November 4th, 2010 (#700)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt November 4th, 2010:

The Great Work of the Ages Spoken of by Sages:
Builders Erected Babylon while Media Jabbered On:

"The Public Never Knows, Such an Awful Sin,
Entire Government Structure Captured from Within,
Politicians, Family Titles, Yet Few Ever Knew
Of "Special" Politicians with Manifesto to Do,
Most Peoples Wish to Stay Just as They Are,
Infiltrators Won the Game, Change Stretched too Far,
For the Old Ways are in Ruins, Cultures are Debased,
Memories of All That Was, Altered or Erased,
We're in Orwellian Fear, Terror and Suspicion,
The Ministry of Love will Torture, Recondition,
For the Good of "The Big Society", Good of the Whole,
Many to be Sacrificed after Tearing Out the Soul,
Plan is in the Open, Victor on Banner Leans,
Survivor will be "New Man", Scientifically Altered Genes,
Yes, the Few Saw it Coming, Voices Drowned in the Rush
Of Victims Changing Happily Toward the Deafening Hush"
© Alan Watt November 4th, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - November 4th, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on November the 4th 2010.  Now, newcomers, look into website, because you'll find hundreds of talks I've given over the years, and you can access them and download them for free.  And remember too, on the front page there, you'll see the alternate sites, bookmark them too, because sometimes so many folk go into the .com site at the one time, you'll get a sticky download.  So, you can try these alternate sites.  And remember too, that you're an audience that bring me to you.  Most hosts will take their money from advertisers and bring them on as guests and so on.  And I don't.  I depend on you, the listeners to support me.  You can buy the few books I have for sale, the discs and so on.  And I don't have time to do any more, actually, I'm so busy here doing this.  You can buy them and keep me going, and you can donate as well.  You can go into the site as I say, and you'll see how to purchase and how to donate.  It's all quite clear for you to do.  From the U.S. to Canada, remember, you can use a personal check, and you can use an international postal money order from your post office.  You can also use cash, some folks just send cash.  Across the rest of the world, a lot of people will use Western Union or Money Gram.  Money Gram is a bit cheaper.  You can also get a Money Gram check, which you can post, that's cheaper than wiring still.  And that's put into Canadian dollars, and that would be cashed over here, quite easily.  And some people use PayPal to order or to donate.  It's up to you, across the world.  You'll find the PayPal button.  Send the appropriate donation, and send an email with your name, address, and the order, and I'll get it out to you. 


And on this show, as I say, I try to go differently from the usual stream that people go into, which is the dialectic, because the world is run on the dialectic process of really this and that.  It's always opposing forces that eventually come to a thesis or an understanding.  And, when you do that of course, you've actually lost your grounding altogether.  You've backed off one step.  That means someone down the road is going to come and bring up the same arguments again, and grab more.  You get weakened when you compromise.  And they come out with the thesis, that becomes the new thesis, for the new premise to start with again, to get the antithesis going.  And this is supposed to be called the argumentative strategy for Communism, as they call it.  And you think it's long dead.  Well, it's not, it's more improved, it's perfected, it's blended with the West now, and every government across the Western world was totally infiltrated way back in the '50s and '60s, speeding up in the '60s, through the '70s, until, you don't know it yet, most folk don't know it, they've actually been completely taken over for a global society.  And I'll be talking about that tonight a little bit, because it's so out of the realm of most people who read the media that they couldn't even follow it, to be honest with you, as to what's happened.  They haven't got an idea of what's happened.  And, of course, the problem with guys like me is where do you even start with them.  Most folk you can't start with them.  They truly believe that if there was anything big that had happened, they would have been informed by the media. 


Remember, the media does not have to tell you the truth.  That came out in a documentary made by a team from Fox, who were supposed to be an independent journalistic team, and when they came up with a big story about one of their client's advertisers, they were told to drop it.  They took it all the way to the Supreme Court in America, the U.S., and the judge said there's no law requiring media to tell people the truth.  Now, that law hasn't changed.  It never will change by the way, because the media is not there to help you.  It's meant to control you and keep you busy and give you the wrong impressions about things and have you arguing and fighting over what side you'll take on something.  They give you two sides, always.  And it's always this or that.  And that's why you're beat with people who have learned from childhood a completely different strategy of thinking and attack.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, we're back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about a different world.  It's the real world.  And most people have a hard time understanding the real world.  It's completely different from the one they've been trained to believe in.  And that's what the Matrix is all about, it's a Plato's cave.  And each country had a designed Plato's cave for different cultures and mentalities and belief systems, and that becomes their reality.  They do expect, mind you, all of them, that the media will tell them what's coming up and what to do about it and protect them.  They do their reasoning for them, and that's what Brzezinski said a long time ago.  The media will come to be relied upon to do their thinking for the people, and their reasoning for them, he said.


