Nov. 2, 2010 (#698)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 2, 2010:

The Unseen Hand:
The Unseen Hand Signs, Voila, Hey Presto!,
Celebrating Completion of Manifesto:

"We Sometimes Ignore, Ending in Grief,
Preferring to Stay in Comfortable Disbelief,
Such Big Announcements Should Stun Us All,
Yet Complacency Rules, and Having a Ball,
This New World Order's Changed Everything,
Destroying by Changes that "Freedoms" Bring,
Every "Freedom" was Weaponised, Destructive,
Here's the New Order, Authoritarian, Constructive,
Shattered Families, Like Blitzkrieged Buildings,
Drugs and Disease, Violence and Killings,
Apathy, Like Russell said They'd Apply,
Has Sapped the Incentive to Even Try,
No Common Culture to Pull Them Together
And Help Each Other to Brave the Weather,
Shocked, Bewildered, They're Unknowing
Of How We Got Here, or Where it's Going,
On Culture, Morality, They Pulled the Rug,
Then with Economy, They Pulled the Plug"
© Alan Watt Nov. 2, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 2, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 2, 2010.  To get the main thing out of the road at the very beginning of the show, I always suggest newcomers go into  Thatís the main web site.  Bookmark the other sites youíll see listed there; these are all the official sites I have.  If you find sticking on downloading at the .com site, because so many folk use it at the same time, try these alternate sites.  You might find a cleaner download, easier and quicker download too.  Remember all those sites carry hundreds of audios for download; they are all free.  They also carry lots of transcripts of a lot of the talks Iíve given in English; they all carry them in English.  If you want transcripts in other languages that you can print up, you can go into and help yourself to whatís provided there.  While you are at it, remember too, that you are the audience that brings me to you.  Iím not in show business.  Iím not in business, and therefore I donít take money from advertisers.  Thatís how most hosts support themselves; itís a necessity really.  Believe you me, if you donít do it you really, really do hurt. So itís up to you the audience to keep me going, or else Iíll have to go with the advertisers and bring them on as guests and really give you half hour or hour ads and you wonít even know it.  It will be very entertaining but you wonít know thatís what it is.  So itís up to you to keep me going.  The ads you hear on this show are paid by advertisers directly to RBN and that pays for the air time and the broadcast and their staff, equipment and bills that RBN accumulates too.  So help me out and buy the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale.  Lots of the CDs have 50 show or more on them sometimes.  Itís good to have copies of these because one day I wonít be here and a lot of this stuff will be down the memory hole, because thatís what happens in this big Orwellian system that we are living in.  So purchase the books, etc, and keep me going.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Money Gram is cheaper than Western Union.  Now, Money Gram can be wired; itís more expensive that way.  Or, it can be taken as a check from your end and posted to me; that will take about 7 days but itís a lot cheaper.  I will get the orders out to you as fast as I can.  The same across the rest of the world too, to the Far East even. 


Itís amazing as I say, this world order, how people go through their lives never really knowing whatís happening.  Even when they are watching documentaries they think they are being informed and sometimes they will get a little bit of information.  More is covered up by omitting the other half of everything, and thatís how this system is really run.  Itís the OMISSION of the other side, or facts, and the rest of the facts that give you the false impression and thatís how easy it is for main television Ė especially in countries like Britain, who have used the BBC since its inception Ė to brainwash the people and keep them utterly in the dark.  Iíve been going into culture creation, culture manipulation, cultural destruction over the past few years because really thatís how itís done.  Itís from the top down.  Itís never from the bottom up.  No one pops out, popped out in the 60s from a garage where they are banging tin drums together and their garbage drums and became a pop group and suddenly hit stardom.  It didnít happen that way.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix and I just touched on culture creation there because weíve been taught by so many misleading documentaries of the past, that are almost jokes.  In fact they are jokes the way they are presented.  If you lived through those particular times you had a completely different experience, if you were aware of what was really happening.  We have to realize that there is a big war on the world.  A big war on the world, with two supposedly superpowers and two sidesÖ A bit too cleanly cut for my liking to be honest with you, but thatís how itís presented to the world.  One of the sides, for sure, wanted to destroy all that was, to overthrow all existing forms of government, but it also meant existing forms of culture; everything that was, the whole kind of setup of society, including the destruction of the home and the family and all of that kind of stuff. 


