Nov. 10, 2010 (#704)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 10, 2010:

Slavery -- How to Fetter by "Making it Better":

"For Every Dreamer of a World Utopia
There are Thousands Dead from Dystopia
Which Always Follows, Death of Souls,
Square Pegs Smashed to Fit Round Holes,
"For the Greater Good" Chant Leaders,
Picked Up by Followers, Bottom-Feeders,
Man as Man Never Speaks with One Voice,
Totalitarians Must Crush All Choice,
And Even the Past, Memories Residual,
Until No Remembrance of the Individual,
Which is a Tenet of the United Nations,
Spewing Bureaucratese, Race Relations,
No Rest for Them 'til All is Done,
Cultures Destroyed, All is One,
By "Aiding" They Ply Agenda's Knavery
For a Sophisticated, Global Form of Slavery,
Using Fronts to Foist on the Mass,
Tyranny of World Socialist Elite Upper Class"
© Alan Watt Nov. 10, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 10, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 10, 2010.  I always suggest at the start of the show and get it out of the way at the very beginning, that you go into web site and help yourself to the audios that I have up there for download for free.  Remember too, you are the audience that brings me to you.  I donít take on the advertisers.  I could and be rid of a lot of my worries for sure, and I might just do it yet the way things are going.  But itís up to you if you want to sort of have an independent source here, who can speak on other topics, outside of the advertising and so on.  Itís up to you to keep me going.  The ads you hear on this show support RBN.  They pay for the air time. They pay for their staff, equipment and their bills.  So you help me out with mine.  Go into the web sites and see the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  PayPal is an option too; itís much easier and faster for most folk these days.  Iím sure this is the way itís all going to go, as cashless, so that the big boys can watch every penny that you bring in and what you put out and they can balance it too, and ask where those extra pennies came from that you havenít declared.  Because thatís really what itís all for, a controlled society where the public donít even think about being controlled, like Charles Galton Darwin said, we are bringing in a more sophisticated form of slavery.  Meaning the public would be unaware of it, and thatís exactly what we are really in, whether you know it or not.  So support me, buy the products and so on and hopefully we can go on for a little bit longer.  Weíll wait and see. 


I get silly emails coming in.  Sometimes they are from young people too; then itís not so silly because they have grown up, a good part of their lives, since 9/11, and they think itís always kind of been like this.  The world has always had terrorism, everywhere, and everyone is being searched and so on from school onwards.  They have been trained from school onwards getting them ready for this system. Thatís why they were doing it back in the 90s as well, in schools getting them used to the system that was to come.  After all, they are going to grow into adulthood thinking itís all quite natural for Big Brother to be, you know, going into your pockets for your own safety.  That literally is how they are trained.  One of them asked me, what is the new world order? and why donít they just run ahead with it?  Well, youíve got to understand your history.  When you are young and impetuous you donít want to get down to the boring books to find out the big institutions that have already created your past and are creating your present, you are living in the present that they designed a long time ago, and they have already decided what kind of future they are going to bring you into as well.  Itís all done in advance.  Like a big corporation does today, they will have investment plans for 50, 80, 100 years in the future.  Thatís how they work things out; the same with foundations.  The foundations donít change with the times, they sit with a mandate and they hire and retire, hire and retire for generations until they accomplish what they were set up to do.  Thatís why in the 1700s certain people like Weishaupt talked about foundations will eventually replace the governments, in a sense, and they will be charitable organizations.  Thatís the guise they always go under, these multi-trillion dollar charitable organizations.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the youth basically and how, since 9/11, they have been brought up, some of them are really getting on, they were 10 then, at that time, and are now 19 or 20.  What youíve got, really, are people who think itís always been this way.  And if you were growing up in the same era, and eventually started getting off the comics and reading the news, youíd think so too.  You would really think so too.  They are already conditioned to searches from school onwards, getting watched coming through the gates or their metal detectors and all that kind of stuff, having their lockers raided under the pretext of drugs and all that; so they are used to it.  They have been trained because you always train a generation thatís going to outlast the older generation in the new system.  Thatís the old communist method.  Of course the communists were never really communists.  They were funded by the West all that time in fact.  They still are in fact and have different names today of course, because we call it communitarianism. 


