October 28th, 2010 (#695)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt October 28th, 2010:

Great Minds Bought to Give You Thought:
Ode to Public Relations, Mind-Controlling Generations,
Elite Decided How Your Thoughts're Provided:

"These Huge Machines by Which World Turns,
Promoting New Thoughts as Past it Burns,
Working So Smoothly, Going Undetected,
Above All Voters and the Elected,
This Machinery with Others is Intertwined,
Its Power is Massive when Combined,
Made of Think-Tanks, Money, Those of Power,
Academia, Geo-Politicians with Thoughts Dour,
Conquering the Nations (But Never with Hate),
Corporate Amalgamations Define World State,
Agreements within Old Families Dictate Charter,
Protocols to Be Signed, Power They Barter,
Reducing the Nations to a Primitive Level
By Destroying Morality, Antidote to Devil
And His Workers of Projects Gigantic,
Boasting Godhood, like Builders of Titanic"
© Alan Watt October 28th, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - October 28th, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 28th of October, 2010.  Newcomers, I always suggest you look into the cuttingthroughthematrix.com website, and bookmark the other sites you'll see listed, because we do get problems here.  Actually, I get problems here, various problems with yahoo especially.  And they also say that too many folk going into the .com site to download audios at the same time can cause problems.  They just can't handle it, so they say, which is utter nonsense, of course.  That's the sort of nonsense you do get, and that's why there are so many other sites listed there.  If you find sticking on downloads, try these alternate sites that are listed on the .com site. 


And, while you're at it too, remember, it costs a lot of cash to keep all this going.  I don't accept the cash from advertisers.  I could, I could bring on lots and lots of guests for you, who will scare the bejesus out of you, and then flog you whatever it is they sell at the end of it, and it may give you a relief, for a little while, until you see the bill.  And that's really an hour's advertising.  That's how most shows, legitimately, and it's okay, make their money.  That's how the hosts do it.  And without that advertising, of course, there would be no shows at all out there, except things like the BBC and the Voice of America, because they don't depend on advertising.  So, that's the way it is.  Why I do it this way is because it gives me more leeway to just get the basic facts out to the general population.  And it's more straight up that way.  I could take advertisers on.  I haven't looked at them all, and they're certainly all willing, in fact, to come on board and start financing me.  And it would make things an awful lot easier with me.  I could hire staff and all the rest of it, and do a lot more, but then I'm into almost show business, if I do that, too. 


So, it's up to you, the listeners to support me, by buying the books and so on that I have for sale – there's very few; I don't have time to do anything else – at cuttingthroughthematrix.com website.  And you can do so, you can buy them from the States by using international postal money order, you can also use a personal check from the States to Canada, you can use PayPal to donate or to purchase.  If you want to purchase with PayPal, just send the donation, through PayPal, followed by a separate email with your name, address, and the order, and I'll get it to you.  Across the rest of the world, same idea.  Remember cash too, is still acceptable.  You can send it in the post.  Some people cover it with tin foil or chocolate cover wrappings, the tin foil.  And that stops them from giving me hassles.  But I haven't had anything going missing in the mail so far, from either the US or from Europe.  And you can also in Europe use Western Union, which is kind of steep.  I suggest Money Gram, and you can get a check from Money Gram, and post it to me.  It's far cheaper, even still than wiring it.  It gets here in about a week.  And use PayPal as well, across the rest of the world to order or donate.  Believe you me, donations are accepted.  It doesn't matter how much it is, either, because most folk don't send much at all, at least the ones who do, and it's always the same people over and over, and that is a big statement on the world in which we live, where everyone has been trained that everything is free, and nothing is free.  You're giving up something if you think you're using something that's free, believe you me, you really are.  The whole system is set up, your Facebooks, and MySpace, and all the rest of it, to get you to give all your data up there for the big agency, I call it the world agency, to collect, because they must know everything you're doing, all the time.


Remember too, if you want transcripts, they all carry transcripts, all my sites as well, in English.  And if you want transcripts in other languages, try alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, and you'll find a lot of them have been translated into other languages.  You can choose from them, take your pick.  Print them up and pass them to your friends, or read them at your leisure.  Personally, I don't like reading anything off the computer, because people, apart from myself, find it harder to remember the stuff, looking at that glaring light.  It's much easier to look at stuff on paper.  And you will retain it far, far better.  But that's up to you.


