Nov. 1, 2010 (#697)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 1, 2010:

Yuri Bezmenov Tells the Workings of Spells:

"De-Culturalizing Process is Now Complete,
Power of Propaganda, Lies and Deceit,
A Liberalized Academia Only Hires its Kind,
Of Those to Socialism have Given Their Mind,
Special Rights Given to Selective Minority,
Others Pushed to Side, Along with Majority,
World Planners Always Become Ruthless,
From Neophytes Young, to Adepts Toothless,
Yuri Bezmenov and Others Made Predictions,
The West Be Undermined to Lose Convictions
Of What They Stood For, a Culture Strong,
Into Doubting Society "Could We All Be Wrong?"
Rights, Rights, Rights on Every Lip,
Until Governments Collapsed, Losing Grip,
Then These Liberal Leaders Would Finally Know
When Masters Take Over, They're First to Go"
© Alan Watt Nov. 1, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 1, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 1, 2010 and itís amazing how time is certainly flying.  I always start off the show by advising the new listeners to go into web site and help yourself to the hundreds of hours of talks Iíve put up there in audio form.  While you are at it too, bookmark the other sites youíll see listed; they are handy if you find sticking on the .com site.  A lot of folk go in at one time to do downloads and you might find it easier picking these alternate sites.  They are all listed there.  They all also have a lot of transcripts in English for print up, of the talks, and if you want transcripts in other languages go into which is also listed on the .com site and take your pick from the variety shown. 


Remember too, that you are the audience that brings me to you.  I donít bring on the advertisers.  Iím not backed by them.  The ads you hear on this show are paid by the advertisers directly to RBN to pay for their broadcasting, to pay for their staff and equipment and their bills.  So you can help me with mine.  Buy the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale on my web sites.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Money Gram is cheaper than Western Union and if you get it in the check form it is cheaper still.  You can make it out in Canadian dollars right there in Britain or wherever and you can post it; it will take 7 days or so and it gets here okay.  Those are the main ways to keep me ticking over, and thatís all it does, ticking over.  For those who donít donateÖ please do because you certainly listen to the stuff, every night of the week pretty well, 5 nights a week, year after year, and I know so because itís up on web sites all over the world the following day and no one thinks to donate to me.  Itís the same people over and over and over again.  Iíve even got one youngster whoís been donating for 2 years and he sends me a dollar.  A dollar per week and believe you me, itís not too small.  If everybody did that Iíd be laughing here and I wouldnít have so many worries.  So help me out.  Things arenít as free as you think.  That which is free is generally suckering you into something else, or somebody elseís financing big bucks behind it.  As you well know, money doesnít grow on trees; it comes out of the imaginations of the guys that run the banking systems. 


The new world order is pretty well up and running.  Someone sent me a link, which Iíve seen before, and I might put up from my archives the whole bunch of the series of Yuri Bezmenov. 


Yuri Bezmenov, L.A. 1983 /


He was a Soviet agent who came over to the other side as they say, and he explained the technique of how America and the West was being taken down.  During the different stages of demoralization, the creation of apathy, and the creation of a form of liberalistic thought that would completely indoctrinate the next intake into universities, who would become themselves the next teachers in universities.  He says once that has happened it is pretty well over. They can take up to 15-20 years for that to happen and that happened ages ago, he said back in the 70s or 80s.  It had already happened and he says they are now contaminated.  It doesnít matter how much evidence you give to them, you will never decontaminate their thinking.  They are on automatic mode and that has happened too.   The big boys are running your countries; although they donít really run the countries.  They do what their masters tell them, quite happily.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Whatís interesting is that everything really that was predicted a long time ago, and written about too by a lot of the big players in the past, has all come to pass really.  Weíve gone public/private as they say, in this new feudal system which Carroll Quigley talked about.  Professor Carroll Quigley who wrote Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment to show you that there was a group who had worked down through time basically.  He traces their origins from at least when they changed their name to the Milner Group and then into the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Then he traces all the different works they did, the creation of wars in Africa to try to get an African bloc, and by the way they are still working on an African bloc to eventually join with the rest of the European community; there have been articles in the papers recently.  They sent out emissaries for many years working on Australia, New Zealand, and the Far East to create an Asia Pacific Rim bloc, a region.  They had two or three front groups actually; they didnít want to use their name so they called it the Institute for Pacific Studies and another couple of organizations as well.  It was all actually the Royal Institute of International Affairs. 