They were so successful in doing it through the culture industry, primarily, and putting out thousands upon thousands of books of how-to books: Are you happy with your sex life, all that kind of stuff, and then the fake Kinsey Reports they put out.  They got a guy who was a blatant homosexual to literally hire homosexuals and pretend that they were the average guy. He hired prostitutes, too, to say that these were the average women.  He also sent out guys who were pedophiles to bugger little boys, and baby boys at that, and girls, with stopwatches to see when they started to scream, and then he interpreted that as they actually liked it and thatís what the noise was.  This incredible stuff happened under the guise of SCIENCE.  Just phenomenalÖ incredibleÖ that this could be allowed to happen.  Then out came the books and those books ended up changing the cultural values and the way people looked at sexual relations, right across the board until everyone was trying everything except swinging from the chandeliers.  At the end of it all youíve got a defunct society, no marriage at all, single mum families, drugs, alcoholism, and eventually, ultimately an unworkable society, where there is not even any work left for them to do.  A total war was waged out FROM THE TOP DOWN.


They went through the swinging 60s; it was called swinging for a very good reason.  Again, television and the BBC, the government-run institution, put out one play or documentary or drama after another, plus all the movies they churned out, to just go ahead and do it all, no consequences, everything was just fun, fun, fun.  So you are telling people to be perpetual children, which is not what a human being is supposed to be.  You are supposed to grow older, wiser, and be mature.  You were told to be fixed, actually, regardless of your age, in a time warp, and just be immature forever, literally.  Literally that was promoted for years and years and years to destroy society.  Then you find they were doing the same thing within America too.  With the CIA, which everybody thinks is their best friend fighting the bad guys, and of course they never even realized that the same guys who were running the communist side were running their CIA, because they came out of the OSS from World War II.  Most of them came from Europe who staffed it because they spoke all the languages; thatís who were the operatives for the new CIA.  Then they came out with the Cultural Cold War and America set up a culture industry, run by the CIA.  People didnít know about this.  Iíve gone through some of the other aspects of it Ė there are so many areas I could go into but I wonít Ė of the different characters who belonged to the top bands and so on, how they all came from military backgrounds, so did their parents, so did Madonna by the way, and the public are totally ignorant of it.   Iím talking about intergenerational military top brass and their offspring.  The same characters, too, youíll find involved in the setting up of the communes, free love, all that stuff that was meant to destroy society, which it actually has.  Very successful takedown. 


Last night I talked about Yuri Bezmenov who was a KGB defector in the 70s who came across to the West and told us about the cultural takedown, and how it was implemented, and how long it would take to finish it off.  He actually said it was only about 5-10 years to go.  And he was so surprised himself and so were the Russians, at how fast their plan had worked.  It hadnít taken them long at all to bring down the entire structure of value systems, role reversal, everything else that had been planned had been accomplished.  Society now didnít even know what they were anymore.  Before you knew you were British, you knew you were American, wherever you were you were proud to be whatever, because you had a defined culture and certain rights and all the rest of it, which you were proud to have and you would fight for them.  And here you are, you have lost it all.  You donít even want to fight for anything because you donít understand what you are anymore or what your culture is anymore.  Totally destroyed and that was all planned, the psychological warfare.  And the folk havenít a clue. 


He even said too, how so much of it was taught through academia Ė it still is being taught through academia of course.  He said it was pointless to try to even discuss it with these characters because they are what he called contaminated.  Totally brainwashed, contaminated, and the thing is, when totalitarianism comes in, these characters that fought for ultra liberalism, with all its strange areas that it goes into Ė and primarily promotes I should say too, the strange areas that is Ė will be the first to go because they would start to protest and the new masters do not stand protests whatsoever or people contradicting the agenda.  They just eliminate them as they did in the Soviet Union.  


