Nov. 22, 2010 (#712)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 22, 2010:

Foundations Run Internal and Foreign Relations:
As Sherlock Ripped Cover From Off Moriarty,
Better See the Face Behind Mask of Charity:

"For Some, Awakening Brings Revelations
That the World Perhaps is Run by Foundations,
Once Over Your Bout of Panic, Then Clarity
Will Help You Look into the Workings of Charity,
Funding Social Activists with Salaries Handsome,
To Lobby and Agitate, Hold Business to Ransom,
A "Green Earth Army" with Disciplined Leaders,
Eventually Ruling Over Mass Bottom-Feeders,
Yes, with World Scientific-Socialism Ruling Earth,
Sustainability is Achieved by Purges and Death,
Camouflaged Through Ages by Deceit and Lies,
Their Symbol of Change is Blood Sacrifice,
Once "Utopia's" Running, Red Flag's Tucked Away,
Their "Sacred Green" Banner will Be Here to Stay"
© Alan Watt Nov. 22, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 22, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 22, 2010.  Newcomers come in all the time – I know it’s monotonous for folk to tune in and hear this at the beginning of every show, but I could certainly scatter it throughout the show and keep plugging myself as well, and really tick you off that way as well, unless you are really used to ads so much you kind of expect them, and I think most folk do actually.  Anyway I will continue to do this for a little while longer and tell you to go into  Lots of new people do come in all the time, especially young people, and they are the future, and they are the ones that need to carry the torch to fight the infamy that’s going on right now, hopefully, at least some of them.  At least if nothing else, the memory can go down through the ages, for however long that might be, while we can still think for ourselves at all that is.  So on my web site, remember to help yourself to the audios where I try to give you a lot of clues, a lot of clues and shortcuts to understanding the big picture.  And it’s too big for anyone to follow all the incredible thousands and thousands of organizations all working under the pyramid cap.  They are all working towards the same end and it’s not so difficult to understand since the whole system runs on money.  Those at the top own basically the resources of the world, and print up the money, and even lend checks basically to nations to print the money for them, although they expect to get paid back in real estate – I’m talking about countries; that’s their real estate, really.  So it’s not hard to understand that you can control thousands of groups, activists and so on, when you control the whole money system.  Not difficult at all, and in this day of managerial systems and computerization it’s even easier. That’s why it’s going full-steam ahead right now.  While you are in there helping yourself to the audios, remember you can get transcripts of a lot of the talks in English on all those sites listed on the front page of the .com site.  If you want transcripts in other languages for print up go into and you can help yourself there from a variety of them.  Remember too, that you bring me to you.  You are the audience.  If you want to support me and keep me going, buy the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale.  The books give you a start.  It wakes you up because it’s really a different way of presenting history.  It’s a parallel way, or an esoteric way, of showing you history.  You don’t need names and dates and people all the time because it’s written by authorized authors. That’s why they are called ‘authors’.  I show you techniques of control, of a system, down through the ages, that’s worked long and hard to bring about a particular type of planned society for the whole planet.  The planet was always the goal; that’s the jewel in the crown you might say – the whole planet.  And we are pretty well there at the moment.  So purchase the books and get a start on it.  And help yourself to the web site too, with all the information.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, donations are really appreciated too; it doesn’t matter how much it is.  Those are the cheapest ways to send money.  You always try to save money today with the price of things going up.  Believe you me, it takes a lot of money just to do what I’m doing here, and keep all those sites up on the go, for as long as we’ve got them.  Things are changing rapidly and fast.   When you are finding out what’s happening, that part is generally over. That’s how it works.  I'll be back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  We’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know, when you are managing your own funds for you house or your apartment, or your big expenditures for the week or the month, and you try and plan ahead, you often run up against a brick wall because something comes out of the sidelines and you’ve got to fund it.  So you have to put your plans off for the future, what you are going to buy, what you are going to do, how you are going to improve something or what you really need to be replaced.  You put that off and that’s how people are.  That’s the practical natural thing to do.