Itís quite fascinating how everyone is trained, in their own time, for what they will experience in their lifetime.  Itís interesting too, to get so many emails coming from people, from all over the world, experience from the old first-world countries that are now experiencing all the deindustrialization thatís gone long ago to China.  They donít know how it happened.  People float, they float through life really.  They do. We are all trained this way, from birth.  We are trained not to really think or discern or ask the questions.  We are taught really to not even be involved in whatís happening in the big world, and why things are really affecting us the way they are, and why people get worried, and why jobs just simply go and itís harder to find jobs.  Itís quite normal now for youngsters to apply to hundreds of places, for service jobsÖ service jobs and stocking shelves and all that kind of stuff.  Stuff that was talked about in Britain back in the 60s and 70s in fact, when they started announcing there, because Britain was way ahead of them in this world deindustrialization and moving it all to China.  They signed the agreement in 1948 to do so.  They never told the public of course.  They were talking then about, youíll probably have many, many jobs in your lifetime, whereas before in your parentsí generation they used to have a job for life really, and there were so many factories and different occupations for them all to go in.  Of course thatís all changed now too.


Now we have the welfare state, which was of course planned in advance as well.  All the left wing groups were pushed and pushed and funded to push for the welfare state.  They had to bring it in because there would be no work for an awful lot of the public.  Prime Ministers came on British television years ago and told the public that there is going to be a generation who will never see work in their lifetime, so get used to it.  I mean, how much do we really need here?  So the future is always planned you see.  The big movements are created, they start off as ripples and become big waves, and then of course the government pretends to simply acquiesce to their demands and put in what they had planned to do all along, to keep some kind of system going AS they amalgamate you into this new world order.  The new world order, remember, was talked about by Karl Marx in the 1800sÖ when he talked about separate trading blocs, that used to be separate little countries all amalgamated together into regions. Theyíd have a kind of parliament type form of government but they would be subservient to a world government. 


Thatís what you are seeing ALL OVER the world today, have been for a long time in fact.  Starting with the very obvious one, the European Union, something that lied its way to its very conclusion by always denying that they were integrating the countries, culturally, economically, and every other way in to a super parliament.  Some people came out at the end, when they kind of wisened up to it and tried to pull the UK back out of it.  Some of them simply died very quickly, of very fast acting cancers; I think it was Sir James Goldsmith that was one of them.  He realized that the big thing was a lie.  See, they go under the same principles as the United Nations.  The reason being, that the free trade negotiations for the America, for Europe, and for the whole of Africa, and all these countries are amalgamating, and APEC countries as well, were all set up by the ONE institution, who also set up the United Nations for this very system to come in to being. 


Remember too, the Royal Institute of International Affairs was founded with the amalgamation of twoÖ some people think they are separate organizations but they werenít.  They were specialist organizations coming together.  They had already done their parts and they were moving together to form the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  One of them was the Cecil Rhodes Foundation; Rhodes was more of a front man because Lord Rothschild put up the money.  Of course it was the offspring, the sons the bankers who formed their cutting edge teams, going across the world, first to grab up the resources of the world; that was one part of it.  Another part was to create a bigger world empire of Britain, and then America was to take over with the funding of the rest of it, into this global empire.  So Britain and its empire was to be used as the embryo, as they say in their own books.  Thatís how itís based. Thatís why the United Nations has basically the same charter, pretending that you can keep your sovereign status as you amalgamate, which is an utter lie.  Itís been proven already of course, with the EU Parliament dictating down from the top, to the public, and even saying that itís heresy to question it; heresy is the term that they used, from the top of the European Parliament, to question itÖ in any way, shape or form. 


So itís not a democracy as people think of a democracy; not that weíve ever really had one.  It certainly is more authoritarian and thatís exactly what it was set up to be.  Remember the Club of Rome has had a big hand in this, the big top think tank, that spawned off other think tanks, all working with them.  You always get one major branch coming off and then spawning a whole bunch of branches underneath it at various world meetings.  They are sticklers in the mud for formula.  They never change their formula.  So wherever they have their first major meeting of a new branch, that becomes basically the meeting of Cairo, or the meeting of wherever it happens to be held. And they stick to this formula. These are world agreements they are coming to, for the future. 