When you go into an article like the one I'm going to read here, and it's from the British equivalent of the Senate of the U.S.  It's the House of Lords.  Now, the House of Lords at one time, were people who had inherited titles and who stood up for what they called British values and all that.  The other side called them the right wing.  And they used to stand up for British tradition, etc, etc.  Of course, they were stinking rich, and of course they were big top guys from massive corporations based in London and so on.  Many of them had worked in and out of the Bank of England, or one of the main banks in the City, as they still call it.  You'll hear it in this actual article I'm about to read.  And this is interesting.  When you go into the records of what they discuss in the House of Lords, the Superior Court you might say, everything is out in the open if you know what you're reading.  Everything, the whole world agenda is discussed and out in the open.  It's like reading through the Communist/Socialist agenda, when you read through all the different areas where tax money is going, is to go.  I think 380-odd, it's actually 380, I think, million pounds have to be given from Britain to Europe, to build roads across it and different factories and so on, across Europe, but not in Britain, in one year alone.  They've already given them this cash this year.  This is the redistribution of wealth across the world.  And this started a long time ago, when they started to put in new types of Lords, ones who worked for the merchants, the merchant bankers.  They started getting titles and so on.  Very rich people.  And they started giving them more and more titles, until they took over and eventually this is the new House of Lords.  And really, it's almost where the Politburo left off, when you read all this kind of stuff.  And if you know what you're reading, you're reading the agenda.  It's amazing, it's all here.  With all the terms in it, from the previous government.  The terms like the Great Society and all that kind of stuff, the Big Society that was used, meaning this Collectivistic system we're going into.  Here's a part here, listen to this carefully, and I'll try and explain it to you.  And it's from one of the British Lords, Lord James.  This is from November the 1st by the way, in the House of Lords, from their official site.  He says:


 So we need someone who can take a grip on a general strategy to save the retail industry from another calamity.


(Alan: Then he goes on to the food industry, and he goes on through banking and so on, but he goes on to the food industry.)


Another element of the world out there at the moment  (A: The world out there at the moment) which is potentially waiting for the pratfall of a massive collective bankruptcy is the food processing industry.  (A: Now that's the chemicalized food processing industry that's destroyed everyone's health, which this man is well aware of, though.) The more the accent is moved from the small corner shop to the big grocers (A: You see, the big idea was to demolish all private small stores and be an international corporations only.  That was the other technique of Communism by the way.), the more production has been stepped up by the food producers to satisfy (A: Now listen.) the ever-increasing demands of cheap food (A: Cheap food.  As they go down, as the ordinary folk get taxed more and more, they lose everything.  They’re demanding cheap food.  That's what you get in the supermarkets now.) coming through the grocery chains. (A: The chains, the chain stores.) Of course, they have fallen into the trap again of funding themselves to too high a capacity for the market demand with the result that the grocers can rub their hands with glee and say, "We can screw the margins down so tight you won't be able to breathe" and the suppliers are going to go collectively "pop" at some point in the next few months, because they will not be able to keep up (A: The demand, right.  He's talking about your food here.) and there is a big social factor coming. We will have the present dependence on cheap food to keep some sort of society structure fed, (A: He says, we will have, this is for the hard of thinking, I'll say this twice.) We will have the present dependence on cheap food to keep some sort of society structure fed, (A: Some sort of society structure fed.  What does he mean by that?  What do you think he means by some sort of society structure fed?) but we will actually end up being forced up on prices as the industry goes out of business in terms of its ability to keep supply going and prices are forced up in the grocery chains. This is going to be another calamity coming, and we need to have a top-down view as to what to do with it.