Now, have you noticed that when 2001 happened, you already had the massive environmental push already?  At that time the environmental push was promoting mainly conservation and taking over land, through the United Nations, even land-for-debt swaps and stuff like this through The World Bank and the United Nations.  A takeover of the world that way, but it was always under the guise of conservation and sustainability.  Big, big movements.  That also came out of the same movement that used that as a cover, which used to promote itself as eugenics, a scientific socialist type society where the proper kind of humans living on the planet would not abuse it.  They’d live in harmony with each other. They’d be placid and congenial towards each other and everyone would share and be happy in this wonderful utopia.  Their biggest problem was those with the wrong genes, the inferior types that cost money, were not economically feasible to keep going.  So you would make sure that the government stated who would be born, who wouldn’t be born, according to their genealogy, their possibility of having any defects and all that kind of stuff.  And they are actually doing that stuff in hospitals now too, with amniocentesis and say oh, your child may be born with this, may be born with that and boomff, an abortion goes and that’s quite a matter of normal, everyday course nowadays.  So you do achieve your aims if you just reword things and promote it through science.  Science covers everything now. You can get anything you want if you give it a scientific meaning, terminology, and a bit of confusion to mask its real motives and so on.


The groups of environmentalists were always eugenicists at heart – and funded by big people at the top – haven’t changed.  They have covered themselves with the big, green cloak of course – which doesn’t surprise me because you’ve got to understand your colors if you want to understand the societies which run.  Red is for blood and for revolution.  Green is the sacred color for the finish of it all.  I hope you understand that’s what was even behind communism as well.  It goes back into the mystery religions; very, very old stuff.  So it’s the same scientific socialism that’s been promoted under many, many covers.  And why, after 9/11, and the bombings, and the worldwide war on terror, which is a war OF terror to take all of your rights away, and everyone going bankrupt after that too, getting plundered by the bankers and then getting put down as collateral… we are guarantors to pay all these loans back, and the children for the next 25 generations to come, by the looks of it, with compound interest.  Why would you still rush ahead even faster with carbon taxes and all these new taxes, etc, and personal carbon taxes, and national – or state as they now like to call the nations – state carbon taxes, energy taxes? Why would you put all that through when you are already bankrupt supposedly and people are already going down?  It’s not to help keep a system obviously.  It’s to change the system.  That’s why they are doing it. 


If you had to buy a new bed because you’d worn your mattress right through, because it was so darned old, you’d have to postpone it.  If you got an extra bill in you couldn’t afford it.  Well not with governments because they are all on course and have been for a long time, on the same worldwide agenda. It’s a scientific socialist type agenda.  To them this is the right time to push all of this through.  It’s the right time to do it.  You’ll find that thousands, literally thousands of organizations are working very fast and having world meetings, about every week now, all over the place, different groups of them, INCREDIBLY WELL FUNDED, from the big multi-billionaires of the planet, and then they come home and push through agreements, getting your Prime Ministers to do it. They are getting your state representatives to do it, your provincial representatives in Canada, making BINDING agreements with themselves, into regionalizations, without even bothering to go through the federal side of things, and on and on it goes.  It’s given almost lip service, if any service at all, by the media because the media was never the peoples’ media in the first place.  It was never meant to keep you informed of everything you should really know to make intelligent, informed decisions.  It’s meant to sway you along with the herd and the big stampede, as they guide us, and our thoughts and our conclusions and our opinions, in the same direction. 


So you have this massive fear, which is always generated by war of terror, you see, or a reign of terror as they used to call it before when governments do this kind of thing to their own people and people outside their countries.  Then you have a reign of terror of environmentalism at the same time, and they turn around and they blame the victims, the people themselves, for causing it – which is wonderful because the richest people on the planet, who owned all the factories, that have now moved their own factories to China of course, and still profiting incredibly as you purchase all the rubbish from China, because it is rubbish.  It’s inferior quality stuff; it’s not meant to last.  These guys are laughing up their sleeves, as they turn around now and blame you for causing the pollution in the countries they just plundered and left, and all the devastation they leave behind them.  Mind you, as we all know, the taxpayer always picks up the tab to clean up the old abandoned areas, after they have left and gone.  Standard procedure.


As I say, it’s really compounded by the massive rush towards getting all these carbon taxes through.  They started with ‘global warming’ until that fell away and it was proven that we are actually cooling.  I said at the time, it wouldn’t make any difference if God himself came down and yapped to the whole world in some incredibly loud voice that this was all BS.  They’d have to nuke God because they ain’t going to change this for anybody, this agenda.  It’s a SET agenda, you understand?  The UN wanted maximum power and taxation powers years ago, over the whole world, and they have tried a thousand different angles to get it.  They got a lot of this stuff going before the greening nonsense came up, but this is the final push so that they will manage complete taxation across the world, through various front organizations of course, PRIVATE organizations and various private banking systems. 