What I do on this show really is just go into the basic known facts.  The known facts.  We can speculate forever about everything else, and make lots of money off speculation.  Lots of people do.  But we have the known facts of how the world is run.  It's not that complicated, believe you me.  It's not that complicated if you do your homework.  And there's enough very good videos out there, even put out by the BBC on the histories, from John Pilger and others, on the Rand corporation and all the big players that shape your thoughts and your daily talks and everything else you do.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I'm back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just talking about, if you want to know your history, it's not difficult for those that can't read books, and lots can't read books anymore.  Many have told me that.  They just don't have the patience for it.  But you can go into the video documentaries by people like Adam Curtis, very good historian you might say, and narrator.  And he shows you how a lot of the 20th Century was set up, how you went through the Cold War with game theory being used.  We were all run through computers, every single one of us, based on the idea that everyone is basically selfish and would rip off the next person, and the only thing that stopped them was you'd have to outsmart the next person.  So there's a sort of equilibrium that you come to where you don't want to rip them off too much, in case they'll retaliate and rip you off.  That was the whole idea of the Cold War and the strategies and so on. So we're told.  I don't believe personally there was a Cold War, at least not for the ones at the top that ran both sides.  The ones at the bottom probably saw it differently.  But isn't that always the way.  And then you had the big Rand Corporation, running us all through their computers, and various other think tanks working on this Game Theory principle, basically came up in the '50s and then it was taken over by a paranoid schizophrenic. They made a movie about him, a movie called A Beautiful Mind, and made a better looking actor, because the real guy himself, the paranoid schizophrenic was a pretty ugly looking character and he had an ugly nature as well.  However, Hollywood is awfully good at smartening people up, especially when they want you to love them.  People like Kinsey for instance, so far removed from the reality it's unbelievable.  But then again, Hollywood does all that.  They give you your new histories and your new beliefs, because it's all part of the cultural agenda of destruction of society.  Been awfully successful in a lot of countries.  Britain is kaput, absolutely finished as far as its culture goes, and they want to do the same with the U.S.  And it's not far to go there either. 


Anyway, that's the world, the big, big world and how it's really been shaped, to destroy people and bring them together, or control them, you must destroy them first.  And that's why you create chaos.  And out of the chaos you create the New Order, and that's why it's called the New World Order.  It's an Ordered society.  We get our thoughts and our opinions and our ideas, even our beliefs now from very important and well paid think tanks, starting of course with the old ones, Madison Avenue.  Bertrand Russell talked about bringing them on board in the 1940s and the 1950s to shape the way that people think, how the average person thinks.  And how they would work with the educational systems as well to make sure as they go into a world society via UNESCO, the United Nations, they'd make sure that every child across the world has the same basic indoctrination.  It doesn't mean they're given truth, no.  They've been shaped to fit into this new planned society.  That's what Order is all about, there's nothing about Freedom in Order, you see. 


And I'll put it up tonight, a link to one of the big companies too, who's awfully well connected to a lot of important people that help to shape your policies and everything else, because everything is outsourced, you see. Politicians come in and the only ones who know what they're doing are the advisors.  I've never seen a school for advisors, but I imagine there's a world school somewhere for them.  They all tend to be of the same stock, basically.  They all know what the agenda is, and they always have their front gofers, called prime ministers and presidents who sign the agreements the advisors draft up for them, and the script writers do, and all the rest of it.  So, really presidents and prime ministers are defunct.  They're little actors, basically.  And that's all the public must see.  The public really like Punch and Judy shows.  They like to see somebody and something happening.  And so they make sure you get someone to throw the tomatoes at, or someone to kiss their feet.  I mean, you've got to see the feet to kiss, you see, so they make sure you get them.  That's how fickle and silly the public really truly are.  And we've been really brought up that way, maybe even bred that way.  Who knows, but definitely brought up that way and trained that way.  Years ago, people were awfully suspicious about any politician.  They were incredibly suspicious about any newspaper, mainstream newspaper, because they knew the tycoons owned them. They knew who they hobnobbed with.  Who backed them, and all the rest of it.  And they knew that whatever they got was propaganda.  So, I'll put up tonight, one big company that gives a lot of propaganda out.  Remember, propaganda is your spin on things, what you want the public to believe.  At one time it was used quite openly and then Bernays, after World War I, who helped create all the propaganda for World War I, to get America into it, and it was disclosed afterwards all the lies they told Americans.  He then changed it to Public Relations.  It sounds much better, isn't it?  Public relations.  Well, there's one company that's called H & K PR and Communications Agency, London.  A very big one.  And it says, this is from their own website:


We are often asked, "what exactly do we do?" Our answer to that is very simple: We shape conversations. (Alan: Okay.  We shape conversations.  That's for the hard of thinking, I repeat things once in a while.)  What to say. How to say it. Who to say it to. We can connect with consumers, businesses, employees, government and that mercurial audience we call influencers and opinion formers. We can help start conversations, change conversations, amplify conversations. And we do so in a way that will deliver demonstrable return be it perception (A: Because, you see, it's perception management), behaviour (A: Alteration, right?), sales or profits.