(A: Listen to this, this Lord.  This high up, way up yonder lord, you see.  He says:)


I have given your Lordships three examples of why I think we need something, but the creation of the three (A: They always mention the three.  This is the little wording they use amongst themselves.) is along the lines that I have been talking about would be of the order of a £5 billion cheque required (A: To bail them out for food and so on) to do it. However, we do not have £5 billion; (A: Now this guy has been the head of the Bank of England and all the rest of it and the Treasury, yadda, ya.  He says:) we do not have half of £5 billion to put in to the creation of this at the moment, so what do we do about it? At this point, I am going to have to make a very big apology to my noble friend Lord Sassoon, (A: Everyone should know who Lord Sassoon is.) because I am about to raise a subject that I should not raise and which is going to be one which I think is now time to put on a higher awareness, and to explain to the House as a whole, as I do not think your Lordships have any knowledge of it. I am sorry my noble friend Lord Strathclyde is not with us at the moment, because this deeply concerns him also.


(A: Now, this is no little conspiracy guy talking.  He's talking to his own peer group and they obviously will know what he's talking about, you see.  It's not a confession of any kind, by the way.  He says:)


For the past 20 weeks I have been engaged in a very strange dialogue with the two noble Lords, in the course of which I have been trying to bring to their attention the willing availability of a strange organisation which wishes to make a great deal of money available to assist the recovery of the economy in this country. For want of a better name, I shall call it foundation X. (A: A foundation.) That is not its real name, but it will do for the moment. Foundation X was introduced to me 20 weeks ago last week by an eminent City firm, (A: That's the City, the banking city, London) which is FSA controlled. Its chairman came to me and said, "We have this extraordinary request to assist in a major financial reconstruction. It is megabucks, but we need your help to assist us in understanding whether this business is legitimate". I had the biggest put down of my life from my noble friend Lord Strathclyde when I told him this story. He said, "Why you? You're not important enough to have the answer to a question like that". He is quite right, I am not important enough, but the answer to the next question was, "You haven't got the experience for it".  (A: Then he goes in to contradict the guy.  He says:) Yes I do. I have had one of the biggest experiences in the laundering of terrorist money and funny money that anyone has had in the City. I have handled billions of pounds of terrorist money.


(A: This is in the House of Lords, folks.  And then:)


Baroness Hollis of Heigham:  (A: I guess her name is.  And you don't know what her real name is.  You've got to check these people out to find out who they really are.) Where did it go to?


Lord James of Blackheath: Not into my pocket. My biggest terrorist client was the IRA (A: For the hard of thinking, I'll repeat that, because I know you've got short attention spans.)  Not into my pocket. My biggest terrorist client was the IRA and I am pleased to say that I managed to write off more than £1 billion of its money. I have also had extensive connections with north African terrorists, but that was of a far nastier nature, and I do not want to talk about that because it is still a security issue. I hasten to add that it is no good getting the police in, (A: This is in the House of Lords he's telling them this, because he's talking about it.)  I hasten to add that it is no good getting the police in because I shall immediately call the Bank of England as my defence witness, given that it put me in to deal with these problems.


The point is that when I was in the course of doing this strange activity, I had an interesting set of phone numbers and references that I could go to for help when I needed it. So people in the City (A: The City, the Banking City.) have known that if they want to check out anything that looks at all odd, they can come to me and I can press a few phone numbers to obtain a reference. (A: Just like that.  This is amazing power, isn't it?) The City firm (A: Capital C) came to me and asked whether I could get a reference and a clearance on foundation X. For 20 weeks, I have been endeavouring to do that. I have come to the absolute conclusion that foundation X is completely genuine and sincere and that it directly wishes to make the United Kingdom one of the principal points that it will use (A: Principal points, again.)  that it will use to disseminate its extraordinarily great wealth into the world at this present moment, as part of an attempt to seek the recovery of the global  (A: Not the British economy) the global economy. 


(A: Right?  Then he says he made two calls.)


I made the phone call to my noble friend Lord Strathclyde on a Sunday afternoon-I think he was sitting on his lawn, poor man-and he did the quickest ball pass that I have ever witnessed. If England can do anything like it at Twickenham on Saturday, we will have a chance against the All Blacks. (A: This is the cricket) The next think I knew, I had my noble friend Lord Sassoon on the phone. From the outset, he took the proper defensive attitude of total scepticism, and said, "This cannot possibly be right". During the following weeks, my noble friend said, "Go and talk to the Bank of England". So I phoned the governor (A: He can just go and phone the governor, you see.) and asked whether he could check this out for me.  (A: And come back) …Lord Sassoon had come back and said, ""This is rubbish. It can't possibly be right". I said, "I am going to work more on it". Then I brought one of the senior executives from foundation X to meet my noble friend Lord Strathclyde. I have to say that, as first dates go, it was not a great success. Neither of them ended up by inviting the other out for a coffee or drink at the end of the evening, and they did not exchange telephone numbers in order to follow up the meeting.