They have pulled it all pretty well off, the same thing for the Americas.  The Council on Foreign Relations, a branch of the same organization, was to work out the complete unification of the Americas. Thatís why weíve had the Free Trade Negotiations, which was supposed to help integrate all our trade policies, and eventually, what has happened already, our taxing policies for imports; we share them with the United States.  All intelligence in shared, with the same computers being used by the FBI and the RCMP and CSIS.  We are pretty well integrated as far as we know, but we have some, a bit of a way to go yet before they can have a single government to run all of the Americas.  They talked about it during the Free Trade Negotiations that they would have a parliament.  At that time they said they might situate it in Montreal. 


Itís all been discussed.  Iíve no doubt the plan will go ahead because these guys never change their plans.  Why should they?  They are the complete masters of the universe now.  Thatís how they see themselves right now. They are on a roll.  They have deculturalized the countries.  They have helped to demoralize the countries.  They have created an apathy as well through the taking away of all your great factories, the car industry, all of that kind of stuff that kept the countries going.  That was planned to happen.  All of your factories went to China through agreements they signed through the World Trade Organization and especially the GATT Treaty.  Sure as blazes, up they went.  They uprooted their factories and went off to China knowing darn well they were going to replace the work at home with nothing; the workers would have nothing to walk into, and they didnít have any intention of retraining millions of people to do the same few jobs that remained.  So nothing happens by chance. 


Because of this planned financial crash, which was the next part of it of course, to raise the IMF up to its proper position, as it was intended to do, as the big governing body for every nationís bookkeeping, by the way.  They want to do your bookkeeping for you.  They have already demanded it for Europe and they will do the same thing for the Americas.  Interesting enough too, Gordon Brown, the ex-Prime Minister of Britain, is to go over to Washington and be stationed there to work with the IMF for the American plan, their part of it.  Since he wrecked Britain very well, heís going to help finish off America. And Iím not kidding about that.  Thatís why they are sent.  They know what they are doing. This is a big plan. 


So here we have this public/private strange game where these institutions, these PRIVATE organizations run the world. They have for a long time.  We have never had democracy.  We had the illusion of it and that was all.  They run all of the media too, all the big moguls belong to the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Trilateral Commission; the Trilaterals and the CFR are just branches, major branches, of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.   So where would they have, naturally, this global conference to do with the IMF coming up to its full status as the world manager of all its money?  They would have it in Chatham House, the headquarters of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  So from their own web site it saysÖ


Global Financial Forum: The New Global Economic Order

3 November 2010 | Chatham House, London /


(Alan:  So itís to be held on the 3rd, 2 days away.  The New Global Economic Order is the title of it, the NEW GLOBAL ECONOMIC ORDER.  And Iíll put this up on my web site too at the end of the night and you can have a look for yourself.  It says hereÖ)


Speaker Highlights (A:  Who will be kicking it off, the different people who will be talking thereÖ)


Andrew Balls  (A: Öof course, they like that sort of thing; they are rather base people, these characters.  Itís quite interesting.) Managing Director PIMCO. 


Jamil Baz†††† Chief Investment Strategist GLG Partners LP


Olivier Blanchard†††† Chief Economist International Monetary Fund  (A:  So there is the IMF there, you see.  This is not being held under governmental auspices but all the governments are attending this private organization that runs the world.)


Angel Estrada††††††††† Director General of Macroeconomic Analysis and International Economics, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Spain


Sir John Gieve†††††††† Senior Adviser, GLG and Former Deputy Governor, Bank of England (A:  Heís no lightweight either, is he.)


Andrew Haldane††††† Executive Director for Financial Stability, Bank of England


Mark Hoban MP†††† Financial Secretary, HM Treasury  (A:  Her Majestyís Treasury.  Interesting too, they still say, Ďher majestyís treasury,í not the British treasury or the UK treasury. Itís Her Majestyís treasury.)


