Oct. 27, 2010 (#694)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 27, 2010:

The Total Information Network:
Hail Computer, Information Looter:

"We're All Fish in the Water Surfing the Net,
Drawstrings Being Pulled, But Not Fully Yet,
Day by Day as We Swim and Play,
We're Reminded They Record All We Do and Say,
Sites Visited, E-mails and All Texts,
Big Brother Collects, Most are Not Vexed,
Happily Trained and Ruled by Big Brother
And Politically Correct No-Humour-Mother,
Folks won't Mind Socialism, Fabian Variety,
Or Being Told What to Do in the "Great Society",
As Long as They can Play, Swim, Surf and Yet
Stay Oblivious of Masters Drawing in the Net"
© Alan Watt Oct. 27, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 27, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on October 27, 2010.  Newcomers look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  Bookmark all the other sites Iíve got listed there because I get problems with the main ones once in a while and if you have them bookmarked you can always download the latest shows for free.  If you find sticking on the .com site it is because so many go into it at the same time, so try the downloads on these alternate sites; they are listed on the .com site.  While you are at it, remember that you are the audience that brings me to you.  I donít ask for money from advertisers; I turn them down.  The ads on this show that you hear, Iíve got nothing to do with. That is paid by advertisers right to RBN and that pays RBN for their air time and to broadcast the show, to pay for their equipment, their staff and their bills.  So itís up to you to try and help me out too.  Buy the books and CDs and DVDs that I have for sale on my web sites.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Donít think the donation button is there just to lie loose; use it now and then to pay for some of the stuff that you are downloading, because thousands and thousands use it and very fewÖ very few bother to send a penny this way.  Itís up to you if you want to keep me going or not.  Remember, all the sites listed have the audios.  They all have the same transcripts in English of a lot of the talks Iíve given for print up.  If you want transcripts in other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and you can find them there, for print up and pass them around to your friends.  A lot of folk prefer reading because you can take it anywhere with you. There is no glaring light in your eyes.  You remember it much better than if you read it from paper and most folk have found that who have been doing this for quite a few years, itís easier to read on paper and RETAIN it; itís harder to retain it when itís on that glowing screen in front of you.


Luckily Iím up today doing the show because there was a storm that came in last night.  It took trees down all around; a few of them next to my house here and I had to spend the day sawing them up before the rest of them fell down on top of the roof.  Not a good time for it to happen especially near winter because itís a mad rush before the snow hits and itís supposed to hit tomorrow in fact, with another part of the storm coming in for a good part of the day tomorrow.  So I will be awfully busy and I just came in the door.  The power was out all day and it just came on.  Iím awfully lucky in fact, to do this show at all.  I was ready to do it on battery backup power and that wouldnít have lasted terribly long but thatís what you put up with when you live out in the boonies. 


This new world order is fantastic because they have never veered from their course.  They have printed their plans a long time ago, in many books.   They told you the agenda.  They fitted it all together for you, through the dialectic through communism and the capitalism, and the socialism books that they churned out. They were all working together for a common end.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We're back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  I always liken the matrix to a big system you are born into.  Itís like a Platoís Cave.  You must read Platoís Cave if you want to understand how people can be brought up in a system, in a cave in fact, only able to face one way and they have to make a whole philosophy and a reason for existing based on the shadows that come, from themselves, from a light on their backs; they cannot turn round.  So they have this massive philosophy and very wise men, of course, who get special goodies and treats, because they are very wise, that try to explain to them why all these shadows move.  Itís nothing to do with the light behind them of course; itís all very mystical.  Thatís a cave of Plato. 


The matrix is very similar.  You are born into it.  Your parents didnít know to tell you it was all a big con racket going on, a big agenda you were living through, and generation by generation people had worked their way towards a global society.  Not just any kind of global society, but a totally controlled and orchestrated and designed society, designed over 100 years ago, well over that, as to how it would be set up.  Very authoritarian eventually, where experts would rule the world properly, you see, because people who think they are independent and can make their own decisions just canít really take care of their own lives properly, and you need experts to do that and thatís whatís coming down now. Thatís what itís all about. 