So thatís how stupid the people were, as they promoted this workersí utopia overseas, which never existed.  In fact overseas was a horror story right to the bitter end.  Iíve got videos here; Iíve watched quite a few of them.  People send me them because I canít get them on the internet speed that I get here.  So I am always grateful for folk who send me documentaries, hard to find or hardly even known, to do with the sufferings of the Ukraine and Bulgaria and other soviet countries, and the Soviet Union itself, and how HORRIFIC the purges were as they just grabbed whoever they wanted.  [Video: ďHarvest of DespairĒ (Soviet Engineered Famine in the Ukraine) 1933.]† It put me in mind, it put me in mind so much of what they are doing over in Iraq and Afghanistan at the moment, where they just go into the streets Ė itís been admitted from the top general in the United States.  They just grabbed whoever happened to be handy, walking around, grabbed them inÖ to fulfill quotas.  They then got tortured for years.  The ones that survived are just kicked off into the street.   Thatís what it reminded me of because the Soviet Union ran the same way.  They had quotas.  The KGB actually had quotas of how many people had to be arrested because everything worked by numbers and statistics.  People were getting lifted, who thought they were obedient little citizens, who followed all the rules, and ended up in the camps to face incredible horror and torture and dehumanization.  Incredible.  A great testing bed for what was to comeÖ todayÖ for today, in the West.  Thatís what it was. 


One of the documentaries that I saw was also on some of the Greek Orthodox PRIESTS who survived in the Soviet Union.† [Video: ďBeyond Torture: The Gulag of Pitesti, RomaniaĒ.]† They were rounded up in some of the countries, sent off to special prison camps, and they described what they had to go through too, including having to BEAT EACH OTHER or be beaten.  They were trying to break down any possible bonding, dehumanize you to the utmost, having all of your emotions torn apart, as you hated yourself for trying to survive by beating your fellow people and all of that kind of stuff.  Itís just incredible.  Then of course, when you saw what was happening in the various torture prisons camps the US had set up, it put me in mind of that so quickly.  I thought my God, you know, itís happening.  It IS happening and the people donít realize itís happening.  And it can be made to happen back at home too.  That is still to come.  It will be happening inside the European countries, inside Canada, inside the USAÖ the exact same system.  Every day tells you, the reports in the papers with the hyper security, more security, more intrusion into everyoneís lives.  You know itís comingÖ and the fanatics they are recruiting for it.  You KNOW itís coming.  And the children who are being brought up with this stuff, you KNOW itís coming. 


Iíve documented many of the players of the past who have helped to shape this system, who worked with Tavistock by the way, and itís admitted to OFFICIALLY, not some mythical strange wishy-washy Tavistock. The REAL Tavistock Institute that spearheaded the whole idea that they could manipulate the human mind by different technologies, different means, even electronically.  Aldous Huxley talked about that himself in one of his videos; itís up on YouTube.  He also talked at Berkeley about it and he said that they were sticking wires in the brains of patients there Ė they called them patients; they certainly werenít volunteers Ė and they were turning them on and off.  That kind of stuff as well, documented in psychology classes today.  Here is an article here by Dr Jose MR Delgado who was Director or Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School, and this is in the Congressional Record 26, Volume 118, February 24, 1974.  And heís working for the feds and all the big boys, the real big boys above what you think are the feds.  He saysÖ


"We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind.  (Alan:  ÖPHYSICAL control of the mindÖ this is no little player, this guy.)  Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain."


You tie that in with the writings of Skinner.  Skinnerís ideas were IDENTICAL with this guyís here, identical with them.  Then there is an article here of the massive amounts of new mental illnesses they are categorizing, at least making things INTO mental illnesses, JUST LIKE the Soviet Union. 


Is Free Thinking A Mental Illness?

Oct 8th, 2010 | By Andrew |


Is nonconformity and freethinking a mental illness?  According to the newest addition of the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), it certainly is.  The manual identifies a new mental illness called ďoppositional defiant disorderĒ or ODD.  Defined as an ďongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behavior,Ē symptoms include questioning authority, negativity, defiance, argumentativeness, and being easily annoyed.   (A:  Iíll be back on this O.D.D., or Ďoddí as they call it, after this break.)


Hi folks.  Weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about free will, free thinking, and how they are diagnosing everything, any opposition at all, exactly as the Soviets did, into categorizing it as mental illness.  One of the illnesses that they had in the Soviet Union in fact was called Ďinflexibility of opinion.í  You couldnít be persuaded to think politically correct, in that fashion, so you were diagnosed and sent off to Siberia.  Iím not kidding; that was one of their official ones that they had.  But this one is about free thinking, here of course, in the West, because itís a continuation.  The soviet was the experiment, and under the Reece Commission and Norman Dodd, what he found out during the inquiry, they were to blend the soviet system with that of the West.  And they have done so.  They did it first through the schooling system.  They defunct the old system from within, with the destruction of the culture and the so-called free love era, now weíre down and everybodyís on drugs and what a mess the country is in.  There are tent cities across America as well now in some places.  What an utter messÖ and no one is helping anybody because they donít know how to help each other.  They canít bond with anybody anymore.  Amazing.  What a war this has been. 


