October 29th, 2010 (#696)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt October 29th, 2010:

Most Don't Mind, Losing Battle for Mind:

"Control Freak, Social Planners with Alterations,
Implemented Scientifically, for Modifications,
Worked Out by Neuroscience, Praise the Saviour,
Bringing in a Docile World by Changing Behaviour,
So Long We've Been Studied, Not Hard to Do,
You'll Wear Orange Instead of Red, White & Blue,
Yes Everyone Wants Acceptance in the Group,
Easy to Upgrade Masses, from Loop to Loop,
Those to Be Shunned, the Thinking Individual,
As Their Numbers Reduce to Remnant Residual,
New Memory Upgraded so You Think You're Alive,
Doing What Everyone's Doing, In the Beehive,
Modifying Behaviour with Technology's a Breeze,
Whole Nations Conquered, the Master to Please"
© Alan Watt October 29th, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - October 29th, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, we're back, Cutting Through the Matrix, this big strange system we're born into, where your parents take everything for granted, because they were brainwashed before you were, and their job is to partly brainwash you, and make you think that everything is normal, as well.  And most folk actually will.  If the adult mammals don't train their children what to beware of, the young ones are easy prey to the predators around, and my goodness, we have lots of predators in this society, and they run the world, actually.  And they don't simply act as simple predators, they use sciences, as well, to prey on you, because they understand how we tick.  The biggest amount of financing that's really gone into humanity and the study of humanity has gone into how your mind ticks, and how the groups work together, and how nations work together, how to create cultures and destroy cultures.  And, in other words, you find out what creates a culture, and what makes it strong, you find ways to destroy it.  And that's what they've been up to for an awful long time, the group who run the world and bring you the wonderful United Nations, they had to destroy the cultures by degrading them step by step, through means they would actually enjoy at the time.  And they give you the culture industry, and everybody copies and mimics what they see, something that even Plato knew, an awful long time ago.  And you have no idea of the amount of your tax money that goes into these projects, to make sure that you're brainwashed in the proper way, for the proper way that the authorities want you to behave at any given period.  Sometimes they'll take a society down, and they'll point out the chaos they've produced, and say, my goodness, look at the crime, the unwanted children, the drugs, the prostitution, the crime, and then they get the police force in, and then they can change more laws to have more authority over you.  You can't have that in a society where the culture is intact.  In fact, you don't need most of the cops either, everyone knows the basic rules, and you police yourselves.  That's how it used to be, not too long ago. 


And people don't know too, that before World War II began, a group came from Germany, and from Vienna too, from the Vienna school, and they had combined a couple of their doctrines to do with a form of Marxism, which they hoped to bring into the world, and run men properly, the way they should be organized, and they would dictate from the top down, having the proper intelligentsia do it, to make sure that everyone behaved in the proper, proper way, and they'd be ruled like a big machine, you see.  More so than that, they would also work right down to how many people should be born for any given function.  No more free choice in anything, it was just so untidy when you decided I think I'll try to work at this, and I might not like it, and I'll try something else.  That was just too untidy.  They wanted to pick you at school, find out what you had an ability for, and train you solely in that ability, and that's all you'd know.  You would know nothing about any other science, in fact, or any other particular area.  That's what the Soviets did.  So, they came over, as I say, to escape Germany that was coming into World War II, and they were put up by Britain and the United States and given incredible funding from the international bankers and foundations to set up their vast projects. 


And here is one of them here, and it was called, The Radio Project.  And we know that Britain, when it started up the BBC, tested out Tavistock techniques on the general population, to see if they could alter their behavior.  You remember what Skinner found out too, you put something in the people's environment, and it will alter their behavior.  The radio was one, the television followed it.  Because people want to come home at a certain time, and everybody shuts up and says nothing, as that particular show is airing, and they usually left you with serials, so you'd have a cliffhanger at the end, and then they would find out how many folk would tune in the next day.  They'd altered your behavior.  They'd altered what you would be doing otherwise, if you weren't tuning in to listen to this episode.  And they also aimed primarily again at women.  They thought women are far more adventurous when it comes to change, they'll go for it faster than men.  So this project here is about the U.S.  They used one on the United States too, in League with Tavistock, of course.  And it's called:


Radio Project


The Radio Project was a social research project funded by (A: Guess who again?) the Rockefeller Foundation to look into the effects of mass media on society.


