Nov. 3, 2010 (#699)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 3, 2010:

Reliance on Science -- Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me:

"As Science Progresses, Crushing "Superstition",
So Goes Survival Instinct of Intuition,
Our First Defence of "Not Quite Right"
Subjugated to Experts, We Lose the Fight,
Instincts Betrayed, We're at the Mercy
Of Totalitarians, Free Thought is Heresy,
Old Institutions Discarded, Looked Down Upon,
We're Intellectuals, Old's Quaint, Frowned Upon,
Individual Survival has Been Destroyed
By Haughty Thinkers, Planners Who Toyed
With Creating the Mechanistic, Obedient Society
From the Chaos of Multi-Choice Variety
Which They'd Inflict Upon Family System,
Offering Temptations too Numerous to List Them,
Now Abnormal is Normal, No Going Back,
Intuition Disabled, Real Guidance We Lack"
© Alan Watt Nov. 3, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 3, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 3, 2010.  I always start off the show by suggesting to newcomers that they look into  Youíll see all the other official sites Iíve got listed there, bookmark them for future use.  If you find sticking on downloads of the audios or whatever, you can always try these alternate sites.  A lot of folk go into the .com at the same time, sometimes, and it causes some kind of jam, according to the big provider.  Sounds like God, eh, the big provider.  So try these.  Remember, all these sites have the same audios for download.  They all have transcripts, a lot of transcripts in English for print up and if you want transcripts in other languages look into  Thatís listed on the .com site as well and you can find a variety of languages to choose from for print up of the talks Iíve given.  While you are at it too, remember you are the audience that brings me to you.  Youíve got to support me if you want to keep me going. 


Itís up to yourselves; I could give you a lot of fancy stuff if you want.  I could really enthrall you and make it very entertaining, and bring in aliens and all kinds of strange things.  Or, I can give you the hard basic facts, which are rather cold, dismal and there is not an awful lot of hope in things because, really, the fact is we have been run for such a long, long time by a very sophisticated system at the top, that itís not that hard to break out of unlessÖ it might even take hundreds of years.  Itís been here for thousands so it might take hundreds of years to break out of it.  People want things very quickly.  They want them done in their lifetime.  Thatís why they hand their power over to the ones who are put out to lead them off in outer space and all kinds of strange phenomena.  Thatís up to you.  One is entertainment, one is not.  Of course, although the truth can be stranger than fiction, itís also a bit more boring; and thatís a fact as well.  However, if you want to know the truth, youíve got to study the boring stuff to get there, to find out whatís really happening; even to have a glimmer of hope, of changing something for the better, at least for those around you if not for yourselves, because you canít make it better for the entire world.  Thatís the big con that weíre supposed to believe in right now, is that we can all be equal in this world and share everything happily.  And weíve never had a system in our history like that.  Even during the whole communist era, those at the top lived like Kings and those at the bottom lived on ideology and hope.  So thatís the system, really, thatís getting brought in worldwide.  Itís amazing too to see the big bankers running it.


You can buy my books, CDs and DVDs.  That keeps me going.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember this isnít a business but I do need the cash to keep going to cover the expenses that I have, and there is quite a lot, even having all these sites up, never mind all the time involved and so on.  Itís more than a full-time job.  I wouldnít choose this if my life depended on it, in a sense.  Iím only doing it because Iíve got to do something thatís right.  Thatís basically it, something thatís right, and maybe someone else will benefit down the road, hopefully.  Iíve heard it said so many times by those whoíve got an inkling of whatís happening, well thank God the worst will come down after Iím dead.  And I think, what a cop-outÖ because those who knew before I was born let it happen to me, and those around me as well.  So why should we hand it on to the next bunch and let them take the hammer?  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  I was looking at a couple of videos today that someone sent me.  One was the banking the industry in London, you know The City, as they call it.  And Iíve heard this since I was born, the same problem with banks and so on, and government oversight committees looking into things.  They never amount to anything because the guys they appoint to look into the banks are all ex-employees of the big banks.  Often they leave their positions and go back into the big banks again.  So itís very much like any of the big inquiry systems that weíve got set up.  Even the States, itís the same thing with the FDA.  A lot of them are staffed with guys who literally worked with the big chemical companies and Monsanto and so on.  Thatís who they set up to inquire into themselves.  Itís an old boys club and itís the same with the banking system in England and elsewhere.  The only real part that came out of interest was that they already, with all the billions of dollars they are giving in bonuses to the top dogs, was that they have lent out 50 times as much money as they actually have.  So I mean, the same old game as always, and we are told that dear, dear, dear, there is nothing we can do, and all the hand-wringing by politicians, itís just beyond us.  Weíre kind of helpless about it, and maybe things will be aright.  So, supposedly, we are told, at the end of the video, itís a balancing act.  If these guys have another deck of cards fall, weíre all done for basically.  