The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is constantly creating new mental disorders.  It says hereÖ


The DSM-IV is the manual used by psychiatrists (A:  I like that last part of psychiatrists.  See, Ďpsycheí is the mind, you see, and the rest of it is Ďartist.í  They play with the mind.  They perform, you see; they donít really know what they are doing, they just perform; anyway. ) to diagnose mental illnesses and, with each new edition, there are scores of new mental illnesses.  Are we becoming sicker?  Is it getting harder to be mentally healthy?  Authors of the DSM-IV say that itís because theyíre better able to identify these illnesses today.  (A:  No itís not.  Itís because they were not called illnesses before. They were called normal responses to abnormal situations.  Getting a bit hostile is ratherÖ itís a defense mechanism.  Itís also a survival mechanism.)  Critics charge that itís because they have too much time on their hands.  (A:  Well, theyíve got too much to gain, just like the guys that invent global warming and get massive grants; thatís what it is.)


New mental illnesses identified by the DSM-IV include arrogance, narcissism (A:  Thatís what they created all through the 70s; be narcissistic and hedonistic.), above-average creativity (A:  Well, thatís terrible; thatís an awful one.), cynicism, and antisocial behavior.  (A:  Now, whatísÖ  How can you be antisocial today? where everything goes?  Well, you are antisocial today if you donít go the same way as everybody else is going.  [Alan laughing.] Thatís what they mean by it.)  In the past, these were called ďpersonality traits,Ē but now theyíre diseases.  (A:  HhhoooooÖ.)


And there are treatments available.


All of this is a symptom of our over-diagnosing and overmedicating culture.  In the last 50 years, the DSM-IV has gone from 130 to 357 mental illnesses.  (A:  And Iíll addÖ they are climbing.)  A majority of these illnesses afflict children.  Although the manual is an important diagnostic tool for the psychiatric industry, it has also been responsible for social changes.  The rise in ADD, bipolar disorder, and depression in children has been largely because of the manualís identifying certain behaviors as symptoms.  (A:  Symptoms of what?  Symptoms of a disease.)  A Washington Post article observed that, if Mozart were born today, he would be diagnosed with ADD and ďmedicated into barren normality.Ē


According to the DSM-IV, the diagnosis guidelines for identifying oppositional defiant disorder are for children, but adults can just as easily suffer from the disease.  (A:  We should remember that too.  Remember they said that attention deficit disorder is children, children, children and now they are saying there is adult ADD as well now.  This is how they always start things off:  We go for one group, once we have covered that base we move it up a little bit, notch by notch.)  This should give any freethinking American reason for worry.


The Soviet Union used new ďmental illnessesĒ for political repression.  People who didnít accept the beliefs of the Communist Party developed a new type of schizophrenia.  (A:  That was another one.)  They suffered from the delusion of believing communism was wrong.  They were isolated, forcefully medicated, and put through repressive ďtherapyĒ to bring them back to sanity.  (A:  Or killed, I should add too, after getting tortured.)


When the last edition of the DSM-IV was published, identifying the symptoms of various mental illnesses in children, there was a jump in the diagnosis and medication of children.  Some states have laws that allow protective agencies to forcibly medicate, and even make it a punishable crime to withhold medication.  This paints a chilling picture for those of us who are nonconformists.  (A:  Doesnít it though?)


Although the authors of the manual claim no ulterior motives but simply better diagnostic practices, the labeling of freethinking and nonconformity as mental illnesses has a lot of potential for abuse.  It can easily become a weapon in the arsenal of a repressive state.


Well, thatís its function.  That IS its function.  The psychiatricÖ Youíve got to understand, when socialism first took off and it was the Soviets of course, who were the first ones to openly use it, and become completely socialist, as they called it, which really meant that science was ruling.  Science was the master and there was no more God or anything like that. Science would be the new God and everything would have to be run rationally and logically they said.  Therefore anyone who couldnít come along with it would have to be either reconditioned or eliminated, and they eliminated millions and millions of people who just couldnít see the sense in what they were talking about.  They certainly didnít see the proof of it in the way they were living. 