Dr DeAnne Julius†††† Chairman Chatham House


Markus Kerber††††††† Director General, Fiscal policy and Macroeconomic Affairs, Federal Ministry of Finance, Germany


Elena Panariti†††††††††† Member of Parliament, Constituency State, PA.SO.K Greece


Randal K Quarles††† Managing Director The Carlyle Group (A:  So there is the Carlyle Group in there too, all the big players, all the big front groups.)


Alfredo SŠenz Abad††††††††††† Second Vice Chairman and CEO, Banco Santander


Paola Subacchi††††††† Research Director, International Economics, Chatham House  (A:  All the big players are there.)


John Varley†††††††††††† Group Chief Executive Barclays  (A:  Thatís the Barclays Group of investment companies and banks.)


Nicolas Veron†††††††† Resident Scholar Bruegel


William R White†††††† Chairman of the Economic and Development Review Committee, OECD, Paris (A:  A very important organization, the OECD, because every country that signed on to the UN has a branch of that working out of their government.  The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, they take your tax money and invest it into their own private international corporations in supposedly third world countries  Öto help the third world people of course.)


Professor Yao Yang††††††††††† China Centre for Economic Research (A:  So even China is in on this big one.  As I say, itís to be held on the 3rd of November.  This gives you some of the different topics they will be bringing up. Thatís the title of it, itís the NEW GLOBAL ECONOMIC ORDER. )


Why not bring it through at this private organization that runs all the governments, rather than go through your own parliaments or congresses?  Thatís the way the world really is run.  I have another little article here, just as an offside.  We know that Aspartame has changed its name.  Remember Aspartame was flogged by the company that had the CEO, Mr Rumsfeld at the time, who pushed it.  When he got into politics he pushed it through to get it put into law that it was all safe and all the rest of it.  Itís had a terrible effect on peopleís health, especially their children.  They know this too.  It certainly tames them down, maybe thatís why the Aspar-tame part is in it.  It says here they have been given the go-ahead to put it in all kinds of foods now.  It got a bad name in soft drinks and all the rest of it.  This other link Iíll put up there will explain all that to you; a lot of it is in Codex Alimentarius. 


ASPARTAME... list of foods its been approved for


Found this on the codex website under "current official standards list" one of the many .pdf listed for our food standards.


ASPARTAME: It starts on page 74 of a 259 .pdf listing food additives and how much can go into a product. Cheese, bread, veggies, fruits, fish, coffee...... beer


General Standard for Food Additives



INS 951 Aspartame Functional Class: Flavour enhancer, Sweetener (A:  Itís still called a flavor enhancer, by the way, and a sweetener.)


01.1.2 Dairy-based drinks, flavoured and/or fermented (e.g., chocolate milk, cocoa, eggnog, drinking yoghurt, whey based drinks) (A:  And they tell you how much they are going to put inÖ) 600 mg/kg 161 & 191 2007


01.3.2 Beverage whiteners (A:  Thatís the awful stuff some people use in their coffee.) 6000 mg/kg (A:  So itís very high in there.)  161 & 191 2008


01.4.4 Cream analogues 1000 mg/kg 161 & 191 2008


01.5.2 Milk and cream powder analogues 2000 mg/kg 161 & 191 2007


01.6.1 Unripened cheese 1000 mg/kg 161 & 191 2008


01.6.5 Cheese analogues 1000 mg/kg 161 & 191 2008


01.7 Dairy-based desserts (e.g., pudding, fruit or flavoured yoghurt) 1000 mg/kg 161 & 191 2007


02.3 Fat emulsions mainly of type oil-in-water, including mixed and/or flavoured products based on fat emulsions 1000 mg/kg 161 & 191 2008


02.4 Fat-based desserts excluding dairy-based dessert products of food category 01.7 1000 mg/kg 161 & 191 2007


03.0 Edible ices, including sherbet and sorbet 1000 mg/kg 161 & 191 2007 (A:  I guess thatís Popsicles they call them here.) Frozen fruit 2000 mg/kg 161 & 191 2008 Dried fruit 2000 mg/kg 161 & 191 2008  (A:  Why do you need to put this stuff in fruit?  Huh?  See, there are other reasons for all of this stuff thatís going into the food supply, believe you me.) Fruit in vinegar, oil, or brine 300 mg/kg 144 & 191 2007 Canned or bottled (pasteurized) fruit 1000 mg/kg 161 & 191 2007 Jams, jellies, marmelades 1000 mg/kg 161 & 191 2007 Fruit-based spreads (e.g., chutney) excluding products of food category 1000 mg/kg 161 & 191 2007 Candied fruit 2000 mg/kg 161 & 191 2007