In 1937, the Rockefeller Foundation started funding research to find the effects of new forms of mass media on society, especially radio. Several universities joined up and a headquarters was formed at the School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. (A: That was also part of their psychology department.)


The following people were involved: (A: Here's the old names again.)


Paul Lazarsfeld - Director of the Radio Project

Theodor Adorno - (A: These guys all had OSS clearance, by the way.) Adorno - (A: A massive player in all of this.  He ended up running a big part of the culture industry, designing, along with Bertrand Russell and the Macy Group, the kind of culture they'd bring in the '50s and then the '60s.  In fact, he owned a lot of the rights of various groups for their music, and it's often said that he wrote a lot of it.  Anyway, it says here:)


Theodor Adorno - Chief of the Music Division 

Hadley Cantril - A psychologist at Princeton University's Department of Psychology

Gordon Allport - another of Lazarsfeld's assistants, went on to be the Tavistock Institute's leading representative in the United States.

Frank Stanton - Researcher from CBS sent to help the project, went on to become president of CBS.


Among the Project's first studies were soap operas, (A: This was back in the thirties.) known as radio dramas at the time.  (A: They were doing what Britain had already tried out with Tavistock.)


The Radio Project also researched the 1938 Halloween broadcast of The War of the Worlds.  (A: That's where they used Orson Welles to narrate it over the radio, to make it sound like it was actually happening, and they panicked lots of people.  It says:) They found that of the estimated 6 million people who heard this broadcast, 25% thought it was real. Most of the people who panicked did not think that it was an invasion from Mars that was occurring, but rather an invasion by the Germans. (A: They were trying to see how well their propaganda worked, hyping up the public, you see.)  It was later determined that because of the radio broadcasts from the Munich Crisis earlier in the year, the masses were prone to this.


A third research project was that of listening habits. Because of this, a new method was developed used to survey an audience - this was dubbed the Little Annie Project. The official name was the Stanton-Lazarsfeld Program Analyzer. This allowed one not only to find out if a listener liked the performance, but how they felt at any individual moment, through a dial which they would turn to express their preference (positive or negative). This has since become an essential tool in focus group research.  (A: And I've gone through focus research groups with Bernays before.)


Theodor Adorno produced numerous reports on the effects of "atomized listening" which radio supported and of which he was highly critical. However, because of profound methodological disagreements with Lazarsfeld over the use of techniques like listener surveys and "Little Annie" (Adorno thought both grossly simplified and ignored the degree to which expressed tastes were the result of commercial marketing), Adorno left the project in 1941.


That's when he went on to join the Macy Group, that was authorized by the president to change the culture of the United States, by the way.  When they combined with the Macy Group, the old Vienna Club, and also with another group that came over from Germany.  They put them all together and gave them massive funding to control and alter the U.S., using again, funding from the government and from the foundations, Rockefeller being a massive investor in this big project.  They have never stopped, by the way.  Never stopped. 


And they used the universities.  Even that one with War of the Worlds, they used the whole Psychological Department of Princeton University, and departments from the War Department as well were involved in it, to see how they could vastly manipulate whole populations in this fashion.  Quite something, isn't it, eh?  And folk haven't got a clue what's going on.


Now I touched on this the other day, just touched on it, didn't go through it, and it's about persuasive technology.  Because you see, everything you do now is really a method of prompting.  They're prompting you, those that sell you the various computers, and iPhones, and everything else to do with it, actually hire people to find ways to prompt you.  I've gone through Sunstein and his prompting techniques, and he's one of the big leaders in it.  This here is from a company, it's co-produced by UBM TechWeb and O'Reilly conferences, it says.  And this went on the Web 2 Expo, San Francisco 2010, so it was a big workshop, for all the big players.  And it says, it was taught by:


Kendra Markle


(A: And it breaks down as follows, and she gives you the intros.  It says:)


Intro: Tools and techniques for persuading people, quickly and inexpensively, are here. The platforms for persuasion are open to even those with limited technical skill. We’ll cover examples of persuasion on websites, (A: How to persuade folk through what they're reading.) mobile apps, texting, facebook, videos and games, and reflect on the trends and upcoming opportunities we see at the time of the workshop.