Meanwhile, itís the bankers who are writing up the austerity bills.  Iím not kidding.  Thatís what it mentioned.  That was interesting too, how the bankers themselves came forth with the idea of austerity.  It doesnít make any new ground for me to break because Iíve understood for a long time that the big bankers are part of the world system.  They have funded communism.  They funded Nazism.  They do like totalitarian regimes; itís easier to operate within those countries.  They simply get their puppets, at the head of governments, to introduce the laws and collect all the debt and so on, for them, on their behalf; they donít have to do it.  What a great system it is for them, totalitarianism.  A world corporate system is really running the show right now.  Itís a FEUDAL system, as Professor Carroll Quigley called it.  He was all for it, by the way.  He wrote extensively about it.  As I say, itís much easier for the big bankers that seem to always be there, always will be there by the looks of it, and even the projections into the future to do with the defense departments, think tanks on the next 50 years.  They talk about the economies must be kept up at all costs, regardless, and so on.  In other words, they are not going to touch the banking at all.  Itís going to carry on as usual.  They will continue funding their big movements across the world. 


Remember their foundations as well, their big foundation men, their front men, ARE the parallel government.  They fund the NGOs.  They fund the United Nations.  They created the United Nations.  Through the United Nations they get everyone to sign agreements, which become charters, which become treaties and all the rest of it, as time goes on, bypassing all forms of input from the ordinary people, who are kept dumb and amused, or terrified by the events of the world depending on what they give you at the time.  Thatís how the world is really run. 


We know that they have used a reign of terror.  Thatís what all this terrorism is about; itís a reign of terror.  Suddenly it happened, suddenly.  Youíve got to ask yourself, why does something suddenly happen and the whole world has to change, at the same time, on board, all together, on the same track, with really persecuting its own citizenry?  We can see whatís happening has nothing to do with terrorism as itís being portrayed.  Itís a reign of terror so we all buckle under, under a war time scenario and give up all our rights, all our freedoms and allow the state to push forward in a post-democratic society.  Thatís what itís all about.  And Iím not talking off the top of my head; they talked about this at the Club of Rome and all the other big UN think tanks years ago where they said theyíd have to bring in authoritarian systems of rule because democracy simply was too cumbersome and didnít work; there were too many competing parties vying for power and they couldnít get the big jobs done


What they mean by the big jobs, well, you have to go into the writings of Carroll Quigley and the setting up of the League of Nations, by the bankers and the Milner Group that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations, who have been pushing wars and world government since the early 1900s, and under other names before the 1900s.  Itís as simple as that.  Youíve got to do your homework.  You donít have to go looking for aliens or anything like that, or people who turn into strange creatures that you normally put into exotic shoes or briefcases.  You actually can find the real people, who are flesh and blood obviously.  They bleed and they live and they die, like we all do.  But they do sign all the agreements that sign all of our rights away down through time.  They also work behind the scenes, and visibly in the public sometimes, to bring across this world agenda.  Quigley said it too.  He says, we can get more done in 5 years of war, because government takes over and the public are quite willing to have their rights taken away, for protection, he says, than in 50 years of peace and propaganda.  Itís much faster to get the job done with this kind of scenario going on. 