All the mayhem and chaos you see, with massive immigration into countries that have sunk them, the multiculturalism, and the settling in because there is always friction between different groups of people until they settle down, that might take another 50, 100 years, thatís all part of it. Thatís what Rockefeller called, itís like making an omelet, you canít make an omelet without breaking eggsÖ so tough cheese on those who suffer through it. But they are looking for long-term goal.  And they do believe that the end justifies the means.  In other words, whatever havoc they wreak in the process of it, itís just tough cheese; you have to get the ending, and thatís just the way it is.  Thatís just the way it is. 


Thatís what we are going through now.  Thatís why you have the controlled meltdown with the cash system. They could have crashed the bubbles any time they wanted to.  IF they wanted to they could have kept going for another 20 years or more, for as long as they want.  The stock market was always manipulated and a con game, always.  Itís built on optimism, PURE optimismÖ like a big gambling casino.  When they tell youÖ when a President tells you that this is going to be worse than the last depression, believe you me, everybody pulls their money out and youíve got a self-fulfilling prophecyÖ bang, down it goes.  And it was designed to go down NOW.  The banks lost nothing, as you well know, and the taxpayers were all put down as the slaves, the guarantors to pay it off forever and ever, down to the 5th or 6th generation.  Thatís how the world really works.  Itís manipulated from the top, with small groups of people working together in concert, and working across the world belonging to the same organizations.  Thatís what you are living through today. 


Weíve become so politically correct.  I couldnít believe some of the stuff they are teaching in school now on political correctness and the greening agendaÖ until little children are admonishing parents for using too much water or having a smoke for instance; itís a REAL no-noÖ itís a real bad thing to do.  Itís okay to inject heroin up there; thatís okay, but just donít take a smoke.  They are telling them too, to cut back on all their waste, all the garbage, etc, etc, etc.  Mind you, the little toddlers also want their brought-in pizzas and all the rest of it, they just want to make sure that the parents somehow dispose of it in some other way.  When they train the children to nag the parents, you are in ALREADY a George Orwell, the very world that he predicted that would come in, in his 1984 book.  George Orwell was right on the money with that, where people would be terrified of children eventually.  Children are actually turning parents in today.  Children write about their parents and their relatives, in school; they have essays in school.  They have been doing this for years.  Do your parents do this? Do they do that?  Are they helping the environment?  In which ways are they not helping the environment?  And so on and so on and so on.  All that stuff gets put into databanks.  Then when the children come home and start nagging their parents, you are scared of them.  Youíd better be scared of them because the laws are getting drawn up where they will report you and someone will knock on the door, and that smug little child there is going to watch you get marched off to the camp.  Itís planned that way. 


Itís such a farce.  I mean, there are all these troops over in Afghanistan taking rotations from American troops to British troops, guarding the poppy fields to make sure that the opium harvest gets done and that rival gangs donít take it all and sell it themselves.  When the Taliban ruled there, they had BANNED the growing of opium. That really ticked off the CIA, MI6 and Mossad and all these guys who make their money, for their black budgets, on selling heroin, which is a byproduct, a processed product of opium.  It really ticked them off mightily.  It was in all the major media, if you have memories and can remember.  When they went into Afghanistan, Bush took off that ban on opium and now the troops are guarding the opium fieldsÖ but they want you to stop smoking.  Hmm? 


In British Columbia a few years ago, and Iíve mentioned it and Iíve read it off the article in the paper, the teachers were showing the children how to safely inject Ė this is under 10 year olds Ė safely inject heroin.  NO kidding.  No kidding.  And we take this in our stride thinking, oh well, you knowÖ oh well, humÖ  People cannot think today at all, never mind complain or demand; demand is out of their vocabulary these days.  SmokingÖ I can remember Bill Cooper saying years ago, when government is involved and interfering in your morals and moral behavior, then you really do have a problem.  They should not be telling you what to eat, what to drink, or anything else, you see, as you are all getting trained for the new society.  Where does all this come from? 


Iíve told you before that EVERYTHING that your government signs into treaty that becomes law, is from the United Nations.  EVERYTHINGÖ from your electrical wiring, your plumbing, your building permits, the environmental assessment of an area before you can put a house down, all that kind of stuff comes from the United Nations.  They have been running you for years.  Every country that signed on has been getting run by them for years.  And they are only warming up.  Eventually they will be around to your houses, in your homes Ė they have already tried that in some of the US states, fining thousands of dollars to farmers who have bent downpipes, in their runoff water from their eaves troughs.  Iím not kidding, bent pipes, little dented here and there.  What happened to America?  What happened to the individualism, the rugged individualism that it was based upon? 