(A: And the next part is Brain science, that's neuroscience.)


Our brains are wired to stereotype, follow the crowd, learn from example, react to triggers, etc. With careful design, our technology can act like and exhibit the appropriate traits to persuade our brains and influence our attitudes and actions. For example, technology that volunteers ‘personal’ information before asking for the user’s info is likely to be more successful in obtaining it. (A: They've got you covered every different way.  They know you down through A-Z, A to Z).  Messages intended to stop the user from doing something are more effective when accompanied by a picture of a person of the same gender. We’ll talk briefly about why these associations exist in our brains and lead up to how they translate into web development.


Persuasive techniques: We’ll describe at least five of the most broadly applicable principles of persuasive technology, and the pros and cons of each. These include tailoring the experience, surveillance, operant conditioning (A: I hope you've all read into operant conditioning), reduction, tunneling and self-monitoring, among others. (A: Self-monitoring, by the way is also called self-policing.  And that's what the UN is always harping on about through their political correctness.  They'll bring in a society who will be very politically correct, and they'll be self-policing, because they'll be scared stiff they're being watched, or that someone could even read your thoughts.  No kidding.)  and self-monitoring, among others.


And I'll go on through some more of this stuff, when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, we're back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just going through an article here from the Expo San Francisco 2010, from Web 2, it was called.  It was a big expo, it was on there for all the big players who are currently and will be in the future, playing with your head, because that's their job, you see, to make you do things, alter your behavior, politicians actually pay them money too, to find ways to alter your behavior, and it's through your computers, getting prompts and all the rest of it.  And shortly you will see built into all your emails, little pop-ups that will come up when you are politically incorrect, and you will be asked, in a nice voice, I'm sure, "do you really want to carry on, with this?  This is politically incorrect, this could be charged, you could be fined 2 credits, or 5 credits," or something like that.  And I'm not kidding.  This is what it's all about.  But most of it, you see, works on you without you knowing about it at all, because they don't tell you what they're doing.  It's called prompting, etc.  And leading your wave of thinking.  They understand you.  And they categorize you into a whole bunch, over 30 different types.  And it says here:


We’ll talk about using technology in the role of a social actor that creates a relationship with the user, as a tool that increases the user’s capability and as a medium that provides an experience and how each of these can be persuasive for different types of behaviors. We’ll do a short exercise for each technique to give attendees a chance to apply the principle to their own work (and keep people awake and learning from doing).


Case Studies: Here we’ll delve into strengths and weaknesses of existing persuasive platforms, such as mobile phones and facebook, as well as some emerging platforms, such as persuasive video. (A: Persuasive video.) We’ll look at good and bad examples of each and discuss ways that certain popular websites and services could be more influential. We’ll take give participants a chance to analyze an example that we provide with their neighbor to encourage them to think.


Design process and exercises: Our 8 step design process starts with determining the exact behavior you’re targeting (A: It could be anything in the general population.  What behavior do you not like, or whatever.) and understanding it with our grid of 35 behavior types. Next, choose a receptive audience and identify barriers. Then, choose the appropriate technology channel, find relevant examples, imitate successful examples, test and iterate quickly, and lastly, expand on success. We’ll also show a model for behavior change that involves using brain science (A: That's neuroscience.) to increase motivation, removes barriers by breaking the behavior down into smaller, achievable pieces and finally sparks action by sending a trigger (A: Then they show you more about that, how to do it at their website.)


Next, we’ll apply this process as a group to a few potential applications, such as a virtual coach for a health condition, a trustworthy website of resources, etc. We’ll guide the audience through the design process, letting them decide on the features and platform for the application.