(A: Now, they're making some kind of deal here, obviously.  It isn't just a straight gift, or it would be put over as a gift.  He says:)


I found myself between a rock and a hard place that were totally paranoid about each other, because the foundation X people have an amazing obsession with their own security. (A: A very high, secretive group, obviously.) They expect to be contacted only by someone equal to head of state status or someone with an international security rating (A: That's a top bank rating.) equal to the top six people in the world.


We're talking about big, big players here that sink or break or float countries.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I'm back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Going over a very interesting article from the British House of Lords, from their own website on the minutes of the meetings as they discuss some things on November 1st of this year.  And Lords James has come out with this amazing talk about a foundation that really, you don't know if it's trying to buy Britain, what it's doing.  There's some sort of deal, obviously.  It's not completely free.  But it's part of the big players, and they actually admit that this foundation is a massive player in this big World Market deal.  It says anyway that the objections of the fellow Lords, Honorable Lords and all that, they keep calling them Honorable.  That's how they talk to each other.  It says they would be unable to put £5 billion into a bank account without sticking out like a sore thumb.  As these people had already claimed they had done this year, earlier, put £5 billion into British banks.


But I remember that at about the same time as those transfers were being made the noble Lord, Lord Myners, was indulging in his game of rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic of the British banking community. If he had three banks at that time, which had had, say, a deficiency of £1.5 million each, then you would pretty well have absorbed the entire £5 billion, and you would not have had the sore thumb stick out at that time; you would have taken £1.5 billion into each of three banks and you would have absorbed the lot. That would be a logical explanation-I do not know.


Then he goes on about this particular group and £5 billion, and it's all in gold, by the way.  Massive.  Can you imagine if they dump that on the market how it will plummet?  Can you imagine?  Some big things are going to happen about this.  But there are very secretive foundations with incredible, incredible wealth.  They even approached the Vatican, it’s in this particular article too, to see if they could go back and find out how much gold was even present being hoarded in the world, and the Vatican affirmed that that could have been done, if it goes back a long, long time.  And this company, this foundation, claims they've been collecting gold since 1920.  Nothing but gold, gold, gold.


Anyway, that's the sort of things that come up.  And also, obviously, they're going to face a massive food fall, shortly, as people go into more and more cheap food.  That's all they can afford as they're getting taxed to pay and spread their wealth across the world, under this Communist, and it is Communist.  Even these House of Lords now are utterly Communist, when you read all the other articles for the day’s meetings, it's all straight out of the Communist agenda and the big society, and all of that stuff.  All of that stuff.  It's incredible to read it now.  Britain was taken over a long, long time ago.  I can remember all the Lords being given titles even during Tony Blair's period.  And he was giving artists and so on, knighthoods.  And all you had to do was pay £40 grand at that time,  £40,000 and Mr. Tony Blair would put your name in for a knighthood, and quite a few went for it, too.  But then, the bigger players have been in for a long time, all the big players, the money boys, and they're all absolutely World Socialists.  Let's just call it that.  Let's just call it that for the moment.  There you are.  He says he laundered money for the IRA and for terrorist groups.  Billions of pounds.  Billions and billions of pounds.  But utter immunity in his position, as the head of one of the biggest banks in the City, as they call their little sovereign territory there within a country.  Quite something, eh?


Well, from there, to the rubbish you would get again in a Communist country, when science is supposed to rule, and all the strange theories were put out about humans and how to control them and all the rest of it and how to remake humanity is even more important.  There's so much feminist nonsense that gets plugged as well, like the Soviet Era too, so much did get plugged about the causes of things.  And here's one little article here. 


Moms: Guilty of Driving Their Daughters to Early Puberty?


(A: No kidding.  And that's Time Healthland.  And it says here, it says:)


That puberty is transforming girls into women at increasingly earlier ages is hardly new; just last month, a study in Pediatrics showed that some girls are starting to show signs of puberty by age 7. (A: By the way, I've just watched a fantastic video on the big bottled water industry.  It really goes into the phthalates and the bisphenol As and all the rest of it, that mimic estrogen, and go through the incredible studies that they've done on it.  Again, all proving what we already know, for folk who've listened on this show.  Here it says.) Why it's happening, though, is apparently up for debate. It's often attributed to environmental toxins, estrogens in plastics, other chemicals and food and to poor diet, which can lead to obesity.