So they work with governments and all the other biggies.  And their whole name is hillandknowlton.co.uk and it shows you a lot of things that they do on their front page there.  They've got a lot of videos, for those who like to watch moving things on that little screen there that flickers in front of you.  That's only one of the biggies.  There's lots of them.  And as I say, even the Rand Corporation and UNESCO and all these Big Boys use these public relations or propaganda firms, to make sure that you will parrot in your conversations exactly what they designed you to parrot, and how they designed it to be said.  You'll do it the proper way.  The proper way.  The way you've been brainwashed to do it.  That's how all these things are run.  All these things.  Every bit of information you get on the planet goes through public relations.  Even your local cops, when they make an announcement, it has to go through their public relations officer.  Even your little tin pot council, if you live in a little boonies place, has its public relations expert, who then can soften it, reword everything to mislead you into thinking something is very harmless, when you should be very upset about it.  That's what they do.  That's how they manage people.  And Left, Right and all the other parties, they all do the same things.  They use these massive PR firms.  Propaganda.  Propaganda. 


Now it's no surprise to anyone, and most folk don't really care, mind you, but the computer was given to us to bring in this phase of society.  And some of the big players who were pushing it back in the '80s said it would revolutionize – whenever you hear that term from a Big Player, revolution or revolutionize something, believe them.  It means they're not coming out with it off the top of their head with their idea or opinion on something.  It's because they've been to the world meetings, where they do plan how the world is to go.  And these are the masters who have given us every revolution down through the last few hundred years.  Always for the public good, you understand.  Anyway, the computer is up there, and everyone is using it, and we're helping them all to collect data and to go into this wonderful world where it's going to be used along with punishment and reward.  You will be allowed to go on the internet and do your things, if you don't go into nasty sites, you don't say nasty politically incorrect things, and you'll have to pay all your banking and so on and bills through it eventually, because we're going cashless within the next few years, so say the big bankers.  Punishment and reward.  Social approval, social disapproval.  It all comes through what we're given, doesn't it?


Now, I've done studies before and read studies before on this show where they've talked about creating this social approval and social disapproval.  It's very easy to do.  And most folk you see, the middle classes especially are more apt to fastly go into something to do with more political correctness.  Whatever is the 'in' thing in political correctness they adapt to it much quicker, you see, because they all want to belong to the group.  And they don't want to stand apart from the group or be shunned by the group, all the avant-garde, up-and-coming middle class.  It's harder actually to brainwash folk who have had little education.  And the studies all prove that as well.  So what they do with that group is give them lots of porn and silly sitcoms and things to just constantly entertain them on a more baser level.  But it's going step by step in a Pavlovian way to training us all into the next step and the next step and the next step.  I'm sure all these steps were planned before they gave us the computer.  I'm sure they could have given us all the gadgets that are out today and computer technology and integrated circuitry, I'm sure they could have given us all the latest models that are being sold today at the very beginning, if they wanted to.  But they gave you those big bulky things to make you think, oh, they're on the cutting edge, they're just working on it now, they haven't worked out all the problems.  And therefore folk really went into it big time thinking, well, I guess we control the information.  That was the big lie, you see.  That was the big lie.  The military-industrial complex gave you this darn thing.  And not before they'd had many, many, many, many world meetings about it.  The Big Boys never give the public anything to give them freedom.  It never will happen, as long as this earth turns. 


This article here says:


Say goodbye to passwords: New software brings facial -recognition technology to mobile phones


Scientists at The University of Manchester have developed software for mobile phones that can track your facial features in real-time. Eventually it will be able to tell who the user is, where they are looking and even how they are feeling.


Even how they're feeling.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, I'm back and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Reading an article from the Daily Mail about this new software to do with facial recognition.  And, as they said too, they'll be able to tell who the user is, where they're looking, and even how they're feeling.  How they're feeling, eh?


The method is believed to be unrivaled for speed and accuracy and could lead to facial recognition replacing passwords and PIN numbers (A: Well, yeah.  Of course that had to come.) to log into internet sites from a mobile phone.


