capitalizing on the war it helped orchestrate.


Even the Pentagon's own team of auditors, who nailed Halliburton red-handed for bilking the government for $108.4 million in overcharges for only "one task order" of its work in Iraq, found their report languishing in a kind of bureaucratic netherland for many months.


The damning investigation by the Defense Contract Audit Agency was completed in early October of 2004 and shipped up the line to Pentagon's dark triumverate, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld. And there it sat. The Pentagon's civilian leadership mothballed the explosive report for more than five months, until after the election, the inauguration, the State of the Union Address and the Defense Department budget request had all safely transpired. (A:  Because it was all under the rug.)


Even congress was denied a peak at the report's findings until mid-March 2005. The Pentagon rejected 12 separate requests from Congressman Henry Waxman, the California Democrat who has spearheaded the ad hoc congressional inquiry into Halliburton's contract abuse, (A:  Itís probably because they were working for another company that wanted the main contracts; because thatís how it really works.  You donít have any real heroes in this world.  I hope you realize that.  In politics, definitely not.) seeking to examine the internal audits of Halliburton's $2.5 billion contract for fuel supplies and other services to the US military and occupation government in Iraq.  (A:  There is a whole list of stuff that they were billing here, and how much and for what, even for donuts, in the millions of dollars.  And itís quite something else all together.)


"The evidence suggests that the Pentagon used Iraqi oil proceeds to overpay Halliburton," says Waxman. "And then the company and the Pentagon sought to hide the evidence of these overcharges from the international auditors."


Call it the Oil-for-Contracts scandal. But you didn't hear daily drumbeats about the outrageous rip-off on FoxNews.


When someone finally leaked the audit to Waxman's office, the documents disclosed a thick wad of Halliburton billings that the Pentagon bookkeepers deemed "illogical."


The most peculiar billing found in this limited series of transactions was a $27.5 million charge for shipping cooking gas and heating fuel that the Pentagon auditors valued at $82,000. (A:  Thatís not a bad profit.  You bill them for $27.5 million, for something worth $82,000.  And it will be a lot more than that.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about Halliburton, just a little bit about it because itís an amazing history really thatís gone into it.  That would take SO long to even go through, all the guys associated with it too.  It is a fascinating history, how it started off and how a whole bunch of politicians eventually got involved in it down the road, and how Halliburton even put certain politicians into office, who became presidents at times.  It says hereÖ


The auditors examined only a single task order in Halliburton's scandal-plagued contract with the Army Corps of Engineers, yet their report lambasted nearly every aspect of the deal, from the no-bid award to the cost-plus nature (A:  How do you fancy that for a deal too, eh, no bids.  You know, we are picking you and thatís itÖ in this free enterprise system, eh.) of the contract to the almost total lack of supervision of the work orders and the subcontractors.  (A:  Thatís how Halliburton really made its money, getting government contracts and subcontracting it out and subcontracting out.  Youíd be surprised all governments work this way, and all the government orders they get, right down to the guys at the bottom who actually do the work, they might go through 10 different companies that are really companies in name only; they just hire lesser workers and take their cut and pass it on down.)


From May 2003 to March 2004,


Hi folks.  I am back on again.  There is a storm going on outside; Iím not going to blame the usual agencies tonight.  It could be.  It could be the storm; itís really blowing crazy and the wind is lashing down.  Back to Halliburton, it says here thatÖ


From May 2003 to March 2004, Halliburton sent the Corps of Engineers bills totalling more than $875 million for supplies of fuel to US operations in Iraq. For this task order alone, the Pentagon auditors estimated that Halliburton overbilled the government by at least $108.4 million. That's real money, even by Pentagon standards.


But that's only a rough opening bid for the true scale of the looting, in large part because the company's indefatigable stonewalling. The auditor's report accuses Halliburton of misleading the government inspectors at nearly every turn. For example, the auditors allege that Halliburton simply refused to hand over any information on its subcontractors in Kuwait. "Halliburton failed to demonstrate its prices for Kuwait fuel were 'fair and reasonable'", the auditors wrote in their report.  (A:  Thatís just one massive, incredible list of what they were charging the US taxpayer.  INCREDIBLE.)