Of course, if they canít find terrorism theyíve got to create it.  Thatís why itís so confusing.  Thatís why itís so confusing you donít know what to believe anymore.  Thatís the madness that comes out of this.  You really donít have much of a chance, because youíll never know whatís true or false.  What we do know is that almost every internal bomb plot that they have created or whatever, or found, like in Canada and the US, itís always been a set-up by the security systems, the FBI, CSIS, or the RCMP, by employing and putting out their own agents into the field, who then spout the radical lines, are given big web sites, lots of cash, and attract young immature guys into it who see these guys as father figures, and they want to fight. They are young.  They are the braves, the warriors you might say, of the generation.  They get entrapped.  They get set up and a sting operation happens.  Then governments stand up and say, see, we have internal terrorism.  I keep warning young people all the time, regardless of your ethnic background, donít fall for someone from your ethnic background because they will be employed by the agencies.  If they are getting away with it, they are getting away with saying things you would never get away with saying publicly, or on the internet, then itís because they are authorized to do so.  The same thing has happened in England as well.  Thatís the kind of world we live in.  They can manufacture terror, or the appearance of terror, whenever they wish to.  Believe you me, they will give you real terror if it came to that. Absolutely, there is no doubt about it.  The end justifies the means.  This global agenda, with the complete transformation of society AND the individual human, is a very old plan.  All of academia is on board with this plan.  All of it.  All of itÖ across the world.  Top academia, theyíre all on board with this plan. 


Sometimes you look at humanity and you shake your headÖ you really do shake your head because we are SO easily manipulated at the bottom level.  And by the bottom level I mean from the middle class down, including the upper middle class.  SO easily manipulated by those that give us the culture, the cultural changes, the permission to be immature children forever, which is what the whole sexual revolution was.  They KNEW at the top, because they have done this down through the ages in previous societies, what happens.  You have chaos at the end.  The state is overburdened with all the taking care of everyone elseís, I wouldnít say mistakes, but their decisions.  After all, everything that happens to you is a decision that you have brought on yourself, but we all pay for it.  Then they tell you, weíre all in it together.  I have watched this my whole life. 


Recently too, I watched a series on what was really the changing family of Britain, as they called it.  They went through a brief history, from World War II onwards and the sexual revolution and it was utterly farcical the way it was presented. But if you were young, and you hadnít read anything else, and you certainly didnít live through it, youíd probably take that as the truth.  They never once mentioned the massive, incredibly well financed, publicity campaign and cultural changes put out by the cultural industry, from the TOP DOWN, to change society into that kind of society that they wanted.  Never once did they mention that influence really.  They made you think it was just like some amorphous thing that comes out of the masses itself and manifests itself, which is utter rubbish.  Utter rubbishÖ because I lived through it, you see, or a good part of it.  From an early age I watched it.  From a very early age I knew it was happening, and listened to the older folk too, who questioned what was happening and the causes of it.  And there was nothing, believe you me, coming out of the grass roots, but everyone copied what was promoted on television and in the movies and it was incessant stuff, incessant.  All the magazines, all the newspapersÖ just do it, just do it.  And here you are, years and years later, with a wrecked Western world, where there are more single mums Ė for the ones that want children at all Ė there are more single mums than anything.  Who is paying for most of it? Well, the state.  Who is the state?  YOU areÖ massive taxation.  Then they tell you, now that theyíve wrecked it all, to have austerity.  All deliberate.  All deliberate.  Quite something. 


Remember too, that Carroll Quigley who was probably one of the best authors to come out with a lot of the data on the group that he worked for, that was helping bring all this about, and again who was for all of the agenda. He said he liked all of what they did, where they were going, it was just some of their methods that he wasnít quite sure about.  He did mention that they were often mistaken in the US and other places for being communist.  The reason being is because they employed the communists.  They backed the communists and the big bankers created communism.  By that I donít mean the little street guys that went around with tin cans and protest banners. They led the thing from the top, to bring this about. 


They have got the world to where they wanted to.  Again, democracy, remember, was simply too cumbersome, Club of Rome.  Here is an article thatís been on their minds for a long time, to do away with, itís cumbersome as well.  Itís amazing how they take you through a transformation between the old Royal feudal system, get YOU to go through a whole championing of yourselves, you think, as they create massive institutions over you, until you are democratic, and then they take all your rights away from you.  Iíll go into that when I come back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just really recapping a little bit of where weíve been and where weíre going and whatís happening right now and showing you how things fit together.  And it surely is a plan because the big players discussed this plan many times over in their books as they helped set it up, in their own lifetimes in fact, at least their part of it, because this is an intergenerational ongoing thing.  Quigley also said of course, that foundations are fantastic for this because they can set up different foundations with different, particular mandates, and they can go for 100, 200 years hiring and working and retiring, hiring and working and retiring, until they get their agenda accomplished, whereas governments canít do that. They canít because, again, the people are kind of fickle, there are always things changing. But the foundations can literally aim at a goal and they have a 50 year, 100 year plan, a 200 year plan, and pull it off, especially when they are working in concert with other foundations that are set up to do the same thing from different angles. 