'Existing mobile face trackers give only an approximate position and scale of the face,' said Dr Phil Tresadern, lead researcher on the project.


'Our model runs in real-time and accurately tracks a number of landmarks on and around the face such as the eyes, nose, mouth and jaw line.


(A: I wonder if it X-Rays you too.  That will come too.)


'A mobile phone with a camera on the front captures a video of your face and tracks twenty-two facial features. This can make face recognition more accurate, and has great potential for novel ways of interacting with your phone.'


(A: Oh what fun, eh.)


Originally intended as part of a face- and voice-verification system for access to mobile internet applications such as email, social networking and online banking, alternative uses for the device could include fun applications (A: Oh, that will definitely get it going.) that, for instance, attach virtual objects to the user's face as they move around.  (A: Oh what fun, what fun.  I'm really amused.)


'At this stage, we're particularly interested in demonstrating uses for the face-tracking part of the technology, which is the area The University of Manchester (A: They get massive contracts from the military-industrial complex at the University of Manchester.)  is involved in,' said Dr Tresadern, who is based in Manchester's School of Cancer and Enabling Sciences.  (A: Oh, maybe you'll get cancer with it too.  Maybe that will be fun as well, as we see pretty pictures dancing around our faces.)


'It is very fast and I can't find anything that can rival it on a mobile phone.'


Face verification is already used in laptops, (A: Mind you, the cancer part makes sense.  It also gives you cancer, of course, when you're using the phone next to your ear there, in the temporal lobe.  It also alters your emotions, as well, which I've read the articles about before too.  And that makes perfect sense.  It would know how you're feeling.  Anyway:) Face verification is already used in laptops, webcams and the Xbox 360 Kinect but this is the first time the technology is being used with such sophistication in mobile devices such as smartphones.  (A: At least for the users at the bottom line.)


The new software, built on 20 years of research at the University, has been demonstrated on a Nokia N900 for the EU-funded "Mobile Biometrics" (MoBio) project.


There you go.  There's the European Parliament funding this.  It's all for your fun, though.  They want you to have pretty pictures, dancing around your face and stuff as you get cancer of the brain.  Isn't that nice.  It's called the Mobile Project.  And then it gives you links for more data on it.  No one will care, because they're having too much fun.  And that's the way it really is, folks.  Ego-syntonic and egocentric.  That's what Russell said, we'll create an ego-syntonic and egocentric population, having too much fun to care about what's really happening to themselves or others.  I am all important.  Me, me, me. 


Mohammed is now the most popular name for baby boys ahead of Jack and Harry


(A: In Britain.  Well, why not.  Why not, Jack's kind of out of fashion.)


It shot up from third the previous year, overtaking Jack, which had topped the list for the past 14 years but was relegated to third spot.

Olivia topped the list for little girls for the second year in a row, behind Ruby and Chloe.

A total of 7,549 newborns were given 12 variations of the Islamic prophet Mohammed’s name last year, such as Muhammad and Mohammad.


(A: I guess they meant Mohammit and Mohammad.  Anyway, it says:)


The second most popular boy’s name, Oliver, was given to 7,364 babies.

Harry and Alfie came in fourth and fifth place respectively.


The official list, which covers all births in 2009 in England and Wales, has ­Mohammed at number 16 but this does not include the many different spellings, which are all ranked separately.


When they are added in, Mohammed zooms all the way up to top spot for the first time.


Well, I'm glad to see somebody is winning. 


Anyway.  Treasury.  Here's one of the Treasury as well.  And it's quite an interesting little piece, but again, it's all obfuscation as well, as they tell you a little bit of truth, they make it deliberately obscure.  


The Obama administration's latest estimate of taxpayer costs of the Wall Street bailout is too rosy and could ultimately damage (A: I've got to laugh when they say this:) public trust in government, the top bailout cop said on Monday.


In its quarterly report to Congress, the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program said the Treasury Department's bailout cost estimate for American International Group was an example of using misleading numbers to paint a positive pre-election account of the program.


The administration on September 30 slashed its estimate of the overall cost of the U.S. financial bailout by more than half to less than $50 billion on the back of a new plan to sell the government's stake in insurer AIG.


The SIGTARP report said the Treasury Department, (A: A tarp remember is a tarpaulin, it's what you cover something up with.  Anyway, it says:) in coming up with the fresh estimate, had changed its calculation method to estimate a $5 billion cost for AIG. That was a shift from an earlier projection of $45 billion that used a broader measure to calculate the cost.