There IS a long-term agenda.  It’s been here for long before I was born or my parents or my grandparents… long before them.  Well planned, well orchestrated, that works in 50 year plans, 100 year plans, for different parts of it.  That’s why it’s being pulled off today.  Remember all the chants for Obama?  ‘Change is good…’ like a bunch of sheep, Orwell’s sheep in Animal Farm, “Four legs good, two legs bad…” without asking why? Or what change are you talking about?  What kind of changes?  Just ‘change is good,’ for the sheep to parrot back to them.  It’s COMPLETE change into a brand new world system, with a new way of living, where you are going to have communitarianism.  I’ve gone through that for ages. 


Communitarianism is the way it’s to go, as they pretend to basically decentralize power from the central governments down to the local governments, and again, a private/public partnership deal.  Really, you’ll have your representatives, your local soviet leaders, your NGOs – the Soviets had lots of NGOs for every different department, NGOs, appointed by the Politburo mind you.  They already have your little NGO leaders picked that will be your community spokespersons and ones who will go the International Monetary Fund for your borrowing for your area.  And other ones will go and pretend to plead for your food rationing too, because that is going to come.  That is going to come.  That’s on the books.  That IS on the books.  The coming food crisis… the Chatham House group, which is the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the parent body for the Council on Foreign Relations.  Go into their web site and look at it, their own web site talking about the coming food shortage.   They have been working for over 15 years with think tanks on this coming problem, which they are going to create.  This is the wonderful world they are bringing in. 


And of course the redistribution of wealth is the great con, which is right out of Marxism, the planks of the Manifesto, and the whole group behind Marx, to redistribute wealth, supposedly, each according to his needs and means and all the rest of it.  So it’s back to the dialectical materialistic philosophies that they are pushing today; but it’s not for themselves, the ones at the top.  See, to rule the world you must live HIGHER than the rest of the public, and you must be exempt from all the impositions you impose upon them. 


I’ve gone through the history of International Monetary Fund in previous talks.  I’ve gone through the guys that set up the International Monetary Fund and what it was supposed to do.  It’s a private organization, remember.  It’s so wonderful the names that they use on things, to make you think it’s so legalistic, like somehow you conceded to it in the first place or had a vote in it.  No, you didn’t… any more than you had a vote to bring in the United Nations into being.  These are private organizations.  Remember what Professor Carroll Quigley said?  He said, the new system is a new feudalistic system and the new overlords will be CEOs of international corporations.  That’s your new system, public/private. 


Getting back to this article here, here’s the International Monetary Fund, which is supposed to go up to its full level now.  It’s time, as John Maynard Keynes said before he died.  He said he wouldn’t be around, with the other ones who set it up, to see it come to its total fruition, where it would be THE head honcho bank, along with The World Bank, for doling out the cash to the rest of the planet… for a control mechanism.  That’s what it’s for, a control mechanism, not to help some poor people across the world somewhere.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We’re back, Cutting Through The Matrix and just prattling on a little bit about the International Monetary Fund.  People have to do their own homework; they really do have to do their own homework. Those who are really, really interested will do it; the rest of them just want passing data, which passes through their head and really makes room for the next bit of useless data that they want to take in from some crazy sites or whatever. In other words, they are just enjoying themselves.  They are hooked and addicted to surfing.  But if you are investigating you are very selective in what you want, and you don’t get distracted as you go on and see this and see that at the side of the pages.  You’ve got to do your own research and start thinking for yourself. 


So here is the IMF.  Remember, you are down and out on the canvass like the boxing ring.  You have been plundered.  You are under a war of terror, supposedly, or a war on terror.  You are bankrupt.  Now you are going to go through into this whole new carbon credits and so on, and personal carbon credits, and energy credits.  Do you know how much it takes to keep you alive?  Should we keep you alive?  Are you worth it?  …to the great good, the global good, the greater good…. are you worth it?  What is your life worth?  PROVE IT.  This is all coming.  It’s all here.  This is the old utopia that Wells talked about and others of his ilk talked about in the Fabian Society.  It is here.  And they were only part of this great tentacle system, with tentacles all over the place.  Anyway…


IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn urges leaders

to cede more sovereignty to EU

(Alan:  Now, the EU is the new soviet.  For those who don’t know what a soviet is, check your history, if you can still find any.  They have eradicated so much of it since the Berlin Wall went down, of what it actually was.  It’s quite astonishing how fast they can act.  And now communism was just a nice phase on the way to a new society; that of course was the Marxist theology basically, that was a SCIENCE of man and this was inevitable this would happen to him.  We’d come through the capitalist phase and then go into this new phase of communism, and then you blend communism with capitalism to bring out a form of social economic systems.  That’s what we are supposed to be in today. This is what these guys spout, although they are lying because there is another religion behind it actually.)