In these agreements they might take 15 years from the initial agreements, to update them every year, two years and so on until they reach their goal.  This is the reason, getting back to the young person who asked me about, why donít they just take the whole world over now, they can do it and so on.  The reason is because they must always prepare ahead for the new revolution.  Everything you are living through is a revolution.  Most revolutions are bloodless.  Not them all, but most are bloodless.  They are cultural; they are sociological revolutions.  Of course the people who follow them generally never benefit themselves.  Or if they do think they are benefiting, they are getting shafted in another direction.  Thatís literally how it works.  Thatís literally how it works.  Use the fools, the Ďwilling foolsí as theyíre called, and down the road they perish basically.  For everything they think they are winning, they are losing more and more and more all the time.  Even their ability to be independent and survive independently, and I mean right down to just eating, because the system thatís coming in is to be an authoritarian society and it IS an authoritarian societyÖ if people havenít noticed already, especially since 9/11.


They need a war scenario to rush their plans through.  Generally they are happy to do it step by step by step and train whole herds of people into the new system without them asking any questions whatsoever.  They have trained the public so well that they will not ask the questions unless the media tells them to worry about something, and really think about it, and panics them into doing something, at least asking the questions.  Otherwise you are trained that experts are taking care of the world FOR you and you donít have to worry your pretty little head, go out and get your little hamburger flipping job and play.  Just play and everything else will be taken care of by the great society as they call it. 


Someone also emailed in from Spain and said that I shouldnít knock the Zeitgeist Movement and stuff like that.  Well, you see anyone who is pushing a utopiaÖ there is nothing new about utopias and youíd better go into your history of utopias.  Because they get great movements moving, and I mean the bankers at the top of it, great movements going and they promote these things; they promote what often seems to be their opposition, for a new way.  But at the end of utopias you end up generally with slaughters and mayhem and chaos.  Then the big system comes in again and gives itself even more power to deal with the chaos.  Because unless human nature changes itself, and here is a key factor in all of this, then a utopia could not happen.  And if you had society changing, HOW would it be changed?  Because we have free willÖ and there you have to go into the whole question of what is free will. 


Iíve already mentioned that some authors and some people who worked with the NSA and so on, like Joseph Delgado, said that mankind shouldnít have the right to decide for himself what he wants to do.  So what was he meaning by that?  Well, to bring in their utopia youíd have to be brain chipped.  You couldnít be you anymore, obviously.  You couldnít make a choice in anything, obviously.  Youíd have to be monitored 24 hours a day, if you even had a modicum of free will because a free will would give you the right to choose.  Should I break this law or not break this law?  In the societies we live in today, criminals are criminals.  And Iím not talking about the ones who are banged into the slammer for petty stuff.  Iím talking about the criminal mind itself.  They will always exist, the recidivists and so on that keep coming back into prison for the same kinds of offenses.  Whatís going to change them? in this great utopia?  Whoís policing them?  Will you need police?  Will you simply brain-chip them?† All that would have to come in.  You canít have this wonderful controlled utopia unless you can control man and woman themselves.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about some emails I got because there is not much news really.  If you notice, there is not much news going on right now, and Iíll touch on that later as to why I think thatís happening.  You know, utopias are something that we should be terrified of because thatís how the communists sold it.  Once they had their socialist systems in, then the Bolsheviks literally had a coup in the middle of the night, and slaughtered all their enemies, and took over and gave them 70-odd years of hell.  Always think of that.  Always, always think of that. 


Most revolutions, too, are planned. They are planned.  If itís not planned itís a rebellion.  A rebellion is not really of worry to most governments, in any time, because they can generally handle rebellions.  They just call them the mob.  The mobÖ who are unorganized.† However, true revolutions have taken years and years to plan and to pull off; years of planning.  Itís not a matter either of handing around the tin cups and asking for donations to get you all ready for it.  They get funded by the big boys who plan to take over and run this proxy under some other name, and a front of course.  Communism was made up of fronts, if you, again, go into your history.  Many, many hundreds of fronts, even in the West, hundreds of frontsÖ many names, even Christian ones were suckered into it. 