But in a rather unusual way of looking at things, researcher Jay Belsky of Birkbeck University in London hypothesized that precocious puberty may be a result of a risky, unstable environment — for example, one typified by weak infant-parent bonds. (A: Can you believe this rubbish?)  According to evolution, a girl's perception of such an unstable environment could compel her to want to reproduce before she'd die. (A: You see?)


"An evolutionary biology perspective says,"


Because they all believe in evolution.  Really it would mean, supposing we were going into a warming age, by their way of thinking, we should suddenly evolve with darker skins to survive sun and all the rest of it, more sweat glands, to lose heat and get rid of it quickly.  All that stuff.  They really believe this stuff.  I haven't seen anything happening my whole life.  I haven't seen half-apes walking out of the jungle yet, you know, in mid-stride between human and ape.  It just doesn't happen.  But this doesn't matter to these idiots here, because they're brainwashed, and they have authority, by the way.  The scary ones have authority.  So, this is what she's trying to say, it's so the little child can breed, because things are getting bad and there's no men.  And then they go into it could also be caused by absent dads.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we're back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just going through the nonsensical stuff that's thrown out there by those who, you understand, everything now is doctrine, doctrine.  Just like the Communists had, doctrine.  And you couldn't deviate from the doctrine.  Regardless of how crazy it sounded, and no matter if it wasn't workable, when you came up with the solution, it wasn't workable.  As I say, it's like they stamped the square pegs into round holes, one way or another, you know, or kill the person who couldn’t comply and get it done.  That's literally how crazy it is.  Evolution is all part of that too.  It was a big part of it, in fact.  In fact, Marx talked about evolution.  He said that Darwin had validated the whole science, they called it, of Communism.  They believed that all life could be brought down to an actual science, itself.  And so does the Green Party too.  They're all part of the same sect.  However, this part here is on about females with early puberty, and they're blaming different things.  It could be the mom.  It could be the absence of a stable environment.  So she wants to breed early, like she’s got an intelligence, right, at that age.  And the other part is it could be absent dads.  Absent dads, you see, “There's no men around, maybe I should start becoming an early puberty person, and someone down the line will grab me very quickly and humanity will carry on,” into grocery stores.  Anyway, it says here, this is how they believe it.


"An evolutionary biology perspective says, 'look, the thing that nature most cares about — with respect to all living things, humans included — is dispersing genes in future generations,'" says Belsky, whose research is published in Psychological Science. "Thus, under those conditions in which the future appears precarious, where I might not even survive long enough to breed tomorrow, then I should mature earlier so I can mate earlier before that precarious future might get me."


So, imagine that.  That whole part of you that you didn't even know existed, this intelligence that's outside of yourself that’s to do with, you know, your evolution, is speaking all the time, saying, "Oh, god, you know, things aren't looking great, so I better suddenly evolve faster and be able to bear children and mate early, you see, because things are going to get tough."  This is what she's basically saying.  What absolute rubbish.  Absolute rubbish.  That would also mean, you see, if we're going to go into an era of famine we'd shrink into smaller beings, and we'd have smaller stomachs, and we'd be filled with lesser food and all the rest.  Do you see what I'm saying?  This is the madness of their whole evolutionary theories.  Or water shortages, we'll become like camels, we'll get humps in our backs, you know.  This is the rubbish that they feed you.  This sounds exactly like the stuff you used to read from the Comintern, as they debated these weirdo points of what they called their doctrines.  And you could not snigger, believe you me.  You'd be off to the Gulag in no time.  You had to believe it was all true with these straight-faced clones that get employed in these positions.  Anyway, we have them now in the West.  It's all over, because it's totally infiltrated, taken over, and folk don't even know it yet.  Why do you think you're global folks?  Whose agenda was that?  Have you read much in your past history?  Have you read who promoted this globalistic idea and so on?  Of course not.  And the media ain't going to tell you, because you see, they're all part of it. 


Now, I've warned folk before about their drinking water, as well, and fluoride of course, which is a byproduct of aluminum.  As they say in Britain aluminium, they call it.  It's aluminum in America.  Because fluoride, that's what it was, it's a byproduct.  It used to be waste stuff.  They used to have to pay to get it dumped.  Now they get you to buy the stuff in their toothpaste and stuff, and add it to your water.  Listen to this one:


Driver admits he 'poisoned' water supply to 20,000 homes


(A: It says, from the Daily Mail:)


A delivery driver told an inquest yesterday that he mistakenly dumped 20 tons of aluminium sulphate into the wrong tank at a water treatment works, causing Britain’s worst mass poisoning.