What happened?  They were spoiled rotten, thatís what happened.  They were drugged with all the drugs flowing in; no one bothered about that, at the time.  Or the free love and the hyper sex and all the rest of it that was promoted FROM the top down, and Iíve gone through some of that agenda as to who brought it in for you, to destroy the family unit and all the rest of it.  Now the state is in control of indoctrinating your child, making sure that any old-fashioned morality that you try to pass on to them, all that contaminated stuff, it doesnít happen.  They want new children for a new era.  Stalin said the same thing, so did Lenin before him.  So did Lord Bertrand RussellÖ because they were all working for the same agenda. 


Here is an article for instance, just by the bye.  And folk who donít smoke donít really care, about most things, until they come around with them on something else, like maybe obesity or something.  It saysÖ


Fifth Anniversary of Global Tobacco Control Treaty Presents Opportunity For U.S. Ratification and Leadership

prnewswire.com / WASHINGTON, Feb. 26 /PRNewswire-USNewswire


(Alan:  This is a PR, hurrah-hurrah press release newswire.)


The fifth anniversary of the international treaty to address the global tobacco epidemic (A:  Epidemic, eh?  Everybody has been dropping off for the last 20-30 years.) presents a significant opportunity for President Obama to continue his strong leadership on tobacco control (A:  As he smokes his cigars of course.) by submitting the treaty to the Senate for ratification and urging its quick approval.  (A:  So letís get past the Obama PR stuff.  It doesnít matter whoís in, they have been doing it for 5 years.)


The World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control is the strongest, most coordinated action the world's nations have ever taken against tobacco use and its devastating health and economic consequences. It took effect on February 27, 2005.  (A:  Thatís why the tobacco prices in all the countries that signed it shot up through the roof, especially in Canada; 60% it went up in the first year.  But you can get cocaine.  Theyíll safely show you how to put heroin in your veins if youíre a child, paid for by the taxpayer.  Thatís okay.  Thatís okay that stuff.  Theyíll take you to rehab for goodness sake, all through your life and help you.  Thatís no problem because they love socialism.  They love to be in charge of poor fallen people.)


To date, 168 countries have ratified or otherwise become parties to the treaty. It has served as a positive catalyst for change throughout the world. (A:  Change, change is good, long before Obama, right.)  While the United States has signed the pact, it has never been submitted to the Senate for ratification.  The United States and Indonesia, which are both large manufacturers and consumers of tobacco products, remain the two most populous nations that have not ratified the pact.  (A:  But they have rammed it through anyway, under Obama; as everyone in the US knows recently.)


The next thing they are going for too, because the United States also brought out the War on Obesity. They also put in plans to go through all the school systems, to weigh your children like they are doing in Britain, and then bringing the parents in, like BAD parents, to ask them why your child is one pound overweight Ė Iíve read the articles on the air here so you know what Iím talking about.  The old saying was, they came for the communists; I wasnít one so they left me alone.  Then they came for the socialists; I wasnít one so they left me alone.  Now itís a republican; I wasnít one and they left me alone.  Then they came for meÖ and there was no one left to stand up for me. You see, thatís how they pick off every different group across the world.  Divide and conquer and take one out at a time.  Itís the same with the small store owner; bump them off first; they canít afford to work for the government half the day with filling out forms.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We're back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about the United Nations and how most folk have no idea that it literally is set up to be world government.  It has a department to equal every department that you have in your federal governments, but bigger, much bigger.  They have been working quietly for ages, and having your government sign everything into lawÖ everything into law.  So there is smoking and then there is the war on obesity and the next war is to be the war on people who eat meatÖ and Iím not kidding about that either.  The day is going to come when you will have your urine tested and so on, and blood samples taken to see if you have certain enzymes, etc, that could only have come from meat.  You will laugh at that too Iím sure, but you wait and see.  You wait and see. 


Iíve said for years that really the big Military-Industrial Complex, and this is what you must understand, isnít just a little bunch of guys wearing uniforms.  Itís to do with the businesses that were set up TO BE PART of the Military-Industrial Complex, big factories, big machinery, of power to supply everything.  Many of them make little things too, things you use in your own home, like CD players, stuff like that, and stereos, but their main job is to supply the military.  General Electric made its money off the military Ė it still does, most of its money.  The Hughes Industrial complex was purely all military.  It still owns most of the satellites up there now, put up for Star Wars projects, which was really all about watching all of you and doing things to you that they havenít told you about yet Ė like making you awfully sick.  Watching you is easy. 