If you go into the histories of their various utopias look at the one they formed in the US and it goes by Owen, I believe it was, who came over from England.  That was one of the main starts of the utopian idea.  Itís an old idea of course, but something that doesnít die away from the idealists.  And idealists should scare you.  True idealists should terrify you, when they end up getting power because they end up being ruthless. They have to kill everybody who objects to their ideal.  They donít like their bubble getting pierced whatsoever.  These utopias have all these different ideals they want to achieve. 


The Stalinist and the Leninist idea was way ahead of the others because they recognized the various aspects of humanity itself.  They were way ahead in sociology and behaviorism, before they even created the Bolshevik group.  They understood this because man has been studied for thousands of years.  They knew themselves that to bring in this organized ordered society theyíd use behaviorism, they tried drugs in massive experiments, in different areas within the Soviet Union.  They literallyÖ who knows how many thousands of people literally had their skulls opened and they were experimented on with electrodes, ON the brain itself to find out how every part of the brain functioned, why it functioned, what it did and all the rest of it.  ThousandsÖ and they were just left to die.  All in the name of science of course, which apparently is part of what we call progress. 


Until man, and they knew this in the communist ideal, until man was changed himself, and there is only two ways you can do it.  One is to control him directly through a brain chip, something that would control him through brain chipping, which is an old idea.  An old idea.  Remember, Huxley was talking about the WIRES they used back in the 50s, in Tavistock Institute in London, England.  That turned Huxley on.  He actually got rather animated when he talked about the wonderful things that science could do, to mentally ill people, and thatís who they were experimenting on in Britain, but Iím sure they also used people who were not quite so mentally ill, if at all, to control their behavior.  Get them to Ė just like Delgado did too Ė insert electrodes with wires, and then electrodes without wires Ė as Delgado did and demonstrated up on YouTube or Google if you want to see it, about the bull charging and he stops it in his tracks.  He was very pleased with himself, as he just punches this little box in his hands and it stops dead in its tracks.  Well they could do the same with humans a long, long time ago. 


Of course to bring in a utopia youíd have to have something that would literally, and this has been discussed by the way, literally control people.  In the debates that theyíve had, the many debates that theyíve had, is how much freedom should you give people?  If any at all?  Many discussions, world discussions have been made out on this including the ones they have at Loyola University, every year, kicked off by Newt Gingrich, to do with implantation of brain chips.  They started the first one I think in the year 2000.  They turned out 600-odd pages and then pulled it from the university site.  I do have the disk somewhere, if I could just find the thing.  The one that they left available is much more condensed and small.  These are the top bioengineers on the planet that talked at this meeting and they said they could do it then, they just had to get the public ready for it.  Thatís what I mean by preparation for revolutions. 


Youíve got to have lots of preparation and prepare the publicís minds for the next step.  The public will go through the preparation not even knowing they are getting prepared.  A simple example is, you have noticed recently, in the little bit of news you are getting from other countries about America, such as Mumbai and Obama giving the talk about America is not a first world country anymore, it doesnít have the power and all of that kind of stuff.  Thatís to get the public ready, little by little, to fit in down the hill somewhere, because the US has funded, as Iíve said for years, they have funded all the other countries up to a higher standard of living. They are still funding, through their tax money, the redistribution of wealth as itís now called, that the government takes off you to put across the world; they are still doing it.  At the end of it you will be part of the global plantation.  Mission accomplished.  And people will never know how they got there.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix, just touching on utopias and the whole concept of it too, how it ties in totally with communitarianism as they are calling it today.  Communitarianism isnít some fly-by-night thing.  Itís to be the way of the future.  Itís been decided at top think tanks and by top institutes who have funded it and governments have signed onto the idea.  It will be brought in and itís already been brought in in Britain and in America and in other countries it will be brought in in a quieter way, until you are in it and you donít even realize how you got there. Thatís the beauty of it, of being able to use mass behaviorism on everyone and train the youngsters into a different reality.  As they are doing it the older folk are too well entertained, or too burned out with struggling and worrying to really take much notice of anything.  Thatís just the way itís done.  Itís part of the technique, isnít it? 