European nations need to cede more of their sovereignty and hand greater powers to the centre to avoid future crises, the head of the International Monetary Fund has said. / AP  By Philip Aldrick, Economics Editor / 19 Nov 2010


In what are likely to prove controversial proposals, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF managing director, called on the European Union to move responsibility for fiscal discipline and structural reform to a central body that is free from the influences of member states.  (A:  They don’t like the word ‘nations’ anymore, because you see, that will eventually get eradicated from the dictionary, like so much that’s gone before it. So they call it ‘states’.  States is what you used to call, under an empire, like the British called their far ones ‘states.’)


In a speech in Frankfurt (A:  Where else?) addressing the sovereign debt crisis engulfing Europe once again, he said: “The wheels of co-operation move too slowly. The centre must seize the initiative in all areas key to reaching the common destiny of the union (A:  Did you know there was a ‘destiny’ of the Union?  Go and look up the word ‘destiny’ folks.  For you that think we’re just bungling along and groping in the dark trying to get ourselves out of terrible times, by amalgamating whole nations, and losing nations in the process… into the new soviet.), especially in financial, economic and social policy.   (A:  So we’ve got a destiny of the Union, which includes finance, economic and social policy, eh.  Hmm.)  Countries must be willing to cede more authority to the centre.”  (A:  …‘to the center’… you see.  So I guess this is the new term they are going to use, and we’ll all start parroting ‘the center, the center’…  Because that’s how they introduce these kinds of little phrases to you that become buzzwords, until we think it, like ‘global warming’… ‘global warming’… now it’s just ‘climate change, climate change.’  Well, we used to call that weather.  The weather is always changing, but you didn’t have to pay for it through the nose.)


Europe is plagued by crisis because member states put too much faith in banks and let their public finances run out of control. (A:  Who is this guy talking?  Look at his history. Go and look at his history, this guy, this banker here, who says we put “too much faith in banks [Alan laughing.] and let their public finances run out of control.”   Then he goes on about… ) Greece has already been bailed out and Ireland (A:  I knew they’d batter Ireland because it’s stood up against so many of the treaties and they are making an example of them.   So Ireland is going bankrupt and they are going to try and bail them out as well, supposedly.  Meaning they will have UTTERLY, UTTERLY no say in anything regarding themselves from now on. That’s the deal.  And Portugal may also follow, pretty quickly afterwards.) is expected to agree a €100bn (£85bn) rescue within days. Portugal is also at risk.  (A:  This is the change.  This is the change that is good, folks, for those that haven’t quite caught on yet.)


Then you go into one – I’ll put the links up too – for Ireland itself, from the CBC, that’s Canadian… or they used to call it the Communist Broadcasting Corporation, because that’s who staffed it in Canada; still do.  It says…


Ireland opts for bailout

Ireland has decided to apply for a bailout loan from Europe and the International Monetary Fund to shore up its struggling finances. / November 21, 2010


Irish Finance Minister Brian Lenihan arriving for a European Union finance ministers meeting in Brussels last Wednesday.


Finance Minister Brian Lenihan broke the news Sunday, saying the bailout would provide "firepower" to back the country's debt-ridden banks.  (A:  No kidding, eh? No kidding.  Do you know how they helped to really bankrupt them too?  Have you looked at all the meat recalls the EU put on them?  for literally millions and millions and millions of Euros that they had to just destroy?  There was nothing wrong with the meat.  There’s so many ways to take a country down, you know, and bankrupt you.  So many, many ways by the guys who control the political system and the money system together.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  We’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  It is interesting, you know, when you just look at the stuff that’s in front of your face that you see growing up.  You’d be surprised how much you’ve taken in and you haven’t really thought through, but it’s all sitting there in your head.  All you have to do is find ways to connect it together and once you are on the right track you start thinking for yourself, which is a dangerous thing to do in this day and age.  Thinking might be regarded eventually as an act of terrorism.  You don’t know where it will lead to.  It’s like Mao Tse Tung said, he wasn’t scared of people with weaponry or so on, or armies; he was scared of someone with an IDEA.  …an idea which could change the world, because you see, they themselves were going by people with ideas that gave them their system that he was actually helping to spearhead. 