Itís the same with all to do with the internet.  The internet is set up for total information collection.  Iíve gone through the articles before; go into the archives and dig around there for the articles, from the Pentagon, that I read last year where they had a virtual reality world set up with everybody in the US and Canada and other countries IN it.  Theyíve got a virtual YOUÖ which they update daily from the information YOU put up there, yourself, voluntarily, in all the different FREE things that you take, which are wonderful like MyThis and MyThat, you know, from your PERSONAL computer.  Boy, are you suckers or what?  It doesnít take much in marketing to make the suckers go along, eh?  MyÖ myÖ my spaceÖ my SpaceÖ my FacebookÖ my personal computer.  Oooohhh, God.  AnywayÖ


Google of course is a big, big part of it.  I watched a documentary once and it was to do with terrorism and how Google was one of the biggest collectors of data.  Well, itís set up to be that way because itís authorized by the government and it obviously has government funding, massive government funding to do what it does.  They didnít give you the computer and say, oh hereís the net, go and have funÖ without making sure they set up the machinery to take care and record all that data.  All of it.  They always knew before they even gave you the computer they wanted to use it as the ultimate tool for total control.  Eventually it will be used for social correctness and political correctness and all the rest of it as well.  I guarantee you.  You will eventually be stopped and punished according to whatever your crime is.  Whatever youíve said, or thought about, or even asked a question about things which youíre not allowed to anymore, then you will have your computer shut down, off the net, for a month as punishment, two months as punishment, whatever, and in a cashless society that wonít be pleasant because you wonít be able to access your bank account.  They will use it for punishment.  There is no doubt about that.  They talked about it years ago.  Years ago. 


Bertrand Russell talked about this kind of method before we even heard of the computer.  You see, itís all Pavlovian training we are getting.  We are just animals now and most folk accept they are animals now.  They donít believe in anything except what they are told on television.  They follow all the nature shows, and there is not a nature show you can watch that doesnít eventually get around to telling you that humans are really just part, just a little part you know, of this great world of crawling insects and creepy worms and all that kind of stuff, nothing very special at all.  Once you have dehumanized yourself down to the level of the worm or an ant, you are a goner.  Youíre a goner.  You donít have anything left to fight back with and sayÖ itís ridiculous even to say, well, Iíve got rights.  When you have got to that stage, itís ridiculous to say Iíve got rights; ridiculous. 


You know, when they signed the Earth Charter, which they all signed into law in 1992 and then the subsequent ones since then and ratified them, signed into law, they gave All the animals and all the insects and so on, the grass and trees, rights but nothing was in there to give any human rights at all.  Remember what Julian Huxley said, the first CEO of UNESCO?  He says, people have to be taken down from their pedestal as a supreme creature on this planet and brought down to the level of the insects.  Well, guess what? 


Back to Google again, and this big enterprise, because that is what itís set up to do. 


Google finally admits that its Street View cars DID take emails and passwords from computers (A:  Well, we all knew that didnít we?)

By Vanessa Allen / 28th October 2010 / dailymail.co.uk


Google was accused of spying on households yesterday after it admitted secretly copying passwords and private emails from home computers.  (A:  Nothing will happen, mind you.  Who is going to touch them?  They are part of the big Military-Industrial Complex FOR THE WORLD.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  We're back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about Google and how itís really one of the big official bodies of the united Military-Industrial Complex.  Itís been authorized from its very beginning, obviously, to exactly what itís doing.  In a documentary I saw some years ago showed the CEO talking quite calmly about passing on data to MI5, MI6 and all this kind of stuff; quite casually. Thatís what itís meant to do.  Of course, they will never, ever come back on it, or never fine it. There is nothing you can do with them. They will go through the hoopla of tut-tut this is terrible, they are stealing emails and passwords.  No. Thatís what they are supposed to do folks.  Thatís what they are supposed to do.  It says that yeah, they admitted that the street view cars took peopleís emails and passwords. 


Privacy campaigners accused the company of spying and branded its behaviour 'absolutely scandalous'.  (A:  Well, sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt meÖ)


Google executive Alan Eustace issued a grovelling apology (A:  With a sneerÖ) and said the company was 'mortified', adding: 'We're acutely aware that we failed badly.'  (A:  snicker-snicker.)