Kendra builds persuasive technology tools for healthy behavior change.  (A: This is a big player here, folks, I hope you're listening carefully.  It says that:) She works with the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University on mobile persuasion, the psychology of Facebook, (A: Ha, ha, ha, all you schmucks on Facebook.) and social networking for health. She does research at Kaiser Permanente using technology tools to help patients manage obesity (A: You see, they're targeting that too.) and chronic conditions. Her company AlterActions.org produces tools for mental health, including recovering from depression, learning mindfulness, synthesizing happiness and building willpower.


Etc, etc, etc, etc.  Now, they're all using this.  Governments are using this all the time in all their advertising and the big marketers are using it all the time as well.  And tie that in with Sunstein, remember, with his particular big unit.  Very important unit, who are doing a lot of stuff for the government for schools and for the general population, to change everyone's behavior.  And Sunstein also said, they'd have to target the Patriot Communities by Infiltration.  Well, they have done that years ago, actually.  They don't wait for them to start up.  They often set up their own ones, and call it Patriot ones, and then they of course change what a Patriot even means anymore.  And that's part of it.  He said, we can diffuse any conflict before it starts, because he said, we can integrate ourselves, infiltrate amongst them, and then gradually, through argumentation and thought processes, and alteration, they'll have no reason for being.  They'll say, what's the point of doing what we're doing.  They'll no longer believe in what they're doing.  That's how you diffuse it.  They've been at this for years, these characters.  Years and years and years, before they even gave you the computer, in fact, and people are utterly oblivious of it.  Utterly oblivious of it. 


They did say they'd target other Patriot Shows, and so on, especially forums.  It's so easy to implant them into the forums.  The guy says all the right stuff, he seems to know more than most.  People follow them, and then he ends up getting them to attack other people who are genuine.  And that's what they do.  They use the schmucks as the foot soldiers, and they attack the genuine Patriot sites, bombarding them with rotten emails and stuff like that.  A lot of money is paid to these infiltrators, to destroy what's the truth being put out there, an awful lot. 


Now these days too, the world has totally changed.  You don't call the cops if you're in trouble, they might kill you.  And there's just too much of this going on, of course, we've seen so many incidences in the past, but here's another one here, from Britain.  And it shows you, and they've got a video here, I'll put it up tonight, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and it's about a poor soul who, it says here:


Shocking video shows stab victim being repeatedly punched by police sent out to help him


This is the shocking moment police began beating a restrained man (A: He's already restrained.) who had been stabbed in the head as he lay bleeding in a park.


And I'll go into this one, when I come back from this break.  Brave New World, it certainly is. 


Hi folks, we're back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Going into our New World Order, which is training us all the time that we better be awfully good, or we'll get our heads bashed in by the authorities, who seem to have permission to do a lot of that stuff today.  And it said here, this guy, he staggered into a park, after being stabbed in the head, and the police were called and they were there very shortly, before they started beating him up.  And it says here:


Darren Grace had staggered into Liverpool's Stanley Park in the early hours of Sunday, August 1 when three officers at first came to his aid.


However footage shows that as Mr Grace seems to try to resist treatment, one officer rains down a volley of eight punches onto his injured head (A: They really know where to go for, just make sure they finish him off, eh?) while a female officer puts her hand on his arm.


Five minutes later, just before 8am, both she and the other officer appear to punch Mr Grace in the head and back as he lies face down on the ground.


(A: That sounds like the New World Order to me, actually.)


The 31-year-old was later charged with two counts of assaulting a police officer (A: Can you believe this?  The guy is unconscious, stabbed in the head, and he's just been beaten up by the cops, but they always have to try that to say why they did it, you see.  They always have to get a charge in.  So they charged him with assaulting a police officer, when he was unconscious, of course, you know.  It says:)- charges which were eventually dropped when Crown Prosecution Service lawyers saw the tape and realized there wasn't enough evidence 'to provide a realistic prospect of a conviction'.


After receiving basic treatment, Mr Grace was held in a cell for 11 hours.


(A: This is after getting your head stabbed.)


Today Merseyside Police accused the Anfield joiner (A: He's a carpenter.) of being violent towards the officers adding 'CCTV images can never show the whole story'. 


(A: Whoa, they never show the whole story, right?)


After being shown the tape by the Liverpool Echo, the force voluntarily referred the incident to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.