So you’d be surprised what’s inside your head, as an aside, but it ties in to this article I’m about to read here.  When you look into the strange history of, say, Marxism, for instance, and coming out about the same time as the flourishing Freemasonry along with it too, and the ‘brotherhood of man’ stuff they were pushing from the 1700s.  Marx came out of a long chain of revolutionaries, you might call them, who had an idea of where they were taking the world, again funded by very wealthy people.  We have Weishaupt tied into this too; there’s no doubt about it.  Weishaupt himself went through Freemasonry big time and talked about using foundations or charitable institutions to change the world.  These would run eventually parallel to governments and actually be supra governmental because they could create changes within society and societies by going transcontinental and even cross the waters, pan-American, etc, and that kind of stuff with Britain, creating the changes in all countries at the same time.  So social change could be done through these various charities or foundations, which would also of course have great hold on the media; in fact, they bought the media, a lot of them. 


Here is an article which ties with this.  Remember too, these so-called Masonic organizations were into really odd stuff, very odd stuff, back in the 1700s.  We find this even from Benjamin Franklin’s writings.  We find he belonged to The Dashwood Club, in High Wycombe, outside London, on the verge of London. They literally had what you’d called tantric sex with these so-called ‘dolly’ prostitutes, that were specially selected prostitutes from lineages of high birth.  They weren’t ordinary prostitutes because you had to get permission to mate with them. The whole idea was going back all the way to Plato, where if you had shown an ability to help the Great Work in the past then your reward was to mate and have offspring. So you, being a genius naturally, and with the woman carrying the genius gene, would create a better genius.  That’s basically the whole philosophy.  The same thing if you wanted a good guy for mathematics; you’d breed that person with a woman who had a good ability with mathematics.  That was the whole Platonic idea of The Republic, special breeding for the ‘guardian class.’  Then of course in the 1700s they had a lot of Cabalism big time, all the way back to John Dee in fact.  You find this Cabala cropping up everywhere as they mixed it with science, partly to cover what they were really doing, but also to bring in the mystery part of things, to obfuscate what they were up to.  You find that many big players, even the Royal Society were into this Cabalistic thing where they talked about what is now called ‘tantric sex’ basically.  The ‘magical child’ comes out of this idea too, the perfect child of the perfect union, with those with the perfect genes. 


I was looking at a recent movie with Sherlock Holmes, the recent one that came out in 2009.  In there the plot centers around this little group, this high Freemasonic group that runs England basically, and its government. They had the Chancellor as the Grand Master of it and he admits that his nasty son, who’s the antithesis of Sherlock Holmes, his nasty son was the offspring of tantric sex that they’d had in the lodge.  It’s interesting how they are bringing all that stuff out now, when it’s actually been on the books, but tucked away carefully for so long. 


Once again, back to Weishaupt, he talked about charitable foundations.  Of course a lot of Freemasonic organizations are registered as brotherhoods and charities.  Then we have the big foundations, the Rockefellers and so on, that are in for social change but it’s directed change only.  It’s like when you become a multi-millionaire, you are MADE to be a multi-millionaire, like Oprah, by getting promoted with certain topics on television to influence the public – you make a star.  It’s strange when they get to that multi, multi-millionaire status they suddenly become advocates for all the same thing, which is depopulation, isn’t it?  Like Bill Gates and so on.  It must just hit you, when you hit that level of dollars.  BING… it goes off in your head and you go, we’ve got to cut the population.  It must just hit you automatically.  It must be a natural law or something.  Hmm?  Do you really think so? 


A charity with plenty of very long tentacles / Kevin Libin / Saturday, Nov. 19, 2010


(A:  Listen to this one.  And this is from The National Post.  It’s not some little side rag.)