(A:  They show you some of the photographs too; that they caught people off guard as they went around photographing them as well.  Itís amazing, you know, if you walk around the streets, in England for instance, with a camera, the cops will approach you.  But no, itís okay if you are authorized in a white van going around doing all of this kind of stuff. Thatís okay.)


Critics seized on the admission as the latest example of technology's ever-expanding ability to harvest information (A:  I like how they say ďharvestĒ information; itís not stealing it.  Itís harvest; harvesting is a nice word, itís like crops and stuff. No, they are not stealing it. They are ďharvestingĒ informationÖ) about ordinary households, often without their knowledge or consent.  (A:  Well, I would say all the time without their knowledge or consent.  How many doors did they knock at and say, excuse me, do you mind if we photograph youÖ and steal your passwords?  None!  Who wrote this piece of garbage anyway?)


Google sent a fleet of specially equipped cars around Britain in 2008, armed with 360-degree cameras to gather photographs for its Street View project.  (A:  At least that was the official version.)


There were immediate complaints that the pictures were a security risk, after householders complained that house numbers and car registrations were easily identifiable.


Privacy fears followed when it emerged that individuals could be seen, including a man emerging from a sex shop in London's Soho, three police officers arresting a man in Camden, North London, and children throwing stones at a house in Musselburgh, Scotland.


Earlier this year the California-based firm admitted that the cars' antennae had also scanned for wireless networks, including home wi-fi, which connect millions of personal computers to the internet.


Google registered the location, name and identification code of millions of networks and entered them into a database to help it sell adverts.  (A:  Thatís its con game, to sell ads.  They did the same thing in Germany but Germany is trying to sue them at least.)


The firm - which uses the slogan 'Don't be evil' (A:  Ha Ödonít be evilÖ) - was able to record the location of every wireless router and network without alerting households because wi-fi signals are 'visible' to other internet devices, including the cars' antennae.  (A:  Anyway, they mapped it and they took their passwords and everything; thatís a bit more than just getting a drive-by free line into someoneís wireless system.  Nothing will happen, of course.  Nothing will happen, except lots of name-callingÖ scandalous, scandalous, oh, outrage and all that stuff, which means sweet darned all, as you well know.)


In socialism itís a great system because you have no option to do anything except what they authorize you to do and tell you to do.  In other words, you have the right to obey orders, and thatís it.  Britain is SO far ahead in socialism after they destroyed the culture, through the swinging 60s and the 70s and 80s and the decadent 90s, and the unemployed; actually it was unemployed really from the 80s right through, and a massive drug problem there too.  Anyway, theyíve still got some semblance, a remnant of a National Health Service that looks like itís been through the depths of the ocean and pulled back up again with only a fragment there covered in seaweed, to treat the people, as they cut back and cut back.  Anyway, it saysÖ


Patients' anger after they are unable to opt out of swine flu vaccine despite fears of side effects

By Jo Macfarlane / 25th October 2010 / dailymail.co.uk


The H1N1 vaccine will be the dominant of three flu strains included in the shot, meaning  millions of elderly and vulnerable patients will get it automatically.  (A:  That means, you know, there is no opting out of it.)


Yet many people refused to have the swine flu vaccine when it was offered last year because of fears it may cause serious side effects.  (A:  Which of course it did.)


The H1N1 'swine flu' vaccine will be included in this years seasonal flu jab meaning millions of elderly and vulnerable patients will get it automatically.


The vaccine has also been linked to fevers in young children, temporary paralysis (A:  TemporaryÖ some of it was permanent; some folk died.) and narcolepsy.  (A:  Thatís a nice one to have, eh; at least you donít need sleeping pills for that one.)


Katherine Murphy, chief executive of the Patients Association, said: 'We are very disappointed that patients are not being given the opportunity to choose for themselves  (A:  See, you donít get any choices in socialism.) whether they wish to take the swine flu vaccine as part of their winter flu vaccine.

'Some may not want the swine flu vaccine and this may mean they would also miss out on their winter flu jab. This seems to go completely against the new initiative from the Government which states that in the NHS there will be "No decision about me without me" for patients and that there will be a large emphasis on patient choice. 