The Defense Contract Audit Agency report comes on top of previous investigations tagging Halliburton, and its Kellogg, Brown and Root subsidiary, (A:  Thatís a very important subsidiary, you see.  Kellogg, Brown and Root, itís just a fantastic history.) for more than $442 million in "unsupported" billings for its work in Iraq, including charges for meals that were never served, $45 cases of pop, unnecessary heavy equipment, tailoring fees and $152,000 for movie screenings. In all a report prepared by the Democratic Policy Committee estimates that Halliburton's overcharges in Iraq alone exceed $1 billion.  (A:  It will be a lot more than that I think.  Then it goes on and on and on.)


Anyway, as I say, they are hammering the previous regime, but as far as Iím concerned, one regime just follows the last regime and it carries on anyway.  And these guys generally change their names, at least the companies do; even Blackwater has changed their name as well and itís still going strong.  They are still getting massive contracts from the US government.  When they donít want to put their own troops in they just hire the mercenaries... and thatís to be the war types from now on. Thatís how itís really, really worked out. 


Now, Iíve talked about this great communitarian idea that they have pushed, planned an awful long time ago; really over 100 years ago.  Iíve no doubt thatís how far they planned how long the hundred years would last, what they would do in that 100 years, and how they would take it down at the end, and then put it into communitarianism, as we are all utterly, stinking poor.  Britain of course spearheads the way with it.  This article is from The Observer and itís about what they are doing with the poor families in big cities now, getting ready for the communitarian idea, as they lay off all the civil service and the infrastructure that used to support all the fallout of the awful system of unemployment and so on.  They are doing away with all that and it will come down to your local community, with your local Common Purpose leader no doubt, to deal with all the problems.  And hereís what they plan to do. 


Councils plan for exodus of poor families from London

(A:  This is how they are doing it.)

ē Benefit cuts force officials to book up B&B accommodation

ē More than 200,000 may leave capital in 'social cleansing'

guardian.co.uk / Toby Helm and Anushka Asthana The Observer, Sunday 24 October 2010


ĎIt is tantamount to cleansing the poor out of rich areas Ė a brutal and shocking piece of social engineering,í says Jon Cruddas, Labour MP for Dagenham.


Ministers were accused last night of deliberately driving poor people out of wealthy inner cities as London councils revealed they were preparing a mass exodus of low-income families from the capital because of coalition benefit cuts.  (A:  They are slashing back on all the benefits and so on that used to just keep them going.)


Representatives of London boroughs told a meeting of MPs last week that councils have already block-booked bed and breakfasts and other private accommodation outside the capital Ė from Hastings, on the south coast, to Reading to the west and Luton to the north Ė to house those who will be priced out of the London market.  (A:  Itís to be for the ultra wealthy ONLY, you see.  And that will be the super city of course that was marked down years ago by the UN.  The super cities will have no poor living within them.  Youíll be living in your little shacks, you know, for your communitarian area.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just reading an article here about the new, wonderful method of cutbacks as they restructure the countries and go into austerity, you see, which was all planned a long time ago, long before you ever heard of it, in fact long before you heard of the crash.  As they cut back on all the social services, and early retirement has been given to thousands and thousands of civil servants and bureaucrats and all the rest of it.  Itís to go down to your local area of volunteerism, you know the volunteer workers.  Thatís where youíll be bunged into these little shacks, where you help each other no doubt, and youíll have your little commissars running your lives for you and making sure you do what youíre told, as long as you attend the committee meetings; that will be mandatory.  It says hereÖ


Councils in the capital (A:  This is in London, England.) are warning that 82,000 families Ė more than 200,000 people Ė face losing their homes because private landlords, enjoying a healthy rental market buoyed by young professionals who cannot afford to buy, will not cut their rents to the level of caps imposed by ministers.  (A:  Their politicians.)


The controversy follows comment last week by Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, who said the unemployed should "get on the bus" and look for work. (A:  Thatís nice, isnít it?  Britain is awfully famous for that, ďget on the bus and look for work.Ē)  Another unnamed minister said the benefit changes would usher in a phenomenon similar to the Highland Clearances in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, (A:  Actually it went on into the 20th century.  The last house they burned down was in 1948.  I thought Iíd throw that in; you will see it in the Edinburgh Museum if you walk up the steps.) when landlords evicted thousands of tenants from their homes in the north of Scotland.