In the Nazi era, remember the Nazis copied a lot of their stuff from the Soviets because the Soviets had been slaughtering far, far longer than the Nazis were, and killed a lot more people too I might add.  That was mentioned in the documentary The Soviet Story; there is a lot of good footage there that wasnít shown before, of the two of them collaborating together.  You see that the Nazis used psychiatry in a very big way too.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  There is just so much you could say actually in an hour; there is not much at all.  There is not much time to go into anything in any great depth. Thatís why, really, you canít really teach in any great level either, on the radio shows.  All you can do really is try and point out the mainstream news, show you the other side of the stories, fill in the gaps that the journalists deliberately omit, and show you why things really happen, as itís happening.  So technically we are chronicling the events of things as we go through time. Thatís all that weíre doing because you see, the war literally has been run for long before you were born, in all different areas of your lives and over your lives too, which you were completely unaware of.  It would take so long to understand that.  So, so long you simply canít do it by going into the long-term history of it all, although it can be done in private lectures and so on. 


Here is an example of what happened to a guy who tried to send in what he thought was valuable information to an ongoing trial in London.  He himself had got arrested for trying, because they claimed he was interfering with the court case.  I mentioned him before when it happened.  It happened in Ireland.  Wise Up Journal has supplied most of the articles.  Here is another recent one from Wise Up because this man is to go, again, for his next hearing. 


Free Court Case Experience Ė Nov 11 - 7/7 DVD Legal Precedent Trial / 02.11.2010


(A:  This is the guy who did the 7/7 Ripple Effect video, itís very good, I think itís still up on Google yet, where someone with dogged determination really stuck to all the unanswered questions and dug out the evidence that showed you that so much of what they were claiming simply could not have happened, at least not the way that they said it.  He presented a very, very good case.  He sent off his DVDs to the judge.  He didnít tell the judge what to do with them, as far as I know.  But the mistake too, is some of the people in the jury got them.  So he was really done on trying to interfere with the case, according to them.  But they didnít try him for simple interference, like a misdemeanor.  No. They put him into the terrorist courtsÖ because this was the terrorist proceedings that was ongoing.)


If you have an interest in freedom (A:  And thatís true. Thatís how pathetic we are now.  We know darn well that most folk have no memory. They hear the bad news and they are gone onto something else tomorrow.) and want to experience a real court case trial, itís free to enter the legal precedent-setting case on 11/11/10.


This trial could set an EU-wide legal precedent in two ways:

1.  Make sending what you perceive as controversial truth to law enforcers a criminal offence.

2.  Allow individuals who directly send what they perceive as truth by post, emails or any other means to law enforcers to be incarcerated in foreign prisons.  (A:  Because thatís whatís going to happen to this guy.)


On Nov 11 you can experience the fight for freedom at the Four Courts, Dublin City Centre, and get a first-hand look at how the legal system is really run. This is John Anthony Hillís second and final trial to be extradited to London; his state appointed barrister lost him the first one. This time you can witness the brave John Anthony Hill taking on the battle for EU freedom himself without any barrister or legal team.  (A:  The first one, reallyÖ I donít know if you understand how the court system works.  Itís a world within a world.  Itís a fraternity, as we all know, and they use all these darn signs and so on between the judge and the barristers, etc.  Thatís how they really pass the real information to each other, as to what tact they are going to take.)


Meet up with the rest of us at 10am outside the Four Courts to experience the trial and to support freedom. Afterwards weíll have a few drinks in a nearby pub to recap on the events inside the courtroom. Hopefully weíll be having a celebration party. (A:  And I hope they do too.  I hope he gets acquitted and they drop this ridiculous case.)  See you there.