Here is an article that ties in with, again, they take you through democracy and then they demolish democracy.  Society is already completely utterly changed from what it used to be.  You have to go through the old Communist Manifesto and the planks of it to understand what they wanted to destroy.  Donít read just the planks, carry on and read all their other books as well.  It saysÖ


Cut jury trials, (Alan:  They want to do away with jury trialsÖ) says victims' champion (A:  A victimsí champion, you see.) Louise Casey / 3 November 2010


(A:  It says she was appointed Victimsí Commissioner for the government in March.  This is in the UK; this is happening all over though.  So who would have thought that the Ďvictimsí champion, because that was her job, to start off, now is wanting them to just cut out jury trials for what they call minor offenses.  Now remember, everything in law, you can stretch any word you want to include anything you want, like Ďminorí can go on forever.)


The right to trial by jury for many lesser offences should be ended in England and Wales, the Commissioner for Victims of Crime has proposed.  (A:  Now, what the heck is she proposing, this part of it, when her whole job is for victims of crime?  AnywayÖ)


Louise Casey said almost 70,000 Crown Court cases each year could be heard in magistrates' courts, saving £30m.  (A:  So is it all about money?  Really?  Is it?  When you see the money that they are lavishing elsewhere, never mind what they have thrown at the banks recently, the trillions of pounds, with another trillion to come.)


Ms Casey said the move would benefit victims of serious crime who suffer due to delays in "clogged up" Crown Courts.  (A:  So itís all to satisfy the victims of serious crime?  She said Ďminorí earlier on, now itís Ďseriousí crime.)


The pressure group Liberty (A:  Here we go, another pressure group...) stressed that the coalition government had promised to protect juries.


Ms Casey's call comes as the Ministry of Justice cuts the budget for courts and prisons.  (A:  So there you go, they are cutting everything now, right.  They give you all this stuff and then they cut it all back.  Because what?  Itís going to save them all cash.  WhyÖ why not give it to the bankers?  You know, theyíve got big jobs to do across the world.)


She said a jury trial should not be viewed as a right for crimes known as "either-way" offences, which can be heard by magistrates or sent to trial in Crown Court.  (A:  A magistrate is the old way, when they used to do it when they sent you off to the colonies as they called it, where if you stole some bread or something, because you were starving, you were immediately shipped off, in shackles, on some creaky old leaky ship, and dumped off in Australia, to populate it, or North America, or somewhere else.  The first slaves in America were actually white slaves, done by this kind of system.  They were done by this kind of system, the magistrates, Yep, youíre guilty, you look itÖ and away you went, that was it.)


"We should not view the right to a jury trial as being so sacrosanct that its exercise should be at the cost of victims of serious crimes," Ms Casey said.  (A:  And she goes on and on and on.)


So they want to cut it because they are already cutting back on the costs of the courts and so on.  Now I will agree on one thing, and we all know this too.  Wherever you get lawyers youíve got a racket going.  Itís like dentists and doctors or whatever else, they charge incredible amounts of money, for what they are supposed to be doing, and they do have an open Ė sort of Ė door policy.  Put it this way, a revolving door policy nowadays too.  They make a lot of money off the cases and the guys go through a revolving door; itís often cheaper to let them go than to put them in prison.  So it comes down, again, to cash and so on. But why have we got such crime now today anyway?  And a lot of stuff now is really so petty.  It didnít used to be crime because we didnít have the laws on the books to make it criminal, to do with all of the things now to do with your vehicles and stuff like that.  So they create the crime, create the problems, say, oh itís terrible see, we need a huge system, and then they create a huge system and then of course they take your rights away. They still have the big system there though, but they take your rights away.  Thatís how itís done in this very old system, thousands of years old, lots of archives kept on how things really do work. 