In a sign that housing benefit cuts are fast becoming the most sensitive political issue for the coalition, Jon Cruddas, the Labour MP for Dagenham, last night accused the government of deliberate social engineering.  (A:  Well, of course thatís what itís about.  Itís all about social engineering.  Thatís really what communism is.  In fact, you know, the communists actually had a man, back in the times of Stalin, who created the first social engineering machine.  It was all cogs and all the rest of it; they still havenít figured out how it worked.  It was supposed to illustrate how the big society all worked together in their common purpose.  Thatís how they tried to run society, like a big machine. They used the same databanks of course, as the RAND Corporation and Iím sure in fact, the RAND Corporation had a big hand in it in fact, because when you judge what they were doing in the Soviets, with back home in the US, they are exactly the same policies and so on using the same computers eventually, and trying to work everything down into numbers and people predictability factors, etc.  They said they could really work a society like a big machineÖ and they are still doing it today.  The only difference is they are getting rid of the rusty parts, thatís the poor, and going to bung them out into the wild somewhere and probably give them a tent, maybe from the United Nations, who knows.)


"It is an exercise in social and economic cleansing," he said, claiming that families would be thrown into turmoil, with children having to move school and those in work having to travel long distances to their jobs. "It is tantamount to cleansing the poor out of rich areas Ė a brutal and shocking piece of social engineering," Cruddas added.  (A:  Well, thatís what it is.  It was worked out a long time before they brought the present crash down because the present crash of course was all worked out years and years before that too.  Itís all going to a time table; thatís all.  Itís a time table. 


There is a caller from Ontario.  Itís Clint.  Are you on the line Clint?


Clint:  Yes, Iím here, Alan.  Thank you for taking my call again. 


Alan:  Yes, go ahead. 


Clint:  First of all I just want to say I caught your interview this week on Alex Jonesís YouTube channel, the one he did with you at Prison Planet, the 8 part; it was absolutely fantastic.  I recommend it to anybody listening who hasnít seen it yet. 


Alan:  I havenít seen it myself.  [Alan laughing.]


Clint:  Well you did it yourself, so you know too much about it.  You should actually link that up on your site so people can see it.  You mentioned a few things in that, on how people are brainwashed in ways, like through sports and in other programming that are on TV.  Like there are programs now for everybody and their brother, as far as cooking, and renovation shows, and sports, and all that.  So itís a good tool for them.  Now, with the sports, I know from personal experience growing up that, especially here in Ontario, everybody was into hockey or baseball, and with that they have also had Rep Teams and that took a lot of time from families, from traveling and spending a lot of money, and getting into debt because of the cost and whatnot.  So it actually was a good two-way tool for them because not only did it take them away from learning whatís going on, it also got them into debt.† And that happened probably, Iím sure, in the States with football and baseball.  In the UK it was soccer and Australia with rugby and whatnot.  So itís worked well for them. 


Alan:  It did.


Clint:  Another thing I just wanted to mention, the municipal elections were last night in Ontario.  Now, there are probably a bunch of new councilors that were voted on to the townships throughout Ontario.  I have a number here for Ikley, with regards to Agenda 21.  I highly recommend that people contact their councilors and ask them about it.  The lady you can call, Ilkley, is the director of Canada.  Would you mind that I give her phone number out?


Alan:  Sure, go ahead. 


Clint:  Her name is Megan Meedey and the phone number is 1-647-728-4394.  Now, people can find this themselves as well at Ilkley.org, just go to the members area and look for the numbers.  But anyways, I highly recommend people call her and then find out who their representative is for their local townships and then contact the councilor and ask them about Agenda 21 and what itís all about.  She told me personally that it has everything to do with just implementation of tax with regards to the global climate, and itís going to come down with every aspect of infrastructure within townships, from schooling, to roads, to just everything.  As we know, thatís a scamÖ so thatís a part of their agenda and I think people should really wake up to that. 