So they tell you one thing but do the other.  But thatís Britain for you.  That is socialism.  It makes as much sense as the Soviet system, where you had doublethink on everything that was told to you.  So what you did was, you did what you were ordered to do, eventually down the road.  Itís the same in Ontario as well, in Canada.  If you went to a hospital here for the last few years you are automatically down as a donor, if you happen to die there.  Thereís a real treat for you.  So if you go in there pretty sick, you arenít sure if those doctors are going to cure you or if they are actually eyeing up the dollar bills they are going to get from harvesting your organs and selling them off.  Itís a lot more than you are going to be worth, if you get better.  Thatís the degeneration of society that we are now living in too.  Mind you, they call it Ďharvestingí organs there too.  ĎHarvestí, they harvest organs; they donít steal them, and cut and slice them out of you, and rip them from you.  No, they Ďharvestí themÖ and then they sell them for lots of cash.


Now here is an oddball one I thought Iíd mention. 


Malaria jab has altered my son's mind, says missing nurse's mother

By George Arbuthnott / 17th October 2010 / dailymail.co.uk


The parents of a nurse (A:  This is a guy in Britain, I think, whoís a nurse.) who vanished after being infected with malaria in a medical trial (A:  So they are using medical staff for trails in Britain.) believe he is still alive Ė but may be mentally damaged by the disease.  (A:  So heís got the full-fledged disease, at least, maybe even worse.)


Doreen and Michael Holland think Matthew Lloyd, 35, is still in Britain but could be so stricken by malaria that he cannot seek help.  (A:  Heís gone missing.  Maybe they bumped him off because they found outÖ maybe itís easier to bump him off than have him sue them, if he survives.)


Authorities have appealed for Matthew Holland to come forward.


Mr Lloyd specialised in contagious diseases at Southampton General Hospital, so he knew the importance of receiving treatment.


Mrs Holland said doctors had told her he passed psychological tests before being infected with malaria in the Oxford University-run trial.  (A:  I wonder if he even knew it was malaria.  You know, especially for unemployed people, itís very common even in Canada.  Youíll see ads in the paper all the time for people who are hard up for cash, extra money, for going in for these trials.  They will tell you itís for flu shots or something like that, but you donít know what you are getting.  So they tested him with this malaria and now the guy is on the loose, and probably very disorientated.  They give you a bit of history of him before he became a nurse.)


Dedicated: Matthew served in the Royal Navy before becoming a nurse.


The experimental vaccine was injected into Mr Lloyd and seven others in early September before, on October 1, they were infected with the falciparum strain of malaria, which can result in brain damage, seizures, comas and death(A:  Thatís what they gave these guys.)


Four days later, Mrs Holland, of Wellington, Somerset, was called by a doctor at an Oxford clinic.


ĎHe was extremely concerned because Matthew had failed to turn up for his appointment and his phone was dead,í (A:  Well maybe he is too.) she said. ĎThe doctor said we had to report him missing.í  (A:  Of course they will report him missing because now heís on the infectious diseases list obviously.)


The drug trial is part of the crusade (A:  Itís a Ďcrusade;í I love these words.) to find a vaccine for a disease which is the biggest killer of small children in sub-Saharan Africa.


The trials have been taking place over the last decade at the Jenner Institute, based in Oxford, and are funded by charities (A:  AaaahÖ.)  such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. (A:  Well I guess they can use this one now, in Africa.  Maybe theyíve found it actually does what they want it to do.  Hmm?  And you think Iím kidding again, donít you?  Boy, the naÔve people out there, thereís no chance for themÖ at all.  None at all, so naÔveÖ nobody would ever do that to the people.  [chuckle] Öignorant of their history.)


Hereís a good article about how the UN gets around federal governments as well.  Iíve talked before about now you have institutes and Associations of Mayors across your countries all working under the United Nations.  Thatís who they report to, not the people who think they vote them in.  You have the same thing with the Police Chiefs Associations, who get all their new PR stuff and political correctness from the United Nations.  But there is the same thing now with the carbon reduction and environmentalism and all the rest of it.  It saysÖ


States of Emergency

By Cassandra Anderson / October 21, 2010 / morphcity.com


Thirty-two states are on the path to UN-inspired carbon reduction, Cap-and-Trade schemes and unconstitutional alliances; the supporting Governors must be held accountable.  Carbon reduction and population reduction go hand in hand.  (A:  And thatís a fact, folks, because you see, you are a carbon-based unit.)  The United Nations failed to impose their treaties from the top down (the Kyoto and Copenhagen Accords) and the federal government has abandoned its unpopular national Cap-and-Trade scheme for now.  Cap-and-Trade is being pursued on the state level, and one region has even raised over $700 million in carbon auctions.  (A:  Making a killing off nothingÖ)