The other way of controlling humanity outside of the simple brain chip, and it is simple today because they have it ready.  They have talked about regional computers, which will send signals to you and you will hear a whispering of all the different voices going through your head; much like a schizophrenic must have in a nightmare.  That will be the communications between the people receiving and transmitting back to the central computers.  They also said at the Loyola meeting, there will be no such thing as the individual anymore; it will be impossible to even perceive of yourself as a distinct, separate individual.  One of the scientists said, think of it more like the hive, like the hive mind, what you saw with the Borg in Star Trek.  Everything you saw on television was predictive programming, getting you ready for something without you even knowing it, so itís familiar to you and you donít object when it comes in.  It seems kind of natural somehowÖ well I guess it had to happen...  Really?  No, itís because you were programmed to come to that conclusionÖ and do nothing about it when it does happen.  Thatís one way. 


The other way of course is to do with genetics. Thatís why the big push and incredible funding went into genetics.  You have to go into the writings of the early 1900s, at least, to find out the big pushes of the big movements that were funded by bankers.  One of them was a push towards contraception, because, you see, they are based on eugenics. The whole idea is to cut down on populations and then through genetics they will REMAKE humanity; thatís the other way of controlling society.  Remake humanity, take out all the genes that might make you a bit too independent, meaning you might be to argumentative, you might ask questions, you might say no I donít fancy going along with that.  So you simply remove them.  This, again, was even shown in the old sci-fi movies and stuff like that, called genetic enhancement, when they actually make you more placid, malleable, and docile.  Again, the utopist mastersí dreams because there is always a master class in utopias who have to guide everybody else, as they are supposedly going around in their nice little cars having fun, inside their closed-up cities, with no crime and so on, because they canít have a bad thought can they?


You tie that in, and Iíve done so many talks on eugenics over the years and the histories of it, like the talk I gave the other night.  I just touched on the Galton Institute which used to be called The British Eugenics Society, which was tied in with the Rockefeller Foundation and the Cold Spring Harbor experiments they did in the US; all combined.  How the top ones in the United Nations, the UNICEF and so on, the ones who decided what kind of curriculums and society the youngsters were going to have, by altering the youngsters themselves, through brainwashing basically, called education, which is just indoctrination, was Huxleyís brother Julian.  He also was a member of that particular society and eugenics.  So the big rush was on to find out all the flaws and the perfect human.  What they really meant by that was the perfect subject.  They had already decided and Charles Galton Darwin wrote in his own book that, we, the elite, mustnít alter ourselves.  You see, you need all your capacities for survival, if you are steering the planet, your spaceship earth basically, whereas the public wouldnít need it because the state would be making all their decisions for them.  Well, guess what?  You are here folks.  You are already here.


They can cry all the want about democracies.  I havenít seen any one yet where the true people are ever listened to and the public goes along to give them the will of the people.  Itís only with BIG organized groups, something else that they talked about at the beginning of democracy.  They said they would simply create their own kind of democracy, meaning the big boys themselves, by financing the proper movements which are now called non-governmental organizations.  So those with the biggest movements would be listened to. Thatís democracy.  Thatís how they define it.  If you are a minority of one, then tough cheese, nothing for you.  You see, itís for the greater good, they call it too, the greater good.


So getting back to genetic enhancement, by removing genes which might make you a little bit more intelligent and maybe too intelligent for your class, because you will have classes absolutely; they have talked about that too.  There must be a ruling class, you see, and there must be a division of labor.  If youíve got a really high IQ you might sort of dig in your heels about getting put into a field with a spade and a shovel and a pickaxe.  So no working your way up to anything there once itís all said and done.  Genetic enhancement and genetic modification, and they go under the guise of to help the sick and the weak, we can stop all these nasty genesÖ that sometimes become dominant and match the matching genes, with the sperm and the ovum, and give you a dominant gene combination, which brings out Huntingtonís Chorea and stuff like that.  Now, these things are very rare, so why does all society have to go through a screening process?  Because thatís whatís coming up. 