Relief driver John Stephens said he let himself into the Lowermoor treatment works, near Camelford, north Cornwall.


When no one from the South West Water Authority, which ran the works, turned up, he opened what he thought was the correct manhole and emptied his tank.


His error affected water supplied to about 20,000 homes, causing rashes, diarrhoea, mouth ulcers and other health problems.


The water became so polluted that customers reported hairs sticking to their bodies ‘like superglue’ as they got out of the bath, the inquest at Shire Hall, Taunton, was told.


People who rang the water authority switchboard were told the water was safe to drink and some were even advised to boil it, which increased levels of aluminium still further.


They were only told three weeks later (A: Of course, that's always the way, afterwards) that something had been added accidentally to the water.


It was too concentrated, that's really what it was, because they put this stuff in your water all the time.  By the way, any Alzheimer's patient you ever see, given autopsies, or read about autopsies, or postmortems as they call it over there, you'll find high concentrations of aluminum in their brains.  They've known that for about fifty years.  But it's good for your water.  It's good for your water, and it helps treat your water.  And it helps teeth and all that too, the fluoride part of it as well.  So, just to let you know.


And now that we're in Big Brother's totalitarian system, and we haven't gone through into the Brave New World yet, we've got to have a mixture between the two of them in attitudes, absolutely for sure, the attitudes are the same.  We're not into it all the way, so they're using the Big Boot in the meantime, until we're all little happily cloned, purposefully made, engineered creatures for the futures.  It says:


Scariest speed camera of all... It checks your insurance, tax and even whether you are tailgating or not wearing a seatbelt


(A: Isn't technology wonderful, eh?  But you're all paying for it, of course.  It says:)


Even the most law-abiding driver might feel a shiver down the spine when spotting this speed camera at the roadside.


For as well as detecting speeding, it is packed with gizmos that check number plates to make sure insurance and tax are up to date.


(A: Now, they already have a lot of that stuff, and I've seen it, on some of the British documentaries.  It says:)


It also measures the distance between vehicles to spot tailgating and takes pictures of the inside of the car – to make sure you are wearing a seat belt.


The latest weapon (A: I love how now everything is weaponized.  Cops are weaponized. It's:) latest weapon in speed camera technology can capture footage from 150ft away.


It is the first to detect multiple offences at the same time and is connected to police computers via satellite, so that prosecutions can be started within seconds of any offence.


Development of the system, known as Asset – (A: It will be a pain in the ass, alright, but it's asset.) Advanced Safety and Driver Support for Essential Road Transport – (A: They love these names, eh?  They just love making up these little names.)  is being funded with around £7million of European money.


(A: That's a little back from the 380 million they're giving them already, from Britain, that is.  So:)


It is undergoing testing in Finland and is expected to be deployed across Europe from 2013, with each unit costing £50,000.


(A: All paid by taxpayers, eh.)


Motoring organisations gave it a mixed reception.


Oh, well.  Who cares what they think, because they're all front men too.  All these ones in watchdog groups, they're all fronts, you know.  Oh tut-tut, we don't like, oh nasty.  You see, that's not a legal complaint.  Saying it's nasty or that's my opinion, is not a legal complaint.  But that's what they're doing across the world, and across Europe first and foremost.


Now, is Tom from Wisconsin on the telephone? Hello?


Tom: Hi, Alan.  Can you hear me?


Alan: Yes, I can.


Tom: That's great.  I was calling tonight, because I have been doing a lot of listening.  I've actually been listening to old Jack McLamb episodes from 2006, old Bill Cooper episodes of the Hour of the Time from back in '92, '93, '95, and what I'm picking up is that the playbook that the financial elite, the global financial elite are using, is a playbook of problem, reaction, solution, financially to just slowly consolidate things over time.  And what I'm wondering is, after they've got, I mean, especially with the Anglo-American Establishment.  Once they have their New World Order, where they have everybody in consensus about this is it, this is the New World Order, is it going to be their religion, in their secret society circles that maintains the structure?  Or will it truly be the cross between 1984 and Brave New World, sort of control mechanisms that will ultimately end up controlling the controllers themselves?