So I guess thatís what theyíll put in with all the other stuff you get in all your candies.  Youíve already got all the soya flour in the candies now. They put it in everything.  Itís on board with the agenda; weíll all die off with cancers.  And we are dying off pretty well with them as it is, apparently, but not fast enough, according to Mr Rockefellerís last general meeting.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know, there is so much news out there but itís all trivia.  Most of itís trivia.  Most of it really is almost irrelevant.  You get a kind of nose for whatís relevant and what isnít after a while when youíre scouring so much news.  You realize a lot of it is filler; a lot of it is recycled news.  A lot of it, yeah, it might be appropriate in some areas where people stick on the one topic and it adds to that topicís information.  Really we are going at such a pace now, so fast as everything is being implemented quickly, that they donít tell us all the big things that are happening and they are giving us lots and lots of trivia.  The US is actually worse for it because the US, for all of its SO many stations across the country, television and radio, are given less news than probably any other people on the planet.  Itís rather startling to realize that they are contained that way.  Itís a containment form where they are meant to think everything is still fine and rosy and all the rest of it, even though a lot of their old cities are getting crushed down, all the old urban areas.  They almost haveÖ well they do have ghost towns here and there now.  Itís just incredible whatís happened to them, as they have been devastated. 


And the bankers are going to hit them even harder, apparently, next year, as they have all bought up all these terrible mortgages that have passed through so many hands now they are buying them up for peanuts, the big banks.  They want to go after them next January, and millions more they say, millions, are going to lose their homes.  Itís quite something whatís actually being allowed to happen, but this IS the agenda.  Iíve always said it, theyíd flatten America, theyíd take it down once its job was almost over.  And thatís whatís happening today.  Just incredibleÖ and tragic, tragic to watch whatís happening. Tent cities, I watched a DVD at the weekend there about the tent cities that have been springing up all over the place.  Quite common now, under motorways and places, and how the people are having to live.  Of course so many of them are still confused; they donít know what we know here on shows like this, whatís been happening, how it came to pass, what the agenda is. They are just trying to survive as best they can.  A lot of folk who are at the soup kitchens and the food banks are the working poor, as well as the unemployed.  They are still forking out maybe $800 in rent while they only bring in $900 a month, all together, to live on so they have to go get their food at food banks. The food banks now are stretched beyond the crisis level.  They have turn people away.  You can imagine how youíd feel turning people away at the end when youíve run out of food. † This is America.  Itís America.  That was planned for America and itís happened. 


They knew all this would come when they signed the GATT treaty.  Then they use your tax money to fund your own factories to get up and move out and root up and go over to China.  They paid for the transportation over to ChinaÖ and the retooling and the setting up in China.  All paid by the taxpayer, who wasnít told a darn thing at the time.  Then the companies who set up in China can claim, from the government, again, back home, for 10 years for any losses they claim was incurred, according to their projected profits, what they expected to get.  If they didnít get it, they get it made up by the taxpayers again.  We are getting raped and plundered and worse.  And people will still go and voteÖ for the SAME damn system.  The SAMEÖ how can youÖ People ask me, you know, can we do it by getting the right people in?  You canít put the right people in to the tower of Babel.  Itís been there a long time.  It was crooked from its foundations.  Itís teetering and tottering with band-aids and superglue holding it together.  And itís UTTERLY CORRUPT.  You see it was taken over a long, long time ago.  Then they built this big tower, this new world order, a long time ago, long before Bush Sr mentioned it. 


Here are some of the scams that are happening too, because the big boys at the top are allowed to do scams and get away with it and there are no inquiries and there are no courts you can drag them into anyway.  This one is about Chinese companies now, who naturally are in on the big greenhouse gas scams, just like the Europeans ones are, who have traded millions of Euros of FREE trading credits they were given by the European Union, that strange big ultra-Soviet secretive organization.  They gave them all these free trading cards and they have made millions off it already, even though nothing has been produced.  They just make millions by selling them and trading them.  China is the same. 