They always use the same baloney, you know.  They donít give a darn about the disabled and so on.  The United Nations has said itself, the ideal global citizen is a producer AND consumer; thatís at the same time obviously.  When youíre retired youíre a consumer.  Youíre not producing into the great society.  When youíre disabled, same thing again.  They donít give a darn about them.  Part of the whole concept and philosophy, of course, of eugenics was to eliminate, as weíve seen happen in the Soviet Union and then followed by Hitlerís Germany, the weak and infirm and mentally ill and those who may have hereditary problems.  MAY have is the key.  In other words, no chances at all taken, just kill them all.  Youíd better think about these things. 


The general population has no idea of the big movements that really manipulate and shape their world they live in.  I mean right down to your local area.  They have no idea because the media is not there to tell you about it.  The media is there to keep you amused, distracted, and getting angry about all the wrong things.  Thatís their job.  Thatís why itís called the Ďmedia,í in the middle; they are the middle man. 


There is an article here, too, which kind of ties in with this, this whole utopic idea for the ruling class, or the dominant minority as they prefer to call it.  If those that have seen the movie THX 1138, would probably see this dismal future where folk are forced to live underground and slave their whole lives away.  They are kept on pharmacology, exactly what Huxley and other ones talked about.  Their blood and their urine and everything else was monitored 24 hours a day to make sure they kept taking their proper medications.  If they started to wake up into reality and question something, it was immediately diagnosed and a pill was prescribed; and they knew if theyíd taken it or not.  That was the future, another utopia.  It also had, by the way, a scientific elite and a dominant minority above that, exactlyÖ  This is the same stuff going all the way back to Plato in his Republic, with his Guardian Class and the helping class, and then specialist class, and then all of the Ďitsí down below, which were the common people; he called them Ďits.í  Nothing has changed.  Youíll hear the terms of Ďthe great unwashed massesí; itís still the same thing. 


So this article saysÖ


Microchip in your tablets: 'smart-pill' technology moves a step closer

November 10, 2010 /


A pharmaceutical company plans to seek regulatory approval within 18 months for a pioneering tablet (Alan:  Thatís a pill.) containing an embedded microchip, bringing the concept of "smart-pill" technology a step closer.  (A:  Now, weíve been reading about it for quite a few years so we knew it was coming.  And the other ones who knew the part of the agenda, already knew, like myself.)


The initial program will use one of Swiss firm's Novartis AG established drugs taken by transplant patients to avoid organ rejection. (A:  So there is your reason they are going to put this in EVERY medication there is.  Now, Iíll read the beginning of it because it tells you right there.)  The initial program (A:  Thatís your key to it all.) will use one of Swiss firm's Novartis AG established drugs taken by transplant patients to avoid organ rejection.  But Trevor Mundel, global head of development, (A:  Heís a man of the world with a name like that.) believes the concept can be applied to many other pills.  (A:  He means all of them, folks.  Pharma has to do a big part in creating this wonderful quiet utopia.)


"We are taking forward this transplant drug with a chip and we hope within the next 18 months to have something that we will be able to submit to the regulators, at least in Europe," Mundel told the Reuters Health Summit in New York.  (A:  Reuterís Health Summit in New York, the guys that bring you the NEWS hosted the health summit.  Hmm.  Reuters... the routers, I call it.  They route all the news to all the papers and all the media.  They are the main one they all follow.  It tells them what all is okay to talk about and whatís taboo.)


"I see the promise as going much beyond that," he added.


Novartis agreed in January to spend $US24 million ($24 million) to secure access to chip-in-a-pill technology developed by privately owned Proteus Biomedical of Redwood City, California, putting it ahead of rivals.


The biotech start-up's ingestible chips are activated by stomach acid and send information to a small patch worn on the patient's skin, which can transmit data (A:  Listen to this now, for the hard of thinkingÖ) to a smartphone or send it over the internet to a doctor.  (A:  See, they are already getting you used to the idea, through predictive programming, because when they first came out with this kind of stuff they were saying it would send it to the doctor, but now it says transmit data to a smartphone, meaning everyone can get access to it if they want to, or send it over the internet to a doctor.  Now, letís go on a step further, and you know this will come.  You wonít need a little patch worn on the skin.  It will be embedded in your little phone there.  Or a little watch you wear that connects to your phone.  Iím sure theyíve already got them ready to go, in China.)