Alan:  Itís roads.  Itís everything.  Itís also to do with fulfilling the old, old plan that was to happen at this time.  We were to be used for 100 years to conquer the planet for the big boys and then they would demolish us and take us down to pretty well a third world status, except for some super cities.  Even in the reports from the Canadian and the US and the British think tanks for their militaries, they have said the same thing, that there will be some super cities left across the world and they named the places that would be left, and outside it will be very, very rural. The UN itself has also said, in its own web site, that by the year 2030 there will be very, very few people ever seeing, never mind living on, the country, and those ones will be extremely rich.  Now, that will be the same as this old soviet system where they had their big dachas outside, for the high diplomats and so on with their servants, but the rest of the public wonít even be involved.  They went even further, that there will be noÖ even the farmers they will use for what existing farming, will be bused out of the cities to their work places and bused back home at night.  They donít want anyone living in the land, at least not the peasants anyway. 


Clint:  Itís just like 1984 exactly.


Alan:  Yes.


Clint:  Now, is this the program that Maurice Strong implemented himself, with the UN, because obviouslyÖ like he tutored Al Gore and Al Gore has since pushed this.  Does this tie back to him?


Alan:  He was the front man.  See, both Gore and Maurice Strong were front men for the big Rockefeller group.  In fact it was really one of the Rockefellers who drafted up the Earth Charter that they got everyone to sign on to, not as a treaty but as a charter, but really it had the same force as a binding treaty.  They got every county to sign on to it and that was the beginning of it.  Under that charter, no human had rights anymore.  Only insects, animals, the land, etc, had rights.  This is how they are playing the game on the public themselves.  They are also using Ė this is another thing too Ė if you go into the UN web site Ė and I had it up before; I might give you the link to it, if I can find it.  The UN had a little blurb on one of their sites and it said, because so many people have found out what Agenda 21 is all about, we advise our members to use other names for this same agenda.  So they are using terms like Ďsustainabilityí and all of that kind of stuff instead.  All of that stuff is all Agenda 21.


Clint:  Yeah.  And the earth charter came into the UN when, when they started?


Alan:  1992 was the first signing and then they had another one a few years later. Thatís what they always do is they start off scratching the surface, they get that signed, they get another one, they go further with more demands, they get that signed and so on.


Clint:  I like to get information like that because I always forward it to the councilor whoís the representative in my town.  Itís funny; he a son of a former mayor.  Itís funny how all this ties in. But I like to send him information.  I ask him questions like, what does this mean, whatís this mean.  Usually I get no reply.† Having said that, I just want to leave with a quote from Martin Luther King.  He once said, ďOur lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.Ē Öand I think thatís important here.


Alan:  It is.


Clint:  So we need to really jump on this and end it before it goes too far.


Alan:  Absolutely.  Itís almost there now. 


Clint:  Yep.  It is.  Okay, Alan.  Thank you for taking my call.


Alan:  Thanks for calling in.


Thatís true.  It really is almost too late, in fact.  See, all the machinery to set it up is already working, in action, in hundreds of places.  Every town, even little old Sudbury, itís a little mining place, and started up by the Rothschild family by the way; they were the first ones in there in the 1800s.  Little Sudbury, theyíve got their own environmental group, that suddenly appeared out of nowhere, who now advise the local council.  They have already been there only for a year.  What the feds do, is when they retire their top civil servants and so on, they will give them early retirement and then advise them after a training course, to go into their little areas, settle down, and get help buying a house, they might get it for free, all paid for by the taxpayer.  Then they are told to set up their NGOs and announce themselves in the newspapers, and thatís no problem at all; they get lots of publicity.  Then they become, suddenly overnight, they are on the boards directing the policies of your local council regarding environmentalism and all the rest of it.  So they have been at this for years, long-term infiltration.  I have talked to some who were given these courses, from the federal government, myself.  A six month course; I couldnít believe it. They call it Ďpre-retirement courses,í teaching them to be involved in community service, especially to do with the environment, so that when they retire they wonít get bored, but theyíll get paid extra cash for doing it all, you see.  Incredible.  Folk havenít a clue how the real system worksÖ and the government ainít about to tell you. 