(A: Which of course is run by ex-cops.  It says:)


But the watchdog said it was happy for Merseyside Police to conduct its own investigation and it is now the subject of a Professional Standards Department probe.


(A: That again is done by ex-cops who are higher up there, in a higher order of the lodge, of course.)


Mr Grace has not lodged a formal complaint with Merseyside Police and will not co-operate with the internal inquiry saying he has no confidence in the force.


(A: Well, I wouldn't have any confidence in them either, the lying bunch of you know whats.)


He said: 'I remember waking up in the cell with my face covered in blood, my head throbbing. I could feel the cut where I'd been stabbed.'


The three officers involved remain on duty and no disciplinary action has yet been taken.


Superintendent Mike Shaw, from Merseyside Police's Professional Standards Department, told the Liverpool Echo: 'As a police force we expect the highest standards from our officers. Where those standards are found to be breached, disciplinary action is taken.


(A: Like, don't be naughty, and if you're ever doing that again, don't be caught on tape, because that's what they tell them, you see.  Anyway they were called to the disturbance in the morning it says:


on Sunday, August 1 ...[on] Butterfield Street in Anfield in which it was reported that a male had been stabbed.


'Enquiries led officers to Stanley Park. Upon arrival they found Mr Grace with head injuries in need of medical assistance. During the courts (A: They must mean the course.  They can't spell anymore.) [course]of administering medical assistance to Mr Grace he became violent towards the officers.


(A: What were they pouring on his head?)


'In this case I understand that members of the public will be concerned when watching this footage. However I would like to stress that CCTV images can never show the whole story. 


(A: Well, it's good enough when you're going on about the 7/7 bombers that missed their trains and were still apparently on them, even though they hadn't run at the right time.)


'The Professional Standards Department has been in contact with Mr Grace and his legal representatives and have been advised that there will be no complaint against police at this time and that Mr Grace does not want to take part in any misconduct investigation.


'Nevertheless, in order to understand the full circumstances of the incident the Professional Standards Department has launched an investigation.


I don't care what they come up with, since when is it lawful for cops to pound and pound and pound a guy who's unconscious?  Hmm, for the hell of it?  Hmm?  You know, we're putting up with more and more and more.  You see, this is part of the same training that I just mentioned.  This is another form of training the public, if you're at all suspicious, even walking out after getting stabbed, you're going to get your head kicked in with the cops.  You see, dehumanization, and fear has got to be built up, until we grovel and grovel and grovel and just jump to attention when authority speaks to us.  You better believe that is the purpose of it all.  It's not happening by chance.  Too many of these articles about it.  Look at all the tazer articles too. 


Anyway, here's another article on bisphenol A, after they keep saying, oh it's okay to eat the stuff by the spoonful, according to the Melamine Manufacturer's Association that paid off the European Union.  Anyway:


Bisphenol-A now (A: definitely) linked to male infertility


A controversial chemical used for decades in the mass production of food containers and baby bottles has been linked to male infertility (A: Listen to this.) for the first time.


(A: And this is from the Telegraph, for the first time.  I was talking about this years ago.  And then it goes on about, it says:)


It is found in most food and drink cans – including tins of infant formula milk (A: This has been going on for about twenty-five years, thirty years)


It is also used in baby bottles though this is slowly being phased out. (A: They've said that for the last thirty years too.)


[It] has been the subject of intense research as it is a known endocrine disrupter which in large quantities interferes with the release of hormones.


(A: That's why they've got so many guys taking up knitting.  It says:)


Earlier studies have linked it to low sex drive, impotence and DNA damage in sperm.


Now a new five year study claims to have found a link between levels of BPA in the blood and male fertility.


Well, they keep finding the same things over and over again.  You see, they've done this so many times and done nothing about it, because that's what it's designed to do to males.  It's the agenda.  There are many ways of conducting a warfare, many, many ways.  This is just one of them.  Long term, keep quiet about it, watch the effects over generations, and we see the effects.  We see the effects of it all around us in the modern young male.  Anyway, I'll put that up too, as well.




School buses test fingerprint scan


(A: And that's another one that came out in USA Today.)