Chinese firms blamed in huge greenhouse gas scam

Damian Carrington / October 28, 2010 /


BRUSSELS: The European Commission is planning to clamp down on a Ä2 billion ($2.8 billion) carbon trading scam involving the deliberate production of greenhouse gases which the fraudulent manufacturers are then paid to destroy.  (A:  What a wonderful thing, eh?)


The Climate Change Commissioner, Connie Hedegaard, says the use of these carbon permits, from industrial gas projects in China, could be banned because of their ''total lack of environmental integrity''.  (A:  Well, where is the integrity in the whole con game of greenhouse gases in the first place?  Itís a political movement, a political agenda.  Itís nothing to do with what is real.)


Billions of euros worth of the controversial permits were used between 2008-09 in the European Union's emission trading scheme, in which companies must exchange pollution permits for emissions produced.


The scheme allows some of those permits to be bought in from developing countries.


The most popular of these so-called offsets come from projects that destroy the greenhouse gas HFC-23, a byproduct of the manufacture of the refrigerant gas HCFC-22.


The Environmental Investigation Agency said in June that many Chinese chemical companies were manufacturing HCFC-22 primarily to earn money from destroying HFC-23, which can be five times the value of the refrigerant gas the plants are ostensibly set up to create.  (A:  Great scams!  Again, the minds that go around to places youíd never figure out in the first place, just like the guys that do all the bubbles for financing.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix.  There are two callers on the line so Iíll try and get them in now.  One is Jay from Ohio.  Are you there Jay?


Jay:  Oh, great.  Wow.  I finally get to talk to Alan Watt.  Iíve been listening to you a lot over the summer as I skate and exercise and think about a lot of stuff.  One thing that [audio interference]Ö and I know you have said a lot.  Yeah, there are sociopaths that, and thatís what they are.  I work in mental health as a counselor and I see a lot of the same kinds of behaviors, in what we call the axis, of the DSM4, the manual thatÖ [audio interference].  Öa lot of those thingsÖ


Alan:  Are you on a cell phone?


Jay:  Yeah.  Here, let meÖ


Alan:  Itís crackling a little bit and I canít make out much.


Jay:  Okay, is that better?


Alan:  Thatís better, yep. 


Jay:  Okay.  So itís like, sociopaths are running things now.  I read a lot.  I got the book that you mentioned about foundations, it was sometime at the end of August and I went out and bought it.  Iím reading it and itís like the deeper I get into reading about this I see how deep the matrix is and Iím like, holy cow.


Alan:  Thatís right.† Itís been here an awful long time.  The foundations have been here for SO longÖ basically directing the direction of the countries.  Since they are not listed as political bodies, the public donít know about them.  We donít vote them in but here they are telling governments what to do, and creating the NGOs, all the opposition groups, to protest the different things and so on, and they get no problems getting air time in the television and the newspapers.  And people think they are official bodies of government or something but they are not.  They are independent bodies all together.  And how can you compete with that kind of propaganda when the foundations have trillions of dollars per annum to spend? 


Jay:  Right.  Right.  Itís a lotÖ itís like a big... well you know, itís a big distortion campaign.  In a funny way itís like the fatal attraction woman, you know, they call the borderlines.  And they are just like them because if you do something that the borderlines donít like or the borderlines have their own agenda, along with the antisocials, then they will smear ya. 


Alan:  Absolutely. 


Jay:  I have a couple of clients that are like that on my caseload.  One thing that I wonder as I listen to you and Alex, has there ever been in history a defeat or a major setback for the elite?  I think there has got to be.  These guys canít be invincible.  They are very conniving like most crooks and thieves are; they use their powers the wrong way.