Now, the poor Queen, the queen bee of courseÖ Itís quite amazingÖ


Queen's £38m a year offshore windfarm windfall Ė

because she owns the seabed

By Martin Delgado and Christopher Leake / 24th October 2010 / dailymail.co.uk


(A:  I donít know if you realize that all the contracts the government dished out for the big windfarms happen to be ON the land of big landowners who are all LORDS, you see, and relatives to the Queen. They just happened to pick those particular places.  All you have to do is give them a little bit of land there, they stick up their windfarm and you sit back and you get thousands of pounds PER MONTH, because itís there.  Thatís not bad, eh?  You donít even have to mow the lawn.  Ha.)


-Prince to profit from his support for green energy

(A:  Of course he is.  He canít make any money any other way because he has no brain.)

-Lucrative deal is a 'masterstroke' for Palace aide

-Revenue already soaring by 44 per cent a year

(A:  This is the same Queen that tried to get money for Buckingham Place heating and that, from the poor laws, and claim the money that was set aside for the poor people from the government.  This is the same person and you think they are allÖ And people go out and applaud these crooks.  Can you believe it?  Oooohhhh!)


The Royal Family have secured a lucrative deal that will earn them tens of millions of pounds from the massive expansion of offshore windfarms.


They will net up to £37.5 million extra income every year from the drive for green energy  (A:  Ögreen energyÖ) because the seabed within Britainís territorial waters is owned by the Crown Estate.  (A:  The Queen owns the SEA!!!  Not bad, eh.  I thought Nemo owned that, Captain Nemo.)


Under new measures announced by Chancellor George Osborne last week, the Royals will soon get 15 per cent of the profits from the Estateís £6 billion property portfolio, rather than the existing Civil List arrangement.


Experts predict the growth in offshore windfarms could be worth up to £250 million a year to the Crown Estate. (A:  Thatís to the Queen.)  There are already 436 turbines in operation around the UKís 7,700-mile coastline Ė but within a decade that number is set to reach nearly 7,000.


Prince Charles is a vociferous campaigner for renew≠able energy sources such as these, but is opposed to turbines being erected on land Ė particularly near his own homes.  (A:  So no doubt he will put them on his tenant farmersí homes instead; thatís generally what they do eh.  [Alan laughing.])


He has described windfarms as a Ďhorrendous blot on the landscapeí and has refused to have any built at his Highgrove home or on the Duchy of Cornwall estate.


But he has expressed enthusiasm for siting them offshore.  (A:  Öfor mummy; oh, thatís nice.)


The Crown Estate said profits from windfarms in Britainís territorial waters Ė which extend almost 14 miles from the coast Ė could rise to £100  million a year, giving the ≠Royals £15 million.  (A:  You know, she also gets a paycheck as well, for her costs for waving her hand once in a while, when she is getting pulled around in that big golden carriage.  Yep.  Not bad, eh?  Itís good work if you can get it, mind you.  Itís good work if you can get it.  All benefits.)


So thatís the world we live in.  We call it the most advanced civilization thatís been on the planet, and we are so advanced and caring, etc.  Right now they are booting all of the poor folk out of London while the Queen is getting her windfarms built and dragging in the cash.  She doesnít do anything, just signs her signature and in rolls the cash.  Hmm?  Not bad, eh?  Not bad.  I can remember, years ago, they found an old treasure at a place called Croy in Scotland.  They thought it was maybe some monks or something that had been invaded by the Vikings and buried all their gold wares and their goblets and all that.  The guy who found it didnít run off to smelt it down, like he should have.  He went and reported it.  The Crown immediately grabbed it from him because you see, anything thatís found on the British land, it doesnít matter who owns the property Ė you only own 4 inches of the soil Ė all land belongs to The Crown.  And all treasures from the past belong to The Crown, even if they didnít even exist at that time as a Royal family, or any of their descendants.  Not a bad deal, that, either, eh?  Thatís pretty good.  Pretty good. 


They just announced that Afghanistan, of course, apart from its opium flourishing and heroin tradeÖ


Afghanistan to develop $3 trillion in mining potential

reuters.com / Oct 25, 2010


(A:   Mining potential that they say is there, $3 trillion in mining potentialÖ and they are fighting over it.  Iím sure theyíve already got it worked out whoís going to get it.)


DUBAI (Reuters) - Afghanistan is estimated to be sitting on $3 trillion worth of untapped mineral deposits, but poor infrastructure and investor caution are inhibiting development of its mining industry, its mines minister said.