School districts are turning to high-tech solutions — from fingerprint scans to electronic cards — to track kids on school buses and keep them from getting off at the wrong stops. 


And of course, it's pushed by the company Biometric Observation Security System, which says BOSS, that's its name B-O-S-S.  That's being tested.  So it's all a hurrah, hurrah for BOSS.  Big Boss, I guess, who's going to rake all the cash in, and it's got all the contracts with all these different schools.  No doubt too, there's kickbacks to the headmasters who give them the contracts, or the head of the board of the school.  Because that's how real life works, you know.  That's how it really does work.  Quite something, quite something indeed. 


And this article is from the States as well.  It was something you were expecting too.  The Indianapolis Star, it says,


Armed security guards have been hired at several state unemployment center sites because of concern about how people could react when their jobless benefits run out.


(A: So, they're hiring armed guards, I guess to shoot the people who freak out when they're told they're now broke, and they're not going to get any help in the States.)


Jobless checks will be terminated starting in December for about 100,000 people who have exhausted the maximum 99 weeks provided through multiple federal extension periods, state officials said.


Department of Workforce Development spokesman Marc Lotter said the agency is merely being cautious.


(A: I wonder if they'll bring tanks in too to be cautious.  Anyway, it says:)


"Given the upcoming expiration of the federal extensions and the increased stress on some of the unemployed, we thought added security would provide an extra level of protection for our employees and clients," (A: Don't be a client.  You saw what the cops did to the last guy, eh?  They'll just shoot you.)


Expiration dates are staggered over several months through May, depending on when the extension pay started.


Congress is considering funding another extension of the unemployment compensation program, but that hasn't happened, Lotter said. Thousands of Hoosiers were without benefits for about 10 weeks before the last extension was authorized in June.


Guards will be assigned to all 36 offices where unemployment insurance benefits are handled. There are 92 offices statewide, but most of those are not full-service branches.


Lotter said some offices have had guards for nearly two years. Armed guards were hired for the two Indianapolis-area offices last year.


The overall cost for the security is $1 million, (A: Don't give it to the people who need the money, no, give it to armed guards.) paid for with federal funds designated for administration of the unemployment system, Lotter said.


So, this is our wonderful Brave New World, a gentler, softer, kinder world, you know.  As long as you're not poor.  Anyway, that's how it's going, eh. 


Now the UN just signed another big world bio-diversity charter.  You see, it's ongoing with the Kyoto, this, that, and the next thing.


UN biodiversity conference adopts "Nagoya Protocol" (2nd Roundup)


Nagoya, Japan - Delegates from around the world adopted (A: It's great how they get them in all these faraway places you can't attend, eh, to make sure that no one can complain.  Delegates from around, so the delegates here they're talking about all the ones that are authorized by the United Nations, all the NGOs and the sponsors.) from around the world adopted early Saturday an international protocol (A: I love all these protocols that they come out with, eh?) aimed at protecting biodiversity and sharing the benefits of natural genetic resources.


(A: Isn't that nice, sharing the benefits of natural genetic resources.)


Senior ministers and government officials from more than 190 countries had gathered in the central Japanese city of Nagoya to discuss how to stop environmental destruction and the loss of plant and animal species. (A: Who else was in on this?)


After stalled talks, parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) reached agreement on the adoption of a protocol for the equitable sharing of benefits derived from the use of genetic resources such as plants from which big businesses develop drugs, (A: That's big pharma) cosmetics and others products.


(A: And you thought it was all about wildlife and that and helping the animals, eh?)


On the final day of the 12-day talks, Ryu Matsumoto, chairman of the meeting and Japan's environment minister, presented his own proposal to try to break the deadlock after negotiators failed to reach agreement Thursday.


The adoption of the protocol on access and benefit-sharing of genetic resources was described as a 'long-cherished dream' by Matsumoto.


The CBD, born out of the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, (A: That was the Earth Summit Charter, that Rockefeller paid for, and his front man, little Maurice Strong, who was also the head of the World Bank at one time, was the front man for it.  He spieled it out into existence, and every other country signed on it through this agreement that becomes law, you see, where it gave all the animals, and all the grass and everything, rights, but nothing was mentioned about humans having rights, whatsoever.  It says:) along with the United Nations climate change convention, has three main objectives: to conserve biological diversity; to use biological diversity in a sustainable way; and to share the benefits of genetic resources fairly and equitably.