Another article is to do with the United Nations.  Now, Iíve mentioned before how they came out with Agenda 21.  The Patriot community started to talk about it and mentioned what Agenda 21 was and went through it for the public.  On their own site, and I read the article from the UN site where they said they are advising their different movements and organizations, to use different TERMS for Agenda 21.  This is the Agenda to get you all off the countryside and even eventually into the major cities, and just wreck the homes you used to live in and turn it back to nice wilderness so that the wealthy, you know, the wealthy greenies can go trekking off in, as they get dropped off in choppers and stuff like that.  Weíd all be crammed into these cities while the more wealthy elite, as befits them, should live in Super Cities, brand new, spanking new of course, all across the world.  Thatís all part of Agenda 21 too.  It saysÖ


UN official outlines challenges facing cities amid rapid urbanization / 3 November 2010


(A:  ĎRapidí urbanization, they are calling it.  Now that they are really forcing the people in, because they canít survive with the high taxation in the country anymore and all the farmers are out of business.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Weíre cutting through and trying to get some reality out of whatís going on and to show people that nothing is left to chance in this world.  Every basic part of society, the direction and so on, is already covered.  Weíre all guided, by lots of shepherds, whoíve all got their roles to play, and they know where theyíre taking us all, and where theyíre taking the world.  We are living, remember too, in a DEHUMANIZED society.  That was essential, as Julian Huxley said, the first CEO of UNESCO, essential to knock us off that pedestal, to make us think of ourselves as animals.  Then it was followed up by the creation of hedonism and narcissism, so weíre all separate individuals all doing our own happy little thing in our own happy little worldÖ and weíll be oblivious of whatís happening around us.  We are easily guided and shepherded by those who take charge and deal with the big problems.  Itís been that easy to get us to where we are really.  Mind you, we have a media that doesnít tell you whatís really going on, at the time anyway.  They tell you some parts of things but they always miss out ĺ of the rest of it, which would give you the big picture.  It says in this article at the United Nations, about the critical resources are going to be needed for these urban centers. 


The new head of the United Nations agency tasked with promoting sustainable cities today outlined the challenges facing urban centres around the world, saying they were hosting increasingly large populations but had limited resources for critical services.


Pointing out some of the issues he (A: This head of this UN departmentÖ) will be addressing as the Executive Director of the UN Human Settlements Programme (A: Thatís another term they use for Agenda 21.  Itís HUMAN Settlements ProgrammeÖ) (UN-HABITAT), (A:  But they prefer to call it Ďhabitatí because Ďsettlementí has got that ring of, you know, concentration camps and stuff like that too.  So theyíve got the different terms for it but it comes under sustainability.  All of it.  So there are all these terms for the same thing.)   Joan Clos (A:  The head of it.) told reporters in New York that although cities hosted industries and businesses that create much of the worldís wealth, they were not always able to raise the resources required to deal with the problems associated with expanding population.


ďWe need to understand better the economic role of urbanization,Ē Mr. Clos said, (A:  Oh, so itís a MR Clos. Well, it doesnít matter who; it could be Santa.)  adding that he will balance ďcontinuity and renewalĒ during his term as head of the organization.


ďWe need to produce some changes and improvements in our organization in order to be more focused and more efficient inside the overall objective of the United Nations (A:  The Ďoverall objective OF the United Nations, rightÖ) of delivering-as-one (A:  Now, what do they mean by that, delivering-as-one?) and being more efficient in general,Ē Mr. Clos said.


Then he goes on about the food resources, all of that kind of stuff, etc, and how will they cope with all that.  Because after all you see, they have been destroying farmers, small farmers for the last 50 years and giving the power to the big agri-food businesses.  We are at the mercy, right now, of 5 corporations, that are probably all really one with the same shareholders, across the whole world, for the whole food supply. How dumb can we be?  How DUMB can we be to play and be perpetual little children while they are taking your ability to grow or have your own food or have a choice of foods and different supplies?  Taking it all away from you... How stupid can a species be?  Well, as stupid as us obviously, because we have allowed it to happen when we were all playing.  Incredible isnít it?  And yet, remember too, the same United Nations for the Department of Agriculture stated years ago that farming was too important to be left to farmers.  And if you DO remember, if you do remember, their other technique of fast changes in society, it was communism and revolution.  What was the first thing that they did in the communist, apart from passing the hate laws, number one, which they did actually; Lenin passed them right off the bat.  The second part was to slaughter all the small farmersÖ and then the state took over all farming.  Millions died with the fallout because they didnít know how to farm, all these state-run appointees and bureaucracies and so on.  No one knew what to do.  The same thing happened in China. 