Alan: It will go through both phases, as I say.  We're overlapping right now.  You see, the attitudes that people have towards many things in Brave New World are already here.  The people have been trained from the '70s, in free love, and who needs a partner and all that kind of stuff, or have as many partners as you want.  Just as they showed you in Brave New World, where the so-called Savage was brought out and he couldn't understand why they didn't couple off and marry and all this kind of stuff.  And they tolerated him, and thought how quaint, and they'd laugh a little bit, but they couldn't understand why he would want to have a particular partner and stay with them.  They wanted to have as many partners as they wanted.  That attitude is already here.  Many of the attitudes are already trained into the people beforehand.  But to get us through, into this massive global, multi-cultural amalgamation, where they're actually going to bring more immigration from all over the world and cram them into the cities, that is on the agenda, officially.  I've got all the documents here.  They'll need the Big Boot for that.  And they need the Big Boot as well to force it, to try and work with as less conflict or friction as possible.  And, with the bringing down of the food supply, which is the next step for the UN to take care of, because they've been working on this for years.  They've said at the Department of Agriculture that they want to distribute the food to the world eventually, from the United Nations, and give quotas to each part.  So, up until the year, 2050, that's how eventually it will come.  Once they give us the first main food crisis, since only about five companies own the food of the world now.  And I think it's all one company myself.  I think it's just like Nestle with all its bottled water companies, you know.  They're actually the top honchos, who own it all.  I think it's the same with the world food supply.  And when they start pulling that out, and putting you on rations, there's going to be an awful lot of problems and conflict in these new, overcrowded cities, and they're going to have a lot of problems, and the cops will have a field day with all their wonderful weapons and stuff.  So, they have to go through that, yet.  They have to go through that, before they get what comes out of it, a lower population, of course, through the cutting back massively of health care, they will have a lot of people dying off, and of course, priority abortions.  Priority abortions or even mandatory abortions to bring the population down, will be put into play for necessity, and then they hope after around 2050, to go into the proper controlled society with the survivors if there are any they deem fit to come through into their Brave New World scenario.


Tom: So, they're literally, they're literally going to wipe out the majority of the population and then try and recreate, like starting from Day Zero in Cambodia, a brand new world order, literally with a brand new culture, scientifically crafted.  Now what I've noticed is that the elite always seem to end up fighting with each other over the levers of power and end up eating each other, and I'm just wondering, what is it that's going to keep them from eating each other?  Is it going to be their Mystery Babylon type of religion, their secret societies circles that they run in?  Or will they end up consolidating it so much to where, you know, all they can do now is just bicker and fight with each other, and then that whole idea of never having war again is out the window?  Because they want what each other supposedly has, which is control over whatever sector of the population they have. 


Alan: Well, in the document put out by the military think tank, for Britain, and NATO, and the one for the U.S., they're both on board together with their predictions up to the year 2050.  They say eventually, as they wither away the nation state, which they've already done really, and they're selling chunks of Britain and different countries off.  Now you're getting put down to your community level with Communitarianism.  They say there will be some supercities that down the road, in the future may have the occasional spat and little war amongst themselves.  Very high tech.  In reality, you've really got one group running the world.  They've infiltrated every country, every peoples, and they run the world.  And they themselves take orders from almost a religious organization above them, you might say, run like a religion.


Tom: Like the high, the high priests of the New World Order.


Alan: Yes, absolutely. 


Tom: Wow.  So what is that, like a handful of ten or twenty guys that get to together and decide, or do that have their own marching orders from what they maybe would call Lucifer or whatever this dark energy is they draw their guidance?


Alan: It's not really a dark energy.  What it is, it's that they're the only people in the world who have an active plan, and who have actively worked out, and they do every generation, the plan, to get to their agenda.  No one else has done this, you understand.  Everyone else has sat back and gone through wars and breathed a sigh or relief and try and get back to how things were.  These were the ones who were working forward, under different names, such as Communism, Socialism, call it what you want.  And they always know what the next step is to be, and the next step and the next.  They never take a break.  And they're the only active ones who have been doing this, to change society.  That's their function, is to change it all, and recreate it all into the way that they think scientifically it should be ordered, designed and run.


Tom: Okay, well I want to thank you for all your work, Alan, because you bring a sense of calmness and focus to this that people like Alex Jones and other so-called Truth or Patriot radio hosts don't really bring to the discussion, as a sense of like calmness and focus, so.


Alan: Well, we have to be calm, because unfortunately, there's no point in getting angry or even panicking, because you do realize that this was going on before we were born, and it's been going on all through our lifetime.  It's been going on step by step, always progressing and signing treaties internationally, bringing it all into being, and here we are.  And the average person still thinks they live in a nation with elected representatives.  They have no idea of all the treaties, agreements that have been signed, and how much money that they're tossing towards the U.N. and all of its thousands of agencies.  And you're bringing about this global society.  Every week more and more goes by, more and more is signed.  We're totally tied into it now.