"This estimate is based only on 30 percent of the country's area; there is still 70 percent we have no idea about," Afghan Mines Minister Wahidullah Shahrani told Reuters in an interview on the sidelines of an industry conference in Dubai on Monday. 


So thatís only a fraction of the country and there is $3 trillion worth being fought over right now.  Never mind the pipelines that go through it as well, and the oil thatís under there too, or as I say, the opium fields that now flourish, since they kicked out the Taliban who forbid them to be used and of course George Bush was the guy responsible for that.  Iím amazed at how many photographs they show you of soldiers, American or British, GUARDING the poppy fieldsÖ to make sure that no one comes and nicks them for some neighboring tribe.  Thatís all got to go to heroin, you see; itís a big market.  And they all need that cash, you know, for Halliburton and the big boys.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and weíll take Mark from Wisconsin. Are you there Mark?


Mark:  I was watching UN Ted Turner classics, the movies, old time movies.  They are colorizing the skies purple in there.  Do you believe that?  I mean, wait till they get The Cloud and the Kendall system going full blast, where they can change history every day.


Alan:  Well, I always remember the Beatles singing, marmalade skies.  Marmalade skies, I thought, yeah, here we go, getting us all used to whatís coming.  Yeah.  [Alan laughing.]


Mark:  [Caller laughing.]  Hey, I stopped over in Ireland not too long ago.  I went to Kilmaine Prison, the brainchild of Jeremy Bentham, the Panopticon.  They actuallyÖ they stopped short of saying that the prison was scientifically designed but they said that everything in the prison was built for a reason.  They had a kitchen in the bottom floor so that all the steam wafted up in the cells, and the walls were made of limestone and everybody was getting TB.  So I think they actually planned on killing those people.  Not only that, they served them their breakfast and lunch and dinner out of the toilet.  Out of a bucket, they would throw their feces out in the morning, put their food in it and put it back in their cells.


Alan:  Well thatís the dehumanization processes and techniques they have used, in lots of experiments even since then too.


Mark:  Right.  Right.  The Easter Rebellion, they even said that those guys were in a secret society.  And you know everything went wrong for the Irish in the Easter Rebellion.  They found their ammo dumped the day before it was supposed to go off and it was just a comedy of errors, like they had planned it so that they could bring in more British rule. 


Alan:  They were completely infiltrated even then. Thatís the one thing you will find about England and even from the days of Queen Elizabeth the 1st.  They infiltrated every country.  They had their agents in amongst the people.  Itís no different today.  Afghanistan is riddled with informers and every other country they go into is the same, the same with Pakistan and so on.  The same with Iran even; theyíve got all of their informers waiting there, passing all the data.  They never sit back.  They always make sure theyíve got hundreds of them in place for years collecting the data, so that they can take them down.  Nothing can happen in this world today without the knowledge of those at the top.  Nothing can happen.  You couldnít even start up a little group to put paintballs or something on someoneís window, without them knowing about it.  Thatís why 9/11 could never have happened, never have happened without the knowledge of the high intelligence agencies, absolutely. 


Mark:  I went to the Newgrange Mountains too, or should I say, the Newgrange pyramids.  They actually talked about the pyramids of Egypt and everything.  They never once told anybody on the tour that these mounds are actually pyramids that are just buried.  I had to look that up on the internet and in 1913, I found an article, where they called them pyramids. 


Alan:  Yes.  Thatís right.


Mark:  Whatís the big secret?


Alan:  And of course there is much more to it all than that too.  Very old history.  In Scotland as well, there are some there that arenít even mentioned on the maps.  Itís just incredible how ancient these people were.  They tried to stifle our history, make them look out to be savages of some kind or another, and meanwhile they were building these astronomical cities. They were astronomically based; the sun would come through the window, or the rising in the summer solstice, and only on that day would it come through and shine on the back.  And other ones for the moon and so on, so they were way ahead of course.  It also shows you the world was tied together at some time in ancient, prehistoric times, with the same kind of buildings across the world.  Itís very interesting.


Mark:  There were phallic symbols everywhere and now Iím starting to see the same symbols in my own town in Madison, Wisconsin.† Itís crazy!


Alan:  Yes.† The generative principle, thatís what it is. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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