In late October, a group of environmental and social justice activists met at a remote lodge on Cortes Island, 150 kilometres north of Vancouver, up the Georgia Strait. The four-day gathering was billed as the Social Change Institute (A:  I wonder if Obama was there?  …social change…) -- an event that says it "gathers seasoned and emerging leaders with thinkers and trainers from the change-making world" (A:  You got that now?) -- and it's been happening for years. (A:  Did you know it existed?  This is only one of many.)  The lodge is called the Hollyhock Centre, (A:  They always have holly, you see, in the word, because that’s the big staff of course, of the magician.) a New Age retreat known for its holistic healing circles, Shaman drum making workshops and Tantric "sacred sexuality" seminars. (A:  Did you imagine that the global leaders and multi-millionaires, the ones who are leading you all, down the garden path, go into all this stuff? Did you know all that?  Do you think it’s just a recent thing?  Maybe it’s boredom that’s making them do it?)


Stop before you conjure up images of hippies dreaming of a utopian free love world. The Social Change Institute is a magnet for professionals. Professional activists. Professional environmentalists. (A:  Professional environmentalists… the tin can guys?  No.  These guys get pension plans and incredible salaries and office towers.)  And, yes, professional business people and politicians. (A:  So they go into tantric sex as well.  Mind you, they are a weird lot anyway.)  One does not sign up for the SCI; one applies and is accepted-- or not. The 12-hectare centre, which started life in the early 1980s precisely as something resembling a hippie caricature, has been transformed into the virtual headquarters of a powerfully sophisticated and co-ordinated network of people who are mobilizing millions of dollars "towards systemic social change focused in one region," as Hollyhock president Joel Solomon has described his mission.


On his side are wealthy trust-fund progenies, powerful U.S. business leaders, billion dollar American foundations, a web of environmental groups and prominent Vancouver political players. (A:  One of them just signed an agreement in Mexico just the other day there, one of these Vancouver political players, and the public know nothing about it, to regionalize their area with California.)  The region under focus for "systemic" change is Western Canada. The funding is frequently foreign. (A:  Like George Soros.) And Canadians may not know it yet, but the program is already well underway.


In a promotional video, praising the institute's work, one attendee notes, "I think we're starting to see ourselves as parts of a whole, rather than as separate pieces." And that co-ordination, co-operation and collective power is precisely the point of the Social Change Institute. And not just the institute: It's the point of all the efforts Mr. Solomon has brilliantly co-ordinated into a breathtakingly enterprising strategy.


Mr. Solomon is the vice chair of Tides Canada, and a director and former chairman of Tides' American board. (A:  So there are your two countries there.)  And he is a major reason Tides has been pumping money into environmental and social activist groups that have been fighting fish farms in British Columbia, the oilsands in Alberta, logging in the Boreal forest, and dozens of other anti-industrial campaigns. Most any prominent green group you might think of has probably been on Tides' list of recipients. Tides also provides charitable assistance to The Tyee, its website shows, an NDP-friendly (A:  That’s the National Democratic Party, which is a bit left of Marx.) online magazine. Tides has hired government lobbyists. Former officials and affiliates of Tides, meanwhile, have influence at the highest level of Vancouver's city government, including its eco-chic mayor Gregor Robertson, (A:  He was at that meeting too, in Mexico, who just signed the agreement to merge with California.) who has made it his explicit goal to turn Vancouver into the "greenest city in the world." Some of the biggest donors to his campaign, and that of his Vision Vancouver party, are also connected to Tides.  (A:  That’s no kidding, though. That mayor went to the International Mayors meeting, just this weekend I think it was, in Mexico and signed on to do regional structure, where they are merging the Western provinces with the Western states.  They have been actually at this for about 10 years now, by the way, signing more and more integration.  They have one as well for the Midwest and then one again for the Mid part, and then the East Coast as well, to do regionalized structure, which is under the auspices of the UN of course.)


"The Tides Foundation has some very long, strong tentacles into all sorts of businesses that all support Vision Vancouver, not as a political party, but as a movement, and this is extremely troubling," says Alex Tsakumis, a former political analyst for the newspaper 24 Hours and former director of Vancouver's municipal Non-Partisan Association opposition party, who blogs on political affairs. "And [Joel] Solomon is the green father, if you will, behind this social engineering movement."  (A:  He’s not really.  He’s the front man.)