They are, they are grabbing people who think they are doing a citizenís dutyÖ by finding evidence they think is important, and they just pass it on.  They donít come into court and say, you better put this across to the people here.  No.  No.  No.  They just send it to the relevant people, leave it in their hands, and if they want to toss it in the garbage bin itís up to them.  But in this case they actually took the man into criminal court for terrorism, terrorist court.  THATíS where we are today.  And donít think Ė anyone whoís listening Ė donít ever say, well thatís over there.  See, we have done that for too many yearsÖ oh, thatís over in this other place; thatís over there somewhere.  NO!  Itís here folks.  Here is an article and itís from the Council on Foreign Relations.  Iíll put these links up on my web sites at the end of the show.  Itís from their particular branch of their site; they have a site of course.  This is the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations.  It saysÖ


Global Governance Monitor


About the Global Governance Monitor


The challenge of global governance has never been more imperative and more daunting to realize. (A:  Now, who are the CFR?  They are a PRIVATE organization that we do not elect.  They are a fraternity that you must be asked to join; you canít ask to join IT.  They come out of the Milner Group, the big banking group, the Milner, Cecil Rhodes and Rothschild group who became the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  And they have run the history of the world for the last 100 years, by the way.  And all of your journalists, and all of your editors, and the big moguls, all belong to it.  Thatís why they are all on board with their same propaganda, worldwide. Iíll continueÖ)  The headlines are filled with transnational challenges, from terrorism to climate change to weapons of mass destruction. To foster better understanding of modern global challenges--and the international community's (A:  What is the Ďinternational communityí?  What is this international community?  Have you met them?  Have you?  NO.  See they can put these terms in, psycholinguistics, until you parrot them and think itís a concrete thing.) record in responding to them--the International Institutions and Global Governance (IIGG) program has launched the Global Governance Monitor.  (A:  See, international institutions are non-governmental, the big foundations that run your world, the parallel government that Quigley talked about.)


The Global Governance Monitor is a tool that shows how the international community (A:  There it is again, international communityÖ) is doing in addressing the most daunting threats that it faces. For each issue area, the monitor provides:


ē a cinematic overview of the challenge, which explains why international cooperation is needed; (A:  For what?  To be what?  To be utterly global, under global governance.)

ē an interactive timeline that traces the world's efforts to craft collective responses to the challenge;  (A:  They want to brainwash us all to go along with it, Ďcollective responses to the challenge.í)

ē an issue brief that evaluates the overall performance of the regime and suggests potential reforms to improve international cooperation;  (A:  ÖĎinternational cooperation.í)

ē a matrix that catalogs relevant international treaties, organizations, and initiatives;

ē an interactive map that details critical countries and groups; and

ē a resource guide for further information on the topic.


We hope that by monitoring the world's performance now, we can help U.S. and international policymakers identify remaining gaps in global regimes and propose new institutions or partnerships to fill them.


So here are these public/private partnerships again, with the big foundations and their NGOs and so onÖ who have been global for an awful long time.  They are complete internationalists.  A terrorist now, by the way, is someone who opposes global governance.  Thatís what Kissinger said in one of his overseas talks, when he was asked openly, what does it in America mean by a terrorist?  He says, someone who opposes globalization.  What heís also telling you is, a nationalist, you see, is a terrorist.  If you believe in the flag or your country and so on, you are a terrorist.  Thatís what it means.  See we ARE global already, and youíd better be, at least pretend to be, you know, when the jackboots are around you.  And Iím not kidding about that.  So thatís their Global Governance Monitor, to make sure itís all going smoothly and work out their little problems, how to brainwash us more, how much money has to go into more television shows, of fiction and so on, to propagandize us, without us realizing whatís happening.  Thatís what itís about. 


This EU is amazing. They even call it the new soviet.  People who were in the Soviet Union say itís more soviet than the old Soviet UnionÖ with its secrecy and this bunch at the top that no one knows how they are elected and all that kind of stuff, and the fact that the politicians have no powers at all except to yell at each other, and get little brownie points in the newspaper.  It saysÖ


EU reinvents history with blue plaques

Wednesday, 27th October 2010 /


The EU is preparing to spend almost Ä2million (A:  Euros.) on a scheme to put blue plaques on places of EU interest.


Talking before the vote on the new European Heritage Label in Brussels today, Paul Nuttall Ė former Modern History lecturer and UKIP's MEP (A:  Amazing all these names, eh?) on the Culture Committee (A:  Öon the Ďculture committeeÖí)Ė has denounced the move.


"Are we going to seriously get a blue plaque on Ted Heath's house in Salisbury, not because he was our Prime Minister, but because he sold us down the river?," asked Mr Nuttall.  (A:  He was the guy that really pushed the EU big time; he didnít come up with the idea of course.)