(A: Amongst the big gangsters at the top, big pharma.)


Developing countries had demanded not only shares of future profits from resource commercialization but also retroactive ones. A clause that included the latter was taken out of the final document.


But the draft took the view of developing countries into account when seeking the creation of a global benefit-sharing mechanism. Such countries were also urged to consider the need for immediate access to genetic resources, such as pathogens, during medical emergencies.


And then of course they go into, again, the whole global climate change stuff.  You know, changes in the weather and stuff like that is all wrapped up into it too.  And who was all there, all the usual stuff, the World Wildlife Fund and so on, and so on, and Greenpeace, and yadda, yadda, ya.  And your government representatives are all there to sign it into law.  That's how things are done in the world, far, far away, and hardly mentioned in most of the media. 


Now, this ties in with this one. 


Carbon trading project a world first


(A: And I told you, just a few days ago, how they'll come in to weigh you and all the rest of it, shortly, because the World Health Organization first put the War on Smoking, and every country has resigned that for the last five years, and that's why tobacco is getting priced out of existence.  And they're going after the War on Obesity now, from the United Nations, again, and tying it in with carbon trading, and I said this would happen too, years ago.  It was like a joke, but it's true.)


Carbon trading project a world first


A WORLD-FIRST trial of a personal carbon trading scheme (A: You see, everybody is going to get your personal tax for your carbon trading.  Everybody out there who's listening.) that will also target obesity, (A: At the same time.  I knew that would happen.) is to be conducted by Southern Cross University on Norfolk Island.


The three-year project will involve giving everyone on the island a card loaded with carbon units, (A: A card.) according to the man leading it, Garry Egger.


Then every time they go and pay for their petrol or their power – and from the second year their food – (A: So there it's bringing your food into it too.)it will not only be paid for in money but it will also come off the carbon units they are given for free (A: Initially, of course.  Initially they're free.) at the start of the program,” Professor Egger said.


If people are thrifty and don’t buy a lot of petrol (A: That's gasoline.) or power or fatty foods, they will have units to spare, which they can cash in at a bank.


(A: You see, isn't this treating us lot lab rats folks?  Don't you see this?  It says:)


If they aren’t frugal and produce a lot of carbon and consume unhealthy foods, then every year they will have to buy extra units,” he said.


(A: This is going to be put in place for all of you out there, until you're all lovely little vegans, you know, eating like squirrels, with little fast dashes, sticking little nuts into you.  I'm not joking about that.)


Professor Egger said the main goals were to test the effectiveness of a personal carbon trading scheme, cut per capita carbon emissions and reduce obesity and obesity-linked behaviours.


(A: It's not just for obesity, believe you me.  You're all going to get your personal carbon trading taxes every year, and your cards to fill out, to see if you're being good for big government.)


The SCU project is the first of its kind to be held in a “closed system” island environment (A: That's how they test all these things out, in fact.) and has been made possible by a $390,000 Linkage Projects grant by the Australian Research Council.


It was “fantastic” that the council recognized the importance of bringing together the whole aspect of climate change (A: You know, weather change) and health, he said.


This is a project for looking at reducing climate change and obesity in the one hit.”


(A: So they're still connecting human-made global warming and all that stuff with obesity in people and all the rest of it.)


The scheme, which was initially developed at Oxford University in the UK, (A: Who, where else?) recognized that obesity and climate change “have similar drivers, so we are tackling two of the world’s biggest problems at the moment with the one project”, Professor Egger said.


The Oxford people had not been able to develop a successful methodology for testing the idea, he said, but the Australian project team had been able to move the idea forward by identifying Norfolk Island as a test location.


(A: They've done the same thing with cars and given them rationing for cars and stuff, on other islands as well.  I think I read one last year about that.)


The reason it is so suitable is you have an isolated community with a small population living a similar lifestyle to people on mainland Australia.


You can measure everything that goes in and out.”