(A: Can you imagine if you did your home costs for keeping your house going and your bills and that with the methods they use?  Can you imagine it?  And they get away with it too, don't they?  I've got to laugh at this too:)


Public anger at the bailout of Wall Street (A: How much public anger has there really been?  A bit of a murmur and it kind of died down.  Most folk didn't have even a murmur out there.  Most folk had nothing.) has been a major factor in congressional races ahead of a November 2 election in which Republicans are poised to make major gains against Democrats who now control Congress.


It makes no difference who controls it.  They all sign the same UN agreements for globalism and invest in the same global companies.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we're back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  And that was just wailing on there, that big guitar riff, because sometimes you've got to wail once in a while, when you see the rubbish that you have to read.  And you have to read it, because you see all the stuff that's coming out to the public now is through mainstream.  It's through mainstream.  The rest of it is coming through alternate sites, and a lot of which play the right wing and left wing game as well.  And the left wing ones, no doubt about it at all, are obviously all global anyway.  So, what's the difference?  And they're all for the redistribution of wealth, which means that the poor in America get poorer, as they help the poor across the world.  And everything really turns into a big circus, if you really think that you're always going to get truth from alternate sites.  It just doesn't happen that way.  You've got to think for yourself.  No one else will do it for you, and anything I say, too, you have to look it up for yourself, hopefully.  And take your own opinions from it.  You have to.


And again, if you really want to know what's happening, go into the older books, the ones written before the First World War, were pretty well excellent, because most folk who read at all in those days, and read the big thick books, the dusty dry ones, about politicians and memoirs, there was an awful lot of truth in those books, because they were far more open about what they were doing and where they were going with the world, and how they would do it as well.  And then we had a lot of it happening, again, another burst during World War II, and after World War II, as they thought they could get their United Nations in, and even a global government started up then, and lots of big players just churned out their books.  Big propaganda drive to get everyone into a global government, but there was still countries that did not quite want to give up their sovereignty.  So they had to go back to the quiet way of doing it, by lying to the public and signing yearly agreements to integrate with closer ties, they called it, integrations of different continents and the countries contained within, like Europe for instance, and the North American Trade Agreement.  Trade, remember, and all your laws revolve around economics, and economics determines your laws.  So if you go in for trade, and you're binding everything with trade, then all laws must follow suit, including the laws of your country, right down to your local laws, in fact.  That's a known fact in economics.  Anyway.  Back to this TARP article from Reuters, or the ones, I call them Routers, they route the news down to you.  There's only two main ones that give all the different media what's the right thoughts for the day, for the cattle down below.  So you have to read this stuff carefully.  And it says here, the usual stuff.  It says:


The Treasury failed to make clear it had changed its calculation method and that it was relying solely on recent stock market prices for AIG shares in making the new estimate, the SIGTARP report said. It concluded that Treasury needed more transparency in its public disclosures about TARP costs.


(A: Well, give them an X-Ray machine, and we'll all see what's going on.)


"This conduct has left Treasury vulnerable to charges that it has manipulated its methodology for calculating losses to present two different numbers depending on its audience," (A: Well, there's nothing new in that.  There's nothing new in that at all.) the report said.

A different set of numbers will be reported to the Government Accountability Office for an assessment of the program that is set to be released in November, it said.

"Treasury's unfortunate insensitivity to the values of transparency has led it to engage in conduct that risks further damaging public trust in government," the report said.


I don't think you can really do that.  Most folk don't really care.  As long as the cash is still flowing, they don't even notice the inflation.  So it goes on and on and on about how they're doing it, and it really doesn't mean much to us at all at the bottom.  As I say, as long as that cash still circulates and you can afford to play yourselves.  When we stop playing, we're in trouble.  But they'll keep us playing until the bitter end, you know.  You just won't notice, like the hamster, that you're running on a cheaper-made wheel, one with no ball bearings in it, that starts to squeak an awful lot until the little pins that hold it on fall off.  That's the end.  You see, that's the end then.  They won't have to give you anything else. 


And then we get Microsoft.  Of course, Microsoft was put up there and Bill Gates and all these guys to be the front men for the military-industrial complex that runs the computer systems and to make sure that there can only be one.  There must only be one.  One of this and one of that and one of that in the perfect Marxist banker society.  And it says here:


Microsoft's retiring Chief Technical Officer Ray Ozzie asked that the company move on from its PC-oriented roots and envision a world that mainly relies on the Internet and wireless devices. The comment arrives just after the public announcement of his retirement (A: And yadda, yadda, ya.)