Alan:  They have had prolonged wars basically in certain times in history, very prolonged wars.  To get what they wanted they had to eradicate the old existing religions at one point, and that was their longest of wars.  We had 100 years war at one point in one country, and on and on it went to destroy, infiltrate from within as well, and destroy Ė they are still doing that today in fact, infiltrating patriot movements and destroying them; itís the same technique.  They also hoped after World War I, going to all that trouble to create World War I, they really hoped at that time that President Wilson under the League of Nations would bring in a form of world government then.  But the public in most countries were not ready for it; they didnít want it.  They hoped again under World War II, at the end of it, that this was the beginning of the official UN body. They had so much pomp and circumstance put out on the big Pathe News and all the different movie house news items they put out, telling the world that this was the end of war, this would be peace, and the UN would be brought up to a high power in the affairs of the world to do with government or governance. That didnít work out too well because again, the public did not want this strangelyÖ itís almost an abstract body.  Itís not a country as such although itís got official status, a sovereign status.  Itís based in New York State, of all places.  By the way, it was demanded they build it in the US.  The Russians demanded that it was to be built IN the US, which is very interesting.  Of course that fitted right in with Mr Rockefellerís idea too.  So you have this body, and the people werenít ready to accept a world government then, again.  So theyíve had umpteen, many, many wars in between, as they went down to Latin America and other countries to standardize those countries, same across Africa, trying to standardize them all.  Now they are doing the Middle East and doing it the long way around.  Thatís why Bush Sr said he now sees the beginning coming in, a dawning of a new world order. They have gone around the hard way to do it, not bothering to wean or really coax the public along with them, just bypass them, until the public are conditioned that itís there, it is a world body, it is the official body.  Itís done by osmosis, eventually; we accept that it kind of IS a world body but really itís a private organization, and thatís how itís registered. 


Jay:  Right.  Right.  Right.  Maybe it was you or someone else, was talking.  I am a musician; thatís not my day job but in my spare time thatís what I prefer to do.  Itís hard toÖ I donít understand how anyone can concentrate on anything.  Well, they donít.  Most people donít know about all this.  But I find it really hard to want to spend any time BUT to research and try and do something about it.


Alan:  Yep.  And the hardest thing is, what do you do about it once you know this?  You know.


Jay:  Right.  Right.  I bought some newsletter software.  I think Iím going to give that a shot.  You know, a lot of this stuff is available but I just feel the need to do my own writing and then even just distribute it to my friends, because at least they will listen, they will at least look at it.  Maybe that will spawn something, I donít know.


Alan:  Itís all you can.  I started off by writing by hand.  I didnít have a typewriter initially, and I would do long essays and so on, with data, put in a few pictures for them and then photocopy them and send bundles of them off to different people, and anyone at all.  People who already had the ability to get stuff out in print or whatever, and once in a while someone would take it and run with it and print it.  Thatís all I could do at the time; itís all I was thinking of doing.  I was teaching small groups here and there, in much greater detail, but at least I was putting out packages.  I didnít charge anything for them at all.  And often I never heard back from people, but theyíd actually ultimately use the material, that kind of thing.  But you do what you can.  Itís amazing what can grow out of just your name getting out there, eventually, what does come out of that, or the people who will try and get in touch with you, if you give them a means to get in touch with you.  Because it might be one in 500 that you actually strike the chord with and they will get back in touch with you. 


Jay:  Right.  Right.  Well I donít want to take up too much time.  I hope one of these days Iím going to get some of your books; Iím trying to help everybody out a little bit.


Alan:  Yeah.† Thatís all you can do.


Jay:  I canít read enough. There is so much.


Alan:  There is so much and again, too, thatís part of data overload.  We are in that time; there is too much data.  You have to be very discerning what you want to teach, and try to keep on the facts that you can prove, by the writings of those involved.  Stick to that.  Stick to that and stick to that; nothing else.  Just stick to that.


Jay:  Right.  Right.  Right.  Definitely thanks for all your work.  I appreciate it, as you get right down to what the truth isÖ thereís no BSÖ and thatís what we all need. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  We donít.


Jay:  Keep up the good work.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  There is also Mark from Wisconsin there.  Are you there Mark?


Mark:  How are you doing, Alan?


Alan:  Not too bad.


Mark:  I was going to ask you, I heard you mention Bouvier before.  I was wondering, what do you know about Bouvierís and Blackís Law Dictionary?  Whoís all behind that?