The thirty-two states have been divided into three regions; (A:  Iíve read this article before but itís good to read it again.) regionalism is a trick that uses re-zoning to establish new jurisdictional authority.  State compacts and agreements, in addition to state treaties with foreign governments, are unconstitutional.  (A:  No one cares about that because you see, they bypassed it a long time ago.  They told us they were going to do that in their personal PR magazine which is called Foreign Affairs Magazine put out by the Council on Foreign Relations.  They said they would do an end run around the constitutionÖ in other words totally ignore it.)  While these regional programs have avoided mention of United Nations Agenda 21, the blueprint for depopulation total control, evidence supports that this is an Agenda 21 Sustainable Development program for the following reasons:


ē  Man made global warming deception, based on discredited science from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC), is a primary excuse used to implement Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.  (A:  And that is true.  That is true.)


ē  California's AB 32 Global Warming Solutions Act  is committed to achieving the targets of the UN Kyoto Protocol (a treaty with mandatory rules to limit carbon).  (A:  So California is dealing directly with the United Nations, to deal with this you see.)


ē RGGI (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative of the Northeastern states) is similar to the UN Kyoto treaty with mandated regulations and a Cap-and-Trade scheme.


Because global warming has been discredited, it is now referred to as climate change, climate disruption and the greenhouse effect(A:  And also sustainable development is another term they use too.)


Many people may not realize that water vapor (H2O) accounts for 97% of (A:  Öwhat they callÖ) all greenhouse gases (A:  That is true.  97% of what they call greenhouse gases is WATER VAPOR!) and human activity contributes only a fraction of 1% to greenhouse gas emissions.  Yet there is alarmism over how much carbon humans emit.  Temperature drives CO2 levels.  (A:  That is a fact; the warmer it gets the more is released from the sea, folks.)  If it was beneficial to reduce carbon, limiting human carbon emissions would have no effect because human carbon emissions are so minuscule.  Other gases like methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, etc. are not major greenhouse gases.  (A:  Öat all.)


According to Dr. Michael Coffman, and over 30,000 other scientists, carbon dioxide (CO2) is essential for life on Earth(A:  And that is also true.)  All plants must have it to produce food for themselves.  At the current atmospheric concentrations, CO2 is limiting to plant growth.  Currently, CO2 levels are about 387 ppm, and even if the levels increased by 500%, it would benefit agriculture and the Earth's atmosphere without any harm to humans or other animal life. 


These articles I will put up on my sites at the end of the show, if the power doesnít go out again because it just came on before the show started, because of all the storms going through and the trees going down.  So thatís what youíve got going on there.  They just go around, they just ignore constitutions and the public donít, most of the public really donít care.  You know that yourselves; not the audience that listens to shows like this, but the general population out there are already in, again, a more sophisticated Platoís Cave.  And they are quite happy inside it. 


This is beautiful too because Britain is going to cut back so many thousands of public sector jobs.  The reason being, you see, that they are now going into devolution, they call it, the Ďbringing the power back to the peopleí con game, as they set up little communitarian areas and YOU will have to start taking care of the sick and the elderly and all the rest of it.  Of course youíve got your little commissariats already set up from Common Purpose and other organizations ready to go into action and tell you all what to do, in this new authoritarian system, because the government, after looting you and using you for wars and God knows what else, has no more function for you.  So they are just going to let you go down the hill quietly, you know, and go back to old herbal remedies, and throw penicillin out the window; you wonít get a hold of that anymore, in the future, as you all sort of die off up to the year 2050 and the new utopia starts, for the elite, according to their own articles in fact. 


Spending review: government expects 490,000 public sector job cuts

Scale of expected job losses revealed as Danny Alexander inadvertently allows two pages of tomorrow's spending review to be photographed

Patrick Wintour and Juliette Jowit guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 19 October 2010


The coalition expects 490,000 public sector jobs to be lost by 2014-15 as a direct result of its drastic spending cuts, Danny Alexander, the chief secretary to the Treasury, has accidently disclosed.