(A: There you are, there you are. They're locked in and you're under the microscope.)


If the trial was a success, it could be scaled up to a country level and ultimately to a world level, Professor Egger said.


Yep, tomorrow the world, eh, these megalomaniacs, and they know what they're doing, and they can do it.  You know why?  Because all you prunes out there sit and take it.  You sit and take every piece of fecal matter that's thrown down on your head.  And you will get what you deserve for just accepting it all.  I'm telling you.  Back in a moment, after this break.


Hi folks, we're back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just before I take a caller, I've got to read this one here, because it's quite, it shows you how this system is.  For those out there who live in some happy, happy little world tweetering away, and texting away, and riding the rainbow that takes them to all these wonderful space age places, and stuff like that, here's the real world.


FTC Drops Investigation of Google (A: Remember they were collecting all the data and stealing folks' passwords and stuff.) Less Than a Week After Company Exec Hosts Obama Fundraiser


(A: So they dropped it.  The FTC dropped it because a big bundle of money went Obama's way, you see.)


Google’s Marissa Mayer is hosting President Obama for a Democratic party fundraiser tonight. (A: That's before it happened) Tickets are $30,000-a-head….” – San Francisco Chronicle, October 21, 2010 (A: And then:)

After analyzing the unencrypted WiFi payload data captured by its Street View cars, Google now admits

(A: So they admit that stole it and all the rest of it.  That was their job to steal it all.  That was on ZDNet, October 23rd.  And then it says:)

The Federal Trade Commission [has] closed its investigation into Google’s collection of consumer data through its Street View cars….”  San Francisco Chronicle, October 27, 2010


Because, you see, they donated the cash payoff to Obama's re-election.  That's how the real world works, folks.  You know, at one time, at least in the States, the people had the right of the individual, because if you have no right as individuals, you have no rights at all.  And the people would clamor up and get things done, occasionally, and scare the ones at the top once in a while, when they got out of hand.  The whole idea, and even the United Nations said this, that their worst enemy is individualism. It would have to be destroyed.  And that's why they created the group mentality, who do nothing but tweet to each other, and text to each other to see what they're all doing together.  Anything but be an individual.  Without individuality you have nothing, you're conquered.  You're given your politically correct thoughts and everything else that you're supposed to do and think and say.  How to speak, how to behave, what to believe about any particular topic.  Political correctness to the extreme, but no individuality.  Then they use the whole group against you.  Oh, you can't say that, that's this.  That's that.  There's always a slang name for it, that they slur upon you, like treacle.   They use power of the group. 

Now, there's Glen in Philly there.  Are you there, Glen?


Glen: Ah, yes.  Hello, Alan, I'm here.  Good evening.


Alan: Good evening.


Glen: Earlier in the program you were listing a bunch of names of movers and shakers, and one of them was Gordon Allport.  And I remember writing a paper about that guy in college in one of my Psych courses, and he's the one who had the theory about the three different kinds of body types, the endomorph, the ectomorph, and the mesomorph.


Alan: That's right.


Glen: And the endomorph was basically like the paunchy person, the ectomorph was the tall skinny person, and the mesomorph was the, you know, chiseled, more muscular build.  And I remember even taking issue with it at the time.  I mean, I remember explicating all the details, and then like basically refuting.  I mean, it seemed ridiculous, and remarkably narrow and everything.  But at that time, when I was in school, that was no longer necessarily gospel, but it certainly had been for some time.


Alan: Psychiatry picked it up and classified people with mental illnesses with that physical description. 


Glen: Yeah, it's just crazy, I mean, Allport's, how can people actually think this stuff is valid, even then I knew that was crazy.


Alan: That's right.  Well, now they're into the deeper stuff now that came out of it, and that really was the psychological testing of manipulation of vast groups of people.  And they started with the students too, to get them to be the new evangelists to go into society and start teaching it to other young students to bring in this controlled society.  You're quite right, absolutely right, with their fraudulent findings.


Glen: And now they use all the consensus facilitation to mold everybody's opinion.


Alan: Absolutely, absolutely.  You're dead on, but thanks for calling in.  And from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.


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