Alan:  Well, I know that Bouvier was interesting because Benjamin Franklin, when he went over to London, High Wycombe, and he joined The Hellfire Club.  Strangest thing.  I mean, here he was basically representing the US during the Revolutionary Wars, he was able to get a boat over to London, back and forth Ė he even went to the opera you know Ė and no one stopped him or bothered him.  He had all the right passwords of course, and gestures, and the right friends in London, because I think he was part of the London group actually.  He mentioned that they had not quite what you would call a prostitution house, not what we think of as a prostitution house, but those who served the work and who had the higher intellect and who would learn and who were doing the great work, they called them Ďhighly operative freemasons.í  They had the right to mate, because they do believe in eugenics.  They believe that high intellect should mate with high intellect.  And certain women apparently, they claimed, which I think is probably true, carry the genes in them, where the right mix is made and they will have a very good, highly intelligent offspring.  They call them Ďdollies.í  Thatís what he called them.  He called them, in his own memoirs, dollies.  Heís known too for bringing over a French dolly that became the baby doll, in fact.  The baby doll is a representation of what he saw as the average female carrier, which is a dolly; you carry things on a dolly.  So again, they love that hidden symbolism in something.† He mentioned Madam Bouvier was the head over there.  Madame Bouvier, and there are still descendants yet in France, 2 Bouvier sisters, old sisters.  It was Jacqueline Kennedy who was descended from the Bouvier family as well.  So she was a carrier of the genes.† They were also related I think to Baines Johnson.  What is interesting there, is they go way, way back, because the Baines part comes from one of the branches of the families of Macbeth, of all people, the Castle Macbeth.  All intertwined together.  Itís just astonishing.  Itís just like the Presidents today; they all seem to be related to Royalty.  It doesnít matter what party they come from, or who they are, or the color of their skin, they are always related to the same Royalty. Well itís the same on this side as well, when it comes to these particular high players.  They are all given their high mates to get married to.  Iíve read a lot, in some of the high Masonryís books, and they more than just hint at this, over and over.  They talk about the head above and the head belowÖ well, you know what the head below obviously is Ė thatís the base side of things. However, they do say that the 3rd generation Freemason, thatís the grandson, the son of a Mason and an Eastern Star, is a higher candidate to go straight up the ranks of Freemasonry and even higher than the regular ranks.  So the third generation is what they are after.  So if you are very, very good, and you are presented with your wife, who is the carrier of the gene, and you are introduced to her, and you take the hint and do the right thing, then you are pretty well guaranteed the good offspring, the Ďlewiní as they call them, who goes on to higher things.  A lewis or a lewin, they call them. 


Mark:  Right.  I was just floored to find out, do you remember William James Bryant, Cross of Gold speech?† I was just floored to find out, Alan, that he was backed by Carnegie.  What the heck is going on here!?!  [Caller laughing.]


Alan:  Yeah, yeah.  Itís amazing isnít it?  Isnít it just amazing?  [Alan laughing.]   And I love the stories, too, of all these guys, these great founders of the foundations.  Even the bankers, too, how they came from rags to riches and all that rubbish.  And Carnegie, the same idea; a poor little, you know, shoemaker just makes good, and makes billions, and starts off the foundations.  Itís all rubbish.  These guys are sent there, over to this US, and they are set up by a BIG well-funded organization that already existed, the same with the Rothschilds.  Thatís why no one could touch him.  No one could touch some of them, no one could assassinate them.  Thatís how they had decided a long, long time ago, that by their foundations, under the guise of charities, they would take over the entire world.  Donít forget that even Adam Weishaupt said that.  He said, that through the creation of foundations and charitable organizations we shall bypass all governments and become the world government. 


Mark:  And didnít Paul Warburg say in front of Congress, we shall have world government either by consent or conquest? 


Alan:  Thatís correct. 


Mark:  It never ends.  Thanks a lot, Alan.  Have a good night.


Alan:  Thank you too. 


Yeah, [Alan laughing.] itís quite the world we live in isnít it?  And people are oblivious to it.  And again, we get stuck up in the daily news and I donít like that at all, because youíve got to know all the background stuff, what got us to this situation in the first place.  Not just what they are doing to us today, what knives are they sticking in us today, but how did we get here.  And once you really understand you donít have what you think of as a government that belongs to the people, you have government that does what itís told by very rich powerful people, who own not just the foundations, they own massive international businesses, and they are tightly interwoven with all the Military-Industrial Complex.  When you understand that, you understand that you are living in a scientific form of dictatorship, as Aldous Huxley talked about.  And we are controlled scientifically, our minds are controlled scientifically.  