"They are suggesting that these Heritage Labels should go on 'places of remembrance'. As we come up to Remembrance Sunday (A:  Thatís for their Veterans Day over there.) the thought that the EU might try and hijack the Menin Gate when in fact it commemorates the 55,000 British and Commonwealth soldiers who died to protect our independence from Europe, not control by Europe.  (A:  Well, isnít that a fact, eh?)


"This is typical of the European Union, desperate to create a synthetic European identity. They are terrified that they do not own people's memory and history and are prepared to spend millions of pounds of our money to generate a new one.".  (A:  Exactly as Orwell said of course.)


Mr Nuttall went on, "The Tories want to shift its budget from one place to another but seem to accept the general idea, which to anybody with a modicum of historic understanding would be an anathema."


So yeah, they are changing the whole of history of Europe.  Remember too, that John Dewey, who was sent over from the Frankfort School and so on, to set up the American system of education, or indoctrination as he called it, he said himself that they would eventually eliminate all histories of conflicts between different peoples, teach a whole new generation nothing but starting from a certain date, very much like they did in Cambodia. When the Cambodian rebels won they began at year zero and nothing had ever happened before it, according to their books you see.  Thatís where we are today.  You ask the average youngster about history, they havenít got a clue.  They think weíve always been global.  They think a whole bunch of things, that two mums is fine, and two dads in fine.  They think a whole bunch of strange things, you see, because itís been hammered into them as being politically correct and okay and fine to talk about nowÖ because itís been promoted at a very high level.  Thatís what Iím saying.  In democracy, they say, itís the will of the majority but they must pay special notice to the minorities.  Why are they so incredibly fixated on only a couple of minorities?  What about all the other minorities?  What about the majority?  Why special status for certain peoples?  Is that really equality of any kind?  Special statusÖ?  I donít think so.  I donít think so. 


Itís definitely part of the total destruction in morality, in whatís left of any.  Ha, I think itís way past it actually.  But the destruction of morality and the old family unit that got us through thousands of yearsÖ in prior times; itís gone now.  So that Yuri Bezmenov was quite right, it was already over when he came over to first Canada and then the United States.  It was already done.  It was accomplished.  And the public didnít know.  They thought they were just having a good time and doing their own thing.  You donít do anything, at the public level, unless itís authorized and pushed and promoted from the top with BIG dollars.  Thatís how culture is created. 


Itís interesting too, Sarkozy, the guy they parachuted in to be the President of France.  This is the spin they are putting out now.  Heís HATED, it says.


'Hated' Sarkozy fears assassination amid strikes and protests across France

By Mail Foreign Service / / 1st November 2010


Nicolas Sarkozy fears he is so disliked by his country (A:  ĎHisí country, really?)  that he could be assassinated.


The French premier has become one of the most unpopular presidents in 50 years after he raised the retirement age from 60 to 62.  (A:  Itís a lot more than just that heís done.)


Strikes and protests have erupted across the country in a backlash against Sarkozy's cost-saving plans.


Most hated French president in 50 years?  (A:  They show you a photograph of him with his wife.)  Sarkozy with his wife Carla Bruni, who has been described as a 'Marie-Antoinette' figure and a 'liability'.  (A:  And heís so proud that she has extramarital affairs, just to be a good role model to the young children.  See, the agenda is still being pushed from the top, and thatís what we silly assholes at the bottom do.  We copy the ones at the top.  We follow the stars and celebrities that they dish out to us, and they make all these guys into celebrities.  What do you think television is for? and Hollywood is all for?  Follow the stars, and their bizarre behavior, that psychologists dream up by the way, and turn around and watch your system fall to ROT.)


Just one in three of the French people now back their president, according to polls - making him even more unpopular than General Charles de Gaulle in 1968, when millions took to the streets in protest against him.  (A:  But there is more to it of course than they are telling you in that article there as well.  The French know a lot more about Mr Sarkozy than they are saying here.)