"It’s important that all of us do precisely what our competitors and customers will ultimately do: close our eyes and form a realistic picture of what a post-PC world might actually look like,


And he goes on to basically describe the cloud technology, where everyone will be in the cloud.  You won't really need a hard drive and all that stuff of course, because you'll have a plug in, for your little phone, into the screens.  And all your stuff will be done through the cloud.  And the cloud is what they've been steering you towards.  I call it the sheep pen, actually, because eventually everything will be done through the cloud.  And everyone on the planet's data will get fed into it, and how wonderful for the world security system, not just a national security system or agency.  It will be the world security agency, which already exists, and the NSA is just a big, big part of it.  And they'll punish you too, as I say, when you're being naughty, and you've said something nasty in an email.  And I've already thought about that too.  You'll get about three warnings before you send an email, do you want to send this particular email, you have included, yadda, yadda, ya, which is not politically correct.  You'll get three warnings and then you're out.  You know, you'll get a penalty for two weeks off the internet or a month, just to punish you.  Social approval, social disapproval, and your friends will all think you've done something awfully bad to get banned.  You see, that's how people think, the masses, basically.  They must have done something wrong.  And they're quite happy to do everything right, of course, whatever it happens to be, in whatever morality society they give you.


Kindergartens to get same-sex fairytales


As we go into this Sovietized Banker World, you see.  That's why the bankers funded the Soviets.  That's why all the big royalty families in Britain were all for this kind of Socialistic system.  It's no secret that Britain's royal family, and others too, across Europe, who are all related of course, were great friends of the Nazis, but they were also great friends of the Soviets.  And because, they all were based on Socialism, Socialist systems where they'd have this massive bureaucracy of experts running all of society.  There would be no decisions at all for the people at the bottom to make.  It would all be done for them, trying to work it like a big machine.  And I've mentioned before in the Soviet era, they actually had a hero in the early days, who built a machine, and he called it the Social Engineering Machine, with all these cogs in it, and wheels that went round, to show you how the big society would actually work.  Smoothly and nicely, as long as it was well oiled, you see.  And that's really how the society is still based today on this.  This system which bases it on statistics and so on.  It doesn't matter what reality is.  Statistics go first, and numbers.  Everything is run to numbers, like mathematics and that's how they try to push things, through mathematics.  And again, through all the things that came out of game theory applied as well, for CEOs, etc.  Anyway:


Kindergartens to get same-sex fairytales


Government wants to do away with established models. (A: You know, nature's models.  And:) Traditional children’s fairytales are to be phased out. (A: Have you ever wondered why you saw those Zena things that came out, and then all these warrior princesses, and there's lots of them now out there, who all look like they've just come out of Hollywood, after having their personal trainers, and they're on their special diets and all the rest of it, and exercise machines.  And they dress them up in very skimpy clothing, who just kick the blazes out of guys, left, right, and center, more than Chan did even in his movies, Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee.  And this is the ones they're pushing now for the women, and guys are just falling back to be their little tubby machines they're portrayed to be in all the cartoons.  Anyway, it says:)


 Picture books with princes who fall in love with other princes, (A: Eh? Princes who fall in love with other princes?  I guess that's the way it is now.  Is that Charles?) kings who’d rather spend time with their children than ruling their kingdom, and macho princesses who save princes from great danger will eventually be a regular part of kindergarten education.


(A: And it's true you know, they said a long, long time ago, you can create any kind of society you want with the right kind of indoctrination.  And of course the money and the power resources and having everybody on board with you, all the big institutions.)


The Ministry of Children and Equality (A: It's like something out of George Orwell, isn't it.) The Ministry of Children and Equality wants to mirror Norwegian society’s sexual diversity by expanding pupils’ gender identity.  (A: Hmm, expanding it, eh?) Children are to learn that having homosexual or lesbian parents is normal.


(A: Hmm.  You know, I read an article last year from Norway, where it's one of the few countries where you can actually have beastiality, it's not illegal, and they were flying in all these wealthy people from New York and different parts of London and so on, to go over for holidays there, where they can have their pick from I think anything from a hen up to a donkey, and even book their favorite ones for the next time.  And they try to say there was no harm to the animals.  See, that came out too, in these world meetings that they had.  As long as the animal isn't harmed, you know. Because this was when they were talking about consent.  They're trying to get intergenerational sex too, amongst the generations, so old characters, old geezers could have sex with young children.  And they tried to say, well, as long as there's consent, you know, it's alright, and there's no harm done.  Well, try to do the same thing with the animals, but I haven't seen them signing on to any agreements.  Anyway, that's what's to happen there.  And it just makes you think that it's pretty well all over isn't it?  It says:)


Traditional children’s fairytales are to be phased out of the picture (A: Books with princes, blah, blah, blah, will fall in love, yadda, yadda, ya, to get ruled out, and make women to be put up to the great heroes and heroines and so on.  It says:)


About one and a half years ago, the amended marriage law allowing same-sex partners to tie the knot was introduced.