Itís the same technique only they are using the corporations, you see. There are many ways of covering yourself, to be a chameleon.  Itís the same thing happening, whether you are a corporation or you call yourself a communist-for-the-people agenda.  Itís all the same thing.  The same guys running it of course too.  Youíve got to DISEMPOWER the people, under the pretense of EMPOWERING them, to make them utter slaves, dependent slaves.  INTER-DEPENDENT slavesÖ that means they are completely dependent on everything they need to survive on someone else, or the system itself.  Then of course, they go on about the emitters of greenhouse gases and all of the rest of the usual stuff, ya-da, ya-da, ya, that will happen as more and more folk are crammed together, etc, etc, health, transport, all of that kind of stuff.  I wonít read any more of their rubbish but you can read it yourself at UN news and have a good time playing yourself there with it. They talk exactly the same way, in the same format as the communists did as well, when Moscow ran the show over there.  The same terminology for everything... itís quite amazing.  Or is it?  Is it? 


There is someone on the phone and itís Glen from Philly.  Are you there Glen?


Glen:  Yes, hello.  Very good.  I have been listening to Patriot Radio for a few years now and long before I knew about any of this stuff, and as you say itís a rather dismal picture.  The more I learn the more it just seems like, you know, onion-like layers of corruption within corruption within corruption.  But many years before I knew any of this stuff I had had and when I was in my late teens, I came under sort of an intuitive conviction, intruded upon my consciousness thatís telling me that I was going to see times.  The way I finally put it to words was that I was going to see times of manís inhumanity to man, that would make the atrocities of the holocaust and World War II look like a Sunday school picnic.  Thatís been like this one, you know, deep seated conviction that, you know, it dawned on me as a teenager in the 70s, that you know, sort of eventually led to me learning of all this sort of stuff.  I was wondering what in a sense, given your knowledge of things exoteric and esoteric, Iím wondering what significance you would ascribe to intuition?  Öas it applies to that? 


Alan:  Intuition is an opposing force, of course thatís suppressed in a technological society and yet itís one of your main defense mechanisms for survival.  Itís been widely written about by philosophers in the past who talked about it. There is a good book; it was called The Terrors of the Year Two Thousand, by [Etienne] Gilson.  He was a French philosopher who really went into the spirit, the soul, intuition, call it what you want.  He said that the system that we are now going into, and this was written in the early 1900s, he talked about the system we are going into is one where man is dethroned, again.  Man not only is dethroned, heís a LESSER animal.  Eventually he is no animal at all, heís a mechanism. Heís a machineÖ as they try and force you to be a statistic, to be an efficient, reprogrammable machine based on numbers.  So numbers and statistics and so on, and experts, would run the entire society, and run YOU as they would run a machine.  Much like the movie, that THX 1138 movie that they put out, which was excellent to show you the dehumanization they could bring you to with the use of pharma and different other methods.  So he was talking about that a long time ago.  Because people IN THE KNOW, and he was certainly well associated with all the different organizations that had been working from the late 1800s, actually the 1700s onwards.  He had studied them all.  He said it was a crushing of the soul. When intuition was destroyed and it was totally suppressed and the people were made to laugh at the thought of having intuition, and never mind following it, then it was all over for man himself.  So there is a lot to be said for that. 


Itís the soul, or intuition Ė itís all combined together.  That extra-human thing that you have inside you, that makes you different, that gives you the ability to make choices, sometimes at your own expense Ė you can sacrifice for someone else.  We have that ability, where animals and so on donít have that ability.  We are taught in this materialistic society to suppress all of that and when we do we become monsters.  If you read the writings of Lenin, Lenin in his speeches actually said, we shall harden our hearts with blood of our enemies, he says, until we have no emotion whatsoever; we shall slaughter, he says, with no compassion, all our enemies, in the tens of hundreds Ė it ended up in the tens of millions.  Thatís what he said. That was the training that they thought the perfect Soviet man would achieve. And we see the same things happening today with the United Nations and the way they train their followers with the same communistic aspect of having to harden our hearts.  In fact, become completely non-human to achieve their goals.  If you notice the way that government is run today, itís much the same way.  We are all statistics now.  Everything is a statistic.  Poverty is a statistic.  Everything that happens is down to numbers.  Weíre being run by numbers, right down to the RAND Corporation giving policy advice and using their studies for the American government to run their health care system, to do with numbers, numbers, numbers, numbers.  Thatís what itís all about.  So Gilson and others talked about that.  That was the area of what they termed, again in an intellectual way, this system of anti-Christ, because weíve got nothing else to explain it as to what anti-Christ was, which would mean everything that was anti-human, everything that was non-human, and everything was utterly evil, as far as a thinking, caring, loving human being goes.  It was the exact opposite.  THATíS the kind of system that they are bringing in across the world with this whole war on terror and the vast push for globalization.  Itís making everyone from every ethnic group FIT IN to the same pigeon hole, the same squares in round block systems, whether they like it or not, with the boot on top of them to squeeze and squash them in.  And even though it doesnít workÖ and even Solzhenitsyn said it, it doesnít work.  They are trying to force this because you see, this is their religion, itís their belief system. They will not change for anything, or any factual evidence that points out to the contrary.