At an SCI gathering, a representative of Forest Ethics, a bumptious American antagonist of Canadian forestry and oil industries, announces "we need to gain power." (A:  It’s all about power.)  A visitor from the Dogwood Initiative, which pursues a roughly similar agenda, proclaims "we have an incredibly ambitious agenda we have to achieve, unprecedented in the history of humanity." The head of Environmental Defence talks of "advancing things that can be implemented right away, that are tailor-made to be implemented by a receptive government."


If corralling the kind of money that can bring corporate-scale power and disciplining the social change lobby is the goal, an organization such as Tides is certainly a good place to start. Tides was designed by its American founder, Drummond Pike (A:  Very interesting name, that.), in 1976, to be a vehicle through which large donors could give immense sums of cash, (A:  Now who could these owners be, eh?  Hmm?  You’ll find it’s the same donors that are running your world financial system.) which Tides would then redirect to non-profit recipients. There would be no public connection between the originator of the funds -- much of the more than US$700 million Tides has given away in the U.S. and Canada since 2000 (A:  That’s what they’ve given away.  You see, how can you compete with this?  How can you compete with $700 million… to say we are not putting up with your BS?  Hmm?  That’s what’s funding all these greening characters, professional agitators and so on.  $700 million…)  has come from esteemed American foundations such as the Pew Charitable Trusts, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (A:  Well, naturally.), the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and others, controlling billions of dollars between them -- and the recipients who eventually got the cash.


Under the direction of the American Tides Center, the organizing branch of Tides, those recipients eventually included, besides hospitals, schools, religious groups and museums, a catalogue of left-wing causes, everything from anti-war groups and anti-gun groups to pro-choice efforts, gay-marriage advocates and numerous environmental causes, ranging from the mainstream, such as Ducks Unlimited (A:  And that’s a nice cover, that Ducks Unlimited, believe you me.), to more hard-core anti-industry groups like Corporate Ethics International, an organization that this year launched the "ReThink Alberta" boycott against the province's tourism industry to protest the oilsands.  (A:  The oilsands is where they can take oil out of and it’s a big project.  They are trying to sell it off; I think China put a bid in for it.)


Vivian Krause, an independent Vancouver researcher who has investigated Tides, discovered through the organization's U.S. tax returns that its Canadian and American arms have together helped more than 30 organizations campaigning against Alberta's oilsands, with roughly $6 million in funding. (A:  Just for that one job.  This is only one organization here funding this.)  Tides has launched a campaign to stigmatize the oilsands, with $4.3 million specifically earmarked for what Tides calls its "Tar Sands Campaign". Tides refers to its role of separating donors from recipients as "donor advised giving." The website for the Centre for Consumer Freedom, a U.S. market-minded advocacy group, calls it "less like a philanthropy than a money-laundering enterprise (A:  See, that’s closer to the mark.)... taking money from other foundations and spending as the donor requires."   (A:  It’s a form of government, paid through money, for lobbying, protesting, and all the rest of it.)


Mr. Solomon's office voice-mail instructs callers that he can only be reached by email, but Mr. Solomon did not respond to five e-mails sent over the course of two weeks requesting an interview. Nor did Tides Canada representatives respond to calls seeking comment. Mr. Solomon is, according to friends, rather media shy. (A:  I’ll bet he is.)  But in the few public interviews he recounts how he was raised in a staunchly Democratic family of Chattanooga Jews. His father, Jay, a wealthy suburban mall developer, was a key Jimmy Carter organizer in Tennessee and Mr. Carter appointed him to head the federal General Services Administration in 1977, the department that manages federally-owned buildings, though he was let go after two years; insiders told People magazine he may have been too open with the press.  


So this is the kind of stuff that’s running your world, your countries.  And all the groups that you think are just natural groups that are coming out at the right time to protest and push for certain changes… all funded by the biggest, richest foundations and people on the planet.  Because change is good, you see.  I wonder how much change you get from $700 million?  A few pennies perhaps.  That’s the only change you will see.  That’s ONE organization.  There are lots of them.  Lots of them.  All over the world.  And it’s nothing for the big boys to put money… it’s just blips on a computer moving from here to there.  They run the stock markets.  They run everything. They run your politicians.  It’s quite something, eh?  Quite something. 


Then we’ve got this article here.  I’ll put these links up on my site at the end of the show.  I read years ago from some of the Council on Foreign Relations’ own books, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs’ (the English branch) own books.  And even from the writings of the man who taught some of the biggest Rhodes Scholars, who went across the world to take up government positions, and some of them became Prime Ministers in fact.  He talked about the shifting change would eventually go to China.  I'll be back with more after this break and read to you about China, and how they have never changed their plans.  