Now of course, with all this nonsense too, about Ė I canít believe it Ė this stuff to do with printer cartridges.  And Yemen, do you remember before all of this happened, a few months ago I read about the fact that Obama was eyeing up Yemen for attack?  Well, now they are building the reasons for attack for the public to accept.  You must get the public on board when you want to attack someone.  So suddenly these cartridges show up.  They say they first came out in September; they were dummy ones, meaning they were real cartridges and now theyíve found the ones, which initially they said were just the same normal cartridges, until the US got a hold of them. They reexamined them, after Britain, and said well they are actually explosives.  I guess Britainís just too stupid, eh, just too stupid to know what theyíre looking at.  This is rubbish.  This is propaganda to set up the attack against Yemen because weíve got a lot more of wars to fight yet, you know.  As long as there is the last taxpayer in the US pumping the money out, they are going to send troops out to the last countries to conquer.  Not for the US either, as everybody is well aware.  It saysÖ


The foreplay search: Outrage at new airport security check

so invasive it will 'become a moral issue'

By Mail Foreign Service / /  29th October 2010


Airline passengers and civil liberties groups have expressed disgust and outrage at new security measures that are tantamount to 'foreplay'.  (A:  Well, they have seen so much on TV and reality television they wonít even care most of them.)


The U.S. Transportation Security Administration trialed a new pat-down technique at Logan International Airport and is now rolling out the measures to all 450 of its airports.


The technique, described as 'horribly invasive' by a passengers rights group, involves security staff sliding their hand over passengers bodies, rather than patting them down, if they object to going through full-body imaging scanners.  (A:  Pavlovian training: oh, youíre not going through that scanner, okay weíll touch you up.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just leaving that story there to do with, if you donít go through the scanners they are going to touch you up just to punish you and sicken you until you cave in.  And thatís what they do with us. After all weíre just cattle according to Skinner and other people too, that run your countries. 


Weíll go to Deborah from Baltimore.  Are you there Deborah.


Deborah:  Good to speak to you again, Alan.  I havenít spoken to you in a dogís age. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  How have you been doing?


Deborah:  Ah, we wonít go there. 


Alan:  You wonít go thereÖ okay.  [chuckles] 


Deborah:  [Laughing.]  I will say, to the young man that had spoken to you earlier, I would strongly urge, if you really want to bring yourself up to speed, buy one of Alanís books.  They are excellent. They will lay it all out for you.  Youíll see the world in a whole new place and youíll catch right up to speed.  You brought a lot of fragments together for me with your writing that had ordinarily kind of remainedÖ I couldnít quite connect it. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  They are scattered.


Deborah:  Yeah, and then you did, and itís brilliant.  So I will say that. 


Alan:  There are two ways of learning.  Two ways of learning and one of them is Gestalt.  Gestalt works differently from others.  Itís when you literally have that implosion, where things all come together at once on certain topics.  When you are in the right frame of mind and you have that eureka moment, and thatís what you try to do with people.  Because itís true, we all know so much, itís just that itís all scattered, disconnected, and once it comes together you have the knowledge within you.  You have experienced life. 


Deborah:  Yeah.  Itís alwaysÖ but youíve always questioned x, y, z; questioned all of it.  Then to have somebody so concisely kind of bring it to the fore and just kind of like BOOM, there it is.  Itís justÖ it was a wonderful experience to read your book.  With regard to, you know, weíre all terrorists now, I had heard, unfortunately Iím without internet until tomorrow.  But I had heard on another radio talk show on the internet, there was a Ė I donít know how much of this is true because I havenít been able to research it myself.  In the DSM Manual, the manual that psychiatrists/psychologists use, social workers, that now anybody who challenges authority, who questions authority, or who distrusts authority, is now mentally unstable.


Alan:  Thatís right.  It started in the Soviet Union.  They actually called it Ďanti-governmentí.  It doesnít matter what policy you criticized, you were now anti-government; it wasnít the policy anymore.  So I used to say that the opposition parties therefore must be anti-government because they scream about what they are putting through on the other side.  Really, thatís the SAME techniques; everything that they used in the Soviet system is now here.  Even the term Ďpolitical correctnessí comes from the Soviet; itís a direct translation from the Soviet Union.


Deborah:  Exactly.  I had a Russian defector friend of mine who brought me up to speed on what was going on over there.  The whole time I was growing up he was growing up there, so it was a good exchange.  The other person who said, well itís happening over there, itís not going to happen over here.  No.  Certain areas may be a test case scenario, but yes, thatís going to be brought here. 


Alan:  Absolutely.  Most of itís already here, under different names, terms and laws and rules and regulations.† Thatís the music coming in and Iíll have to go Iím afraid then.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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