Tom: Alright, well, thanks, Alan.  I appreciate everything you do.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  And all we can really do really is just basically chronicle the happenings of it, and for the few who want to know, or may want to know down the road, as to how we got here.  And the longer time goes on with the more perfect scientific, socialistic indoctrination of children, the more difficult it will be for anyone to break out and ask the right questions, or even think of asking the questions.  And that's already kind of happening too.  I had an article recently from someone, and I know why this is happening, it was to do with a teacher who showed footage of Chernobyl when it happened, when the nuclear reactor melted, basically, it was a graphite reactor.  They have one in New York State, by the way.  They use graphites primarily for military weaponry.  And they showed you all these, they were brave guys, I can remember at the time, guys running in with shields, hoping to shield themselves from radiation, to fill in this hole, to stop the radiation and the gases from coming up.  And he thought it would really shock them and have them concerned.  None of the young children cared.  They were completely disinterested in what happened there.  There's no compassion in them.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  I should just mention that last little bit about the youngsters.  They weren't children, they were teenagers.  And some of them were taking journalistic courses and so on.  And the teacher hoped that they'd go further and do a lot more courses with this type of thing.  He wanted to see their reaction about humanity in general and so on, as these guys all lost their lives trying to fill in this massive gaping hole that the reactor had left when it sunk into the ground, and I can remember at the time there were these guys running in, and knowing they were all going to die, which they did, and have their skin literally burned right off them and so on, and these teenagers, literally the only comments they had are they didn't like the accents and so on.  As far as the content, they couldn’t care less.  Something has happened to these children, you see.  Something has actually happened to their minds.  They have no empathy, nothing at all.  They're kind of bored.  And that's an ominous sign.  But I think it's exactly what they wanted at the top, to bring in a generation like that, who will have the same attitudes when folk are starving around and so on.  It makes perfect sense for that to happen. 


Now, finally, all these links I'll put up tonight at and you can look them up for yourself, and especially the one from the British House of Lords.  Very interesting, if you read through all topics, you'll see what I mean by Communistic, as things are presented, Ministers of That, and Ministers of the Next Part, and Ministers and Ministers, all in different specific areas of society, under an actual Communistic system.  This article here is:


White House 'must shut down hate videos on YouTube'


(A: This is what they've been asked by or demanded by the U.K. and others.  It says:)


Ministers have urged the White House to order US websites hosting al-Qaeda (A: They're starting with Al Qaeda, you know it's going to spread to everything.  It's nothing to do with Al Qaeda) videos to remove them after a student inspired by online sermons tried to murder a Labour MP.


(A: Now, it's a woman apparently.  She tried to kill or stab some Labor MP.  She's only doing what lots of folk that were trained in the British way thought maybe in their dreams but never thought of doing, but people from other countries see things in a different light altogether.  And you also get the people who are a bit unstable out there, regardless.  They don't need any prompting to do these weird sorts of things. Anyway it says here that:)


Roshonara Choudhry, 21, became the first al-Qaeda fanatic to attempt a political assassination in Britain when she stabbed Stephen Timms at his constituency surgery in May.


(A: And I love how they say, right off the bat, al-Qaeda fanatic.)


After she was convicted of attempted murder yesterday, it emerged that British-born Choudhry had been radicalised by watching internet videos of Anwar al-Awlaki, (A: Are they telling us that internet videos or videos in general make us do things?  In that case, I guess all that stuff in the porn they've been churning out for years, and on music television and so on, has literally had an effect, hasn't it, if it makes folk do these things.  There's an admission, I suppose.  Anyway, it says:)  watching internet videos of Anwar al-Awlakithe, Yemen-based terrorist wanted over last week's parcel bomb plot to blow up aircraft.


It's amazing too, they're saying these bombs all came from Yemen, and people have already forgotten a few months ago, I read it on the air, that Obama and his boys wanted to invade Yemen, so now they're dreaming up the reasons to go in.  And this is how they present it to you.  So anyway, they want to have the U.S. regulate American based sites that host extremist videos, including youtube.  That means all, everything else, that they'll gradually say is hate.  You know that yourselves, though, don't you?  Don't you?  Anyway, from Hamish and myself from Ontario Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.  



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