[Articles mentioned above:]

Mayors of the World Sign Agreement to Address Climate Change

by Brit Liggett, 11/22/10 /


Mayors from around the world signed a voluntary pact in Mexico City / AFP | November 21, 2010


U.S. Climate Bill, Regional Accords and State Leadership?

The Huffington Post / November 29, 2010 / Tina Gerhardt-Independent journalist and academic



Hi folks.  I’m back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Arnold Toynbee taught so many Rhodes Scholars and he wrote massive volumes of works, compendiums, of histories and so on, trying to rationalize and justify why we have to globalize eventually.  Because man is just too primitive and he can’t run his own affairs.  Only under a global body, of the proper kind of people of course, he would become civilized and so on. Scientific socialism.  He was a member too, of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  As we know, the Rhodes scholarship blended into, as part of, along with the Milner Group, the big bankers, and became the Royal Institute of International Affairs pushing the same agenda. 


One of his books written in about the 1940s I think it was, maybe even the 30s, he talked about the US and its power.  You see, the power from Britain and its empire, which was the nucleus, a nucleus for a world society, a world dominion you might say, was to go to the US and it did after World War I.  It was handed to it so they’d take up the financial burden and supply the manpower, the cannon fodder, and build all the weaponry and do the rest of the job, which it’s done too.  He mentioned eventually it would wane, and it would retaliate and come back again a couple of times, then wane again, and then it would fall… financially, completely broke he said.  Then China… and when he spoke China was a third world country.  They didn’t have the factories or anything because they hadn’t signed the GATT Treaty from the World Trade Organization that allowed all your factories to be transposed, by your tax money, over to China.  So here it was a third world country when he said this, and he said eventually that China will take over as policeman of the world, because they will be up and running and so on.  He just knew that.  See, these guys are awfully psychic; they have crystal balls.  They don’t have an agenda.  No.  No.  No.  They’re just psychic. 


Economic power shifting from U.S. to China, Soros says

TIM KILADZE / TORONTO— / Nov. 15, 2010


Global governance is faltering and China's grip on the global economy is getting tighter, says philanthropist (A:  You know, a charitable foundation again.) and former hedge fund manager (A:  Guess who…) George Soros.  (A:  The guy who plunders countries, maybe planets too, for all we know, eh?)


Mr. Soros chose not to attack the U.S. for revving up its printing presses in its new round of quantitative easing (A:  Which is inflation.), focusing instead on China's foreign exchange policies. (A:  Its foreign exchange policy is, we export everything and bring in nothing… except your technology.  That was written into the World Trade Organization, that it wouldn’t have to import.  That’s why the balances of trade is all sunk in one direction, like a ship going down.)  Speaking at a gala hosted by the Canadian International Council in Toronto (A:  See, there is a Canadian International Council in Toronto.), Mr. Soros said China's devalued currency manipulates global trade and distorts the global economic recovery.


“[President Barack] Obama got the short end of the stick,” Mr. Soros said. Not only is the President getting attacked within his own country, foreign governments are against him even though China's policies are just as significant. In Mr. Soros's view, both countries are at fault, yet he added that both of their policies can work together, if used in moderation. “There ought to be some kind of balance or compromise between them,” he said.


Mr. Soros did not let the U.S. off the hook, noting that quantitative easing has “harmful side effects.”  (A:  No kidding.  Inflation has bad side effects… this is the guy who bankrupted Britain some years back, with two of his pals, by the way they manipulated the stock market, bought it all back for peanuts, and Britain had to go to The World Bank, you know, George’s cousins, and borrow money to get it afloat again, and the taxpayer had to pay for it.)


“History shows that it gives rise to asset bubbles and it disrupts the foreign-exchange markets,” he said.  (A:  But then he goes on to praise China and says…)


“Today China has not only a more vigorous economy, but actually a better functioning government than the United States,” (A: … and that the United States could maybe emulate it.  Well isn’t that like the model state for the world… according to the United Nations?  What a coincidence that it all ties together, isn’t it?  Ha, there’s no conspiracy here folks.  It’s just do-gooders and philanthropists and charities… with BILLIONS and TRILLIONS of dollars… that are just leading you along, holding the torch.)


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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