Mundel said the initial project was focused on ensuring that patients took drugs at the right time and got the dose they needed. (A:  They really care.  Can you imagineÖ can you imagineÖ if you are wondering around, and you are out of hospital, and you have had a major operation, how successful was it, when you know youíve had a major life-saving operation like a transplant, and you forget to take your pills?  Maybe your brain has been affected with the anesthesia or something.)


Longer-term, he hopes to expand the "smart pill" concept to other types of medicine (A:  Thatís the lot, folks.) and use the wealth of biometric information the Proteus chip can collect, from heart rate and temperature to body movement, to check that drugs are working properly.


Because the tiny chips are added to existing drugs, Novartis does not expect to have to conduct full-scale clinical trials to prove the new products work. (A:  In other words, they are bypassing all the regulatory forces, not that they ARE regulatory.  I watched a documentary on the FDA who was called in about all the bisphenol As and phthalates they are using in plastic and the effects on humans.  The head of the FDA said, in the inquiry, this is the inquiry for the government.  He said, oh we go by the manufacturerís own tests and statistics and all their information.  They never get an independent to do an inquiry into anything. Everything is a front, isnít it?) 


A bigger issue may be what checks should be put in place (A:  And by the way, that means, too, to do so-called bioequivalence test, to show they are the same as the original.  Thatís how they bypass any testing. They do it through computer simulations, as the previous drug.) to protect patients' personal medical data (A:  Oh, yeah, right.  Like anybodyís got privacy today, right.) as it is transmitted from inside their bodies by wireless and Bluetooth.  (A:  Itís amazing how it will all work together, eh?  Isnít it?  Isnít it amazing how everything is already designed to work together, eh?  Öthe internet of thingsÖ)


"The regulators all like the concept and have been very encouraging. But ... they want to understand how we are going to solve the data privacy issues," Mundel said.  (A:  Thatís rubbish anyway.)


See, we are all going to get this eventually, for peace, you see.  Peace can only be achieved when there is no free will; you couldnít commit a crime even if youíd briefly thought about it.  If fact, the briefly thinking about it will be checked to see youíre in a daydream or what it is, or a fantasy, and then they will come and get you.  You know, pre-crime arrest they call it.  They actually call it that today, pre-crime arrest, since 9/11.  A kind of Minority Report thingÖ well you havenít committed a crime yet but we have been studying you and we think you are going toÖ given the right circumstances.  What is a crime anyway?  A crime is whatever the government decides, then, is a crime. Itís just law.  Anything can be made illegal.  Anything which is normal now can be made illegal tomorrow.   And there are lots of instances in the past where thatís already happened.  So there you go. 


THX 1138, and of course that just happened to come out of the blue, and someone made his career off it.  He just happened to hit the right, you know, the right little story to make the movie on, and just saved up the pennies, and all that nonsense they tell you, of how he managed to put the movie together which was a smashing success for the big boys.  When the ordinary folk just enjoyed it, yeah, okay, whatís next eh? and chewed their bubble gum, and then looked for the next car chase.  Because thatís how weíre trained, you see. 


There is a caller there, Mark from Wisconsin.  Are you there?


Mark:  Hello.  Itís unwashed Mark from Wisconsin.  How are you comrade?


Alan:  Not so bad.  Iím just thinking about washing off myself after this.  [Alan laughing.]


Mark:  [Caller laughing.] Did I ever tell you I used to run a Patriot FM radio station? 


Alan:  Maybe you did.  I canít remember now. 


Mark:  I used to play a marathon of you on the weekend.  Hey, I discovered like upwards of 80% of the hosts seem to be government plants in the Patriot community. 


Alan:  Well, did you hear that show I did on Sunstein? 


Mark:  Iíve heard every show youíve done, Alan. 