There’s now a move to transfer the ideology to toddlers and upwards. 1,500 examples of teaching materials warning against the one-sided gender patterns in fairytales have been sent out to the country’s kindergartens.


Employees are also to be sent on courses where they’ll learn how to talk to children about different sexual orientations, as well as improving their competence to handle cases of bullying because of sexual identity.  (A: I guess the females will be allowed to bully though, because they have to, if they're going to be warrior princesses.)


Research shows parents and kindergarten workers help reinforce traditional gender patterns. (A: No kidding, eh.  Well, that's terrible.  They're contaminated parents.  Parents have been putting contaminated ideas down into their children's heads for generations.  It's got to stop.)  The aim of our work is to expand boys’ and girls’ room for maneuverer in kindergarten. (A: God, can you imagine them all.  You know what's going to happen to the kindergartens, don't you?  Can you imagine it?  It will be like that school I talked about a few weeks ago, in the states, where the teacher was actually letting them have sex in the classroom. Yep.)  Love happens in kindergarten and at school,” (A: So here we go.  Love will happen at kindergarten, at school.) Ole Bredesen Norfjell, Executive Editor at the Reform Foundation – a resource centre for men – that’s published the material, tells Vårt Land.


So there you go.  There you go, folks.  Everything that was predicted has come to pass.  And of course, as it goes there, all the rest will follow.  The avant-garde, no doubt.  And then all the upper middle classes and all the want-to-bes in America, Canada, Britain, and elsewhere, if there's any left in Britain, I don't know, will emulate it, because you've got to be on the cutting edge, you know.  You've got to be in reading the latest books by this author and that author.  That's all they talk about at their little wine parties, when they stand and talk to each other, chit chat nicely.  Have you read the latest book by so and so, and then they quote them.  They have no ideas and thoughts of their own.  They quote this and quote that, just to show you that they've read them, and that's where they get all their updating and programming from. 


Another good article too, to show you that the War on Terror was a pure farce, of course.  It was to bring in the whole Totalitarian world system by force, because the Club of Rome and many other top think tanks for the United Nations, and the ones who advise the world governments said that they'd have to basically use authoritarian society to bring all of this in.  Why wait another hundred years trying to brainwash the people by persuasion, when you can just put it in, ram it through, and remember Carroll Quigley said, you can get more done in five years of war from social changes and propaganda than you can in fifty years of peace, and that's what the war of terror is also all about.  And by god, are they ramming everything through, eh, everything.  So this great war on terror, it says here, from the Guardian.


No terror arrests in 100,000 police counter-terror searches, figures show


Just 504 people out of 101,248 searches under counter-terror powers last year were held for any offence, Home Office reveals


(A: And the ones that they were held for had nothing to do with terrorism.  It says:)


More than 100,000 people were stopped and searched by police under counter-terrorism powers last year but none of them were arrested for terrorism-related offences,  (A: None of them.  None of them.) according to Home Office figures published today.


(A: That's houses getting raided, too, you know.)


The statistics show that 504 people out of the 101,248 searches were arrested for any offence – an arrest rate of 0.5%, compared with an average 10% arrest rate for street searches under normal police powers.


The figures prompted the former Conservative home affairs spokesman David Davis to call for the controversial policy to be scrapped.


"This astonishing fact (A: Astonishing fact.  Like they just found out, eh?) of no terrorism-related arrests, let alone prosecutions or convictions, in over 100,000 stop and searches, demonstrates what a massively counter-productive policy this is," said Davis.


(A: They just noticed that.  They've got millions of cameras up, putting them up even before 9/11 happened of course.  They tried to get the universal ID card in with the chip in it, before 9/11 happened, in 1998, all that stuff, but they just noticed that, you know, there's just nothing happening here.)


"A policy which fuels resentment and antagonism amongst minority communities without achieving a single terrorist conviction serves only to help our enemies and increase the terrorism threat."


(A: Never mind that.  You've got to also look towards all your voters who are now called Mohammed.  I should add that too.)