Alexander inadvertently allowed two pages of tomorrow's spending review to be photographed as he left the Treasury building.


It is the first time the government has stated that job losses of this order are going to happen due to the spending cuts.


The document also proposes that public sector employers should try to strike deals to cut hours to reduce the level of redundancies.


The forecast is based on the estimate of the Office of Budget Responsibility, (A:  All these terms are right out of Orwell, you know, and the Soviet Union.) the new independent body set up by the coalition to publish independent forecasts on jobs, growth and borrowing.


The two pages also set out plans for extra spending (A:  Extra spendingÖ) on climate change, (A:  Remember again, we were global warming, now itís climate change.) but also hold out the possibility of an as yet unspecified energy tax.  (A:  Öyou are going to get hammered with.  I told you before, all that cash that you used to have for the little extras, to buy your cheap junk from China, you wonít have shortly.  It will all go back in fees and charges and fines.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I'm back and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  There is a caller on the line; itís Stan from Ontario.  Are you there Stan?


Stan:  Itís Stan at St Maryís, Alan.† How are you doing tonight?


Alan:  Not bad.  It was an awful day, I had to cut trees down that were coming down on the roof, using ropes and all the rest of it.  High winds, of course, at the same time.  I got up on the roof and swung a rope over it with a heavy weight on one of them and pulled the thing the other way, and then managed to saw it down, in time.  [Alan laughing.]  And then the power went off, of course. 


Stan:  Down here you get fines for doing that. 


Alan: Oh yeah, it will come everywhere.  Weíll have to do it discretely, or camouflaged; maybe look like a big bird up on top of your roof or something, with a chain saw.


Stan:  Anyway, great articles.  I liked that one yesterday you had on there about the Queen and the offshore windfarm windfall, because she owns the seabed. 


Alan:  Itís wonderful, isnít it?  I mean, talking about power going to your head, eh.


Stan:  But you know theyíve got all the governments working for them.† If we think they are OUR government, we are wrong because the governments represent the Crown agencies.


Alan:  They do.  Even in Canada, itís the same thing.  Youíve got the post office with its crown there.  Every person who takes a job for the government in Canada swears an allegiance to The CROWN.† And I watched one of these public broadcasting things, when one of the governments was being sworn in, doing their very interesting Masonic swearing-in because the guy holds the thing they read in front of him, with his left foot forward, stares him in the eye you know, and theyíve got to read off it, with a little Bible or black book in their hand that they have Ė none of them go to churches of course.  This was a really serious thing and everyone swore allegiance to the QUEEN, but not Canada.  [Alan laughing.]


Stan:  You talk about the lies that are written.  You know, you have the Crown Agency Act.† And if people think they own their own property, I think this was a good article to point out because we have the Crown land here in Canada and the Queen owns Canada. 


Alan:  She owns Canada and she also owns all the ground under every one of your homes; you only own the first 4 inches of topsoil.


Stan:  Yeah.  Well the thing is, how much do you really own if you donít pay your taxes for a few years?  even if youíve got your mortgage paid?  You know, when it gets down to it...  I wanted to specifically bring that up in regards to the windmills.  Is this why they are doing the same thing here in Canada, with these windmills in Lake Huron and Erie and offshore?  They are putting them on all the Crown land and stuff.


Alan:  Theyíve got them north of Sudbury; it was on tonightís news, on my little battery radio; I was trying to find out whatís happening.  They were talking about people surfing off some of the shores, enjoying this hurricane weather, and all this rubbish.  Then they mentioned about how itís great for Canadaís windmills.  I thought, well Iíve seen the propellers flying off them in other countries, because they canít handle the high winds and what they produce is so miniscule in power, and also the maintenance is more than they put out.  It costs more to maintain them than what they deliver.


Stan:  But in the Queenís case, as they put all them things in the Crown land here, they are going to get a cut of that arenít they?


Alan:  Of course they are.  Absolutely.  Youíve got it.  And lots of the British Lords as well, who still own chunks of the land here in Canada, as overlords. 


Stan:  Yeah.  And being that they put everything on the Crown land, well the Queen is going to get it all anyway isnít she?


Alan:  Absolutely.  And you will be paying her for it being piped to your homes and all the rest of it.


Stan:  Exactly.† Nice talking to you again.


Alan:  Thanks for calling in. 


From Hamish and myself from a very stormy Ontario, Canada Ė up Sudbury way Ė itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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