Glen:  I noticed they wonít.  The facts donít bother them because they have no truth; thatís for sure. 


Alan:  Thatís right. 


Glen:  In my case, what I find hopeful, and this is in my case, this intuition militated against this before I even knew anything.  I was just sort of a lemming, following, you know, the herd or whatever and this realization set in for me at an early age and I think there is like hope in that because if it can happen to me it can happen to many others.  I just hold out hope that there will be a sufficient critical mass of people who are not desensitized, that can perhaps turn this around.  You know?


Alan:  Yes.  Well, see all turnarounds in a totalitarian regime Ė and you ARE living in a totalitarian regime Ė all turnarounds really happen with individual sacrifice and even brutality against those who simply, individually, say NOÖ as they get picked off one at a time, until there are so many getting picked off they canít keep it from the newspapers. Thatís also part of what happened in the Soviet system.  When first the Cheka and then the NKVD, and then of course the KGB, would pick up the people in their homes, in the middle of the night, and whisk them away and everybody just kept quiet; they were scared to even mention it in case theyíd come for them.  Eventually there were so many living in camps, for so many, many years, and generations, they couldnít keep it quiet any longer.  People were saying NO, and individually suffering for it, untilÖ  Indignancy takes an awful long time, an awful long time; in a naÔve society, a trained, conditioned, brainwashed society, it takes a long time to materialize. But it takes an awful lot of suffering.  Itís not like a war where there is the enemy on one side of the battlefield and there is you and you charge each other and itís all over in an hour.  This can take a long, long timeÖ because this system has been in control, working quietly, for hundreds of years.


Glen:  Well maybe if enough people get to the point where they have nothing more to lose, and they say, well I may as well act out according to my heart because I have nothing more to lose.   What you were saying reminded me of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn in the Gulag Archipelago when he said, how we burned in the camps, you know, when we realized if we had done something, if we had all risen up against the secret police and stuff. 


Alan:  Yes.  When they first started, when they first startedÖ he said, that was the key, when they first started it.  See, once you allow something to start and continue, we adapt to it so quickly as normal.  It doesnít matter what it is, we adapt so quickly.  He said at the beginning we could have got pickaxes and shovels and attacked them when they came in twos and fours, but eventually they adapted so quickly they were cowed.  Even when they had to turn the whole street out to watch it Ė that was the law there, to make sure everyone got the message, this might happen to YOU.  Well see over here the media does the same job. They pick on someone, whoís been set up often in a sting, a creation, and they say, look at them and this is what will happen to them; they could be rendered off to some country and slaughtered.  Well, why to you think they even picked the name Ďrenditioní.  We have Ďrenderedí meat, for instance; thatís where itís associated with. Itís psychological, psycholinguistic warfare thatís being used on the public without their knowledge all the time. 


Glen:  Actually, and itís interesting, I donít hear a lot of patriots talking about this but, even without a warrant I think a lot of peopleÖ I remember when I was in college in ROTC, which I eventually left, my Colonel walked in one day and wrote the term Ďvital interestí on the board and he asked how would you define that?  I said I would define it as something that you would consider as essential for life.  He defined it as something for which you were willing to die. 


Alan:  Yes.


Glen:  And I thought, well we are really not on the same page here, you know.  But in retrospect, I mean, people, many people are going to have to die at the hands of these people. And we live in a world where whistleblowers or people who are dissenters, you know, where many will die.  I think we have to come to terms with that and realize that, you know, without even threat of being violent or revolutionary or anything like that, or engaging in civil war or anything like that, these people ARE going to come for people.  And they are going to undo people.  Itís already in process. 