There is still the underlying eugenics bunch beneath it, call them what you want; you can call them Freemasons, whatever, itís all the same thing, with a definite eugenics plan.  Look at the oldest books from the Rosicrucians if you can get them, they are available, they are cheap I believe, and you will start to see the hints all through that, of the proper mating. Proper mating is all through all it.  Always itís proper mating, with a proper kind of wife, to get the proper son, who is then given to the Grandmaster to be taught all the things, all the mysteries and so on.  And the mysteries are to bring in a better world.  Then you look into all of the communal living associations in the United States, amazing history of communal living.  Christian communists too, they went under the guise of Christian Communists; they came IN from abroad. They were not Christians at all.  But under the Constitution they had protection and they called themselves Christian Communists.  Like the big one in New York there, with Noyes; Mr Noyes, [pronounced Ďnoiseí] strange name but you can actually find the root of that name and youíll find heís not Christian at all.  Then you find that Mr Noyes was backed on his experiment on free love and special selective breeding.  In the 1800s he was backed by the Royalty of Britain.  The Hudson Bay Company gave them the biggest contract, even though they hadnít even started a business, for making traps.  Then they were given a massive silver working company to support themselves with. Then of course Noyesís cousin, or his uncle, just happened to be Mr Hayes who was the governor who became president of the United States.  Itís all tied in together, eugenics and so on.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and weíll go to Anthony from New York.  Are you there Anthony?


Anthony:  Yes, thank you very much for everything you are doing right now.  I appreciate everything that youíve let out there on the air waves.  The question that I have is, you spoke about the dollies, are they still in existence today?  Also, what would be the opposite lifestyle we can live in, instead of the new world order that they are trying to push against us?


Alan:  The first one was, who is still in existence?


Anthony:  The dollies, the dollies of the Freemasonry.


Alan:  Oh yeah, they are.  Iím sure they are still in existence.  Absolutely.  When you look at the history even of Royalties, their mates were always selected for them.  It goes as far back as the pharaohs; the same thing happened.  Sometimes theyíd even marry their sisters, to keep it really in the family. The Rothschilds are exactly the same; they always marry their nieces.  So certain of these families Ė thatís one of their M.O.s, how you can spot them Ė of their particular marriage habits too.  They are still in existence today.  The higher Freemasons are still advised toÖ you know, your Grandmaster for instance will invite you to a dinner or something and he will introduce you to what is to be your prospective wife.  If you take the hint, as I say, you will do awfully well; you are going to have doors open to you, get well rewarded for it, and you will go up the ladder in whatever occupation you are in.  Itís really the son that they are after though because the wife is definitely a dolly, as they say, and belongs to the right lineage. 


Anthony:  Wow.  Thank you very much. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Itís interesting even if you look at the King James Bible.  It was first published in Scotland remember, in Edinburgh. I have a copy of it here and it mentions the late Queen, Elizabeth the 1st; they call her that bright eastern starÖ in the forward to it, by the printers, that bright star.  And then they talk about King James, and now we have our new Sion Ė spelt with an S.  Not a Scion, which is a cutting; also a Masonic term, as you are grafted onto the tree of life, if you have done the good work, the great work.  But as a Sion, because they used to spell it not Zion as a Z Ė often in English they did an S Ė so he was a Sion.  The King, that was his title.  So she was the Star and he was the new coming Sion.  This has been all down through history, this kind of stuff. And yeah, they are still mated up today. All the big players youíll find that are put out there that are supposed to change the world, the Gates and so on; itís interesting to go into their wives and all the rest of it. And again, you can hide family names, of their actual names, by Mrs So-and-so, and put the front guy out there.  Often itís the wives that are very more important because of their lineages. 


There is also Steven from Oregon. Are you there Steven?


Steven:  Iím here.  Alan, itís a pleasure to talk to you, sir.  I called in because of the other caller.  Heís a musician.  I know I can see that he is so frustrated and thatís me, because we are just learning this stuff.  I knew it all my life but it gets kind of hard.  And itís very interesting too.  Itís very interesting, what do I do, what do I do with this?  You know, and we can be survivors.  We can, we can write music.  We are so caught...


Alan:  We can.  We have the talents and skills if you can get it out there.  You are absolutely right on.  Weíve got to get a concentrated movement, a counter culture, to put across alternate music with the messages in it.  Thanks for calling; thatís the music and the end of the show. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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