The annual Home Office bulletin on the use of terror powers also discloses for the first time that more than 85,000 people were questioned by police at airports and other border points in the last years under counter-terrorist legislation. More than 2,600 of them were held for more than an hour. (A: Just held out of 85,000.)


As Home Office ministers consider proposals to cut the current 28-day limit on detention without charge of terror suspects, the official figures reveal that nobody has been held longer than 14 days for the last two years before being charged or released.


The annual bulletin on the police use of counter-terrorism powers shows that, since the 9/11 attacks, 1,834 people have been arrested in Britain in connection with terrorism-related incidents.


(A: And they should probably add to that too, generally it's set up by MI5, who put out, they actually hire ethnics, bring them into MI5, and get them to set up sting operations, because you've got to make sure that something is happening, to justify all the cash they're getting, and all that power.  Same in Canada, that happened here too, and quite of few have happened in the States.  So young guys out there, don't join anything, especially when someone is being awfully radical, getting away with it, has some cash and gives you a lot of goodies and spoils you, and no one is bothering him.  He's setting you up for something.  I hope you all remember that.  And that goes for all groups, including whites.  It says:)


A total of 1,000 of those suspects have been released without charge, 422 charged with terrorism-related offences, 228 with other crimes, and the remaining 184 dealt with by other action such as being transferred to the immigration authorities.


So, isn't that a wonderful world we live in, eh?  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I tell you, it takes some cutting to get through to any idea or semblance of reality, the way it's all presented to us, because it's all spun and either politically correct or it's meant to get you angry about something, without any recourse as to what gets done about it, which just leaves you frustrated.  And when you're frustrated, you tend to go off into happiness again.  That's what we do.  We're ego-syntonic.  So they give you all the fun stuff, so we forget all the frustrating stuff.  We're played, we're played like fish on a line.  It's quite simple to do.


And there's a caller there.  It's Luke from Vermont.  Are you there, Luke?


Luke: Yeah, hi Alan.  Thanks for taking my call. 


Alan: Yes.


Luke: I was wondering, do you think that any election can ever stop this massive plan?


Alan: No.  No.


Luke: No?


Alan: No.


Luke: Huh.  See, I'm trying to decide whether or not I should invest in college, or I should invest in something else?  Do you think you can help me with that?


Alan: Yeah.  I know where you are, because lots of folk are on the same boat.  No, this whole agenda was planned long before I was born, and before you were born, and where it was to go, how it would go, even the stages, fifteen year plans for this part, twenty year for that part, and so on, and it's never veered from its course.  It's never veered.  And elections now, they're still using the election scenarios that they gave us back in the 1900s, even though everything is completely changed.  You don't have parties as you think you have them.  You've got a bunch of millionaires on the left and a bunch of millionaires on the right, all investing in the same companies, all having quiet drinkee-poos, as they share each other's homes and stuff, and wives sometimes, and sometimes each other.  And that's the real world they live in.  They'll invest in the same up-and-coming world agreements, through the United Nations, where the money is to be sunk.  And that's what the IMF helps them do too.  They're all connected with the IMF, all the top politicians, because that's where their shares go, is developing nations.  That means that it'll be matched with taxpayers' dollars, to bring these emerging nations up, and so it's a winner, it's a sure bet winner.  So there's nothing you can do that's going to change them.  It doesn't matter who they give you as the front person, look who's behind them and look at these particular advisors.  They're all the same.  They've all come from the same central source, in every country, so they're all on board together.  And then you have the parallel government of the big foundations making sure that they're all on board together.  No one deviates.  If anyone deviates out of this, they're called a Rogue Nation, and NATO would be in and they'd bomb the hell out of you before you knew it.  It's set in stone.  H.G. Wells talked about this when they signed the League of Nations, and he said nothing can stop this agenda now.  Nothing.  Because now you have massive bureaucracies that have more power than the politicians, and these bureaucracies in every government work directly with other government's bureaucracies of the equivalent level, and they work directly with the United Nations.  That includes education and resources and money investment, all that kind of stuff.  So what we're left with is the show for the public of voting in your popular hero, you know. 


Luke: And can you help me with that decision for college, at all?


Alan: Yeah.  I mean, why not?  You're going to have to survive somehow.  And you have to look at what you're going to go into that's going to be the least damaging, the least damaging to others and to yourself, if you can do it, and still be able to come through with a livable wage of some kind.  And there's a few things open, out there, that you can go into. Especially develop your own mind, if nothing else, with as much of a diverse education as possible for yourself.


Luke: Okay.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or gods go with you.



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