Alan:  Sunstein has a massive group funded by the government of course Ė they have been at this for years Ė to infiltrate all movements, especially the Patriot Movement.  Even take years to build up credibility, with different people, who will then eventually, through forums and discussion groups and all the rest of it and various topics, will make you wonder what youíre involved in when you lose all interest in it, because gradually you will lose your reasons for being in the first place.  In other words, they knock down all your premises, your ideology, step by step by step, until there is nothing left to stand for.  Thatís the technique they have used. Sunstein is, again, way up there in psychology and behaviorism and they know exactly what they are doing because they have used this for an awful long time. 


Mark:  Have you ever heard of G Edward Griffin?


Alan:  Iíve heard of him.  I havenít really read much of his stuff though. Hold on and Iíll be back after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix and weíre talking to Mark from Wisconsin. Continue Mark.


Mark:  G Edward Griffin, icon of the Patriot Movement, big against the Federal Reserve.  He just came out with a video too, What in the World Are They Spraying?, about chemtrails.  Heís also a John Bircher.  You know the genesis of the John Birch Society, right?  Itís pretty much a conservative front group.  Anyway, he went to Jekyll Island on a protest some time ago and he signed a document that they call The Acknowledgement Scroll.  Can I read a couple lines of that to you?


Alan:  Sure, go ahead.



We carry the Sacred Trust forward as we face the crisis of this time, knowing our allegiance to The Principles contained therein will be the Resolve of our National distress.  (Mark: Thatís pretty bad.)


We reaffirm our devotion to the Love of God and Country, the Cause of Liberty and the Brotherhood of Man into our Union.  (Mark: Now, the Brotherhood of Man, you recognize that.  Here is the last part.)


We hereby affix our signatures to this Document, under the All-Seeing-Eye of our Creator, humbly beseeching Aid, Comfort, Illumination, and Protection to fulfill Americaís destiny for generations yet to come.  (Mark: Now, thatís in your face, Alan.  Thatís all Masonic jargon.)


Alan:  I know quite a few of them who are Masonic.  Iíve listened to them over the years.  Youíve got to understand their terminology, even when they get brought on as guests on shows and things.  You can figure out whoís who. But you are quite right.  The problem is too, this is not new.  These guys at the top never wait for something to happen from the grassroots. They make sure that they often even give you something, like a vehicle to get information out from the grassroots; they supply them.  Even the history, unfortunately, of the Patriot Movement, and I read an article from the Toronto Star from years ago, a half page they had on it, on the history of the Patriot Movement in the US, when the CIA initially funded the Patriot short wave radios, using Christian groups as fronts against communism; that was their excuse at the time.  When you see what the CIA was involved in, they have been involved in creating this world government for an awful long time.  They had other reason for it too.  It was to make sure that they could quell and control any disruptions at home, between people who werenít too happy with the way things were going.  I donít think theyíve completely let go of a lot of the different angles of any outlet at all for patriotism. 


Mark:  I donít either.  I was thinking that the barrage, the handle, that theyíve got a hold on the information going into society, itís just like a tidal wave, me trying to fight it with an FM radio station.  Itís incredible. But I also believe that we have more information now to base our decisions on truth, on reality, now, that we could really go forward and do something.† I mean, if we are going to stop this thing, itís got to be NOW.


Alan:  Hereís the key to it too.  Most folk, even in the US today, the younger people donít know this.  The reason theyíve had any rights at all is because of their Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  That was a unique thing in the world.  No other country got it before, during or after, the same kind of rights guaranteed.  I remember one case in the US years ago where someone was let go from some serious crime.  Of course a lot of people were angry about it and so on.  And someone explained the Constitution and says you know, sometimes you have to let go a guilty person than to put innocent people in prison. That was a right that they had, donít put innocent people into the prison like they did in Britain and everywhere else.  The US has so much going for it and thatís what you are losing, is your rights.  When you have no rights and you can pretty well say you have lost most of them already, people are just quiet and lazy over it, you are going into an authoritarian society and you canít keep waiting and waiting and doing nothing at all.  The problem is you canít get the funding, and youíll be infiltrated.  So thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




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