Alan:  Oh, they will.  There is no doubt.  There is no doubt on that. They have been geared up for years for it.  In fact, they saw it coming 20 years ago, when they started to really recruit more and more cops, for the new special police forces, from the military, directly from the military.  They knew theyíd bring the crash on.  Iím sure they worked out when theyíd bring the crash on, probably 30 years ago, and what kind of society it would be, by then. After all, no one else was guiding it along to where they wanted it to go, except themselves, the guys at the top.  So they knew where theyíd bring us all. They knew when they signed the GATT treaty that they were signing the death knell for millions of people in America, who worked in factories, and all the offshoots that supplied the factories; there were thousands of businesses, all gone under.  They replaced it with nothing. They KNEW what they were going to do years and years and years ago and they KNEW where America would be right now, 30-40 years ago.


Glen:  Right.  And thatís why itís so important, like ultimately, it is the info war contest that will alter consciousness and thatís why itís so important that the materials presently be generated.  Even if electricity isnít available, and DVDs canít be seen, or CDs canít be listened to, there is the good old written word Ė the pen is mightier than the sword thing.  Itís very important that this stuff be committed to means that can be transmitted.


Alan:  Absolutely, alternate means of communication.  In the Soviet Union they were reduced to hand-printed notes passed around and eventually photocopied in secrecy and thatís how they got it out.  Youíre quite right.  Thanks for calling.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back and Cutting Through The Matrix and weíve got Jane from Ontario on the line.  Are you there Jane?


Jane:  Hi.  You were talking about the court cases, I think it was in Britain.  But I noticed here, my daughter had a problem where she was working, with sexual harassment.  She went to the police actually, because the employer wasnít doing anything about it.  She had to quit her job, you know, just for safety because she was in a hotel and you know, it could have been kind of a dangerous situation.  So she did go to the police and she was passed fromÖ  She first had one officer that she talked to and she was passed to a second one and then a third.  They were, like they were nice to deal with and everything butÖ I donít know.  I just thought it was kind of odd the way they passed her from one person to another.  We dealt with the Ontario Human Rights Commission as well.  She got this form to fill out and it said that there was a telephone number that you could call for legal advice but we didnít do that.  But she filled out the form and mailed it away and they sent it back.  They said it wasnít filled out correctly and she corrected it and mailed it back to them again.  Then she got it back a second time and she just kind of gave up on the whole thing. 


Alan:  It must have been someone who was more important.  There is no doubt about it, it all depends on who you are, as to who they charge.


Jane:  Well, it was companyÖ like if we had moneyÖ well, I mean she wouldnít have even been working at a job like that if we had money.  You know, if you had money youíd take everybody to court, I guess like the owner and theÖ


Alan:  See, the courts donít work the way that we are trained to think that they work.  There is a whole mythology about courts and how they operate that we are supposed to believe in.  Youíve got to go into the history of the courts, and the guys with the funny wigs, and the whole set-up.


Jane:  Weíve got that here, at least weíve got the wigs hereÖ [Laughing]. 


Alan:  Yeah!  But youíve got to really go into the set-up, the history of the court system, for Britain and the Commonwealth as they called it; of course they called it the Dominion of Canada.  It all goes back to the same strange system, which is almost alien in fact, I think, to even Britain, never mind Canada, that was brought in a long, long time ago.  It definitely has a fraternal structure, with its own little systems of passwords, and phrases, and gestures, and all of the rest of it, which the public donít understand.  Believe you me, that people in the right organizations, generally for such offenses, will never be taken to court anyway, the actual perpetrators wonít be taken to court.  Weíve seen time and time again that the cover-ups have happened, with certain people who have friends in high places or belong to the right clubs. 


Jane:  But I just thought, like it just seems like they are making maybe more red tape.  OrÖ I donít know.  Like when I was young, you just kind of handled all of that stuff yourself.  It didnít even have a name, Ďsexual harassment.í 


Alan:  Thatís right.  I remember it was a woman on stage once and she said to me, she actually said to the crowd, she was a comedian.  She says, honey itís only harassment when the guy is poor.  That was one of her jokes.  Itís been overused now.  Itís been overused now and they have actually found out in many cases, in corporate life especially, where someone is trying to get someone out of the place, to take their position.  I mean, weíve got all that to deal with as well. But there is no doubt about it, there is exploitation out there.  Definitely.  Thanks for calling.  Thatís the music ending.  Iíd like to really go into that because there is so much more to that whole area. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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